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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 04-05-2004, 01:54 AM
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Default A New Beginning

Here is the start to my brand new fan fic since my old one sucked really really bad.

Chapter 1: A New Beginning

Adrian Dragon was a 14 year old boy struggling in his new town of New Bark to make new friends. He and his family had just moved here to start off new and fresh, as Adrian struggled thru a trainers school in the Kanto region. He was never really that bright at any kind of schoolwork. He tried his hardest to make friends, but it was as if everyone kept to themselves or just never liked him. He came crying to his parent’s every night because of a horrible day that he always seemed to have.

He had never had a pokemon of his own before, but Professor Elm had heard of Adrian’s past and promised his parents to help him out as soon as they moved to New Bark Town.

Adrian was walking next door to the Elm Laboratory when he was stopped by a middle aged man in a lab coat.

“Hello,” he said. “You must be Adrian. My name is Professor Elm. Nice to meet you,” He said as he put out his hand.
“Hi…” Adrian said shyly as he shook the Professor’s hand.
“Well would you like to come to my lab to pick out your first pokemon?”
Adrian seemed to cheer up when he heard those words. “I sure will!!!!!!!”
“Well lets go then son.”

Adrian and the professor walked into the coolly air-conditioned lab as three pokemon came scurry along to greet the professor.
“These are your choices Adrian…”
“A Cyndaquil, Totodile, and Chikorita!!!!!! Cool!!!” He exclaimed.
“Well it seems you did learn something at your old school, hmmm?”
“Yeah, I can identify most of the known pokemon, so of course I know these.”
“That’s great, so which one will you chose?”
“Well I have always liked Totodile, so I think I will take him.”

After a while of conversing with the professor, Adrian started off on his first journey with his very first pokemon. Little did he know that he was about to face one of the hardest things he has ever faced in his life, something no new trainer should ever have to face, or any adult for that matter…

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Old 04-05-2004, 02:29 AM
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Thumbs up Re: A New Beginning


The suspense.....sounds really good! Keep it going!
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Old 04-05-2004, 02:40 AM
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Default Re: A New Beginning

Chapter 2: A Newer Beginning

Adrian continued to walk down the road towards Cherrygrove city with his very first pokemon Totodile in his pokeball. He was tossing his pokeball containing Totodile up into the air catching it with his right hand each time. “This is wonderful,” he thought. “Maybe now I can get my life on track, maybe I can even start collecting badges and MAYBE I can even…”
“Ahhhhh !!!!!” Adrian screamed as he fell into a covered up pit that somebody had to have dug.
“Ahahahahahaha !!!” came the laughs of two beings about 10 feet up to the top of the hole. “We are Team Rocket !!!,” they exclaimed. “How nice of you to join us. It seems here our plan worked better than we thought huh Butch?”
“That’s right Cassidy. It looks like we have a pokeball here that you seemed to have left all alone during your tumble to the bottom of our trap! Now it belongs to us!”
“No give me back my Totodile!!! I just got it not more than an hour ago! It is my first pokemon!!!! Please!!!!!”
“Sorry runt, it ours now,” exclaimed Butch, as he and Cassidy made off with their new catch.
“No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Adrian screamed. “I want my pokemon!!!!!” Adrian screamed as he lay helpless with a left hand that he landed on as he fell to the bottom of the pit.

“Well Butch, it looks like we are a lot better at stealing pokemon than any other Team Rocket member on our squad huh?”
“I would like to think so, especially better than the three idiots.”
“Don’t let me ever hear you mention their names EVER!!!!!” (Cassidy had the images of a talking meowth, Jesse, and James in her head)
“Sorry, I won’t, but we are a lot better than them aren’t we?”
“I would bet this kids’ Totodile on it!!!! What kind of miniscule trainer loses his first pokemon an hour after getting it???”
“I don’t know Cassidy but lets not get too carried away, we better deliver this to the boss right away.”
“Your right Butch, lets call him”
“Hello Giovani, not more than 30 minutes of you sending us to route 29 did we steal a Totodile!!!”
“That is wonderful news Butch. We haven’t got a Totodile yet. No one is following you is there?”
“No sir, we are all clear here.”
“OK then, sit tight, I will send out a chopper to your location right away. Stay put and hide.”
“Thanks boss.”
“No thank you Butch, You two will be getting a bonus upon arrival with Totodile in hand and unharmed.”
“I promise sir!!!!”
“So? Tell me what he said Butch!!!!”
“We have to wait for a chopper to pick us up, and we just need to deliver Totodile to the boss and we get a raise in payment.”
“Yes!!!! *she then hugs butch* This is great!!! Now lets get out of sight!!!”
The two thief’s head off with their pay raise in hand hiding, waiting for the chopper…

“Help !!! Help!!! Someone help me!!! I have been robbed!!!” Adrian cried with huge tears rolling down his eyes. “How could I let someone rip off my first pokemon?!?” He thought to himself. Adrian jumped and trying clawing his way to the top of the hole but to no avail. As he lay at the bottom of the hole with a terrible feeling in his stomache; he didn’t know how it could get any worse. He thought moving here was the best thing in his life so far, but it didn’t seem that way anymore. He lay crying not knowing what to do when all of a sudden he felt something moving underneath him. He jumped up to find a Trapinch trying to move, but seemingly unable to, and he reached down to help it out in any way he could. “Hey there buddy, are you ok???”
“Trapinch!!!” The pokemon barely muttered.
“To help us both out Trapinch, if you can DIG out of this hole to the top and get me out, I will get you to a Pokemon Center and help you out, deal?”
And with that, Trapinch began to DIG and in about five minutes it thru down a vine that Adrian used to pull himself out.
“Thanks so much Trapinch, I owe so much to you!!! Now lets get you to a Pokemon Center!!!”
And with that, Adrian picked up the hurt pokemon and ran as fast as he ever could, hoping to reach the Cherrygrove Pokemon Center in about 45 minutes. In the back of his mind tho, he couldn't stop thinking about Totodile....
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Old 04-05-2004, 04:05 PM
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Default Re: A New Beginning

This fic is pretty good so far AT, I wonder what's going to happen to Totodile?

"Remember, battles may be won or lost but if the battlers do not learn, the battle served no purpose."
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Old 04-10-2004, 04:06 AM
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Default Re: A New Beginning

Thought I forgot about you all? NO. Got a new computer and couldn't get the net, sorry Here is a little more...

“Nurse Joy!!! Can you please help this poor Trapinch???”
“Of course, right away… what happened?” Nurse Joy Asked.
Adrian explained the whole situation while a younger looking nurse helped out by taking Trapinch to the back.
“Oh my that’s so awful Adrian, and that’s your first pokemon?”
“Yes, and I CAN’T BELIEVE I LOST MY FIRST POKEMON! Some lousy trainer I must be…
Tears began to swell up in Adrian’s eyes as Nurse Joy walked into the back to check on Trapinch. “I cared so much about Totodile, even tho I had him for a short period of time. I hope I get to find those two theifs and beat the crap out of them!!! Who would EVER try to steal pokemon? Especially from a rookie trainer like me? I have had such a rough past and this certainly doesn’t help…”
“Adrian?” Nurse Joy called out. “Trapinch will be fine, it just seems to have a cold. It should be 100% in a few days. I do think tho that it likes you Adrian, I think you should raise this pokemon. What do you think?”
“I sure as heck am going to and I am going to pound the living crap out of team rocket!!!!”
“Adrian, here is Trapinch, and I wish you the best of luck. I have already notified Officer Jenny and she is going to send a call around throughout all of Cherrygrove and its surrounding parts. I doubt team rocket will get far.”
“Thanks so much Nurse Joy but I got to get going. I got to look for Totodile.”
“I understand Adrian, best of luck to you.”
“Thanks Nurse Joy, see ya!!!”
And with that, Adrian flew out the door of the Cherrygrove Pokemon Center, determined to find team rocket and to deliver payback.

“Butch, I hear a chopper, that has to be the TR chopper.”
“Cassidy, it is!!! Lets wait till it lands.”
Moments later, Butch and Cassidy run into the TR (team rocket) helicopter which then lifts off into the air and slowly disappears into the distance.

Meanwhile, Adrian and Trapinch continue their search for Totodile which unknown by Adrian, will never be found…
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