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Old 03-04-2011, 07:20 PM
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Thumbs up Battle Subway & Battle Frontier WiFi Challenge

Introducing ...

^credit to: Charmander009

The Battle Frontier Doubles Challenge, hosted by the Pokerus Empire, is a PE2K-wide phenomenon where all challengers, Pokerus Empire member or not, may take part. Challengers will acquire points, which they can then use to purchase prizes from the Pokerus Empire Clan Shop. This is a very exclusive offer and the only way for non-members to acquire some of the very rare and potentially powerful Pokemon we offer. Battles will take place with a member of the Pokerus Empire either partnered up with another member, or battling alongside a non-member.


We will be hosting a Battle of the Month here, which Lost Soul and Tsujin & Akai or Mr420 will decide between us to post here. We may also appoint designated "Battle Judges" to do this for us if they desire. Battle of the Month candidates will be put forth through nomination, which Lost Soul, Tsujin & Akai or Mr420 will evaluate.


-none as of yet-


Trainers who challenge the Battle Frontier Doubles Challenge will, as aforementioned, earn points based on their performance. Trainers not a part of Pokerus Empire are, however, limited to the "Eggs" section of the clan shop. This is because we have lots of eggs, and can continually make more, and if we open the entire shop to non-members we'll quickly be out of stock.

1 WIN - 10
2 WINS - 20
3 WINS - 30
4 WINS - 40
5 WINS - 50
6 WINS - 60


Of course, there are also some very important rules involved, but they are not as strict as PE2K standard rules.

-All Pokemon and items that the game will allow you to bring are allowed. This includes Wobbuffet, Wyanut, Garchomp, Salamence and "hax items".

-No hacks. This is non-negotiable. No participants will be awarded points if afterward a Battle Video is saved that Nintendo WFC will not accept because "There was a problem with a player's Pokemon".

-Battle Videos must be saved and uploaded after the Battle, then posted after in this thread so everyone can see. We will be hosting a "Battle of the Month", which will be displayed here.

-All battles must involve at least one member of Pokerus Empire. *If not then it is imperrative that one of the two challengers record the battle using your In Game Battle Recorder.

-Be respectful to your battle partner.

-a valid Pt, HG, SS or Gen V friend code is a must.

Gen IV Requirements
Platinum, Soul Silver, Heart Gold
FC & WiFi.
Use your Vs.Recorder
Must have Battle Frontier Access.

-Copy & Paiste this Form to help you find the right WiFi partner for the version you intend to take this challenge-

Take the Challenge

I intend to take the Battle Frontier Challenge: my FC

Now go forth, and have fun!

Pokérus Empire

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