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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Default Devout (PG-13)

Devout (A Dark Nostalgia Short Novel)
Rating: PG-13 for language, violence, and dark/pseudo-religious themes
Basis: Pokémon Universe (including preexisting/original settings and characters, alternate realities/timescales, and divergent back-stories)
Disclaimer: I own no part of the Pokémon franchise, its properties, subsidies, etc. This story is the work of a fan writer based on the series, though it also includes some of my own creations such as characters and settings in it.
__________________________________________________ ____________________________


The gods of man… Icons, deities, and symbols all astray from a long-since forgotten truth… All cry blasphemy when that truth is spoken once again…
~Otulp, the Judge-Sovereign of Dark Nostalgia

Canersia stood alone on the upper rim of Sendoff Spring, his husky manlike form casting an ominous shadow on the pool below. In silence, his amber eyes watched as the landscape changed with the waning twilight.

The darkening woods surrounding the plateau were eerily quiet. Barely enough wind blew to rustle the leaves, much less to shift his heavy sheepskin cloak. No creatures, neither man nor beast, living or undead, wandered within a kilometer of this place. It seemed as though Death Himself had reaped the land of its very essence. Yet then, Canersia wasn’t far from that stature. A pity some didn’t show him more respect.

Slowly he turned his gaze into the craggy basin. Near its heart, he saw a pair of Bibarel swimming idly across the pond. For a time, the beavers realized nothing of his presence. But suddenly, one stopped and stared him straight in the eye.

“Hey!” she barked, “Who do you think you are?”

In response, the monk raised his right hand, aiming the pointed claws on his fingertips directly at the onlooker. Their tips began to glow with a bluish hue, which then mixed with crimson and emerald sparks. Finally the auras transmuted into a thick globular mass in front of his palm.

“What do you reckon he’s doing?” her boyfriend asked passively.

As the sphere grew, Canersia opened the upper set of eyes atop his brow and focused them on the twosome below. Black energy waves pulsed away from his body, intensifying the glow of his creation. Once it reached a meter in width, the beast clenched his palm to send the Plasma Bomb flying at his targets. Split seconds later, the Bibarel vaporized into nothingness.

“You never cease to amaze me, Canersia,” a man’s voice spoke to the beast.

An amorphous shadow suddenly appeared on the ground to his right. Ignoring his ally, Canersia sneered upon seeing that the intact spirits of his victims still lingered. Placing his hands together, he huffed a banishing sigh and they vanished for good.

“However, Giratina is not just any ordinary Pokémon. The Renegade was the first outside of Chastity’s Domain to rise against Arceus. He wanted nothing to do with us in the Beginning Time, so why would he now?” the specter continued. After a moment, the monk’s eyes leered at the demon and he started to growl.

“So sure of yourself? Even a Beast from Nostalgia may not be able to subjugate this monster...”

Snorting, Canersia cast open a dimensional tear in the immediate time-space. Then, he threw his head back and cried to the heavens with his arms held out wide. A burst of light focused into a marble-sized point, releasing radiant beams of energy into the wormhole before Canersia as it condensed. Lastly, the monk closed his hands and the anomalies disappeared altogether.

The shadow creature prepared to leave Canersia to himself, when the holy man gestured for him to stay with a simple glance. After fifteen minutes passed, the earth heaved upwards and rocks tumbled into Sendoff Spring’s watery basin. During the quake, both Canersia and his partner could just vaguely hear the ungodly wails of the accursed monster residing in the ruins below.

“Perhaps I was mistaken…”

Canersia nodded, knowing well that this shallow display of his prowess had been uncalled for. But force always justified itself no matter the end result.

Tiredly the monk forced open another wormhole several feet behind him. His partner wasted no time entering the portal. Closing his eyes, Canersia sighed to bid this plane farewell and backed into the rift. Once in, he sealed the tear in the dimensions seamlessly, so that no others would possibly know he was there.

<End Prologue>
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