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Default Random Rambling [Maybe PG-13]

This is just something I recently cooked up.
This story isn't meant for the weakminded nor for people, who hate anime/manga.
It's a satire on them...

Attention: this story has bad words and bad jokes/puns. Read at own risk.

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Old 08-22-2005, 02:42 PM
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Default Re: Random Rambling [Maybe PG-13]

Random Rambling

Section 1: Knowledge equals Power.

Location: Garden of the Kirisaki-family shrine.
Time: 7th night of Spring, 3rd year of Emperor Aizen.

A shady silhouette moved between the cherry trees. The strong wind caused the trees to lose their blossom. It moved as if it was made from pure darkness. Its feet barely touched the ground as it tiptoed through the Zen garden.

Suddenly it stopped. The shrines guards were coming. The dark figure crouched behind a tree, trying to stay out of the light. The guards moved past the figure, not knowing it was there. When the coast was safe, the shadow moved towards its goal.

The shadow knew where it needed to be, as if it was a frequent visitor of the garden. It remembered to lift his feet occasionally, so it wouldn’t step on a dead branch. It seemed completely concentrated on watching its steps, that it didn’t notice a sudden movement behind a door to his left.

A young girl - with long, black hair, which was loosely tied together, and wearing a white kimono, made from Japans finest silk - emerged onto the porch, after the wooden door was opened. Her hair reflected the moonlight as it waved around her face. She slipped into her sandals, and started to walk across the porch towards the center of the garden, near the shadowy figure.

The silhouette noticed the girl, when she was a few yards to its left. Luckily the shadow already achieved his goal, but he needed to reach the exit. But the only path leaving the garden lied behind the girl. The apparition showed signs of panic, but fortunately its training kicked in. “Never leave witnesses!” That was the first thing our shady figure was taught.

It slowly approached the girl, who was now sitting on a small bench next to a large pond in the centre of the garden. It slowly moved behind the girl, removing his scarf from his neck. It apparently decided that strangulation was as the most efficient way to kill her. With a quick move, it twisted the scarf around the girl’s neck, and began to pull with one hand. It used the other hand to put a small piece of cloth in her mouth, so she couldn’t scream.

The girl grabbed the hands of her attacker, her sleeves sliding towards her elbows. In a split second, the ghoul saw the mark on the girl’s hand, and weakened its grip. The girl immediate took advantage of her attacker’s state of mind, and dropped him before her feet with a fast shoulder toss.

“Sorry, I attacked you!” the shadow said, quickly standing up and bowing towards the girl. “I’m very sorry, Touyami-sensei!”

“Stupid boy! Did you really think I would let you attack me if this was a proper fight?” Touyami asked, staring at her pupil like a hawk at her newborn.

“No, sensei!” the boy answered.

“Good! Now, did you get the Black Cat?” the boy’s teacher asked.

“Yes, sensei, I did.” the boy replied. “But, if I may ask, Touyami-sensei, why are you here?”

“I’m keeping an eye on you, boy. You only passed your exams yesterday, and it is a habit that the teachers keep their eyes on their pupils on their first few missions.”

“I see.” the boy said.

“Now, when you’re finished wasting our time, let’s get going before we get caught.”

“Hai, sensei!” the boy acknowledged, quickly erasing any evidence that he might have left.

When the boy finished covering his tracks, he and his teacher left. Their footsteps resounding like soft whispers, as the wind played with the sakura coming from the trees.

---- ---- ----

Location: Somewhere in the Hana-forest near Osaka.
Time: 8th day of Spring, 3rd year of Emperor Aizen.

~“I’m Kaitou Ray, son of the famous ninjutsu master Kaitou Kai. I’ve been a student of Touyami Rie for 4 years now. I’m going to be an even greater ninja than my father ever was. My village was burned down 5 years ago, by the Emperors soldiers. In his attempt to hold back the soldiers, my father was betrayed by his best friend. But I shall revenge my father. Just wait and see!”~

---- ---- ----

“Kaitou-kun, are you there?”

“Yeah, I’m here!” Ray answered, slowly opening the wooden door. “Oh, it’s you!” he said annoyed, seeing that his wake-up call came from Ishida Souken.

Ishida Souken came from the same village as Ray, and was Ray’s best friend. He was actually the opposite of Ray. Ray was tall and strong looking, with his dark purple, spiky hair. Souken, however, was quite short, and looked like the kind bullies would pick out to pick on. His hair was dark blue and combed backwards.

Their hair color wasn’t natural, but dyed that way. The ninjutsu academy used hair color to show, which teacher had which students. The sorting was based on attitude, talent and known skill. Because Ray was home tutored, he was sorted with the toughest teacher. Souken, however, lacked talent, and was sorted with Kenpachi Kyuu, the smartest of all teachers.

“You left in such a hurry after results were in, that I couldn’t congratulate you.” Souken said, walking into Ray’s bedroom.

“Well, I was called to appear before the headmaster.”

“No wonder, you had the highest score in 30 years. Only your father had an equal amount of points.” Souken said, a bit jealous at his friend’s accomplishments.

“Is that jealousy I’m hearing in your voice?” Ray teasingly asked. “Cheer up! You beat me fair and square at the written test.”

“That’s because I’m the brain.” Souken said, showing off as usual. “You really need to think more. You’ve been lucky so far, Kaito-kun.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I need to think more.” Ray said. “Well, I think we should get going. You don’t want to be late for the morning hike.”

As both boys walked out of the room, jogging towards the large group assembled before the gate, their eyes were fixed on the inscription above the gate. The inscription, carved in oak wood, and attached to the gate with iron nails, said, translated into present English:

“Only a true ninja can master nature.”

---- ---- ----

After the 5 mile hike, the students went to the mess room, for breakfast. The menu was herbal tea and bread with cheese or meat. After everyone finished, it was time for morning chores. Ray and Souken were assigned to cleaning the school’s covered entrances. Ray took a broom from the storeroom, and used it to sweep the porch. Souken, on the other hand, took a bucket filled with water and a cloth, and mobbed the wooden floor with it. After a while, two boys came running towards Souken. They were about two years younger.

“Ishida-senpai, the headmaster told us to take over your chore,” the shortest said, “and…” The boy looked around as if he was looking for something. “Where is Kaito-senpai?”

“I’m here.” Ray said, walking towards the boys. “What’s the matter?”

The tall one answered: “You need to go to the headmaster. We’ll finish your chores, senpai.”

Yosh, here you go.” Ray said, handing over his broom. “Well, let’s get going, Ishida-kun.”

“Hai!” Souken said, while standing up. He quickly jumped into his shoes.

---- ---- ----

“Please take a seat.” the headmaster said.

As Ray and Souken squated down, another student brought a tray with cups and tea. The student started to fill the cups. When he finished, the boy walked towards the open door, went through it, and closed it. Now Souken and Ray were alone with their headmaster.

“So…” the headmaster said, gently sipping the steaming, hot tea. “Good of you to come so soon.”

“Did we have a choice?” Ray sarcastically commented, loud enough for the headmaster not to hear.

“I might be old, but I’m not deaf.” the old man said, looking rather mischievous towards young Ray.

“Why are we here, headmaster?” Souken asked, curious as always.

“Ah, well, I have a mission for both of you.” the headmaster said. “You two need to collect some items. Touyami-san will inform you with the details.”

“Anything else we need to know?” Souken inquired, purely out of formality.

“No, you may leave.”

“Well, let’s get going, Ishida-kun” Ray said, quickly standing up.

“Who ever said you were dismissed, Kaitou-san?” the old man calmly said, his eyes focused on young Ray.

“I think I’ll stay here for awhile. I’ll catch up with you, Ishida-kun” Ray called towards his friend, who already had left the room. Ray closed the door, and squatted down again.

“Before we start, I’d like to congratulate you for being the first since your father to acquire that many points, and for being the first person without a brain to even pass the exam.”

“Are you serious?” Ray asked, being completely bewildered.

“No, I was just kidding.” the old man answered, his eyes sparking as if he was 8 years old. “Now, let’s get to the serious stuff. I have something to give to you. It belonged to your father. Your father left...”

“What is it? A katana, or maybe….” Ray fantasized, almost throwing the small table in to the air.

“Would you let me finish my sentence?” the headmaster yelled, holding down the table. “Where was I? Oh yeah, the thing your father left behind.” The headmaster stood up and began to walk towards a wooden cupboard. He opened it, took something out of it and closed the door. Then he slowly walked back, hiding the item from Ray’s sight.

“This is what your father wanted to give you, when the time came for you to pass your exams. Well, if he was alive. Alas, this still has to be given, and unfortunately the honor of giving this goes to me.” The old man said, speaking rather strange.

The old man quickly put the item on the table, as if he was scared.

But Ray still couldn’t see what it was. What could it actually be? If was too small to be a sword, and too round to be a knife. What was this strange item his dad left him?

Near a tree by a river, there's a hole in the ground.
Where an old man of Aran goes around and around

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Default Re: Random Rambling [Maybe PG-13]

Section 2: Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer.

Location: Headmaster’s office, somewhere in the Hana-forest, Osaka.
Time: 8th day of Spring, 3rd year of Emperor Aizen.

Ray grabbed the round item from the tea table. The ball seemed like it was made to be held in one’s fist. Ray noticed a small pressure pad in the centre.

“That, Kaitou-san, is a Pokeball. In it is your father’s best friend. Press the little button in the centre.”

Ray pushed the button, and the ball opened. A blinding red light emerged from the ball and began to take shape in front of Ray.

The appearing creature had similar traits as the Black Cat Ray stole last night. It had long black ears, standing up in, hearing everything, and moving at the slightest vibration. It had long majestic paws, which it used to deceive people into thinking it was as tall as them. Its tail was wiggling from side to side. But the most fascinating features were the blue belts on its ears, legs, and tail.

“Umbry!” the creature purred, while it rubbed its head against Ray’s leg.

“What in heavens name is this creature?” Ray yelled, finally getting over the surprise.

“I don’t know exactly, but there are more of them. There are many different types. But the only people, who can see them, are those with pure hearts.”

“It’s so kawaii!” Ray shrieked, while running his hand through the creature’s black fur.

The old man was so flabbergasted, that he lost his balance and fell.

“Ahem,” he said, standing up again, “your father also gave me these.” The headmaster put about five balls on the table, balls which were similar to the one the catlike critter appeared from.

“More beasts?” Ray asked.

“No, no. These are empty. Your father told me, they are used to catch those creatures. You battle them, and when they are weakened, you throw these at them. These balls are made from the nuts of a rare tree. So please be careful where you put them.”

“Hontou? That’s so cool! I’m going to catch as many as possible.” Ray yelled.

“No, you may not.” the headmaster said, his voice sounding harsh. “You may not interfere with natures course. It is only allowed to catch one every generation.”

“Oh, that’s not cool!” Ray complained. “Why do we need rules for everything?”

“We need rules to maintain order, Kaitou-kun. You know that. Well, since you like it so much, maybe you should name it.”

“Yeah, I know! I’ll name him ‘Hikari’!”

“Umbry!” the creature yelled, as if it liked the name.

“Yosh, I think it’s time to go. Don’t you think, Kaitou-kun?” the headmaster said.

“Hai! Sayonara and arigatou, headmaster.” Ray said, as he and Hikari left the room.

---- ---- ----

After Ray and Hikari caught up with Souken, who was standing outside, they went to find Touyami-san. But before that, Souken asked Ray what the creature next to him was. Ray merely told him that its name was Hikari. But that wouldn’t normally satisfy Souken’s curiosity. Nevertheless, he stopped asking questions.

---- ---- ----

“Yosh, the headmaster told me to enlighten you with the details of your mission.” Touyami said. “It’s a rather simple mission. You two need to retrieve several objects.”

“Just tell us already!” Ray yelled, jumping from on side to side.

A nerve could be seen on his sensei’s forehead. She was about to get really pissed off. She turned her hands into fists, ready to hit Ray as hard as she could. She wasn’t called the toughest teacher for nothing.

But Souken beat her to the punch. He punched Ray in the side, just below the lowest rib.

Ray couldn’t breathe for a while. He fell to the ground, trying to inhale the vital gas humankind needs.

“Thank you, Souken-kun, though it didn’t need to be that well placed.” Touyami said, trying to maintain her serious face. But that’s really hard considering the face Ray had, when the punch impacted.

“Sorry for that, Ray. I didn’t mean to punch that hard.” Souken said to apologize.

“Baka, baka, baka! You could have seriously killed me, if I wasn’t as strong as I am.” Ray said, trying to save his fractured ego.

“Ahem,” Touyami said, “let’s get on with the briefing. Your mission is simple. Get the Jade Leopard and the Sakura Sword, and don’t leave any witnesses, understand?”

“Hai!” the two boys replied.

“The Jade Leopard and the Sakura Sword are located in the Kazoku-temple in Kyoto.”

“Kazoku-temple in Kyoto, Jade Leopard and Sakura Sword. We’re on it.” Souken said.

“Can we use the Sakura Sword, can we, can we?” Ray asked, his eyes sparking.

“Yes, but only in case of emergencies.” Touyami said, emphasizing the last few words.

“Yosh, let’s get our stuff, and hit the road.” Ray said, already walking towards his room.

“If he gets me killed, I’m killing him.” Souken said, shaking his head, as he watched Ray whistling towards his equipment.

“For the smartest kid around, that sounded pretty dumb.” Touyami said, laughing out loud.

“Don’t quote me. Ever!” Souken sreamed.

---- ---- ----

Location: Hitatsu-Forest, 50 miles South East of Kyoto.
Time: 10th day of Spring, 3rd year of Emperor Aizen.

Ray, Souken and Hikari had left the academy an hour after the briefing with Touyami Rei. They used the high-speed traveling technique, only taught to the elite. They could travel with the speed of a hawk, but the technique rapidly drained you from your energy. That was the reason why it was only taught to the best. After two days, they were only 50 miles away from Kyoto, and their target.

But before they left the academy, Ray received a special pendant. The pendant had the power to show which people had a pure heart. Thus showing who could see Hikari. If the stone changes color when it is in facing a person, their soul is pure. So, Ray tried it on himself first, and the stone in the centre turned green. But when he faced it towards Souken the stone turned red. Souken pointed out that the pendant might output different colors for different souls. Ray found it a plausible, so he never thought of another explanation.

---- ---- ----

The two boys were having their lunch. Ray caught a rabbit, while Souken tried to make fire. Rabbits aren’t that good when served cold.

---- ---- ----

Meanwhile, a shady figure was looking down on them from the trees. Hikari noticed the soft sounds it made, but the figure quickly spread out a powder, numbing his senses.

“So, they’re here already, eh? Hmm, I’d better follow them for a while. At least until he makes his move.”

---- ---- ----

Location: Kazoku-temple, Kyoto’s Dragon Clan Area.
Time: 11th night of Spring, 3rd year of Emperor Aizen.

Souken and Ray were approaching the Kazoku-temple. Last night, when they arrived, they checked the surroundings in order to make a plan. But Ray kept being restless, not because of the stress, but because he sensed that something was wrong. Nevertheless, they continued with the preparations.

---- ---- ----

“I need to be careful. The spiky boy nearly saw me last night. Just a little bit longer. He will show himself as the creature he truly is. It won’t be long now.” The shadowy figure said, staring down on the boys on top of a roof.

---- ---- ----

Ray approached the fat guard, with Hikari by his side. Although normal people couldn’t see Hikari, they could see things being moved by him. Hikari slowly crawled past the guard, and used his Sand Attack to distract the guard.

The guard, glad to have something to do that night, ran towards the disturbance. He didn’t know that he was walking right into Ray’s open arms. Well, they weren’t exactly open, because Ray was holding a small knife. When the fat guard past Ray, the boy quickly jumped behind him. Ray stabbed the guard, while putting his hand in front of his victim’s mouth. When the guard had stopped breathing, Ray put him beneath some bushes, to cover up the body.

“I’m sorry.” Ray whispered.

When Ray finished the job, he called for Souken. No matter how much Ray hated to kill, it was inevitable. The fat guard was blocking the only way into the temple grounds. Luckily there were no guards within the temple grounds.

Souken had been busy ensuring their getaway. He already placed deadly traps for their chasers, just in case. They could only be seen by a trained eye. Too bad for the guards, that they’re not trained.

---- ---- ----

So far, so good. Ray, Hikari and Souken reached the building, where the artifacts were stored, without seeing a soul, or triggering any kind of alarm.

Ray slowly opened the door, with Souken ready to attack, if necessary.

“Clear.” Ray whispered.

“Hai!” Souken replied.

They carefully walked into the room, watching their steps. Souken immediately took charge, as if he knew the building. They entered a room to the right.

The room was completely empty, or was it? Souken studied the floor, and after a while, he found a narrow space between two plints. When he knocked on it, it seemed hollow.

“Ishida-kun, what do you think this is?” Ray asked.

“That’s the opening to the secret staircase beneath.” Souken replied, looking rather surprised of Ray finding something. “You’re too damn lucky.”

“I need to compensate for my empty head.” Ray sighed, turning red.

They found the staircase, and climbed down. But it was really dark; you couldn’t see anything in front of you. Luckily Hikari’s blue spots lightened up in the dark. They could at least see where they were going.

---- ---- ----

After walking for a while, they entered a large room. The room was so big; there was no end to the sealing. That was, if Ray had been looking at it.

“Welcome, Kaitou-kun! To your death!”

Near a tree by a river, there's a hole in the ground.
Where an old man of Aran goes around and around
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Default Re: Random Rambling [Maybe PG-13]

Section 3: The enemy of your enemy is your friend.

“Welcome, Kaitou-kun! To your death!”

A shady figure stepped out of the darkness, and with every step he took, more and more lights turned on.

“You didn’t write or visited me once, since your father’s death.”

The man, stepping out of the shadow, was his father’s former friend.

“You! I’m going to kill you, and revenge my old man.” Ray yelled; anger and hatred started to take over his body. Adrenaline rushed through his vines, pumping up his muscles, increasing his lung volume, and clouding his reason.

“Getting a little bit angry?” the man sighed, shaking his head. “You can’t win. Face the facts, and go meet your old man.”

“That’s quite a big mouth, for someone who’s outnumbered three to one, Ichimaru!”

“Who ever said it was three to one?” Souken said, walking towards Ichimaru. “Oh, didn’t I tell you. I was secretly studying with Ichimaru. I think the tables have turned.”

“Traitor!” Ray screamed.

“How can I be a traitor, if I wasn’t on your side in the first place?” Souken sighed. “By the way, Hikari doesn’t count in a fight, because he can’t carry a sword. So it’s just the two of us against one of you, Ray.”

“Tsch, you backstabbin’, two times double-crossin’, low down dirty, stinkin’ pile of fungus.”

“Did they teach those foul words at the academy? Things have been getting worse there.” Ichimaru suddenly stared at the pendant Ray was carrying. “I see you’re wearing the Soul Pendant. Did the stupid old man tell you what the colors mean?”

“What the colors mean?” Ray started to get confused.

“So, he didn’t? Well, if the stone turns green, it means the soul is purely made out of goodness. But if it turns red, the soul is as evil as the demons themselves.”

“I see! It turned red, when I pointed it towards Souken. I could have guessed.” Ray mumbled. “Let’s end this chit chat, and send you to the other side.”

“You’re right! Let’s end this, end it for you that is!” Souken said, unsheathing his sword.

“Yes, prepare to meet your ancestors!” Ichimaru yelled.

“Quit the macho talks, and let’s even the odds.” said a voice, coming from the ceiling.

Suddenly a silhouette jumped down, landing next to Ray. The guy was really tall, and his faced seemed nice, with his blue eyes shining vividly. He was athletically built, and he carried a large, thin sword, which was attached onto his back by a green cord. He was dressed in black robes, with a long, white jacket, which almost touched the ground. His hair was really spiky, and he had bells attached to the ends of ten spikes of hair.

“So we finally meet again, Ichimaru.”

“Hi.. Hitsu.. Hitsugaya!” Ichimaru stumbled. “What are you doing here?”

“Let’s say, I’m repaying a debt to the Kaitou family.” Hitsugaya implied. “He, where did the ‘–san’ part go? Don’t be so rude, even if I’m about to kill you.”

“Hitsugaya? Do you mean the greatest swordfighter in all of Japan?” Ray asked, completely flabbergasted by the sudden event.

“You forgot the coolest in all of Japan, Kaitou-kun, I’m The Hitsugaya. Oh yeah, if this is going into my life story: Ladies, I’m still available.” Then Hitsugaya saw Hikari. “Well, I’ll be damned, if that isn’t an Umbreon. What’s his name?”

“Err… That’s Hikari.”

“That means ‘light’, right? Good name, suits him.”

“Wait, stand still for a sec.” Ray asked, pointing the pendant at Hitsugaya. The stone slowly turned green. “Okay, it’s safe.”

“That was a wise move, Kaitou-kun. Now, are you ready to kick some immoral hiney?” Hitsugaya said, drawing his sword.

“You bet your life on it. Oh wait, don’t bet.” Ray said, while Hikari started to hiss.

“Well, if the two of you stopped chatting, go ahead, and make… my… day!” Ichimaru growled.

---- ---- ----

Ray charged towards Ichimaru, his sword crying to cut somebody. Just before Ray could hit his target, Ichimaru disappeared.

“Where did you go, coward!” Ray screamed, his eyes flashing, trying to find his foe.

“Only fools call evading an attack an act of fear.” Ichimaru giggled, standing right behind Ray.

Suddenly, Ray was facing the floor. The sound of liquid dripping on the ground filled the room. Then everything went dark.

“Let me give you a piece of advice: Real battles never take longer than one round. Oh wait, you’re dead, so you don’t need any advice.” Ichimaru preached; his tone of voice filled with sarcasm and malice.

---- ---- ----

“Wake up! Ray, WAKE UP!”

“Huh? Where am I?” Ray slowly said, while opening his eyes.

He was lying on a wide grass field, filled with rabbit-like creatures. He noticed that the creatures were touching themselves.

All of a sudden a man stepped in front of Ray. He looked exactly like Ray, but the colors were the opposite of Ray’s. Instead his clothes were white, and his hair wasn’t dark purple, but light green. On top of that, he had a light emitting sword, which kept buzzing.

“Luke, I’m your father.” the man said.

“The name’s Ray, pal.”

“Crap, I knew I shouldn’t have gone to that Star Wars marathon in Camp Davis.” the man said, throwing away his light sable.

“What’s Star Wars?”

“Nothing, nothing at all. Ray, I’m your father.”

“No.” Ray said, dramatically slow. “Err… Do you here an echo?”

“Nah, it’s just the narrator. Will you just accept the facts! I’m your dad, so can we please continue with this story. These robes are starting to itch. Jet Li must have put itching powder in my costume. Actors…” he said, rolling his eyes.

“Fine, dad, what are you doing here?”

“This is your mind, and I’m a figment of your imagination.”

“You mean, this jacked up grass land with naughty rabbits, is my imagination. That’s sick!”

“I know, that’s what I said to GoDD, but he’s impossible to talk to. He’s just like a little kid. Oh well, there is one thing I need to ask you.”

“What?” Ray asked, getting rather annoyed.

“If you had read the script, you would have known what I was going to ask you.”

“What the hell is the script?”

“I can’t say what the script is; I can only show you the script.”

Suddenly a script appeared, floating before Ray’s eyes. All of a sudden, the pages started to turn, until Ray’s eyes found the sentence: I can’t say what the script is; I can only show you the script.

“Wow, that’s freaky.” Ray shrieked, jumping back.

“Just keep reading, and you’ll see how deep the freaking hole goes.”

Weird man: Just keep reading, and you’ll see how deep the freaking hole goes.
* Ray reads the script. *
Weird man: Do you want to fight? Do you want to win? Or do you want to live?
Weird man: Which is it?
Ray: I want to win.
Weird man: I can’t hear you.
Ray: Just fighting… is meaningless.
Ray: Just surviving… is meaningless.
Ray: I wanna win.
Ray: I… want to win!!
Weird man: Very well. Then I shall take you there.

“You know what I really want?” Ray asked, completely pissed off.

“No, what do you want?”

“I want you to shut up, and get me the HELL out of here.” Ray screamed.

“Hear that, GoDD? Grant this kid’s wish, Wishmaker!”

“What the… How come I can leave, and cheat death?”

“You changed the script, and by doing that, you changed your destiny.”

Suddenly, Ray started to vanish. First his feet, then his ankles, and upwards…

“Before I go, where did you get that script? It’s freaking cliché!”

“Oh, that’s something we ripped from Bleach episode 39. It’s an anime. Buh-bye!”

“What’s an anime? What’s Bleach…” But it was too late, and Ray completely vanished.

“Well, time to get out of these freaking robes, and kick some Jet Li butt.” the weird man said, kicking some of the rabbits. “Stupid rabbits.”

“Cut and print. That’s all folks!”

---- ---- ----

“I should really cut down on the sake. My head hurts.” Ray mumbled, while trying to get up. He saw Hikari standing besides him, his body glowing as if he was the moon itself. Then Ray remembered what had happened, and quickly checked the wound on his back. But if was gone, and even the blood on the floor had disappeared.

Meanwhile Hitsugaya was in a fierce battle. Ichimaru and Souken kept putting pressure on him with their constant attacks, but they kept missing over and over. It seemed like Hitsugaya was playing with them, but he wasn’t. If he attacked, he would turn his back towards one of his attackers.

“Hey, ugly! Over here!” Ray yelled, trying to get Ichimaru’s attention.

And he did get it. More than he wanted.

“What the heck! You’re alive, but I killed you.” Ichimaru shrieked, looking as if he saw a dead man, rising from his grave.

“You look surprised. Well, I’m here to finish the job.” Ray said, with a smile on his face.

“Bastard!” Souken yelled, and ran towards Ray. He swung his sword in an attempt to cut Ray. He saw Ray falling, and blood flying all over the place.

“Baka, you really think I would be defeated by someone like you.” Ray said, standing on Souken’s right shoulder. “Didn’t Kenpachi-san teach you deceit is a ninja’s main weapon?”

“Why you…” Souken screamed, trying to hit Ray with his sword.

“You’re a millennium short of defeating me, the master of Flash Step. I’ll proof it. Look at your chest.” Ray commanded.

Souken slowly looked down, and saw a sword tip sticking out of his clothes. The sword pierced right through Souken’s heart.

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Default Re: Random Rambling [Maybe PG-13]

Section 4: Even with a small force, a battle can be won.

“Gotcha!” Ray whispered in Souken’s ear. He slowly withdrew his sword out of Souken’s body. “Three… Two… One… Time’s up!”

When Ray finished counting down, Souken’s sword fell to the ground. The sound of impact echoed through the room, while Souken’s heart stopped beating. Slowly Souken dropped to the ground, and with his last breath he said: “I’ll get you, Kaitou!”

“Tsch, good riddance, never liked the boy in the first place.” Ichimaru said, not even frowning at the death of his pupil.

“Now for you, Ichimaru. Ready, Hitsugaya-san?” Ray said; adjusting his grip on his blood soaked sword. “It’s time for you to follow the steps of your little friend, while they’re fresh.”

“Care to life up to those words?” Ichimaru commented, being his sarcastic little self.

“You bet your sorry butt on it, Ichimaru! Howl, Zangemaru!” Ray said, as he stroked his sword with his left hand. His sword grew, until it was as tall as Ray. Then the sword divided itself into slices with spikes on the side, which could retract.

“Now, it’s my turn.” Hitsugaya said. “Set upon the Scattering Skies, Hyourakura!” Hitsugaya’s sword changed into two separate sword. One with a hilt and guard in the shape of a dragon and the other could be thrown by its hilt wrap.

“Two can play that game!” Ichimaru laughed, while concentrating to call forth a spirit. “Into the sword, Sam!” he commanded, and a flashy light mixed with cool sound effects started to fill the room. When the lights and the echoes faded, Ichimaru’s sword had changed; it now had a hilt and guard with the image of the world’s ugliest dog floating around them.

“Yuk, that’s nasty! Where did his hair go, and talk about dental hygiene.” Ray coughed at the sight of the canine shaped sword.

“Haha, very funny. You know how hard it is to find a ghost, when they’re all in Soul Society? Damn those Shinigami. It wouldn’t hurt if they did their job less thorough.” Ichimaru yelled.

“Like whatever, man! I got me a date with two fine ladies, so hurry up and die.” Hitsugaya said, tapping his foot on the ground.

“As if, I’m not your dog!”

“Roll over!” Hitsugaya commanded.

And surprisingly enough Ichimaru squatted down, and rolled over.

“Stop doing that. That’s really humiliating. You’re wasting valuable time.”

“Of course, I am. The writer of this story came up with so many insults for me to use. Oh wait, I forgot them. Crap, just when it started to get fun.” Hitsugaya said. “Oh well, consider yourself under attack. Kyaa!” he said, running towards Ichimaru, while rotating his sword by its hilt wrap.

Ray also started to dash towards his enemy, his sword waiting to be extended. At the very moment Hitsugaya released his sword, and sent it flying towards Ichimaru, Ray extended his sword. The two swords soared towards Ichimaru, forming a deadly duo.

But just a second before the swords reached Ichimaru, he vanished without a trace. But it seemed that Hikari also had vanished, leaving no trail at all.

But that wasn’t completely true, since Hikari was planning to execute his Faint Attack. He hid him self, by dimming his blue lights, and taking cover in the shadows. But when he saw Ichimaru disappear, and appear just a couple of feet in front of him, he started to dash.

All of a sudden Ichimaru felt a blow against his head. He started to lose his balance, and it looked like he was going to tip over. If he did, he knew he was a goner, and he finally found his balance again.

“Good going, Hikari!” Ray enthusiastically yelled towards his critter. “Now use your Confuse Ray.”

Hikari started to let his blue rings shine. They shined like disco ball, and Ichimaru couldn’t take his eyes of the spectacle going on in front of him.

Hitsugaya took advantage of his foe’s confusion, and recollected his second sword. When he got it, he ran towards Ichimaru, in an attempt to stab him in his back. But he forgot to take out his little bells.

Ichimaru snapped out of the trance, when he heard Hitsugaya’s bells. He turned around and showed Hitsugaya Sam. Hitsugaya was petrified by its ugliness, and couldn’t move. Ichimaru pierced Hitsugaya’s chest, hitting his lungs, and filling them with poison and blood.

“You know, this is a crappy way to die! At least I get to perform my moves on all the death cuties.”

“What a buzz kill! Even when he is about to die, he can’t shut up about women.” Ichimaru sighed. “Well, the score is tied; looks like we need to go into overtime.”

“So be it, let’s get down and dirty.” Ray yelled. Then he took on his martial arts pose, and with his left hand he dared Ichimaru to attack him. “Bring on the heat.”

“Good thing I’m wearing black, so no one can see your filthy blood on it.”

“The only one, who is going to bleed, is you, Ichimaru.”

Ichimaru ran towards Ray, who was standing there, his sword contracted. But Ichimaru couldn’t stop Ray from moving in a blink of an eye. Every time Ichimaru swung his sword, Ray wasn’t at the place he was standing before.

“Stop running, coward!” Ichimaru yelled, frustrated by Ray’s constant use of the Flash Step technique.

“Oh, look who’s calling someone a coward. What were your words again? Only fools call evading an attack an act of fear.” Ray chuckled, and annoying his opponent even more.

“You won’t be laughing, when I do this.” Ichimaru said. “Sam, come out of the sword.” he commanded, as he took an artifact out of his pocket. Then he mumbled something, which Ray couldn’t hear. Suddenly really cool music started to play, and flashy light started to shine again. All of a sudden they ended with a bark. And before Ray stood the biggest, baddest and ugliest of all creatures: Sam the dog.

“That’s some freaky...!” Ray shrieked, completely taken aback.

“Yeah, isn’t it?” Ichimaru sniggered, while climbing on top of the hairless Sam.

“Well, yeah, if you had enough furyoku.”

“What do you mean?” Ichimaru shouted, looking at his spirit.

Ray pointed towards the giant furyoku gauge next to Ichimaru’s dog. It was dropping towards zero, really fast. “Didn’t you notice? While you were being confused by Hikari, you’re Spirit Control broke a lot of times, causing you to waste your furyoku.”

“What! That’s a lie!” Ichimaru yelled.

“Three!…Two!…One!... Buh-bye ugly!” Ray said, and with those words the gauge was empty and so was Ichimaru’s furyuko. The ugly dog slowly disappeared, leaving Ichimaru completely pissed off.

Meanwhile Hikari started to shine like the moon next to Hitsugaya’s dead body. But he quickly stopped doing that, when Ichimaru started to dash towards Ray. He opened his jaw to strike Ichimaru in the leg with his Bite. But he miscalculated the jump, and attached himself to Ichimaru’s personal space.

“Auch!” Ichimaru yelled, because the pain was too much. “Get the freaking thing of me! Stop the freaking pain!”

“Okay, if that’s what you want.” Ray teasingly said, throwing his sword at Ichimaru, this time aiming for his neck.

“Bastard!” Ichimaru screamed, just before the sword cut his throat.

“You can let go now, Hikari.” Ray commanded. “He’s had his day.”

Hikari sniffled, but eventually let go.

Ray finished the job, by completely beheading Ichimaru. “He won’t bother us anymore.” But would be proved dead wrong….

---- ---- ----

Hitsugaya slowly stood up, coughing like a bad smoker. “Quickly finish your business here, and go back to the academy.”

“What about you, Hitsugaya-san? Can’t you come with me?”

“No, my wounds are too deep. Just leave as fast as possible, Kaitou-kun”

“I won’t leave you here!”

“Well then I’m leaving you anywhere but here, you nitwit! Now, get the heck out of here, and let me die in freaking piece.”

“Okay, but I won’t forget you.” Ray said, running towards the shrine.

---- ---- ----

Ray rushed back to the academy, with the Jade Leopard and the Sakura Sword safely in his bag. He didn’t have any problems escaping the guards, nor did he encounter problems on his way back. But he had a feeling, as if he was being watched, ever since he left Kyoto with Hikari.

---- ---- ----

Location: Just outside the academy, somewhere in the Hana-forest, Osaka.
Time: 12th day of Spring, 3rd year of Emperor Aizen.

Ray saw smoke coming from the academy, but it couldn’t be lunch time. Even at lunchtime, no one ever saw smoke, because it could tell potential enemies the academy’s location. Ray started to get worried, and that feeling increased as he smelt the stench of roasted human flesh. He remembered the smell, and couldn’t forget it since the emperor’s attack on his village. Ray quickly ran towards the main entrance.

---- ---- ----

“You’re too late, young one.” a mysterious voice said, coming from behind Ray.

Ray, who was now standing before his demolished bedroom, turned around with a psychotic expression. “Who the hell said that?” he yelled.

“That was me!” All of a sudden, an Abra appeared in front of him. “Why the weird expression on your face, you sick?” the Abra teasingly asked with a smile on his face.

“I’m going to kill you for this!”

“Wow, wait! Who ever said it was me?”

“It wasn’t you?” Ray asked, calming down.

“No, it was a Hollow called Ichimaru. Too bad, he thrashed this place, before a Shinigami appeared.”

“Who killed him?”

“He had bright orange hair, and a sword as tall as him. I think his name was Ichigo.”

“Ray, is that you?” Touyami’s voice said.

“Touyami-san! Where are you!?” Ray yelled.

“Ray, you must beat this creature before midnight, in order to resurrect the academy.” Touyami said, her upper half crawling towards Ray. “Never mind me. If you win, GoDD will restore everything.” Then she passed away.

“Listen you! I’m going to beat you!” Ray fiercly said.

“Bring it on, whimp.”

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Default Re: Random Rambling [Maybe PG-13]

Section 5: Luck can be useful in battle, especially when not knowing your opponent.

“Since you have a big mouth, choose the weapon.” Ray said, staring down upon the small creature.

“Okay, then Abra says: we’ll use the Goban as our weapon.” Abra requested.

“Why the freaking hellhound, are you referring to yourself in the third person? And you know how to play Go.”

“Because I’m smart, and you’re dumb. I chose Go, because Abra has his own manga in the netherworld. You don’t know ‘Abra no Go’?”

“Just shut up, and let’s play.” Ray yelled.

Suddenly a Goban appeared from nowhere. Ray squatted down on one side, while Abra floated at the other side. The battle turned into a fierce battle, where each opponent made brilliant hands. Ray acquired a lot of territory in the beginning with a brilliant move, which reduced Abra’s black stones. However, in the middle of the game, the tables turned on Ray, when Abra performed a magnificent komi, which can be seen as the replica of the horse’s movement in chess.

The two sides fiercely battled it out on the Goban. Even in yose - which is the end of the game, when there isn’t much place – Ray and Abra were still fighting like never seen before. It was as if they were searching for the Hand of GoDD. But when the counting of the territories started, Ray and Abra were surprised.

“What! A tie! This can’t be.” Ray yelled.

“I agree! How can a simple human, who isn’t that smart, beat the great Abra.” Abra said.

“Well, pick another weapon of your choice!” Ray commanded the little creature.

“Then I’ll choose Beyblades.”

Suddenly a stadium, and two identical Beyblade and starters appeared, and the Goban disappeared.

“If you didn’t know, I remain undefeated against Taison.” Abra bragged.

“As if I give a damn!” Ray responded.

The annoying commentators could be heard assessing the match.

“Well, Brad, it seems that are two Bladers are ready to duke it out in the bowl.”

“Yeah, so it seems. This is going to be a fierce battle. Let’s see which bowl they’re going to battle in.”

“Oh no, Brad, it’s the feared Washington Bowl. It has miniatures of the White House and other important buildings.”

“Yes, there’s even a now-flying restriction. This means they can’t start flying, unless they’re hit real hard.”

“You’re right, Brad. If they do fly, miniature jetfighters will accompany them, carrying missiles if they refuse to land.”

“Let’s get down to the bowl to get this match started.”

“Can’t those two shut up?” Ray sighed.

“You’ll get used to them.” Abra replied.

“Three…Two…One…Let it Rip!”

“Our two Bladers simultaneously launched their Blades. Let’s see which one spins faster.”

“You won’t believe this, Brad! They’re both spinning at the same speed.”

“Well, this is going to be a good match.”

---- ---- ----

“Let’s review this game, Brad.”

“Yeah, it’s been very exciting, and the players deserved what they got.”

“I agree. Well, early in the game, Abra tried to surprise attack Ray from the back. He went around the block to get behind Ray, but he had a surprise for Abra. He lifted him up in the air, in a way that violated the No-Fly rule. Too bad for Ray, Abra touched down almost immediately.”

“Yeah, but then Ray entered the White House uninvited, and got the Secret Service on his back. Ray escaped the Secret Service, and started to concentrate on his opponent.”

“That’s right, Brad. But Abra violated the No-Fly rule again, in order to jump on top of Ray’s Blade. Unfortunately, he got shot out of the sky. But he hit Ray, which slowed Ray down, although it was just powerless.”

“The final part of the game was the most nerve-wrecking. Both players were showing signs of fatigue. They seemed to have the power for a final attack. They both dashed towards each other before the statue of Honest Abe.”

“Yeah, Brad. When the two Blades collided a blinding light blurred our side. When we could see again, both Blades were out of the dish.”

“Not another tie!” Ray shrieked.

“You must be the luckiest kid in the world.” Abra noticed, his ego deflating quickly.

“I’ll let you pick the weapons, but this is the last time.”

“Okay, err… let’s see. What about a game of Dual Monsters?”

“Whatever.” Ray sighed, as two identical decks appeared, accompanied with two Dual Discs.

“Whatever?! Don’t you know I trained Yami Yugi? He owns all his power to me.”

“Good for you! Let’s begin already.”

---- ---- ----

As expected, the game tied, with Ray and Abra both drawing all the Exodia cards in their first hand.

“Argh… This isn’t fun anymore!” Ray yelled.

“You’re right. It’s your turn to pick the weapons.” Abra said.

Suddenly Hikari pulled Ray’s leg.

“What do you want?” Ray asked, as he looked down.

“I want to fight Abra.” Hikari said.

“What! You can talk?” Ray asked, surprised by Hikari.

“Of course! That I wouldn’t talk, doesn’t‎ mean I can’t talk. You didn’t ask Abra why he could talk.” Hikari explained.

“Okay, you can fight Abra.” Ray said.

“Abra, would you do me a favor? Knock out Ray!” Hikari requested.

Before Ray could even think about what Hikari said, he had hit the ground.

“Now, we can battle in peace.”

---- ---- ----

Hikari started to hiss at Abra, and all his muscles tensioned. He slowly walked around Abra, trying to find a opening. He knew he had to attack fast, or else Abra would transport away. Hikari gave Abra a Mean Look; now Abra couldn’t escape.

Abra knew he was in trouble. His brains started to work at maximum intensity. Abra didn’t know another attack. Even if he did they wouldn’t have an effect on an Umbreon, since they would probably be a Psychic typed attack.

Hikari could see the hesitation in Abra’s eyes. Hesitation is the enemy of victory. If you want to be victorious, do not hesitate. Knowing this, Hikari started to dash towards Abra, ready to use his Pursuit Attack if Abra decided to run.

Abra saw Hikari coming towards him, but he couldn’t escape. The only thing he could do, was to endure the hit. As he looked in his opponent’s eye, he could see the determination to win at any price.

Hikari quickly shortened the distance, as he ran. He knew this attack was going to be weak, but he needed to test Abra’s ability to fight. Hikari was only a few feet away from hitting the intelligent creature.

Abra closed his eyes, and thought of a nice place to be. He was convinced that he wouldn’t survive this attack. He blocked out everything, except the sound of Hikari running towards him. He envisioned the collision, but the real hit never came. Abra opened his eyes, and saw Hikari right in front of him.

“It ends here. Be prepared to kick the bucket.” Hikari said, right before he sank his teeth into Abra’s warm flesh. He could taste his victory, as his Bite attack continued.

Abra could feel how his life-energy was being drained every second Hikari’s attack continued. It wouldn’t take long before Abra would collapse. He couldn’t move, when the attack ended. Even if he could, he didn’t have the power to do anything. Abra was no more.

“What happened?” Ray said, still drowsy. “Is it a tie again?”

“No, Ray, you have victory within your grasp. The only thing you need to do is to throw a ball at him to catch him.” Hikari commanded.

“I can’t remember defeating him. Oh well, must be my luck that did it.” Ray said, searching for a ball.

“Yeah, right! I did all the hard work.” Hikari mumbled. “Humans are just to stupid to be left alone.”

“Did you say anything, Hikari?” Ray asked when he found one of the balls.

“No, I didn’t. Just throw that thing.”

“Alright, here it goes.”

The ball flew marvelously through the tense atmosphere, and hit the motionless Abra on the head. “Auch!” he yelled, before he was sucked in, accompanied with the appropriate amount of lighting and sound. Would the ball hold the smart creature, or shall Ray’s luck finally run out on him.

Now a word from our sponsors:

“Welcome children! I’m mister Wash Commercial. Does your mommy or daddy get mad at you, when you mess up your clothes?”


“Well, there’s a new revolution in washing products. It’s called Instant Stain. Just add it to another brand of stain remover, and watch your parents get mad at the washing machine.”

“Does it work?”

“Yes, it does. We even have a no stain – no pay claim. That means, if it doesn’t work, you don’t have to pay us.”

“Wow! Where can we order?”

“Dial 555-INSSAIN! Order your Instant Stain today!”

---- ---- ----

Are you fed up with being called smart? Don’t you want to be in the top of your class? Would you like to stop your parents pressuring you to use your intelligence?

If the answer is yes, order Really Exclusive Terrific Aiding Retards Drug now. It’s developed by the Secret Service in the eighties to make suspects loosen their tongues.

Now you can use it at home. Thanks to the revolutionary use of Slowpoke Tails and Psyduck beaks, students now can enjoy the benefits of being a retard.

Call us at 555-RETARD to order yours today!

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Default Re: Random Rambling [Maybe PG-13]

Now back to our main show.

The ball flew marvelously through the tense atmosphere, and hit the motionless Abra on the head. “Auch!” he yelled, before he was sucked in, accompanied with the appropriate amount of lighting and sound. Would the ball hold the smart creature, or shall Ray’s luck finally run out on him. The ball started to wiggle and wiggle. The sound effects changed to a more dramatic rhytm. You could hear the vocals, like: “Can’t touch this!”, and “Don’t… stop… me… NOW! Cause I’m having a good time.” The ball kept wiggling, and wiggling, and wiggling, and wiggling, and wiggling, and wiggling… For the love of all the babies hanging outside on the balconies in Neverland, make a decision.

The writer of this story is not responsible for any brain damage, due to this story or related products.
If you have a complaint, PM me and I shall ignore you.

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Default Re: Random Rambling [Maybe PG-13]

Story-hmm very interesting....hikaru no go, beyblades, and a hint of other animes all mixed into one. good job

Spelling/grammar etc-Eh not much here, in the beggining you used way too many short, terse sentences that gave the story a really slow feel. It got better after that, but I wasnt every happy with how the beggining was structured...

Reality-lets not even go here

- eh if we include all the minor battles then good, the main battle between umbreon and abra was a little on the unexciting side

Length-Overall good, battle was a bit short, but counting all the minor battles it was interesting..

-This was a tough decision, but in the end I decided that the rest of the story was so good, that i could ignore the lack of battle..Abra Captured congratulations, have fun with it..
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Default Re: Random Rambling [Maybe PG-13]

Well, at first I wanted the story to be serious, but then...
Let's say I became a bit more sarcastic and changed gears

Woot, got meself a teleporting Abra... What fun 5 battles I'm going to have...

Why doesn't someone notice the large Bleach section... Almost all the names are taken from it....

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