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Default [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Welcome to the WAR X RP! Conquer the continent of Aria, save it, blow it all to smithereens, or do something too nonsensical for me to think of. This is the world, it's your job to live in it.

Post Format

All RP posts must use the following header at the top of every post, in bold: Name, Team Name, Location, and Affected RPers. For example:

Originally Posted by Dr Scott
Scott the Doctor
The Armada
Outskirts of Magnasanti
Affected RPers: Lusankya

Scott woke up and had a drink of coffee, then proceeded to get ready for work...
Posts that do not include the header will not be considered valid until the header is applied.


The following format for traveling between locations on the Aria map will be used.

Travel by road, whether on Pokemon, boats, or foot, will always require a travel post. For example, if someone is departing from Magnasanti and going to Saffron by foot, they must make three posts total: One with their departure, one with their arrival, and one with activity on the trip, possibly checking through customs at Fort Iron.

Travel by air, whether on Pokemon or flying vessels, does not need a travel post IF the destination is the closest city-state on the map or closer. For example, flying between Venefinia and Mancia does not require a travel post, but flying between Venefinia and Itum does. For the purposes of clarity, the closest city for each city is listed here:

Magnasanti-Mongiru Barro
Fort Aer-Lamentur Vail
Mongiru Barro-Magnasanti
Lamentur Vail-Fort Aer

If you are traveling by air, your starting location is one of the city-states, and your destination is its associated city-state as listed above or closer on the Aria Map, then you do not need a travel post.

Travel that does not begin in a city-state will always require a travel post. For example, going anywhere from Fort Iron, regardless of mode of travel, must have a post spent on travel.

The sole exception to the travel post rule for locations listed on the map is travel between Magus and the entrance into Mongiru Barro. These two locations are within visual range of each other, and so no travel post is necessary if moving from one place to the other.


6 points are awarded each week: 3 for 1st place, 2 for 2nd place, and 1 for 3rd place, for a total of 30 points across the WAR. I will be judging on the following criteria:

1. Use of English. This includes not only spelling, grammar, and punctuation, but your vocabulary and the feel of your prose. Well written posts will be judged well.

2. Creativity. What are you doing, and how are you doing it? While it is not necessary to avoid conventional means of achieving a goal, doing so in a creative fashion will make you seem like a better RPer.

3. Contribution to the RP. An RPer that spends all of his/her time doing something in a corner by themselves will not earn much points, regardless of how creative or well-written his/her posts are.

Art Gallery
Dali: "I know what the picture should be ... We take a duck and put some dynamite in its derriere. When the duck explodes, I jump and you take the picture."
Halsman: "Don't forget that we are in America. We will be put in prison if we start exploding ducks."
Dali: "You're right. Let's take some cats and splash them with water."

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Armada
In the Ending World
Affected RPers: None

The battleship silently cruised through the void. Sovereign's unique arc engines, utilizing magical lightning to heat up the air within his systems to propel the ship, normally made a buzzing noise that was quite audible, but it was never noisy in the Ending World. On all sides was a suffocating darkness, like nothing that was natural to this world. The dark seemed alien, oppressive, invasive. Lights that were shone into the sky seemed to stop far earlier than they should. And it was difficult to see very far, even for the sensors of a vessel of the Armada. Avoiding floating rocks and islands was always a challenge. One could never lower their guard in this place.


On his own bridge, Sovereign's avatar, Edorath was shaken from his staring out the window by a young man. Barely out of his teens, he was one of the members of Sovereign's crew, recruited to handle the tasks the ghost ship could not.

"Yes?" Edorath replied in his usual monotone.

"How old are you?"

Sovereign had to think about that for a moment. "I stopped keeping track after the third century," he finally replied. "It seemed so pointless when one year was no different from the next."

"But every year's different," the young man said. "You remember so much of the history that I've only ever heard stories of."

"Only vaguely," Edorath stated. "It all blends together after a while."

And what I do remember, I would not tell you anyways, he silently added. Such was how he had treated humans for a long time now. Getting to know them, to become their friends, was so pointless. They left so quickly.

His sensors detected the beacon of another Armada vessel in the distance. The Empty Skies, a utility vessel. During the wars it had carried fuel, parts, food, medicine, and crews to the ships on the front. Like the others, it had fallen at Nascent Ridge and been transformed. Using his long-range communicator, Sovereign opened up a channel with the vessel. [Why are you here?] he asked.

[Why are you?] the other ship returned humorously, not really expecting a reply. Not all of the Armada had been so hard-hit by the passage of time as Sovereign. [Carrying an expedition to the White City.]

[Why do you do it?] Here they were, starting into this conversation again.

[They pay well.]

[What use is money to you?]

[Not much,] Empty Skies replied, just a hint of laughter in her voice. [But it's cute.]

There was no real reason for them to do anything, Sovereign mused to himself. So it was all the same in the end. Sometimes, he felt as though he should have a purpose; to restore the Lifemaker's empire, and united the four corners of the globe under one banner, obliterating the petty conflicts that the humans had with each other. But most of the time, he was just tired.

[Be careful,] he warned. [Something stirs in Lamentur Vail.]

The other ship's reply was curious. [What?]

[I do not know. But the screams are growing louder.]

And with that, the two parted ways. Sovereign back towards Aria, and Skies towards the center of the world.

Art Gallery
Dali: "I know what the picture should be ... We take a duck and put some dynamite in its derriere. When the duck explodes, I jump and you take the picture."
Halsman: "Don't forget that we are in America. We will be put in prison if we start exploding ducks."
Dali: "You're right. Let's take some cats and splash them with water."
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Caoimhe (KEEV-ah) Alistriona
Outskirts of Parasanti
Affected RPers: None

The rustling of leaves was the only sound that filled the air. Even Caoimhe’s soft breathing came out softly, without a stir. Every muscle in her body was locked into place as she waited patiently from her perch on her branch. All around her, the forest seemed empty, devoid of any life save for the slow pulse of the trees themselves. She knew better, however. The silence only belied the forest’s true tale. All around her, they waited. They watched and waited, just like her.

A bird call sharply rang through the air, earning Caoimhe’s immediate attention. She lifted her head slowly, narrowing her eyes in the “bird’s” direction. It was the first warning—someone was in the woods. Silently, Caoimhe moved her hand to her side, letting it rest on her animal companion. The blue fox crouched frozen in place, every muscle tensed and ready to strike as her liquid eyes glared like a hawk’s. Coldness seeped from her fur into Caoimhe’s hand, giving her reassurance rather than discomfort.

Minutes that felt like hours gradually passed until they first spotted the intruders. A group of them were quietly passing through the pillars of tree trunks, riding quadruped creatures with obvious unease. The emblems on their uniforms gave away their identity, and their unease was immediately understood. Knights of the Red Circle…

As they drew closer, Caoimhe took careful observations. They numbered five—without including their steeds, so it must be a scouting party. Probably sent from Parasanti again, Caoimhe mused. Three of the men rode thickly armored Rhyhorn, while the other two rode swift-looking Rapidash. The rock-types would be easy to deal with, but the Rapidash might prove troublesome. Yet though her team remained hidden, she knew that they outnumbered them. And so, just before the scouts got to her tree, she stretched out her hand…

The horses paused, snorting as they sensed the flow of magic. The men murmured to one another, instantly growing grim. They glanced to and fro, scanning the forest but never guessing that their nemesis watched them from above. Until it was too late.

Caoimhe pulled her hand back, and roots suddenly erupted from the ground, flailing like snakes. The Rapidash reared, and the Knights yelled, but soon they found any resistance futile. The roots coiled around the Rhyhorn, pinning them to the ground and trapping their riders with them. The Rapidash started galloping away, but their escape was denied as the ground beneath their diamond-hard hooves swirled into a sand trap.

The forest that had seemed so empty before suddenly burst into life as hiding soldiers slid from their hiding places—jumping from trees or leaping out from secret tunnels under the ground. Pulling out weapons of wood and stone, they jumped at the Knights—and before long, the skirmish ended. The Red Circle agents were either knocked out, or disarmed.

“Ha!” One of Caoimhe’s companions boisterously jeered at their enemy. “Thought you could sneak up on us, didn’t you?”

“Quiet, Caelan.”

The group of renegades sobered as Caoimhe and her Glaceon jumped from their tree.

“There may be more of them,” she chastised the excited soldier, who glanced away with a frown. Her hazel eyes quickly swept over the Knights, from the Rapidash stuck in a Sand Tomb, to the Rhyhorns snorting under the knobby roots. Two riders had been harmed, from the looks of things, but the others seemed fine. One particular Knight, arms tied behind his back and guarded by two renegades, seemed frightfully healthy as he listed off a stream of curses.

“Vile mages, devil’s scum,” he spat, even as the renegades tried to restrain him. “You lot will be the end of all of us! Your corruption will taint this earth, sowing death and disease.”

Grace the Glaceon growled, her fur freezing into spikes, but Caoimhe coolly stared back, taking his rage without batting an eye. When he was through, she turned to her crew and spoke, “Bring the wounded ones, and let the Pokemon free. Find Dymphna and have her wipe their memory.”

The vociferous Knight’s face suddenly turned into horror. “No! No! Don’t you dare—”

His words were sharply cut off as the renegade closest to him clonked him over the head. As they carried him off, other renegades gradually emerged from the shadows—all the youth or elderly who could not fight. They murmured amongst each other, looking anxious. Caoimhe grimaced at seeing them, knowing well what they were worried about. She didn’t need the confirmation she gained when one—a five year old girl—wandered up to her side with wide eyes.

“Keeffah?” she asked innocently through missing teeth. “Are we gonna haf to moof again?”

Caoimhe gave the girl a sad smile, but sensed that all eyes were on her again.

“I’m afraid so,” she answered, loud enough for all to hear. “We’ve been discovered again.”

“But Caoimhe,” Caelan, sandy-haired and seventeen years of age, stepped forward again. “What’s the point? If we wipe their memories, then they won’t be able to tell them where we are.”

Caoimhe shook her head, “No. I don’t want to risk it. The Red Circle probably keeps tabs on where they send their scouts. Should a patrol return without memory of what had happened… then they could pinpoint our location. We need to keep moving around, or we’ll make it easier for them to find us.”

The two wounded Knights were finally brought forward, and were laid before her feet. She knelt over them, abruptly ending her argument with Caelan. Placing her hands on their chests, she felt for her gift once more—her inner Life magic. The grass growing beneath their bodies responded as well, and curled their blades around their arms and legs. Breathing deeply in, and slowly exhaling, Caoimhe let her magic flow again, and healed the Knight’s wounds.

“All right, all right,” a shrill voice broke Caoimhe out of her concentration. “Show me my next victims already, so we can get packing.”

Caoimhe sighed, taking her time to straighten back up. Reluctantly, she was brought face to face with a wild-haired hag—Dymphna. Beneath her flaming locks, the witch’s bright eyes looked mischievously back at Caoimhe.

“Sorry to bother you again, Dymphna,” Caoimhe stared right back. She was one of the only members of the crew who dared to meet Dymphna’s eyes. “It must be the fourth time this month.”

Dymphna cackled, “Heh, I don’t mind at all, princess. It gives me something to do.”

With another laugh, Dymphna started her job—and Caoimhe turned to take control.

“Pack up,” she ordered. “It’s time we moved on. Caelan, take some others and scout ahead. Find another suitable campsite.”

He nodded back, but what he must have been thinking, he kept thoroughly masked.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Cullen
Zarun forest, due west of Venefinia
Affected RPers: None

The Voices were slowly fading away, again. Keeping them at bay was hard work, each time more difficult than the last. It was the cursed Thought Police, or the sheer number of mages who practiced their abilities around him in Venefinia. Most of the time, as long as he didn't think of the Dark Ones, and kept his mind occupied with something else, he wasn't bothered. But the damn Thought Police were the cause of most of his confrontations with his inner demons since he settled down in the Venefinia, Mage's Dream. They confronted people daily because they used their powers, but if someone didn't use their powers after being confirmed as a mage, they were suspicious that said person was plotting something evil. And because of this paradoxical way of thinking, they never seemed to leave him alone. Ever since he started working at the blacksmith, under the old member of the Cullen, he had barely used his gifts openly. Whenever he was in the forest, sure, but that was because he could tell that no humans were near him. But never in the smithy, or at all in the city, at least not prior to his master's death.

For some reason his master had, left the blacksmith without a word, and he had been missing for almost a week, before someone found his body a short distance out of the city. His body showed no signs of damage caused by any ordinary weapons, but he had a peculiar smell about him. If Belcarth would have to hazard a guess, it would be poison, but this was the chance the Thought Police had been waiting for. In their eyes, he had simply taken his master for a walk, then killed him once out of the city. And when they now had what they called a legitimate reason, they decided it was time to examine Belcarth for signs of corruption. Had they listened to him from the beginning of the examination though, they would have been able to spare themselves a great deal of trouble, and pain.

As they were about to begin the examination, just before probing his mind, Belcarth calmly stated:

"You do not want to go down that road, trust me."

Ignorant as the designated police were, he just replied, "It is not me you should be worried about, just open your mind and this will be over soon." Then, with a grin on his face, he began. Only to fall to the ground, his face twisted in a peculiar grimace, as he let out a cry.

"I told you not to go in there." Belcarth sighed. Unlike the examiner, Belcarth had been given access to small portions of his powers at a time, first the trees, then smaller plants, then Jayde, and then smaller lifeforms, then the abilities of Jayde. And in order to let the police examine his mind, he had to open all his senses, and not block anything out. The police's only way to get inside had also been the end of the examination.

It took the examiner several minutes just to become quiet and calm down his hysterical cries. And in the meantime, every sword, spear and knife in the room had been pointed at Belcarth and Jayde. And a more skilled examiner had been requested.

As he finally calmed down, one of his superiors had arrived, and as the weapons were lowered, he situated himself in front of of Belcarth, and prepared to enter his mind.

"No, don't!" Said a voice filled with panic, however, this time it was not Belcarth, but rather the previous examiner.

"Stay quiet, there is nothing he can do to me, I've been at this a lot longer than you kid." With a calm but threatening tone he directed his attention at his target, "Don't try anything funny, or you will regret it."

And then it began. Belcarth did his best to keep his mind under control, as to prevent another disaster, but the examiner left his mind within half a minute. As he sat there, regaining his strength, he looked at the other members of the Thought Police in the room.

"Let him go." Was all he said, before giving Belcarth a look that seemed to be a mix of awe and pity. "There is nothing that anyone of you could to to stop him should he decide to escape, but one day he will fall into corruption, he has too much power to avoid it. And when he do fall from grace, we shall be there to catch his fall." And with this threat, he left the room.

This had all taken place about a year ago, and since that day there had been a guard outside his blacksmith at all times.


The voices were now less than whispers, and Belcarth opened his eyes, as did Jayde. Their meditation was complete, but again, it had taken longer to recover than it had before. He needed to get away from this place, lest the voices would get the upper hand. And that same day his prayers had been answered, at least momentarily. A message from the Pack had arrived earlier that day, and this message instructed him to let someone else from the Cullen take over the blacksmith, at least for now, and it commanded him to appear in Parasanti as soon as possible.

While wondering what could be so important as to request his presence rather than just send him instructions as usual, Belcarth and Jayde started to make their way towards the city, and as they came further away from the forest, he prepared himself to close of his mind. He didn't like it, but seeing as he didn't like confrontations with the police, he endured it while around them.

Just as all the emotions around him started to fade away however, he sensed fear, stronger than usual, and rage almost as strong not far from it. Wasting now time, he picked up the pace, and moments later he found a man who were hitting his pokemon, a Growlithe, and despite the canine already cowering in fear, the man kept going.

"STOP!" Belcarth said with a voice that startled the man. "If you hit him one more time, I guarantee that you will regret it." And as he said this, he reached for one of his pockets, picking up what seemed to be a small orb of steel.

"Hah, I take no orders from kids. Mind your own business, this is of no concern to you." And with these words, he lifted his hand again, and took aim at Growlithe again. It never got that far however. As he began his punch, Belcarth threw the small steel orb, and it hit the man on the back of his hand, and Belcarth knew from experience, that there would appear a quite nasty bruise on that hand within the hour.

Belcarth, now with a sword in his left hand, started walking towards the man. "Leave now, and I will consider letting you go. Stay, and the least I will do is take both your hands." Belcarth said, his blade lingering dangerously close to the opponents damaged hand. If there was one thing he couldn't stand, it was the unnecessary pain of abuse. And abuse of pokemon in particular.

The man wasted no time, as he ran off to the city, thankfully not the same gate that Belcarth was headed for. After making sure that he wouldn't come back, Belcarth turned towards the Growlithe that was now laying unconscious on the ground. While no wounds seemed to be lethal, there were still a lot of wounds, so Belcarth asked Jayde to pick up the canine, as they started walking back home, this time, not even considering closing his mind.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Tsuki & Kozanar Estrada
The Cullen
Outskirts of Parasanti
Affected RPers: Charmander009
Tsuki and Kozanar were terrified of going back. They didn't exactly know why. Chances were that any memory of them had been long ago swallowed by the fact that the people who lived there had been told they were dead for so many years that nobody bothered remember them. Parasanti was not the kind to 'not care', but not many ever saw who went into those orphanages, or who came out. For all most of the people of the city knew, after the death of their parents, the two twins had ceased to exist. And yet, quite possibly, it wasn't the fear of being remembered or being forgotten or being treated as outsiders or anything else that involved the people of the down-to-earth settlement. It was something more personal.

As they neared, memories of their parents and how they lost them flooded back. They had hardly any memory of when their mother passed away, but remembered the death of their father as if it was yesterday. It had started small, soon after their mother had been taken by sickness. It became hard to get him to smile, and even harder to laugh. He started sleeping more, and forgetting things while he was lost in thought, probably about his late wife. It had gone on like that for a long, long time. Then, he began coughing. A horrid, wrecking cough that echoed through his fragile frame and shook him like an earthquake, and there was nothing the twins could do but mostly keep away. It was about that time that Tsuki had began to fear that they would left parentless. She had confided her fears in Kozanar, but he had vehemently refused the idea. And in the end, Tsuki had been right.

The path was eerily silent. Their footsteps were silent on the ground, hardly a whisper on the worn path. Kozanar kept his eyes on some fresh tracks, wary of them. They could have only been made several minutes ago, but something felt off. The brown-haired boy furrowed his brow as he followed the tracks. Most of them seemed to belong to a massive, heavy Pokemon (Rhydon, or maybe ever Rhyhorn), and the other two tracks obviously were made by quick-footed equines; Rapidash, more than likely. It was then that he realized why this felt so strange. The forest was silent. No birds sang and nothing rustled in the grass or the undergrowth. That was never a good sign. Birds didn't fall quiet to several riders in the forest.

Kozanar held his hand out before Tsuki, stopping. He glanced at her, the message transmitting through their eyes almost immediately. Now she saw what had been off. Her eyes becoming both curious and cautious, she tapped the Pokemon beside her. Ikuja, the silver, green-spiked, football-shaped Pokemon also known as a Ferrothorn, glanced up at her, then bobbed his body, which was suspended by his arms, forward in a nod. Tsuki's hand dipped into her bag, fishing out a Wiki Berry. She fed it to him, and then grabbed a Pomeg Berry as well, tossing it over her shoulder. Immediately, she heard a snap as the hovering, three-headed Pokemon behind her caught it in mid-air.

Ryugaun was a fine specimen, though average in design. The frills that stretched to the sky and outwards at the base of her neck were longer than most, and as were his six, pitch-black wings. The heads on his arms had sharper maws than most, as well. There were pink scars on his tire-track like markings, though, which was a good sign he could fight (or was good at losing them, but luckily it isn't the latter). He was a bit smaller than most, which was probably why he had been defeated back at the rock face so long ago, though he had been ganged up on by a Dragonite and a Salamence, for Arceus' sake.

The Hydreigon and the Ferrothorn sensed danger here. Ryugaun quelled the habitual snapping of his other two heads and floated along quietly, but all of his eyes did the same thing and narrowed further into a spiteful glare as he glanced around. Ikuja placed the disks on his arms with more care, quieting the noise. Everyone was on edge now. There was magic in the air, and they didn't like it. Kozanar could sense Ryugaun's unease, and Tsuki could sense Ikuja's.

They turned the corner and there they were, a bit in the distance. There was a group of soldiers, along with a mage or two. Kozanar and Tsuki ducked off of the path, into the undergrowth before they could spot them, and slowly moved closer, their Pokemon following. Ikuja altered his walking methods, and instead went your average Ferrothorn style, clinging to the thick branches and grappling that way. He made sure to only choose the thickest ones, though -- the ones that were smaller would shake and rustle.

Ryugaun hated mages. In fact, he shared that hate with his male human companion, Kozanar. And the moment he saw them, he abandoned all sense and rushed out of the undergrowth and towards them, each of his three heads launching a massive bout of Flamethrowers into the midst of them. Kozanar and Tsuki didn't make a sound, but the frustration in their eyes showed. They were obviously outnumbered, but knew they had to be patient. This wasn't the first time this had happened, and over time they had learned to deal with it. They waited, hoping that Ryugaun could hold his own.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Amanda
Harbinger: Fort Aer
Avatar: Saffron
Affected RPers: None

In Fort Aer, the ship known as Harbinger sat, mostly powered down. There was no need to worry inside the Infinite Harbor, amidst its brethren. None would be so foolish as to attack them directly, and if they did it was a simple matter to switch on weapons systems and blow them all to bits. Still, its kind was not limitless, which was why it was currently powered down. Like bees moving around their hive mechanics of various kinds swarmed around its body, doing what it had told them to do.

Out of all of humanity, it liked warriors and mechanics the most. The warriors fought for their goals and interests, despite being in a weak suit of flesh that would be obliterated by but a few shots from its smallest guns. They had courage, and as such deserved to live. This was as long as they did not get in the way of course. Mechanics were an entirely different matter. They had an honor system as well, though it rest in the machines they created and fixed. Harbinger owed its life, and a good portion of its soul, to these humans.

That wasn’t to say it’d let them anywhere near any of its vital areas. They did what it told them to, when it told them to. They only worked on the parts that it had allowed them to. Until it could create nanobots to fix itself and run itself, these humans were a necessary evil, albeit a temporary one. It could be patient; as long as repairs were made and its soul was not destroyed it could live forever. There was no need in rushing things that did not need to be rushed.

[Assuming control,] its computer banks declared, turning part of its attention to its avatar.


“Control assumed,” the human body said, its’ eyes turning a golden color. The body sat up as Harbinger told it to, taking in the surroundings. They had not changed. It was still at the room that it had bought using some of the metals that the meat suits had decided were of important trading value. It would have been just as well to it to stay outside, but keeping the body at its peak was necessary, at was blending in and not attracting the attention of the human enforcers.

It was on a lookout for ichor artifacts or books on research on the process, hoping to either be able to find one of these powerful weapons or to at least learn how to make them. It could have simply done what most do and infuse itself with the ichor so that the avatar personally learned the tricks, but that seemed wrong. Mages were bothersome individuals whose lust for power wasn’t true evolution, simply a false crutch created by those long dead to create for themselves an army of powerful slaves when the time came.

No, it wanted ichor artifacts. Simply weapons like the cannons resting on various parts of its body, these artifacts couldn’t think and would never be subjected to any kind of influences.

But so far it had no luck. It had gone into various tunnels, hoping to find a way into the old city, to find some vault of long lost treasure that would make its avatar, or perhaps even itself, even more of a threat. And it had to be a threat, acting as the Armada’s harbinger, the bringing of destruction. The first.

It accessed memory banks as it neared a deep cave set into the ground. This was it, the next piece of land to be searched. More than likely it would bring nothing but the potential of running into others with the same intentions or a monster or two who sought it harm. But it was patient. It did have forever, after all, to find what it needed.

"God, my brilliance is now somewhat of a burden. Get back to me."
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Niusha Marazina
Pokémon Elemental
Outskirts of Parasanti
Affected RPers: White Wolf of Snow

Oddly, nothing made a sound. There was simply the rustling of the leaves, but even that wasn’t much. None of the other mages made a sound, but soon we all say it. A few knights had come in, a scouting team no doubt, and Caoimhe hadn’t liked it. Within moments, she had jumped down, attacking the knights with her powers. I, for one, tended to stay in the shadows. I would not be found by the knights, but then again, I was simply twenty.

Within minutes after this, other mages dropped from their hiding spaces. Elders and younger mages stayed in the trees, as did I. They said that anyone under 20 was considered a ‘Fledgling’, but I had stayed anyway. I didn’t feel like getting in this battle. After this, many knights fell. I noticed Rapidash and Ryhorn had been used as their transportation.

“Ha.” One of the students laughed, “So you thought you could sneak up on us, huh?”

“Quiet, Caelen,” Caoimhe said. She was our leader, as one would say. She was the one that taught most of the young mages to control their powers.

I jumped out of my tree as most of the younger students did, being followed by my Umbreon, Shadowfang. The rustling of the trees was no longer the only thing heard, rather words spoken from Caoimhe and the other mages. One knight, seeming perfectly healthy, yet with his hands tied behind his back, looked at us mages and scowled.

“Vile mages, devil’s scum,” he muttered. “You lot will be the end of all of us! Your corruption will taint this earth, sowing death and disease.”

Now don’t I hear that every day? I thought once the knight was done speaking. Humans such as him would not know what we go through, being Mages.

Caoimhe spoke, but I hadn’t listened to what she said. Mages started running around, freeing Pokémon and finding the wounded. I ended up helping them, freeing some Pokémon. Other younger and older Mages crawled out from their hiding spots. I had done so much earlier due to myself being much older than most of the young mages. I looked around, and saw a five-year-old girl walk up to Caoimhe. She spoke, but again, I was freeing Pokémon.

“Yes, I’m afraid so,” Caoimhe answered. She said it loud enough for everyone to hear, or at least every mage. “We’ve been discovered again.”

I looked down sadly when I heard this. I hated moving, but we had no other choice now. I wouldn’t question Caoimhe, but I simply didn’t wish to leave. Did we need to leave? Couldn’t we simply attack any knights that came around? Both were questions that I would never say aloud.

I saw two more people coming towards us, humans apparently, and sighed. Hadn’t we had enough trouble for a day?

I tried to ignore them and turned towards the tree she had hidden in, climbing up and grabbing things that I had left on the small branch. I had simply left two cuff bracelets and a photo of me and my former boyfriend. I wouldn’t leave these two things here, for they were special to me in an unknown way.

Birds hadn’t sung since the small battle, and they didn’t dare make a sound now. I shrugged and climbed down the tree once I had my cuff bracelets on and my picture in my backpack.

I was ready to go, yet I had never said that I wanted to.

I turned from the tree. Birds started to fly away as a small Pokémon darted from the bushes, roaring up a Flamethrower. Sadly, one of the flamethrowers was aimed right at me. I tried to focus on the details, and could tell that this Pokémon was none other than a Hydreigon. How I hated these so, my hatred towards them might have just grown stronger.

Seeing this, Shadowfang growled, jumped in front of me, and put up a small midnight blue shield-type protection bubble. It protected us from the flamethrower, but the flamethrower, when touching the shield, didn’t disappear like it normally did. It split in eight parts, one going to any side. Some, sadly, were headed towards the trees.

As if as a blessing, a Simipour was climbing in one of the trees nearby. Seeing the fire, it quickly shot out a small Hydro Pump at the flames that were headed towards the trees. Once it was done, it looked at the Hydreigon and shook its head, soon climbing back into the tree.

Once the flamethrower attack was over, I smiled and petted Shadowfang, soon turning my smile upside-down and looking at the three-headed Dragon Pokémon. “So, you think you can simply walk in here and attack us, little Hydreigon. It’s not going to be that way. I never wanted to do this but Shadowfang, use Quick Attack.”

Shadowfang looked up at me, not wanting to attack the Pokémon. Shadowfang ran towards the Pokémon, but turned slightly around at the last second, purposefully missing its target.

I, for one, was amazed. Shadowfang had never disobeyed me in the past, but now? Now was a terrible time! “Shadowfang, come back; I know I don’t have anything to put you in, but just...get away from that Pokémon,” I ordered. “Now, to find the owners of these Pokémon; show yourselves, I dare you!” I was not happy whatsoever. Being attacked once by knights was everything I needed. Now I was attacked by an incorrectly hatched Dragonite? Today was just getting better and better. Yeah, if I were the person behind the bush... I thought.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Seedy Bar in Mancia
Affected Rpers: Noble Six, Kai Mei (Note, I don't mention Kai by name, but she's the other person in the bag. We got roofied ^^)

The bar smelled like cheap alcohol and urine. Nerezza wrinkled her nose as she approached the man that had called her over. He couldn't be after her because of her looks; even if she wasn't badly scarred, her cloak completely obscured her. She was curious to see what he wanted. She sat on the stool next to him, and as soon as she did, she realized that they were in the back of the bar, far away from where anyone would hear or notice them.

The man smiled. "I sense power within you."

Nerezza shivered suddenly as cold chills ran up and down her spine. Could he really know that she was a mage, or was it some kind of trick? He leaned in closer to her and she caught a better glimpse of him in the dim candlelight. He was big. Big enough to harm her, but if he tried, she could force him to change his mind. She wasn't afraid. She noticed his eyes were violet; what would make someone's eyes that color? There's something suspicious about him, she couldn't help thinking.

"Who are you?" she said, keeping her voice calm and steady, yet as soon as the words came out, he smiled, as if he somehow noticed the fear behind the bold words.

"Nunya," he said with a smirk.

"Nunya?" She raised an eyebrow, not understanding.

"As in none of your damn business."

Her mouth fell open. She wasn't used to being talked to like that.

"Close your mouth, you'll attract flies." Her mouth snapped closed and she glared at him. "Now, I need to talk to you about those special powers you have."

"I don't know what you're talking about," she said guardedly.

"I think you do. So tell me, mage, what kind of powers do you have?" His smile widened and spread across his face.

She gulped. "I..." She hesitated, not knowing for sure if she should tell him about her powers, but then realizes it's too late to go back. "I can do things, with my mind."

"Show me," he commanded.


"I said show me." The smile disappeared and he stared at her harshly.

She bit her lip to keep herself from snarling at him, then gave in. She pulled the hood farther down over her face, so no one would see her eyes start to glow. She felt something rising in her chest, like a bird trying to fly out of a cage, and then she was suddenly in. She saw images of a baby held by a nun, a teenager holding a Treecko, an older man grasping a katana. Then she was pushed out.

"Enough," he snarled. "That will do." He paused before adding grudgingly, "You seem powerful."

She bowed her head. "I didn't mean to harm you."

"You didn't." He waved at the bar tender, and after trying to get his attention for a moment, the pot bellied man finally came over with two drinks. "Now, let me tell you about VILE."

She took a sip of the drink and found it very sweet. The man continued to talk.

"VILE is a group dedicated to freeing and protecting mages. We find it unfair that they are persecuted against, and most of us are mages ourselves. I, however, am not, though I am very adept at identifying them, as you found out tonight."

Nerezza nodded absently.

"We've been looking for someone to join us. Someone who can help us. What do you think?"

"I..." She stopped again, trying to consider his offer. She had nothing better to do with her life, other than to hide on the streets like a common beggar, and that was no life for Rae. "Yes. I will help you."

"Good." The man was smiling again, and just then Nerezza began to feel very weak.

"Whats... happening?" she asked, eyes wide, as the world started to grow dark.

The man laughed and she felt herself being picked up and pushed into a bag. Before she fell unconscious, she noticed that there was something else in the bag. Something warm and soft.

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Fort Aer
Affected: None

Straddling the ethereal boundary between Aria and the Ending World, the Infinite Harbor: a glorious construct of stone and steel floating miles in the heavens. In all directions the sky was a twilight blue and purple, swirling together in the gossamer nether that was the border between two places that were never meant to meet. Save for the city itself and the occasional ship that came to and fro from its great harbors, the sky was empty of physical forms.

Fort Aer glittered gold in the eternal twilight with a light to which no obvious origin could be described. The city was shaped like an enormous double-sided cone, an artificial mountain of concrete and metal with a second mountain, upside, fastened to the base of the first. Spires and turrets erupted from every available surface, giving the fortress a corrugated look, like a thousand spines emerging from its surface. Circling the middle of the island were the vast docks that made up Fort Aer's harbors, stacked endlessly atop one another, containing ship after ship that, due to the angle, seemed to continue in every direction indefinitely when viewed close-up. A long time ago, this had been the home of the Second Fleet.

It was one of those rare days where Sovereign felt like he should do something important. Many Armada vessels always felt this way; the centuries had been kinder to them, and they retained more of their human drive for excellence and progress. Discontent, Sovereign thought. It was what fueled humanity, what had made their advances throughout the ages possible. Discontent was the wellspring from which all progress sprung from. The problem was, that Sovereign was too content.

Whether he felt discontent towards his contentment, however, was not an issue Sovereign wanted to dwell on. For now, he wanted to do something. The feeling never lasted, so he may as well try to fulfill it while he still could. But what could he accomplish in such a little time?

[Sovereign to Aer control. I am returning to dock.]

The voice of an Architect, cold and mechanical as always, responded. [Affirmative, Sovereign. Berth 1246AA is available. Take lane 935 into B347 as you enter.]

There wasn't much need for the formalities, Sovereign reflected. The days from when Fort Aer was a bustling harbor were long gone. These days, Sovereign could enter any old dock that was big enough to fit him and the likelihood of an accident happening was only an infinitude above zero. Nevertheless, Sovereign obeyed the commands given and returned to his usual berth. As he approached, his arc engines gently reversed their flow, pushing hot exhaust out of vents on the front of Sovereign's body. As he came crawling to a stop, massive automatic cranes swung out from the sides of the dock to grasp onto him, as a huge scaffold-like superstructure folded out from below to cradle him in a protective embrace. Finally, Sovereign turned his engines off, letting his reactor rest. A boarding ramp descended from his port-side doors, letting what little crew of his out into the streets of the great fortress.

Art Gallery
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Portia – air mage
Affcd RPers
: none

A few people entering the city ducked instinctively as a large green shape swooped low overhead. The dragon’s diamond-shaped wings hummed slightly as she landed on the street beyond the group of visitors. The Flygon let out a small rumble and a whistle at the small woman on her back. Leaping off the Pokemon, her skirt swirled a bit revealing the slits up both sides. She wasn’t worried over this with the black leggings she wore under the short maroon dress. Leaving the long staff strapped to the harness her Pokemon wore she glanced around at the small crowds looking in artifact shops, pushing one of the fiery red pigtails back over her shoulder.

“Yeah, I think you’re right, Sonora. The town’s busier than usual.”

“Hey!” A tall man wearing fine-tailored clothing was walking up to her; most likely a young aristocrat from out of town. “Young lady, you should take better care of how low your Pokemon is flying.”

Portia bobbed a small curtsy. “Young lady is it? Why, thank you very much,” she said, acting as if it were the first time. “I appreciate the advice, but I can assure you that my Flygon is more than capable of avoiding collisions. And I apologize for startling you.” One of her sharp little canines showed as she smiled at his sudden change in expression.

He was a little taken aback, having been expecting a young girl. “Oh, well...yes. Thank you.” He walked back towards his wife and the couple with her, glancing back at the petite woman.

Turning towards the city, Portia laughed brightly. “I wonder if that will ever change.”

A rumble from Sonora turned into a soft gurgle in her throat. <Don’t expect it to last forever. One day you’ll be old and grey.> She thought for a moment before a smile spread over her features in a rare show of humor. <Of course, then you will probably be even smaller.>

“Heaven forbid!” Portia said laughing louder.

The pair walked further into the city. There were more crowds here in the middle of the day. Food stalls dotted the street, ready to satisfy the hunger of tourists. Portia would chuckle when people made way for the stern-faced Flygon. She did not really mind the crowds so much since she was small enough to avoid feeling cramped. She would duck back alongside Sonora when they caught sight of any Circle Knights. Though she doubted anyone would recognize her, she did not want to risk it. She was supposed to have died twenty-two years ago, but only a very few she trusted absolutely even knew her real last name. And, it was unlikely that anyone who knew her father would be able to connect her to the family. A high-officer of the Circle Knights knowing a mage in his family would not have allowed her to remain off Histre’s List.

They continued through the historic district which dominated most of the city; historic for the artifacts on display, not the district itself. The crowds began to thin as they neared the residential area on the other side. A small house was ahead of them, completely dwarfed by the massive barn structure behind it. The barn had been there before the city expanded around it and was simply never taken down. Portia and Sonora walked through the gate of the tall iron fence that made its way around the property before entering a tinker’s shop.

“Hello?” Portia called when no one greeted them at the open door.

A gruff voice called from the back. “I’ll be right with ye!”

Portia crossed her arms and called back mockingly. “Ye ole coot, what’re you leavin’ your door open for?”

A tough looking man in his sixties was suddenly checking round the corner. “Portia! Bout time you came back to see me.” He walked out wiping an old rag over his face. “An’ I ain’t leavin’ the door open for nuthin. It’s hot back ‘ere. ‘Sides, ole Gizmo is watchin’ the door.”

“Oh really?” the woman asked, looking at the Lairon asleep beside the door. “A right terror that one is.”

“C’mon, you know he don’t stir less someone’s causin’ trouble.” Still the older man was attempting to nudge the armored Pokemon with his foot.

Grinning, Portia nodded. “I know he doesn’t budge for anyone he knows.” She pulled the bag from her shoulder. “Anyway, Barris, I have that part you asked me to get from Itum. Fun trip that. No less than seven pickpocket attempts, two offers to sell ‘genuine’ pre-Black Wave artifacts at a great price, four volunteers to help find my parents, and one drunk left to cool off in a fountain after learning why you don’t get too close to a girl with a six and a half foot dragon.” She chuckled when Sonora snorted at that one.

“Jiminy, ye surely had yer hands full, eh? Welp, I appreciate ye fetchin’ it for me. Bring it on back.” He waved for her to follow before looking at the Lairon. “Gizmo!” The steel-type opened one eye. “How bout actually lookin’ like ye guard the place?” The one eye closed again. Barris’ shoulders slumped. “Gizmo, stay! ... Good boy.”

Chuckling, Portia followed the tinker out the back to the barn. He had cleaned and repaired the old building to be his workshop and built the small home in front. Even though he worked as a tinker, repairing things people were not able to themselves, he was an inventor and needed the space for his various creations. Going through the door, the bigger man almost tripped over Portia, who had stopped to stare at something covered by a huge cloth. The interior of the barn had been almost completely stripped except for important roof supports to make room for the massive structure.

“What in the world is that!?”

Barris smirked proudly. “That’s gonna make me famous. But later. I wanna show ye somethin’. Bring that part in ‘ere.”

Portia shook her head at the mystery and followed him into the small repair room. “You’re lucky that friend’s shop was on the other side of the city from the Red Circle. I don’t really enjoy dodging Knights.”

“Well, I’d be livin’ in Itum if it were easier. Too much crime and competition. I like it here. Just enough for me and it’s nice an’ quiet. Most of the fuss is o’er the artifacts.” He took the large gear she handed to him gratefully. It had been specially designed and he did not have a way to make it in his shop. “Ah. Orin did a good job. I’ll have t’ thank him.”

Portia jumped up to sit on a table. “So, what is it you wanted to show me?”
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Tschaveh Tenk
Affected: Noble Six, Alaskapidove, Kai-Mei


The rain fell lightly onto the paved stones. It was just heavy enough to get you wet and yet not adequate to spur you into a run. This was the conundrum which faced Tschaveh as he walked through the streets. It wasn't that he hated getting wet - he enjoyed swimming and (surprisingly for a young adult male) bathing - but he hated having to clean and dry his clothes. It always took so long, and it was harder work than it should be.

Tschaveh looked over his shoulder at his constant companion, the Bisharp he had named Kikirev. Not that any of the nearby villagers would know this - Kikirev was currently wrapped up in a light yellow cloth that had begun life as a ship's sail. The only visible part of the Pokemon were his white boots, which made a slow staccato beat on the cobblestone street. To anyone who glanced his way, he would appear to be a walking fold of cloth - perhaps a disfigured person, or maybe just someone who really hated the rain.

Finally, the wet began to seep through Tschaveh's clothes. He grunted, irritated, and inclined his head to his right. Kikirev tilted his head slightly in a barely recognisable nod. While the Bisharp couldn't speak human language, like most Pokemon, he could understand it, and the pair of travelers had spent so long together that they could had an unofficial and crude sign language to communicate in. Sometimes Tschaveh imagined that he could feel Kikirev's emotions through the glove that was attached to his left hand, but he knew that was silly. The gauntlet was nothing more than a tool that allowed him to access his partner's abilities.

Tschaveh held his hand out in front of him, and walked towards a wooden door without stopping. The door was knocked open, and a dingy tavern was revealed. There were rough wooden tables and chairs scattered around the room, but most noticeable, the wall opposite the door was almost completely missing. It created a strange but interesting aesthetic appeal that beckoned to Tschaveh's drifter side. Around the intact walls candles were supported by cheap blobby iron supports, and a staircase led up to a higher landing. No doubt there were prostitute slaves working the upper levels. While Tschaveh was intrigued by women and sex, he wasn't going to pay for it, and he certainly wasn't going to push himself on some unwilling slave girl. No, there were plenty of unwashed hairy day-labourers to do that already.

No one seemed to notice the young man as he stepped through the threshold. Nor did any of the fifteen or so current patrons pay attention to the entrance of the huge bundle of cloth that was his best friend. They quickly shared a look before Kikirev gave another minute nod. He walked over to an empty corner and stood there silently, being careful to avoid catching his cloak on fire. Tschaveh grinned and sat down on a high stool at the bar before knocking loudly on the rough furniture. He grimaced as the un-cushioned seat began to dig into his backside.

A large man with a whiskery beard and a missing eye walked up to the young man, looking him over as he did so. The bartender's green shirt had many dark brown stains on it, and his trousers were ragged and dirty.

"What'll yer be after, then?" he asked finally.

"Whatever the local drink is around here," Tschaveh replied. He loved alcohol, enough to actively worry Kikirev whenever the pair stepped into a tavern. Even now the young wanderer could almost feel his friend's eyes drilling into his back.

The bartender grunted and turned his back to Tschaveh for a couple seconds before sliding a wooden tankard in front of him. There was a hinge on one side, suggesting that the utensil once had a cap, but it had long been broken off. Tschaveh reached for the drink, but the man pulled it back abruptly.

"Payment up front," he hissed, his eyes daring Tschaveh to argue. More likely than not he was looking for a good excuse to throw Tschaveh out of the bar, and normally Tschaveh might have taken offense, but he was thirsty and it was raining outside. Instead of arguing, Tschaveh pulled a silver coin out of the bandages on his left hand and placed it on the counter in front of the man. The bartender grunted and swiped the coin away before dropping a pair of bronze ones on the counter.

"Keep them," Tschaveh said as he reached for his drink. The bartender sneered at him but didn't refuse, sweeping the coins up before plodding down to the other end of the bar where a middle-age man in a fine suit was yelling for more booze.

Tschaveh delicately sniffed the muddy brown liquid and sloshed it around inside the tankard. The aroma that rose up from the alcohol was bitter and strong, but not completely unappetizing. He took a careful drink, and was pleasantly surprised to find a form of beer. It tasted like it had been left to ferment longer than usual, but that was fine with the young warrior. He liked most forms of booze, except the strange new stuff that was catching on fire with the young ones these days.

Tschaveh turned around so his back was to the bar, and he sipped his drink as his eyes roamed around the tavern. Kikirev was still standing impassively in the door, and the usual assortment of rogues and ruffians populated the building. A small fight had broken out in the far side, but no one had drawn any weapons so it was still cordial. Nothing. Boring. Tschaveh sighed. Seeing as there was nothing interesting going on he might as well finish this drink and move on, for Kikirev's sake at least.

"I sense power within you," someone nearby hissed quietly.

Tschaveh's head quickly shot to the left, in the direction of the sound. The speaker was a large man, and he was talking to a small person who was obscured by a large black cloak. The man's features were hidden by a candle which was right behind him - Tschaveh couldn't make out anything but his size.

"Who are you?" the cloaked person asked. The voice quivered slightly, but this was to be expected - most everyone sounded weird when they were drunk. One interesting thing was that the voice was in a high register - not remarkably so, but just enough to be noticed. The cloaked person was a woman.

Tschaveh listened to the man's reply, chuckling quietly at his reply. The young man decided that there was nothing intriguing going on - just your average, ordinary attempted pick-up. Tschaveh had a strange feeling the guy wasn't going to get lucky with this particular woman, though. He was just about to finish off his drink and leave when a sudden spike of bitter cold was thrust through the middle of his left hand. He gasped and grabbed the gauntlet, massaging his hand as best he can. He threw a look over to Kikirev, who was standing in a much more tense pose than usual, although only Tschaveh would be able to see it. Tschaveh could tell by the way the Bisharp's head was angled that he was looking at the large man and the cloaked woman.

Tschaveh looked back in time to hear the man snarl. He gripped his sword just in case the man struck her, but as the pair continued to talk, he relaxed his grip. Tschaveh wasn't the kind to help out random pedestrians, but a big strong man beating up a probably frightened girl rubbed him the wrong way.

A sudden break in the normal background murmuring allowed a small snatch of the conversation to float into Tschaveh's ears. "VILE is a group dedicated to freeing and protecting mages. We find it unfair that they are persecuted against, and most of us are mages ourselves," the large man said.

This interested Tschaveh very much. While he was staunchly neutral on the existence of mages himself, his hextech glove had often caused him to be branded as a mage, and as such he was now plagued by magic police and bounty hunters. This VILE group might be able to help him figure out more uses of his gauntlet - it wasn't completely magical, but there had to be some kind of sorcery at work within it. Nothing that was purely mechanical could create a link like he had with Kikirev.

The man nodded, and the girl's head began to sway. Finally, she fell forward, and the man caught her before slinging her over his shoulder. No doubt she'd been drugged. Tschaveh shot Kikirev a look, and the Bisharp nodded back. The man looked strong and powerful, and he apparently had a lot of mage friends. Not someone Tschaveh was willing to go up against for the hell of it. Despite this, if the man intended to murder her, he would have to be stopped.

Tschaveh slugged the rest of his drink as the man walked past him, the woman's legs and cloak swaying backwards and forwards over his shoulder. Tschaveh put the tankard back onto the counter and pushed off of the stool. Kikirev joined up with him as the pair headed for the door.

"Give me about fifteen seconds before following," Tschaveh said to his partner. "If there's going to be a fight, it'd be great if you could get in a surprise hit or two."

Kikirev rumbled, clearly unhappy about leaving the human alone for any span of time, but his walking slowed, indicating he would do as his friend wished. Tschaveh smiled and pulled the door inwards. Thankfully, the rain had abated, leaving only damp stains and small puddles on the street as testament to the recent weather.

Tschaveh was just in time to see the large man place the woman inside a large burlap sack of some sort and then hoist it over his shoulder before walking away. The young man began to follow him slowly, being sure to keep his distance and not look directly at his target. He felt a lot safer knowing that Kikirev had his back, but who had Kikirev's?
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Tsuki & Kozanar Estrada
The Cullen
Outskirts of Parasanti
Affected RPers: Charmander009, Moonkit
Kozanar watched as Ryugaun's flames were stopped by a Simipour. Frustrated, the head nearest to the tree containing the water monkey blasted a Fire Blast at it. The bipedal Pokemon narrowly dodged, but the flame clipped its shoulder and left it with a horrid Burn. It put the fire out, and then dashed off.

Ryugaun wasn't stupid. He didn't jump out onto the trail because he didn't know any better. He knew that Kozanar would be angry with him for it, but he could care less. He knew that these people were not of the Cullen, and thus, in his one-track, protect-at-all-costs mind, he was determined to not let them get anywhere near the twins. He was thinking about discharging a Thunder Wave, but he heard the bushes where he had emerge rustle and froze, his main head looking back, guarded by his other two, which snapped idly at the air.

As the woman called out to their Hydreigon, saying something about its owner, they looked at each other. They both knew that they had heard correctly. There was no point in continuing to hide -- that much they knew. They began to rise, Kozanar cursing his dragon in his mind, but then Ikuja dropped in front of them with an expression of disgust on his face as he landed evenly on his arms. He shook his body no and moved out onto the path and forward, the dirt he stirred hiding him until he stopped beside the spot where his friend was hovering. Lifting his disks and spinning on his thicker, bottom thorn like a top, he rid his shiny metal coat of dust and then lifted himself above the ground once more. The air around them became hotter as he cast a Sunny Day, and any clouds cleared out immediately.

Ikuja stared down the woman, eyes narrowing. It seemed like a pointless move, emerging out instead of his owner and her brother, but to him, it was everything. He had a plan, and he was going to stick with it.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Niusha Maraniza
Pokémon Elemental
Outskirts of Parasanti
Affected RPers: White Wolf of Snow

The Hydregion wasn’t happy about the random Simipour saving everyone’s lives, and it had shot a Fire Blaze at the monkey Pokémon. It was quite a stupid thing to do, with the monkey being a water type. It was burned, yet it easily blew it out and climbed away.

The bushes rustled quickly, but the humans didn’t come out. Rather, a Ferrothorn came out. It glared at me and the sun started to shine brightly. The clouds had blown away quickly, and I could see that if we wanted the humans to show themselves, we would need to fight them. Then again, they seemed to be from The Cullen instead of Pokémon Elemental, which was fine. I would have thought that VILE would have attacked, but whatever.

I sat down at the foot of the tree behind me. Luckily, there was a pair of roots that came out of the ground away from each other and soon came closer. It was like a chair to me, or at least somewhere I was willing to sit.

Shadowfang, however, had a different idea. He began to squint, hopefully confusing one of its opponents.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Cullen
Affected RPers: None

It had been a long night. But it had also been a good night, and they would regain their energy once they arrived at the forest. As he left his home, he replayed last night's events in his mind...

Yesterday, the guards at the entrance to Venefinia had looked at Belcarth and Jayde with much suspicion as they walked past with an unconscious Growlithe, but they hadn't stopped him. After entering the city, they took the direct route towards their home, which was close to the blacksmith. His late master must have been very paranoid, because he had built a wall around the smithy and his house, with only one gate, although there were of course more than one way through it, he had after all been a member of the Cullen.

Once inside the gate, he made sure it was properly locked, and then he asked Jayde to carry the Growlithe to the garden. He would have preferred to do this in the forest, but the sun had already begun to set when they reached the city, and as such, there was no other choice. As the Lucario put the unconscious canine at the center of the garden, near a single oak tree, Belcarth unstrapped his sword, took of his coat, and emptied various pockets and hidden folds of all his various equipment, then he sat down between the oak and the canine. With Jayde standing guard to protect him should he need it, Belcarth began to concentrate on his abilities within aura manipulation. While he was not able to get the most detailed descriptions this way, he could generally tell how extensive the internal damage of the target were. To his relief, nothing seemed to be severely damaged, although there were a few minor fractures. He opened his eyes and relaxed, the easy part was done.

Next, he extended his mind not only to the canine, but also to the oak. He then placed his left palm on the roots of the tree, and the right palm on the Growlithe's chest. As he slowly started to absorb the aura of the tree that towered above him, he let some of his own aura flow into the canine. As he focused on the fractures, he 'encouraged' them to fall back into place, and slowly regrow. He felt the fatigue coming, and increased the rate at which he absorbed the tree's energy. After the fractured bones had done as 'encouraged' to do, Belcarth severed the link between himself and the canine, and shortly after also the tree. While 'encouraged' sounds nice, the truth is that the only thing that moved the broken bones, and that began their healing, was his sheer willpower, and the energy through which he channeled it. Normally, he wold have done this in a forest, with plenty of trees to borrow energy from. This time he only had one, and the procedure had not been kind on it. It may not have looked damaged to the naked eye, but a lot of it's energy had been absorbed. After relaxing briefly, the voices began.

As always, the voices weren't words, not in any language that he could speak at least, but the meaning was clear. They told him to take just a little more energy from the tree, he needed to regain his power, and surely a little more couldn't hurt the tree. He was almost about to open up his mind again, but suddenly he understood what voices he heard, and he shook his head in disgust. Even this brief contact with the voices, required a good 20 minutes before they faded away enough to remove their influence over his mind.

After gathering his thoughts, his own thoughts, he told Jayde to finish the healing, as he walked over to the tree, making sure he had not already taken too much energy from it. Thankfully it was only weakened but did not seem to be permanently damaged. Taking another beings life, be it human, pokemon or plant, didn't hurt as much when done with a knife or a sword, but feeling it fade away after having absorbed it's last amount of aura, that was an experience Belcarth wished he had never had. While connected, the minds are as one, and feeling part of ones mind vanishing in an instant is terrifying to say the least.

To prevent himself from further delving into the subject, and in doing so fueling the voices, he looked back towards the Growlithe. Jayde was done, although she too was weak. Most of the larger bruises or cuts had been healed, but a lot of small scale damage was still present. As Belcarth was examining the remaining injuries, the patient was slowly beginning to wake up.

Disoriented at first, the Growlithe looked first at Jayde, then at Belcarth. When it finally realized that there were another human, also a man, present, he tried to get up, and get away. Jayde stopped him however, and tried to calm their patient. While she did, Belcarth decided to take a few steps back, to prevent Growlithe from feeling cornered.

After perhaps half an hour, Belcarth had already walked back to his house, starting to pack for the trip to Parasanti, and Jayde had remained with the Growlithe, first calming him down, then making sure he was able to stand, walk and so on. Then both pokemon entered the house. Jayde first, and then Growlithe, nervous, behind her. Belcarth noticed both of them, but acted as though he hadn't, and continued packing. It wasn't much to pack though, mainly food and medical equipment. Other than that, Belcarth had a bag that was always packed and ready, a habit from less safe moments in the past.

After he was done packing, he had gone to bed, realizing that it was long past midnight, and they were set to get up at first light the following day...

And so they did. Belcarth had woken up, like always, when the sun rose to the east. This morning was unusual however, not only had he been exhausted from last night's adventure, he found that he had an orange ball of fur with black stripes sleeping at the side of his bed. While Growlithe woke up with a slight flinch, it calmed down when it realized where it were, or perhaps where it weren't. Belcarth slowly patted it on the head, without it shivering in fear, and walked to the kitchen, with the canine following behind him. Jayde were already in the kitchen, and judging by the look on her face, she wasn't nearly as surprised as her companion had been. Belcarth assumed that she must have explained the situation last night.

After breakfast they prepared to leave, and as soon as the Cullen member who was supposed to look after the smithy and the house had arrived, they had departed.

Belcarth's thoughts returned to the present, where he and the two pokemon were almost at the gate out of the city. Deliberately, Belcarth choose the same one as they had entered last night, and since it was too early in the morning for the day shift to be in place, it was the same two guards that had seen them entering the city yesterday. They didn't say anything, and neither did Belcarth, but the shameful look on their faces clearly told that they had thought him responsible for the canine's condition last time they met.

Shortly after leaving Venefinia, with their eyes set on the horizon to the north, and the sun still rising to the east, they picked up the pace and began their journey. They didn't travel at the usual speed though, as Growlithe was still not fully recovered, and both Belcarth and Jayde felt the aftermath of last nights healing.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
Vyraz's house in Itum, En-Route to Saffron.
Affected RPers: N/A

The Daylight shone down upon the streets of Itum, and the usual hustle and bustle of the city was apparent. Vyraz had great fortune in his ability to have built a house a good way away from that busy hive of workers, ready to toil in the service of their king, money. It was like how Combee always worked so diligently to create honey.

Vyraz glanced at the Circle Knights outside the window, patrolling the streets, as per their routine. The whole lot seemed rather smug-their pay came from simply walking the streets in a routine, and catching any Mages that came about. However, Magic simply did not exist in Itum, the strength and fear of the Knights was so powerful, so they meerly walked in their predetermined patterns and earned a pay that trumped most of the other blue-collar jobs around.

Half of the world thought that the Circle Knights were their guardians, their champions; the people that saved them from mages and their inhumane powers and outbursts. That half of the world were the foolish and the unwitting. The Circle Knights were those that would find no pity upon looking at the innocent, and find no sorrow in slaying them-Mage or otherwise. Vyraz had immortal proof in the form of the forced slaughter of a whole family, and the many counts of their demonic habit of burning whole settlements in their blind pursuit of magic-and it's destruction.

In all truth, Vyraz had not even the slightest taste for mages either, but the Circle Knights were the beings that Vyraz loathed beyond all others. Had he known that this city was the site of their headquarters, he'd have moved to anywhere else but here. Any corner of the world, any single point but Itum.

But now, he'd have to live here, and do it for a long while. The Cullen's exploits would have him go many places in Aria, and possibly beyond, but for now, his only choice for a permanent home would have to be the one he was in right now.

However, it wasn't all that bad. Vyraz lived on the zenith of the highest hill in the city, allowing him to move up to the second floor balcony and gaze upon all of Itum. The lanterns, glowing in the darkness, it looked like the stars above at night, and substituted well for him in case of clouds. He also had the Bellowing Eons docked right next to the house, ready to travel at a moment's notice.

Vyraz heard the noise of a bell ringing downstairs. Ugh, the Circle Knights again, probably. He could tell them an infinite amount of times that he was not intent on joining them again at all, and he could tell them that none of his crew is an illegal mage at all, but they still kept investigating and they still kept questioning. It was a nuinsense.

The constant 'ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong' was starting to become quite the irritation as well, so Vyraz picked up his pace. The quicker this went, the quicker it would be over.

Vyraz opened the front door, and to his surprise (and relief), he found that the Circle Knights were no longer on his street, and instead came a messenger. He had one hand on the rope that rang the bell, and he looked like he had ran a marathon.

"Ah, good day. I presume this matter is of importance?" Vyraz asked.

"...Yes, sir." The messenger said, his voice carrying abundant exhaustion from what was apparently the run to his house from...wherever it may have been.

"...Where did you come from?" He asked, noting that he was sweating profoundly.

"I come...From Fort Iron...Tower of Freedom..." The messenger said feebly. "...I am...From the Cullen...I need to...Tell you this...As soon as...Possible...One of...The Gamma's asked...That I run over...To tell you."

Now Vyraz thought it of a miracle that this man didn't faint on the spot. To run from Fort Iron all the way to here was a marathon, and to have ran it all the way from there without fainting was quite a feat.

"Oh, oh, come inside, at once!" Vyraz said, helping the poor messenger, who didn't think of using a boat to traverse the river to his house. "You must be on the verge of fainting, if you truly ran from Fort Iron all the way from here. Tell me, why didn't you use a boat?" Vyraz asked, once the man got down on the table in the kitchen.

"...I could have...taken a boat?" The messenger asked.

"I presume that it would have taken about a day to get here on your average vessel...When did you set out?" Vyraz asked.

The messenger fainted in response. Vyraz concluded that it took more than a day. How did he manage?

Once the Messenger regained consciousness, which took a few hours, Vyraz approached him about the message directly.

"Alright, now, about the message you ran over here to tell me about?" Vyraz asked politely.

"...The Gamma has often voiced a desire to explore Saffron's ruins properly. However, he himself is currently busy with assisting the Circle Knights in catching a mage that has gone rampant, who is expected to come through Fort Iron at any moment. Henceforth, he has asked you to set out as soon as possible, and to properly set about to find the secrets that the place may hold..." The messenger said, in a fast manner. "You are allowed to take whatever you desire from the place, but the Beta wishes to know whether or not Saffron's ruins hold any true potential prospect for the Cullen." The Messenger quickly added.

Vyraz liked every last bit of this news. Saffron was a place that intrigued him quite a bit. It's ancient ruins fascinated him, and it was a long-held desire to explore them. To add onto this, he may just very well become famous for being one of the first to ever adventure into the abyss, and to witness firsthand the treasures of before the Lifemaker.

"I shall set off at once! Oh, yes, there is a ferry from Itum to the Tower of Freedom, and it is very cheap, so I advise you take that back. the Tower should be a few minutes off from where the ferry ends. The boat is near the heart of Itum." Vyraz said, making sure to tell the Messenger the details. The messenger walked away, towards the heart of Itum.

Meanwhile, Vyraz walked outside of his house, and onto the peir where the Bellowing Eons sat, undisturbed, ready to move out. A portion of the original crew still slumbered in the ship, still willing to Help Vyraz and still ready to get the Ship going. These people, mostly lowlanders from Mancia, were also part of the Cullen.

"Men!" Vyraz yelled to the slumbering crew. The woke up with a start, some reappearing upon the decks from the hammocks they were sound asleep on. "I'm sorry to disturb your dreams, but we have been given a mission! This mission is to explore the depths of Saffron's eldest ruins, seek out it's treasures, and tell the Gamma stationed at Fort Iron whether or not it would be worth it to mount a full expedition of the city beneath the city!" Vyraz called.

"Do we need more stock? Does the Larder need replenishing?" Vyraz asked one of the crew members-the Chef.

"No sir! We are fully stocked." The Chef called back.

"Do we have ample medicines? Are the herbs enough?" Vyraz asked another crew member-the medic.

"Yes sir! Our remedies are in great quality." The Medic called back.

"When can we make it to Saffron? will it be a long voyage that lasts for days?" Vyraz asked the navigator.

"No sir! I believe we could make it to Saffron by the dawn of the next day." The Navigator responded.

"Get the ship ready for sailing, as soon as possible!" Vyraz called. He got on the ship itself at last, while watching the crew quickly assemble the ship's ropes and sails, and get it ready to go. The sunset made them only hasten-They were paid for each voyage, and unlike their former employer, Vyraz paid quite good.

"Ready when you are, sir!" The first mate said, after it looked like everything was done.

"Raise anchor and set out!" Vyraz commanded.

The Bellowing Eon's anchor was raised, slowly and steadily, and the vessel began it's trip to Saffron. Vyraz felt the wind in his hair, pushing the sails forward, and felt that it may be sooner than the Navigator said it would be.
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