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Old 12-18-2010, 03:22 AM
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Default Elite 4


This is Darkrai's Elite Squad and we are an elite four group that's members don't specialize in any one type of Pokemon, and please don't spoil everyone elses fun by posting what pokemon we use, anyway most of us will change what teams we use regularly so that we aren't predictable. All battles will be over Wi-Fi obviously. Each member of Darkrai's Elite Squad will decide the terms of the battle, although generally it will be fairly unrestricted, and in all battles Ubers will be permitted, and hacked Pokemon won't, anyone caught using hacked Pokemon will be blacklisted. Later on we may be opening a gym system as well, but we'll wait and see if we can do that because I'd need permission and enough people to do so.

Just in case you're wondering this is NOT a clan, so you can join this and a clan, this is more for fun and testing your battling skills to see if you can be the best battler around.

The battles are not yet to commence, we should be starting as soon as we have enough people, so still a little while yet as we have no-one other than myself and one other who would like to join, barely any commitment needed, just battling when you get challenged and setting the rules for the challenge. We still need more battlers to join up and haven't had any others so far other than me and a friend of mine, so come on people, it's just a bit of fun, join up!

We currently have two members, myself(skorm178) and SiV_Shadow, we are currently looking for two other competent battlers.

At the moment the line up is:
Champion- Skorm178
4th- Skorm178 (Double Battle, Ubers are okay but any Pokemon can be used, Clauses are negotiable, Level 100's, no hacked items or Pokemon)
3rd- SiV_Shadow
2nd- Open
1st- Open

This is the order that you will battle us in, from 1st to 4th, then you will face off against the champ to see if you become the new champ. Also any member of Darkrai's Elite Squad can challenge for the Champs position, but they still must defeat the other members of Darkrai's Elite Squad and the champ. At the moment I am champ because we just need someone to fill the position, but if any1 would like to challenge us then please go ahead!

Sorry about the lack of information at the moment, but we need more time to sort everything out. Check for more information closer to the start date.

Feel free to post here if you want to apply, then we can arrange a time so that we can battle to decide whether or not you could join.

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