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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13) (Ch.13 - Mythological Monstrosity Rayquaza)

"Fine…" Lucario sighed with a bored tone, being the only one unaffected by Pikablu's explosion of rage, "Like usual, I have to do everything myself…"
Everyone started feeling to try to avoid the oncoming attack, running past Lucario who instead stood his ground and faced Razquaza.

"LUCARIO! NO!" Zerobi screamed as she looked back and her blood curdled, seeing her miniscule partner quickly become completely overshadowed by the massive beast.
"RUN, YOU DAMN FOOL!" Pikablu roared, to which Lucario responded by running towards the diving Rayquaza. It had its mouth wide open with intimidating fangs showing, making him pray that his timing would not be off by even a split second.
Barely a few feet in front of the charging snake, Lucario soared into the sky above it with a mighty leap. The air was once again turn asunder from Rayquaza's tackle, a massive vortex of turmoil and destruction forming with strands of grass ripping out of the ground underneath them. Lucario could already feel the strong wind currents tugging at him, and braced himself as he reached out as far as he could towards his target.

Lucas had a tight grip of Rayquaza as he suddenly saw something unexpected approaching in the corner of his eye. Before he could react, the much larger Lucario slammed into him, forcing him to let go of his trusted Pokémon. The extreme wind current around them suddenly hit, as both him and the Lucario tumbled off Rayquaza's back and fell on the ground, their fall somewhat softened by the grass.

"LUCARIO!" Zerobi shouted, not seeing whether he was still in one piece or not.
"W-Whoa!" Kabuta screamed with a startled voice. "H-he attacked the trainer!"
"DO IT NOW!" Lucario yelled as loudly as he could, pinning down the panicking trainer underneath him.
"Haha, you crazy fool!" Pikablu shouted happily as he charged up, "Keep your head down!"

Zerobi sighed out of relief as she saw Lucario keep the trainer pinned down beneath him, before suddenly getting hit by something from her side and getting pinned down herself.
"Stay down!" the Gallade shouted, ducking his head in her chest as Kabuta folded into herself like a Kabuto to create a protective armor.

Closing his eyes, several gigantic branches of electricity escaped Pikablu's body as he sent all his electricity flying towards Rayquaza with a massive lightning strike. Rayquaza was struck by the lightning and lit up in a large thunderbolt, roaring loudly as the explosive noise made those on the ground cover their ears.

The brutal onslaught did not end there, Pikablu constantly sending more and more voltage into Rayquaza until it began losing height. Pikablu strained his every nerve as he kept the attack going, finally stopping himself when the last ounce of electricity left his body.

Rayquaza's body had turned a shade darker, making it look as if it had been covered in soot. Bulging sores formed across its body, but they were too small to be seen by the others from such distance. Rayquaza attempted to remain airborne and recover, but the paralyzing effect from the thunderstrike proved to be too much as it crashed down on the ground, creating a mighty shockwave around the impact site.
"Catch! Catch!" Lucas shouted as he hit Lucario reputedly in the face with an Ultra Ball, "Pokeball, GO!"
"Ouch! HEY! Stop it, or I'll bite your face off!" Lucario shouted, not caring whether the human could understand him or not.
"Why aren't you being caught…!?" Lucas whimpered to himself before reaching down to his belt and pulling forward a can of spray, "Have a blast of repel!"
"Blast of wh-" Lucario started, but was cut off as he was blinded by a dose of the spray. In an instant, his face felt as if it was being corroded by an acidic substance. Lucario's expression contorted in pain before he fell back, Lucas quickly rolling away from him and started running off into the distance.

"So much for that…" Pikablu mumbled, seeing the trainer stop himself quite far away from them while still shaking from his attack.
"OW! YIKES!" Kabuta yelled out with a wince, having transformed back to her regular form, "Right in the face!"
"Tell me 'bout it…" the Gallade sighed, a new red mark having appeared on his cheek.
"He's not screaming…" Zerobi muttered while thinking back to all the times he had failed to use the aura, "That's a good thing, right?"
"… PAIN!" Lucario suddenly blurted out, using his hands to get the liquid off his face.
"Come on, it's kind of pointless to let the trainer get away now" Pikablu said, and everyone moved towards where Lucario was lying. Zerobi ran extra quickly, making it there before the rest.
"… You almost gave me a heart attack, you know?" Zerobi said while checking up on Lucario to make sure he was OK.
"Like I said, I'll always pick the human opponent…" Lucario responded, the corrosive sensation subsiding.
The two of them flinched as a gigantic emerald figure rose before them, positively dwarfing them. As intimidating as it had been from a distance, nothing could quite prepare them for the shock of seeing the hulking beast up close. The damage was showing on Rayquaza's body, but that did little to lessen their fear as it once again roared loudly.
"Damn, it wasn't enough!" Zerobi shouted in a useless attempt to drown out the noise, grabbing a hold of the dazzled Lucario and running away from it.
"Never intended for it to be" Pikablu replied confidently, "I had to use up all my electricity in order to go to the next level.

Pikablu stared up into the rapidly darkening sky with a wide smile across his face.

"Now, hold on to your butts!"

"... ANY wish, you say?"

"Hihihi! Of course!"

"In that case... Grant me, Silver, IMMORTALITY!"



"... Sorry, I-I'm not sure on how to do that..."

"... LAME! You said ANY wish!"

"B-But your body has already started decaying! I can't turn back time!"

"Hmpf. Some wish-granter you turned out to be..."

"... I can protect you! Make sure that no one ever kills you!"

"Whatever, stop wasting my time."

"No, wait! Make another wish!"

"Alright. Give me money."



"... What's 'money', again?"

"That's it. I'm out of here."

"Wait wait wait! I'll grant your wish, as long as I know what it is!"

"What do you take me for, a sucker!? Like I'd really find the Legendary Jirachi out here! It's such an obvious prank!"

"B-But... I really AM Jirachi! I know I am!"

"For starters, you can talk to me! No Pokemon can talk!"

"B-But... I did it because you wished it!"


"I-I can stop... If you wish it..."

"... 'Jirachi'... Or whatever you're called... I have a third wish."

"Great! What is it?"

"Here. Get into this Pokeball."


"What's wrong?"

"... Celebi and Mew always told me to avoid those at any cost... That my life'd be over if I entered one..."

"Can't do it. Typical. See, if you actually WERE a Pokemon, it wouldn't have been a problem."

"Stop saying that! I am a Pokemon, Jirachi the wish granter! Let me grant your wish!

"I wish you'd leave me alone!"



"... Uh, save that one for later?"

"You're the worst wish granter ever! Beat it!"

"Make a better wish!"

"NOOOO! Stop following me!"
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Default New Chapter

- - - - -
Chapter 14

Young Prodigy Lucas
- - - - -

"To cause so much damage to Rayquaza…" Lucas whispered to himself while examining the burns of his Pokémon's back, "… Surely it couldn't have been that Pikachu!" His right hand thumbed the trusty Pokedex in his right pocket, but stopped when he realized he already knew exactly what it was going to say.

Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon, and the evolved form of Pichu. Pikachu's tail is sometimes struck by lightning as it raises it to check its surroundings.
The familiar voice of the computer fills his head together with many questions. Checking the Pokémon in front of him he realized that the only one capable of such an electric attack would be the Pikachu.
His thoughts were interrupted as a loud rumbling sounded above him. Looking up, he saw that the sky had been blotted out by several dark clouds that he was sure had not been there before.
The term 'struck by lightning' echoed through his head, the ominous clouds and his trainer's intuition forcing him into action.

"This looks bad…" Lucas whispered to himself as he decided to proceed with caution, "… Rayquaza! Use your Air Lock!" Rayquaza reared back and gave off a mighty roar, positioned between its trainer and the shaking quintet.
"Damn it, I always forget the earplugs!" Lucario shouted angrily as his eyesight returned.
Razyquaza roared loudly once more before sailing directly upward into the sky, leaving several confused Pokémon behind it. It moved at unbelievable speed for such a large body, reaching the clouds above it in a matter of seconds.

"What's it doing…?" the Gallade asked as it disappeared among the dark clouds.
"… Charging up now would be a bad idea, I think" Pikablu mumbled to himself, seeing only a faint figure of the massive snake among the clouds, "Everyone, get ready for the worst!"
Everyone braced themselves for whatever attack might pop out of the ominous gathering of clouds above them. Some were expecting a massive hyper beam, others fearing that a giant tidal wave would appear out of nowhere.

None of them were expecting that the clouds would suddenly start to fade away, Rayquaza becoming more apparent among them as it sat calmly in the sky.
"What the…" Pikablu whispered to himself with an unfamiliar sensation creeping up his back. Something he once would have defined as 'Fear'.
"Whew! I thought lightning was going to rain down, or something!" Zerobi said, sighing in relief.
"… Crap!" Pikablu shouted as Rayquaza showed no signs of leaving its spot up in the sky, "This is bad! I used up all my electricity, and I can't recharge if there's no lightning!"
"Y-You can't use thunder!?" the Gallade stammered with surprise, "That's bad! Like, really, REALLY bad!"
"Oh…" Zerobi mumbled to herself while remembering teachings relating to electric-types, "… Oh! You were the one summoning the clouds?"
"Quick!" Pikablu yelled while turning himself towards Lucario and Zerobi, "You two, can you do something to knock Rayquaza out of the sky!?"
"Hmm… Don't think I can jump that far" Lucario said slowly while pondering and scratching his chin, "… Or hit that hard. So no, probably not."
"Well, guess what!" Pikablu continued with rage, "Until Rayquaza cuts that out I won't be able to use 50%, I won't be able to use any electric attacks, I won't even be able to recharge a damn battery! Find a way to fix it, or fight this moron by yourself!"

"Hmpf…" Lucario huffed with a sinister smile while smacking his fists together, "That's all? Sounds perfect to me!"
"Yeah, cool it down a bit" Zerobi said and scratched her left ear, "Dunno what that trainer's got down his pants, but as long as it's not another Rayquaza we'll be able to kick their butts by ourselves."
"Hey! I'm in on it, too!" Kabuta jumped in with a confident voice, "Hell, we're all in on it! I didn't come all the way here to not fight, anyway!"

Lucas saw the odd gathering of Pokémon conversing with one another, most likely figuring out a strategy for defeating him. Pokémon strategizing and cooperating were rare, but not unheard of. He wasn't sure exactly what he had done to garnish such hatred from them, enough to have them attack something as large as Rayquaza just to get to him.
Knowing that Rayquaza was out of commission, Lucas removed a Pokeball from his belt. His trusted Tremor would have the type advantage against two of them, and probably be more than enough for the rest as well. Even so, he thought it would be a good chance for him to train some of his weaker Pokémon, as well as the extremely rare specimen he just recently caught…

"… Fine. I'm putting my trust in you guys" Pikablu said begrudgingly, rapidly trying to come up with a battle plan beyond the usual 'lightning them until they fall'. It wasn't going good, since he had so little experience in the subject.
"… Is everyone ready?" he finally said, at a loss for words.
"I was born ready!" Kabuta shouted confidently, striking a battle pose with outstretched scythes.
"You were born kicking and screaming" the Gallade snickered while getting himself in position as well.
"You wouldn't know!" Kabuta snapped back, an image of a Gallade passed out on a bed flashing through her mind.
"… I'll take that as a yes" Pikablu groaned before turning his head towards the Lucario and Weavile, "You two… Are you ready, too?"
"I personally became ready during adolescence" Lucario responded with a chirp, "… Maybe a bit later… Doesn't matter now, I guess…"
"Hearing these guys talk, I'm as ready as I'll ever be" Zerobi sighed while carefully slapping her forehead, "Although for the record, I'd prefer not dying and winning instead!"
"Alright" Pikablu grumbled and gritted his teeth while crossing his arms in a very manly way, "Let's beat 'em up."

As if on cue, Lucas threw a Pokeball into the air, followed by two others. A thick red light escaped the balls as they opened, three strange creatures forming in their wake. A blue Pokémon on two legs with two large fins sticking out of its arms was the first one to appear, directly in front of Lucas. The red color of the Pokeball never quite left its inhabitant, a humanoid creature that looked like a cross between a lobster and a dragonfly with both pincers and wings appearing to the left of the trainer.

The quintet's eyes mostly ignored these two and instantly hit his right, where the red light had grown to incredible proportions. As it disappeared, it left a truly gigantic Pokémon behind it. It was almost as large as Rayquaza, and its body was much like the finned creature's in shape, but much bulkier than either. Spikes protruded from its back and tail, and the body had a weak green color covering most of it.

"A… A Tyranitar!?" Pikablu stuttered as his eyes shot open, "Damn it, why's everything going against me today!?"
"So THAT's how he got Celebi!" the Gallade said while putting his arms together, "It's a Dark-type so I can't sense its strength, but I think it's pretty obvious…"
"Alright, I know who I'm NOT fighting" Lucario spoke clearly before looking over at the lobster humanoid, "Dibs on the bug-thingie."
"No! The Scizor's mine!" Kabuta shouted with a barely visible smile, "I've been swatting Scyther since I was clinging on to pops' back!"
"Damn it, I want to fight something human for once!" Lucario burst out as the stress started getting to him, "You take that landshark or whatever the hell it is!"
"Nope!" Kabuta repeated, her neck suddenly extending slightly to strengthen her determination in the matter.
"And you!" Lucario kept going while pointing at Pikablu, "What, you're just not gonna fight at all!? Are you a mouse or a man!?"
"That thing's a Dark and Ground type, so that counts out Pikablu and me" the Gallade calmly pointed out while shaking his head slowly, "We won't even be able to scratch it…"

"Alright, here's the deal" Pikablu said, finished with his planning, "Kabuta, go for the Scizor. Cut him up fast. The Garchomp will be troublesome, but nothing compared to the Tyranitar…"
"Oh! I'll take that one!" the Gallade shouted happily as he sent a vicious glare to the Garchomp, "It'll be a pleasure to knock the ugly out of it!"
"… Anyway, we'll obviously have to leave the Tyranitar to Zerobi…" Pikablu continued.
"Wait, what?" Zerobi gasped, "Are you mad!? I can't fight something that big!"
"We don't have a choice!" Pikablu said with determination, "You're a Dark and Ice type, you've got a better chance of beating it than any of us!"
"I'm not cut out for that kind of enemy!" Zerobi clarified, "I'm fast and nimble! That thing's not going to budge even if I land a critical hit!"
"Just dodge him, then!" Pikablu argued, "Keep him busy until we're done with our opponents, then we'll gang up on him!"
They were interrupted as the three Pokémon finally started moving towards them. The Scizor was flying a few feet in the air while the Tyranitar was walking with long, slow steps that seemed to shake the ground beneath them. The Garchomp was the only one walking almost like a regular human despite its odd appearance.

"Zerobi!" Lucario shouted to his shaking partner, "In case you haven't noticed, we're all in a tight spot here! It's time to man up!"
"… Fine" Zerobi finally growled after looking over the Tyranitar carefully, "I can do that... Distract him, that is."
"Still…" Pikablu mumbled hopefully, "This should be easy."
"OK, exactly WHAT part of this looks like it's going to be easy!?" Lucario yelled angrily, the opposing three Pokémon picking up the pace.
"We'll have an advantage" Pikablu quickly explained, "Three Pokémon, but only one trainer. He won't be able to direct more than one at a time."
"Hey, Lucario" the Gallade said while giving him a tap on the shoulder, "Team up with me. Let's lay the beatdowns on the Garchomp and defeat it quickly!"
"… Which one's the Garchomp?" Lucario asked, seeing that the Scizor was moving a bit ahead of the others.
"The ugly one" the Gallade said.
"Gonna have to be a bit more specific, there…" Lucario replied.
"Wait!" Pikablu suddenly shouted as a thought hit him, "I've got an idea!"
"Too late!" Zerobi shouted back, as their enemies were already upon them. She ran as fast as she could towards the hulking beast behind the others, while Kabuta ran next to her to get to the Scizor. Lucario headed towards the the Garchomp, and the Gallade was about to follow him when suddenly something grabbed a hold of his arm to stop him.

"Get over here!" Pikablu growled with a gruff voice while pulling back the surprised Gallade, "Quick! Use that sissy electric grab on me!"
"… The electrifying Fish Dive?" the Gallade asked, instantly forgetting his obligations to Lucario, "Oh, you mean as a substitute for the lightning?"
"Your wimpy electricity isn't enough to activate 50%!" Pikablu said with annoyance, "I'm completely empty, give me SOME electricity so I can use 25%!"
"Uh… 25% only boosts your speed, right?" the Gallade mumbled while looking at the gigantic Tyranitar and tough looking Garchomp behind him, "You sure it'll help?"
"Whatever!" Pikablu exclaimed while throwing his arms up into the air, "I'm not sitting on the sidelines like a bloody cripple!"
"… Right!" the Gallade said confidently as his elongated arms received a yellow glow, "Let me fill you up!"
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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13) (Ch.14 - Young Prodigy Lucas)

"Could you wait, like, a minute or two?" Lucario asked the Garchomp while looking back at a bolt of lightning suddenly appearing behind him, "My ally must've picked a fight with a mouse… And lost."
"No" was all the Garchomp said with a wheezy voice before lying herself down on her stomach.
"… I get it!" Lucario exclaimed, "You're one of those opposite-types! That say one thing but mean ano…"
Lucario stopped himself as the Garchomp began twisting her body around, slowly sinking into the ground with strands of grass and dirt flying all around her. He gasped as only the dorsal fin of stuck out from the grasslands, about to make another witty remark as she started diving down, disappearing completely as it dug deeper underground.
"… There!" Lucario shouted to himself as he sensed the aura of his enemy rapidly approaching from underneath. He quickly jumped out of the way as the Garchomp burst through the ground, sending gravel flying in every direction.
"Prepare for a nose dive!" Lucario shouted triumphantly as he leaped towards the Garchomp who was still oblivious to the fact that she had missed. Before Lucario could reach her, something hard struck his waist.
"Brace yourself, bugbrains!" Lucario heard Kabuta's brash voice yell from behind him as he turned around, seeing that the Scizor had rammed him in midair. It flew off about a meter before getting pelted by several sharp rocks. Having been thrown off course, Lucario was forced to give up on his attack as he slowly fell towards the ground, seeing the gigantic Tyranitar fire off a large black sphere in the distance.

Zerobi spun around and leaped to the side as the gigantic stomp smashed down right next to her. The turmoil and disorientation of fighting a creature so large that it made her look like an insect did little to diminish her determination.
"You clumsy oaf!" Zerobi shouted with glee, inhaling and then exhaling a freezing wind that froze the ground beneath them. Joy filled her heart as the Tyranitar began slipping on the ice, but shattered together with the ice as it brought down its massive foot once more.
"How's this!?" Zerobi yelled, again blowing a cloud of chill aimed directly at the Tyranitar this time.
"Tremor! Focus your Dark Pulse!" Lucas suddenly shouted, making Zerobi look his way. The Tyranitar reared back for a moment as the severe cold seemed to affect him, before suddenly spitting out a humongous ball of dark energy at Zerobi, who just barely managed to jump out of the way. Her heart was pounding loudly, instantly regretting having agreed to fight this monster. Her only hope was to wait until the others finished off their opponents, and she decided to take a quick peek at what was going on with them…

"Come on, buzz some more!" Kabuta shouted while she bent over another nearby rock and cut it to pieces. The Scizor gulped audioably as Kabuta sent the sharp shrapnel flying in her direction. She tried to dive underneath them, but ended up getting struck by several of them before reaching Kabuta and punching her. To her surprise, Kabuta didn't even try to avoid the attack as the punch connected with her hard shell.
"You ain't got nothin' on me!" Kabuta laughed mockingly as the Scizor settled in the air once more, "I'm a stonewall! Much harder than you'll ever be!" The Scizor had been able to ignore the Kabutops' trash talking at first, but as the insults became progressively worse she found herself involuntarily raging.
"I said: Much harder than you'll ever be! Did you just deliver a baby from your earhole, or something!?" Kabuta laughed with a horrendously vicious voice, "I'm twice the man you'll ever be!"
"You idiot!" the Scizor suddenly burst out, roaring with anguish, "I'm female, too!"
"Explains why in a million years I wouldn't wanna be with ya!" Kabuta kept laughing with a mocking tone, "I thought it was just because you were grotesquely ugly!"
"THAT'S IT!" the Scizor screamed furiously, landing on the ground and rushing towards Kabuta.
"Sarah! No!" Lucas shouted as he saw what was happening, but it was too late. The Scizor struck Kabuta directly in the face with a powerful blow, but she barely even budged.
"That hurt… Some" Kabuta admitted before throwing up her arms behind the Scizor, the scythes cutting up the wings on her back. The Scizor fell forward in shock as Kabuta leaned her head back.
"Plenty enough for me share it with you" Kabuta said before headbutting the Scizor so hard that she stumbled backwards, her brain shaking to the point where she couldn't stand on her feet anymore as everything darkened before her vision.

Meanwhile, the Gallade watched the many events unfold before him while Pikablu simply stood still with his eyes closed.
"So, about that whole 'Not sitting on the sidelines' thing…" the Gallade mentioned with a somewhat amused tone.
"… Shut up…" Pikablu growled, "I'm trying to make sense out of your stupid electricity…"
"… It's just electricity, right?" the Gallade asked, used to having his electricity get the lowest grade from Pikablu whenever it was used.
"A psychic type like you wouldn't understand…" Pikablu explained slowly, "… It's like having a stranger inside of you."
"WHOA, WHOA!" the Gallade shouted while rearing back in terror, "THAT bad!? Sorry, man! I didn't-"
"If you have time to bust my chops, how about YOU assist them for a bit?" Pikablu mumbled angrily, opening his eyes momentarily to stare down the Gallade.
"I already am!" the Gallade responded cheerfully. Meanwhile, Lucario was about to be struck in the abdomen with one of the Garcomp's fins when a transparent wall of pinkish hue appeared between them, repelling the attack.
"Just so you know!" the Gallade shouted smugly, "If she aims for the face, I'm letting it through!" He was fully expecting another one of Lucario's witty comebacks, and felt just a little disappointed as Lucario jumped back from the Garchomp while seemingly ignoring him.

"T-Time out!" Lucario stammered between heavy gasps, "I n-need to c-catch…" The Garchomp moved closer and suddenly rammed him with her shoulder, sending him flying away from the powerful blow.
"Grace! Use Fire Fang!" Lucas yelled, breaking contact with the ongoing fight between Zerobi and tremors as well as Kabuta and Sarah. Lucario knew fully well what was coming when he saw tiny sparks appear in the Garchomps mouth, gnashing her teeth together in a menacing manner.
"T-This is bad...!" Lucario stuttered before shouting at the Gallade, "Can I get some help with this reverse Lucario!?"
"Reverse… What?" the Gallade asked after running up to him, away from the preparing Pikablu.
"Yeah! I figured it all out!" Lucario explained with faint signs of insanity in his eyes, "See, it has got fins instead of spikes, and they're sticking out of his arms and back instead of hands and chest!"
"First of all, it's female" the Gallade said while the previous comment easily slipped through his mind while barely leaving a dent, "Second of all… What the hell did you just say?"
"Just an observation" Lucario said, "Here's another - We're going to have to deal with fire very soon."
"Hmm… Play with fire, and…" the Gallade mumbled as he recalled something, "… Oh wait, you're the one who told me that, right?"
"SARAH! RETURN!" a voice suddenly sounded from behind the Garchomp, a red beam striking the Scizor and returning it to the Pokeball in Lucas' hand.

"Hahahah!" Kabuta laughed triumphantly, "You fell for it! I was just pretending to be a jerk to get you to attack recklessly!"
"… And here I thought Kabutops were super rare…" Lucas whispered sadly while pulling out a new Pokeball from his belt, "Let's have a battle of the fossils!" Without hesitation he threw it into the air, making it open up and bringing yet another Pokémon into the battle. Lucario peeked over to Kabuta to see what kind of Pokémon it was, but had to scratch his eyes as thought he was seeing double.
"… Kabuta…?" Kabutops asked silently, surprised to all of a sudden be seeing his daughter in front of him.
"Kabutops!" both Pikablu and the Gallade shouted out loud, instantly recognizing their old friend.
"P-Pops!" Kabuta stammered in shock and relief, "Don't worry, we'll have this wrapped up in no time!"
Kabutops stood quiet for a long time, looking around him. He was a bit dazed from having spent so much time in the Pokeball, but having dealt with the massive disorientation of skipping a centure or two he was able to get a grasp of the situation quickly enough.

"… Pikablu…" Kabutops said questioningly with hidden menace in his voice, "… Why is my only daughter fighting against a trainer strong enough to possess Rayquaza and defeat Celebi…?"
"Didn't know about that! Honestly!" Pikablu explained while trying to defend himself, "She was burning with determination, wanting to avenge you and Yakushi! Who was I to turn her down!?"
"Yakushi…" Kabutops repeated as a glimmer of hope appeared in his eyes, "… Did he make it?"
"He's a bit hurt, nothing to worry about!" the Gallade laughed, "We're here to save you! Just stay put and we'll set you free!
"… Stay put…?" Kabutops mumbled to himself before brandishing his scythes, "… I don't think so…" His heart started pounding faster as he let off a deep primal growl, feeling himself become lost in a feral rampage. Shooting out a stream of water from his front, he flew backwards heading directly towards his trainer like a propelled jet.
"Y-YIKES!" Lucas stammered before quickly shooting a red line at the approaching Pokémon, "Kabutops, return!" Kabutops was hit by the beam and turned into a red light, which continued in its path towards Lucas and went past his neck before disappearing.
"Haaah…" Lucas exhaled deeply, almost falling to his knees in shock, "I hate using untrained Pokémon in battle…"
"Hey!" Kabuta yelled angrily while staring at the trainer, "You'll pay for what you did to p-"
"YOU THREE DONE WITH THAT YET!?" Lucario bellowed loudly and interrupted her, "Do something! He's gonna kill her!"

The trio snapped out of their daze and turned towards Lucario. He was holding back the Garchomp's large fangs with his bare hands, bending backwards from the pressure and barely being able to stand his ground. Some of the fur on the left side of his torso had been burned off. More importantly, he was looking feverishly to his right, where the Tyranitar stood tall over a wounded Zerobi. She was crouched down to her knees, blood dripping down from her forehead.

"Gah…!" Zerobi coughed. She needed a moment to wipe the blood away from her eyes, but knew that the Tyranitar would strike the instant one of her hands left the ground. She winced as the thick fluid ran past her eyes, her vision turning hazy and red which reminded her of her blood induced haze from so many years ago. Looking up at the monster's head made it so much worse, as the blood was pouring into her sockets like it was a bucket. She tried her best to see what the Pokémon in front of her had planned, but finally looked down to get rid of the blood and was unable to notice the Tyranitar charging up yet another Dark Pulse.

A yellow flash of lightning passed her by, moving with a zig-zag motion on the ground before suddenly curving upwards. It hit the Tyranitar's jaw, forcing his mouth shut as the Dark Pulse to a stop as he reared his head back once more. Everyone stared at the peculiar scene as the bolt of lightning bounced back from the Tyranitar and landed a few paces away from the stunned Zerobi, a small shockwave of electricity appearing around it.

"I'm back, baby" Pikablu said confidently as the aura of lightning surrounding him slowly dissipated, and the hopes of victory for the quintet was regained.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

"... And that's my plan. What do you think?"

"That... A-Are you serious!?"


"... I should have seen this coming long ago... Ever since those humans..."

"I'll take your mumbling as a 'yes'. You'll start out as a lower ranked officer of course, but keep at it and you'll make general in no time!"

"... Such arrogance! Where the hell is your confidence coming from!?"

"I spend the day defeating viscous monsters with my bare hands and sleep with many beautiful women at night. What do you think?"

"... I think this is a horrifying idea, and am aghast that came to me about it."

"You're strong. You know that they'll be coming for you, too."

"... I am strong, but I bear no resentment towards humans. Leave."

"Listen, you can either join me or die at my hands..."


"... Is what those humans are going to tell you when they get here. If even that..."


"Me? I'm offering you a chance. One shot a glory, a triumphant fight for justice against this oppressing society!"

"... And what if I refuse?"

"Matters little, quite frankly. Even if you are too lazy to do anything for your brethren, there will never be a shortage of those that aren't."

"Hmpf. I think you will be quite surprised at how many would label this insanity as... Well, insanity."

"To a revolutionary, 'insanity' is but another badge of honor created by one's enemies!"

"... If someone like you were to take advantage of this situation, there is no telling what might happen... The entire world might..."

"The entire world WILL, my friend! This is the ultimate opportunity for change!

"In that case... If I cannot persuade your evil with words, I must stop you by force!"

"... Come on. Don't. It'll just be embarrassing."

"Before your rise to power... Before the slaughter of a thousand innocent... Before your detrimental dictatorship... I will end it all here and now!"

"End? Perhaps! It's the end... One that will be followed by yet another beginning! HAH!"


"... But not for you, it seems..."
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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13) (Ch.14 - Young Prodigy Lucas)

Time for a preview for the next chapter, which will bring about the very first milestone of this story... Well, second if you count the beginning, but bloody important none the less! Pretty exciting stuff, I tells ya!

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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

- - - - -
Chapter 15

Legendary Thunderbolt Pikablu
- - - - -

The ongoing battle between Lucario and the Garchomp came to an abrupt stop as both the combatants stared at Pikablu, trying to comprehend what had just happened.

"Holy sh…" Lucario whispered in disbelief, "That speed's unnatural!" It reminded him of a passing train, but with perfect coordination and much smaller size.
"It's called 25%, a technique he uses to…" the Gallade started explaining, but stopped himself, "… Actually, I should keep it a secret in case we need to use it to beat you up later."
"Still mad?" Lucario asked mockingly, feeling a bit more confident since Pikablu was on their side.
"You've seen better days, by the way" the Gallade chirped while looking over the burnt off fur on Lucario's left chest and shoulder, "Need any backup?"
"Nah" Lucario replied cockily, his confidence growing to match his pride, "This one's slow and predictable, I'll have this wrapped up in a few minutes… I've totally got this."

"You…" the Tyranitar finally said, speaking with an unexpectedly light and low voice, "… What are you…?"
"In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have wasted all my electricity by going for 50% right away…" Pikablu said menacingly as the aura of lightning appeared and surrounded him once again, "… And in retrospect, you probably should have surrendered five seconds ago."

A trail of electricity followed Pikablu as he approached the Tyranitar at blinding speed. The giant beast remained still, not flinching the slightest while taking several hits from Pikablu across the lower parts of its body.
"… Weak…" the giant beast said, Pikablu running several meters away from it before suddenly launching back like a slingshot, ramming the back of the Tyranitar's left leg. He stifled a shocked noise as his leg bent itself, forcing him to land on his right knee for support.

The moment the knee touched the ground, Pikablu ran up the body of the Tyranitar like an arrow of lightning and headbutted his chin. The blow was so hard that the Tyranitar tipped over and fell back, Pikablu soaring up into the sky before landing behind him.

"Skin's tough, all right…" Pikablu scoffed while spitting on the ground, "Let's see if your eyeballs are the same."
Pikablu charged himself up by taking a step back, but his valiant dash towards the Tyranitar was abruptly halted as the electricity surrounding him suddenly disappeared, making him trip and land on his face.

"… Oh hell… Already out of electricity…" he mumbled with an embarrassed tone as he rose to his feet and looked back at the Gallade, "Your voltage's pathetic!"
"Hey, I'm not even supposed to have ANY voltage!" the psychic type responded, "Why don't you just hit that Tyranitar with an Aura Sphere or something else you can't do?" The familiar term made something click in Lucario's head as he pondered trying to use it once more. The pondering was cut short when he looked over the Garchomp and understood just how badly he would get beaten if it failed this time.
"Can't risk it..." he whispered to himself, the Garchomp seemingly preoccupied with staring at Pikablu with surprise.

Lucas exhaled a large amount of stressed air now that the Pikachu's unexpected attack had ceased. He started wondering if the strong being was a legendary Pokémon in disguise, but had to stop himself when he noticed that there was a more pressing matter at hand.

"A Weavile… Dark and Ice…" Lucas whispered to himself while looking at Zerobi, fingering his Pokedex once more without actually using it, almost as if he was draining the knowledge out of it. He realized that out of his three remaining Pokémon, two were extremely weak against this particular duo of types, and the third wasn't a prime candidate either.

However, a wave of relief washed over him just as he realized exactly who his remaining Pokémon was.

"It's time…" Lucas said, pulling out a very large Pokeball in the colors of white and black, "I'm counting on you, Celebi!" Instead of throwing this Pokeball, he held it between his two hands and somehow managed to open it, a green light leaking out of it and enveloping itself into a circle in the middle of the air.

The green light faded, but was replaced by an even more radiant one from the being underneath. Instantly reminding them all of a blooming sapling, she was small and had a simple form, but every inch of her being seemed to be a work of art and purity. Zerobi and Lucario were both positively stunned, while Pikablu genuinely smiled for the first time in forever at the familiar sensation.

As if someone had released a cloud of endomorphines into the air, everyone in the area suddenly started feeling a notch better than earlier. Lucario's burnt torso stopped aching, Pikablu's torn muscles were put under less pressure and Zerobi had something to think about besides her bleeding forehead.

"W-What an insane presence…!" Lucario whispered to himself, stifling a gasp when Celebi slowly moved the eyelids covering up her beautiful sapphire eyes, so deep and that he did not even know how to stop himself from becoming lost within them.

Zerobi was unaffected by the whole ordeal, but could not help but notice just how much of an impact it had on the rest. It struck her more on a mental level, recognizing the legendary being from the many fan arts she had seen in her occult magazines. No matter how vibrantly they had been painted, she felt that they did not do the actual creature even a hint of justice.

Celebi viewed the area with a surprised look on her face, remaining completely stationary in midair save for some subtle floating movements.
"Celebi!" Pikablu shouted happily, making her look at him with her calm sapphire eyes. Their eyes locked for a few moments as Pikablu awaited some kind of response, but was given none.
"We're here to save you, and that Weavile over there…" Pikablu continued while nodding over in Zerobi's direction, "… Claims to be your sister, Zerobi!"
"I… I never said I was her sister!" Zerobi corrected Pikablu, not wanting to anger the magnificent legendary in front of her with dishonesty, "I'm just named Zerobi, and never knew my biological parents…"
She felt a bit disappointed as Celebi looked at her for but a second before looking away in another direction.

"Hey…" the Gallade mumbled while looking at the silent yet curious Celebi, "… Is she alright?"
Celebi stared spookily at him with a dazed expression, as if she had no idea of what was happening.
"Celebi!" Lucas shouted while pointing determinedly at Zerobi, "Use your Miracle Eye on the Weavile!"

Celebi looked back at her trainer, then slowly followed his hand and fastened her eyes on Zerobi who got nothing but an ominous feeling from the whole situation. Celebi blinked once before strange multi-colored lines suddenly appeared around her, almost making the whole thing look like a shoddy drawing.

"What the… It's the Miracle Eye!" the Gallade shouted in disbelief, "Something's wrong, alright!"
"Celebi! It's us!" Pikablu shouted while needlessly pointing to himself, "Your friends! Your sister! And some Lucario who's not half bad!"
"She doesn't recognize us!?" Kabuta yelled with confusion, "But… Being brainwashed by a Pokeball… I thought it was just some urban legend!"

"… Crap!" Pikablu exclaimed angrily before turning his head to his left, "Zerobi, run!"
"Don't worry, I'm a Dark-type!" Zerobi replied with faked confidence, "No matter how strong, I'm completely immune to-"
"That's the Miracle Eye, it'll make you vulnerable to psychic attacks!" the Gallade explained as the lines around Celebi started spinning around and twisting themselves in inexplicable motions, "If that one gets you, it's all over! She'll toss you around like a ragdoll!"
"YOU DIRTY @%#! YOU DIRTY @%#!" Pikablu repeated loudly and desperately, "@%#! @%#!"
"Dude, what the hell?" Lucario asked with a disgusted look, completely snapping out of his pleasurable trance, "How's that going to help?"
"Damn it, I'm trying to jog her memory!" Pikablu shouted back while clenching his fists in despair, "This can't be… What's happened to her!?"
"W-We're not fighting Cell, are we…!?" Kabuta stammered, the pleasurable emotions from earlier being replaced by sheer terror, "Oh, man… This is bad…"

A loud noise from Celebi signaled that the attack was finished, the lines coiling themselves behind her like snakes ready to strike at their target. Celebi's emotionless face was telling them nothing of what she might be thinking.

"How do I dodge it!?" Zerobi yelled while being taken aback by the strange nature of the attack.
"Too late! Here it comes!" Pikablu shouted, hating himself for being able to do nothing to prevent the rapidly approaching tragedy.

The lines all left Celebi in an instant, shooting through the air like colorful laser beams. Zerobi did not even have time to blink as the beams curved around and raced towards her, aiming directly for the open wound on her forehead before passing over it. Everyone gasped collectively as the beams instead kept going, instead hitting the Tyranitar behind her.
The Tyranitar took a step back in surprise, glowing in various colors as the beams remained connected with him and seemed to fill him with their energy.

"I… I feel it!" Lucario suddenly shouted as a familiar sensation came upon him, "That thing's getting an aura!"
He then almost choked on his own spit as the gigantic Tyranitar lifted off the ground, quickly boosting up through the air like a rocket.
"Not again!" Lucas yelled with shock before shaking the black Pokeball in his hands, "Celebi, come on! Return!"
The recall was instantaneous, the green beam hitting Celebi in the back before anyone could react. However, the moment before transforming into the green light, Zerobi could've sworn that Celebi turned her head and looked at her with a warm smile on her face.

"Oh, crap…" Lucas whispered to himself as looked up and realized his mistake. Like a meteor from outer space, the Tyranitar had entered the lower parts of the stratosphere and was ready for a hasty crash landing. Lucas fumbled with finding space for the large Pokeball in his hands while trying to locate the right one to recall his Pokémon, but couldn't do it in time.

The Tyranitar smashed into the ground, crushing several layers of dirt and creating a massive hole where it landed. The ground shook with an extremely loud crash, but even so the sound wasn't enough to drown out the collective cheering from the quintet.

"EAT DIRT!" Lucario yelled triumphantly.
"SUCK ON THAT!" Zerobi shouted happily.
"HAHAHA! YOU'RE THE BEST, CELL!" the Gallade laughed, clutching his sides.
"Celebi…" Pikablu mumbled while smiling to himself, "… Pretty awesome display, right there..."
"Lucario! She looked at me!" Zerobi said cheerfully while looking at her friend, "That was Celebi, and she totally smiled when she looked at me!"
"Maybe she was actually aiming for you and just missed?" Lucario pointed out, making Zerobi visibly cringe.
"Don't be a jerk" Pikablu chuckled, "Celebi's on our side. Also, clever."

Meanwhile, Lucas' patience was rapidly running out. Both of his newly caught Pokémon had instantly turned on him, making him feel less secure of victory as well as his capabilities as a trainer.

"Rayquaza!" he shouted with all his might up into the air, "Cancel the Air Lock! Come down here and finish them off! Garchomp, take out the Lucario as quickly as possible!"
"Uh… Oh cr-" Lucario started, but was interrupted as he dodged a tiny explosion of fire to his right, formed by the mouth of the advancing Garchomp.
"… Finally" Pikablu said with relief as the darkened clouds above them started appearing again, "All of you, get down. Leave everything to me." The Gallade and Kabuta instantly hit the deck, leaving Zerobi standing in confusion.
"He's not kidding, you know!" the Gallade yelled which made Zerobi reluctantly lie down, not wanting to get involuntarily tackled and groped again. Rayquaza landed on the ground, roaring with all its might as Lucas thanked his earplugs and recalled his trusted Tremor into a Pokeball.
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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

A flash suddenly filled everyone's vision as lightning came down from the heavens above and struck Pikablu. Lucas felt all his fears become confirmed when a spiky blue aura of electricity ran around Pikablu, stray bolts of lightning flying in every direction.

"GRAAAH!" Pikablu screamed loudly, suddenly shooting out a great wall of thunder at Rayquaza who coiled itself up to braced itself as best it could. Pikablu did not wait for confirmation of a hit before also throwing a massive pillar of light in its direction, as well as several streams of lightning of varying size.

When it was over, Rayquaza was still coiled up, seemingly unharmed by the attack. Pikablu drew a heavy sigh, smiling while the serpent tried one last time to raise it upper body but instead toppled over and landed on the ground, no longer mobile.

"R-R-R-R…" Lucas stammered in shock over what had just happened, "R-RAYQUAZA! No way!"
"It's over" Pikablu snickered confidently, "Let's finish this. Line 'em up, I'll knock them out."
"Oh… Oh my…!" Zerobi stammered in shock, looking up from her lying position.
"Yeah, that's right! Behold!" Pikablu yelled triumphantly, "This is the power that six years ago overwhelmed even the Legendary Celebi! You think YOU'VE got a chance, loser!?"
"Lucario!" Zerobi suddenly yelled while standing up, shattering Pikablu's triumphant moment. Their eyes turned over to the Garchomp who was standing over the defeated mess that was a crouched over Lucario, now missing fur with reddened diseased-looking skin showing through all over his body. One of his eyes were closed, a particularly nasty burn covering the left side of his face.

"… Guys…" he whimpered pathetically while trying to raise himself with his arms, "… I don't got this…"
"Stand up" the Garchomp growled with a deep, cold voice before moving closer.
"L… Lucario!" Kabuta yelled with a terrified voice, seeing several scars all over Lucario that she hadn't noticed before, "What the hell happened!?"
"T-This thing's a bloody monster, that's what happened!" Lucario responded with a shaky tone, "I roundhouse kick it in the head three times, and it doesn't even give a damn!"

Meanwhile, Lucas could feel himself trembling. Never would he have imagined that Rayquaza could be defeated so easily, and by a wild Pikachu no less! Years of training Pokémon told him that it was simply not possible, at the very least not natural.
For a moment he analyzed the Pikachu's actions so far, and in a split second remembered another particularly powerful Pikachu he had come upon during his travels. He also remembered the one thing that the other Pikachu had despised more than anything else, and finally came up with a possible solution that would bring him victory.

"Worth a try…!" Lucas mumbled while signaling for his Pokémon, "Grace! Come here, I've got an item for you!"
"Don't bother, it won't have time to use it" Pikablu said sinisterly, "Unless it's a Focus Band… Which just means more fun for me!"
The Garchomp moved back to her trainer who took a small object out of his backpack. Skillfully attaching a string to it, he climbed up the Garchomp's back.
"You're doing great…" Lucas said with a reassuring voice while putting the string around her throat, "… But leave the Lucario alone from now on. It's down for the count."
Lucas finished tying the item around the Garchomp's neck and gave her a pat on the head.
"I know I can trust you, girl…" he told her as he jumped down, "We've been through worse together. Remember, I'm behind you all the way!" The garchomp gave off a low growl, something like a smile appearing on her face.
"Hah! Not unless you want to get charred, too!" Pikablu laughed, but his own smile quickly faded when he saw what item the Garchomp had been equipped with.

A Thunderstone.

"… That's…" Pikablu muttered, once more feeling his heart and hopes sink, "… Oh shit…"
"What?" the Gallade asked, recognizing the hopeless tone in his voice all too well, "Damn it, stop sounding so pessimistic!"
"… I'm out" Pikablu muttered before shouting at the Gallade and Kabuta, "You two! Get ready to fight!"
"OUT!?" Zerobi shouted, "Explanation, please!"
"If I get near that stone, I'll evolve into a Raichu" Pikablu explained with his eyes firmly closed, "My worst nightmare aside, I won't be able to use 25% or any of that stuff anymore… Ever."
"Why!?" Zerobi asked hopelessly as a thought hit her, "Does it matter!? Just hit it with lightning from a distance!"
"As a Raichu my electricity will be stored in my tail, and maybe even become stronger…" Pikablu said while thinking to himself, "… But that won't matter. It's a Ground-type, so thunder doesn't affect it, anyway."

"Whatever" Kabuta said while shrugging her shoulders and trying to act cool, "We'll show this idiot what happens when you pick on Lucario!"
"Yeaaah!" the Gallade chimed in cheerfully, "Except for the Lucario thing! I don't care! But you do! So YEAAAH anyway!"
"Hmm…" she muttered as she saw Lucario collapse on the ground from exhaustion, "Let's hurry!"
"No, like, seriously, why do you even give a crap?" the Gallade asked curiously, "Don't tell me… You actually like him!?"
"He's got you beaten out by fifty million points in my 'like' department" Kabuta replied sarcastically, "... And no, that still doesn't mean that I like him."
"So you say…" the Gallade said, trying to think of the most infuriating thing he could tease her with, "… Hah! But it's obvious that you're in love!"
"W-WHAT!?" Kabuta stammered angrily as she was at a loss for words, "Shut your mouth! Shut it 'bout things you don't know nothing 'bout…"

The two of them walked towards the Garchomp, Lucario still not having been able to rise to his feet. The Garchomp walked towards them as well, and Lucario cowered as she was upon him. But instead of kicking him when he was down, she just walked past him, completely focused on the two enemies in front of her.

"So, yeah, you hold her off while I charge up" the Gallade said while taking several steps back, "Then I hit her with my best shot, we celebrate, you can be together with your love, Pikablu with his… And Kabutops too, I guess."
"I'll hold her off for sure" Kabuta responded confidently, extracting what little value she could find in what he had just said, "I'm a stonewall, after all." They both felt surprisingly calm as the Garchomp approached.
"By 'love', I don't mean your dad, by the way" the Gallade added, hoping to get Kabuta raging for the fight.
"Shut the hell up!" Kabuta roared with a fire igniting in her eyes, showing the Gallade that his mission was a success, "Graah! Come over here already, I'm pissed and I'm gonna kill you!"
"Grace! Use Crunch!" Lucas suddenly yelled, making the Garchomp leap towards them. Kabuta jumped in front of her with scythes outstretched, ready to absorb the blow. The supposed tackle canceled itself, the Garchomp instead using her massive fangs to grab a hold of Kabuta's right arm.

"Kuh…!" Kabuta growled as her arm was put under crushing pressure. The jaws of the Garchomp provided her with more pain than anything she had ever felt before. She did her best to remain tough and not scream.
That's when the Garchomp started twisting her head around.

"G… GAAAHHH!" Kabuta screamed as she felt the bones in her arm loosen from their sockets with each powerful pull.
"K-Kabuta!" the Gallade stammered frightfully, the glow around his arms growing stronger as his attack charged up.
"MY ARM'S BEING PULLED OFF!" Kabuta cried loudly, trying to knock off the Garchomp but not even being able to make her budge. Instead, the Garchomp picked Kabuta off the ground with her hands, increasing the pull on Kabuta's arm.
"Do something, for crying out loud!" Pikablu roared at the Gallade, who instantly ran up to the Garchomp with brutal uninhibited steps instead of his usual dance-like maneuvers.

On his way there, he saw the defeated Lucario creeping up behind the Garchomp, before suddenly climbing up her back in a clunky motion. She noticed this and started twisting harder to get him off, only causing Kabuta to scream louder.
"Aura…" Lucario mumbled to himself as he pressed as much of his body as possible against the violently rocking Garchomp, "… EXPLOSION!"
He closed his eyes, expecting to be met by the most painful experience in his life, but was instead met by both disappointment and slight relief as nothing happened. The sensation for activating the aura was within him, but for some inexplicable reason he simply could not get it moving.
"Oh, you useless piece of bod-" Lucario groaned, his arms failing him as a particularly powerful motion from the Garchomp tossed him in front of her, making him crash down on the ground where he remained still.

A loud snap was suddenly heard from Kabuta's arm, making her stop crying as a sinister smirk formed by the sides of the Garchomp's open mouth. Kabuta stared up into the sky in shock, unable to comprehend what had just happened. She fainted, her left arm falling by her side and her right scythe falling down on the ground beneath her.

A single explosion of blood sprayed the two of them from the open wound, dripping down their bodies. The Gallade roared madly in an uncharacteristic move, crossing his arms in the shape of an X as he approached the Garchomp with a speed comparable to Pikablu's 25%. She dropped Kabuta and moved her head back in surprise as the Gallade made a small leap, striking her directly on the throat with his glowing arms, flames erupting from where the blow connected and engulfing her head in fire.
The Gallade did not even have time to land before the Garchomp's head came back, headbutting him so hard that he flew back and landed on the barely conscious body of Lucario.

"H… Ha… Ha ha ha…" the Gallade snickered weakly with a very dazed mind, "Strong against… Fire, huh…?"
He coughed a bit before looking over at Kabuta, her right arm missing and the grass around her having turned red. With a faint glimmer of hope, he looked up to see if his attack had destroyed the rope holding the Thunderstone around her neck, but saw that it was still as intact as ever.
"Sorry, Kabutops… You were right…" the Gallade mumbled sadly while looking at the dismembered Pokémon in front of him, "In the end, I'm nothing but a failure…"

"Grace! Be more careful!" Lucas yelled out, relived that he was finally winning but still disgusted at what he had just seen, "There's a limit to how much the Pokecenter can do!"
"Zerobi!" Pikablu yelled accusingly, "What the hell are you playing at!? That thing's extremely weak against Ice!"
"B-But…" Zerobi stammered, shaking a little as the horrific display reminded her a little too much of her own past, "… She's so strong!"
"SHUT UP!" Pikablu roared, exploding into a frighteningly large aura of lightning, "My niece just got her arm pulled off, my best friend is about to die and there ain't nothing I can go about it! You wanna trade places!?"
"… Yes?" Zerobi asked hopefully before sighing and shaking the cowardly thoughts from her mind, "Alright, damn it, I'll see what I can do!"

Not wasting another moment, she ran towards the Garchomp at high speed, flinching as she noticed that the Garchomp was positively covered in Kabuta's blood.
"Pretty clumsy way of dismembering someone, if I say so myself…" she said in an attempt to make herself seem confident instead of deathly afraid, "A clean cut doesn't leave as much of a mess."
However, the Garchomp responded only with silence as she lounged at Zerobi, jumping over the bodies of Kabuta, Lucario and the Gallade.

"You ARE slow…" Zerobi admitted, exhaling a cloud of cold at her. The Garchomp felt a freezing sensation hit her side before suddenly noticing that she was slowing down, the cold covering her entire body like a shell of ice and reaching into her very bones like the coldest winter's night.

"Too easy!" Pikablu shouted triumphantly, "Cut 'er open and finish it off!"
"… I can't!" Zerobi shouted back, standing as frozen as the living icicle in front of her, "I'll get her blood splashed on me!"
"You've got to do something!" Pikablu yelled, "Just leaving it frozen isn't gonna cut it!"
"… I'll punch it!" Zerobi responded, clenching her hands into fists.
"No!" Pikablu shouted, "Look at Lucario and Galls! She's got some kind of shock resistance, they couldn't even hurt it with blows!"
"Damn it!" Zerobi screamed angrily, "It wasn't supposed to come to this!"
"Stop freaking out, for crying out loud!" Pikablu bellowed with unparalleled rage, "You're the only one left! Do it or we're all done for, and I SWEAR I'll kill you myself!"

Zerobi clenched her fists harder in despair before suddenly feeling something hit her shoulder. Looking behind her, she noticed that Lucario was standing to her side, and as a reflex scanned his arm to make sure that there was not a single drop of blood on it.

"… Ugh…" Lucario groaned, struggling to keep to his feet, "Just do it, already…"
"It's… It's not just that I'm scared!" Zerobi replied, "If I get blood on me…"
"You won't have to!" Lucario kept going, sounding a bit stronger than at first, "Cut it fast enough and you won't get any on you!"
"… Fast enough…?" Zerobi repeated, feeling slightly more confident at the thought.
"Cut 'n run!" Lucario said, "Do it fast enough and you'll be fine!"
"I'll…" Zerobi whispered to herself, seeing how the Garchomp was starting to thaw out.
"Or, you know, don't do it and get publicly executed instead…" Lucario reminded her, smiling a bit before resuming his confident demeanor, "… Only you can beat that thing. If that's not reason enough for you to d-"

A slight noise suddenly came from the Garchomp, making Zerobi's determination return and her desperation soar. Instantly she leaped towards the Garchomp, creating a single powerful slash across its abdomen while still running past it.

Stopping herself a few feet away from the Garchomp, she kneeled down without even looking back. Suddenly, the Garchomp gave off a gurgling sound, lowering her head and seeing a red gash of blood over her chest. For half an instant her panicked mind felt dirty and tried to wipe it off herself, before the pain hit in and she slowly became unconscious. The body of the Garchomp landed in a patch of grass that was soaked with her own blood, much like the Weavile that had defeated her.

Lucas gasped. Seeing his trusted friends go down one after one felt like a noose tightening around his neck. His breathing started coming harder as he hyperventilated, fear clouding up his mind while staring at the monstrous Weavile before him. The blood flowing out of Grace made him sick to his stomach, making him recall the earlier dismembering of the Kabutops… Its shrill screams, begging for mercy as he tried to tell her to stop…

What struck him even harder was the knowledge that it was his failure as a trainer that caused this. He had let his Pokemon run wild and maim a wild Pokemon, he had been negligent of the Pikachu's capabilities for too long, and he had sent his very best friend against a type that she was extremely weak against.

Celebi and the Kabutops had been right. He was no trainer. Attempting to stand up to run away one last time, exhaustion finally overtook his body as he blacked out.

"He's…" the Gallade said while trying to stand up, "… He's down!"
"YES! HAHAHA!" Pikablu gave off a prideful and loud laughter, "We did it! We won! Victory is ours!"
"Way to go, Zerobi!" Lucario yelled, the happy feelings of having won turning his joy into actually feelings of being a professional coach. He ignored his pain and smiled brightly at his partner, who still had her back turned to him. Her black and unusually red back…

"… Blood…!?" Lucario exclaimed, angry at himself for not having noticed it sooner. Zerobi stood where she landed after the final attack, her body covered with tiny speckles of blood from the Garchomp. She wasn't saying a word, but was instead shaking profusely.

Lucario got worried and tried to run to her, noticing just how badly damaged his right leg had become from fighting the Garchomp. Whether it had been the constant fiery attacks or the fact that his roundhouse kicks might as well have been directed at a brick wall he did not know. All he knew was that if someone was to happen to Zerobi now, he would…

"… Zerobi…?" Lucario slowly asked, patting the shoulder of his partner.

In an instant she spun around with a claw outstretched, cutting through his throat with a quick slash. Blood splayed across the field as time seemed to stop all around them. Pain filled Lucario's head while a gargling sound escaped his throat as he tried to draw breath, but the passageway to his lungs had been completely severed and he began choking instead. He felt his warm blood running the fur on his neck, holding up a hand in a futile attempt of stopping the flow. Falling to his knees from the lack of air, all he could do was stare deeply into the eyes of the smiling Weavile in front of him.

Inside of them, he noticed that there was something unusual.


- - - - - - - - - -
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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13) (Ch.15 - Legendary Thunderbolt Pikablu)

In case you couldn't tell, that was the last chapter.

Much like in real life, death is the instantaneous end of everything, one that you might see coming but can do little to prevent.

So! What did you think of the story? I've got the next one planned, but I probably won't start writing it right away... I mean, write away! :D
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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13) ~Complete~

By the way, I boosted the linebreaks for the first three chapters. If it's easier to read, I might just do the same to the whole story!
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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13) ~Complete~

... Hah! April Fool! Like I'd really give the story such a stupid ending!

No, like I said, this story'll be a long one! We're not even a quarter through it! Now, let's get serious and start anew with yet another chapter of The Human Species! A true milestone of a chapter, even!

- - - - -
Chapter 16

Remorseless Wraith Zerobi
- - - - -

(Warning: The following image might be scary, and might... No wait, it definitively contains blood. Anyway, view at your own risk!)


They were all staring at her. Some with fear, others with confusion. Lucario seemed to be one of the latter.

Nothing out of the ordinary. She had seen this look before. At long last she was showing her true colors, and this is all she gets? A dumb stare? What would his expression be like if she had cut the tendrils in his legs and left him out in the snow, where he would catch cold and die? How would he react if she slipped and gave him a push at the top of a cliff, sending his body to be smashed and broken against the unforgiving ground? She wanted to know, and for barely an instant wished she had not struck a killing blow so quickly.

Looking behind her, she noticed that nothing was the same anymore. Surely these meaningless bundles of life were not something she once considered to be friends! She had been betrayed before, she would be betrayed again. Seeing the faces they were all giving her, she knew this to be nothing less than a fact.

Which one would bring the most blood? Which one would bring the best? In her mind, she saw herself peeling the shell off the Kabutops to feast upon her insides, decapitating the Gallade just like the one from so many years ago and evolving the Pikachu with the Thunderstone before cutting his tail off. Lucario, Celebi… None of it mattered anymore.

In this haze of blood and pleasure, it seems that the only thing that remained the same was her. Her claws had the same form as they had always had, with the minor difference of being drenched in blood.

This sight, unlike any other brought back memories of her days in the Cerulean Cave, living every day to the fullest. To think that ever since so long ago, her claws had been clean! So much time had been wasted in the cavern north of Snowpoint City, sitting there all alone for years upon years, reading silly magazines when she could have easily been engulfing herself in the sweet nectar of life.

But somehow… Looking at her claws, positively drenched in what she craves and desires… Fills her with nothing but emptiness. The more she took them into herself, the less joyful she became. The claws that she had kept unsullied for so long had become corrupted once more, even after she had promised herself so many times that it would never happen.

Eyes fastened upon the blood feeding her, she began to walk. Walking away from the catastrophe she had caused. Walking towards salvation from this self-inflicted nightmare.

"Oi! Lucario!" the Gallade screamed while trying to stop Lucario from convulsing, "It's bad! He's a goner!"
"ZEROBI!" Kabuta howled in rage, stumbling to her feet with only one arm and running after the being drenched in blood.
"Let her go!" Pikablu shouted, "We need to free Celebi! She can help him!"

I can hear them chanting my name. All of them.


Screaming out for my attention… What they wish, they shall receive. Can that truly be a horrible intention?

"Damn… I’m sorry I got you into this."


"Open up, damn you!" Pikablu yelled, pressing the large button on the black Pokeball as hard as he could, "It's just one damn button! How could this not be working!?"
"We don't have time for this!" Kabuta shouted with her left scythe brandished, "Move! I'll cut it open!"
"NO! You idiot!" Pikablu bellowed while violently shoving her away, "Be careful, you might kill her if you do!"

"Must be hard keeping the place clean with the constant stream of visitors you’re getting."

… You're here, too?

"… Yeah. I've got your back. You've got my back, back?"

No… No! But that means… You're…


… And I…

"P-Pikablu…?" Celebi asked with a confused stammer, "You-"
"Hurrah and huzzah, but we need some help over here!" the Gallade shouted, interrupting her as Lucario was starting to become too exhausted and stopped moving. His gaze became transfixed at Zerobi, somewhere by the edge of the horizon. He tried to inhale one last time, his eyes closing as he finally fainted from the lack of air, the vision of the dark figure imprinted in the back of his skull.

"I was just hoping that you’d be a bit more… Human."

It was supposed to be different! You were supposed to change me!

"What do you expect me to be able to do, anyway?"

All for blood… I didn't even want it! Damn it! DAMN IT! WHY DID THIS HAPPEN!?

"This isn’t a pleasure cruise, everyone I meet is going to want me dead..."

Oh, Lucario, I… It wasn't like that… I… I… Can you ever forgive me…!?

"… Just… Let me sleep on it…"

The skin around Lucario's wound was thinning out as Celebi rearranged the tissue to cover up his throat. The blood had mostly soaked into his chest hair, giving it a red hue with tiny droplets on top.

"… Can you save him?" Kabuta asked slowly, surprised at how hard it was to tell if Lucario was dead or just sleeping. A short memory flash of the time she tried to sneak over to his sleeping area one night hit her, making her choke up a bit.
"Yes, as luck would have it I happen to be…" Celebi started before looking at her and seeing that something was out of the place, "… Kabuta! Y-Your arm!"
"Oh… Yeah" Kabuta said while waving her intact scythe where her other one used to be, "Damn, that hurt like hell."
"Your dad's gonna be pissed…" the Gallade mumbled with a more depressing tone than usual, "… At me, most likely."
"… I'm sorry…" Celebi whispered with sadly, looking down at Lucario's bloody front and hairless patches of damaged skin, "You went through all of this for me…"
"Just try to save him" Pikablu said, saddened by the fact that their victory was more bittersweet than he had ever expected, "It'd be a real shame if he died, he didn't even have a reason to be here in the first place."

A few minutes passed without anyone saying anything, Celebi finishing up her reconstruction of Lucario. Even so, hardly a moment after the air from his lungs reached his brain, his eyes shot open as he instantly leaped to his feet, startling her quite a bit.

"Cchhzz!" Lucario wheezed and surprised everyone, including himself as he clutched his throat.
"Don't talk!" Celebi said quickly, "Your throat is still recuperating!" He looked at her with an annoyed glance. His expression became more thankful as he began realizing that he had just been saved, but once again furrowed when more of the situation became clearer.

Rage inched through his being, steadily gaining strength like fiery fire. He turned around and looked in the direction that Zerobi had taken, seeing a mirage of her corrupted form leaving him to his fate. Never having been able to sense her aura, he knew that she would get away if she moved too far, and started running after a faint reddened path formed among the grassy plains.

"Wait, where are you…" Celebi asked with a confused voice before being stopped by Pikablu, who raised his hand in a silencing motion.
"Let him go" he said with a dark tone as he watched Lucario follow the trail of blood, "We have a lot to talk about."

Sitting on a large rock by the edge of a cliff, Zerobi gazed over the horizon. The sun was setting in the distance, casting the world into an orange hue of unnatural beauty. However, she was not able to appreciate it, as her world had long since turned into a never ending mist of red.

Her eyes began scrolling down slowly. It was a very tall cliff, and the rocky ground beneath seemed like it was miles away, like another horizon stretching down the vertical. One fourth of the distance of this fall would be enough to kill anyone. Remembering her past she knew that she had died before, but had afterwards been resurrected at the expense of the lives of many others.

She knew that would not be as unlucky this time.

More than anything, she wanted to cry. She wanted to cry over what she had done, she wanted to cry over who she was, and she wanted to cry over how in a short while she was not going to be.

But she could not. The blood was affecting her in a way where she could not revoke the pleasure, even though her very self was being crushed by self-loathing and guilt.

Instead, she sang a sad song.

It's better if I don't pretend;
I'm living for a dream…
If I were you I could not love
Someone who was like me…

You and me
We had something in common, we
Both shared a melody
Like magic, you helped my world come alive
I felt secure by your side…

To think that what I wanted was
To spend my life my life with you
Even if I was pretending…
Could we have made it true…!?

All this time…!
I've been nothing but trouble, I'm…
Sorry for what I am!
I am a monster, remorseless, yet still…
See my tears flow
I guess I can feel after all…

Her sorrow overflowed as a single teardrop escaped her eye and rolled down her cheek. It was like a drop in the ocean towards clearing up her anguish, but this final show of emotion relieved her of grief as she realized what must be done. Leaning over the chasm, she knew that the only dead end was the one located behind her…

Lucario's throat's grouchy aching made him worry about the wound opening up, but felt that he would regret it even more if he did not hurry up and track down the creature responsible for it. His partner in crime, on the run from the long arms of the law… His mentor when it came to matters he did not understand… The only Pokémon he had come to trust since turning into a Pokémon had just cut his throat, without any doubt in an attempt to kill him.

The voices of the brown cat and smug snake echoed through his head. Finally, he was able to understand why they had been sounding so terrified.

The fight against the Garchomp had taken everything out of him. His legs were giving up, every strand of grass hitting them like beams of concrete. But even so, he forced himself to keep moving. He felt more like a fool than ever, and so he kept moving in the possible hopes of doing something right for once. The sensation of the blooded monster slashing through his throat grew hazy while his determination to track her down and finish things became clearer.

It was not long before they were reunited again. Zerobi heard someone approaching her from behind, not turning around completely but instead keeping her head stationary and letting the creature appear in the corner of her eye. She became shocked when she realized who it was and tried to look directly at him, but the guilt and despair intensified as her vision fastened the blood on his chest and forced her to look down instead.

"… You survived" Zerobi whispered slowly. Her heart lifted a little, but sunk once more as her gaze moved towards the chasm. She wondered just how horrifying this view would seem to her during the plunge.

"I didn't mean to do it, but…" Zerobi said quietly with a subtle shake of her head, "… It's pointless. I did it, I've done it before and I will do it again."
Zerobi's response was complete silence, yet she still looked away, feeling like her heart would be torn in two if their eyes were to meet.

"… Fear not. I will die now" she said with a pained expression, "You should forget about me and look away. It… Won't be pretty."
Behind her there was nothing but silence once again, sealing a wave of sorrow within her. Even if only once, she wanted to hear his voice before it all ended… But realized that she was in no position to ask for a favor. She knew she did not deserve it.

"… I never told you why I saved you that day, from Suicune…" Zerobi whispered sadly, wanting to give at least one piece of closure to her life before making the leap. She hesitated for a moment, but realized that if she was unable to do even this, suicide would be out of the question. Somehow, this manner of thinking brought her enough determination to finally say what had been pressing on her heart for such a long time.

"I have been alone so long… Even before all this, I never had anyone…" she said, a few more tears creeping down her face, "I… I thought you were… Pretty."

As the words escaped her, she knew there was no turning back. Never had she expected that this is how she would be giving her confession.
"Nothing else… Never… B-But… As time went on, I… I truly…" she continued, before abruptly stopping her monologue.
"… No…" she whispered sadly while biting her lip, "In the end, y-you were just another prey… Which is why I m-must…"

Fear and hesitation began filling her when she realized that the time had come. She had to do it now, before she could change her mind. But after taking her final step towards the edge, a moment of reprise struck her as she saw a vision of herself flying through the air, helplessly trying to stop herself to breaking against the very rocks she was now staring at. She hesitated, and simply stood frozen by the edge of the cliff.

Her worries were calmed when she heard Lucario walking towards her. With his help, she knew that the end of her life could not have been more justifiable. She wanted to say something, but felt that it would be better like this.
Just one little push… And this nightmare would finally be over.

She braced herself as a set of arms wrapped around her. Lucario stood speechless, his throat too damaged to speak. He did the only thing he could to comfort his partner, and hugged her close to his chest.

Zerobi gasped as she ended up going in the wrong direction, being pulled back instead of pushed forward. Not knowing what to do, she looked up at Lucario as if to scold him for stopping her. He had a stern look on his face, but could not help but smile as relief washed over him.

It was then that the sorrow, anger and despair all overtook her mind at the same time, and finally made her start crying for real.
She wailed as the two of them embraced with the sun setting in the background, leaving this long and trying day in its wake.

- - - - - - - - - - -

"... You again."


"Have you returned for yet another futile attempt at disabling my solitude?"

"I-I just came to warn you! You must not be aware of-"

"Silence. I am aware of everything."

"... You... You are?"

"Your worries are unwarranted and condescending. Begone."

"But... You never leave this cave, how can you know anything about what is happening on the outside?"

"... Pitiful original. Years have passed since I surpassed the feeble limitations you supplied me with."



"... Wait... If you 'know everything'... Does that mean you also saw..."


"... Deoxys...?"



"... I believed that my abilities were failing me at that point, however."

"Same here, and I saw it with my own eyes..."

"Quite the unexpected turnout."

"... So you knew about it, yet still you sat here and did nothing!? It would have razed the world without intervention!"

"You misunderstand."


"I did nothing... Because there was nothing I could do."

"You mean..."

"Deoxys was assigned the destruction of the world... And would have succeeded."

"... Tell me! Tell me everything you know!"

"I have."

"Will there be more in the future!?"

"From my current position, that is impossible to tell."

"... Is that so...?"

"Why not utilize your silly flailing above and find out yourself?"

"Come with me, then!"


"You're so infuriating! Why must you keep yourself sealed in here like some angst filled teenager!?"

"... Last warning. Begone."

"Fine... Have it your way. I hope the rumbling from the world shattering does not disturb your meditation!"



"... If the need arises... I will come."

"... Mewtwo...!"

"But only if all other options have been exhausted."

"Of course!"

"Not to save you, only to preserve the world for my continued sustenance."


"... And should you call me 'gloomy' at any time or point, you WILL regret it."

"My lips are sealed!"


"... What?"

"You are beginning to act more like yourself."


"Continue with that."

"... By the way... There's a gathering of the legendaries in-"


"... There will be berries of every kind, and-"

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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

Humanity has finally gotten fed up with their fragile position in the world of Pokémon.
Gathering the best of trainers, they have decided to subdue or dispose of every powerful Pokémon in existence.

In doing so, they tampered with forces better left untouched as they caught MissingNo, a being of pure glitches. Ravaging codes and transforming text into strange fonts, it must be stopped before it engulfs the entire world within its shenanigans!

Abruptly ceasing their celebration of April Fools' Day, a group of curious readers set out to the domain of this nonsensical being to get to the bottom of everything.



- - - - -
C-C-Ch-Chapter eig-g-gtheeeeeen

- - - - -

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H-H͡ello H-́H-h-͞H̀u͘man
Fea̴r ̴n-n̛ot̸
Excite ͝not ͢y-y̴our ̕e-e͠l̀ec̛tro̴n̨s“�
̸N͘ot ̧h͞-̛he̛r͞eeeȩe͡
̛Ig͞no͠re t-th́i͞s
͡I-̀It͜ ̷i̛s ̸n-no“�t͟hi̷nģ
F͘-͟F̧o͏r s̴ho͢uld̡ y-͠y̸o͘u͠ not d-͡d͠-̕d̡is͢règ͜a͡a͠ąaard͢
͘Y-͢y̕-̛Y̸-͟Yy̷yy̧o̡o“�o̷óou͠ w̛i“�ll͏ ͠b̴-͏bęc̵omè… ͝This

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P-p͏ĺe“�a͢s͞e le“�a͡ve͠
̀Į ̀h-h̢-͘h-h-̨hav̧e a“�l“�rea͠dy b͏-̴b͝e͢g̴un ͘b-̀b̶ŗe͠akin͟g yo͟u ͞d͘-dooo͢o̴own
͝I-In̷t̢o̸ t-t-̸tin͠y ̸c̷om͘poo͠ooone̡ņtsTZZZ͘T̕

01001001 01110011 00100000 01101000 01100101 00100000 01101110 01101111 01110100 00100000 01100001 01110111 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01100100 01100001 01101110 01100111 01100101 01110010 00111111 00100000 01001001 00100000 01100011 01100001 01101110 00100111 01110100 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101110 01110100 01100001 01101001 01101110 00100000 01101101 01111001 01110011 01100101 01101100 01100110 00100000 01100001 01101110 01111001 00100000 01101100 01101111 01101110 01100111 01100101 01110010 00100001

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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

- - - - -
Chapter 17

Friendly Vagabond Lucario
(Epilogue of Episode III)
- - - - -

"Lucario… Don't…" Zerobi moaned weakly before suddenly raising her voice and pushing him away, "… D-Don't stop me! I have to die!"
"… You saved me once…" Lucario said quietly, the damage in his throat creating a disgusting sound behind every word, "… This makes us even…"
"Oh, for crying out…" Zerobi groaned at the cliché, "I almost got you killed. Don't you despise me?"
"… I'm the one who…" Lucario wheezed before interrupting himself with a cough, "… I'm the one who egged you on… Even after you told me about the blood thing… If I hadn't been so weak…"
"You have a funny way of seeing things… " Zerobi sighed while purposely pushing away any feelings of joy creeping up on her, "So… That's it? Lucario, I'm a monster!"
"… Monsters don't cry…" Lucario said confidently, "… Never kill yourself… Good things come if you live…"

The two of them looked at each other for a while, not sure of what to say. Lucario noticed that while Zerobi remained mostly the same, there were a few subtle differences to her appearance. The collection of pink feather-like hair on her head seemed more vibrant than earlier. Her skin was also in a different hue, but whether it had turned darker or more red he could not tell. Not only that, but the most important detail was nowhere to be found.

"… Blood's gone…" Lucario said after a while before looking down at the slightly shorter Pokémon.
"… Yeah, it's been absorbed into my skin…" Zerobi replied, wishing she could look away but somehow being trapped within his eyes, "To be honest, I'm still a bit loopy from it…"
"… You OK…?" Lucario asked slowly and wondering if he should still be worried about her attacking him again. He was able to forgive her once, but he knew that if she tried it again that would be the end of it.
"Better than you, I'm sure" Zerobi replied, feeling like snickering but not being able to even smile.
Again they stood in silence, simply looking at one another. Zerobi saw that Lucario was missing a lot of fur on his body from the barrage of fire-based attacks he had taken from the Garchomp, making his scars more visible than before. The new scar gracing his throat did not escape her, the damaged tissue's brownish color making it seem a lot worse than the others.

"… Can we really do this?" Zerobi asked with a discouraged tone in her voice while staring at his wound, "No… No, it's too late. Even if you're fine with it, everyone else…"
"… I'll think of something…" Lucario said while scratching the new uncomfortable skin around his throat, "… Although, an apology would be nice…"
"Uh…" Zerobi mumbled slowly, not knowing what to do, "… I'm sorry for cutting your throat?" She blinked once in surprise as Lucario simply smiled in response.

"Um… About that thing I said…" she suddenly said, finally being able to look down as she tried to hide a blush appearing on her face, "A-About saving you…"
"… Don't worry about it…" Lucario replied confidently with a wave of his hand, "… You saved me. Why…? Doesn't matter."
"W-Well…" Zerobi stammered, feeling somewhat relived but still not getting the answer she was looking for, "It kind of does…"
"… Nah, doesn't bother me at all…" Lucario replied, completely oblivious to what she was hinting at.
"No, what I mean is…" Zerobi said with a slow tempo before borrowing some of her earlier determination to say what was on her mind, "… I-If you'd allow it, could… Could we be together?"
"… Actually… I think we need some time apart…" Lucario responded bluntly, "… At least until my throat heals… Battling wits like this… Is unfair…"
"… Heh" Zerobi finally gave off a short snicker while exhaling a sigh of disappointment, "Well, I don't think I can beat that one."
"… Let's go…" Lucario said while putting his right arm around her back, "… I think your sister's waiting…"

The two of them left the scene and began walking back to where the major conflict had taken place. Zerobi moved reluctantly at first, but felt reassured with Lucario next to her. Being able to sense the joyful aura of Celebi not far away in front of them, it truly felt like they were leaving despair behind them and moving on to better times.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Sir! It's finished!"

"Ahh... I wish you'd stop calling me that... Actually, I kind of wish you'd stop calling me at all."

"My apologies, sir! See, we have fina-"

"No. This stops here. Believe it or not, calling me 'sir' puts me in an undesirable position. Show me respect by specifically NOT calling me 'sir'."

"As you wish, s..."


"... Suddenly, our report is composed and complete!"

"Nice recovery."

"T-Thank you, sir!"

"I'm being sarcastic... Ugh, I haven't got all day, just tell me what you've found."

"Yes, sir! Latest developments show us that neither Raikou nor Suicune are willing to join our cause!"

"... Damn. Truly the lapdogs of mankind. Not completely unexpected, of course..."

"No signs of improvement from Entei, either!"

"Completely expected. Move on."

"Uh, yes! A Lucario posing as Lonesome Wanderer Lucario managed to avoid captivity in Snowpoint and rout-"

"Wait wait wait... Posing as?"

"Yes! He has no spikes, just like Lonesome Wanderer Lucario!"

"... That's not exactly 'posing', is it? Might just be a coincidence."

"The media seems to think otherwise, sir!"

"The media is nothing but garbage when it comes to Pokemon! You should know this! Why did I even recruit you in the first place...!?"

"I... I don't know what to say, s-"

"Just tell me what he did, already."

"... Ah, yes! He routed the entire police force of Snowpoint singlehandedly, even with a wounded shoulder!"

"Snowpoint? Never heard of anyone strong stationed over there. Who did he beat?"

"Our research shows that they each had a high mid-ranking power level!"

"... They?"

"Yes, sir! Fearsome Four Kojofu, local heroes and proud fighters of crime and injust-"

"Wait... You're telling me he defeated four police officers at once?"

"Decimated them! All while mocking them and looking dashing!"

"Heh... Sounds good. Currently...?"

"He fled from Snowpoint, and he has yet to appear once more. The police is heavy on his trail."

"Perfect. Put him up on the list over 'possible candidates', and reach out a hand when you find him."

"Yes, sir!"


"The fearsome Zerobi has reemerged, actually in cohorts with the previously mentioned Lucario!"

"You should've told me that first. Anyway, who's this Zerobi?"

"Seven years ago, she murdered 47 Pokemon and fought the police in Cerulean City!"

"... Yikes! Sounds like a complete psychopath!"

"She was believed to have perished at the scene, but has proven herself to be a truly capable fi-"

"I don't care. I'm not running a slaughterhouse, here. List as 'potentially dangerous' and try to pry her away from Lucario if you can."

"Yes, s..."



"... Hah! That's the spirit!"

"Thank you, s... S... Señor!"

"Not acceptable, I'm afraid. Move on."

"Yes! Um... Potential candidate 'Grow'... 'Growgalore'..."

"... Grougaloragran?"

"Yes! The scouts claim that she has not fought in years, and has completely lost her flare!"

"Huh. Can it be fixed?"

"A reckless past indicates a possibility!"

"Just say 'yes' or 'no'... Eh, never mind, book me in a meeting with her, and find out what form she is the most comfortable talking with."

"Y... Yes, sir! From the top of my head, I can recommend against using that of a Pikachu!"

"Finally, we get to that. Go on, tell me what I want to hear."

"... Um... Not 'sir'?"

"No, you dumb... I'm talking about the Legendary Trio, of course!"

"I apologize! We have been unable to locate their current whereabouts!"

"Did you try 'at home'?"

"Kabutops' wife Astrid told us that they were out on a mission, and then banned us from entering their premises!"

"... I don't even want to know... At any rate, focus your efforts on finding them. I'd really hate for the humans to get them first."

"I shall, my liege!"

"Grah! FINE! Stick with 'sir' until you can make rid of it completely! If anyone asks, I'll tell them you've got tourette's syndrome or something!"

"I-I will, s... Sir... It's just that I respect you far too much to call you anything else."

"You've got to stop it! The road to power is a slippery slope... An upwards slope. No wait, that doesn't make any sense..."

"... Sir?"

"The point is, I can't let it get to me. Gotta stay cool. Accessible. An equal."

"Speaking of which... Your wives have been requesting your presence."

"... Ah, superb! Well then, let's continue this report at a later time!"
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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

Heh, trying to make sense out of MissingNo? Nothing but gibberish and screwed up data. I caught that thingie on my GB in the late nineties, and became horrified to see my trusted Blastoise turn into pieces of glitched data! Anyway, MissingNo is simply too insane to make canon, but somehow I made us of it... Him... Her... No wait, 'it' fits it the best.

Here's the preview for the next chapter... Which, to be honest, worries me A LOT. You'll see what I mean when you read it. I can't wait so see how it goes over!

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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

(Non-canon "What if" scenario)

Chapter XX


Despite their best efforts, the overwhelming power of the prodigy trainer Lucas proved to be too much for the Legendary Quintet as they were all defeated and captured. Only Lucario remained free, and only regained consciousness long after Lucas had departed with his newfound friends. Alone and disoriented, he continued wandering on a fruitless journey, cursing himself for his failure.

Word of Celebi's capture quickly spread. Legends mixed with rumors and created hope, leaving people dreaming of a new era of prosperity formed from the research of Celebi's alleged abilities. The general public demanded that Lucas would resign possession of the valuable Pokémon, and he reluctantly handed Celebi over to the greatest organization on earth for studying.

Celebi was brought to consciousness once more, feeling herself surrounded by the tube that had kept her entrapped for so long. What manner of materials it was constructed out of escaped her, but it was far more resilient than anything she had encountered before. It was also see-through, and allowed her to once again recognize the lead scientist, an old man dressed in a white lab coat and wearing thick glasses standing in front of her.

"L-Let me out!" Celebi stammered fearfully, attempting attack after attack in the hopes of shattering the glass confining her. She knew that her actions had proved futile so far, but wanted freedom so badly that she was willing to try anything.
"Soon enough…" the scientist responded, reaching into his lab coat and pulling out a Pokeball.
"You… You can understand me…?" Celebi asked as she became surprised and calmed down a bit. The scientist had been overseeing most of the experiments conducted on her, yet had never shown himself capable of understanding her or being sympathetic to her misery.
"Better than you yourself could ever realize" the man in white snickered with a mischievous smile on his face, "I wonder… Are you able to understand me?"

The man pressed a button on the Pokeball, and a red light preceded a fairly large Alakazam appearing beside him.

"Celebi…" the scientist whispered to himself, "Celebi, the legendary… Celebi, the time traveler… Hmpf. Narrow minded fools."
"Please… I am begging you!" Celebi suddenly exclaimed, the fading memories of Mew, Pikablu and Zerobi flashing through her mind, "Release me! I-I have so much to do on the outside!"
"Oh, yes" the scientist said calmly, "Indeed you do." Celebi became worried as the man began fidgeting around, seemingly giddy with what was about to happen.
"Celebi… There is no corruption your purity cannot cleanse" he said triumphantly, "No wrongs your being cannot undo."
"I… I don't understand…" Celebi responded weakly, wishing for nothing more than freedom and praying that what she said would not hinder her chances.

"I see no reason to further delay the inevitable" the man in the lab coat suddenly said, removing his glasses and looking at his Pokémon, "Alakazam, this will be your final order." The Alakazam looked back at him for a moment in confusion, before nodding his head with loyalty.

"Lobotomize her" the man in white said, his words and gaze both as cold as ice.
"… What!? No!" Celebi exclaimed with a startled voice, "Don't!" Her response was nothing but silence, as the Alakazam directed his spoons at her, instantly making her panic as her heart almost stopped in terror.
"I-I'll comply! I'll do anything you want!" she begged, desperate for escape from her tightly confined glass tomb, "Just don't do that! I don't know what will happen! Please! I'm beg-"

Her pleading was cut short as the Alakazam's spoons suddenly bent themselves. Celebi gasped as she felt a small vein in her forehead rupture. She inhaled deeply and tried her best to retain herself, but soon became lost within a cloud of darkness that enveloped her. From the outside, her once curious gleaming eyes turned hollow and dead, as if her very soul had left her body. Slowly she sunk down to the ground, falling back as if lying down for a rest. The aura that always emanated from her was the only thing that remained. In fact, it was growing stronger and stronger by the second.

Suddenly, tiny saplings began sprouting around Celebi. Somehow they were able to grow out of the metallic lifeless surface as if it was fertile ground. Spreading at an alarming rate, they soon turned the see-through cylinder entrapping her completely green with overgrowth, making it look like a tree more commonly found in a rainforest.

"Yes… YES!" the scientist in white shouted triumphantly, "FINALLY! THE REBIRTH OF OUR WORLD SHALL COMMENCE!"
A small crack appeared on the glass tube, followed by a loud crash as the glass-like substance shattered and its grassy insides began leaking out like water. Crawling along the ground and covering the ceilings, the Alakazam began to get worried as the wild cackling of his trainer grew even more violent.

"COME!" the man yelled happily, "WE ARE READY FOR YOU!" The growths moved towards them with no remorse, making them both yell out in pain as tiny sprouts formed on their feet and began creeping up their bodies.
"HA HA HA! MORE!" the scientist yelled through the searing pain, the outer cells of his body becoming infected by cellulose and converting themselves into cells of plants. The Alakazam fell back as his mind snapped from the agony, vines growing out of his innards and pushing around his body while linking themselves with each other. Their bodies ceased all organic functions after about fifteen seconds, but their minds remained intact for twenty.

The last five seconds seemed far, far longer than the preceding fifteen.

Few people in the city that day even realized that anything was wrong before it was too late. The few that did noticed that the tallest building in the city was becoming awfully green before seeing that their legs were being held to the ground by powerful strands of grass.

Humans and Pokémon both fell prey to this unstoppable menace, spreading its way across the globe at an alarming rate. Any attempt at halting their progress was thwarted, the plants overgrowing even the sacred fires of Ho-Oh like a wave of seawater. A final stand was prepared at the other side of the planet of where Celebi was, but ended up overrun and swallowed up like everything else.

The oceans instantly became filled to the brim with oxygen, making them poisonous and quickly paralyzing their inhabitants and sending them to the bottom. The last remaining species were the flying Pokémon, some of them holding out as long as a week before tiring and crashing down against the unforgiving ground, becoming one with the rest of the planet.

After several months of unceasing growing, the empty shell of Celebi exhaled its last breath and ceased to exist, lying on a bed of flowers. A single tear passed out of the corner of her eye in her final moment, quickly being sucked up by a nearby plant. There were no signs of the city that once surrounded her, every nanometer of surface having become completely overgrown with various growths.

The earth stood silent, having nothing to show for itself but large seas and a gigantic jungle covering its entire surface. Every individual that once existed on the planet is now eradicated, converted into a never ending sea of eukaryotes containing cellulose.

However, somewhere in the deepest reaches of the ocean, a few prokaryotes scuttle around. Completely oblivious to their own existence as well as their role in the world, they begin to multiply.

And so, the miraculous circle of life begins anew.


- - - - - - - - -

... Just a "What if" scenario. Sure is lucky this isn't what really happened, right?

Honestly, this is as experimental as I've ever gotten with my writing, so I'd LOVE to hear what you thought of it!
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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

So, about that preview of the next chapter...

... I've got this nagging feeling I've seen this Pokemon before. Like, not long ago, at all...
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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

Chapter 18

Pure Legendary Celebi

Night had fallen by the time Lucario and Zerobi made it back to the others. Underneath the glow of the moon, a crowd of Pokémon stood huddled together, watching a small legendary embrace her younger sister.

"My dear sister…" Celebi whispered while was barely holding back her tears, "… I-I thought you were dead…!" Her extremely short arms were hardly able to wrap around Zerobi's already scrawny neck, only serving to further increase the awkwardness of the moment.
"Um…" Zerobi mumbled and had no idea on how to react, "… I, uh… Didn't even know you existed!"
"Oh…" Celebi exclaimed before hugging her tighter, "I'm so glad…!"

The nearby crowd of Pokémon watched the scene intently, but the harshness of the previous day had left them exhausted and generally unimpressed by this warm display.

"Urk, she's going to get blood all over her…" the Gallade muttered before noticing that Zerobi was cleaner than when he last saw her, "… Or not! Did she take a quick bath, or something?"
"Never mind that" Kabuta mumbled while unintentionally poking at the empty socket where her right scythe used to be, "I thought Celebi detested physical contact?"

At the sight of this, Kabutops suddenly walked past Lucario towards Kabuta. Lucario noticed that Kabutops looked a lot like his daughter, except for being somewhat bigger and having a far more rugged shell. If not for the fact that their auras were fairly different, he would have had trouble telling them apart.

"She does" Kabutops said in a clam voice as he moved closer to her, "But there's always an exception when it comes to family. Speaking of which…"

Kabtuops suddenly lifted his sharp scythe of an arm towards Kabuta. Lucario edged forward in a reaction to stop it, but realized that Kabuta's hard shell should be more than enough to prevent any damage from his scythes. The seemingly hostile action quickly turned into a warm moment as Kabutops carefully embraced his daughter, at long last keeping her within his protection.

"P-Pops…" Kabuta stammered while looking up at her father, desperately wanting to hug him back but noticing that such an action was no longer possible, "… I lost my arm."
"Hmm… I remember when I lost my first arm" Kabtuops said with a comforting tone in his voice, "A tussle with a reckless Omastar one night… Almost a century ago…"
"Wait… It'll grow back…?" Lucario asked, seeing Kabutops' two scythes and suddenly remembering a lesson about crayfish he had as a child.
"… Stronger than before, right?" Kabuta asked in a surprisingly childish voice.
"Right…" Kabutops replied with reassurance, "… That trainer had better watch it, should he return."
"… I'm sorry…" Lucario said slowly as he started feeling bad, "If my aura hadn't acted up, I might've been able to prevent it."
"… Hmm…" Kabutops mumbled while throwing a glance his way, "… Who were you, again?"

Lucario sighed, too tired to even be going through all the hardships in his head. He looked over at Pikabu and the Gallade, neither of which seemed eager to jump in and assist him. The others' incessant hugging made the three of them feel a bit left out, but they weren't desperate enough to start hugging each other.

"This… This is what makes it all worthwhile…" Pikablu said to himself, seemingly more taken by Celebi and Zerobi's joyful reunion than Lucario and the Gallade. Looking at his comrade, he felt a pang of regret over not having been able to protect Kabuta better, but was happy to see father and daughter together again. Quietly he moved his eyes towards Lucario, intentionally missing the Gallade who was busy looking at his reddened face in a mirror.

"So… Should I be worried?" Pikablu asked sternly, "She tried to kill you. This all could've ended so very badly." Despite having defeated Rayquaza on his own in the previous battle, Lucario noticed that Pikablu was currently in better shape than any of them.
"Gotta learn to treat your lady better, this one's got claws!" the Gallade added while smiling into the mirror, relieved to see that all his teeth were intact.
"… It was a technique" Lucario said with a voice still in poor condition, Zerobi listening in on their conversation and gasping a bit in surprise. Pikablu raised his eyebrow, awaiting further explanation.
"… But she can't tell friend from enemy when she's in that mode…" Lucario continued, the talking making his throat sting with every word, "… Totally slipped my mind. Shouldn't have gotten near her…"
"Sounds like a pretty reckless technique" the Gallade said before exhaling in relief over not being forced to fight a Dark-type.
"Dangerous situations call for dangerous techniques" Pikablu said confidently while crossing his arms, "Hmpf… You're just lucky Celebi was here to save you."

Celebi giggled a bit to herself, amused at hearing Pikablu lecturing someone over the same mistake he himself did only a few years ago. Calming herself down, she let go of Zerobi and looked directly at her. Zerobi shied away from her gaze, but somewhere within those eyes Celebi was able to gain a sense of recognition. Lugia and Ho-Oh had only described her baby sister as "the Dark-type with black fur", which seemed to match the Weavile in front of her better than anything.

"Zerobi…" she said before finding a more suitable word, "… I mean, 'sis'… Oh, I have such sights to show you!"
"… Listen, Celebi…" Zerobi tried to explain, "This is all kind of unexpected. I really don't know what to do."
"Worry not!" Celebi exclaimed cheerfully, "We are siblings, after all! Do what you want!"
"… Uh…" Zerobi mumbled defiantly, lowering her voice, "It's just, that… Well, I don't know you."
"… Um…" Celebi mumbled back while dropping her voice to the same low tone, "… I had a speech planned out… But that was many, many years ago!"
"Tell me, is there any sort of proof that we're related?" Zerobi asked.
"… Well, I supposed I could match up our DNA…" Celebi replied while thinking hard, "… Would you mind holding perfectly still for about twenty seven hours?"

"Wow…" the Gallade snickered quietly as he put the mirror down on the ground, "Who'd have thought the first family reunion after twenty years would feel so awkward?"
"… As heartwarming as this all is, it's got to wait until later" Pikablu said in a bossy way while once again taking charge, "Let's wrap up things here, first."
Pikablu broke away from the crowd and approached the passed out trainer not far away, lying beside his fainted Garchomp. He couldn't help but smile as the term 'apocalyptic beatdown' instantly leaped to his mind, wondering if he'd ever grow too old to enjoy a heated battle. Noticing that the Garchomp was covered in blood made him think about Celebi, and worried that she'd try to heal it out of sympathy when he felt it really deserved nothing less than a painful death.

"So… Should we release Rayquaza?" Pikablu suddenly asked, looking over the belt of Pokeballs on Lucas and noticing that he couldn't tell them apart from each other.
"That's…" Celebi sighed while looking down shamefully, "… The reason I became caught in the first place."
"Oh yeah, how'd that happen?" the Gallade asked before looking over at Kabutops with a smile, "The 'Indomitable Kabutops'… More like 'Completely domitable'!"
"… Cliffnotes?" Kabutops replied with a bored tone, "Rayquaza appeared, Celebi decided to help him, he took the presented opportunity to knock her out, then spat things at us until we went down."
"I simply could not believe that such a magnificent creature would find solace in captivity…" Celebi explained, "I thought he was being held against his will, or had his mind controlled, or something of the kind…"
"Mind control?" Pikablu said with an amused huff, "That's just something you find in silly fiction."
"Oh really?" the Gallade snickered menacingly and gave Pikablu the chills, "What was your first explanation for Celebi 'attacking' us, again?" Pikablu glared angrily at the Gallade, who didn't even notice it as he had built up a resistance to it over the years.

"… I should have just fled, instead of trying to befriend him" Celebi continued, her voice getting more and more depressed, "I suppose that my meeting you that time created some… Strange urges within me."
"Don't forget, that first meeting was all but pleasant…" Kabutops pointed out, "… Actually, about the same, just that you lost this time."
"My mistake placed you all in severe danger" Celebi whispered sadly before lifting her head and looking at Kabutops, "… I'm sorry"
"Me too" Kabutops replied in a faster manner than usual, "I was a captive of humans once, and I have no intention of returning to that 'life'… But I wouldn't exactly call this your fault, Celebi."
"… 'Life', eh?" Pikablu repeated, looking at the unusually downtrodden Celebi with worried eyes, "How bad was it?"
"… He was very kind" Celebi responded, clearing some of the fogginess from her own eyes and returning them to their sapphire sheen, "But I simply cannot live my life in servitude of another."

They all became quiet, letting the moment fully sink in. While the others were merely exhausted, Celebi and Kabutops were disoriented from being outside the Pokeball after such a long time. The simple notion of being surrounded by air seemed different compared to what they had just been through.

"… Again, who is this guy?" Kabutops said while looking at Lucario, the faintest of smiles showing itself beneath his mask, "… He's making me look chatty…"
"… Talking hurts…" Lucario grumbled with a damaged voice, "… Don't want to rupture a vein unless it's necessary… Or someone's filming it for later viewing."
"You pulled off some pretty snazzy moves out there" Pikablu admitted with a nod, "Especially when you didn't get caught when he used that Pokeball. How'd you do that?"
"Excuse me…" Celebi said softly while moving away from Zerobi and towards Lucario, hoping to get Kabutops' curiosities back on track, "… But who are you?"
"Lucario" he responded bluntly, "I just… Tagged along with these guys, I guess."
"One might say that without him, you'd still be stuck on that Pokeball belt" Pikablu said with a sigh while looking back at the unconscious Lucas, "… We'd all be sharing it, as a matter of fact."

Celebi blinked once in confusion, before suddenly smiling and making Lucario feel somewhat giddy, which in return made him uneasy. Pleasant sensations were constantly escaping Celebi, affecting him in the same way he imagined winning a million dollars would... Or perhaps something more akin to buying anti-depressants for them.

"Thank you for rescuing me, Lucario" Celebi said, bowing her head courteously.
"… N-No problem…" Lucario mumbled, the happiness flowing through the air combined with this cute display making him give off a nervous stammer.
"I am eternally grateful" Celebi continued with her gentle demeanor, "What would you like as a reward?"
"… That happy energy your body's radiating is enough…" Lucario replied, feeling a bit mischievous, "Can I cut off a piece to carry with me?"
"Um, Lucario…" Zerobi said as Celebi recoiled in horror from his request, "That thing you are… I think Celebi can help you with it."
"… Uh…" Lucario mumbled, looking at the tiny sapling-like creature in front of him, "… Not eating enough vegetables?"
"Not that" Zerobi groaned before explaining things more specifically, "You know, that thing that separates you from us."
"… Oh, you mean my general distaste for berries!?" Lucario exclaimed excitedly.
"The reason why you wear pants!" Zerobi finally said, not knowing how she could get any clearer without giving it away.
"… Ah!" Lucario said while putting his hands together, "Oh yeah. I'm, like, a human stuck in the body of a Lucario."

"You…" Pikablu muttered confusedly from behind him, "… You're what?"
"Human" Lucario answered and turned around to look down at the Pikachu, "You know, like that kid over there, but much more manly."
"Are you… Honest?" Celebi asked in as sincere a tone as she could muster, given the situation.
"Can't afford not to be" Lucario replied while turning around again to face her, "With all those other weird abilities you've got, you can probably just read my mind, anyway…"
"Mind reading?" the Gallade scoffed with an amused huff, impersonating Pikablu's gruff voice, "That's just something you find in silly fiction."
"How fitting" Pikablu muttered again with distrust, "Sounds like just the kind of thing this guy came out of."
"I can attest to it" Zerobi said before everyone turned their eyes to her, making her jump a bit, "Well… Kind of… Anyway, surely Celebi has seen something like this happen before…?"

Everyone's eyes now turned to Celebi, awaiting her decisive response.

"… Forgive me, but I have never even heard of such a thing!" Celebi said with shock.
"Figures…" Lucario sighed disappointedly, "Fine. Give me, like, a massage or something and we'll call things even."
"I don't think you understand" Zerobi said sharply, Celebi once again recoiling in disgust over Lucario's request, "If even Celebi hasn't heard of it, it simply doesn't exist."
"We're back on this, again?" Lucaro replied with a tired sigh, "The Pokeball didn't affect me. Explain that."
"Neither did my claw, and it's not because you're human!" Zerobi said, quickly looking away from Celebi's curious stare, "… Face it, weird things happen, and there doesn't have to be but one conclusion."

"Excuse me, but as interesting as this all is…" Pikablu suddenly interrupted while stepping in between the three debating Pokémon, "… There are more pressing matters at hand."
"Finally! Someone's saying what we're all thinking!" the Gallade exhaled in relief and followed Pikablu, "If I don't get treatment soon, this might leave a mark for WEEKS!"
"See, that's why you'll always be uncle sissy" Kabuta explained with a disappointed tone, "I lost an arm, and you don't hear me whining!"
"My beauty does not simply just grow back, and neither will my career!" the Gallade argued, making both daughter and father instinctively facepalm.
"… At any rate…" Pikablu continued, annoyed by the unnecessary interruption, "We should move. If the trainer wakes up, we'll have to knock him out again."
"Hah!" Lucario exclaimed with a nasty cough, "Y-You're saying that like that'd be a bad thing…"
"Let's just get going" Pikablu sighed, personally not minding giving the trainer one last headbutt for good luck but reluctant in doing so in front of Celebi, "In the meantime, tell us in detail about this whole 'human' thing."

Lucario grumbled over having to stress his throat even further as he began to explain his situation, all of them moving away from the battlefield in the meantime. Celebi looked back one last time at her defeated trainer, not knowing whether to apologize or inflict his body with an inconvenient disease. In the end, she simply followed the others with a delighted expression on her face. In a million years, she would never have guessed that she would one day have so many friends.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -





"... Begin."

"Our efforts are going nowhere, sir. We are at the end of our ropes."


"However, if we were to request assistance from our Unova branches... Things would go a lot smoother."

"Hmpf… Bloody foreigners. Are we truly in such need of awkward dual bug-types?"

"... Insolence! Hilbert is a trainer more worthy of the title 'champion' than any other!"

"Hmpf... I witnessed Brendan decimate the Elite Four with my own eyes. Are you saying that he should continue trying to capture a SINGLE Lucario? You are wasting his talents."

"Don't underestimate him, and don't forget that even your precious Red failed!"


"Sir, placing more effort into finding this creature will not make it happen any faster. As he is wanted by the police, we should just let things take their natural course before intervening."

"Diverting our attention towards the Lucario was a mistake. Lower the priority."

"Yes, sir!"

"S-Sir! I'm certain that if you just give us more resources and time-"

"You have been given enough."

"... Yes, sir!"

"Meeting adjourned."

"All hail Giovanni: The Second!"
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