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General Hang out here and talk to people participating the Ultra RPG. Talk about anything related to the Ultra RPG, or just any casual discussion with fellow participants of the Ultra RPG. New to Ultra RPG? Come in and see what's it all about.

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Old 11-10-2010, 04:09 AM
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Default AIM & URPG - Your Solution To Getting Battles Done Fast


In the URPG, we have 2 main methods of battling- on AIM, and on the forum. Battling can be done on IRC as well, but fewer refs go on there. In this thread, I would like to stress the use of AIM for battling over the forum.

The Case for AIM

Forum battles take longer than AIM battles. A simple 1vs1 can take days to finish, and longer battles such as a 3vs3 can take over two weeks. Although forum battles are great if you're battling an opponent in a completely different timezone, if you're close to them (or really even if you're not) AIM battles are much better.

AIM battles take much, much less time. A 1vs1 usually takes about 5 minutes. 3vs3s take longer, obviously, but not too much longer- they last usually from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Longer battles last longer as well, but their length is still much shorter than a forum battle of the same length.

So, we at the URPG would like to stress that everyone who participates in the URPG should get an AIM account. On AIM, you can talk with your friends, and find potential battlers. You can challenge gym leaders, and own a gym to be challenged! All of our refs have AIM, and there's usually one always on. Plus, on AIM, you can participate in FFAs, large free-for-alls between 6+ members, where you can earn much more than the $1000 from a battle. These rarely occur on the forum, but on AIM, they occur fairly often.

Having an AIM account also gives you access to the special events of the URPG. On AIM, there are auctions, where many different (and rare) Pokemon are put up for auction, and sometimes there are mini-tourneys after those. The National Park holds events where they giveaway free items that you cannot buy in the Park shop. Also on AIM, there are sometimes random Pokemon giveaways- these usually accompany a party or an auction.


In conclusion, it is greatly suggested that you should get an AIM account to participate in URPG. It allows you to participate in faster battles, FFAs, special events, and allows you to talk with other members and connect with them.

You can find a list of all the referee's AIM screen names in this post

AIM Installation Tutorial:
So how do you make an AIM account? Go to the AIM website and find your way to the "Create a Username" portion, or just click this!. Then go download AIM from the main homepage, and you're good to go. (Alternatively, if you can't download due to whatever reasons, you can also use AIM Express which can be found on the same website since it doesn't require installation.)

But, you say, what if I can't download anything? I have an answer for you- use Meebo! Meebo is probably the best in-browser AIM, and it also offers other chat services too! The major setback on Meebo though is that you cannot see your dice rolls which can be easily remedied if you have others in a chatroom read them off for you.

I hope you've been convinced to get an AIM- it really enhances your URPG experience, and you will enjoy URPG more if you have an AIM and participate there. Here are a list of URPG Refs and their AIM usernames- so you know who to ask to ref!

It should be noted that any URPG battles or events that take place on AIM are under URPG jurisdiction and the event host or ref has the authority to kick anyone out for improper behavior. Additionally, if a member continues to cause a problem, they will likely be banned from the URPG.

If you're still confused about how to install AIM, here's a AIM Step By Step Tutorial, created by Hypocrisy is Fun of Pe2k.

Some people are having problems with getting AIM to work, so I've put this tutorial together to help them out.

Sorry if we dont need it, but I'm sure it has to help some people who dont know how to get it to work.

Step one: Go to and go to "Get A Screen Name."

Step 2: Continue Your Journey.

Step 3: Fill out the following boxes.

(Dont worry about putting real information, they only ask for it to help you with weather, movie times, ect.)


Step 5: Save it somewhere, or else.

(Sorry if my browser is different than yours, but it should look kind of similar.)

Step 6: Look for the icon

Step 7: This should pop up:

Step 8: Dont click these. :P Continue.

Step 9: Agree!

Step 10: This should pop up.

Step 11: Grats, now LAUNCH

Step 12: Type in your account info

Step 13: Yeaaaaaaaaa I'm logged on! ^_______^

Step 14: I NEEDZ THE BUDDIES TO BATTLE! So add them. :)

Step 15: Add your desired friend's info.

Step 16: Double click their name, and start the battles! or chat, :P

This is the current version of AIM, but the older ones should be pretty similar.

Congrats, you have AIM, NOW BATTLE!

If you have questions; ask?



Although AIM is obviously what majority use, there are just times when all else fails and you need an alternative messenger, or simply an event is being hosted on the IRC but you have no idea how to get on it.

Pokemon Ultra RPG has its own IRC Channel: #URPG

You can access the channel by clicking on the IRC Chat link on the menu at the top of the page of the BMGf forum and then typing in our channel.

#URPG is a great place to meet up with others, challenge trainers, and hang out with other URPGers!

Here is an alternative way to access IRC:

1) Go to Mibbit.
2) Click on the server link towards the upper middle of the page.
3) Enter in the following details:

Channel: #URPG
Nickname: Your name here

Note: Our channel is under URPG jurisdiction and we reserve the right to kick anyone out or ban people should they break rules while in the channel.

For more information, check out Bulbagarden's IRC Primer.


AIM Tip (credits to Iridium of Pe2k):

I have a little something to add this. There's also a new feature called AIM Blast Chat. Setting up is quite easy, and doesn't take much time. It solves the problem of not being able to see dice rolls in normal chats if you're using meebo, as you're able to see dice rolls in blast chats even if you are using meebo.

There's also a FAQ/Help Section at the link I posted above, if you need any extra information. Additionally, if you need more help with certain commands, enter a blast group, and type "!help" (without the quotes) for a list of commands to be used in the blast chat.
*Thanks to Stinky for the AIM section, and to Harry for the IRC section (unless otherwise stated).
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