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Old 04-24-2011, 09:27 PM
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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon: Dark Science - Black Consernation

wow sorry for the delay, im actually surprised i got a chance toget on ^^ anyway im almost done with Tobias i just need a few more tweeks but im not gonna be able to get on my computer until late tomorrow so yeh... anyway he i'll have him up monday or tuesday i know i said id have him on friday but these last couple of das have been hectic....

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Old 04-25-2011, 05:48 AM
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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon: Dark Science - Black Consernation

[OOC: Hope this is all still okay, added a few changes]

Name: Tiffany Devlin

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Pokemon Forms, if Any: None, though she is still immune to the Tempest Virus.

Description: Tiffany stands at about four feet tall, thin, with long, pure white hair combed straight back all the way down to her thighs. She lacks any sort of bangs whatsoever, and her hairline is clearly visible running over her forehead. Her skin is very pale, much like her brother’s, and her eyes are a dull grey color.

She wears a simple, well-kept grey suit and skirt, the buttons black and her shirt underneath a plain white. Around her neck and tucked into her buttoned up jacket is a solid black tie. On her feet she wears a pair of black flat-soled shoes, with small silver buckles fastening over the tops of her feet.

Personality: Those that knew Tiffany would say she was cold or distant. Those that didn’t would say she was downright creepy. She is slow to react to anything anyone has to say or do, and she speaks in a kind of serious monotone for most any conversation, only a change in volume indicating whether she is feeling a specific emotion or not. Having come from a family that largely ignored her in favor of her older brother, Tiffany’s reluctance to open up to anyone can be easily understood by anyone who knew her history. She always seems uninterested, unenthusiastic, and generally indifferent to anything that is going on. She is remarkably intelligent and some say ruthless as well, but the manner in which she proceeds with every task as if it were the same exact thing is what marks her utter lack of a definable personality.

Outwardly she can, with some effort, produce what would be expected of a normal twelve-year-old girl, smiling and giggling and speaking in a happy, childlike voice.

Inwardly, she’s almost as insane as her brother, but in an entirely different way. Her apathetic behavior is a byproduct of the number of suppressants she is currently on. Her personality shifts dramatically with each level of her disease that manifests itself:

Level 1: Normal and stable and completely in control.
Level 2: A bit more animated, a bit more reactive, and a bit more paranoid.
Level 3: A lot more animated and reactive, and incredibly paranoid. Developing aggressiveness.
Level 4: Incredibly paranoid, delusional and violent. Signs of self harm beginning to manifest.
Level 5: Terminally insane and unreasonable. If left alone for too long, she will end up killing herself in some gruesome way.

History: Tiffany’s history is rather different to her brother’s, though no less steeped in bloodshed and violence. With her brother being favored over her due to his psychic ability, Tiffany did not have a happy beginning in the world. She had to grow up fast, learn to do things herself. Knowing her brother was rotten from the start, she regarded him with disgust and hatred and resentment for how he so easily manipulated her parents, but did nothing, as she was absolutely powerless against him.

On her six birthday a distant relative of the Devlin’s, some grandmother of hers that she never actually met, ended up having Tiffany taken away from the Devlin estate. She was shipped off to a boarding school in Unova where she wouldn’t have to worry about the ties to her family in Johto. Tiffany enjoyed the school very much, made a lot of friends, and seemed to escape the horrible fate that would later befall her parents and everyone else in her hometown.

Then, when she was nine, she contracted a bizarre illness, the likes of which had never been seen before. It caused her to hallucinate, to make her think everyone was out to get her. She ended up causing severe injuries to several of the girls in her dorm, not to mention massive amounts of property damage to the school, before the authorities were able to catch her. At the time, hospitals were baffled at her condition, not knowing how they should deal with her. Xexan stepped in and offered to take her off their hands, claiming they could develop a cure if they studied her, saying that even if she died, they’d at least be better prepared for it if such a disease germinated in more people.

Tiffany saw Xexan as a savior at first, a treatment for her disease soon developed using samples and tests from both human and Pokémon subjects, allowing her to become lucid again. She didn’t realize the only reason they didn’t let her die was because of her value as the only specimen infected with the disease, and so she offered to help them with their research on it. Humored by the scientists at first, they soon realized she had an uncanny knack for getting results, coming up with tests and experiments that they, perhaps limited by their adult minds, could not even begin to comprehend. Encouraging the poor girl even further, all while keeping her dependent on them by providing her with her treatments, Tiffany soon grew to be a driving force in the organization. In that environment, she also began to lose any sense of morality that had developed during her brief, happy time at school.

When Xexan went rogue, she went with it, not having any reason to return back to civilization. She participated rather actively in the K1-A3 project, finding it ‘cute’. Whether she actually meant it, or was being sarcastic was anyone’s guess. Still preoccupied with her own disease, however, she found out that by administering treatments from various psychic Pokémon that she could bring out her own latent psychic abilities as well as strengthen her will over her illness. Developing a power to rival her brother’s, she intended to head back to Johto and confront him, still harboring a deep grudge against him.

This unfortunately happened right at the time when the government started actively trying to find and destroy Xexan. Not wanting her only means of staying sane and hope of eventually being cured to be taken away, still feeling like she owed her life to the organization, Tiffany now devotes her time solely to making sure they aren’t discovered and developing her own research. Revenge on her brother could wait.

Having reached her hideout in Opelucid City, along with all the data she recovered from the Silver Needle, an underground bullet train that connected to many points beneath Unova that was loaded with all her supplies and research, Tiffany carved out a niche for herself when the Tempest virus broke out. As far as she was concerned, her own disease was much worse, and she had to find a way to prevent it from spreading now that everyone's immune systems were weakened.

It wasn't until much later that she found out her own disease, in addition to the supplements she received from Xexan, were keeping her alive and protected from it. Her guard and driver had succumbed to the disease before she could help him, and the rest were holed up in her shelter, unable to go outside. So, left no other choice, Tiffany went back out onto the surface of Unova, regrouping with Helen, who had been rather badly hurt trying to protect her mistress' identity when the group of Pokémon she'd been spying on found her out and tried to force her to tell them what she knew.

As always, Tiffany was rather indifferent about the situation. So there was a whole new problem to worry about in the form of Siphon and the virus. It meant nothing to her. She would overcome it, cure herself, and then, finally break through the quarantine and go after her accursed brother, finishing him off once and for all.

She swore it.

Powers: Tiffany has very strong ESP and can perceive anyone or anything living within five hundred meters of herself. She also has an ability to produce a hexagonal formed sphere of energy around herself as a barrier to attack, not even needing it to be all or nothing. She can shield only the area in which she is threatened and leave the rest of the barrier down, thereby saving energy. As for offensive abilities, she has the rather nasty option to release a heavy wave of psychic energy that can fry the brain and nervous system of any sentient creature that gets in its path. This is equally applicable to robots and machines, if they can be classified as 'sentient'.

The downside for Tiffany is that owing to the sheer number of suppressing treatments she has to take to keep her illness in check, she is remarkably slow to react. While she may have a ton of power, it often takes her several seconds to decide how and if she’s going to apply it. The other problem is that if she uses too much of her mental energy, she’s liable to provoke the illness into moving up a stage, and thus rendering her more dangerously reactive, but a lot more vulnerable. She can lower the level if she gets a treatment injected in time or forces it down through sheer willpower, but often her paranoia sees even this treatment as a threat.

Pokémon: A Liligant named Helen. Helen has a rather sweet and caring personality, which seems totally at odds with her situation, being the Pokémon of a Xexan Scientist. However, she is truly one of the only people who understands Tiffany, who sees her for the scared little girl fighting against her entire being that she really is. As such, she's fiercely devoted to her, willing to do anything to protect her Mistress and help aid in her recovery so that one day, maybe, they can live a normal life as a simple human girl and her beloved Pokémon.

Other: When in her more insane stages, Tiffany tends to carry around some form of weapon, usually anything she can lay her hands on. In her sheer desperation to defend herself, using wild and deluded instinct, she can often wield them with terrifying, unpredictable potency. I will be detailing the level of her disease at the beginning of each post too along with name and location and affected RPers, if that is permissible.
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Old 04-26-2011, 02:59 AM
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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon: Dark Science - Black Consernation

wellll...... here's what i have for Tobias so far :D incomplete as i still need to work on his history which as much of a beast as Tobias is becoming, it's being a royal pain to make a good background for him lol....

Name: Tobias Holmes aka ‘Yokai no Mori’
Gender: Male
Age: 52

Description: Muscular, old and careworn, Tobias is a monster of a man that stands at six foot and seven inches tall and weighs in at two hundred and sixty pounds of pure muscle. He has long grey hair that reaches to his back that he normally keeps it tied in a ponytail. His beard and mustache hang pointedly down to the middle of his chest. Tobias has deep-set piercing sky blue eyes, a trait that he passed on to his son. He wears a traditional male style dark red kimono with a black haori jacket over it and wooden getta. While his son has the look that can beat the crap out of whomever he stares at, Tobias has the look that can kill whoever he glares at. Needless to say, Tobias has monstrous strength and stamina. Tobias can avoid most fights by simply glaring at his opponents. He has near complete control over aura, and when he gets serious even people who aren’t trained in aura control can slightly see his aura as though it were a flame about his body.

Personality: Having never lost a fight in his life, Tobias has confidence beyond that of any normal man, as such, he does not know how to hold back. Tobias normally has a jovial personality hardly giving a damn about what’s happening around him and finding most everything a big joke. However he does have his moments of rage where he goes completely out of control. If you can imagine a school of pissed off Gyarados rampaging about followed by a group of even more pissed Garchomp, then Hydregeon by the truck load raging about and pit them all together in a small town such as Pallet or Solaceon, then that’s about a fourth of the havoc he can cause. That said, even the smallest thing can set him off it could be anything from someone giving a wrong look or a misplaced word, or something as simple as someone getting in his way.

He has five different stages of his rage. The first stage he is still mostly in control of his actions and has about an eighty-five to ninety percent chance of being able to stop when things start to go too far. The second stage, reasoned argument means little and won’t have much sway to his actions unless it’s something or someone important, however it still takes a whole lot of effort just to get him out of stage two. After stage two it starts to snowball, in stage three he goes into beast mode. Stage three is when he starts to have memory loss when rampaging about, he fails to recognize who he’s with and saying anything to him is meaningless, instincts start taking over and he has no control over his actions. Stage four he goes berserk, he is no longer in control of his actions and is more animalistic then human. The description above is about where he is in terms of strength, only instead of them in a small town imagine them in a small antique shop... He is pretty unstoppable when he is in stage four, only calming down when his exhaustion levels become complete. In stage five, let’s just say is the equivalent of five atomic bombs going off simultaneously in a single concentrated spot followed by another five hydrogen bombs in the same spot. That said, he explodes with fury and he loses all sense of himself. His final stage is on a completely different level then his others. Fortunately he has only gone past stage three only twice in his life. As his stages progress so too does his fighting style.

His normal style is a mix between the piercing strike style of his own creation and Suiken Boxing. As an expert at both, it really just depends on his mood on which style he uses. When going into his rage mode, he switches from the jovial styles that he normally uses and goes into a more ferocious closed fist style. He believes that there is three ways that one lives their lives, the way of the open palm, the way of the closed fist and the grey zone in between. The open palm, he believes, is the way of acceptance and control over emotion, letting logic and reason take over ones actions. The closed fist isn’t an evil way per say, but more of a way that lets ones emotion and feelings take control of their actions. It’s often confused with evil because that people who follow the way of the closed fist often get into more trouble. Not only that, they sometimes go too far and end up killing their opponents. The difference between this and evil is quite simple, their actions are brought on by emotion and whether or not they can see a means to test themselves. Tobias, while he considers himself in the grey zone between the two, is more of a closed fist follower.

History: you'll just have to wait and see :D

Pokémon: <1-6, what Pokémon your character has. No legendaries.>
Other: he's human working for Siphon btw :>

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Old 04-26-2011, 03:45 AM
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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon: Dark Science - Black Consernation

@ Necros – It’s all good, you’re set and ready to go. Enjoy the RP.

@ bleepbloop – No problem, just let me know when it’s done. Looks good so far, though.

Xexan Operatives
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Alex Waters [Bellossom, Lilligant, and Venusaur Chimera] – Played by Neo Emolga
Aur Morose [Porygon-Z, Metagross, Ariados Chimera] – Played by Lusankya
Nikolai Holmes [Gengar and Lucario Chimera] – Played by bleepbloop
Tiffany Devlin

Siphon Operatives
James Dasillion/C.E.A.S.A.R Dasillion – Played by Supremist Rain
Tobias Holmes aka ‘Yokai no Mori’ – Played by bleepbloop <PENDING>

Alex Tailleon – Played by Nova Eevee
Robert Dinkins JR. [Lucario and Zoroark Chimera] – Played by Raven X
Simon Zidane [Arcanine, Salamence, and Aggron Chimera] – Played by Master Zorua

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