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ASB: Contests The Contest center of the ASB League. The place where style and beauty reign and strength is just an afterthought.

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All About Contests

Welcome to the ASB Contests Section! I’m your host, Lord Fedora, and we’ve got a great show for you here tonight! Before we begin, let’s go over how the Contests work!

Signing Up

Of course, before you can do anything there’s a ton of paperwork to do. That’s the case with just about anything you want to do in life. First off, you need to go to the Contest Registration Center and become an official coordinator. That part’s easy enough.

We try to have at least four Contests a year, but we may have more or less. Coordinators cannot start a Contest on their own--they can only join an existing Contest. Sorry for any inconvenience/boringness this may create. You'll live.


A Contest is set up similarly to a Tournament, and every Tournament needs a qualifying round. That's the purpose of Appeals. This portion is fairly easy, but it's also the hardest in many ways, as how you're graded is entirely subjective.

Here’s a generic example of an Appeal:
Umbreon burst out of his Pokeball in a dazzling sparkle, landing on all four paws gracefully. I stood in the back amongst the adoring crowds who were eager to see what my Pokémon was capable of. I cleared my throat, ready to give him a command.

“Swift!” I instructed with confidence.

Umbreon’s tail lit up with an unusual light, and then his back legs swung around in a full circle, releasing star shaped rays in all directions. A second turn followed, having the second volley of stars smash into the first, leaving them spinning in what seemed like zero gravity. After a few seconds, they started to drop slowly, like snowflakes on a winter’s night.

“Jump and use Dark Pulse! Then Psychic!”

The Eeveelution did as commanded, taking a magnificent leap, and at its peak, let loose a wave of dark, purple energy, dying all the stars a dark violet hue. Before Umbreon began to fall, his eyes glowing blue, summoning the veil of psychic energy that was all too familiar with the second attack. Umbreon lifted its own body with the attack, but also held the darkened stars in space, beginning to rotate them around his body like planetary rings around Saturn. Slowly, the Umbreon let himself down, and once he made a graceful landing, he stopped using Psychic, shattering the darkened stars into violet dust.
An appeal is exactly what it is in the anime: you mixing the effects of your Pokemon’s attacks for a fantastic result. Once you’ve written yours, post it in the Contest you're participating in. There are few rules or limitations, as judging is purely subjective, but there are some:
1. Be original. No copying other people’s past appeals, no reusing your own from earlier, and most especially no using anything that has ever appeared in the anime ever. Any of these but copying your own will result in your appeal being tossed out, and probation on your Coordinator status. Do it twice and you’re kicked out. If you copy your own, you’re just going to get knocked down a ton of points.
2. Be realistic. Obviously, the anime doesn't always and entirely follow the laws of physics, but your appeals should obey the rules of PokePsysics.
3. Show some writing skills. This is at least in part a competition of writing as much as ingenuity. While we will make a fair and sound judgment on every entry we can, if it doesn't show at least basic grammar skills it will be laughed at and used to fuel our fireplaces.
While writing your Appeal, there are several things to take into consideration:
1. What's the theme? Some Contests lack a general theme, while most others will have a specific motif. If the theme relates to something scary, then having a Bellosom use Sweet Scent probably isn't a good idea. However, if you can have a generally non-intimidating Pokemon come around and preform a more terrifying Appeal than a Haunter, then you'll probably receive more Creativity and Originality points. Working with themes can make or break your performance and shouldn't be overlooked.
2. What does your Pokemon look like? If you sent out a Pidgeot and didn't somehow accentuate it's speed, then I can honestly say more of the Judges were disappointed. Use your Pokemon's physical attributes and reputation to increase the suspense and enjoyment of your Appeal.
3. The performers before you. If someone Appealed using a Dewgong, then using your Sealeo may not be the best idea, as your Appeals are almost guaranteed to be strikingly similar, whether you based your performance off their's or not.
4. Who're the Judges? Obviously, some Judges grade harder than others in regards to grammar, beauty, originality, etc. Use their preferences to your advantage; look back on previous Contests that they've Judged. What were they most harsh about? What suggestions did they give? How cruelly did they grade the Appeal? These factors are all very important.
Once the pre-set time limit is up, the Judges will score each appeal based on the creativity, entertainment value, prose, and theme (if there is one). Bear in mind that they aren’t limited to any specific criteria within those categories, and that while abuse of the system will not be tolerated, it is up to their own discretion how many points they give you and how much they weigh each category. Points are given out of a total of eighty. If you want more information pertaining to how Judges will critique your Appeal, you should wander on over to the Judging Lounge for a bit.


So let me guess, you thought you were done writing, right? Haha, not even close. See, battles here, aren’t like the ASB battles you're probably used to. In an ordinary battle, the winner is the one who wears the opponent down most; it’s quite possible to win by pure chance. Not so here. These three-Round battles aren’t just between Pokemon, they’re between writers as well.

So, how this works. To start with, you're randomly paired with another contestant who passed the qualifiers. A Judge will create a battle thread for the both of you, stating who is to release their Pokemon first. The person to send out their Pokemon second will also state which move they'll be using, person #1 will respond with both of their moves, then person #2 will act out their final move. Somewhat familiar up until this point, right? Now is where it starts to get tricky.

The part that most of your Battle Rounds will be judged on is how well you respond to the attacks your opponent uses and how well you use your own attacks.

Here's an example of how a standard battle Round will go:

Originally Posted by Person #1
Go, Charmander!

Ability: Blaze.
Originally Posted by Person #2
Come out, Squirtle!

Ability: Torrent.
Move used: Rapid Spin+Bubble.

Squirtle bounced around on the stage, excited to no end. He'd never battled a Charmander before, and had also never battled where the stakes were so high. He pulled himself inside his shell and twisted his body quickly, forcing his orange encasing to spin very rapidly on his side rather than his stomach. Lurching forward, he sent himself towards Charmander. Angling his mouth properly, he began firing a barrage of bubbles towards the Fire-type Pokemon. Bubbles were fired out of every hole in his shell by one complete rotation. Squirtle then pushed his arms, legs, tail, and head out of his shell, satisfied at the wall of bubbles heading towards the lizard.
Originally Posted by Person #1
Moves used: Scratch~Ember

Charmander felt the spot lite on his forehead and stood tall. He'd never been in a Contest before, but after many hours of practicing with his trainer, he felt confident in his ability to win. Charging right into the Bubble attack, he pulled his arms back, opening his palms as wide as possible as he flexed his claws, he scrapped his lizard talons across the frail, light blue orbs coming towards him. The quite, popping noise couldn't be heard over the roar of the audience as Charmander raked his claws over the last few bubbles. Water vapor in the air floated slowly to the ground as Charmander stood triumphantly, his flaming tail making the slight mist shine beautifully.

Not wanting to waste a second of precious time, Charmander began running towards Squirtle. Gaining momentum, he sprang upwards, hiding himself withing the shine of the spot lite. "Chaaaaar!" he yelled as he fell, feet first, and began waving his tail, sending waves of fire down towards his opponent.
Originally Posted by Person #2
Squirtle, shocked by how easily his bubbles were deflected, let out a cry of pain as the embers scorched his tender, moist skin. Shaking himself off, he noticed that Charmander had left himself defenseless in the air. Smirking, Squirtle shot up a powerful blast of water that spiraled beautifully.

Moves used: Water Gun.
Originally Posted by Judge
Health: A%
Energy: B%
Points: C%

Health: X%
Energy: Y%
Points: Z%

*paragraph or so explaining why the C and Z values are what they are*
Following the Judges response, Person #1 will state how their Pokemon reacted to Water Gun, then use a move of their own. Then, Person #2 will state their Pokemon's reaction, and type a cliffhanger. The Judge will post again, and the cycle will continue for one more Round. It's simpler than it looks.

If you noticed the way Squirtle used Rapid Spin and Bubble at the same time, then good on you. Those are what we call Combination Moves. Combinations are indicated with a "+" between two moves the Pokemon wishes to use. Combinations are very helpful in creating the atmosphere and look you want your Pokemon to radiate.

At this stage, the most important part is making sure your Pokemon looked as good as possible. You're remaining Health and Energy has very little, if anything at all, to do with your final score and in deciding who wins the Battle.

At the beginning of each battle, both Coordinators start with 50 points. As the battle rages on, the Judge will post your current Health and Energy, along with your Point Score. The Point Score, like the Appeal Rounds, is completely subjective. How creative was your approach? How intelligent where your moves? How effectively do you describe the situations your Pokemon are in? Essentially, the Judge will be grading the decisions and moves you made throughout the battle and will dock points as they see fit.

If this is true, then why are Health and Energy kept track of at all, you ask? Well, if a Pokemon somehow faints within the three Rounds of battle, the opposing Pokemon wins. Again, the Point Score is entirely based off the opinion of your Judge. Meaning that they could choose to let your remaining H/E alter and contribute to your Point Score.

Whoever has the most points after three Rounds advances to the next stage, unless it was the final round, in which case, that person wins the Contest and the Ribbon.
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