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Old 11-19-2010, 08:22 AM
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Default [SU]Fire and Darkness - Battle of the Demons (R)


For thousands of years Humans have existed on Earth, working, playing, sleeping, and eating. These four simple tasks have repeated over the years to create a safe, stable environment on the planet. These simple humans have never known war or fighting. Only the same ritual over and over again. Or at least, it was that way until someone discovered that if you shoot somebody with a gun they die. This young man, who had accidentally killed his younger brother, soon discovered insanity. Having killed his best friend and younger brother, the man went insane with sorrow and grief. This now-mindless man took up the gun and began going on a rampage, killing everything in sight.

This went on for months, over 1000 people dead, until another man decided to stop hiding and fight back. The man, fighting alone, picked up a gun and ran onto the streets in search of the insane man. The other man, named Skotádi, wandered the very same streets that this new fighter, named Kólasi, was traveling down. They two men walked down the streets until Kólasi saw Skotádi down the street, and promptly shot him in the shoulder. Skotádi dropped his gun in shock, but quickly recovered, grabbed the pitch-black weapon, and fired at Kólasi. However Kólasi was already prepared and dodged the bullet into an alleyway with surprising speed. Skotádi, not stopping at all followed Kólasi into the alleyway, only to get a face-full of gasoline. Kólasi had seen the jug lying on the ground and thrown it on Skotádi. He then grabbed his lighter, lit it, and threw it on Skotádi, engulfing him in flames. Seconds passed until the smoke and flames cleared, revealing a burned and bloody Skotádi crouched on the ground, holding his bloody, empty eye-socket. Skotádi screamed in rage and Kólasi and grabbed his gun and fired all 5 remaining bullets at Kólasi. At point blank range, the bullets flew into Kólasi's flesh, burying themselves deep into his muscle tissue, chipping his rips and popping his left lung. Kólasi screamed in painful agony, and doubled over, coughing up blood and gasping for air. Skotádi, now burned beyond recognition, howled in laughter before falling into his own puddle of blood and dying, the image of his last laugh etched onto his face forever. Kólasi fell onto his stomach, clutching his chest and hacking up blood onto the stone alleyway. And at the last second he prayed to the Gods to save his life.

And the Gods, watching carefully in their peaceful sanctuary, granted Kólasi his wish, healing his wounds and giving him life again. However, the evil God, Cháos, used his powers to turn Kólasi into a huge monster made up of flame and metal. Cháos also used his power to give life into Skotádi once more, turning him into a huge monster made of darkness. The Gods, horrified at this, blasted Cháos into oblivion, and tried to turn the two men back into Humans. However Skotádi reached up into the throne of the Gods and pulled them from their heavenly land, thrusting them into the ground, trapping them forever. Unknown to the two monsters, however, their huge amounts of Demonic Power they radiated was slowly turning the land around them into a dark, flame-engulfed land. Kólasi and Skotádi didn't care, and the enemies instantly attacked each other again, creating a huge mountain of lava and shadow that covered the entire earth, turning all the Humans who walked into into horrible monsters called Demons. These Demons, some ruled by Kólasi, some rules by Skotádi, instantly hated the other race. And thus, the War of the Demons began.


Fire Demons: Fire Demons are the followers of Kólasi. These Demons had been covered in the lava that was spewed out from Kólasi in his clash with Skotádi. These Demons take on different forms, some looking human with barely any demonic traits, and some made up of pure fire. However, their skill in fighting remains equal. Fire Demons inhabit the lava-covered regions of Earth. They are able to create and manipulate fire freely, and the more experienced ones may manipulate lava. These Demons may walk through fire and lava without being hurt, and are immune to burning.

Shadow Demons: Shadow Demons are the followers of Skotádi. These Demons had been covered in the grotesque shadows that had come from Skotádi in his battle with Kólasi. These Demons take on different forms, some looking human with barely any Demonic Traits, and some made up of pure shadow. However, their skill in fighting remains equal. Shadow Demons inhabit the darkness-covered regions of Earth. They are able to manipulate shadows and darkness to their will, and see perfectly in the dark.


Fire Realm: The Fire Realm covers half of the Earth, though the spots of the realm scatter around the globe in random areas, some bigger then others. The Fire Realm is covered in black rock and rivers of scalding-hot lava that can burn any non-Fire Demon's skin off, slowly taking away their muscles and bones as it slowly and painfully dissolves them. The Fire Realm is home to the Fire Demons and the Lord of Fire, Kólasi.

Fire Castle: The Fire Castle is where Kólasi lives. It is carved into a huge volcano, with lava pouring down the sides of the black rocky palace. The walls are covered in statues of Fire Demon Heros, and paintings of the clash between Kólasi and Skotádi. Lava provides the only light in the dark, hot castle. In the middle of it is a huge throne room where Kólasi rules over the Fire Demons.

Shadow Realm: The Shadow Realm covers the other half of the Earth, though, like the Fire Realm, it is scattered around the globe in random areas. The Shadow Realm is covered in gray cobblestones, dead black trees, and graveyards around every corner. Rivers of dark gray water run through it, and the only light comes from the Kakó trees, twisted black trees giving off a shining light gray light, and the moon, which is constantly covered in transparent gray clouds. The Shadow Realm is home to the Shadow Demons and the Lord of Darkness, Skotádi.

Shadow Castle: The Shadow Castle is where Skotádi lives. It is carved into a huge black rock, and surrounded by graveyards. Inside the pitch-black hallways, lit onto by small Kakó trees, skeletons and black suits of armor cover the castle in decoration. In the middle of the castle is a large throne room where Skotádi rules over the Shadow Demons.

  • This RPG is RATED R. If you do not like blood, gore, and swear words LEAVE NOW.
  • Don't God-mod. This means no auto-hitting, always dodging, and over-powering yourself.
  • Don't Bunny either. This means don't control other people's characters.
  • Don't Metagame... AT ALL. Metagaming is using OOC Information for IC purposes.
  • As stated before, this is rated R so you can swear and describe blood and gore all you like... just be a little careful with this.
  • If you want to play Kólasi or Skotádi (yes, they're playable) you must make a REALLY GOOD app and REALLY GOOD RP Sample. If you fail at RPing later on or break the rules multiple times, I will revoke your position.
  • So I know that you have read the rules, put "Bloody Hearts" somewhere into your sign-up.


Name: (Preferably in Greek or Latin)
Age: (In human years)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Race: (Fire Demon or Shadow Demon)
Appearance: (Provide a picture and description.)
Personality: (Just because your a Demon doesn't mean you must be emo or violent (hint hint))
Weapon: (Make a weapon! :D)
RP Sample: (Give me an Example of how you RP.)

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Old 11-19-2010, 09:48 PM
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Default Re: [SU]Fire and Darkness - Battle of the Demons (R)


Alyce Halimeda (Kei Ochima)


Jerome Halimeda (Kei Ochima)


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Old 11-20-2010, 12:23 AM
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Default Re: [SU]Fire and Darkness - Battle of the Demons (R)

Name: Alyce Halimeda

Age: 19 (Jerome's younger twin sister)

Gender: Female

Race: Fire Demon

Appearance: Alyce has dark brown perfectly straight hair that goes down her back halfway. The front of her hair goes down about two to three inches passed her chin, so she doesn't have any bangs, and she parts it slightly to the left. She has light olive colored skin, with no flaws at all. Alyce's eyes are a very dark brown with a few black thin lines going through them like lightening bolts. Once you look into her eyes, you can't take your eyes away from hers. Alyce stands at 5'3 and weighs about 115 pounds, having a slender body. She has straight white teeth, which gives her a really pretty smile. People always say that she has to be one of the prettiest teenage girls they have ever met. Alyce always wears a pink necklace that is shaped like a butterfly. There isn't a day that passes by when she doesn't wear it.


Personality: Alyce is kind-hearted, very spirited and energetic girl, which sometimes clashes with the more stoic group members. Alyce can act child-like and playful in many ways when the moment is necessary. She tries to maintain a positive outlook and often refers to gloomy or annoying people as "boring people". Her cheerful outlook often makes a stark contrast, however, when she is sad or upset and despite her outwardly happy exterior, she seems to carry some insecurities, particularly when it comes to her own future.

These insecurities sometimes cause her to act jealously towards those that know their path or have obtained what they want out of life. When Alyce has to be serious though, she puts her child-like personality far back behind her and is ready for a fight. Once you get her mad, she lashes out like an uncontrolled tornado. Alyce is the kind of person that no one should mess with, because she will continue to fight until she wins. She appears very sweet and seductive on the surface, but her personality could change in an instant into someone who was impulsive and, at times, not very nice. Alyce only shows this side of herself though when she is around people she doesn't like. So most of the time she is a sweet girl.

Weapon: Two Twin Daggers


RP Sample:

Name: Jerome Halimeda

Age: 19 (Alyce's older twin brother)

Gender: Male

Race: Fire Demon

Appearance: (will provide description tomorrow)


Personality: Jerome is pretty much the ladies man. His good looks always seems to get him into trouble of some sort with girls. Jerome can be pretty cocky at times and tends to get on people's nerves. His number one priority though is to keep an eye on his sister Alyce and protect her from any harm that should ever come her way. He would die for Alyce if he had to. A lot of the times when Alyce meets a boy and if Jerome doesn't like him, then he will pretty much scare off the boy, which doesn't mind Alyce that much because she's always a magnet for scumbags. People don't want to mess with Jerome because once you get him mad, all hell will break loose. If you're on his good side though, then he can be a fun loving guy who likes to joke a lot.

Jerome can have quite a few different personalities towards different people though. If you catch Jerome's bad side, he can come across as being quite arrogant at times. He is said to possess sociopathic tendencies, being absolutely charming one minute and extremely dangerous the next, showing no remorse for hurting people who have done something to make him mad. Jerome enjoys toying with people and causing grief to those around him who he think deserves it. If you're on his good side though, Jerome appears to be a little distant towards some people, though generally polite. He does his best to control his emotions most of the time. His sister, Alyce, is able to stir him to rage quite easily though if she wanted to, but she isn't that kind of person. People just have to be careful to not get on his bad side. If they stay on his good side, then everything will be peaceful.

Weapon: Two Twin Swords


RP Sample:
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Old 11-20-2010, 02:06 AM
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Default Re: [SU]Fire and Darkness - Battle of the Demons (R)

Reserved. :)

You read the rules, right?

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