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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 07-10-2011, 05:26 AM
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Default [WAR X] Together Strong

Together Strong

At the top of a grassy hill, two small Absol were tussling with each other. They were twins, a boy and a girl, often compared to one another and never enjoying that fact. An argument had erupted for the umpteenth time over who was right. What were they right about? Chances are neither would have been able to say if they had been asked. Coming to the edge, the boy gave a small shout as he began to roll down the hill. His sister looked down from the top in surprise, but saw that he had come to a stop at the clawed feet of a larger Absol.

She shook her head, her soft voice showing a hint of humor. “Vero, Vita, when will you two learn to get along?”

Immediately the pair began voicing that it was the others fault. It was always the same story with them. Some thought the problem was simply that they were as different as night and day. Others believed it was because there were no other Absol their age in the clan, so they spent too much time together. As for their parents, the problem was that each only heard the good things about the other twin; they had not yet realized the others uniqueness. So, as always, they were broken up from another fight. But, their mother did not take them directly back to the clan. Instead, she laid down at the top of the hill, her children on either side.

Vita leaned against the larger Absol’s white flank. “Momma, tell us a story.”

“What kind of story would you like to hear?”

“Hmm...” The other looked up at the night sky. “One bout the stars.”

“Alright.” She pointed her nose to one star, not exceptionally bright, that seemed to stand alone in the night sky. “You know that the North Star guides us at night, never wavering from its place in the sky, right?” The little ones beside her nodded solemnly. “Well, do you know about the dragon that circles that star?”

“A dragon?” Vita was a little frightened.

Vero looked interested. “It really flies round dere?” he asked.

“Mhm.” Their mother nodded, and began connecting stars overhead. “See, those four stars make the head, and his long body twists back that way. And all through the year, when many other figures leave the night sky, he is always there right beside the North Star.”

“Buh, why does he stay up dere?”

“Would you like to know?” They both nodded. “Okay then. In an age long before all the once upon a times, there were two great dragons-”

Vero interrupted her, “I t’aught you said dere was only one dragon.”

She chuckled. “You have to let me finish.”


“Now, these two dragons were quite alike, but very different all the same.”

“Like us,” they spoke in tandem, not at all sounding happy about the fact.

The Absol looked from one to the other and sighed. “Yes, like you. But, you should know that is not a bad thing. They certainly didn’t think so.”


High over the earth, where even the highest flying Pokemon could not reach, that was the realm of Rayquaza. Circling through the atmosphere, ever vigilant to intruders. Halting the ferocious battles between Kyogre and Groudon to maintain balance in the weather. This was the task allotted to the Rayquaza, and they both stuck to it by differing degrees of commitment. Shizuka was the more direct. Covered by heavy green armor, trimmed in red and patterns of yellow, Shizuka was known as the peacemaker. He was most often the one to step in between the raging elementals of land and sea. Kenage looked the same other than her soot black scales. She was also the stronger of the two, but as far as dragons go, she seemed like the shy one preferring to stay high in the sky. Kenage would never have bothered to use her power were it not for the debris that rained into their atmosphere from space. This was a time when massive meteors still threatened to invade their home. Some would slip by when they were elsewhere or dealing with Kyogre and Groudon’s feuds to shape the earth below. But, most were stopped before even entering the atmosphere, broken into pieces that burned away to dust.

This was the way of things. Shizuka was thought to be the braver of the pair since he was the one always stopping the battles that scarred the earth. He disliked to hear that many thought his sister fearful or weak.

“I wish they could see how often you save them from being crushed by mountains of rock,” he sighed yet again.

“I don’t mind,” Kenage said, shaking her head. “It’s not important that they should know what I do. As long as it gets done. Besides, I don’t have half the patience that you do for Groudon and Kyogre. Those two really burn me up, fighting over every little patch of the earth. I’d like to do a lot more than make them go cool their heads.” Her tail twitched in irritation.

Shizuka gave a deep rumbling chuckle. “As much as I’d like to sometimes, they are important to the balance of the planet. Even their storms are good for the places that might need a small change.”

“Mmm...I suppose.” Though she was glad that her brother knew how to handle them.

It was one day, as Kenage was flying high over the ocean she saw a small creature that looked like a shooting star. When it spotted the black Rayquaza, it flew quickly towards her. She immediately recognized the one who would come to be called the Wishmaker. Jirachi did not always slumber long, and this time, he had wakened with terrible news.

“Where is Shizuka? I need you both, right away!”

Kenage was puzzled by the small creature’s frantic urgency. “Why, what’s wrong?”

“I’ve had a terrible dream and there’s not much time! A star has died and the last of its energy has been blown away. It will destroy our planet if we do not do something! You and Skizuka are able to make the outer atmosphere, but it will take both of you to stop the blast from reaching the earth!”

This was a problem. She could sense the change in the air that came from storms raging. That meant one thing...Kyogre and Groudon were fighting so Shizuka would be going to stop them. Jirachi made it very clear that there was little time. The Rayquaza looked down at the much smaller Pokemon.

“Where will it strike?”

“Right over the north. But, you both need to be there!” Jirachi cried, plaintively.

“I’ll go on ahead. Find Shizuka and send him after me. He’ll be in the middle of the storms.” She quickly started straight to the north.

Jirachi watched her for a moment before turning to the east.

Kenage made it to the northern reach of the planet in a matter of hours. It was winter here, and the endless night was pitch black save for the stars overhead. It was then she saw it...a bright star at the center of the sky. The light disappeared for a only a moment, then came back, growing brighter by the second. Kenage knew there would be no time to wait. She raced to the highest point of the atmosphere. She could feel the pull of the magnetic field circulating back into the earth and she could feel the pulse of a dying star getting closer. The Rayquaza put all of her strength into a Hyper Beam that lit the dark sky of the north.

Shizuka pushed himself to fly faster when he saw the bright light. Jirachi was doing his best to hold on to the dragon’s armored fins. There was a explosion when the two energies met far from the earth, but still, the pulse kept coming, too much energy behind it to be stopped by one blast. He never reached the pole. The pulse reached the atmosphere, slamming him back. It filled the entire sky and probably stretched even further than that, but something was keeping the energy from breaking through. Kenage, the strongest of the Rayquaza, was putting every ounce of her strength and even herself into a barrier between her home and a star’s last dying breath. But, the barrier was beginning to break and the energy was still there.

I have to stop it! Please, let me have the strength, just this once!

No! I should be helping her! Please, don’t let her die alone!

Whether or not they knew it, Jirachi heard both Rayquaza. Their pleas met within the little psychic legend stirring something grant their silent wish. Jirachi’s third eye opened, drawing energy from the pulse pressing into the atmosphere.

I cannot stop this. Only another star could. You ask for the strength, do you truly wish to have it?

Nearly gone, being consumed by the energy pulse, Kenage was surprised to hear Jirachi’s voice ring in her mind. But, she made her choice. Tell Shizuka I’m sorry. ...I do not mind, as long as it gets done.

The other Rayquaza heard the monstrous roar, far louder and greater than any Outrage he had ever heard from his dragon sister. The light was blinding...only for a moment, as it shot off, far from their solar system. Aurora filled the sky as the backlash of energy circled the globe.


Both young Absol were watching their mother with their full attention. During her story, they had edged closer together. Now they sat as she gazed silently at the sky.

Vero was the first to speak up, “Buh, what happened, Momma?”

She smiled at both of them. “Jirachi granted their wish and gave Kenage the strength to protect our world.”

“Didn’ you say Derachi said only a star could do that?”

“That’s right, Vita.” Their mother tilted her head. “So my dears, what does that mean?”

They looked at each other puzzled. Vita looked back up at the starry sky and put it together. “Derachi made her a star?”

“Correct again. Jirachi used energy from the dying star, some from the earth they were trying to protect, and some from Shizuka. The Wishmaker slept long after that. As did Shizuka. There were many years of conflict that shaped and reshaped the earth from Kyogre and Groudon’s battles as Shizuka slumbered high above the sky until he regained the strength given up to Kenage.”

Vero suddenly went wide-eyed. “So, Shazooka is all alone now?”

His mother shook her head. “No, not alone. Kenage is far away, but they’re not alone. There is always a dragon in the sky watching the North Star that guides us.” She watched her children gaze upward. “So, it’s not so bad to have each other, is it?”

“Vita’s smarter den me,” the little male said. He thought about it. “Buh, she always remembers ‘mportant stuff I don’t.”

“But, Vero members stuff like what everyone likes an, an he always sticks up for me when the big ‘uns pick on me.”

“So you see?” their mother said. “Each of you has something you think is special. And you two are lucky, because you’ve been given a friend from the very start of your life. If you treasure it enough, that will last. Perhaps, even longer than the North Star.”

They both nodded, even as Vita began to yawn. Saying goodnight to the North Star and the great dragon circling forever round it, they let their mother lead them back to the clan and to new dreams for the next day.
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Default Re: [WAR X] Together Strong

I quite enjoyed this story, have to say - I often like stories-within-a-story tales and yours did not disappoint. =) It was well told and structured I thought - I liked how the 'issue' was well-presented from the get-go and the way it was resolved was pretty cute too. And those two young Absol were certainly adorable with their manner of speech, have to say - nice addition of detail there imo.

The mother absol's story was also pretty entertaining there as well imo, and the description used was pretty neat too. I liked the inclusion of Jirachi into it and it is a certainly neat Poke-Myth of sorts there all in all.

Overall I don't really have much to say in terms of improvement or suggestions on the story as a whole, although I suppose it is a bit late for me to read stuff at this hour. XD
“Mmm...I suppose.” Though she was glad that her brother knew how to handle them.
'Though she was...' sounds a bit awkward to me even though it's correct - maybe replacing Though with However would be something to consider.
Kenage, the strongest of the Rayquaza, was putting every ounce of her strength and even herself into a barrier between her home and a star’s last dying breath. But, the barrier was beginning to break and the energy was still there.
The bolded part just sounded a bit odd to me, but again that may be because of the hour. XD The 'But,' part does sound odd to me though - again, maybe 'However, the barrier' or another way to reword the beginning of that sentence would be something to consider.

So yeah, good work with this story - I certainly enjoyed this read. =)

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