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Old 07-31-2011, 12:21 AM
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Default Re: Pet Thread!

19 cats would be awesome in the country ^^

We have four pets in our house, 2 cats and 2 dogs.

The first cat is "mine". She comes when I call her and likes to hang around people (cats can be social ^^). She's almost 7... times flies...

The second is my brother's. He's kinda big, lazy and can be antisocial, although he loves a little attention from time to time.

The dogs are both male, and are my father's. They fight a lot...

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Old 07-31-2011, 12:47 AM
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Default Re: Pet Thread!

My kitty, Tempy. c:

She's a Torbby. A Tortoise Shell and Tabby cat mix, who loves to derp.

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Old 07-31-2011, 03:01 AM
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Default Re: Pet Thread!

I have two cats, Mimi and Momo; only have pix of Momo.


Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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Old 08-02-2011, 12:46 AM
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Default Re: Pet Thread!

I have love birds. Yellow green and neon yellow colors. Their names are Kiyo and Alpha.
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Old 08-15-2011, 12:09 PM
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Default Re: Pet Thread!

I have to reply, 'cos I feel like it. ;3

Okay, I have three pets. A dog and two hamsters.

Monty -- male -- Jack Russell Terrier; dog -- thirteen (foruteen tomorrow)
Nightshade -- male -- Syrian Hamster -- twenty months -- 'mine'
Gibby -- male -- Syrian Hamster -- twenty months

Our dog tries to eat the hamsters, being a JR, but he can never get to them. And we got the hamsters at 6 months last year in June. They've lived longer than average.

I'm also going to put old pets that we've sold or have died.

Chance -- male -- horse -- ??? -- sold because we didn't have enough time to look after him
Megan -- female -- Syrian hamster -- died at two -- sold, then died later on
Spot -- male -- goldfish -- died at four/five/six -- I had him for around six years, I think, and we were really upset when he died
??? -- ??? -- goldfish -- died at ??? -- bought him to be a 'friend' to Spot, but was bullied by him. died after about a year
Speedy(?) -- ??? -- goldfish -- died at six months -- can't remember his name. bought at the same time as ??? below
??? -- ??? -- goldfish -- died at six months -- can't remember name
??? -- ??? -- goldfish -- died at two weeks -- bought for my brother. same time as ??? below
??? -- ??? -- goldfish -- died at one month -- bought for my brother. same time as ??? above
Goldfish -- ??? -- goldfish -- died at ??? -- my brother's pet. he was put into our bathroom to live after my brother kept poking his finger in the fish bowl. died a few days later

I've probably had more than that, but can't remember them. Names of most of them eventually got forgotten. ^^'

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Old 08-15-2011, 02:52 PM
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Default Re: Pet Thread!

I wish I had some form of cool pet. I've got one dog, male, and we call him Ben. Cute little dog, don't get me wrong, but his bark is sometimes enough to make me want to kick him off the balcony, especially after coming home from school and it being the first thing I hear. Seriously, he barks ALL the time. At anything possible. It's annoying, but I love him nonetheless. He'd be about two now, I'd say.
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Old 08-18-2011, 04:18 AM
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Default Re: Pet Thread!

I currently have three dogs.
I have a German Shepard-Sheepdog mix that I got when I was 7
She's 7 years old right now, and she's always been loyal and friendly. She's also a surrogate mother to the other two dogs we have,
I also have two chihuahua puppies from my aunt.
A boy and a girl, they're both tan colored. The boy is Gordo and the girl is Flaca.
I also have two red ear slider turtles. They're my sisters, and she named them after the ninja turtles. ;D
Leonardo and Michelangelo

I've also had various other pets that have fortunately died.
I'm a reptile kinda person so I've had lots of them.
5 snakes, 3 lizards, and 2 turtles to be exact.
They were all owned at different times of my life though. My first pet that we actually owned was an iguana named Stoner.
Me and my brother came up with it, but we were young and had no idea what the word meant. So my parents just laughed and said okay then. We had to give him away after about 4 years of owning him. He suffered a nasty fall from his cage and broke his leg. We took him to a vet, and then just decided to let them put him up for adoption.
That was the day I lost him. </3
Then my cousin moved in with us and she had a Bearded Dragon and a Leopard Gecko named Izzy and Pancho
Izzy and Pancho died about 2 months after.
Finally I decided lizards hated me, 'cause all mine died, so I turned to snakes. I had bought this cool albino Cornsnake from a pet shop. Just my luck, it was sick and frail so it died a week after. Then I bought another corn snake and named it Blaze. (Why must all my reptile's names have to be related to Marijuana? D:)
Blaze got out, and I got sad. So we bought yet another one. We named it Harry Potter. Potter died. </3
Then a while after Potter's death I found Blaze again two houses away. He was a wild, hood snake, yo. I was happy.
But then, Blaze got out. I found him a week after cut up by my cats. (This is also partially related to why I hate cats. -.-)
Then I decided to get a python, 'cause they're cool bro. My Ball Python Scarlet Devil was the longest living snake I had. We left for a week to go camping and I had my bro take care of him, but he let ants feast on him. </3
I finally had one last snake named Reggie. He was a wild water snake my uncle caught and gave to me. He died like the others. My guess is that he wasn't adapted. or i forgot to feed him...

I've also had two cats. An orange tabby named Ribbons and a black cat named Rawr.
Wasn't a big fan of them.. 'CAUSE THEY KILLED MY SNAKE. /:U
But I still love them. <3
And some other pets I had that I hardly had a bond with were my two parrots Paco and Chancho.
I also had an aquarium full of fish before. My favorite was our algae feeder named Scarface. ;D

And that's the history of my pets.
Call me maybe

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Old 08-18-2011, 02:26 PM
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Default Re: Pet Thread!

Cats (2)
Stormy--Female--American Shorthair--Adoted from a friend when I was about 2 years old--About 8 years old

Dogs (4.5 (1 puppy)
Lil' Bear--Male--Maltice--Adopted when I was about seven years old--about four years old
Sugar--Female--Maltice--Adoted when I was about eight years old--About three years old
Libby--Female--Maltice--Adopted when I was about ten years old--About one and a half years old.
Cubby--Male--Maltice--Born days after I turned eleven--About a year old
Unnamed puppy--Male--Maltice--Born eight weeks ago--Eight weeks old

Not really our pets but they come around way too often...
Snow--Deer--I have no idea how many times she has came here, but I saw her on my way home from school when I nicknamed her.
Unknown ammount of other deer.
Big mad mommy racoon--Racoon--She came right up to me when I was about sevn; I was sitting on the back doorstep with my dad. She wasn't mean, she just wanted some of dads bagle. She was never seen again, but I think she is guilty of killing three of my cats.

Ill post dead/old pets later.
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Old 09-06-2011, 03:13 AM
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Default Re: Pet Thread!

I have a male Cavoodle called Spud who is 4 years old, and a cat (which I don't know the breed of) called Phoebe, and she is 6 turns 7 in april

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Old 10-06-2011, 02:57 PM
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Default Re: Pet Thread!

Darn, this is just 7 hours after 1 month XD


CAUTION: Cuteness alert~

I have 3 Dogs, 2 Cats, and 1 Rabbit.

The oldest dog is Misty (We named her after the Leader! ;3) She was born August 23, 2001.

The 2nd Oldest would've been Coco (Named after Coco Bandicoot :]), but she passed away Last Year,
April 16, 2010. She was born July 25, 2003. She was mine. I talked to her, she slept in the same bed with me, we always ran around, I taught her tricks, She always cried when I left, She always got so excited she'd pee when I got home from school XD
She always followed me around too! BUT then we were driving around in the Golf Cart and I hit a turn and she fell out and got sucked under the cart and the back wheel ran over her. It broke her ribs and cut into her lungs. She died Around 20 Minutes later. T~T

SO AFTER THAT LONG STORY the real second oldest is Baron, He was born on June 6, 2005. He's like hairless now lol. Misty licks him all the time and Her and Baron have AWFUL Breath. Baron especially. We took them to the vet and got their teeth cleaned but like 2 days later... >o<
But his coat smells like Misty's breath and he's mouth smells like poop.
And he fell off the top bunk bed (So I think, no one really knows what happened) and he hurt his back. He like dislocated a disc :o And I had to take care of him the whole summer :P

Now away from the Miniature Dachshunds :3

We have Onyx! He's a Chihuahua with a black coat, and a white chest. We named him Onyx after the Black stone, not Onix. BUT HE'S STILL A ROCK TYPE. We got him after Coco died, May 3, 2010. He was born March 6, 2010. He is now 1.5 Years old.

Now to the wittle Kittiez <3

My fave (YEAH I PICK FAVES) Biscuit it a white kitty. She was born October 1, 2006, so we I just celebrated her birthday with her. I always do a little something something for their Birthday's and on Christmas for all of them! She's a white cat with a grey tail, a grey spot on her hip, and a gray fore head.

Now to Apple, she's a Tabby cat. She has a white chest/belly and beautiful Green eyes. She is gray with darker grey stripes. She was born February 24, 2008! We got her May 24, 2008 the day before my Birthday! :)


Biscuit. I caught this with my XL Right when she was yawning X3

Coco! R.I.P. <3

Misty and Baron! Baron is the chocolate colored one and Misty is the fat redish one. ;3


Apple again D'awww <3

Onyx! (Black chihuahua) Misty! (On the bottom; redish coat) And Baron! (The chocolate colored one!)

Onyx as a Puppy! <3 <3 <3

Onyx Driving a parked car X3

Put it in Park Onyx! :3

The only older pic of Onyx is with Misty and Baron. Lol. Cute!

Biscuit cat napping on my bed ;3

EDIT: To my suprise, Mom paid for another kitten. We just picked her up last night. She's a Doll Face Persian and I named her Luna, which is short for Moon Star ;p
I'll edit in with Pics when someone takes some XD

EDIT 2: I found some pictures! My Mom's friend was the breeder, so I found them on my Mom's Facebook! These were probably taken last month or earlier.

--These are recent photos just taken! :3

^ Luna!

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Old 10-07-2011, 09:22 PM
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Default Re: Pet Thread!

At my dads, I have 3 dogs. A black lab named "Shadow", Beagle named "Buford" and Pit/Rott mix "Tiffany". We also have a bearded dragon named "Rex".
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Old 10-08-2011, 05:52 PM
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Default Re: Pet Thread!

We have two dogs at home at present. We have had several other pets in the past, so unless you wanna know about them, I won't mention them for now. :P

The dogs:

Ceasar - Male - Danish-Swedish Farmdog
Chilli - Female - Danish-Swedish Farmdog
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Old 10-17-2011, 07:37 AM
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Default Re: Pet Thread!

For my pets click here.
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Old 10-17-2011, 02:04 PM
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Default Re: Pet Thread!

3 dogs(1 male rottweiler, 1 male japanese spitz, 1 female boxer)
4 tarantulas(1 male l.klugi, 1 female gbb, 1 male chaco golden knee, 1 male h.minax)
2 Scorpions(1 female emperos, 1 unsexed rhopalurus junceus)
2 brahminy kite eagle both male and female
and last dozens of assorted fishes.

I love exotic pets!
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