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Default Arceus: A Deity in Need

In the beginning of time, there was Arceus. A mystical, loving, and beautiful deity, who always has been and always will be. This creature, also the very first Pokemon, roaming through out the Earth. From the wild grasslands and living rain forests, to the barren, polar ice caps and hot, dry deserts, Arceus loved everything in the world in which it inhabited. The way the seasons changed, how the weather always changed, even the sun and moon changed shifts to allow the other to rest left Arceus in awe. Arceus itself, was even more beautiful than anything the world had to offer. It closely resembled a white horse, with a smokey, hazy aura surrounding its body. Standing 10'6" and weighing 705 pounds, Arceus was something to behold.
However, no one had ever seen Arceus. As the earth become populated with humans, Arceus kept out of sight. "This is their world. I am just a visitor," Arceus said to itself in a voice sounding like a waterfall. Arceus never revealed itself to humans because Arceus was uncertain as to how they would respond to him. Humans were taught that monsters and other mythical creatures, were simply make believe and fairy tales. Some monsters were nice and funny while others were very scary. Arceus chose not to put humans in a position of chaos. Revealing that one actually existed would cause man kind to fear the world in which they lived, or so he thought.
After thousands of years, Arceus realized that he was lonely. He saw how the humans grew to love and trust each other. He wanted the same thing. His own family, one that would love and trust him and that he could give back in the same manor. He decided to create himself another Pokemon. With his abilities, he could create anything he could think of.
So one day, he went deep into the Viridian Forest. Arceus concentrated and changed his abilities to become those of psychic abilities and even changing his color to purple. He used his unmatched abilities and created a white cat like Pokemon. Its legs resembled those of a cats, while having short arms, a long tail, and blue eyes. This Pokemon had a high pitched voice as it took its first breath and opened its eyes. It looked at Arceus, knowing Arceus had just given it life. Arceus's eyes filled with tears as creature began to move about. It was very child like, almost like a kitten. It floated through the air, sniffing at the grass and trees and then taken by surprise when a gust of wind blew it to the ground as it tumbled about. Arceus looked at his new, beautiful creation and exclaimed, "You are my son, my beautiful son, and I shall call you Mew!"
Mew began to float in circles very child like. It began to speak, "Mew Mew Mew Mew." Mew was in complete question. Arceus smiled and spoke out, "Who am I you ask? I am your creator, Arceus. I have given you life, my son." Arceus stopped speaking as he watched his new and most beautiful creation spin and dance around, so innocently. Arceus only smiled as he went on saying, "I want you to be able to enjoy this world with me. To share as an inhabitant." Mew looked at Arceus and simply said, "Mew?" Arceus understood everything Mew spoke. "Yes. You. I have chosen you. Let me take you into the world."
Arceus put Mew on its back as it galloped throughout Kanto, showing Mew all the splendors of the land. The forests in Viridian, the caves near Lavender, and the ocean surrounding the volcano on Cinnabar Island. Mew took everything in like a sponge. Arceus changed its abilities to that of a bird, which gave him a brownish color and began to fly about in the sky. Arceus explained to Mew how they could never reveal themselves to humans and co-exist with them. Mew was astounded by the beauty of the land and everything it had to offer. It watched as it moved through forests and oceans. Its eyes left wide open, never blinking.
For many years, Arceus and Mew shared in the glory of the world. Arceus grew to love Mew even more over the years. Arceus never let Mew out of his sight, for fear that something might happen to it. Mew, however, was quite capable of protecting itself but because it was only a child, it hadn't hardly began to tap its power. It had great Psychic abilities. He explained to Mew that one day he would have great powers similar to Arceus's psychic abilities. Arceus shared all his secrets and powers with Mew, even his gift to change his type and abilities. Mew giggled as Arceus told Mew stories of many humans and the things they did.
Arceus, then decided he wanted an entire family of Pokemon. Humans had families, consisting of many people. Some families were large, while others were small, yet the size made no difference as they all loved each other. Arceus wanted the same thing. He told Mew of his plan to slowly introduce a world of Pokemon to the human world. Arceus told Mew he feared that humans would not accept them since humans were very bad at accepting anything different.
Arceus looked over the world. There were four lands: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Shinnoh. Arceus decided to create his own family and send them into the world with the humans. He knew it was a risk, that some humans may not take to kindly of finding creatures not known to them. For many years, Arceus created Pokemon after Pokemon, so as to introduce them to the world slowly, rather than all at once. Both he and Mew came up with many ideas, Pikachu, an electric mouse, with yellow fur, a lightning bolt shaped tail, and red cheeks. Taillow, a black bird, with a white and red chest and yellow beak. Grimer, a purple, sludge like creature with a poisonous body. Each one was created beautifully and Arceus loved them all. He gave each unique abilities and interests. Some could make fire or ice, while others had great fighting abilities. They were each given one or two of Arceus's "types" to give each one a link to him as family.
Just as humans change as they age, the same could be said about these Pokemon. Some change overtime through certain stones, others had to be handled just right. It was a really tricky, yet astonishing ability. Some Pokemon spoke only their name, while others managed to make other noises like a growl or screech. Arceus was the only one to speak aloud as a human could.
The humans took to them interestingly. Some enjoyed training and battling them, some wanted to study and learn about them, and other loved them as pets. However, there were others who used them for personal gain. Arceus was not pleased with this. What bothered him even more was that unlike humans, who loved other humans more than anything, Pokemon also seemed to love humans more than anything. Being with other Pokemon in the wild was amazing for Pokemon. It was like a big brotherhood, as everyone got along. But when a human adopted a Pokemon, the Pokemon clearly took to the human like a god, usually. This would explain why the humans who were out for their own interests and gains had no problem when their Pokemon was needed to help. The Pokemon they used seemed to love to help. It seemed that it became a necessity to help a human master; even if it was for evil intentions.
The humans created what is now called a "Pokeball" to contain these great beasts. Arceus didn't understand how a Pokemon would enjoy being in a Pokeball with humans. Inside the Pokeball was a safe haven, for rest and even meals while also having complete awareness as to what the human was doing. Each time a Pokemon was let out and call forth, it always tried to prove its worthiness to a human, usually from a battle or other contest.
Arceus, let the Pokemon and humans interact. Even though having the humans do with the Pokemon as they please was not Arceus's idea of a world of Pokemon, he let it be as it was. He loved them. He loved them all and gave them free will. He soon realized that the humans, the evil ones, out for personal gain, not only used their own Pokemon for evil acts, but would attempt to steal other humans Pokemon. Arceus did not like this at all. Such evil! Arceus wanted nothing more than to live in a world of love. Eventually, overtime the Pokemon and their humans grew very numerous. The evil ones covered the world and Arceus could no longer watch over the Pokemon. Even a deity has its limits. Arceus went to a forest, deep and far enough not to be discovered. He then decided he needed help to watch the world. He decided to create four Guardians. Each Guardian was put over each of the four lands. Each Guardian was responsible for watching over the land it was assigned to, using its wisdom and gifted abilities. Each Guardian was also given a number of Protectors, who were much stronger than the Guardian, yet loyal. The Protectors would be the ones to intervene if necessary. The Protector was also responsible for keeping the Guardians safe as well, as the Guardians were not made for drastic combat.
Out of all his beautiful creations, Mew was still his personal favorite. He decided to make Mew his first Guardian. He put Mew as Guardian of Kanto. He knew Kanto was, of all four lands, the safest region. He dared not to put Mew into any serious danger. He created three legendary elemental birds of fire, lightning, and ice. Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. Each having characteristics of its elemental type. All three took to Arceus and Mew with great love. Arceus instructed the three to protect Mew and the land. Arceus watched as his new creations went into the land of Kanto to begin watching over it and its Pokemon. Arceus watched Mew vanish from sight. He knew Mew was in great care and safety.
He began to create more Pokemon. For Johto, he created Celebi as its Guardian. Johto was a little more overrun with evil than Kanto, so he created three legendary beasts to run along the ground at high speeds. Entei, Suicune, and Raikou, each having elemental powers of fire, water, and lightning. He also created two winged beasts, Ho-oh, a mystical bird of Fire and Lugia, a very powerful Guardian with powerful psychic abilities. As with the Kanto creations, he showed them the land they were given to watch and sent them into the world.
For the Hoenn region, Arceus created Jirachi. Hoenn was covered with evil organizations so Arceus created even more Protectors for Jirachi. A team known as The Regi's was created. Regirock, Registeel, and Regice. They were assigned to different caves that many organizations were intruding and disrupting many Pokemon habitats. Then he created Kyogre, a blue water Pokemon, responsible for watching the waters and Groundon, a massive, red, land Pokemon, responsible for anything on land. Rayquaza, a beautiful snake like dragon, who kept watch high above in the sky. Arceus saw that Hoenn had to major organizations: Team Magma, and Team Aqua. He then created Latios and Latias, both having dragon and psychic ablilities and each given one team to watch over.
For Shinnoh, Arceus created Shaymin as the Guardian and the Protectors were Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia. Shinnoh proved to be a rather well kept and safe land. He looked out at all his creations and smiled. He admitted to himself, his favorite was still Mew. Arceus then rested as he was tired.

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Default Re: Arceus: A Diety in Need

For thousands of years, everything stayed in check. Every now and then, Protectors had to step in to stop extremely evil deeds from organizations such as Team Rocket whom had now spread into Johto as well. The Protectors were always eager to step in when needed. Only on special occasions did events go to extremes. In one epic event in Kanto, an evil mad man by the name of Ben Dover created a powerful device to catch legendary Pokemon. Having scouted the whereabouts of Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos, he captured them. The man then discovered Mew, who fled in fear and alerted Arceus. Arceus went out himself and freed them, stopping Dover from his evil plans.
The Almighty Arceus never had a problem with getting involved if it meant saving his beloved Pokemon. His heart went out to each and everyone of them. He never once thought about the earth and its beautiful offerings as it paled to the creations whom he loved. He always made sure to visit and check with each Guardian. Most of his time he spent with Mew in Kanto. He looked at Mew, thinking how majestic and beautiful Mew had always been. "My son, I have loved you from the day you were born. You have always held a special place in my heart. I will always be here for you," he said to Mew.
One day, just another day, Arceus was approached by Zapdos. Arceus could sense distress in Zapdos as it screeched allowed and in panic. Arceus felt his stomach tighten and fear strike him. He stood with his mouth wide open as he said, "What? Mew is Missing? For how long?" Zapdos again let out an ear splitting cry as Arceus repeated, "Five days!? We must find him! I will alert the other Guardians. Keep searching for him! He wouldn't just go missing. Something has happened! It must be the humans! They have discovered him!"
With that Arceus sped over the land alerting the other Guardians who ordered the Protectors to search their own land in search of Mew. Arceus returned to Kanto and ran about over the land. Arceus feared the worst. He had been so wrapped up in his enjoyment and love with all of the Pokemon that he hadn't even thought about the possibility of losing another. There had been close calls with out Guardians and Protectors but Mew had never been involved. "Out of all of them and it had to be Mew," Arceus said to himself. What had happened? Arceus cried openly as he raced around searching.
Arceus's attempt at finding Mew failed. He was no where to be found. Arceus then called for all Guardians and Protectors to search Kanto. He hoped the other three lands would be safe for the moment. For ten consecutive days, they searched for Mew. Never resting, never eating, and never forgetting their mission. However, Mew was no where to be found. As many of the searching Pokemon stopped in order to rest, Arceus stood on a cliff, overlooking the city of Cerulean, he couldn't think of anything but Mew. He wept and cried aloud as he wished for one more chance to see Mew. Rayquaza approached and gave a high pitched screech as Arceus said, "I can't find him either, but I can't give up." Rayquaza made a cry of agony and despair as Arceus spoke, "No, I would rather not consider that Mew is actually gone. He has to be somewhere." Arceus feared Rayquaza was right. Rayquaza had always been very down to earth mentally and the best Protector and adviser Arceus had. He pushed the thought of Mew gone, away.
Three years had passed since the disappearance of Mew. Arceus had a very hard time moving past his loss. He knew Mew wouldn't want him to be sad forever. So overtime, Arceus tried to move on. He created another Guardian to take Mew's place. Cresselia, a Pokemon with lunar abilities. In Arceus's heart, it did not take the place of Mew but was very fitting for the role of Guardian.
One day, Arceus realized he hadn't heard from the Guardian of Kanto. He went through the land and found, laying on top of the caves of Seafoam Islands, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. Each one laid beaten and battered, barely breathing. Arceus cried as he stood by them asking, "What happened? Who did this?" The weak Articuno let out a weak chirp as Arceus said, "You don't know? Where is Cresselia?" Articuno looked to the water surrounding the island and floating in the water was Cresselia. Arceus realized something had attacked. "The humans must be up to something, no doubt!" Arceus exclaimed.
Arceus took all three Protectors and Cresselia deep into the Seafoam Island Cave and left them all to rest and recover. He knew they would survive but he could not risk anyone finding them. He sealed the entry way to the cave shut and took off into the world. He searched over the land, finding nothing out of the ordinary or out of place. He took over, watching the Kanto region for several weeks, while at the same time, checking in on the four at Seafoam Island.
A few days later, he had heard that Lugia and Ho-oh had been severely injured. Arceus ordered Entei to come to Kanto to watch over the four at Seafoam Island. As Arceus journeys to Johto, he found Lugia and Ho-oh beaten severely. He ordered Suicune and Raikou to stay out of sight, fearing whatever human was attacking the legendaries, would hurt them to. Arceus felt so lost and confused. He would not let humans take over like this. The thought of a human terrorizing all of his beloved was not something Arceus would let go.
Over the course of a few weeks, many of the Protectors and Guardians were found injured. None could explain what happened and Arceus never arrived in time to see the humans attacking. Arceus called the only two Protectors remaining. Palkia from Shinnoh and Rayquaza from Hoenn. The others had been hidden from the humans to keep them safe. He met them at Seafoam Islands as he spoke to them, "We need to keep out of sight. The humans seem to know where we are. I must keep both of you safe." Palkia shook his head and let out a low rumble in its throat. Arceus looked at Palkia pained saying, "No we cannot kill the humans. Its not our choice to make. That wouldn't be right."
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Default Re: Arceus: A Diety in Need

Palkia stared at Arceus in surprise as it roared aloud. Arceus shouted back, "No! You will not take matters into your own hands! You are to stay here! I fear they may attack you as well!" Palkia lowered its eyes nodding, knowing it should not question or go against Arceus as he was very powerful and could easily stop Palkia anyways. Arceus gave a giant yawn as he realized it had been a long time since he had rested. Rayquaza screeched silently as Arceus said, "Fine, I will rest. You two wake me if anything stirs."
The two spread out, keeping in sight of Arceus. Arceus laid down and fell asleep almost immediately. He hadn't realized how tired he really was. As Arceus slept for several hours, he dreamed of all his Pokemon with him. Everyone enjoying the companionship they all brought each other. From the powerful Charizard and the temperamental Primeape, and to the helpless Metapod and pathetic Magikarp, each one was significant.
His dreams turned to Nightmares as it got very cold in the atmosphere. Arceus awoke to hearing the cry of Rayquaza following a loud "thud". Arceus stood up as it saw Rayquaza laying on the ground motionless, except for very labored breathing. Upon surveying the area, Palkia also lay on the ground about fifty feet away. The humans were here! Arceus looked around but saw no one on the ground. Arceus was so confused.
A white spec caught Arceus's eye in the sky. Arceus changed to having flying abilities and flew into the air. As it got closer he noticed it was some kind of creature. It was not a Pokemon. Arceus knew he had not created something like this. As he got within one hundred feet of it, he saw it staring back at Arceus. It was a long creature, most of its body was white and humanoid. Arceus thought it resembled...Mew! But it was not Mew, but closely to an adult version of what Mew might have been. The legs were like an elongated version of Mew's and its arms were longer and the three fingers on each hand were bigger. Its tail was also long and purple, as was its stomach. Its eyes were evil though. Although it looked like Mew, Arceus knew it was not a Pokemon.
It looked at Arceus and spoke, clearly just as Arceus could without moving its lip, "What are you?" The voice itself sounded like a dark, howling wind. Arceus replied, "I am a Pokemon. The first Pokemon. The defender of all the beautiful Pokemon of this world. I am the deity of all Pokemon!" The creature lifted its chin a little higher as it narrowed its eyes says, "You are the one called Arceus..." Arceus ignored the question and asked his own, "What are you?"
The creature stared at Arceus and said, "I am a Pokemon! The ultimate Pokemon!" Arceus shook his head saying, "I created all the Pokemon in this world. I did not create you. You are NOT a Pokemon." The creature then began, "I was created not by you, but by humans." Arceus's eyes opened wide as he listened to the creature continue, "My name is Mewtwo, the strongest Pokemon in the world!" Arceus thought it odd of its name. This...Mewtwo having so many characteristics as Mew was unbelievable. Mewtwo went on saying, "My structure was cloned from a small white cat like Pokemon the humans captured in the wild. They extracted its DNA and created a clone. However, they used their technology to raise the psychic powers of that white cat to high, very high standards. Once I awaken, they only wanted to control me and to use me for their own personal gain!"
Arceus now knew what had happened to Mew. This Mewtwo had been created by humans but not by choice. He could not blame Mewtwo for having any of Mew's abilities but its actions were a different story. He was also quite saddened to hear that Mewtwo had been simply another Pokemon, if you could call it that, used be humans for their own bidding. Arceus spoke, "Humans are sometimes very selfish, but simply avoid them and they will do you no harm." Mewtwo shouted back, "I will destroy them for this! They have no right to control me like that!" Arceus tried to defend the humans, "That is not our choice to make. Free will is given to them, just as it is you and me. As Pokemon, we cannot take their lives."
Mewtwo scoffed at Arceus saying, "I take no orders from you! I am not part of your band of pathetic human lovers! I do not believe in giving second chances. I will wipe out the humans and any Pokemon that get in my way!" Mewtwo paused and then repeated, "Any Pokemon."
Arceus said, "I will not let you destroy this world I have worked so hard to create." Mewtwo replied, "You don't have a choice." Lightning boomed overhead as rain poured over both Pokemon. Arceus shivered a little at the cold rain as it refreshed him. He realized he was the only being standing between the humans, his Pokemon, and total destruction.
Arceus charged forward, not allowing Mewtwo a chance to strike. He changed his typing to that of pure darkness. He knew if Mewtwo WAS anything similar to Mew, it would be psychic abilities. Mewtwo simply stood there as it launched from its hands, a powerful white Aurasphere of energy. Arceus did not react fast enough as it felt the ball smash into him. Arceus staggered back as the ball was extremely painful. Before Arceus reacted, Mewtwo was launching sphere after sphere at Arceus. Arceus was still very fast as he dodged them. Arceus changed his typing to having abilities of psychic powers also. This gave Arceus some resistance to the spheres as it charged straight through them all. It let forth a giant beam of purple hyper energy. Mewtwo dodged. For the first time, Mewtwo had moved from where he levitated. Arceus almost lost sight of Mewtwo as it dodged with ease. The speed of Mewtwo was incredible. Even faster than Arceus.
Arceus made another attempt to advance. He used his psychic abilities to put pressure on Mewtwo. It was like wrapping a imaginary bubble around Mewtwo. Arceus was able to squeeze the bubble around Mewtwo. He concentrated most of the pressure on the throat of Mewtwo. Mewtwo stood there, looking helpless as it closed its eyes feeling the pressure. Arceus had no problem killing this creature. He hoped he could snap its larynx. As Arceus kept trying, he felt an outside energy push his own bubble of energy away, taking control of it in fact. Arceus felt his own imaginary bubble wrap around him and crush him. Along with that was an even more powerful bubble which must have been Mewtwo's. Mewtwo did not even move as it simply looked at Arceus, who was now crying out. Arceus concentrated, changing its form back to darkness. Both bubbles vanished.
Mewtwo spoke, "So, Mew's memory was correct. You can change your abilities. Most impressive. If you bow before me now, then I will let you live and we can put an end to these humans once and for all!"
Arceus shook his head and replied, "I will not surrender all that I have worked for, all that I have created, and all that I love."
With that, the two began to battle again. Arceus fought with everything it had. However, Mewtwo was just to powerful. Eventually, Mewtwo was able to determine the type that Arceus shifted to. Arceus stood, tired and weary. At this point, he was in his normal state. Mewtwo stood without moving a muscle. It clearly was not tired. Arceus had yet to land a single attack. It began to fire many hyper beams in all directions, causing Mewtwo to judge the path of each one so he would not be hit. Arceus took Mewtwo's moment of distraction and fired many arrow shaped shots of light. They surrounded Mewtwo, striking him while he was unaware. The blast was so powerful it sent Mewtwo crashing to the ground. As the dust cleared, Arceus stared at the ground saying, "Judgment has been dealt!"
A moment later, Mewtwo climbed to its feet. It looked up at Arceus. The blow had taken a serious toll on Mewtwo. Mewtwo closed its eyes and concentrated for a few seconds. Little did Arceus know that Mewtwo was recovering its energy. Once it had rested, it rose back into the air, again staring at Arceus. Arceus couldn't believe that Mewtwo was so healthy again. He could only assume Mewtwo had healed itself. Arceus shuddered, what else could he do? Before he could think, Mewtwo shot its arm out as if to reach for Arceus. It used its psychic powers to choke the life from Arceus. Arceus began to change type back to darkness, only to take several Auraspheres. Mewtwo was relentless. Blood was all it would except. Arceus crashed to the ground as he lost focus and his typing changed to normal. He laid motionless on the ground as Mewtwo grinned. "I am the victor. The Almighty Arceus has fallen. Now I will finish you!"
Mewtwo rolled up its hands, created a dark ball of energy. Arceus had only one chance. It began to run at an Extreme Speed and dodged the energy ball. It made a straight dart for Palkia and Rayquaza and retreated. Mewtwo looked around, failing to see Arceus anywhere. "I will find you or destroy this world, which ever comes first!"
As with the rest of his Guardians and Protectors, Arceus hid Rayquaza and Palkia, making sure to take care of them. Arceus stepping out of the Seafoam Islands cave where he left them and walked out into the sunlight. "This world as I once knew it, is finished. That powerful..." Arceus wept, thinking of his beloved Mew and all they had been through together. Was Mew still alive? Or had his pure heart been sacrificed in the creation of such a demonic being. Arceus could think of nothing but the fact was over. He could think of nothing to do that would change the tide. Nothing in all of his powers could stop Mewtwo.
Just then, he heard the voice of a small boy. He glanced out at the shore of the ocean and he saw a boy, perhaps about twelve, giving directions to a small, blue turtle. This one was a Squirtle. The two were battling a Staraptor. A large bird with a small beak but large talons. It flew overhead stooping at the tiny turtle. Arceus realized the boy must not have been in his right mind as the large bird would surely catch the Squirtle and possibly make off with it. As the Squirtle tried to fight back it was clear the Staraptor had the advantage in the air and much faster. After a few more minutes, the Squirtle took the Staraptor down with a mighty Skull Bash. The boy then through a Pokeball at the beaten Staraptor and claimed it. After that, he picked up his Squirtle as he hugged it tightly shouting, "You were amazing Squirtle! That crazy big bird wanna-be didn't stand a chance!" The Squirtle was clearly happy as it cheered and laughed and smiled with the boy.
Arceus stood up quickly, realizing something. The boy on his own would clearly not have been able to catch the Staraptor alone, nor could the Squirtle have survived against the bird on its own. However, together, they proved to be a formidable team. Such a childish team, was able to take on, defeat, and capture a dangerous predator. Arceus then thought to himself of an idea. Perhaps, if he were to put his Protectors and Guardians in the hands of some of these humans...special humans...loving, kind, and pure humans...that maybe as a team, just maybe...this evil threat, known as Mewtwo could be stopped.
With that, Arceus flew into the air quickly. He had to begin searching for the purest hearts and greatest trainers that he could. Someone who loved Pokemon and put as much effort into the task as the Pokemon did to prove itself to the human. Perhaps there is still hope for this world!
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Default Re: Arceus: A Diety in Need

Ever since being a little boy, Eishiba had loved pokemon. Seeing all the different ways pokemon were used in the world gave Eishiba the realization that he could choose many different options and still interact with pokemon. His father, Zayin, his mother Zellerina, and little sister, Jessie was his family members. His dad was a pokemon trainer, and a good one. He was tall and dark; well built for his age of 39. He had two pokemon. One was a Machoke, the other was a Marshstomp. His father always got up early in the morning and went for a long run through the grasslands along route 11 and went through Lavender town and further north consisted of rock climbing through the Kanto Rock Tunnel. Inside the giant cavern, he would strength train by lifting boulders and hurdling them as far as he could. Then he and his two pokemon would toss boulders back and forth as another test of speed. Once through that, he made his way to Cerulean city where he normally took a break to stop and talk with his old friend Misty, the Cerulean city gym leader. Once finished, he then crossed through Saffron City and back to Vermillion. The training normally lasted 5-7 hours. (I mean seriously, no one has a job in this pokemon world, except for the pokemon marts since we all know that pokemon centers give services FOR FREE. So we know those jobs won't be getting shipped over seas!)
Eishiba had tried a few times to go along but usually wore out rather quickly. Eishiba would always take his Mankey with him, which usually outran him, if it would go without putting up a fuss. The tiny Mankey was always full of steam. Zayin always found it funny that a simple Mankey never seemed interested in obeying his trainer. When his dad had found the Mankey, it had been caught eating the Leppa Berry's from the family tree, planted in the back yard. Even with Max Repels sprayed around the yard, the Mankey somehow found a way to suck it up and be a man...or in this case...a pig monkey, and eat the Leppa Berry's. His dad's Machoke had restrained the Mankey and was going to take it to the Pokemon Shelter. Eishiba insisted that his dad let him keep it, since it was the first wild pokemon around their very house. His dad agreed but warned Eishiba that Mankeys tend to be quick to anger. Eishiba thought very little of it and tried to befriend Mankey. Eishiba tried to pat his new Pokemon on the head but in return, was hit with a strong punch to the face. Eishiba began to try to give Mankey Leppa Berries to calm it down and over time, Mankey learned to chill out...only when its anger was not on the high. At furious times, Leppa Berries meant very little to it.
Eishiba also was in possession of a Squirtle. The Squirtle was found during a camping trip in the Safari Zone. Trapped under a fallen tree and injured, Eishiba's dad nursed it to health. Eishiba became friendly with it as it was more calm and easier to befriend than Mankey was. Squirtle, however, was not as energetic as Mankey and tired out on the long runs with his dad.
Then there is Torchic. When Eishiba turned 10, he was allowed to get another Pokemon. He went with his sister and she pointed out a Torchic. Both he and his sister fell in love with it. Upon walking home with it, they soon found out how much of a klutz it was. It walked weakly and lightly on its scrawny little legs. It tripped and fell many times, only to hop back up to keep up with her new family. Eishiba attempted to take it with him on a run, only to decide against it when he thought of what might happen to it if it fell in the Rock Tunnel. Even a gust of wind knocked the poor torchic over as it struggled to keep up with its family. (Imagine this Torchic like Dawns, only we don't have to sit through Dawn's stupid self either haha.)
Eishiba woke up to a bright morning. The cool, crisp air came through the glass window of his room. He opened his Golden brown eyes to see his squirtle sleeping next to him. He patted Squirtle on the head as he sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He pushed his orbed hair downHis sister was up playing with her pet Meowth. Eishiba wasn't very fond of the Meowth. It smelled like any other feline and disliked the idea of cleaning its litter box out. He dressed in a pair of jeans, a red tee shirt, and some tennis shoes. He walked out to see Jessie running down the stairs of his family's two story house, wiht her Meowth next to her. Behind both of them was Torchic. The thing tried to keep up and rather than walked down the steps, went bumbling down all 8 steps, tumbling and crashing to the bottom as if it was a golf ball. Jessie turned and laughed as the little Torchic stood up and kept running after her and Meowth like nothing had happened. Eishiba shook his head and thought, "I'm surprised there is anything in the world to have less brains than my sister." Eishiba and Squirtle made their way downstairs. In the corner of the tiny living room, which consisted of a single couch, was his sleeping Mankey. Eishiba walked quietly to it and kneeled down. He watched it for a few moments as Jessie joined him cautiously with her Meowth and his Torchic. She whispered to him, "He looks kind of cute for a monkey."
"Pig Monkey", Eishiba corrected.
With her brown pig tails, blue eyes, and small figure, the 8 year old mocked him without making any voicing sounds. Eishiba turned to see Squirtle open its mouth and spray a small stream of water at the sleeping Mankey. Mankey awoke in a rage. It cried out as it began thrashing around. Eishiba turned to Squirtle and shoved him playfully saying, "Good going, RUN!"
With that, Eishiba and Squirtle ran back up stairs and peeked around the door of Eishiba's room, with Jessie and Meowth behind them. Mankey stopped for a moment and was deathly silent. It looked around, and seeing no one, became angered by its own loneliness. Then there was a chirp. Mankey looked to see a harmless Torchic, walking closer to Mankey, unaware of its anger. Torchic took a few steps and fell face first. Mankey stared at it with evil eyes as the Torchic made its way across the floor, aimlessly.
Eishiba went to the kitchen and grabbed a Leppa Berry and handed it to Mankey. Mankey slapped it out of his hand and watched it role along the floor. It stopped rolling and Mankey's curiousity took over. It walked to the Berry and sniffed it. Mankey sat down in the floor and began to take small bites off the berry. (Which I don't know how in the hell a mankey eats?!?!?!) As it ate, Eishiba sat next to it. Mankey seemed calm for the moment.
Eishiba went outside to their backyard to pick a few more Leppa Berries to save for later and much needed causes. He passed his bicycle which he hadn't ridden in a while. He notice the tire was flat. He then decided a trip to Cerulean City was in order. The Bike Shop would be able to fix this problem. He hurried inside and put his three pokemon back into their pokeballs.(What does a Pokemon do in its Pokeball anyways?)
As Eishiba pushed his bike to the front yard, he spotted the gym leader, Lt. Surge, outside the Pokemon Mart. As Eishiba passed him, Surge greeted him. "Where are ya head to there?"
Lt. Surge was a giant man. Nearly 7 feet tall and built very, very musclular. He looked like he could wrestle a Machamp...maybe. His spikey orange hair and dark eyes stared straight at Eishiba.
"Cerulean, I need my tire fixed on my bike," Eishiba replied.
"I haven't rode a bike in years, I'm too big for any of the ones in that tiny shop."
"Well, perhaps you should ask them to make a bigger bike for you."
"Na, I have better things to do, like train my Pokemon. By the way, is your father ever gonna challenge me? His Pokemon are the best in this city, excluding mine, of course."
"Ill have to ask him, he might be able to beat you."
Lt. Surge laughed histerically saying, "Na, his Marshstomp would stand a chance, and his Machoke would go down easy."
Eishiba thought for a moment and mumbled a little as he said, "I could take you."
Surge's laughter was even louder as he said, "If you really want to, you could try, but I ain't going easy on a pipsqueak like yourself."
"You mean you would battle me?"
"Of course, I have to take all challenges under the League rules anyways."(How come these gym leader pokemon can battle person after person and NOT run out of PP???)
Eishiba looked up excited and said, "Your on! How about after I get back!"
Lt. Surge shook Eishiba's hand saying, "Then its set. Ill see ya then."
Lt. Surge walked off back towards his gym. Eishiba was excited. "My very own and first Pokemon battle!"
Eishiba hurried along, headed to Cerulean City, eager to get his bike fixed. Once he was through Saffron City, he trudged through the grass of Route 5. The sun beat down, making Eishiba feel like Sizzling. With Cerulean City, visible in the distance, he thought of a nice Fresh Water. his mouth watered as he thought of it.
Then Eishiba tripped over something. He fell face first into the grass. He thought to himself, "Is this what the Torchic goes through all the time?" He slowly stood up, taking him much much longer than it would take that Torchic to stand up. He looked into the grass behind him and saw a furry ear in the grass. Eishiba reached out and touched it. The ear wiggled at his touch. He began pulling the grass apart. As the ear showed to be connected to a furry head. The face of a small rabbit looked at him. Eishiba thought, "How cute."
He picked up the rabbit and petting it. The small creature hopped up and down eagerly. After a few moments, Eishiba said to it, "Well I have to go. See ya around."
Eishiba turned to leave, only to see the rabbit following him. "Go back to your home," Eishiba said, but it only moved closer.
Eishiba tried to shoo it away. Finally, it stopped and watched Eishiba leaving. Once he arrived at Cerulean City, he went straight to the Bike Shop. The shop was but a tiny little shack, with bikes for sale, bike parts laying about, and the smell of grease. The man at the desk said, "How can I help you?"
"I need a tire put on my bike. The old one is flat."
"No problem my boy! Just leave it here and Ill have it done in a little while."
Eishiba thanked the man and left the shop. He then decided to head for the Pokemon Center. As he walked in, the smell of (whatever it is you smell in hospitals)filled the air. Eishiba thought the smell was rank. He saw the front desk with Nurse Joy attending to injured and sick Pokemon.(Sorry folks, there is no 3 second healing in this haha.) He walked onward, to the cafe inside the center. He bought three fresh waters and sat down at a table to drink one. A voice behind him said, "Young man, if you want to keep your Pokemon outside of its Pokeball, thats fine, but we can't have it wandering freely on its own."
Eishiba turned to see Nurse Joy staring at him. "I beg your pardon?" Eishiba asked.
Nurse Joy pointed to his feet. Eishiba looked down to see the same rabbit from the before, climbing onto the seat next to him at the table. Eishiba said, "But its not mine, it must have followed me."
Nurse Joy said, "This Bunery isn't yours? Does it have an owner?"
Eishiba shrugged and told her the story of finding it.
"It must like you, since its sitting next to you. If I hadn't known I would have thought you both had been friends from birth," Nurse Joy said.
Eishiba said, "No, its not mine. Its a Bunery you say?"
"Yes, they are quite cute aren't they?"
The Bunery looked him in the face and he then nodded, "Yes, yes they are."
"Do you need your Pokemon attended to?"
Eishiba handed her two of his Pokeballs and she let them out. Torchic and Squirtle both stretched and drank in the not so fresh air of the Hospital filled with sick and dying Pokemon. She looked at his side and said, "Did you forget one? I see you still have one on your belt."
"Um...this always angry," Eishiba warned.
Before he could say anything else, Nurse Joy grabbed his Pokeball and let out the Mankey. The Mankey immediatly cried out and began to thrash about as usual. Eishiba watched as Bunery cuddled closer with a look of fear on its face. Eishiba shrugged the Bunery away thinking, "It acts like a scared little annoying."
All of the sudden, it was quiet. Eishiba looked to see Nurse Joy holding Mankey. Mankey had calmed down completely and said to it, "How about something good to eat."
The Mankey gave a little cheer as Nurse Joy carried it away as Torchic and Squirtle followed it. Eishiba scratched his head, trying to figure out how Nurse Joy could calm his Mankey down with a single ounce of fear.
Eishiba sat around for a couple of hours watching his favorite movie, "The Empoleon Strikes Back" featuring the return of the evil Emperor Empoleon who, with his apprentice, Piplup, planned to overtake the universe. Eishiba dozed off to sleep for a nap.

"Eishiba? Eishiba wake up. Your Pokemon are finished," came the familiar female voice.
Eishiba slowly woke up. Everything came into view as he looked to see Nurse Joy holding his Mankey in hand and Squirtle and Torchic standing beside her. She giggled at him when she saw the Bunery cuddled up in his lap. Feeling somewhat embarrassed, he tried to shove gently push the bunery away. Eishiba returned his three Pokemon to their Pokeballs as Nurse Joy said, "We hope to see you again, soon."
With that, she nodded and turned around to go to the next customer. Eishiba wondered, "How does Nurse Joy pay her bills if no one pays her any money for her services. What if she DOES get paid by someone else? Someone is going broke in the middle somewhere if that was the case." Eishiba shook his head and stood up to leave. He threw away his first empty bottle of Fresh Water and headed out the way he entered. He hurried as fast as he could to the Bike Shop. Once he was there, the man was waiting right outside the tiny shack and said, "Your tire is all fixed. Good as new!"
Eishiba smiled brightly as he saw his new tire. He couldn't wait to ride it home. With that, he thanked the man and paid him. The man then said, "So, is that your Pokemon?"
Eishiba looked down and saw Bunery standing next to him. Eishiba shook his head saying, "It won't stop following me. Maybe I should buy a repel."
The man was interrupted by a 10 year old boy with a backpack on and a Pikachu walking with him. He walked to one of the many bikes for sale outside the shop. The boy asked, "How much for one of these bikes?"
The man replied, "They cost 1,000,000$."
The boy reached into his pocket and said, "I only have 999,999$. I can't carry anymore than that."
The man laughed saying, "Life is tough and totally unfair. Its never fun when you can't buy something simply because, 'you can't carry anymore' ".
Eishiba stiffled a laugh as he hopped on his bike and took off as fast as he could. The breeze felt great as it blew his hair around. As he pedalled, he looked to his left and was shocked to see the Bunery, hopping along next to him. "Would this thing just leave me alone?"
Eishiba stopped and put his arm out, "Here, if your going to follow me around then just hop on, before you get hurt or something."
The Bunery hopped onto his arm and held tightly to the back of his head. Eishiba shook his head somewhat disgusted that he was riding through town with a Bunery holding on to him. He tried to hide his face as peope stared at him as he rode on through Saffron City. He swore under his breath as he kept onwards. Once he reached Vermillion, he rode even faster. "If Lt. Surge sees me, he would never stop laughing."
He parked his bike and walked inside from the back door in his fence-less back yard. Jessie was right there with Meowth as he walked in. She dropped her mouth as she saw the Bunery attached to his head. She giggled saying, "I didn't know you like bunnies."
"I don't," Eishiba said, as he took it off of his head and sat it down. Jessie patted its head and the Bunery began bounding around the house as Jessie tried to catch it. Eishiba found this his moment to escape the Bunery. He walked out the front door and ran as fast as he could to the Vermillion City Gym. The Gym was big enough it could fit nearly 6 of Eishiba's house in it. Once he entered, he was already on one side of a battle arena. Lt. Surge was at the other end, talking with a few others who helped run the gym. Eishiba shouted, "I'm ready Surge!"
Lt. Surge turned and held up a hand to his co-workers and walked to take his place. "Good luck Eishiba," Surge shouted from the other end, "But luck won't save you from the hurting your about to recieve!"
Eishiba shouted back, "I'm going to show you I'm worthy of starting as a Pokemon trainer!"
Lt. Surge shouted, "Then let the match begin!"
With that, Surge threw a poke ball into the middle of the arena. A bright light blinded Eishiba momentarily. He sheilded his eyes while the light dimmed. Moments later, he heard the cry of the Pokemon before he saw it, "Raichu!"
A second later, the Raichu was in view. About 2 1/2 feet tall and a long tail, it stood with small sparks, shooting from its cheeks. It stood with its arms, (or stubs lol) crossed. Eishiba thought for a moment. "Raichu is electric, so Squirtle would be a bad choice. Torchic is a...klutz...and then there is Mankey."
Eishiba grinned as he selected a pokeball and threw into the arena. With the same blinding light, Mankey appeared and faced Raichu. Then one of Lt. Surge's co-workers walked to the middle of the arena and stoof on the outside of the ring as the referee. He shouted, "This is a Pokemon battle for a Thunder Badge. Lt. Surge has chosen Raichu and the challenger Eishiba...has chosen a Mankey. Let the battle begin!"
A bell rang aloud, signalling the start of the match.

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The start of the match began. Raichu stood about a foot taller than Mankey and sparks came from its cheeks as it prepared for its first command. Eishiba was eager to get started. He knew Raichu would have elctric attacks so he thought maybe he should move in fast and be quick about it. He looked at Mankey and shouted, "Mankey! Use Scratch!"
With that, Mankey screeched and charged at Raichu. It lept into the air and came down, as it swiped its small claws at Raichu. Raichu simply turned sideways as Mankey landed and missed. Lt. Surge called out, "Tail Whip!" Raichu used its long tail as a whip and struck Mankey in the back with it. Mankey cried out as it left a red mark on Mankey's head. Mankey grew furious as it looked angry. Eishiba called out, "Try another Scratch!" Mankey reached out, taking another swipe only to miss again as Raichu jumped away. "Quick Attack!" Lt. Surge called out. Raichu ran at Mankey, extremely fast. Before Mankey knew what happened, Raichu charged into Mankey, as Mankey fell back.
Mankey hopped quickly back to its feet as Eishiba called out, "Low Kick!" Mankey ran at Raichu and kicked as hard as it could. Raichu countered with another Tail Whip sending Mankey off balance and falling to the ground again. Lt. Surge shouted, "Now finish it! Thunder Bolt!" Raichu seemed to tense its muscles, pulling its arms and legs close as sparks built up in its cheeks. About three seconds later, it let its arms and legs stretch out as a small bolt of electricity shot across the room and hit Mankey with a loud "Zap". The bolt was so fast that blinking would have caused you to miss it. Mankey cried out as it laid on the ground, tired and worn out. The Referee called out, "I declare Raichu the winner!"
Lt. Surge called his Raichu back and moved toward Eishiba. Eishiba walked to his Mankey who was knocked out and picked it up. "Good try," Lt. Surge told Eishiba. Eishiba said, "That was tough. Ill have to work really hard if I ever plan on beating you."
Lt. Surge said, "Get some practice and battling experince, then come back for another try. Having your first real battle with a gym leader is not the first battle you want. You have to get stronger first, then go into the hard stuff."
Eishiba listened to what he said as he stood up and turned and left the gym. He felt like such a failure. He wanted to be a good trainer but how can he? "I failed, what kind of failure am I?"
Once he got to his house, his father was outside training with his Pokemon. He looked at the beaten Mankey and said, "What happened to Mankey?"
Eishiba replied, "I tried to take on Lt. Surge..."
His father said, "Doesn't look like it went so well. Was it his Raichu?"
Eishiba nodded as his father went on, "Thats his prized Pokemon. If you can beat his Raichu, then you can beat any other Pokemon he has."
Eishiba said, "I couldn't beat Raichu. We didn't even come close. I couldn't use Squirtle, and Torchic probably isn't even made to fight. So I tried Mankey. That Raichu is just too strong."
His father took Mankey inside and laid it on the floor and pour a small portion of a Super Potion into a cup and went to Mankey and put small amounts in its mouth. After a while it was able to drink more as it woke up. "Mankey will be fine. It will need to rest for the night."
Eishiba nodded as he let his Torchic and Squirtle out of the Pokeballs. Eishiba sat next to the sleeping Mankey on the floor as Squirtle sat next to him. Torchic seemed to be entertained by running around the room, bumbling around. Jessie came in with Bunery on her head. It jumped off of her and bounded to Eishiba. Eishiba looked down at it as it tried to push its way between Eishiba and Squirtle. Squirtle didn't take to kindly to the nosy Bunery. Eishiba put Bunery on the other side of him so Squirtle could be next to him as Jessie looked at Mankey and said, "Whats wrong with it?"
Eishiba said, "I had a battle and I lost. I'm a failure."
His father looked at him and said, "Son, did you really expect to win every battle? Everyone has lost before. In fact, alot of the time you will learn more from a loss than a win. What have you learned from today?"
"That I'm not good enough," Eishiba said sadly. His father nodded, "And the best way to be good enough is to work at it. Perhaps its time you start on your own journey. Travel all over the nation and battle and get stronger. A good trainer seeks out tough opponents."
Eishiba said, "You mean you would let me leave?"
Zayin nodded, "Its part of the process of getting stronger. There aren't many trainers in Vermillion anyways. There are more out in the world. After Mankey gets rested, then we will head to Pallet Town where Professor Oak can give you some goodies before you leave. Ill see if you cant borrow mom's Pidgeot to fly you there."
Eishiba smiled, "Thanks dad."
Eishiba went to sleep that night, unable to think of anything but going to Pallet Town to start training.

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Default Re: Arceus: A Diety in Need

Eishiba awoke the next morning. He sat up as the morning sun came pouring through the window. "Today is the day!" he thought to himself. He jumped out of bed and hurried into the living room to check on his Mankey. Mankey was busy eating some food Eishiba's mother had set out. It seemed to be fine so Eishiba went to the kitchen where his mom had bacon and eggs ready for him. As he ate his mom told him it would be fine for him to use her Pidgeot. Eishiba loved flying over the cities and towns. After eating, Eishiba was ready to go. He put all four of his Pokemon into their Pokeballs. He felt good knowing he had the Bunery now. It seemed to be really happy with him, even if it was girlie. His mom, dad, and sister all waved as he hoped on the back of his mom's Pidgeot. It took off flying high over the city of Vermillion. Eishiba waved as he watched his family fade from view.
Pidgeot flew without an difficulty. Eishiba hoped to catch his own flying Pokemon. He began thinking and thought, "I don't have a Pokemon good enough to catch a flying Pokemon." Flying Pokemon always had an advantage by just being able to fly. He thought about what Professor Oak would say when Eishiba went to his lab. He watched as they passed over a forest as they finally landed in Pallet Town. Eishiba looked at Pidgeot and said, "Alright, thanks for the lift. Tell mom I miss her already." Pidgeot nodded as it flapped its wings and became airborn, heading back the way it came.
Eishiba looked around at where he was. Pallet Town was a small little town. It had a small row of maybe 5 or 6 houses and one larger building which must have been Professor Oaks lab. Before Eishiba headed to the lab, he saw another boy running through the city. He had brown hair, green eyes, and wore a tee shirt and shorts. Behind him was a weedle. A small orange bug Pokemon with a point on its head. It made a quick dash and its point connected with the boys rear end, only making the boy run faster. Eishiba couldn't help but laugh as he hoped that the boy hadn't gotten poisoned. Eishiba decided he should help the boy. He thought for a second and then took a Pokeball from his belt. He hoped this Pokemon could help. He threw it to the ground shouting, "Go Torchic!"
With that, Torchic took form as it stretched its legs and looked at Eishiba. "Torchic, I need you to help me chase that boy with the Weedle. Then I need you to use Ember on it, ok?"
Torchic nodded as it and Eishiba chased the boy, gaining on him. The poor Torchic bumbled behind as it barely maintained its balance as it ran. Once they were close enough, Eishiba said, "Now Torchic!" Torchic opened its mouth and small spurts of fire came from its mouth. It wasn't a very strong move but the Weedle coul really feel the heat. It stopped and made a dash at Torchic. It knocked Torchic back as it looked mad. Torchic unleashed another Ember as the Weedle was now slightly torched. It fled quickly as Eishiba let it go. He went to his Torchic and said, "Are you ok Torchic?" Torchic nodded as it was not poisoned. The boy walked to Eishiba as he calle his Torchic back saying, "Thank you. I was really scared cause that Weedle seemed mad. But I guess thats what I get for trying to take it home."
Eishiba thought of all the Pokemon a person could try to take home without a Pokeball but Weedle was a bad choice. "Why were you trying to take it home?" Eishiba asked.
The boy said, "To add to my collection. I get my first Pokemon today and start on my adventure. I wanted to have a second one also. I'm Kalen by the way." He said as he shook Eishiba's hand.
"I'm Eishiba. I came to see Professor Oak before I start my own journey." Kalen said, "Then lets hurry! Ill show you the way!" The boy was excited as he hurried to Professor Oaks lab. The main entrance was always open apparently. Kalen walked right in like it was his own house. Eishiba followed. Once inside, the lab smelled like that of a pet shop or animal shelter, smelling of Pokemon dander. It made Eishiba's nose crinkle. There were many machines that Eishiba had no idea what they were for. He saw Pokemon running all around the place. Kalen was already talking to Professor Oak. Professor Oak was in his 60's, Eishiba would have guessed. With gray hair and brown eyes and old features. He looked at Eishiba saying, "So you have come to start your journey?"
Eishiba nodded as he said, "My father said I should start here. Zayin is his name."
"Yes, Zayin is a fine trainer, one of the best. Well I won't waste your time. Your both will need this," he said handing them a red device. "Its a Pokedex. It will tell you any information on any Pokemon up to date." He then handed them 5 extra Pokeballs saying, "And these of course."
Kalen looked at Professor Oak and said, "I was hoping to get my first Pokemon."
The Professor nodded as he said, "Yes, I can help you with that. Follow me." He looked at Eishiba saying, "Do you need one too?"
Eishiba shook his head saying, "I already have four that I obtained over the years."
The Professor nodded saying, "Well while I take him to get his Pokemon, if you would like you can set all four Pokeballs on that machine in the corner, push the red button and it will nourish them to health."
Eishiba thought of just how much Torchic might need that and said, "Thank you."
He walked to the machine and set his Pokeballs into four of the six slots available. He pushed the button as all he heard was the sound of a fan blowing inside the machine. He looked at his Pokedex while he waited. He opened it like a flip phone and aimed it at a Growlithe in the room as the Pokedex spoke with an automated tone and said, "Growlithe, the Puppy Pokemon. This Pokemon uses powerful fire attacks and is very intimidating." Eishiba grinned as he now had something to help him recognize anything he didn't know.
Kalen came down with Professor Oak just as Eishiba's Pokemon had healed. Kalen looked at Eishiba saying, "Lets have a battle!"
Eishiba smiled saying, "Sure, lets do it!"
Eishiba took from his belt his Mankey, throwing it into the center of the room. Kalen threw out a pokeball as it erupted containing a small Chimchar. It had long lankey but thin arms and a big head. A Chimchar? Eishiba thought. He used his Pokedex on it as it spoke, "Chimchar the Chimp Pokemon. This Pokemon is uses many fire type attacks, posing a good opponent. Before going to sleep, it extinguishes the flame on its tail to prevent fires."
Eishiba got ready as he noticed Kalen using his Pokedex on Mankey. Eishiba heard the Pokedex say, "Mankey, the Pig Monkey Pokemon. Known for its temper tantrums and angry nature, it is very agile and packs quite a punch." Kalen was very amused with Mankey. Professor Oak stood as the ref saying, "This is a one on one match, Chimchar versus Mankey! Start!"
Eishiba was quicker to start. "Mankey," he shouted, "Start off with a scratch attack!" Mankey ran foreward with great speed taking a big swipe at Chimchar as it fell back. Kalen thought to himself and said, "Um, Chimchar use scratch also!" Chimchar ran at Mankey, not quite as fast but with good speed and took a swipe as Mankey was the one to fall back. Mankey hoped up as Kalen said, "Now, Ember!" Chimchar opened its mouth letting out a small wave of fire as it contacted Mankey. Mankey let out a screech as its arm took most of the burn. Mankey shook its arm like it was in pain. "Mankey, hang in there!" Eishiba shouted. "Try a Low Kick!" Kalen shouted to Chimchar, "Use another Ember attack!" Chimchar stood where it was, letting out another Ember attack. Mankey ran at Chimchar with great speed and use a massive kick, nailing Chimchar in its open mouth as it spit out the fire. Both Pokemon staggered back. Only Mankey managed to keep standing as Chimchar fell to the ground. It laid there for a few seconds before Professor Oak said, "The winner is Mankey and Eishiba!" Kalen returned his Chimchar as he looked saddened.
Eishiba ran to his Mankey and hugged it and picked it up. He looked at Mankey and said, "You did great!" For the first time, Mankey was not angry and throwing a tantrum. In fact, it looked happy. It clapped its funny looked hands together cheering. Eishiba saw its arm as it looked really charred. Mankey seemed to be keeping that arm from touching anything as it was a little tender. He went to Professor Oak saying, "Can you help my Mankey? Its burned." Professor Oak went to a cabinet full of medecine and selected a blue bottle with a spray nozzle on it. He sprayed it on Mankeys arm as it began to hop around, angry again. "That will burn for a few minutes but it will be fine." As Mankey screeched, thrashing wildly, Professor Oak took Kalens Chimchar in its Pokeball and put it on the machine to heal it. Kalen said, "Your Mankey is amazing!" Eishiba said, "Thanks, I really like Mankey."
Kalen said, "What did you think of Chimchar?"
Eishiba said, "It was really tough to fight. Its fire moves were great."
"Well, would you want to trade?" Kalen asked.
Eishiba thought for a moment as he imagined battling with Chimchar. Professor Oak spoke as pointed to another machine saying, "That machine is for trading. All it does it swaps the two Pokemon into the others Pokeball, making it official."
"What do you say?" Kalen asked hopeful.
Eishiba couldn't imagine himself without his Mankey, "Sorry, I really like my Mankey."
Kalen kicked at nothing saying, "Darn, I want a Mankey now."
By now, Mankey was done thrashing as its burn was healed. Eishiba called it back to his Pokeball and put it on the machine with Kalen's Chimchar.
Outside, the clouds overhead seemed to turn darker within a matter of five minutes. Professor Oak said, "What is going on? Its not supposed to rain today."
Then there was a voice, which sounded like a rushing waterfall outside. It called out, "Eishiba, Kalen come here please."
Both of them took their Pokeballs from the machine and walked outside. A giant Pokemon stood in the yard as it looked down at them. Professor Oak was right behind them and he exclaimed, "Th...tha...thats...Arceus! He is supposed to be a myth!"
Arceus looked at all three of them saying, "No, I'm am Arceus, creator of all of the beautiful Pokemon in this world. I have come, asking for assistance."
Eishiba looked questioned and said, "What does the God of Pokemon need from two starting trainers?"
Arceus said, "Everything. There has been a disturbance in the world of Pokemon and if left unchecked, it will disturb the human world before long. A powerful Pokemon, one not created by me, is loose on earth and is planning to destroy the world."
Professor Oak said, "You are supposed to be all powerful. Why don't you stop it?"
Arceus spoke, "I have tried and failed. It was engineered by some very talented Pokemon scientists. Its fighting abilities were raised to the highest point achievable. I could not stop it. That is why I need both of you two young trainers."
Kalen said, "What can we do that you can't?"
Arceus said, "I need to find special, pure, loving trainers to take some of the more legendary Pokemon under their wings and train them, in an attempt to stop this deadly Pokemon. Only by combining Pokemon and human can this be done. No Pokemon and no human on their own can do this."
"Legendary Pokemon?" Kalen asked. "You mean like Articuno?"
Arceus nodded, "Yes, I will even let you choose but only by proving yourself. I need not one who is the best, but one who is of great love and kindness towards not just his own Pokemon, but all of them."
Kalen and Eishiba looked at each other as Eishiba said, "Ill do what I can." Kalen shouted, "The same goes for me!"
Arceus smiled and said, "Both of you I will count on. I shall seek others as well. I hope in time..."
Arceus was cut off as he was knocked to the ground by a blast of Aura power. The collision sent a shockwave through the ground as Arceus fell to the ground. All three looked very shocked as they saw in the sky, the powerful white Pokemon. It levitated in the air and landed, standing only a 20 feet from the two boys. "I am Mewtwo. The most powerful Pokemon in the world! This lab is full of foolish Pokemon, in need of...special instructions."
Professor Oak said, "This is my lab and you will have nothing to do with it." Mewtwo said, "Do not challenge me old man!" Professor Oak was lifted into the air by an imaginary force as his old body was thrown against the wall of his lab. He fell with a thud as he laid unconscious. Kalen and Eishiba nodded to each other as they threw a Pokeball each, to the ground as Chimchar and Mankey took form, side by side. Mewtwo laughed saying, "Do you really expect that to scare me?"
Eishiba said to Kalen, "We have to work together."
Kalen nodded as they both called out, "Scratch attack!"
Both Chimchar and Mankey charged at Mewtwo. Mankey pulled ahead, taking the lead as it was faster. Both lept into the air, swiping as both Pokemon missed a Mewtwo barely made an attempt to move. Kalen shouted, "Use Ember!" Chimchar unleashed an Ember as Mewtwo again dodged with no waste of energy. Mewtwo simply stood where it was, dodging their attacks. Kalen said, "Maybe if we trap him, you can hit him!"
Eishiba nodded, "Its worth a try."
Kalen shouted, "Chimchar, jump in the air and use Ember and surround Mewtwo!" Mewtwo watched in amusement as Chimchar leaped into the air, directly over Mewtwo launching its Ember as the flames surrounded Mewtwo. The flames licked at Mewtwo but he did not budge. Eishiba called to Mankey, "Low Kick!" Mankey charged quickly and leaped up with a powerful Low Kick. Mewtwo stopped Mankey in midair and threw it at the laboratory wall very hard. Mankey cried out as it fell to the ground and fainted. Chimchar was still standing as Kalen called, "Give it your most powerful Ember!"
Chimchar gave all it had but to no avail. Mewtwo's eyes turned blue as it took control of Chimchar's fire and made it snake its way back to Chimchar, enveloping it in flames. Chimchar cried out as it fainted from exhuastion.
Eishiba ran to Mankey and said, "Mankey, are you ok?" Mankey laid motionless. Eishiba thought of sending out another Pokemon but he realized he just wasn't strong enough. "Just you wait til we get more powerful! Then we will put a stop to you!"
Mewtwo laughed as he said, "I'm certain." With that, he vanished.
Professor Oak was air lifted to the hospital in Viridian City. People from all over were surprised to see Arceus still unconscious in the lab yard. Arceus sat up slowly, looking at the two boys. Kalen said, "Arceus, are you alright?" Arceus slowly stood as he said, "If I had known he would show up, I would have better protected us. "
Eishiba said, "I guess we have to get stronger...Mewtwo is really strong."
Arceus said, " faced Mewtwo? But why?"
Kalen said, "He hurt Professor Oak and threatened the Pokemon in the lab. He doesn't seem to like either."
Arceus said, "To know that you would battle against a great threat just to have even the smallest hope of the tiniest piece of victory, to save the Pokemon in this laboratory and the Professor is moving.
Arceus looked at the beaten Chimchar and Mankey and stood over each one and let out a heavy breath. As he breathed on each one, they opened their eyes and stood up as if they had never been hurt. Arceus looked at them both saying, "My beautiful children, I am sorry you had to go through that." He looked at the trainers and said, "We will met again when the time is right." Arceus then leaped into the air and disappeared. Kalen and Eishiba looked at each other. "I suppose we should head to Viridian City. We should see if Professor Oak is ok." Eishiba said.
"Great, I know the way. Follow me!" Kalen said as he took off into a forest.
"What a first day this is starting out to be," Eishiba thought.
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Default Re: Arceus: A Diety in Need

Eishiba followed behind Kalen as he lead the way to Viridian City. The road was a little windy but nothing to hard to navigate. He couldn't help but think about the encounter with Mewtwo. The way it had effortlessly handled both of their Pokemon was incredible. The power if possessed was unmatched. Even the almighty Arceus couldn't stand up to how would they?
"Maybe Ill need a stronger Pokemon. Maybe a different one?" Eishiba thought. He knew Mankey was a fighting type and that it was not a great choice against a psychic type. What other choice did he have? His Bunery didn't seem fit for battle, nor did Torchic. Squirtle might have done a little better since it was able to Withdraw. Certainly Mewtwo would return for another fight.
Kalen was going on and on about what he thought as well. "I can't understand why anyone would want to destroy both Pokemon and humans."
"I'm not sure," Eishiba said.
The boys crossed into some more heavy areas of grass. The clear blue sky and bright shinning sun began to beat down as the heat was intense that day. Both boys wiped sweat from their brows. As they walked through the grass, as another tan colored bug with a sharp point jumped out at them. It missed them as it flew through the air with its point aimed in front of it. Kalen said, "Here is my chance to catch something new!"
Eishiba said, "Go ahead. I already have a few. You could use another one."
Kalen smiled as he reached for a poke ball on his belt and threw it into the grass. The blinding flash of light faded revealing the little Chimchar. Kalen then wasted no time in calling its first attack. "Chimchar, use Ember!"
Chimchar charged forward as it was faster than Weedle. It opened its mouth sending a small flurry of fire at the Weedle. The small bug stopped where it was, not even having time to react as the flames licked at it. It laid where it was, unconscious. Kalen took an empty Pokeball from his belt and threw it. It bounced gently against the Weedle and opened, sucking it into the ball as it snapped shut. The ball shook back and forth for a few seconds and then stopped as the Weedle was now caught. Kalen ran to his pokeball and picked it up shouting, "Yes! I caught a Weedle!"
Eishiba clapped as he said, "Now you have two. That should be a great edition. Maybe once we heal it, we can have another battle." Kalen was excited and said, "Yes!." He ran off towards Viridian City. Eishiba kept up behind as they made their way to Viridian City.
Once they reached the city, it was a little bigger than Pallet Town. It actually had a FEW more houses than Pallet Town. The two made a pit stop at the Pokemon Center first. Nurse Joy took their Pokemon as the two sat and had something to eat. Interestingly, the Pokemon Center in Viridian looked the same as the one Eishiba had stopped at in Cerulean City. The food tasted really bad. Just like that of hospital food. Eishiba looked down at his corn and broccoli and said, "This tastes like plastic or something." Kalen had barely managed to poke at his food with his fork. "Maybe it wasn't cooked right? I'd rather eat Pokemon food than this." Eishiba's stomach turned a little at the thought of eating Pokemon food.
After Nurse Joy brought their Pokemon back, Kalen held out a Pokeball saying, "Lets battle!" Nurse Joy took them to a secure room and proceeded to be the referee. Kalen threw his pokeball into the concrete arena as his new Weedle erupted. Eishiba took a Pokeball from his belt and threw it as Buneary erupted. The buneary jumped and hopped eagerly.
Kalen shouted, "Use Poison Sting!"
"Buneary, use Pound!"
Both Pokemon shot out but Buneary overtook Weedle quickly, coming down with its nubby stub of a hand and pounded hard on the back of Weedle. The Weedle shook it off and lept foreward as its Poison Sting landed on target. Buneary stumbled back as it held its stomach tightly. It began to cough heavily like it was choking. "Buneary, are you ok?"Eishiba called out.
Buneary had been poisoned. Eishiba said, "Try to use another Pound!" Buneary charged again coming in with another pound just as Kalen called out for a String Shot. Weedle shot a thin layer of silk from its mouth. It wrapped tightly around Buneary's arms. It held firm as Buneary's pound was interrupted. With its arm tied straight, it could not bend its arm for an attack. It coughed again as the poison was taking its toll. The Buneary fell face foreward as it pass out from the poison. Nurse Joy shouted, "The winner is Weedle!" Kalen ran to his Weedle and hugged it as Eishiba held Buneary. It looked pale as the poison was still in effect. He walked to Nurse Joy saying, "Can you help my Buneary? Please?" Nurse Joy took Buneary with her as she left the room. Kalen said, "That was a great match. We are one to one now!"
Eishiba congradulated him on his win.
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Default Re: Arceus: A Diety in Need

2 things:

You spelled Deity wrong in the title.

You should double-space between paragraphs since we don't have indenting here.

Good job otherwise, I'd like to see where this goes.

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Default Re: Arceus: A Diety in Need

While Nurse Joy had healed Buneary of its poison, the two boys sat and talked with a few other trainers. Most were heading to a town called Pewter City. A tall boy boy with a skateboard, who was a trainer also, by the look of the pokeballs on his belt, spoke, "There is a Pokemon Gym there. The Leader is named Brock. He uses Rock type Pokemon. Thats a really tough battle because Rock types are hard to break."
Kalen was really excited and looked at Eishiba and said, "I can't wait. I want to head there now." He said jumping up and grabbing his bag. Eishiba felt bad that his new friend wanted to go on ahead but he knew the boy was just eager. Eishiba shook his hand and watched as Kalen zoomed out the door.
Eishiba sat around for a little while longer, watching people battle. He viewed a Hitmonchan and an Electabuzz battling. It was incredible. The Electabuzz was so fast, and the Hitmonchan was really strong. Nurse Joy brought him his Buneary who was bouncing vibrantly and excitedly. Eishiba took his Buneary and thanked Nurse Joy. He watched as the Hitmonchan nailed a massive Mega Punch and fell Electabuzz to the ground. Hitmonchan had won. Eishiba wondered if his Mankey would ever be as great as the Hitmonchan.
Suddenly, a window in the room was smashed and a several small purples balls laid on the ground. They let forth a blinding smoke which caused the room to be filled with smoke. Eishiba couldn't see. There were only footsteps. Eishiba held tightly to his Buneary as they both coughed from the smoke. "Whats going on?" Nurse Joy's voice sounded. There were a few smaller voices questioning the event.
Just then, Eishiba felt a hand on his belt. It was reaching for his Pokeballs. Eishiba grabbed the hand as it tried to take the balls from his belt. Eishiba shouted, "Let go, you thief!" The hand was much stronger than Eishiba. Eishiba looked at his Buneary and said, "Please, help me!" The Buneary stood up and jumped into the cloud of smoke towards the hand. There was a thud and the hand retreated. Buneary bounced back to Eishiba. He looked at his Pokemon and said, "Thanks buddy. That thief was going to steal our friends."
The smoke faded and everyone was in distress. One girl, stood in the middle of the room looking around frantically. She had light green eyes and long brown hair. She stood about 5'3" and had a backpack on. She had a shirt with a Krabby on it. She cried out, "My Pokemon! Someone took my Pokemon!" Eishiba stood up and held onto his Buneary and said, "What happened?"
She spoke, "My Pokemon was stolen! It was on my belt and it was stolen! What do I do!"
Eishiba said, "Did you happen to see anyone?"
She shook her head, "No, one minute I had it, then next it was gone."
Eishiba ran out of the room. He noticed footprints on the ground. He began to follow them as the trainer who had the skateboard said, "On the trail are you?"
Eishiba nodded saying, "Yes, I'm going to find out who did this."
The trainer said, "Good, Ill come with you. You may need help. I'm Aaron by the way."
"I'm Eishiba," he spoke as they shook hands. The boy let out a Pokemon and a Growlithe stood ready. Its red fur and burnt smell made it intimidating. Aaron spoke, "Growlithe, follow the trail."
The growlithe let forth a bark and then pressed its nose just above the ground and took a sniff. It began to walk foreward and went throughout the city. It led them to an abandoned warehouse with only one door, however, it was locked. "Darn," Eishiba said. Aaron said, "Growlithe, use Ember on the door." Growlithe began to spew a small fire from its mouth. It aimed at the door. After three minutes, the door had become fragile. It barely held on to its hinges. Eishiba took out a Pokeball and let out his Squirtle. It stood on its two legs and looked up at Eishiba. Eishiba knelt down beside it and said, "Squirtle. We are on a hunt for some thieves. We want to get this door open. Do you think you can Tackle that door?" Squirtle nodded and got a running start and lept into the air and withdrew into its shell. The force of Squirtle knocked the door down. The two boys entered the door. Inside the door was a small hallway that was covered in dust. They took only three more steps before seeing two men dressed in white clothing in a larger room. Both had masks on, so their faces weren't recognizable. They were both about 6 feet tall. Their build led the boys to believe they were men.
One of them spoke, "I can't believe we got away with so many Pokemon. We have a Meowth, an Azurill, a Feebas, and a Tauros."
The other man spoke next, "Yeah, I almost had a bunch myself except the guy had a Pokemon which pounded my head. It still hurts!"
"If you had just taken then instead of fumble with everything you would have made off. Your not cut out to be part of Team Rocket."
The other man let out a sigh. Just then there was a strange, "sniffle". Eishiba looked down at his Squirtle who was wrinkling its nose. Eishiba began to reach for Squirtle when Squirtle let out a loud sneeze. It echoed thoughout the warehouse as the two men jumped up. Seeing they had been found, they shouted, "Don't move, your not supposed to be in here!"
Eishiba shook his head at Squirtle, who was rubbing its nose still. Eishiba then said, "We aren't leaving until we get those Pokemon back. Give them to us now and we will leave. If not, we will just take them." Aaron stood ready with his Growlithe at his side. The two men took out their own Pokeballs and threw them foreward. The first Pokemon was a Carnivine, the second man released a Beedrill. Both Pokemon looked ready for battle. Aaron leaned over and said, "Let me take the Carnivine." He then shouted, Growlithe, use Ember!" The growlithe again spewed flames, contacting the Carnivine. The two began to battle. Eishiba looked at the Beedrill and said, Squirtle, use Tackle!" Squirtle ran forward and withdrew into its shell as before, and smashed into the Beedrill. The giant bee staggered a bit and then charged foreward, trying to prick Squirtle with its needles. The Beedrill was very fast. Much faster than Squirtle. It knocked Squirtle over onto its back. Squirtle shook crazily trying to turn over, but like any turtle on its back, it was helpless. The man shouted, "Now finish it! Twin Needle!" The Beedrill charged, needles ready. "Squirtle, Water Gun!" Squirtle opened its mouth and shot a small stream of water. The force was strong enough that it knocked the Beedrill to the ground.
Just then, Eishiba saw the Carnivine fall to the ground. The two men grumbled and complained. They took the Pokeballs containing Pokemon from other trainers and threw them at the ground and made a mad dash out of the building.
After collecting the Pokeballs, they then walked back to the Pokemon Center. The girl and three other worried trainers stood talking to an Officer. Aaron and Eishiba walked up and the officer introduced herself as Officer Jenny. "Where have you two boys been? There are thieves in the area."
"Not anymore," Eishiba said. "We chased them away."
"You what?" she asked. "Your not supposed to be getting involved in police buisness young man. You could have been seriously hurt."
Eishiba leaned to Aaron and said, "Sounds like my mom..."
The officer said, "If I catch you interferring again..."
Eishiba nodded and watched as the officer left and then said, "What a b*tch."
Eishiba and Aaron returned the Pokeballs to their trainers. The girl shouted saying, "Yay, my wonderful Azurill! Thank you! Now we can head to Pewter City."
Eishiba said, "Hey, thats where I'm going."
Aaron said, "Hey, me also. We can all walk together."
The three of them then made their way towards the edge of Viridian City. Pewter City, here we come!
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Default Re: Arceus: A Deity in Need

Walking through the Viridian Forest was a blast. Eishiba got to see many different Bug type Pokemon. Pokemon such as Rattata and Pidgey had become more sparse. Even a few Pikachu were around. With his two new friends, Aaron, and Talim, as the girl called herself, they traversed Viridian Forest. Apparently no one had any interest in Bug type Pokemon. Talim didn't seem scared of them like most girls. "I like Bug Pokemon. However, they aren't as good as my little Azurill."
Aaron said, "Well your Azurill isn't as good as my Growlithe!"
She shook her head laughing and saying, "Well my Azurill would have the advantage in type. So I think I would win."
Aaron grinned and said, "Is that a challenge?"
She laughed and said, "Sure, lets duke it out right here!"
Eishiba stood as the ref as both trainers threw their Pokeballs into the grass and both Azurill and Growlithe erupted.
Aaron shouted, "Growlithe, we have the disadvantage. We can't let that get to us. You can do it!"
Talim said, "Azurill! You look so cute today! Win me a battle!"
Growlithe charged into battle, much bigger and faster than Azurill. "Azurill!" Talim called out. "Use Bubble!"
Azurill opened its tiny mouth and a small stream of bubbles flew out at Growlithe. With its great speed, Growlithe avoided the attack and made a big jump over Azurill. "Growlithe, Growl at it! Then use Howl!"
Growlithe looked at the small Azurill as it slowly turned around to meet the fiery dog. Growlithe then barred its teeth and made a deep growl from its throat. Azurill froze where it was with wide eyes in fear. Then Growlithe let out a massive howl as it looked into the sky. The sound echoed throughout the forest. Azurill cried in fear and turned back running to Talim is the intimidation was too much. Talim picked up Azurill and said, "Its ok, its just a big scary dog. I won't let it do anything to you."
Aaron said, "I guess that makes me the winner. I'm off to a good start."
She nodded and said, "One day Azurill will evolve and then it will beat you."
"Better start training now," Aaron said. He looked at Eishiba and said, "How about a battle? My Growlithe didn't break a sweat from Azurill."
Eishiba nodded and grabbed a Pokeball and opened it as Mankey erupted. It stood and looked around. It was calm and quiet. Eishiba looked at Mankey and said, "Are you ready for a battle?"
Mankey looked at Eishiba with a slightly calm face. "I'm glad its not angry right now," Eishiba thought. Aaron said to Growlithe, "This may be a little tougher but you can do it! Do another growl!"
Growlithe once again bared its teeth and growled. Mankey grew wide eyed for a second being started by the growl. Its eyes grew angry as it only made Mankey mad. It began screeching and hoping around. Eishiba said, "Mankey use Scratch!"
"Growlithe, go for a Bite!" Aaron called. The two Pokemon charged at each other. Mankey was a little faster and covered more ground than Growlithe. As Mankey raised its small claws into the air, Growlithe opened its mouth. Growlithe caught Mankey's hand in its mouth as it bit down. Mankey cried out, becoming more furious. "Mankey! Are you ok?"Eishiba called out.
Mankey stood there with its hand stuck in Growlithe's grip. Finding out it couldn't escape, it reared one of its legs back and kicked Growlithe hard in the side. Eishiba realized Mankey had used Low Kick. The kick sent Growlithe to the ground as it yelped as it fell. It slowly stood up.
"Growlithe, use Ember!" Aaron called. Growlithe began to spew a small stream of fire which contacted Mankey. Mankey spun around from the heat as Eishiba called out, "Low Kick!"
Mankey directed another Low Kick which connected right under Growlithe's chest, just below its neck. Growlithe staggered back from the kick. It began to whine as Mankey moved in to finish it.
"Ok, stop. You win Eishiba. I don't want to see Growlithe take any more injury." Aaron said as he rushed to his Growlithe. He looked at Growlithe who barely stood after taking two heavy Low Kicks and said, "You did good. Time for a rest." He said as he called it back.
Eishiba looked at Mankey and patted its head. "You did good Mankey. You won!"
Mankey clapped its hands. It looked around seeing that nothing else was around for it to beat on. It cried out as it began to thrash around. It made a run for Eishiba. Eishiba quickly got his Pokeball out and called Mankey back before it decided to give him a Low Kick or something.
Talim said, "That Mankey seems really...difficult to train."
Eishiba shrugged and said, "Its a challenge. Every trainer faces them regardless of the Pokemon. This one just needs some..."
Aaron interupted and said, "Anger Management?"
Everyone laughed as they made their way to Pewter City.
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Default Re: Arceus: A Deity in Need

i love pokemon
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Default Re: Arceus: A Deity in Need

Coming out of Viridian Forest, Eishiba made it to Pewter City. The city was larger than Viridian. The rocky terrain was all it consisted of aside from the houses and shops. Eishiba, Talim, and and Aaron stopped by the Pokemon Center first. Inside was just like walking into another Walmart. It was the same as Viridian City's center. Nurse Joy took their Pokemon to fix them up.
Everyone sat down and began to eat food which again, tasted like hospital food. Eishiba couldn't help but make a volcano out of his mashed after being mashed, mashed potatoes. "This stuff is so gross. Maybe I should start eating elsewhere." Eishiba muttered.
The other two agreed as the front door of the Pokemon Center flew open as a boy rushed to Nurse Joy. Eishiba recognized him as Kalen. He waved to Kalen who came running to Eishiba and said, "I tried to fight Brock...but he was just too much for my Weedle and Chimchar."
Eishiba said, "Was he that tough?"
Kalen nodded saying, "The guy didn't even have to switch Pokemon. He just used one."
"What kind of Pokemon did he use?" Eishiba asked, hoping to get some kind of a head start on the opponent he planned to face.
Kalen said, "Oh easy! It was a..." Kalen stopped and tried to think. "It was a...a...I dont' even was a rocky looking Pokemon..."
Aaron said, "Must be a rock type. Your Chimchar and Weedle aren't exactly the types you want to use for a rock type Pokemon."
Kalen said, "What do I do then? I want to get my first badge."
Kalen sat down and put his elbows on the table and laid his head on his balled up fists. Everyone sat in silence and then Aaron said, "You should go to the next route. There is a small pond there and I'm sure will have a water type. Water is good for drowning rock types."
Kalen's eyes grew wide as he jumped up and shouted, "Thanks for the tip." He ran to his Pokemon that were finished and headed out the door in a blur. Talim looked a little confused and said, "Does that kid ever stop to take a breath?"
Aaron said, "Even if he catches a Water type, he needs to train it first. He can't just take a newly acquired Pokemon into battle with someone who has some major training and skills like Brock."
Eishiba looked at Aaron and said, "So what will you and Growlithe do?"
Aaron shrugged and said, "We will train and get stronger. It is possible to have the type disadvantage and still win."
Talim said, "I have a water type. That means I could win!"
Eishiba and Aaron giggled historically. "That silly thing got scared from my Growlithe. Like its going to beat something even bigger and stronger."
Talim shook her head and didn't say anything. Eishiba laughed and began to stand up. The three collected their Pokemon and headed outside. Aaron looked at Eishiba and said, "Well, I am going to go train some more. I don't feel quite ready for taking on Brock. Want to come with me?"
Eishiba thought and then shook his head. "I think I want to go challenge him once myself. Just to see what he is like."
Aaron said, "Don't expect an easy ride. He is really tough."
Eishiba nodded and said, "Well I hope to see you around sometime."
Aaron said, "You will. We will see each other at the Pokemon League I hope. It starts in a year."
Eishiba nodded and said, "Then Ill see you there."
The two shook hands and went their opposite ways. Eishiba walked along quietly, thinking about his gym battle. He couldn't wait! "My first gym battle," He thought to himself. "What if I win? What if I lose?"
Then he heard a voice. "You can do it," the voice of a female said.
Eishiba turned to see Talim following him. "What are you doing here?"
She said, "Did you forget about me? You said goodbye to Aaron but didn't seem to remember I was there too."
Eishiba nodded and said, "Sorry, just got alot on my mind. What do you mean Ill do fine?"
"You said what if you win and what if you lose," Talim said.
"I didn't know I was talking aloud," Eishiba said.
Talim giggled and said, "So where is this gym at?"
Eishiba stalled a moment trying to take his gaze off Talim's emerald green eyes. He said, "Oh, should be the biggest building in the city I would assume." He looked around and saw the top of a building with a giant boulder on it. Eishiba said, "Lets try that one. Looks big enough."
The two walked down the street in the direction of the gym. Talim said, "What Pokemon do you think you will use?"
"Squirtle!" Eishiba got excited. "Squirtle will be able to stop those rock types!"
"Maybe I should try my Azurill," Talim said. Eishiba couldn't help but say, "Yeah, if you want it to be squashed."
Talim said, "Ok, maybe I just need alot more training. Ill get there eventually."
Eishiba said, "We can always have a battle ourselves."
Talim said, "I would like that. Just don't use that Mankey. It beats things up."
Eishiba laughed saying, "Yeah, Mankey is a real handful. Its always angry."
Once they arrived, the gym on the outside looked like a giant cave. Eishiba walked in, without having to open a door. It was musty inside and smelled of cobalt and ore. Inside were many Zubat's flying about. Its grew darker as they tried to make their way through. Talim stayed close as finally it was dark. "We can't see, how do we get through here?"
Eishiba said, "I got an idea." With that, he let loose his Torchic from its Pokeball. Torchic cried out at the darkness as Eishiba tried to calm it. "Torchic, listen, its me. I need you to light this room." A moment later, Torchic was visible and a small flame was coming from its mouth. The flame only went a few feet out. Eishiba realized Torchic was learning how to use Flame thrower. At the moment it wasn't very strong but it was becoming stronger with its fire attacks. Torchic walked in front of everyone as the area, about 6 feet around them was lit up. The ground was now dirt and rocky as they made their way further. Talim shrieked as Eishiba turned and said, "Whats wrong?"
Talim looked at her hand as there was something brown colored on it. Eishiba grinned and looked up to see Zubat lined up along the top of the cave. "Trust don't want to know what that was."
Talim looked strangely at Eishiba and looked up. Seeing the line of Zubat and she muttered, "Ewww....Zubat guano!"
Eishiba laughed as they heard another voice saying, "Why do you come here?"
Eishiba looked around but couldn't see any farther than Torchic's flames. "I'm here for a battle!" Eishiba said.
Talim said, "This is getting a little creepy..."
The voice said, "As if you could possibly challenge me. That Torchic doesn't stand a chance!"
Eishiba was tired of all the talk and wanted to battle. "I had to get through the cave somehow."
"You don't stand a snowballs chance in hell!" the voice said.
"Then just fight me and lets see!" Eishiba shouted back.
Talim said, "Don't make him mad...whoever it is!"
Eishiba said, "Battle me now! I don't fear you!"
Eishiba realized he had lied. He was quaking where he stood but he wasn't about to say that openly.
Finally two large flames lit the room from the ceiling. The ground was dark still but Eishiba could make out a much older teenager. Maybe about 19. He was a big, strong guy, with dark hair and dark eyes. He wasn't nearly as big as Lt. Surge but for Eishiba, he was big enough. He wasted little time in throwing a Pokeball to the arena as a blinding light lit the room for a second. A rocky boulder like pokemon with arms, floated in the air. It stood motionless. Eishiba shrugged and threw his pokeball out, letting loose his Squirtle. "I knew you would use a rock type."
"So you picked a water type? It better be strong enough to battle with Geodude! We will use two Pokemon each!"
"Two?" Eishiba thought. "What other pokemon could I possibly need?" Eishiba thought again.
"Geodude! Tackle it!" Brock commanded.
Eishiba shouted, "Squirtle! Bubble!"
Squirtle opened its mouth, letting a flurry of bubbles fly towards the rocky, slow moving Geodude. Geodude shot right through the bubbles as they popped, not doing anything to it. Geodude crashed into Squirtle, sending it flying back. It crashed against the wall and laid where it landed without moving. "Thats one Pokemon down. Whats next? That Torchic?"
Eishiba called Squirtle back, not sure what to do next. Eishiba knew he couldn't use Torchic. And Buneary wouldn't be the right choice either. He had only one other option and he wasn't sure if it would be any better, but he had to try. Eishiba threw his last choice into the arena as Mankey sprang forth. It opened its eyes, seeing the arena and the darkened cave. He screeched and began thrashing about. Brock said, "Another Pokemon on its way to the Pokemon Center! Geodude tackle it!"
Geodude began to move its sluggish body. Eishiba shouted, "Mankey! Use Low Kick!"
Even with Geodude getting the first command, Mankey still was in its face first. With a swift, heavy kick, Mankey connected. The geodude made a grumbling noise as the kick left a small crack in the rocky body of Geodude. The Geodude fell to the ground with a thud and didn't move. Brock looked rather surprised as he called it back. "You have progressed farther than most people who come here. But you still have no chance!"
Mankey stood in the arena and screeched, sounding like a chimpanzee, at the emptiness it stood in. It stomped the dirt and kicked at the air as it was lonely. Brock threw in his next pokeball as it revealed a giant rocky snake. It stood about 25 feet long. Its head reached up about 10 feet from the ground. Who knows how much it weighed. Mankey continued to trash angrily until it saw Onix. Its gaze went up to Onix's head as it stopped thrashing and screeching. Mankey saw the size of Onix and let out a small high pitched, long grunt. For once, Mankey seemed to be a little intimidated. Onix growled as it made a mad dash at Mankey.
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Default Re: Arceus: A Deity in Need

"Onix! Tackle it!" Brock shouted!
Onix lunged forward. "Mankey watch out!"
As the giant rock snake plunged head first to the ground, the little Mankey barely managed to get out of the way.
"Mankey! Try to scratch it!" Eishiba called.
Mankey's feeble attempted failed as Mankey's hand with small claws swiped at Onix's rock hard skin. The Mankey shook its hard and shreiked as the pain dug into its hand. "What a wasted attack," Brock said. "Onix, use Rock Throw! Then try another Tackle!"
The Onix took rocks into its mouth from the arena floor and hurled them at Mankey. Mankey dodged but just enough to get out of the way. The rocks were the size of boulders, several times larger than the Mankey. Onix then attempted to tackle as Eishiba called, "Try a Low Kick!"
Mankey just barely dodged from the tackle as it charged forward for a low kick, which the Onix dodged, just barely. Watching the giant rock snake dodge attacks so quickly was amazing. Eishiba thought, "Its just as fast as Mankey. We don't have a speed advantage like our last battles were."
Eishiba watched on as the two pokemon missed their attacks. Eishiba looked to the side and saw a few rocks sitting by themselves. They were big enough that it looked like Mankey could hide behind them. "Mankey! Hide behind the rocks!"
Mankey moved away from Onix and lept behind the rocks. This added no protection for Mankey as Onix tackled right through them and crashed into Mankey. The Mankey flew back several feet and hit the dirty floor with a thud. "Hurry stand up!" Mankey sluggishly got to its feet as the tackle from a giant rock snake had taken a huge toll. "What else can I do?" Eishiba said. "Mankey can't hit it."
"Give up!" Brock said. "I have come this far in the battle! I can't give up!" Eishiba said.
Talim looked on as she said, "Maybe its best to surrender. You don't want Mankey to get anymore hurt. Especially from something that huge."
Eishiba looked out at Mankey and then thought, "Mankey is a fighting type, so it should have some kind of fighting mentality. So it should be able to act like a fighter, even just a little bit, since it is young."
Eishiba snapped out of his thinking process as he heard, "One more tackle!"
"Mankey, stand there patiently!" Eishiba said.
Mankey stood ready as Onix charged in for the kill. Once it was close enough Eishiba shouted, "Take a couple of steps to the side and then nail your low kick as it crashes into the ground!"
Onix charged and once it was nearly to Mankey, the pig monkey took two steps to the left side. When Onix crashed into the ground, Mankey swung its left leg with all its might. The Onix recoiled and growled as the kick caught Onix straight on, right to the side of the head. Mankey stepped back hopping around as the kick had hurt Mankey's foot. Both pokemon staggered as Eishiba said, "Try one more!"
Mankey lunged forward with another kick as Brock called, "Bind it!"
Onix scooped Mankey up with its tail and held it fast. Mankey kicked its legs and arms wildly as the Onix squeezed it.
"Mankey, kick upwards! Right into its tail!" Eishiba called.
Mankey kicked as hard as it could as Onix held it tightly. Alternating its feet, it sent low kick after low kick up into one of the segments of rock. Each kick seemed to loosen Onix's grip.
"Onix, your losing your bind! Tighten up!" Brock shouted, getting a little nervous.
Onix tried but the low kicks had taken serious damage on Onix. Mankey then raised its arm and came down with a hard chop. The chop caused Onix to release it as Mankey fell to the ground. Onix stood dazed and beaten as Mankey stood tired and worn out. Eishiba was happy as he shouted, "Mankey finish it! Use another Karate Chop!"
Eishiba was glad Mankey had learned a new move. Mankey ran forward and lept into the air as the chop came down on Onix's giant head. The rock snake fell to the ground and laid still. Mankey stood, barely but stood. It heaved heavily as it huffed and puffed. Brock looked at his beaten Pokemon and returned it to its pokeball. Eishiba ran to Mankey and picked it up and swung it around. "You did it! You did it!"
Mankey cheered and clapped its hands. "Its not angry for once. It seems to like victories and winning." Eishiba thought.
Talim walked up and said, "I didn't think you would win. But your Mankey was really great."
"Thanks," Eishiba said.
Brock stepped down from his platform and walked to Eishiba. He looked at Eishiba and said, "You have beaten me fair and square. I give you this, a Boulder Badge." Eishiba took the badge. It was the size of a quarter and was just a simple round brown stone. At the bottom was written, "Proof of Victory at the Pewter City Gym."
"Don't lose that. You won't want to have to try again if you do. That gets you a foot inside the Pokemon league door."
Eishiba thanked him and then watched as Brock turned and left, walking into the darkness.
"I wonder if he is mad that he lost." Eishiba said. He looked down at his Mankey who was falling asleep. Eishiba then walked back with Talim. When he stepped foot outside, it was hard for his eyes to adjust. Both him and Talim squinted as they took the first fresh breath in the last hour. Mankey was disturbed from near sleep by the bright light. It began to thrash, very lightly though as it barely had the strength to fidget. It quickly gave up as its eyes adjusted. Eishiba looked at Mankey. Its fur was full of dirt and its legs were bruised, as was one of its hand from the early scratch attack. "Poor Mankey," Talim said.
They headed back to the Pokemon Center. They walked inside and Eishiba headed straight to Nurse Joy at the front desk. Also at the front desk was Aaron and Kalen. Both looked at Eishiba holding Mankey as Kalen shouted, "I got a new Pokemon! I'm going to fight and beat Brock this time!"
Eishiba said, "Good luck, he is really tough."
Kalen looked at Mankey and said, "What happened to it? Did you fight Brock to? You mean he beat your Mankey?"
Eishiba shook his head with a bit of cockiness. "No way. My Mankey made quick work of Brock. Both of his Pokemon in fact."
Kalen stood in awe and said, "Both? Brock uses two? And Mankey beat them both?"
Eishiba started to speak as Talim interrupted saying, "Yeah right, Mankey barely squeaked by."
Aaron said, "Obviously, since Mankey looks pretty banged up."
Kalen said, "You didn't even win did you!? You made that up also?"
Eishiba sat Mankey down at the front desk along with the Pokeball for his Squirtle as he pulled out his Boulder Badge. Kalen starred at it like a little boy seeing pornography for his first time.
Eishiba put it in his pocket and said, "Go get your own. I'm sure Chimchar's ember will handle it." He said jokingly.
"Just you wait!" Kalen shouted as he ran off to challenge Brock yet again.
Nurse Joy took Eishiba's Pokemon as he sat down to rest. He leaned back in a chair and dozed off. What a day! What a day! One badge earned!
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Default Re: Arceus: A Deity in Need

It had been a long, grueling day. This was it. The final battle to determine who was the greatest trainer of all. The warm air swept through as Eishiba stepped through the door and out to take his place on the arena field. The crowd cheered as they had been impressed by his battling skills and victories. His opponent stood across the grass terrain as they both selected their first Pokemon. Eishiba threw it onto the field as it opened and white light emitted and then...


Eishiba woke up laying on the floor of the Pokemon Center. He looked around feeling his head throbbing. He felt a small foot stand on his chest. He saw his Mankey standing over him, clearly angry. It squealed as it obviously wanted Eishiba to wake up. Nurse Joy stood there also saying, "Um....your Pokemon are all fit now."

Eishiba looked at Mankey and said, "What was that for?"

Mankey crossed its arms and stood staring at Eishiba with its dark red eyes. Its tail swung impatiently. Nurse Joy said, "I think it wants to go somewhere. Its been waiting for all night."

"All night?" Eishiba repeated as he looked out a window seeing the sun was coming up. "Sorry to keep you waiting Mankey, I was tired, plus I had a dream. We were..."

Mankey balled its fist and began to raise it. Eishiba got a little nervous, "Ok ok we will get moving." Eishiba said as he stood up slowly. He rubbed his head as he took his other Pokeballs from Nurse Joy.

He walked outside and rubbed his eyes. Mornings sucked! "Just a few more hours..." Eishiba muttered. He looked down to see his Mankey looking up at him as if he had heard that. It screeched and Eishiba said, "Ok, never mind. I'm perfectly ready to go."

Mankey clapped as Eishiba decided to head on out. As Eishiba walked through the town, he realized Mankey was content as it walked along. It looked around curiously, almost child like. Then Eishiba saw Talim. He ran to catch up saying, "Hey where are you headed?"

She said, "Oh I was headed for Cerulean City. They have water Pokemon there and I want to see them."

"Oh, you mean your going to teach that Azurill to swim finally?" Eishiba laughed.

She said, "Oh hush, I just want to go somewhere else. I'm tired of this dirty city." Eishiba had realized how dirty it was here in Pewter City anymore. He had grown used to it, all the dirt and rocky terrain.

The two walked along talking about family and friends and many other interests. Mankey walked quietly along the entire time. As they walked along they came to an open field as the afternoon sun started beating down. In the field stood two figures, each with a mask on. Eishiba and Talim approached slowly.

When they got closer, Eishiba asked, "Are you...people?"

They both stared at Eishiba and Talim. Both of them wore mask similar to the Lucha Libre Mexican wrestling masks. Both wore dark clothing to keep themselves concealed. Both spoke in unison, "Ahead is a cave. The only way to Cerulean City. To get there, you must battle us."

They both took out Pokeballs. Eishiba looked at Talim and said, "Are you ready?"
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Default Re: Arceus: A Deity in Need

Eishiba and Talim stood next to each other. Eishiba turned to Talim and said, "Your not going to make me battle alone are you?" Talim shook her head and pulled out her only pokeball and threw it into the arena. Eishiba threw his out just after her. Azurill erupted from its pokeball. It turned to see its partner, Squirtle standing by it. The two masked trainers across the field threw pokeballs out to meet the two already waiting. One was a small green pokemon with a bulb on its back. The other was another green pokemon with a leaf on its head and small seeds on its neck. The two trainers called out, "Alright Bulbasaur and Chikorita! This should be easy! Just a few grass moves and we should win!"

Talim said, "We can't win...they have grass types. This isn't fair."

Eishiba didn't like the looks of this. Both of the grass types across the field looked ready to rumble and well trained. "We have to think of some kind of strategy."

The first trainer gave his attack. "Bulbasaur use tackle! Tackle that Azurill!"

Before Talim could give an attack, the Bulbasaur charge into Azurill hard, sending it flying back. Eishiba tried to act fast. "Squirtle, tackle the Bulbasaur!"

Squirtle made the same attack and knocked the Bulbasaur back. Azurill stood up and Talim called out, "Quick use Bubble on Bulbasaur!" Azurill used bubble, sending a small stream of bubbles at Bulbasaur but Bulbasaur shook the move off. "Water isn't going to do much to these two." Eishiba said.

The second trainer called out, "Chikorita razor leaf!" Chikorita sent out dozens of small leaves with razor sharp edges. They hurled themselves at both Squirtle and Azurill. The leaves were so strong it knocked both pokemon back. Azurill cried out as the leaves cut into its blubbery skin. Squirtle stood up slowly. Eishiba called out, "Tackle Chikorita!" Squirtle ran at Chikorita but before it even got close, two vines wrapped themselves around Squirtle, holding it fast. Squirtle couldn't move. The Bulbasaur had used its vines to catch Squirtle. The vines lifted Squirtle into the air. "Try a Bubble attack!" Eishiba attempted. Squirtle sent out a flurry of bubbles. They were stronger than the ones Azurill had made but still had very little effect. Both trainers called out, "Razor Leaf!" While Bulbasaur suspended Squirtle in the air, both pokemon sent out a flurry of razor edged leaves. A countless number of leaves soared at Squirtle. The tiny turtle pokemon cried out as the leaves had a very heavy effect. Eishiba watched as his Squirtle was helpless. "Squirtle!" Eishiba cried out.

Suddenly the vines released Squirtle and the razor leaf attack from Bulbasaur stopped. Eishiba watched as Bulbasaur fell to the ground with a massive thud. He also saw Azurill standing on top of Bulbasaur. Talim gave a shout saying, "Azurill just used Body Slam!" Chikorita was commanded for a razor leaf attack on Azurill. As the leaves rushed at Azurill, it used its tail to bounce itself into the air, up and over the attack. It came down with a belly flop and crashed down on Chikorita. Both grass pokemon lay perfectly still. Eishiba gave Talim a high five and said, "You saved my Squirtle and won the match!" Talim smiled and rushed to her Azurill which came running to her. She picked it up and hugged it tight. Eishiba walked to his Squirtle which was laying on the ground trying to catch its breath. The cuts from the leaves had caused Squirtle to bleed. Eishiba reached into his pocket and pulled out a Potion and said, "I'm going to spray this on you. It should make you feel better after a while." He sprayed the potion on Squirtle as it started to squirm as the potion burned. "You will be fine." Eishiba called his Squirtle back as the two trainers walked over and said, "With battle strength like that, you two can handle anything." Talim called her Azurill back as the two trainers moved to the side and allowed them to enter the cave. Eishiba looked at her and said, "Are you ready to go on?"

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