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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 04-12-2011, 11:44 PM
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Post Winning by a peck

Winning by a peck...

Main idea.
The battle was on! It was a 3 on 3 fight to the finish but our Champion had not witnessed this before, A kid.. 7 to be exact simply entered with a Spearow, A Charmander and a Dewott in hopes of defeating a true champion.. His name is Chris and he DOESN'T back down. Ladies and Gentlemen.. Please sit back for this true story wrote by yours truly.

There was once a boy named George, But he was a husky young lad never exercised himself but exercised his pokemon way more. The boy entered a tournament with his hands shaking, his sweat dripping and surprisingly found this tournament too be all exaggeration of the trainers, But! it was all because of one single fact... He had never faced opponents like this. One after one he eventually took all the challengers, Ash was a tough one.. Because according to many "He is a hero" but George wasn't moved... He had eventually came to the champion named Chris, he was a strong foe, beyond strong his pokemon always as dreamy as ever.. His heart's fire was raging like his Charizard's tail, He was flying high like his Dragonite, Steady like his Tyranitar's stance, as strongly determined as his Metagross's metal body yet he was as thick headed as his Blastoise's shell... The battle had begun! with a Dragonite, Venusaur and Blastoise on the Champion's side and a Spearow, Charmander and Dewott on George's side, The odds were stacked agianst him but he had the might to tackle the blight of the champion battle fright.

Dragonite and Dewott were the first to enter they fray! Dewott was already preparing a massive Ice Beam since he came out of the Pokeball. Dragonite was ready to finish Dewott but! Dewott blinded Dragonite with a water gun too begin with, and kept building up his massive ice beam, eventually he shot the Ice Beam and the results were outstanding "It was a one hit wonder!" the announcer said, The champion was shocked and the Audience's hearts were beating 1000x times faster. This meant he had underestimated the opponent, the crowd's comments were... "The champion is slipping I don't like this", "That was depressing c'mon give us a show to remember" and finally "That champion.. is unreal". The champion had already lost his huge envious crowd! It was now as if two rookies were facing off, The champion sent out a Venusaur and crushed Dewott, He switched to his Blastoise as George switched to Charmander. Blastoise was not at his best.. The crowd was devestated watching with disgust. Charmander had blinded Blastoise with a nicely done Sand Attack, Charmander used Endeavor somehow which meant doomsday for Blastoise if something hadn't be done quickly and swiftly, Blastoise had no choice and used Surf and sadly.. It struck Charmander with a full, blunt force. This meant only Spearow remained, Spearow dodged every move, and simply pecked Blastoise til' Blastoise fell with agony. Venusaur and Spearow were the last pokemon.. This was supposively fair because Venusaur was on a different level but Spearow's moves would be very effective, with a huge peck BAM! Venusaur was struck but used Vine Whip and grabbed the spearow and slammed spearow with Determination, Spearow... Used peck this was the end, the battle had been won and the fight was over. George's family came rushing with Joy (Emotion and the Person), but the Champion felt like a loser.. and so, He went home..

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