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Old 08-23-2010, 11:59 PM
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Default [D] Haven's Revival

So I worked on an RP a while ago- it never garnered enough interest to get off the ground, and after reading NP's guide I'm starting to see why- I never introduced secondary conflicts to the setting, just a number of factions who were inherently opposed. Problem is, I'm right in the middle of a kind of writer's block (or simple writer's laziness and inertia, since I've been stewing over it forever and can't bring myself to change it now), and I'd like to hear ideas regarding what sort of additions or changes I should make to turn this concept:
Haven- Legend's Roost

Hey, do you guys remember this? No? This old RP I never got started. Since NP decided that Dreamscape was more or less abandoned, I figured that a new RP built more around a setting than a story has a place to go. The basic idea is that it's a preserve built to house the legendary pokémon in order to enforce stability in the rest of the world's regions. I think the smaller-scale setting helps give the story more of a sense of direction by eliminating the need for lengthy travel plans in order to get working on objectives, but we'll see how it pans out.


Years into the future, the anarchy of the world of Pokémon ended abruptly, as the Pokémon League stepped outside its bounds to enforce peace on the world. Roads were built, cities stretched towards the sky, and pokémon retreated to the wild places of the world. In this time, the legendary pokémon rose up to reclaim the land they knew was theirs, and untold devastation befell humanity. However, these legendary beasts were quelled by compassionate pokémon trainers, who led them to a new land, away from the expansion of humanity. These pokémon assented to a treaty of peace between the lands, and with them took vast numbers of pokémon, inspired by the example of their leaders. Man claimed their world, and most Pokémon claimed theirs.

The old traditions were slow to die, however. In the wake of the legends' retreat, many people who aspired to be like the old pokémon masters were outraged. The practice of pokémon training was in their blood and minds, and in this they chose to violate the law and head to Haven, in hopes of rebuilding the old, supposedly benevolent order. They migrated to Haven and tried to build themselves up as trainers, only to be rebuked by the legends, whose respect for the treaty led them to drive out aspiring trainers in droves. This illegal incursion, however, persisted for years, and eventually legends and common pokémon alike began to question the fairness of their new arrangement. Both sides are now at a peak of tension.

In this world, pokémon training is a rare and eccentric thing- akin to possessing your own personal firearms collection. It is heavily regulated by the Pokémon League and discouraged by general culture. Silph and Devon went underground to continue their business in the training industry. Trainers in Haven hide around the land, attempting to establish permanent homes. The pokémon are restless and angry, and the legends try in vain to keep the peace, largely unable to interfere beyond their domains.

There are three main sides- the illegal trainers, who collectively refer to themselves as the Glorious Heroes (and by law enforcement as Crazies), peacekeepers, and law enforcement

Glorious Heroes have as their aim either the establishment of the old "benevolent anarchy" in Haven, or the reintroduction of the old ways to the rest of the world. These people are the most likely to have more than a couple of pokémon, most of them owned illegally. The more chaotic legendaries such as Darkrai, Heatran, Ho-oh, Lugia, Mewtwo, and the three lake fairies of Sinnoh (Azelf, etc.) lean towards this position, wishing to reclaim the old world. The majority, however, are deeply disturbed or otherwise furious at the perceived invaders.

Peacekeepers have as their aim the stabilization of Haven as a place of rest and safety for all pokémon. They may be motivated by fear of an invasion, a respect for the law, money, or a genuine care for the pokémon of the preserve. The majority of Legendary Pokémon, especially the elemental Birds and Beasts, wish to keep Haven under control, and, while difficult to work with, share similar aims. Peacekeepers, however, are unlikely to own more than one or two pokémon, if any.

Law Enforcement have as their aim the execution of duty. The Pokémon League may see fit to take action to keep legendaries in Haven, but in many cases the Heroes' and Peacekeepers' chaotic actions may clash with their plans. In addition to stablizing Haven, the law will in general attempt to expel any nonmilitary personnel from the region. Because of their resources, the Legendaries aren't as high a priority.


A- Greenhouse Cavern, where Mewtwo sleeps, trapped by the cave's power. Deoxys lurks in the depths, as well, but he feels no emotion toward the events- only unbroken hostility toward anything that invades its territory up on the grand plateau. The cave's only entrance is a simple hole in the ground, which leads down to Mewtwo's chamber until until he is awoken. The desert plateau above is home to desert pokémon as vicious as Deoxys himself.

B- Storm Peak, the home of Articuno and Zapdos. Two shrines are hidden in the mountain's constant storm, which can summon the two from wherever they might be. With their consent, two people- no more, no less- can gain an audience with Arceus, whose extreme neutrality is an obstacle even greater than the mountain itself. Only the strongest of ice-types choose to live here.

C- Dragon's Roost. This mountain is treacherous, home to hundreds of restless pokémon that can attack in swarms. The summit is the home of Rayquaza, who will only land for a few minutes a day. Surviving the climb as well as twenty-four hours on the summit can be next to impossible. Dialga and Palkia can be found on the mountainside, but are inherently distrustful of humans, Peacekeeper or no. Together, they can awaken Giratina, sealed in a space-time rift hidden somewhere in Haven.

D- Shimmer. Shimmer is a sacred shrine near the opening of a burbling volcano. Moltres prefers not to leave the shrine, whose metallic surroundings can heat up to thousands of degrees. If you can reach Moltres, however, it is inclined to join the cause of peace.

E- Defender's Cave. Groudon lives here, shaking the mountain with his rage. He is, however, very inquisitive, and anyone with the gall to walk into his stronghold can gain a favorable audience. Perhaps one of the easiest to ally with, quelling Groudon is key to scaling the mountain to reach Shimmer.

F- Eon Garden, home of Latios and Latias. The two can be seen all across Haven, and come here to rest. An aged caretaker with command over the nearby water pokémon protects the Soul Dew from those who seek to use it to control the pair. Heroes, if they can overcome her, may find themselves in the possession of two unwilling allies.

G- Aurum Auger Mountains, twin peaks capped with silver and, incredibly, gold. Ho-oh patrols the skies, making its nest among the gold, while Lugia spends much of its time in the sea nearby, returning to its shrine at night or when called. The two legends are now fiercely committed to the cause of the Heroes, and wish to once again rule the skies and seas of Johto. The mountains themselves, while tall, are largely populated by the usual mountain dwellers and a handful of psychic types.

H- The village of Haven, amid the Virtue Woods, is home to the aged trainers who originally brought the legends to their new home. The seek to maintain the preserve's order, and live alongside Mew, Celebi, Shaymin and Jirachi- peacekeepers. Only those who the elder trainers deem trustworthy are allowed passage into the village.

I- Ruin Cave. The legendary golems live inside the caverns of this enormous mountain. They spend their days erecting temple after underground temple to themselves and to the sleeping Regigigas. They have serious god complexes, and while they by default seek the order of Haven, they can easily be swayed by flattery. Just don't expect them to follow orders. Heatran also inhabits this cave, in his rage smashing the elaborate temples of ice, stone and steel to pieces as he tries to escape his prison.

J- Serene Cave. Cresselia watches over Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie here. The three pixies want to venture back into Sinnoh, but Cresselia, like a mother, constantly convinces them of the need to stay. Her protective nature, however, means that she will fight to prevent the fairies from getting involved. She can repel large numbers of invaders by drawing them into deep dreams.

K- Sea's Crypt. Haven's sea contains a bounty of water types- the salty layer on the bottom separates most species, however. At the very deepest place, Kyogre stands guard over the sea. While it cares nothing for the outside world, its sea will be protected with its life. In a similar way, Manaphy serves as both guardian of the sea and messenger to Cresselia.

L- The plains, home to a huge variety of pokémon, are presided over by the legendary Beasts- Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. Raikou has doubts about Haven, but the others will viciously attack any human who cannot prove their claim to peace. Darkrai also roams the plains, causing trouble for the beasts.

So, get the landmarks yet? If you're interested, signups are below.




History- Life story's not too important-what we do need to know is how and why they're involved with Haven.

Description- Personality, too. Here's where you tell us what your character is like- I squished them together because they're basically important to the same thing- interacting with other characters.

Skills- Any proficiencies and skills outside of pokémon.

Pokémon- If any- remember non-military Peacekeepers probably won't have permits to carry more than a couple of pokémon. Remember it's not a casual thing to own a pokémon in this setting- like having a tiger or something for a pet in the real world.

Situation- Does your character have allies? An agenda beyond the basic categories? Perhaps they're involved in a plot thread people can follow? Basically, when you start the RP, what is your character involved in?

Other- Other stuff.
...into a fully-fledged roleplay. I'm looking for input from potential players to fine-tune and expand what I've got so far, so I don't end up posting it raw and end up embarrassing myself by getting a single response saying that they could potentially be interested in the future.

So before this goes live, what should go into it?

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