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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 05-01-2011, 11:29 AM
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Default Mewtwo, the strongest of all Pokemon: Caught?

Congratulations! You caught Mewtwo!

The sun was shining bright upon the tall mountains somewhere in the northern region of Kanto. The birds were chirping, the cocoon Pokemon were sleeping soundly and a Butterfree is gathering berries in a nearby forest for breakfast.

Isn't it funny how everything is normal right before something catastrophic happens?

Walking through a clearing between two tall cliffs is a young boy, hardly a teenager. He is wearing a red T-shirt, a blue backpack, gray shorts (That appeared to be too big for him) and boots designed for harsh terrains. Although this simple yet fancy attire would usually attract a lot of attention, his clothing was dirty and ragged from walking so far. That, and the fact he was also all alone.

'I'm hungry... Where are all the Pokemon?' the boy thought to himself and started blinking rapidly. His eyes were getting irritated by a sudden gust of wind. He had been walking for what seemed like an eternity, searching for a Pokemon. Not a specific Pokemon, just anything he could find, which seems to be nothing so far. 'There are supposed to be Pokemon all over the world! Why can't I find any!' he thought angrily to himself and kicked a rock lying in his path. 'It's supposed to be so easy!'

He kept walking and walking, until the passage he was walking became very steep. Not one to give up, he started to scale the meaning path up the mountainside. As he was walking, tearing up his feet and will, he became filled with regret. He had been walking for so long, and still no sign of any Pokemon had been found. If nothing changed, what would become of him? Did he have to abandon his dreams and return home? The mere thought of it caused him despair like nothing else. The road became steeper and steeper and finally, he had to climb to proceed any further. He would have turned around then, if he had not seen that climbing would bring him to the top of a cliff, and hopefully a nicer terrain. He started climbing, finding foothold on even the tiniest shrapnels of stone and steadily pull himself up with the most unstable of branches.
Using the last ounces of his strength, he at last pulled himself up on the cliff and lay there, panting and heaving for air. Curious, he sat up and started to inspect the new area. It was a clearing with what looked like the start of a forest, and also a very beautiful waterfall. At the bottom of the water was something odd, however. Wiping the tears and sweat from his eyes, it was then that the little boy saw it.

Its first giveaway is that it was very white, not blending in well with the green grass and brown mountains surrounding it. Whatever it was, the boy thought it looked human, yet something was wrong. First of all, it had big, pointy ears! No human has ears like that! Also, its bodily features were slightly off. Although it appeared to be lying down on its stomach, the boy could tell that its legs were attached to the side of its body, and that they were far too big. The creature was not facing him, so he could not tell what its face looked like, but the back of its head appeared to have some kind of tube sticking out of it, connecting with its back. Upon closer inspection, he saw that it had a purple tail sticking out from its behind.

The boy just stood and stared for a whole minute. He knew that it wasn't dead, because he could tell that it was breathing.
'This must be... A Pokemon!' the boy thought to himself, regaining all of his willpower and strength in a matter of seconds. 'YES! I found Pokemon! Finally! Now I'll just catch it, and then...'
Scrambling as if suddenly awoken from a deep sleep, the boy started searching through his backpack, pulling out a small, round object known as a Pokeball, an item used for catching Pokemon. The boy could not contain his excitement as he held the ball in his hand, turned around and faced the Pokemon. It was still sleeping. 'That just makes it easier, right?' he thought, before walking a bit closer, taking aim and throwing the ball at the sleeping creature.

The ball connected with the creature's back. As the ball hit, it opened up and shot out a bright red light, engulfing the white creature. Quickly, the creature itself started to fade into the same shade as the red light, before completely blending in with it. The red light, together with the creature then disappeared into the ball, that closed up and fell to the ground.

"YES! I got i..." the boy shouted, but was interrupted as the ball began glowing red and started to shake uncontrollably on the ground. It did not take the boy more than a moment to realize that the Pokemon was trying to break out, the idea of it making him unsettled. That feeling quickly turned to fear, as the the boy quickly ran to hide behind a tree in the forest. The ball was now shaking more violently than ever, making clear audible noises as it tossed itself around in the grass. It was not until after several minutes that the shaking stopped, and the ball returned to its original color. The boy stood silent for a moment, before approaching the ball and carefully picking it up.

"YES! I got it! I caught my first Pokemon!" he shouted, hoping that everyone in the whole world could hear him. "I will show you all! With this, I will become the greatest Pokemon trainer that ever lived! YAHOO!"

He kept shouting out of relief, determination and joy for a minute or so, before his weariness hit him like a brick over his head and he sat down on the ground. 'Still hungry...' he thought. 'But that will have to wait! I wonder what kind of Pokemon I caught? I 've never seen it before! It was white, and it had a tail... Oh, I wish i had a Pokedex for this. Let's see, it was white... Tail... Ah! It must be a Persian! But wait a minute, it didn't look like a Persian... Maybe it's an evolved form of a Persian? Yeah, that must be it! OK, time to get a better look at it!"
He stood up quickly and brought the ball to his face before pressing a button located on the front of it, letting whatever Pokemon it contained out.

The Pokemon was no longer sleeping. Still not facing him, it was standing on its two much too large legs, looking surprised and staring off into the distance. The boy just now realized that it was sanding on TWO legs, not FOUR. He could also see its face for the first time from the side. It was both sleek and slender, and it did not seem to have a nose. Before the boy could inspect it any further, it suddenly came to it and turned around to face him.

(What is the meaning of this! Release me now!) the boy heard a strange voice in his head say. 'Huh? What was that?' he thought. Silence filled the air as the Pokemon's cold, purple eyes seemed to penetrate the boy. "Ah! Was that you!" the boy suddenly exclaimed, "You can talk!"

(Release me now, human.) the voice in his head repeated. The voice was deep, determined and confident. Just hearing it again sent chills down the boy's spine. "You mean... You can talk? Persians can't talk, did you learn that when you evolved?" the boy said, obviously confused. "That's so cool! I've never seen a Pokemon talk before! Wow, awesome! And your mouth didn't even move, how did you do that! Oh, I have so much that I want to talk ab..."

The boy's talking was cut short as the Pokemon raised his three-fingered right hand and squeezed the air, somehow causing the boy to choke. "Ghhzz!" was the only sound the boy could make.
(Release me NOW, or you will die. Do not test me) the voice said, before the boy felt the invisible grip around his throat lightened a little bit so that he could answer. "No! I caught you fair 'n square, you're mine now!" the boy said. Furiously, the Pokemon tightened the invisible grip around the boy's throat.

(A human child, catching me? Controlling me? I suggest that you do not joke around. I could crush your entire body with but a mere flick of my finger. NOW RELEASE ME OR THAT IS WHAT SHALL HAPPEN!) the voice in his head echoed, and terror flowed through his body. But even as he felt his life at great risk, he could only think of one road to follow: Defiance.

The moment the grip around his neck loosened once more, he held the Pokeball in front of him, aiming at the Pokemon and shouting "Return!". The Pokemon looked at the ball, and thought (That Pokeball... Could it be?) before once again returning to his prison.
Grasping his damaged throat, the boy put down the Pokeball beside him as he lay down on the warm grass and lost his consciousness.

Meanwhile, the winds blew over the boy and his newly caught Pokemon. The birds went to their nests to get some sleep, the cocoon Pokemon kept on snoozing and the Butterfree stores away some berries for future consumption.

And so the first day ends, and this story
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