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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Parasanti outskirts (Endla Forest)
Affected RPers: Moonkit, White Wolf of the Snow

Packing was easy. The team didn't carry around much belongings, and the buildings used at the base were easily dismantled, being mostly constructed from branches and leaves. Caoimhe watched sadly, again wishing that the mages could live their lives without constant travel, without fear or sorrow. Yet her followers were patient--they may or may not have agreed with the move, but they understood that it was necessary.

As the group gathered together in the clearing, mostly ready to move about, Caoimhe moved around the perimeter, making sure that nothing was left behind. She spotted Niusha--who looked a little glum--with what little possessions she had, and her Umbreon who walked at her side. Caoimhe turned her back right before noise erupted from the treeline. Swirling back around, Caoimhe saw a flamethrower flying straight towards Nuisha.

A Simipour jumped to Nuisha's aide, right before the fire could touch the young woman. A Hydro Pump extinguished the flames, but as quickly as the Simipour appeared, it slipped away. Caoimhe then saw the source of the attack: a Hydregion.

"We're under attack!" Caoimhe shouted, rushing forward with her Glaceon at her side.

Nuisha demanded that the Pokemon's owner show themselves. Instead of a human, however, another Pokemon appeared--A Ferrothorn. The air grew warm as it prepared Sunny Day... Was it preparing for a Solarbeam?

Careful, Caoimhe warned herself. She had already used magic before hand, and she had better not result to it unless necessary, now. But Grace... being an Ice-type would have some advantages in this battle.

"Grace, Icy Wind," Caoimhe commanded her Pokemon, who leapt into the battle with her blue fur frozen in spikes. The Glaceon obeyed, summoning a chilly wind that would attack both the Ferrothorn and the dragon. Meanwhile, other mages came forward, ready to jump in if necessary--and also looking to nab the creature's masters.

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
En Route to Saffron
Affected RPers: N/A

Vyraz dreamed. His dreams were foggy, for his eyes would almost never leave the half-closed position. But this dream made him try to open them fully-and he did.

It was somewhere snowy-It was always somewhere snowy. It had a lot of aurora's, too. He only heard of aurora's from his father, who described them as dancing lights near the ends of this world. He ran, and ran, and ran...It was absolutely inhuman, how fast he ran, but it was a dream, so what did it matter?

He kept on running, until he found a door, large and jettisoning out of a cliff formed by ice. This door was large, stone, and inscribed was an insignia of a four-legged Pokemon, with a cloud on it’s back and two streamer tails, running on an aurora…

The door made creaky, ominous signs of opening, and soon it started to truly swing open, to show the interior, which was rather dark, save for torches. Inside was a temple of sorts, made of stone.

He walked in, and the door closed behind him, but that didn't concern him. It was a dream, he could make some massive cannon pop out of the ground and blow it to smithereens. But that door simply didn't concern him at the time.

What concerned him was up ahead, though he could not grasp it yet. It was like that in dreams-One wants something, but doesn't know what it is or why he wants it. However, he kept on walking.

...Vyraz noted the change in the color of the flames. Originally red-orange, now they were more of a light blue. He also noted that the stones seemed to now be embedded with crystals of a light blue color as well...He kept on the trail, however, not remembering the twists and turns he took to get on this part of this place...

Vyraz stopped. In front of him was probably the heart of this complex, for the whole of this room was built entirely out of the light-blue crystal from before. The torches were absent in this room, but there wasn't a need-these crystals made their own light, a soft glow. An aurora was also present in this room, as well as many small waterfalls, obviously built in.

However, the most distinct feature of this place was the amount of statues. These statues were of some kind of wolf-like Pokemon; A Pokemon with a cloud on it's back, and two streamer-like tails flowing in front of it...A Pokemon whose name he had never heard of before, but was just on the tip of his tongue...What was it?

No. He was denied the knowledge. He was sent back. Back to reality. By someone shaking him in his hammock.

"Sir! Captain, we're approaching the docks!" A voice yelled-the voice of the first mate. Vyraz awoke from his slumber, finding himself in his quarters. "We've got a green flag." He added. Vyraz smiled-many boats came, holding tourists that wanted to see the ruins, and even at night, docking was hard, due to the amount of boats that generally clogged the dock.

Vyraz went outside, to see the dock for himself. The night was bright, illuminated by the full moon and the vast amount of stars. The shine illuminated the Bellowing Eons, just getting ready to dock. Several other ships were located in nearby docking sites-There were only two open spots, neighboring each other, and they were taking one of them. However, before the boat went too far into the docking site...

"Sir! I saw something move in the water, at portside! Something big!" One of the crew yelled. Vyraz whipped his head around. He had heard rumors about Gyrados-titans of Pokemon that lived under the water, short-tempered sea serpents, able to turn anything in it's path to a burning husk. Surely he didn't see one...

The head of a sea serpent popped out of the water, but Vyraz breathed a sigh of relief. The Pokemon that stared at the ship was a friendly one, a Milotic. The essence of beauty piped up a few notes that sounded quite lovely, then dipped it's head back under the waves.

"Well, that was refreshing!" Vyraz stated. Milotic, beautiful snakes that were only seen around Saffron, who were gentle and had oftentimes returned stranded soles out on sea to shore, weren't uncommonly seen around these waters either. "Now then, prepare to get hiking for a few minutes, we can rest once we get to Saffron. Thieves ambush the unwary traveler." Vyraz added.

The Bellowing Eons started to stop, lowering the sails. The lack of wind to push the ship slowed it down. Then, the anchor was lowered, making a splash when it hit the water, and completely stopping the little movement the boat had dared make. The crew left the dock, shaking off the feeling of being on the ship for that long of a time.

Vyraz was quite curious as to what he saw in that dream...It probably wasn't of importance. For all he knew, the very Pokemon he saw wasn't real at all.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Tsuki & Kozanar Estrada
The Cullen
Outskirts of Parasanti
Affected RPers: Charmander009, Moonkit

****, Tsuki, you know I can't let them sit out there and get hurt.

Koz, you know we're seriously outnumbered. As far as we know, we don't have any backup, either. But... you're right.

What the freak do you want me to do, then?

Well... Instead of tossing meaningful, message-carrying glares at him, she leaned over and whispered into his ear...

If you weren't crazy, Tsuki, you wouldn't be my sister, I guess...

Ikuja threw up a Protect at the last minute, but shuddered as he felt the protective bubble around him grow cold as the wind passed over it. As the wind rapidly approached, Ryugaun's brain churned as he thought of how to avoid the move. Suddenly, his wings shot downwards and he was propelled up, above and out of reach of the wind. As it died down, he dropped back down to the earth, glaring at the Glaceon. A Flamethrower churned in his jaws, which parted slightly.

Kozanar leaped from behind his Hydreigon suddenly, his arms hooking around the psuedo-legendary's neck. Ryugaun dropped immediately, startled, and as he landed, Kozanar placed his hand on the side of the Hydreigon's head, in front of his 'mane', and then pushed it down to the ground gently, but firmly. As Ryugaun got over his shock, he lifted his head to make a move to get up, but Kozanar snapped the fingers of his free hand and the dragon immediately dropped his head, freezing.

With her twin's Pokemon subdued, Tsuki dashed out from the undergrowth, making Ikuja look back at her. The Ferrothorn instantly withdrew his thorns into his body and Tsuki sat on him. The Ferrothorn dropped his body to the ground, miffed.

"Dammit, Ryugaun," Kozanar growled. "You are so freaking stubborn. One day it's going to get you killed. It almost did!" Rubbing his temple with one hand, he dipped his head, closing his eyes for a moment. Opening them, he looked back up. Mages, he snarled in his mind, but absolutely nothing on the outside showed his disgust. Normally, he'd be spitting at their feet, but Tsuki's voice in his head silenced him.

Don't. You. Dare.

He sighed. "I'm sorry. He's a bit..." Kozanar glanced at his dragon Pokemon, glaring slightly. "...impulsive."
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Twisted Tornadic Terror
The Armada
Air above Fort Aer
Affected RPers: Lusankya (Maybe)






Loop here.

Spin there.

Rinse and repeat.

The shining, ominous body of the ship that spun was, for lack of all technical terms, odd. Rather than a ship of destruction or impressive size, brimming with the cold gleam of cannons atop its face, this ship resembled an odd vehicle that no longer existed...Yes, a train. Old, coal or steam powered metallic beasts that made such a ruckus, unable to run off the bounds of the steel path set before them. It was no wonder that they had gone extinct, all but erased from the feeble existence they had run for decades before the Lifemaker's fall. Luck favored the strong and able, nature decreed only the fit survive, and the fickle heart loved but briefly. Thus, she was the last of her kind, but as the last she was unique.

Precious, maybe.

But definitely unique.

Her engine ran silently, electricity pumping through valves just as vital and eccentric as any mortal's heart. From her narrow head, Life Magic streamed forth as pale yellow bars, forming a pathway that, unlike her ancestors, was never set in stone. Twisted Tornadic Terror, or often called Triple T as her name was far too much of a bother to pronounce in its entirety on a consistent basis, could go anywhere and do anything she truly wanted save for reigning down fear and panic on the mortals below.

She cared not for that. No, her home was in the skies performing intricate loops that any other ship would find impressive, if used for a purpose other than silly pleasure. She was the fastest ship in the Armada and perhaps even the most flexible, yet those traits she reserved for fun instead of work. She found the other ships somewhat boring as they were too depressed or "busy" to play with her.

Busy...Tee hee! What do they do now that keeps them busy? Polishing their bodies, no doubt! What a bore! Others called her young. More called her risky. All could agree, however, was that the speedy ship was completely, irrevocably insane. All Twisted Tornadic Terror thought was that they didn't have enough fun in their mundane lives...Oh, and that she simply didn't care what they thought of her.

Yet another subject that set her apart was that she possessed no avatar, her original body, Risha Priveil, having died ages ago. She never found out what it was that had been killing her before her soul was bound to the speedy locomotive, but she supposed it was irrelevant now. After all, a corpse lasts but a few years without proper embalming techniques. A ship with mechanics? Those lasted quite a long time.

[Serenity contacting Twisted Tornadic Terror. Come in, Twisted Tornadic Terror.] A dull, grumpy sounding voice cut through her joy, smashing her in the face and causing her to finally end her roller coaster ride. It was only then that the other ship, somewhat large yet not very impressive, came into view...And dangerously close, too.

{Tee hee. What do you want, Serenity? Can you not see I am having fun at the moment, and have no time for your bothersome boring speeches?} She had never been one to use the whole "contacting so-and-so" mumbo jumbo. To be honest, it just wasted time when the subject could be reached immediately instead of extending formalities.

[Watch where you are going, you numbskull!] Ha. Numbskull. She hadn't had one of those in a long time! [You are going to crash into someone and cause a lot of damage that we cannot afford! You're above Fort Aer, or did you forget?]

{Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were all blind twits flying through the air! I suppose I really did forget!} Oh how witty she was! It amazed her every single day. Serenity didn't even bother with a retort, obviously a little steamed on the lunatic ship's response. It was then an idea formed within her mind, and without thinking too much about it, she began to enact it.

The headlights on her "nose" grew blinding as she changed course, wheels squealing on practically non-existent rails. Facing herself towards the grouchy ship, her twin electric engines went into overdrive, forcing her body along as increasingly fast speeds. Her lights blinded the incoming vessel, which began to blare its horns - the main use now seeming to be to alert Twisted Tornadic Terror of her recklessness - as she raced in on a collision course.

At the last minute before two ships became one in a cataclysmic explosion of fire and light, she swiveled her wheels and changed course. She ran a few inches above Serenity, enough that she could have easily extended her grabbing claws to touch the behemoth, before she cleared the ship and continued on with her antics.

[Do I need to report you to Sovereign again, Triple T?] Serenity had corrected her course, but her voice indicated she was furious. The ship she was communicating with chose not to respond, laughing inside. This was at least the fourth time she had pulled the stunt on Serenity, and the older vessel appeared non the wiser each time. She didn't really like the juggernaut, too dull and rule based, and not very willing to accept the train's attempt to enlighten her to the joy of goofing off.

Oh well. Not like she could do anything about it. Even if Serenity reported her to Sovereign, what could he do? He was just as boring, if not more so, and likely would only scold her again. She was a valuable cargo ship, the fastest vehicle in the fleet, and arguably the most fun; getting rid of her would only hamper the fleet and really ruin everyone's time. It was her "job", unofficial as it was, to keep Fort Aer's spirits high...Even if it meant duping one or two "borenauts" to do it.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Gurren- Mary Advent
Fort Aer
Affected: None

"Fixing fixing fixing," said a voice within a huge empty hanger. All that was in the hanger was several broken down ships except close to one corner was one that looks as if it was functional.

"Fixing fixing fixing," said the voice once again which seems to be coming from within the ship in the corner. The ship was a blueish green color with some wear and tear in certain spots. Working on a turbine was a figure wearing a purple long robe. A wrench was in the hand of the feminine figure as it was in an open panel. The figure seems to be a woman but as she shifted, the robe came a bit off a shoulder to reveal a metal shoulder joint. The girl soon pulled herself out of the panel and revealed a dirty hand.

Ticking could be heard in the distance as the girl looked up. She saw a huge clock that was in a bad condition but still functioning with many modification including what seems like three gears on the outside with a lever coming out of the right side of the clock.

"Got to take good care of myself....Mary Advent can't let herself be in danger. That includes Gurren," said Mary as she closed the panel and was walking on the top of the ship. The robot girl looked at the ships around her and nodded to each one of them.

This hanger was a hanger for many ships that have gone beyond their use. They all use to be ships that run and fought in a long distant war. Each one of them was filled with life, literally. Still war made them idle and soon age overcame them. Their avatars either passed or the crews were scrubbed with age. The ships now rest here before they decide to pass on while of them of them were just empty shells. For Mary they were just place for her to take parts to help maintain the only functional ship in the hanger. She did this with respect to them since she was just like them at one point of time.

Mary had brief memories of her body but that was long gone. Now her body was in two. One was a huge chunk of metal that could fire a rain of destruction with ease. The other body was a mechanical doll that could move anywhere and wasn't limited due to her size. Unlike many of her kind, Mary had split her soul to where she was still one with her 'original' body but also had another body. This made her happy since she could be abit more free and unrestricted.

"Fixing myself with my own hands," said Mary as she enters the empty cockpit of the Gurren. She could see where the people would sit if they were to man the ship. She heads to the back of the cockpit and inspect the area. She soon closed her visual sensor eyes.

Soon cables began to come out of Mary's back as then fly up and shot into the back wall of the cockpit. The control panels then began to light up with life as Mary's eyes open up and were glowing. Soon the ship began to float up.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Portia; air mage
; Shop of Barris the Tinker
Affcd RPers; none

Barris put the large gear down on another table and carefully lifted a strange object from a crate at his feet. “, was what I wanted to show you.”

What he was holding was what looked like an intricate statue; a little more than three feet long, almost two feet tall, and another two wide. Five curved metal supports, three over the top and two at the sides, started from a point and stretched the length to meet at another point. The center support did not curve as far as the others and each rib had spikes along the outside edge that pointed back in the same direction. Struts placed at angles formed triangles as they connected the ribs together. This skeleton gave it the look of two cigars stuck together, but the double tails at the back and fins along the side made the outline almost like a fish. Inside the skeleton were eight metallic spheres, the four at the center being larger. Connected below the skeleton was a structure that only measured about half the length of the top portion, with large blades positioned at various points.

Pushing herself off the table she had just sat on, Portia walked over to look at the glistening curiosity. “It is pretty. But, what is it?”

“It’s an airship.” Barris beamed proudly at the look on her face.

“Are you kidding me?” Portia was at a loss for a moment. “The only machines capable of flight are the Armada! Or...objects held up by magic, but they take a lot of power and cannot stay in the air long. How do you plan to fly this!?”

“Steam’ll drive it an’ help get her off the ground, but it’s gonna stay up mostly with gas. I can see yer lookin’ doubtful, but hear me out.” He beckoned the woman over to show her the finer details. “See ‘ere?”

There was another support, thicker and uncurved, that she had not noticed before since it went beneath the main frame. It made the structure rather like a bow, the straight spine would keep the ribs curved, and the ribs pulling outward would allow the spine to support engine and passenger gondola. The spheres inside were made of special metal sheets a mage friend helped to create; still strong, but thin and light. Inside those were organic skins able to inflate. The four large spheres held mostly gas to lift and the smaller ones would be ballast, filled with regular air from outside. Situated on top the gondola, and centered under the “rig” as he called the skeleton, was the engine. Powered by steam, it would drive the propellers, heat air to aid in lift, and drive the pumps for the gas bladders inside the rig.

Portia shook her head. “Wait now, I thought it’s been going round that steam wouldn’t be efficient to drive a big machine.”

“Well, yeah,” Barris admitted. “But the problem was nobody’s been gettin’ enough power for all the steam lost. Then ya’ve gotta have fire Pokemon or a lot of fuel to burn for heat and water to replace what's lost, which adds weight. I figgered a way to keep from losin’ most of the steam...distillin’.”

“Distilling?” Portia repeated. Then she caught on. “Oh, instead of releasing the steam, you cool it down back to water. So, you can use it again. Heh, smart idea.” A thought suddenly struck her. “Is that what you have covered out there!?”

The older man sighed. “Yes and no. That’s only a frame. It’s gonna take time to get everythin’ together and get her built. I’ve been working with a friend trying to find a better way to gather gas for the main air tanks, but it ain’t goin’ so well. That’ll be the hardest part.”

Portia put her hands on her hips. “I’m hurt; talking in front of me about gathering gas for your rig. Don’t you know any air mages?”

“You’re kiddin’?” Barris started laughing. “How did I forget that? Guess you’ll be comin’ this way agin to help fill the tanks then.”

“If you ask nicely, maybe I’ll send some new assistants to you too.” She looked around and grinned. “Your shop is getting a little backed up here, Barris. Seems you need some help to catch up.”

By the time Portia and Sonora were leaving, the sun had already dropped down. Deciding to stay at a local inn, the pair made their way back through the city avoiding the historic district. The inns there were very nice, but usually crowded by the tourists. Instead, they went to a place called the Dozy Ducklett near the river. It would be quieter there since most who worked around the docks were fishermen living in and around the town. Before they went in, Sonora gave a low whistle in the direction of the river causing Portia to turn her attention. Moored on the water was a familiar vessel. Portia paused a moment considering this.

“Hm, the Bellowing Eons, eh?”

Sonora looked down at the small woman. <Are we going to find Vyraz?>

She thought for a moment before yawning. “In the morning maybe.”

Sonora shook her head as she ducked the doorway. They went in to find a room and get some rest. The next day would provide plenty to do as always.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Garonn & Jared
Pokemon Elemental
Edge of Endla Forest, Outskirts of Parasanti
Affected Rp'ers: Charmander009, White Wolf of Snow, Moonkit.

The duo had been wandering through the woods for a few days now. The undergrowth was think and gnarled, roots and reeds everywhere. Garonn liked the woods though. Having spent most of his life here he felt much more at home than on the road. Jared had come to realise that the road out Garonn on edge, and more prone to being upset or scared, so he had chosen to travel by woods. They were both big beefy creatures, so the tangled underwood posed no problem for them. It was a quiet trek mind - conversation was not a strong point of the two. Still, it was just nice for them to have each other. Travelling on ones own was never a fun, nor was it a safe prospect.

"You feeling good Garonn?" Jared kept asking at specific intervals.

"Garonn .... Good." he would reply.

In fairness, Garonn had come a long way in learning to be human again. He had been trying to speak like people would, and with Jareds help, guidence and care he had picked up some commonly used words. He could even understand people to an extent now. It made Jared very happy that he still had some learning capacity in that mind of his. Perhaps in time he could intergrate with society once again. Until then they would be avoiding people as much as they physically could. The only people that seemed to have cared and understood were the Pokemon Elementals, and Jared knew the only reason they behaved in such a way was because they were interested in Garonns power. There was no way Jared would allow Garonn to become a test subject for them.

"This way looks good Garonn, can you see the edge of the forest?" Jared asked, pointing at the light seeping through the trees.

Garonn nodded "Lightyflies." he muttered. It was one of his words that he had jumbled together. He had a tendancy to do that. Without any warning however, Garonn bounded forwards towards the edge of the forest on all fours, clearly eager to see what was past the trees.

"Garonn, wait! Gah!" Jared muttered, then broke into a run to catch up with Garonn. He was a damned fast human, and Jared could only barely keep up at the best of times. The worst however was yet to come.

Garonn leapt past the trees and howled into the air, loud and resounding. Jared burst through after him, and his face fell at the sight before him. Clearly a pokemon battle was happening, and he and Garonn had just jumped right in the middle of it. A Hydreigon and Ferrothorn on one side, a Umbreon and a Glaceon on the other. Jard tensed a little, not entirely sure what situation they had got into.

, Jared thought, as Garonn growled a little, looking round at the personel gathered.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

(Altruis???? o____0? I don't recall you signing up for Team Elemental...)

Caoimhe and Grace
Endla Forest/Parasanti Outskirts
Affected RPers: White Wolf, Altruis, Moonkit

Grace's Icy Wind failed to affect the other Pokemon, as the Ferrothorn threw up a defensive Protect, and the dragon Pokemon cunningly flew upwards to avoid the blow. Caoimhe's mind raced as she tried to think of an attack--thinking that she should probably take out the dragon with an Ice Beam. But before she could issue her next command, the masters of the enemy Pokemon leapt from their hiding place. They looked pretty similar--twins, perhaps--and in their own way, they subdued their Pokemon. One sat on the Ferrothorn, the other pulling the dragon to the ground.

"Da***t, Ryugaun," the dragon's master scolded him sharply. "You are so freaking stubborn. One day it's going to get you killed. It almost did!"

This stranger glanced up at Caoimhe's group of mages, and she immediately saw the hate that entered his eyes. Caoimhe coolly stared back, taking quiet observations. Both of them shared the same caramel-colored hair and blue eyes, and both wore bits of armor that--as far as Caoimhe could see--did not bear the mark of the Knights. Caoimhe didn't know who they were, or who they worked for, but she wasn't going to take any chances. They could prove to be as much of an enemy as the Red Circle.

The male twin sighed, glaring at his dragon, "I'm sorry. He's a bit... impulsive."

Caoimhe neither laughed or spoke. She glanced over at Nuisha, checking to see if she was alright, then the young woman signaled to her mages. They encircled the intruders, blocking off any escape root--save the sky. Just then, they were joined by the Beast Mage, Garnonn. With him here now, these strangers would have a heck of a fight if they tried resisting.

Caoimhe stepped forward, running her hand over Grace's head before facing the intruders. In a commanding voice, she demanded of the strangers, "Who are you? And what business have you here?"

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Cullen
En route between Venefinia and Parasanti
Affected RPers: None

Belcarth and his two companions had set out perhaps an hour after sunrise, and so far had only had to make one stop, at the edge of the forest.

While the path to the forest had been a detour, the amount of time would gain from replenishing their strength was well worth the extra travel distance. As they had arrived at the edge of the Zarun Forest just a short distance outside Venefinia, Belcarth had opened up his mind, feeling Jayde doing the same, and welcomed the voices of the forest. He then opened up a channel with the trees in the immediate vicinity, and absorbed just a small amount from each. The trees themselves would regain that little energy in a matter of hours, while the total amount that Belcarth and Jayde received was more than enough to replenish their energy to the same level it had been after meditation the day before. But while both magical and physical strength were easily recovered, the fatigue was still present, not as much as before, but not completely faded.

After this detour, they had walked back to the main road, and continued north. They had been walking for about two hours, and they had managed to pick up the pace a little more as time had progressed. Growlithe seemed to have no trouble walking, or running at times, and both Belcarth and his Lucario were feeling better after the detour. Belcarth was just about to ask if they should stop and get something to eat, when he heard noise coming from the road behind them, hooves to be more specific. As Belcarth feared the worst, he reached for the handle of his sword, and turned around, only to find a wagon with two Rapidash pulling it. It was still some distance away, but Belcarth walked to the side of the road and signaled the two pokemon to do the same. As the wagon came closer, Belcarth found himself recognizing the logo located on it's side. It belonged to a fairly successful merchant who visited Venefinia at times. They did business together just about every time he was in town, and normally they met each other even the few occasions when there was no business to be done.

As the wagon got closer to them, it slowed down and as it stopped, a man in his late thirties stepped out of the wagon.

"Greetings Awbur, what brings you to the fair city of Venefinia?" Belcarth asked, a slightly sarcastic undertone at the end of the question.

"Fair you say?" The merchant almost spat the words. "Nothing but mages and Thought Police in the whole rotten place, but damn if you aren't one of the finest weaponsmiths I've done business with. I went to your house earlier this morning, only to find that you had left just an hour before. What kind of nonsense is this? Running of when there is money to be made."

"I had no idea that you were in town," Belcarth said, not at all offended by the merchants negative attitude towards mages. "But I have some business to attend to in Parasanti. That is the reason I'm 'running off', as you say it."

"Parasanti? What could you possibly have to do up there in the forest?" Awbur's eyes narrowed as he looked at the smith and his pokemon, his eyes lingering at the Growlithe. "You picked a hell of a time to leave, some guy has apparently been telling the Thought Police that some mage stole his Growlithe. They searched every wagon that left the city. How long have you had that one?"

"Oh, I don't know, since yesterday I think." Belcarth said, then added, "His former owner had a change of heart in the middle of a beating. Suddenly he decided that he may just be better of somewhere else than where he was currently standing."

"I see, then perhaps we should get going? I'm not going as far as to Parasanti, but right now we're heading the same way." The merchant said as he opened the door.

It took a few minutes to assure Growlithe that it was safe to get into the large wooden box, but as soon as the canine jumped in, they left. Heading north.

It was already dark as they arrived at Magnicar Castle, and as they made their way to one of the more expensive, and better, inns, Belcarth learned that the merchant would continue towards Itum the day after, offering a ride to the crossroad just prior to Endla Forest.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Tsuki & Kozanar Estrada
The Cullen
Outskirts of Parasanti
Affected RPers: Charmander009, Moonkit, Altruis

Ikuja didn't like this at all. If there was one thing he hated, it was being completely surrounded. Of course, he had quite an enjoyable counter method, but as long as Tsuki seemed calm enough, he was fine with it. And at the moment, her mind was as even as a ruler. And Ryugaun suddenly resisted Kozanar's hand, ready to try and take out the surrounding soldiers, but his hand was replaced gently by his foot, and Kozanar gave another snap.

I'll have to teach Ryu some manners later. I swear...

Got any ideas on how to get out of this situation, Koz? Tsuki glanced at her twin. He returned the glance.

Nope. Just have to go along with it.

"I'm Kozanar, and that's Tsuki," the male twin said flatly. Responding to demands weren't usually his thing, but it seemed they didn't have a choice. "And why we're here is something personal, that we don't exactly want to bore you with." Because of course![/i] we wouldn't want to do that~~~![/i]


I know, I know.

"Besides. I could ask the same for you. From what you left of those knights, it doesn't seem you're on a flower-picking trip or anything," he said nonchalantly, giving a little shrug, accompanied with the upwards flicker of the eyebrows. Spite glowed like the fires of the earth inside of his mind, but he knew that he had to be open to anything, especially if it meant getting out alive.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]


Niusha and Shadowfang
Pokémon Elemental
Outskirts of Parasanti
Affected RPers: White Wolf of the Snow, possibly Charmander009

Caoimhe had ordered her Glaceon, Grace, to use Icy Wind on the opponents, yet neither attack; mine nor hers, seemed to work. The dragon attempted to shoot out another Flamethrower, this time at Grace, but his master jumped out of the bushes and attempted to hold him down.

The Ferrohorn’s master, a girl, came out from her hiding spot. The Pokémon’s spikes disappeared and it allowed the girl to sit on it.

"Ryugaun," the tri-headed dragon’s master scolded. "You are so freaking stubborn. One day it's going to get you killed. It almost did!”

I was surprised that the dragon’s master had scolded the dragon. The dragon, apparently named Ryugaun, had probably been afraid of mages or something. Maybe he thought we were intruders, I didn’t know.

Caoimhe signaled for some mages to circle the intruders, as they did. I myself stood a few feet away from them, but not too far. She stepped towards the twins and their Pokémon and asked, “Who are you? And what business have you here?”

The boy seemed to be the one to answer. "I'm Kozanar, and that's Tsuki," he said flatly. He apparently wasn’t use to responding to demands from people. "And why we're here is something personal, that we don't exactly want to bore you with." He was silent for a moment, but soon continued talking. "Besides, I could ask the same for you. From what you left of those knights, it doesn't seem you're on a flower-picking trip or anything,"

I knew not to talk, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t mad. No one comes into our land, says they have private business here, and then say they should ask us the same thing Caoimhe had asked them.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Noble Six
Seedy Bar in Mancia
Affected RPers:Alaskapidove, Kai Mei, Chainreaction

He hated talking all together, especially to mages. Ever since the fire, he linked any type of disaster to mages regardless of plausibility or not. VILE gave him a task to recruit two people, both female apparently. One was a timid, mousy looking girl. She was easy to drug and was almost to willing to accept his offer. It was a shame since he wanted blood to be spilt tonight but beggers can not be choosers. His latest target was another girl, another mage. VILE really liked messing with him. Making sure everything was prepared, he sat and waited as he examined what the bar patrons had to offer. Nothing but an ordinary bar. The barman, Bartolomeo, was your best friend for a generous fee. The prostitutes worked their rounds with the returning and newest members, watching the new girls go to the fate they were destined to live. The drunks were slouched off in a corner, the stench of vomit and booze floating about and forcing everyone away. The lucky ones would wake up while the others had drank themselves into a comatose. Suddenly the door had opened, the light actually causing a few denizens to flee. The target had entered.

A few of the men eyed the girl lustfully, thinking she was the newest recruit but the barmen called them off. Rats, nothing but rats. Noburu wouldn't mind exterminating them for no fee but he had more pressing matters. He raised a hand and waved the girl over and offered her a seat. Then the conversation began. A slight smile was on his face at all times but to was nothing serious. It was all apart of the job. Underneath the table was a knife wedged in a self made crack. That was Plan B incase the girl either lost control or refused. Either would genuinely a smile on Noburu's face. The conversation continued until he told her to give him an example of her powers. She then went quiet. It seemed she didn't want to do it so he asked once more. The rule was to ask twice, if they either wouldn't or can't then he would have to instigate it.

She decided to give in and use her powers. Leaning back, he watched, purple eyes seemung to dull a bit behind his hair. He felt something invade his mind, looking through his memory. Suddenly, he was an astral projection looking around his own mind. He was told of this power and ways to counteract it. Jolting back to awarness, she did as well. His face didn't show any pain but under the *table, he had cut across his palm to wake himself up from the trance like state.

Telling her that was enough, he went ahead and explained VILE to her. What it could do and its goals, sparing no detail. He was reading her movements and facial changes as he talked, noticing a small latent interest that manifested into a bigger one. Hook, line, and sinker. Offering up his glass, they toasted as the drug in her drink took effect. She collasped onto the table but nobody was really caring. just probably another drunk who had to much. He put her into a body bag, the same one the other girl was stuffed in, and zipped it closed. A label saying “MORGUE" was plasted in a chalky white. Hefting the bag over his shoulder, he turned his head to the shadows, giving a slight nod. Nothing but a small scratching noise was heard as Noburu walked towards the exit, bypassing a man and another pokemon, Pawniard by its looks. Kind of shifty as well but he ignored it, well seemed to.

Walking out of the bar, he took a few blocks down and into an alley way. He whistled faintly and in a wisp of wind, his Sceptile appeared behind him, looking at the bodybag and sighed a little. He had more heart than his master. Turning to him, the Sceptile gave him a sad look but was met with a small pet to the head. Although fully grown, the pokemon still enjoyed that.

“I know. I'm still working on a plan. We'll leave one day. Just trust me on this." he said as he handed over the bag.

“Get this to the ship heading to Saffron. There should be a hidden room in the bottom so stow away there. I'll be along and check up on you once I'm done with supplies and a little nuisance." he said, noticing he was followed a ways back.

“Kill the Pawniard and the guy if they get too close," he muttered. Sceptile gave a nod and strapped the bag to its back. Leaping quite high, it clung to the brick wall and began to climb its way to the top. Noburu wasn't worried at all. If even spotted, Sceptile would seem like a messanger pokemon.

He needed to distract the two followers before they realized Sceptile had left. They might already be listening so he acted fast. Leaving the alley way, he walked to the craftsmans shop, chatting it up with the blacksmith who was a mutal friend. More like a contact in case things went bad. He took a bag of spikes, five throwing knives and a small black box. Leaving the store, he made his way towards the docks and saw a small farm on the way. He also noticed an X on the entrance to the dock, a callsign. Let Noburu know Sceptile was alright. VILE told him to look where others are blind.Something he actually thought was useful.

He snuck around to the back of the farm, Tauros and Miltank grazing in the fields and a Rapidash tied to the stable outside. Pulling out his small knife, he cut the horse loose and hopped on and turning his head towards the stables. He kicked his heels against its sides and it broke off into a run. It galloped faster and faster then hopped over the fence. Digging two fingers into its neck, it reared back and began to flare up, throwing the other pokemon into a frenzy. Noburu got off before The blaze could catch in fire and sprinted towards the gate, releasing the latch and releasing a heard of Tauros. It was funny and amusing at the same time as he heard people yelling and clamoring. He made his way towards the ship as he saw people using various water pokemon to calm the blaze and others attempting to subdue the raging pokemon. That should slow him down, if not stall. He didn't need followers or VILE would get pissed.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
Saffron City
Affected RPers: N/A

Saffron was greeted by the dawn, and Vyraz was there to witness it. The great sun, rising in the east, signified the world's grand reunion with sunlight. Saffron looked incredibly impressive, with the great rays of the closest source of light in the solar system shining on the city-state.

This, however, wasn't the concern of his cohorts. Having been hiking for a good deal of the night, his men had been tired out, merely shells of their potential.

"Don't worry, fellows! If you are truly sleepy right before our grand excursion into Saffron's ruins, which we may only be doing once in our lives, and may very well make us rich and famous, then you may sleep outside the tunnels that will take us down to the ruins." Vyraz said, trying to convince as many people as he could to go spelunking. "All those that are unbelievably tired to the previously mentioned extent, please raise your hands now, so that I may not need to remember to tell you among the men who do get credit in the Cullen for this mission!" He added.

To his dismay, only three people didn't raise his hand: First mate Barnibus, Medic Monroe, and Jamar, the crewmate that usually sat atop the crow's nest.

"Truly? Ah, well! Jamar, Monroe, Barnibus, I suppose it is just you three and I that will be the first to properly explore the depths of ancient Saffron! Let us be off towards the relics." Vyraz said, hopefully trying to hook in more men. None decided to lower their hands.

Vyraz hid his disappointment well that the majority of his crew was going to stay up, as they walked through the City. He himself was as worn out as the rest of them, but the mere thought of the riches within the ruins, as well as the fact that he slept for a little while last night, both helped to keep slumber out of his mind.

The city's known relics and highly profitable tourist business did not stop it from having shops in as many places as possible. The property of bakers, blacksmiths, doctors, teachers and other shopkeepers was on every block of the City State, and it was just as good of a place to live in as Itum. Probably better, in fact, as the rivers weren't known to be contaminated from the waste of Alchemy.

A hole in the ground. A small crack in the earth, just large enough for his Braviary to fit into, but nevertheless, it presented as good an opportunity to go visit the lower reaches of Saffron as any crack in the ground that could fit a man. This particular route to the ruins, however, was probably the best out of every one they so far saw, for it was farthest away from curious eyes and probing bystanders.

Many of his men-specifically, all the men who were too lazy to discover the magnificent relics of Saffron's eldest days for themselves-were going to sleep outside the hole, whist Vyraz, Barnibus, Monroe and Jamal would climb down with a rope. Once inside, there was one way out-up. Hopefully, the direction would be up, too. Saffron had suffered through devastating earthquakes at times, which is why Saffron had been rebuilt so many times. In fact, the first few layers were still public, for having multiple houses that still functioned.

Before they got down to the hole, Vyraz pulled out a small little whistle. A few of the crewmates that were still awake scratched their heads when Vyraz blew forth a note that none of them could comprehend, mainly due to the lack of ability to hear it.

Then a Shiny Braviary was seen on the Horizon...Storm started his plummet towards the earth, flapping it's wings to slow it's fall, and coming to rest nearby Vyraz.

"Storm, I hope you're not claustrophobic, because you'll be helping me explore the caverns and crevices of the Saffron Caves...You're not claustrophobic, are you?" Vyraz asked. Storm shook his head like someone to gesture 'no.' This obviously meant that he did not suffer from being in cramped spaces.

"Well then, bring what we need and what we can carry...And let's be setting off into the inner confines of this rubble, for the diamonds among the coal." Vyraz said, starting his decent into Saffron's ruins, sliding down the rope.

The first step into oblivion was a calm one, and to his delight, another crack in the ground was nearby, illuminated by the great sun above, now risen directly above them. The Efron lamps they took were going to replace the sun for the time they spent where the sun didn't send it's great rays. However, even with Efron, the light wouldn't last forever. He hoped that the rumors about bulbs of glass containing light from neither fire nor sun were true.

Vyraz looked downward. The sun's great light was too diminished to see far down past where they were right now. Turning around, he saw nothing but a ghost town, people from a past, less technologically-advanced civilization. This wasn't even close to the ruins of old they were seeking.

It would be dangerous-many that had gone down here were Pokemon-less, and they reported rumors of odd, strange Pokemon that would nearly never tire that lived at the bottom, which chased them out for the fear they inspired from their weird shapes. Vyraz honestly hoped that those that went down here prior were merely making rumors to further their own ego, or else just imagining things. But one must come prepared. And he did.

He pulled out the Zenith of Hope, wary of every shadow. The Zenith's aura did little good to shine some light into the world around him, but it worked. He also noticed that, in his deep contemplation of the potential obstacles below, the rest of his four-man-one-Pokmeon exploration party also made way to where he was, and was also looking at the abyss they'd soon be traversing.

Vyraz hoped they didn't lose heart. He'd ignore those that didn't partake in the mission at all, but those that turned tail who agreed to go would be noted for their cowardice. And he didn't like reporting cowardice on his crewmates.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Fort Aer
Affected: Grassy

For a human, there was much to do on Fort Aer. For the most part, exploring the great fortress was enough entertainment for these adventurous souls. The interior of Fort Aer, with its enormous hextech machines and vast electrical systems, was viewed by the people of Aria with as much wonder as the ancient ruins beneath Saffron. Like ancient Saffron, Fort Aer was a relic from a world that was lost now. Something that could never return to the world. Not really.

That didn't mean though, that it wasn't worth a shot, Sovereign mused. His feeling of purpose had yet to dissipate, which was a good thing. Obviously he could not embark on so grand a scheme in the realistic amount of time allotted to him in the near future. But he was Sovereign, and Armada had centuries from which they could spin their mechanical webs...

For now though, the immediate was what was needed to be considered. Jacu Estruao, a mechanic on Sovereign's crew, was retiring from the Armada. He was still a young man, so it wasn't retiring due to age, but more so that he had enjoyed this adventurous episode of his life and wanted to return home, settle down, and get down to business. This was a constant phenomenon for Sovereign, so there was little need to fret. Armada crew members signed on for a certain period of time, after which they could either continue to enlist for another period of time or leave. Most people had their fill quickly. A few particularly courageous men and women, however, stayed with the Armada for life.

"You will be a fine addition to your school," Sovereign told Jacu through his avatar. Jacu had acquired a teaching position in Saffron City. The experience from working on Lifemaker-era hextech machinery wasn't easy to come by, after all, and post-Armada crew engineering members usually had an easy time finding jobs. Regardless, Sovereign didn't really mean what he was telling Jacu. He had no idea whether the boy was talented at his work or not. Not knowing this, Jacu smiled broadly at the praise. "We will depart for Saffron in the morning," Sovereign said. He knew Harbinger had his avatar in the city for some reason or other. Perhaps there was something that could be accomplished there.

[Serenity requesting contact with Sovereign,] the message came through on Sovereign's communicator.

[Contact granted,] Sovereign replied. [What is it?]

[It's Twisted Tornadic Terror,] Serenity replied in an exasperated tone. [She's tearing the sky up above Fort Aer and liable to cause major damage is left unchecked.]

Triple T. A most peculiar little vessel. The centuries had driven her, in a word, insane. Nonetheless, she was something that Sovereign had to admit the Armada was sorely lacking in its ships: lively. And though her ideas were rarely productive, she often spurred others into becoming so, if only to deal with her childishness. One could make a convincing argument she did more good than harm. Mostly.

Strangely, he was feeling somewhat forgiving today. Sovereign lifted up his main guns to track Triple T's twisted motion through the sky. The flying train's sensors probably wouldn't be able to pick that up from her distance, but it brought Sovereign the tiniest bit of amusement nonetheless.

[Feel free to restrain her if she crashes into something,] Sovereign ordered.

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Tschaveh Tenk
Affected RPers: Alaskapidove, Kai-Mei, Noble Six


The slight murmur of noise that was ever-present in city streets all around the world was not enough to distract Tschaveh. Muttered conversations drifted through the air, but Tschaveh did not pay attention to them. This wasn't to say he was completely ignoring everything he heard - he was paying very careful attention to the sound of feet walking through the puddles. His target was maintaining a regular stride, so chances were he didn't know he was being followed.

Tschaveh didn't really know why he was following this man. He clearly wasn't a rapist - if he was, he would have just dragged the girl upstairs or into the nearest alley, but he had the controlled gait of a person who knew exactly what they were doing and why they were doing it. No, in the end Tschaveh decided it was because he was curious. He wanted to know about this VILE organisation. Also, this was the most interesting thing to happen in the last couple of days, and he might be able to get a thank-you kiss from the girl once he rescued her. If she needed rescuing.

The man turned down an alley and Tschaveh's walking speed increased - this would be the perfect time for the target to break into a run and try to evade him. Tschaveh held up his right arm and flicked two of his fingers to the right, giving Kikirev a silent command: Take the next alley right. There was no way of knowing if his Bisharp companion had received the message, or if he intended to follow orders, but somehow Tschaveh was confident that Kikirev would do as he wished. If Kikirev turned earlier and the man broke into a run, Kikirev would be able to see him leave the alley from the next street over.

Tschaveh's hand drifted down to his sword's hilt - another possibility was that the man was hiding just around the corner, preparing to strike when Tschaveh least expected it. His hand tensed as he turned around the corner into the alley, but his worries were un-needed. The man was still walking calmly down the alley, about to turn back onto the main road. A small flicker of motion drew Tschaveh's eyes upwards, but he couldn't see anything. The young man shrugged - probably just a Spearow or a Linoone.

Tschaveh followed the mysterious man through the city without incident. At one point the man went into a blacksmith's shop, but otherwise did nothing out of the ordinary. Tschaveh considered confronting the man while he stationary, but decided against it - he was more curious about the VILE organisation than he was worried for the girl's well-being.

After leaving the shop, the man headed for the docks. Tschaveh bit his lip - it looked like the man might be leaving the city by boat, which would be a problem if he got away. Both Kikirev and Tschaveh were not fond of travel by sea, but ever since they'd escaped from the Void they'd only ever been able to barter passage on one airship, and Tschaveh had had the distinct feeling that he was unwelcome, so he and Kikirev had both jumped off of the ship onto a cliff-face at the first opportunity. He hadn't been back to Fort Aer ever since he had first left, and by now he was probably marked as a criminal or a fugitive. It was a pity - the one thing he truly missed from his past, aside from his parents, was the unbelievable feeling of freedom that airship travel gave you.

The man left the main city, exiting through the large inner walls. There were still outer walls surrounding the city, but out here in the outer ring there were farms and training grounds, as well as the docks. Tschaveh looked back over his shoulder and was pleased to see that Kikirev was still following him at a distance. He rolled his head forward, indicating that Kikirev should pick up his pace.

Tschaveh whipped his head back around, just in time to see the man cut a Rapidash free from its post and jump up onto the Pokemon's back. This one had obviously been broken - wild Rapidash burned anyone who touched them, let alone attempted to ride them.

The man crashed his heels into the horse's sides and the yellow beast shot off into a run, clearing the nearby fence easily. Something about the way the man rode the horse triggered a realisation.

Where had the man's bag gone?

"Kikirev!" Tschaveh shouted, and he broke into a run, following the stranger. He felt a slight warmth in the core of his left hand, but ignored it for now. The glove was always doing stupid things like that.

Before the man could ride out of sight, the fire that swirled around the Rapidash's neck and down its feet suddenly expanded and the man quickly rolled off. Tschaveh grinned as he imagined the Rapidash realizing that it was being stolen and reacting in this way. The grin left his face as the man recovered instantly and sprinted over to a gate, unlatching it.

The fire streaming backwards from the Rapidash had managed to take root on the ground, and it was licking towards the sky, threatening to spread. A herd of Tauros lowed fearfully, and began to stampede away from the flames towards the open gate. Tschaveh could hear the clamour of the farmers as they tried to put the fire out and get the Tauros back under control, but he was too busy swearing to listen. The Tauros were pouring out of the gate and running right towards him.

Tschaveh broke into a run, hoping to get out of the herd's path, but he tripped on a loose stone and went tumbling to the ground, which was shaking as the Tauros approached. Tschaveh swore as he tried to get to his feet. He felt a hand under his shoulder, and he looked back to see Kikirev helping him up.

The herd was approaching too fast and had spread too wide for escape to be an option now. Tschaveh sighed, and looked back at his friend. Kikirev nodded, and placed both his hands on Tschaveh's shoulders. Tschaveh held out his left hand towards the incoming Tauros, supporting it with his right hand. The gauntlet began to feel very cold as Tschaveh reached out for the link to his partner. He found it in the depths of his mind and grasped it tight. The gauntlet became colder and colder as the Tauros approached.

"Ki....KI!" Tschaveh yelled, and the gauntlet suddenly heated up. Tschaveh's hand shook as the warmth threatened to sear his hand, but Tschaveh knew from experience it would not. At least not yet.

A huge black force erupted from the glove, expanding as it shot towards the stampeding herd. It was roughly circular, and the blackness faded as it traveled. This didn't diminish its strength, though - the lead Tauros were hurled backwards into the air, and the ones just behind it were knocked onto their rumps. A couple of bulls that had just clipped the side of the projection spun around comically, churning up the ground before falling onto their sides. Tauros streamed by both sides of Tschaveh and Kikirev, but none crashed into them.

Tschaveh fell to his knees, panting and holding his left hand. The heat was already subsiding, but he wasn't out of danger yet. Furthermore, this delaying tactic had worked perfectly - Tschaveh had lost sight of the man while deterring the herd.

"Kikirev, you're going to have to go on ahead without me," he panted.

The Bisharp rumbled unhappily.

"I'll be fine, I just need a minute," Tschaveh cut him off. "Use Rock Polish to catch up with him and try to slow him down if you can. All we want to do is ask a few questions, so don't cut his head off or anything."

Kikirev rumbled again, but he discarded his cloak in a swirling motion, revealing his true form in all its red and white glory. His armour began to shine brightly as he clenched his fists. He was taking in energy from the sun and using it to reinforce his muscles as well as clean off any imperfections in his armour. In its natural state his armour was almost perfectly smooth, but the road caused dirt to build up, and by shedding this he could increase his movement speed dramatically.

Kikirev's armour flared once before settling down into a gentle yellow glow. Tschaveh's gauntlet throbbed slowly, but the heat didn't return. Kikirev nodded once to his friend, before running towards the wall of moving Tauros. He leapt agilely over the brown bull Pokemon, before disappearing from sight. Tschaveh was confident that the Bisharp would be able to locate the mysterious man. All he had to do now was wait for the herd to pass him so he could follow his companion.
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