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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 07-23-2011, 04:14 PM
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Default [WAR X] The Flare of Mt.Ember

"The Scientist said that there is something here, hidden somewhere Mt. Ember"

"And, something is strange with this wall. There must be a passage beyond this wall"
Two shady characters with a red R printed on their black outfit were talking about something. Then one of them send out a Raticate and used Dig to dig a hole on the wall. A chamber lied behind the wall. The two shady characters smiled. One of them said,"I knew it!"

They entered the chamber. White walls around, with many rocks along the path. They followed the only path. They walked farther inside, following the path they took. As they walked deeper, they could feel the air changed. Hot air came from the ground and walls.

And they ended up on a chamber with some huge rocks and big-sized stones. They could feel that they were on the right place to where the Scientist had told them. But, there were nowhere to go. It were a dead end. They checked around and found out that the huge rocks were stucked on the ground. Those huge rocks were hiding something.

"I knew it! And here we are at last!" a sound came from the path the two shady characters followed. They looked to where the sound was. A guy with glasses and white scientist suit walked towards them.

"Electivire, move those rocks away! We'll see what they're hiding," he released a yellow creature with two electric wires behind its body. Electivire used Strength and pushed away a rock. Nothing.

Then he tried another one. The third, the fourth, and the last one to deal with.

"Allright, I'm sure this one will lead us somewhere."

Electivire used Strength again and moved the rock from where it stood. A hole.
They smiled wickedly. The scientist took his steps and stopped in front of the hole, "Here I come!"

He jumped down, followed by his Electivire and the two guys in black outfit.

They landed to a small room with several stones. Something looked like altar was built in the middle of the room. And a red shiny gem was put there.

"The Ruby!" The scientist claimed.
The other two guys looked at each other, while the scientist stepped closer to the Ruby. He touched the Ruby. And something happened!

The rocks are Pokémon. Magcargo and Numel were glaring at them. The scientist ignored them. He took the Ruby from the altar. Kyagooo! A sound echoed somewhere.

They felt the air became hotter and hotter. Kyagooooo! They heard that sound again. They looked around, and found a craggy wall. Electivire smashed the wall and there were a hole behind the wall. They ran to the hole. Following the path.

"I've got the Ruby! My ambition will be coming true! Team Rocket is now mine. Who care about Giovanni anymore, he's a loser!" The scientist ran happily and stopped in front of a huge fire bird.

"Moltres...," the scientist watched carefully, making sure his eyes didn't make any jokes. Kyagooo! The blazing bird floated, its eyes showing rages. It flew up a little bit and did a nosedive to the scientist.

A Thunder Punch landed on Moltres's face. Electivire had launched an attack to save its master. Moltres fell to the ground. Moltres prepared itself for another strike from Electivire. It saw nothing were coming, Moltres used Flamethrower to Electivire.

"Use Light Screen! Run to that bird and use another Thunder Punch!"
As the order was stated, Electivire created a screen that protect itself from the fire and land another punch on Moltress.

"Use your Strength! Hit it without mercy!"
Electivire attacked Moltres continuously. Moltres couldn't do anything, Electivire was just too strong.

Suddenly, Fire Blast was launched on Electivire's back. Slugma and Magcargo were all attacking Electivire, helping their leader, Moltres. Electivire turned back, it released Thunderbolt to the lava gang. Then, another surprise attack came to Electivire. Geodudue and Graveler threw Rock Blast to Electivire.

"You know what to do, Electivire."
Electivire lookes at the scientist. Then used Wild Charge to the whole room. Moltres took a chance to flew up high when Electivire used Wild Charge. Moltres unleashed Heat Wave and used Sky Attack to Electivire. But Electivire had read the attack. It used Thunderbolt to Moltres and shocked Moltres. The Heat Wave was hitting Electivire harshly.

The two Rocket grunts sent out Hypno and Weezing to help Electivire. Suddenly the ground shaked, harder and rougher. Camerupt appeared. Its volcano-like back was boiling with hot magma.

Camerupt used Fire Blast to Electivire and Eruption to the the Rockets. Electivire couldn't stand any longer. Three Graveler came to it, hug it and used Explosion!

Electivire fainted. Weezing and Hypno fell back due to the Heat Wave and Eruption. The scientist and the two grunts tried to run. Slugma and Magcargo blocked the path.

Moltres and Camerupt came to them. Moltres used Fire Spin on the Rockets. Camerupt stepped slowly towards them, glared at them, then smashed the ground. The ground splitted and created an endless hole under the Rockets. They fell to the hole. Moltres flew to them and used its beak to take the Ruby from the Rockets.

Moltres gave the Magcargo the Ruby, then flew away. Camerupt went back to its resting place. Slugma and Magcargo went back to the altar and put the Ruby back there.

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