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Old 08-04-2011, 09:36 PM
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Default Re: {RP} Sonic: Distant Worlds {RP}

Skye, Cryo, and Master Shinto

The reactions of the others were, more or less, immediate. Luna clearly appeared to be in shock, but Nadia was able to speak up, if somewhat quietly. "Ma-Master Shinto? Are you sure there is nothing other than rest that can be done for him? I know a bit of healing magic, if it might do any good..." The panther shook his head slowly. Luna, who was equally as disturbed, had moved up next to him, asking if she could do anything because she couldn't just stand by and watch this happen. Nova, across, looked irritated - or was it helpless? - while Re looked similar.

Sage responded before Shinto could. “Ahh, good to be hearin’ there’s another round here with some healin’ knowledge. But when it comes to magic, my ol’ mum would tell me ‘tis allus better to be lettin’ th’ body work fer itself and save yer energy ‘til there’s pressure from time, so ‘tis.’” His accent had become heavier. “Well, I’ll be havin’ to agree about him needing rest an’ there’s still wounds to be cleaned. Nothin’ else to do for the darkness that he isn’ already fightin’...pretty well too, if ye aren’t mindin’ my opinion." He then addressed Luna, suggesting to spar with Etel, even though Tywyn said the panda didn't like having arrangements made for her.

Shinto nodded. "That sounds like an excellent idea, Sage. Of course, it will be up to Luna to decide. It will help both of you sleep later tonight, as I already suspect there will be problems with it."

Skye grinned a little at that. "Of course, if you sleep like a baby in a village located right next to the disaster...Something is wrong with you." He coughed, although the grin still remained slightly on his face. "I would watch and see how well you fight, but frankly, I am exhausted."

Cryo, in the meantime, released her grip on Tywyn, having realized she had squeezed him a little too tightly. She muttered a "sorry cute kitty" before running up to her father, staying close by his side. "I'm going to help Dad rest the best I can! So don't any of you guys worry!" That being said, her worry was quite clear to be heard, and it notably pained the hedgehog to hear it. Before he could object, she grabbed him by his arm (thankfully, it was the one that hadn't be injured) and tugged him toward the hut...Although he stumbled in his efforts to keep his exhausted body at the fast past she was going.

Shinto was amused. "What a bright little star Cryo is...Skye was fortunate to find her. They form a good combination - water and earth." He nodded to himself before turning to the others. "Do not worry. I am sure Skye will be fine. He has survived much more than you would think. Now the issue, however, is delivering the news of Lucien's death to his wife. It will not be easy, as grief can easily turn to rage." He cleared his throat. "I would like to remind all of you to be careful. We have stored water, but as Skye said, the village will have to move. I need not remind you of the dangers dark matter presents."

He didn't yet walk off, though. He had a feeling more questions would be asked of him, and to be honest...He wasn't looking forward to delivering the news to Lucien's wife, or what remained of the village. It would be done, but if he could put it off for just a few minutes...Well, he wouldn't complain.
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Old 08-05-2011, 04:53 AM
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Default Re: {RP} Sonic: Distant Worlds {RP}

Luna and Nadia

Nadia sighed and thought a moment before she spoke again after being told there was not much she could do, although Sage seemed interested in her healing abilities. "I can heal...but I can't use much more than a few more simple spells. I specialize in air magic, actually." Nadia admitted easily, glancing at Skye at rather frequent intervals. "If there's anything we can do..."

"Nadia, I know that look, if the darkness bothers you that much, get away from him." Luna sighed before addressing Sage herself. "I believe that would depend on Miss Etel's willingness to spar. I wouldn't mind, though, if she agrees." Luna said, it was something to do, and she needed just that if she was going to keep herself from worrying herself to death, between the memories of her home and Skye's appearance.


Sola glanced at Sara and tilted her head. "Fly, no. Levitate, yes. Do you have a spefic place we need to go before I do it? Levitation is an energy-killer." The fox said simply, sounding as though she were actually trying to pull a plan together.

OOC: Short and suckish, but I posted! XD BTW, will be away from home until next Friday, we're supposed to have wifi where we're going but I dunno if my laptop will like the password to get on the wifi. It has a problem with letters in the passwords.

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Old 08-07-2011, 01:34 PM
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Default Re: {RP} Sonic: Distant Worlds {RP}

(Uuuugh. I had a post all typed out but then it just kind of poofed. I'll just skip Nova and Re, not much for them to do, and skip to Sara. Sorry it's so short.)


Sara's fingertips tapped impatiently on top of the staff in her grasp. Too risky to have them fly (or, fine, levitate) into the volcano and have Sola all worn out. If they needed a spell that Sola could not provide, Sara would not be pleased. "Never mind," she sniffed. "I have discovered an alternative. Have you ever heard of Darkorns? They are in the area. It would be simple enough to bend them to m- our will." She ground her teeth slightly.

THANK YOU CHAAAAR. *uberglomp*
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Old 10-02-2011, 04:05 AM
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Default Re: {RP} Sonic: Distant Worlds {RP}

Etel and Sage

Tywyn was back on the ground as Cryo hurried over to the injured hedgehog and began pulling him toward their home with the assurance that she was going to take good care of him. Watching them leave with a rather pleased expression, Shinto said that the young crocodile was good for Skye and he would most likely be fine despite his injuries. The panther did not at all seem to be looking forward to the news he had to deliver though.

As she was replying to Sage, Nadia appeared bothered to hear that there was nothing she could do. “I can heal...but I can't use much more than a few more simple spells. I specialize in air magic, actually.” She seemed to trail off after that and Luna told her to stay away if the darkness was bothering her.

“D’ ye know, Nadia, you shouldn’ be discouraged by not knowin’ many spells for healing. Ye know some an’ that’s more ‘n most. An’ don’t forget, there’ll always be plenny more to learn,” Sage said kindly.

Luna turned to the raccoon. “I believe that would depend on Miss Etel's willingness to spar. I wouldn't mind, though, if she agrees.”

To Sage, it seemed like Luna was a bit relieved to have something to do. Before he could answer however, the staff of Etel’s glaive bumped against the back of his head.

“I don’t appreciate plans being made for me,” the creamy red panda said with a frown.

Rubbing his head in slight confusion since he did not think she had been close enough to hear, Sage was about to ask how she knew when Tywyn leapt up on her shoulder. He stuck his tongue out cheekily. Sage started to chuckle realizing that the griffkin had already told her.

“It was only a suggestion so ye’d not have to miss your workout with me bein busy, and Luna was itchin’ for somethin’ to do. It seemed like a good opportunity for some practice against someone new.” He leaned over smiling lightly. “Besides, ye should know that I’d not be makin’ plans for ye without askin’.”

Etel’s face reddened slightly as she glared at him then looked away. “You just like to be messin’ with me.” When he only chuckled, joined by Tywyn’s giggle, she looked over at Luna uncertainly. “I’m sorry he pulled you into his joke like that,” though Sage adamantly –and still chuckling by the way- assured her it was not a joke. “Ye don’t have to go through a workout with me. But...if’n you were serious about sparrin’, it would be nice to have a new opponent.” Even through her doubtfulness, she had a certain battle-ready spark that most might miss. Strange as it might seem from the young princess, combat was where she felt most secure in her actions.

“See, Tywyn? Didn’t I tell ye that she’d not mind?” Sage did not miss the second glare shot at him by the red panda.

Tywyn, who found the entire situation hilarious, ended up rolling off Etel’s shoulder only to receive his own dressing down from the irritated princess. Sage turned to face the old panther standing beside them.

“I’m not much worried bout whether Skye is able to be battlin’ that darkness. There are still injuries that probably still need tendin’ to. I really only took care of the worst one before we got here. I can take care of that an’ then I’m sure everyone will be headin’ to bed after today. Etel most likely will sleep hard after her workout.” He grinned fondly as he lowered his voice. “I’m not thinkin’ she’ll ever be the type to take it easy.”
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Old 10-02-2011, 05:32 AM
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Default Re: {RP} Sonic: Distant Worlds {RP}

OOC: It lives again! *cue lightning, thunder, and creepy music* ...Now I just gotta get back in the mindset...

Luna and Nadia

"I...I'm not sure you understand. Specializing in air magic like I do makes it that much more difficult to learn more and effectively use complex spells of any other kind... And then there's the fact I'm just bothered by darkness in general, and I just feel bad, not being able to do anything to help..." The younger panther rubbed the back of her head, Luna patted her shoudler gently.

"No different from me, Nadia." She said softly. She only halfway paid attention to the conversation between Sage and Etel until addressed her. She turned to the red panda and forced a smile. "I wouldn't mind sparring with you, as I've stated before. It gives me something to do rather than nothing. Doing nothing will drive me insane..." The fox's tail swished back and forth agitatedly.

"Just hope you're good at dodging." Nadia piped up quickly.


"I know a little bit of Darkorns." Sola admitted slowly, noticing the catch in Sara's last sentence. Somebody didn't like teamwork. Then she noticed the grinding of the teeth. "Keep grinding your teeth like that and you'll not be able to use them to eat later on." She told the squirrel airily before setting off to walk again. "Now to find these Darkorns..."

OOC: Ugh, suckyness. This feels sooooo weird writing for this RP after so long...

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