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Rate My Team Get your competitive battling team rated here and get help with movesets and battling strategies.

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Old 07-22-2011, 04:20 PM
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Default Please rate my team :)

Hey all. Me and a load of my mates have reset our Pokemon Heart Gold games and we are now going through the game building a team for a bit sort of battle off thing... I was looking for a bunch of open opinions because it's been a little while since I played competitively and my mind has gone blank... So here is what I came up with.

Machamp (Physical attacker / No guard dynamicpuncher )
Metagross (Physical attacker / a bit of a physical defender)
Blissey (Lol, I know...I suck xD)
Dragonite ( My favorite dragon type pokemon, high attack and is quite bulky, only his speed I'm concerned for)
Ninjask (This pokemon to substitute and swords dance and baton pass[Was wondering if ninjasks speed boost increase is also passed on])
Venusaur ( Because I love the Toxic/Leech Seed / Synthesis / STAB setup )

I might just get a couple of movesets from Smogon aswell.

I thought about maybe switching venusaur to a strong Special attacker such as Magnezone but he is also very slow, I know venusaur is slow...But I love that move setup.

I had my mind on pokemon such as Gengar and Jolteon...But I'm not too sure what to pick =s

Any opinions on how I could play this team or other pokemon choices would be very

EDIT: Also depending on how I do against them I'll try for competitive gameplay online etc :)

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Old 07-23-2011, 03:17 PM
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Default Re: Please rate my team :)

You have 3 Pokemon that are weak to Flying and fire. So, try to switch it up a little so you don't have to much weakness in one spot. Other then that, I like it.
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