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Old 04-04-2011, 11:39 PM
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Default March Quiz Results


BMG Thread:


There were 15 questions, but many had multiple parts, and it totals to 33 points in total. When making the quiz, it was my goal to make sure none of you got 100%, which I succeeded in. The average score was 21 (after factoring out a joke submission xD), and the highest score was 29.5, out of 23 submissions. Some questions you were able to get half a point, but most you either got the point or didn't. Without further ado, the questions and their answers...


Your opponent has an uber Kingdra. However, there is one way to guarantee a win for yourself. You have the following Swampert and Lucario left. The opponent's Kingdra is his last Pokemon. The Kingdra will use Surf over and over no matter what. There are no items on any Pokemon. Your Pokemon have all moves they can learn. What moves can you use to win for sure?

Swampert 54.70% (Sub) (SR) (Spikes3) (ToxSpikes2) VS Kingdra 100.00% (Atk+6) (Def+6) (SpAtk+6) (SpDef+6) (Spe+6)

Lucario 50% (in Pokeball)

More people got this one that I thought, which is pretty impressive, because I thought it was kind of hard. There were actually two methods to this, but both involved Endeavor. The way I intended it to be answered was for Swampert to use Substitute twice in a row to bring Swampert to 4.70%, or 19 HP, while behind a Substitute. Then Swampert can use Endeavor to bring Kingdra to 19 HP as well, while Kingdra breaks Swampert's Substitute for third time. After that, Swampert can faint from Surf. Then Lucario is sent and takes some negligible damage for this problem from the entry hazards. Lucario can then use Extremespeed to win the battle, doing exactly 19 HP of damage to KO Kingdra. An alternate way is to use Yawn on the first turn, and then Endure. This brings Swampert to 1 HP, while Kingdra is asleep. Swampert then uses Endeavor to bring Kingdra to 1 HP, and then any attack to finish it off if Kingdra sleeps for longer than one turn. If it does sleep for only one turn, Lucario can Extremespeed to finish it. Any methods that involved chance, like Toxic stalling with repeated Protects did not answer the question, as it asked for a guaranteed way.


Find the speed of both Pokemon after all of the moves in the following order. Assume Scary Face always hits. Assume Hammer Arm always hits, but does negligible damage. Assume Rock Tomb always hits, but does negligible damage. Assume these Pokemon have their default abilities.

Metagross 100%
Masquerain 100%

Masquerain uses: Scary Face, Scary Face, Scary Face, Quiver Dance, Quiver Dance, Quiver Dance, Scary Face, Scary Face, Scary Face, Scary Face
Metagross uses: Scary Face, Scary Face, Agility, Agility, Rock Tomb, Hammer Arm, Hammer Arm, Hammer Arm, Agility, Rock Tomb

This question was probably more tedious and annoying than difficult. However, it's important to realize that Metagross's ability, Clear Body, prevents its speed from lowering by Scary Face. In the end, Metagross ends up with Speed+3, and Masquerain with Speed-3. Which means their speeds are 597 and 87 respectively. I would of taken either form of the answer, or both.


Name a person in the URPG whose stats meet the conditions given. Link to his/her stats.

a. This trainer has at least 8 different Poison Pokemon, as well as a Meowth and Stantler.
b. This trainer has at least 13 different Fire Pokemon, as well as Primeape and Blissey.
c. This trainer chose Cubone as their starter.
d. This trainer only has these 3 Pokemon: Starmie, Charizard, and Crobat
e. This trainer has Muk, Rampardos, and Samurott.

If you didn't include the link, you got no points at all for these. The first two parts of this section were probably most easily found just by knowing the past prominent users of those types. The first one, for Poison, is none other than Jack of Clovers. The next one is Loyal Arcanine. c. actually had multiple answers, and I would count any of them; here's two of them: Sennyo and Shinies. I don't know how you would get d. besides checking the stats of people one by one, or just searching stats of those who have the rarest mon out of those three, Starmie. Regardless, it's Thanatos. The same goes with e., except searching Samurott, which few people probably have at the moment. The answer for that one is Turtwig A, but you could of called him any of his other names.


a. Count the amount of Seel in this image: CLICK
b. What is the name of this location in the Pokemon universe: CLICK
c. What is the name of this location in the Pokemon universe: CLICK

If you said 0 for the first one, that's exactly how many points you got for it. Indeed, the picture is filled with many Dewgong, but on the bottom right is a lovable Seel, so there's 1 Seel. b. is tied with another question for second most missed question; only 30% of you got it. It's Castelia City, and finding that same picture on the Internet is so hard, I don't even remember where I got it, but it was probably from Serebii. The style of the city and artwork could of hinted you in the right direction, though. The last last picture is Goldenrod City, despite the file being cerulean.png. This was intentional to trick some of you. ^_^


a. Name every move that can lower the opponent's Special Defense. Disregard moves that can call other moves.
b. Name every move that can prevent the opponent from switching. Disregard moves that can call other moves.
c. Name every move that can flinch the opponent. Disregard moves that can call other moves. Disregard items.
d. Name a move that only two evolutionary lines can learn. They must also be part of different egg groups. Disregard Smeargle.

These questions were the most annoying to grade. They were also ones where you could get half a point. First, if you missed a move, I gave you a strike. If you included a move that did not belong, like a move that lowers your own special defense, I also gave you a strike. If you got 1 strike, you got half the point, and if you got 2 strikes or more, you missed the whole point. I'll just tell you these answers in a list after this paragraph. The ones in bold were commonly missed, while the ones in [brackets] were moves people sent, but I did not look for, nor did I count them as a strike. Reasons people may have missed the ones in bold were probably because the reffing encyclopedia isn't consistent in its descriptions, and some of the moves are new.

a. Acid, Acid Spray, Bug Buzz, Earth Power, Energy Ball, Fake Tears, Flash Cannon, Focus Blast, Luster Purge, Metal Sound, Psychic, Seed Flare, Shadow Ball, [Accpressure (on Contrary Pokemon], [Guard Split], [Guard Swap]
b. Bind, Block, Clamp, Fire Spin, Magma Storm, Mean Look, Sand Tomb, Spider Web, Whirlpool, Wrap, [Shadow Hold]
c. Air Slash, Astonish, Bite, Bone Club, Dark Pulse, Dragon Rush, Extrasensory, Fake Out, Fire Fang, Headbutt, Heart Stamp, Hyper Fang, Ice Fang, Icicle Crash, Iron Head, Needle Arm, Rock Slide, Rolling Kick, Secret Power, Sky Attack, Snore, Steamroller, Stomp, Thunderfang, Twister, Waterfall, Zen Headbutt
d. Any 1 of these (possibly more): Arm Thrust, Meteor Mash, Razor Shell, Rock Wrecker, Steamroller, Tail Glow, Transform


Give the % of these Pokemon after they move.

Lombre 90.12% (Holding Eviolite)
Dusknoir 98.63% (Atk+2) (Holding Life Orb)

Lombre uses Counter
Dusknoir uses Return

Many refs missed this one, and some people that aren't refs got it right! The trick with this one is that Counter does not affect Ghost types. Therefore Dusknoir deals a 102 power Normal attack with Atk+2 on a Lombre with 50% increased defense due to Eviolite. Dusknoir loses 10% of its health due to Life Orb. Lombre uses Counter, but it does nothing to Dusknoir. This ends with Lombre at 25.92% and Dusknoir at 88.77%. If you were like a percent off, I gave it to you.


Name the specific location in Pokemon Black/White where you can find an NPC who says...

"People say Shiny Pokémon
look like they're gleaming when
they come out of the grass!"

I could of been really mean with this one and put something you couldn't find on Google, but I didn't.


Write a single function with variable, x, that gives the total amount of Toxic % dealt to a Pokemon when x amount of turns have passed. That means if put in a number for x, then the function will give out the % of Toxic damage you have received from all x turns. You don't have to account for the fact that Toxic damage on turn 15 and higher maxes at 93.75%.

This was the meanest question and most missed one (or most skipped?), only 22% got it. To do it, you first have to realize that it's not asking for Toxic damage on any given turn, which is simply 6.25x. It's asking for a function that gives you how much damage you have recieved from all those turns. That means if you put in 1, it gives you 6.25; if you put in 2, it gives you 18.75; if you put in 3, it gives you 37.5; so so on. To create a function like that, you probably should be familiar with summations (or sigma notation), which is something you might of learned in Algebra II (or Pre-Calculus?). The two identities you use are this one and this one. And using those you can get the method to the answer, which is f(x) = 3.125(x^2+x).


Read this story:

Complete the following:

a. Name every human character mentioned.
b. Name every Pokemon mentioned.
c. Find 3 sentences that show Hailey's Pokemon is tired.
d. What characteristic of Hailey is written 3 times?
e. Why is Hailey's discovery hidden from her parents?

There wasn't anything really tricky about this one, besides having to do something a little different and read a story! I tried to create questions that forced you to read the whole thing, instead of skimming for the answers. There were like 4 or 5 things you could put for c., but I only included 3 of them here. d. might of been controversial, but 52% of you managed to single it out from the story, which made me think it was fine, especially since part of the 48% that missed it skipped it altogether.

a. Maddy, Hailey, mom, dad
b. Clefairy, Ponyta
c. "It lifted its head wearily as she approached, and Hailey patted it on the nose."
"Ponyta shook its head, the recoil damage from the attack had taken its toll."
"As the horse struggled to catch its breath, Hailey ran up, hugged it around the neck and then reached into her backpack once more."
d. hazel eyes


Aerial Ace (TM), Baton Pass (BM), Brick Break (TM), Bug Bite (MT), Knock Off (MT), Light Screen (TM), Protect (TM), Rain Dance (TM), Rest (TM), Rock Smash (HM), Roost (TM), Sleep Talk (TM), Substitute (TM), Superpower (MT), Toxic (TM), U-Turn (TM)

a. What Pokemon learns all of these moves in the way marked?
b. What does it cost to teach the Pokemon all of those moves? HM moves count as 0, and daycare moves cost 5,000.

There was really no trick to this one either, I just wanted people to find the move value for my Scizor so I didn't have to. ^_^ Some put Scyther, but that's wrong since Scyther can't learn Superpower (and maybe some other moves). It totals to 78,000.


What is the % chance of acquiring an Old Amber from The Underground to 6 decimal places.

This one is not that hard. Calculating probability just involves multiplying the chance of each event. In the underground, there is a (5/100) chance to get a fossil, then a (9/100) chance to get an Odd Keystone or Old Amber, then a (1/2) chance to get Old Amber, and then a (30/100) chance to succesfully acquire the Old Amber intact. If you multiply all those numbers, you get 0.000675, which converted to a percent by multiplying it by 100 gets you .067500% (to 6 decimal places). The 6 decimal places probably threw some of you off, and some of you did not give the percent, only the 0.000675. If you put anything that resembled a 675 together, I gave you half a point.


a. Name 3 Pokemon that have the same base speed and these 3 Pokemon do not share their base speed with any other Pokemon.

There was more than one answer for this one, but one of them is NOT Aerodactyl, Crobat, and Jolteon, which some put. Mewtwo has the same base speed as those Pokemon as well. The correct answers were:

Swellow, Weavile, Darkrai
Basculin, Hydreigon, Swanna
Bonsly, Trapinch, Ferroseed
Bronzor, Lileep, Wynaut


a. What Pokemon card has the attack 'Everyone Explode Now'. Include the TCG set this Pokemon is found in.
b. This symbol represents what TCG set: CLICK
c. What Pokemon card can perform an attack that requires one Grass and one Darkness energy and deals 20 damage, among another effect(s)? Include the TCG set this Pokemon is found in.

a. can easily be found by Google, I just thought the name was funny. Forretress, HS Undaunted.
b. involved you finding a source (official Pokemon TCG website) that showed you all the symbols and which set they represent. HS Unleashed.
c. involved looking through cards I suppose, or searching it somehow. Cacturne, Platinum or Dark Celebi, EX Hidden Legends.


Find a URPG story in which a Croagunk and Swinub are caught at the same time.

I thought this one would be hard, but I figured it's easily searchable on PE2K, especially when someone sent a URL with highlight=croagunk+swinub at the end. Campfire Stories: The Academy by Black Hawk


a. What Pokemon episode does a Pokemon attempt to reach a satellite?
b. What is going on in this image and why: CLICK
c. What Pokemon episode features a Sandile bridge?

a. was the question I messed up on. I intended satellite to mean natural satellite, or the moon! And the intended answer was Fly Me to the Moon. However, upon reviewing the summary for the episode, I realized Orville was trying to fly towards the Sun, not a moon, although it's implied it will try to reach the moon in the end. Several people sent Unfair Weather Friends, Clefairy Tales, and Where No Togepi Has Gone Before. I counted all of these as well as the Pidgey episode as 0.5 points. However, the very last submission brought up Crazy as a Lunatone, which ends with Lunatone returning the moon, which is as close as an answer can be for this question that didn't have a clear answer, and gave a full point. Sorry for making this question if it wasted a lot of your time. >.<

On b. I shouldn't of made this image searchable by TinEye, but it is, and that can lead you to which episode it is of easily. The answer is that Ash is telling his Torkoal to melt the ice off someone's butt, because he accidentally froze it with his Snorunt. An answer I thought was funny, but wrong was that Ash is removing the person's hemmorhoids.

There are few 5th generation episodes, so c. should of been pretty easy: A Sandile Gusher of Change or Oshawott! Sandile! Critical Moment!!
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Default Re: March Quiz Results

That ends the answers and part you scrolled past. Now the part you're looking for, the prizes. Since the average score was 21, and getting everything right on the last quiz got you 11,000, I decided that each point would give you 750. So the average amount given would be 15,750. If you ended up with a weird number due to half points, I rounded down the amount of you get to the nearest 250 (you shouldn't mind). Feel free to claim less than you actually got if numbers ending with 750 or 250 bother you in URPG. Ataro said this payment system would be fine.


Team Evolution: 5250
Stinky: 22000
TheEvilDookie: 20500
Ataro: 18250
Kai-Mei: 19500
Siless: 18750
Eeveedude: 18250
Volcanflame: 21000
Sec: 17250
We Taste Pies...: 18750
Nyurgh: 13000
Ebail: 15250
MaverickKaiser: 14500
Jose: 750
Fawkes.: 15000
Monbrey: 21000
Jack of Clovers: 21000
pman: 6000
Bumblebee: 16000
Neonsands: 20500
mubz: 10000
smorgasbord: 14250
poke123: 18000

Specific results:

But wait, there's more. I decided that the top 6 scorers get a special prize (also approved by Ataro). First of all, the highest scorer was Stinky with 29.5 points. There was a three way tie for 2nd place between Volcanflame, Monbrey, and Jack of Clovers. To break the tie, I created a different point system, one where answering a question that less people got, made it worth more. If 87% of people got the first question right, it's worth 13 (100 - 87) points in the tie breaker system. If you got half of a question right, you get half of its difficulty value. After finding Volcanflame's, Monbrey's, and Jack of Clovers's tie breaker points, Volcanflame had the most, followed by Jack, and then Monbrey. The same was done for the tie for 5th place between TheEvilDookie and Neonsands, which ended with more points for TheEvilDookie. Therefore the 6 special prize winners are...

1st: Stinky (29.5)
2nd: Volcanflame (28)
3rd: Jack of Clovers (28)
4th: Monbrey (28)
5th: TheEvilDookie (27.5)
6th: Neonsands (27.5)

So what do you get? There are 6 items (or 5 items and 1 Pokemon to choose from). 1st place gets first choice of the prizes, 2nd place chooses from what's left over, and so on. The prizes, in alphabetical order, are...

Special Prizes

Azure Flute (summon any legendary Pokemon for use with all moves in an FFA, two time use, unusable in upcoming FFA Tournament)

Dowsing MCHN (10% to get a Pokemart item or TM after every non-basic battle, breaks on May 9th)

Gauntlet (you are able to attach an item to a Pokemon during an FFA, despite rules, except in upcoming FFA Tournament, breaks on May 9th)

Simple Pokemon or lower

Sleepy Heart Pass Thingy (2 free moves in Daycare instantly, 1 Dream World ability instantly)

Xtransceiver (modify Pidge's signature upon request, should not break any rules, and still link to Pidge's stats somehow, breaks on May 9th)

You can not trade or gift any of these items. Post to claim your money and prizes (in order). :phew:
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Default Re: March Quiz Results

Claiming my 18,250
urpg stats . the ultra dex .
avatar image courtesy of emma-kins .
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Default Re: March Quiz Results

Claiming my 750!
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Default Re: March Quiz Results

I knew Endeavor had to play a part... I knew it... but just couldn't figure out how. heh. Btw, that was me with Toxic stalling. It only had a 50% chance to win!

Very surprised at the lack of entries. Granted it was more difficult than a normal quiz, I really expected more participation. Oh well. And for me to be the third highest...... wow. hahah! And congrats to Stinky for being at the top!

I also wish to relinquish my prize to the next person in line.

Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default Re: March Quiz Results

Oh cool, thanks Jack.

In that case, I'll take a Simple Pokemon - Roggenrola
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Default Re: March Quiz Results

Dowsing Machine

^ Anastasia-R ^
Current VPP: Palkia > Level 100: 6987
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