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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

I love seeing how you are improving every post. Keep up the good work! =D
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

I go crazy when I see multicoloured text. @.@

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Roads. One of the single greatest innovations of all time-and lucky us, we had one to walk on. It was a short-lived experience through the Route 9 roadway, and one I paid very little attention to.

Save the gate. I memorized where that counter was. If it did go downhill, well, I thought it best to know. I put a lot of stock in those visions, ever since the battleship gun vision turned into a life-saving one. I looked at the back of my right hand, gloved. The star-like symbol wasn't there...yet.

As I walked out of the gate...One got the impression of walking into a place Archeologists would pay to rope off-limits for living. Many Archeologists must have cried their hearts out when they realized that Ocepulid was being repurposed as an actual city. I could name one hundred things familiar-looking that I had no clue about, not even slightly at the time. The only things modern-looking was an out-of-place building with a red roof, obviously made far more recently than these relics, and the tent that most people didn't even notice. A few did, though. Volteers? Obviously.

Karazin and Ohnal walked in, and it took no genius to say that if a non-Volteer did manage to notice the illusion, then the guard would simply make sure they didn't get inside. Clever.

My role was to make sure nothing was out of the ordinary: Alert Ohnal via the phone I had (Should have mentioned that sooner), and scout for signs of increased Onlisk activity. Or an Arbiter raid. Or something else that simply isn't good.

It would take hours for this just to go down, and my nerves were on edge the whole time. I almost panicked when I heard my phone ring, but managed to pick it up casually.

"Avalon, it's Ohnal. I've alerted Issac to Luvant's position...But there is Onlisk presence inside the tent. Storm, a Colonel, is with them. It's a little more than usual." Ohnal said. "They don't suspect anything, but they're clustered around Luvant." he added.

"Understood." I said, before hanging up.

Unlike before, time was moving at an antagonizing, sluggish rate. Seconds stretched into minutes, minutes seemed like hours, and my eyes darted to every spot where somebody could easily hide in. I was so focused on these spots, I forgot to check where I was heading. It would take no genius to say what happened after a while of this. I walked straight into another person, falling down. That was really, really stupid.

"Oh, sorry, wasn't really looking where I was going..." I said, looking at a girl with a massive ponytail, a pink dress, light brown skin, and pretty brown eyes. Yhea, I think we already know who I'm talking about.

"Oh, no problem, I wasn't looking where I was going either." Said the girl I rammed into. "I'm Iris, by the way."

"Uh-huh, I'm Avalon." I responded. "So...You live here?" I asked, attempting casual conversation.

"Yep! Oh, forgot something!" Confirmed Iris, before she shook her head. Something fell out of her hair...A Pikachu?

The Pikachu in question had blue cheeks and eyes, a three-tipped ear completely covered in metal, a kink in it's tail to represent it's gender, and a mace made up of three blades, perfectly sized for the electric mouse, blue. She seemed to be defiant of Iris'es friendly and girly personality, the way she handled herself saying 'Bada**' right off the bat. She seemed to have been sleeping in Iris’s hair, and was obviously recovering from a rude awakening.

"I need a big favor, OK? I just found this Pikachu, but Pikachu aren't really native to Unova at all, you see? It's also really, really tough, but she's being too hard on me, and I'm not really sure how to raise it at all if it's so opposed to me..." said Iris, gesturing to the Pikachu, who glared at me and Iris, as if totally opposed to the thought of traveling with humans. "I don't want to leave her to the pound, or anything, but you're a trainer, right? You can look after her, right?"

I took a look directly at Iris's eyes, and then the Pikachu's standing beside her.

Iris was more than she appeared, as it turned out, but as per the Pikachu, she was being truthful. The Pikachu's name was Lesha, something Iris didn’t come up with...And, albeit her plans were ultimately different from that of mine, Lesha would ally with me and Eon Sky, quite willingly...Not to mention that she'd be an asset to me later...

As if I needed that to seal the deal. Pikachu are cuter than the cutest thing you could imagine. They are the absolute pinnacle of ubercute. And Lesha was the pinnacle of Pikachu-standard ubercute, which is the ubercute of ubercute. And if you don’t get that, I’ll leave it at this: Lesha was far too cute to resist taking off of Iris’s hands.

"I'll take her. Gladly." I said.

"Thanks!" She said, reaching for the Pikachu, when it gave her a slight spark. She then kind of pushed it over to me. Then she threw over a Ultra Ball. I threw it at Lesha...And knew that the center of the ball wasn't supposed to turn red when it returned a pre-captured Pokemon.

"Why didn't it run away if you didn't actually capture it?" I queried.

"I dunno, really. It was just like that. I tried training it, but it must have just been following me around to annoy me out of it's territory, or something...I guess it fell asleep in my hair." Iris said.

Boom! The sound of a sniper rifle firing was evident and obvious, and what was easily known to me as Issac's shot tore straight through the tent, and panic and screams were heard from within. Whether Issac hit his target was another matter.

Karazin and Ohnal ran outside, and were with the first to leave. It was now apparent that Issac's lucky day was today, for the shot had hit perfectly, and Luvant was beyond all recovery.

After the first few waves of people, Storm and company made themselves known, and he saw me. Storm had dark blue eyes, navy hair, dark blue garments, light skin, was twenty-six, and seemed like somebody straight out of the middle ages, minus the fact that those garments were obviously the products of Volteerisim, considering that the white and light blue lining along the edges was glowing, and that there was several pieces of metal on him that were navy in color.

Knowing what Side Iris was on, and knowing that Storm and Iris knew me well, my first order of business was to let them know that I knew that they were out for my blood as well. Iris never knew what hit her, for she had been hit directly between the eyes with the handle of my blade, which I now named the Illicit Blessing, effectively knocking her out.

A kind of searing effect made itself known on the back of my right hand, and as I collected Lesha, I noticed the star-like symbol, dark indigo and glowing through my glove.

"GET HIM!" Storm yelled, above the panic and confusion of every other civilian. Before even one gun was out, I ran.

I also ran faster than Storm could have ever guessed. I wasn't half-Latries, but I was moving like I was, practically leaping over yards of brick road at a time. Unfortunately, the gate I had to make it to, despite being in sight distance, was still pretty far, and I found myself deflecting my first few bullets.

Turning around to get a check of surroundings, I saw the twin dragon building, exactly the same way I saw it in my vision. turning my head, I now hoped like all hell the doors wouldn't close, for I had no clue how to activate the star-blade in the vision.

Then they did. I tried opening them with metal-controlling powers, but the whole gate was plastic, very, very hard plastic. Turning around, the offensive was changing up, and soldiers were swapping guns for Pokemon.

"Come on, come on, come on! Come on, starblade! Starblade, where are you? Starblaze!"

I swapped out one letter, accidentally, a ‘d’ for a ‘z,’ totally accidentally, and Viola! One dark indigo blade from the marking of my hand, made of pure energy, decorated in stars, beyond all human comprehension-save for me. I comprehended it as my tool to get out of this mess, for I started cutting through the plastic, like it was simply nonexistent. It took three lacerations in the plastic to get inside, and I ducked under the counter, occupied by a woman.

I knocked said woman out, quite quickly, and took the gun I had on my person for quite some time. The first few soldiers came in, and found themselves without properly functioning brains within seconds. Thanks totally to a control of metal, there wasn't a recoil, there wasn't a wasted bullet, and there wasn't even need to aim. I quickly decided that I needed to get rid of that potential liability later, as I put two more holes in two more people's heads.

Meanwhile, I shoved all thoughts about killing people to the darkest corners of my mind. I hated it.

"Avalon, couldn't you just subdue them, or something?!" Latries yelled.

"Not really!" I thought back, as I shot several other people, and brought a few assault rifles to my aid.

Two more guards came in, and I fired the AR's, suspended in midair. I decided, from that day onward, to NEVER use assault rifles unless totally needed. I fired far too much, I barely controlled the bursts, and although I failed to miss some part of their bodies, there was more led in their bodies than their bodies, if you know what I mean.

Upon seeing Storm, he looked quite pissed off about the obvious KIA status of his men. I threw both of the AR's at his head, and with the boost of my metal control, the attack made him slam into a wall. However, he was concerned enough with the fallen just to reach down and grab one of the necklaces around the soldier's necks...Dog Tags.

Suddenly getting a wild idea, I yanked every last tag in the room onto my person. I wanted to know who I killed. Storm grew offended enough to attack, and I readied the Starblazer, ready to block the attack.

Storm's blade went right through the Starblazer, but in fact, his attack never landed because he did. His blade was halved the instant it went through, and the half that was closer to me fell to the ground, an embarrassingly short half-millimeter from my whole body.

Storm pulled out a rapier, and attempted the same thing as before-only this time, Storm's rapier did manage to make physical contact without it being eradicated. The strength Storm could put into his blade (what I had promptly named the 'Eye of the Typhoon') had quite some power in it, and I could see Storm's energy cackling all over it. The Starblazer was being pushed down, slipping through the table, and no matter how slowly, the Starblazer defied all laws of logic and physics by being able to go through it so slowly.

I decided quickly that two blades were better than one. I pulled out my other blade, and attempted attacking storm with it. Storm caught it between his fingers-his fingers, folks.

Then he threw me, over the counter, almost making contact with a wall. He let go, however, at the last second. Why? the Starblazer and the Illicit Blessing seemed to have fused. As the Starblazer was pure energy, this was more understandable than one could think.

The Illicit Blessing was now not only in an Arbit-burn status, considering it's total blackening, it now was coated in the same patterns the Starblazer was, and was cackling with my Paradox Lightning. That was basically everything I knew that could eliminate existance. Whether Storm was Arbit-Burned, simply surprised by the shock of the Paradox Lightning, or something else, I'll never know for sure, but to date I believe he was Arbit-Burned, for only Arbit-Burning could cause somebody to lose focus of everything but the burn.

I sheathed the blade-It wasn't needed now, Storm was too preoccupied with his hand. However, I didn't think twice about finishing it off. I grabbed Storm by the hips, and proceeded to throw him.

Now, before we go any further, this is NOT the bear hug of death throw. Knight's Assent didn't support that style.

I span, around and around and around, Storm's upper half flying around with me, and I took seven rotations when I flung storm directly upward. I jumped up to meet him in midair, and before he could react-his Arbit Burn was gone-I kicked him to the ground with the force of a fully-loaded freight train, knocking Storm beneath me, unconscious.

I smiled. Then I realized that gravity wasn't kicking in. A small revelation came to me-Latries'es ears. I started hearing Scyez for real when I had those ears on my head. It may have meant that Latries'es powers now carried over regardless of form-meaning flight and invisibility. Meanwhile, Storm showed a brief-but false-sign of being conscious, and out of fear I rammed into his chest with more force than I should have. I broke quite a few ribs, but out of decency, I checked his pulse. He lived.

After putting the dog tags in my pocket-which were prior to that, rudely arranged on my body-and ran out the other door, making another hole in the process.

Back on Route 9, I continued to run, and before Mario contacted me, I would have ran back to the riverside where the ship was.

<"Avalon, the Onlisk knows where you are! They've got you in sight!">

As he telepathed that, a sniper round came at my body. I deflected it, and flung it back at my attacker. It hit, considering the yell, and he tumbled to the ground, landing inches from me. The death of those around me was starting to bore me, but only very minimally. It horrified me still, and yet I still pushed it to the back of my mind...

<"Issac's still in the field, and I need you two to find another location so I can pick you up!"> Mario added.

<"Hell to Luvant! Hell to Luvant, the mother****ing b***ard he is!"> Issac celebrated, still quite cheery. He ran over towards me from the thicket, jumping on sturdy tree branches to make the trip shorter.

<"The Trains on Turbulence Bridge are your best bet! Get going!"> Ordered Mario.

I looked at Issac briefly-Holy s**t.

Issac had a grudge with Luvant, I knew that much. I also knew that Luvant raped somebody. For those that do not know, to be raped is to...Uhh...Red stands for girls, blue stands for boys, and to be raped is to forcibly make purple. I can't say the three letter word that crams that whole description together nicely, I decided to avoid that entirely. However, I looked into Issac's eyes, unintentionally. Next thing you know, I see myself with Issac's mother, recalling the story of how his father was Luvant Cin-the mother and poor victim of rape found herself pregnant after her incident. Issac was born, totally healthy and a Volteerist. However, ever since his mother recalled that story, he has totally and unyieldingly loathed the scumbag he had to call his dad...I had to feel sorry.

But I kept my face the same as I did before when it ended, and I was back where I should have been.

"Turbulence Bridge is this way, come on!" Issac said, starting to run with an obvious kinetic pulse increasing his running speed.

Another melody was to be heard, low and the same one as before...From that Melody chick, still in the forest...A melody of solace. Solace, something I may never find. I got over that quickly, and rushed to catch up.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 15: The Povinal Incident

I was at the bridge-on it, really-when a horrid thought came to my realization. Where were the Pokemon that the guards sent out? The calls were mingled, and the few I did hear were of Pokemon that didn't exist in my vast knowledge of the creatures that were Pokemon. They were probably too big to fit through the hole I made, and they probably didn't have anything that could break through the gate-but what about around it?

I turned my back, and saw some seriously odd weather patterns. For all residents of Ocepulid, this will at last explain why there was such wierd weather that day.

The sky, originally a crisp, nice blue, nearly cloudless, was now filled to the brim with ominous clouds, high-speed winds, massive bolts of thunder, and a torrent of rain that would put waterfalls to shame. To make the seconds-long change even stranger, two figures were hovering on a cloud of sorts, just over the gate.

Oh, and two other figures were standing at the entrance to the Turbulence Bridge. Those two figures were easily seen, despite the weather being so terrible all of a sudden. Iris, with a lack of a nasty bruise on her face, and Storm, cloathes bloodsoaked from me craking his ribcage but otherwise totally fine, were standing there, completely spared from the downpour by some minor Volteer trick.

They were unconsious and wounded the last time I checked it. They now seemed to be in perfect condition, as though I had done nothing but irritated them.

That was when I learned the first universal law of combat: Once they're down, make sure they can't get back up.

<"Avalon, Issac! A thunderstorm is one thing, but the Calypso's going to be torn to peices with all that! Get out of there, and find a better LZ!"> Mario said.

Then the second universal rule came to me: You don't have to win, you just have to survive.

"You won't be getting away, anytime soon!" Yelled Storm, managing it over the gale. "We'll make sure of it!" He added, drawing his rapier and pointing it at my heart.

They were about thirty or fourty yards away, so I knew they were breaking out the real big guns: Volteer powers.

Then the two figures who were hovering on their clouds above the gate moved so swiftly to get between us that I swore they teleported.

Two humanoid figures, who's lower body was obstructed by a cloud that was more than likely part of their bodies. They had their tails curve around their sides. Oh, and they were looking at me meanacingly, arms crossed, gazes unwavering, growling slightly. The arms were far larger than my torso, and they were just taller than me.

The one on the left was blue, with purple hurricane symbols dotted here and there, with a tail of spikes, obviously charged with energy, and it's white hair-looking things were shaped in a curvy ponytail. The yellow eyes were as sharp as lightning, and it wasn't in a good mood, from the looks of it. The purple horns just above it's face looked equally sharp

The one on the right was green, and although sporting the same purple typhoon patterns on it's body, the tail it had was more like something an artist would draw if he was descripting a strong gust of wind. It's hair had a kind of cloud-like property to it, but it too had yellow, piercing eyes and purple horns that both looked sharp enough to cut through the steel bridge we were on.

The steel bridge we were on?

I looked down, and sure as hell, a grid of metal was all that kept us from falling into a railroad track, and the trains roars were only subdued by the thunder and wind.

The one on the left is Thundurus, and the one on the right is Tornaldus! They're making the storm! Tornaldus controls the wind, and Thundurus controls the lightning, and neither of their powers can be stopped by Volteerisim! make Thundurus touch Tornaldus with it's tail while it's charging up an attack to hurt Tornalus, and Vice-versa!

That whole thought came mach-speed through my head, and I decided to listen. As I formulated a quick scheme to do some cheep damage, a noticable spiral of wind was formulating around Tornaldus, in time with a roar from Thundurus that totally kept Issac's focus on the latter. Thundurus itself-no, himself-was also too foucused to notice an attack of my own. A large section of the metal grid suddenly lept up and forcibly knocked Thundurus over to Tornaldus, and my mental corrections proved accurate again, as Thundurus was caught up in the whirlwind the instant one of it's arms came into contact with Tornaldus.

"Brother, I'm in you're gale! Sto-"

Thundurus'es plead came too late, as Tornaldus shot the largest object at us both-which was Thundurus. Tornaldus was the only one suprised-Iris seemed to be totally pissed off that I did such a cruel trick, Storm simply seemed further annoyed by my crafty nature, and after ducking under our man-projectile, Issac laughed over it.

"Hah! Can't get you're attacks straight, can you?!" Issac mocked, taking a shot at Thundurus with his sniper rifle.

Every last lightning bolt stopped mid-strike when Thundurus was hit straight between the eyes, and Issac couldn't have been in a better mood that his totally random bullet, without much aim whatsoever, landed so perfectly. I was quite disgusted at Issac's luck, and felt like slapping him. For some reason, I failed to like the loss of this foe, even a little.

Latries looked a little curious at the dead corpse of the Pokemon that died from Issac's shot, and he seemed to remeber something about him.


Latries barely mouthed it, and in the now-amplified gale I was suprised there was a hit at all. I turned my attention to Tornaldus, who had every last inch of focus right up in my face-literally. I could have gotten impaled by the wind-controller's horns had he decided to headbutt me right now.

"YOU!!!!! BY ARCEUS'ES GOOD NAME, YOU WILL DIE NOW!!!!!" A highly angry Tornaldus yelled straight in my face, his saliva indistinguishable from the water that was already pelting us all.

He has a glass jaw.

Without any warning, I suddenly did an uppercut, hitting him squarely in the jaw and using my Paradox Lightning in the process, making my fist look like a red thunderbolt. To be frank, Tornaldus didn't see it coming. He also was shot, like his cousin, but this time, it was far from a kill shot, having nailed him in his cloud-like lower body. He cringed even further from the blow, and with some satisfaction, he fainted, the storm's harsh winds subsiding...To an extent.

Storm's PokeBall immediatly recalled the living brother, and he seemed quite angry at the both of us for getting rid of such a critical advantage so easily it was barely a challenge.

Then the rain turned to hail. With my telekinesis and Issac's kinetic control, we blocked out the falling projectiles, which were roughly the size of soda cans. Storm took the brief opportunity to lunge, covering a massive distance in short time.

I brought out the Illicit Blessing again, and fused it quickly with the Starblazer, finding the power I felt within the resulting combination better than having the two apart.

Storm's lunge was hit on the flat part of the Illicit Blessing, allowing me to slightly alter Storm's position by moving the Illicit upwards, making storm fumble in the slightest.

Then came a flurry of strikes, counters, parrys, lunges, Volteer moves, basically everything a Volteer would use. All around us, lightining resumed it's mighty blows to land and sky, the wind was hurling dust and derbis everywhere, and the rain and hail kept hammering down, the two of us still noticing enough to stop it from hitting our bodies. Around us, the forests were taking a beating, some trees that had been rooted to the cliffside for centuries had came undone with a mudslide, there would have been forest fires from the lightning strikes had not every other element of mother nature been acting against it, and the brige itself swayed slightly, despite strong and sturdy roots to every last point on the ground it could get. Quite frankly, it was chaos all around us, and the only thing that wasn't chaotic was the ironicly stable bridge, and even then, an onlooker from afar that couldn't tell we were swordfighting would wonder why two people were on the bridge in the middle of all that.

Then, at last, came a blow. A nasty lacreation was left where Storm snuck past my defenses, leaving a scar on my shoulder, making me reel over. Then another few stabs came, tearing holes in my clothes, then storm slashed me outright, leaving a wound that would no doubt leave a scar, stretching from the left of my hip to the right cheek, and I was knocked over at last, pushed over to Issac, who was down, but still consious. Standing over him, Iris's hands and feet, both exposed to nature prior, were now Arbit-Burning. I may have wanted to warn Issac that Iris was as good with Arbitarian energy as any other Arbitarian Loyalist.

Iris...Tears were welling in her eyes, and she sniffled a little, holding back a whole ocean with a paper-mache dam as thick as a pencil. She didn't want to, but...In order to make sure that the Arbiters didn't get their hands on me (And hell knows what they’d do to me once they did)...They'd have to eradicate me, here and now.

The view of me beside Issac must have been a pitiful one-sadly, I never saw it. True, I did get hit five times, but come on, do you think I’d really get myself into that kind of mess that easily? If your answer to that question is yes, then think again.

I hadn’t cloaked Issac’s smile, which was enough to give something away to Storm. However, it didn’t give away that they had been totally mistaken about my current positon, and he didn't care what that odd grin meant anyhow, starting to put down the soul-destroying sword that he owned.

I made sure I timed it. I timed it exactly as he stabbed my illusionary duplicate, and suddenly he found himself with a hole in his stomach, an Arbit-Burn starting. "No, no no, no no no, NO. I do the stabbing around here, clear?" I said, savoring the defeat of Storm so much. I liked it that he didn't even bother to notice.

A red light emitted from the belt he wore, and he didn't even touch the ground before an orange light flashed and warped him away-the Onlisk response to the Arbitarian Relic, an emergency teleportation system that would pull out commanding officers if they got too injured, but couldn't ressurect them like the Relic.

Iris was still alive, and shocked. Issac's sniper rifle-courtesy of me-was shot back into his hands, which quickly made sure that the rifle pointed at Iris's heart, and now, far from crying her heart out, she now looked like she'd rather see me bleed out, slowly and painfully.

"Why are you even doing this?!" Iris screamed at me, like the ten-year old girl she was. "There's no reason, not even a tiny one!"

"Not exactly. It's a reason you'd never accept nor understand, and even if you did, there'd still be those too stubborn to accept the facts. I'm no Arbiter-I'll grant you that simple little thing for your comfort-but I am not going to ally with the side that can't help itself!" I said, sporting a grin that said "I like it that you're suffering." I rather hated it that she had that much lust for my death. "Now excuse me, I've got a train to catch." I said, as Issac got up.

Maybe I should have telepathed him the plan while I was talking. I suddenly separated the Starblazer from the Illicit Blessing, and sheathing the latter, I cut through the metal grid beneath me, Issac and the tracks beneath us just as a train was going through them.

Iris nor Issac had any clue why I just did that, but I barely needed to explain-Thanks to a vision, I knew that falling to the train would put me and Issac through a small hatch that led downward, one conveniantly opened at the time.

My next sight, after I got over the slight shock of falling? Cages. A lot of them. And they had occupants.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

I fell into a Pokemon prison. Everywhere one looked, cramped cages, filled with desperate and obviously injured Pokemon, some of which were obviously missing limbs. They looked so innocent of the pain and suffering they had endured, despite size and shape and appearances. Directly behind me, a Shiny Metang was seemingly the only thing that wasn't depressed, and indeed seemed heavily angry within the confines of it's cell. The only thing that wasn't a Pokemon was Issac, me, and some idiot with a black shirt with a red 'R' on it. If you're really that dumb, that would signify that he's in Team Rocket. The dude was sleeping, and he had a cattle prod, obviously an instrument of torture.

I was immediately appalled, and my first order of business was to make sure the obvious idiot directly involved in the harm was dead beyond resurrection. One swipe from an Arbit-Burning Illicit Blessing later, his whole body was engulfed in the black smoke that signified the damage, and seconds later, he was gone without a trace-save the keys to the whole thing and his cattle prod. Issac took the weapon, while I took the keys.

The whole place started to be filled with the very noisy calls of Pokemon, begging for freedom, even the raging Metang. Of course, this abnormal behavior from what were obviously despairing Pokemon would certainly attract more grunts, and fighting them would...Uhh...After searching every part of my being, I saw utterly no reason to not kill them all, letting them live after seeing that they were not failures at their jobs was beyond intolerable. Nevertheless, I wanted to make them panic-I wanted them scared out of their wits, the force of my abilities pressing down upon them far harder than had they known I was there at all. My whole being fathered my own determination after seeing a Togepi with two of it's head spikes absent from it's head, the blood not even being concealed at all.

"Shush! I'll get you out of here, but I can't be seen! Please, quiet!" I said, quietly.

Every last Pokemon stopped their wails, but I could easily read all of their minds, no problem, and all of them were willing to stay silent to see their captors pay.

"Issac, stay close! No sudden movement, move too fast and I won't be able to keep you hidden!" I said. Issac was obviously all game for my illusions, considering that I was able to defeat Storm only with the help of one.

The door opened, and Two more Rockets-sorry, pardon me, a**holes-came in, prods ready. The Pokemon suddenly gave evil grins, save a still-raging Metang, now trying to bend the cage open to no avail. The best part of their jobs were up ahead: The torture. They grinned as their final action, and they suddenly were no longer living. The Illicit Blessing was to replace the neck that was supposed to be on the left idiot's body, while a concealed knife Issac got out made short work of the other. The Pokemon were still grinning, and the a**holes bodies were spared from Arbit-Burning. I dared not don their clothing-with Illusionary powers, I had no need for it. Issac thought highly enough of my illusions to avoid touching the shirt and pants.

Next room over happened to be filled to the brim with weapons of all kinds-Pistols, SMG's, AR's, LR's, Snipers, Shotguns, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers, Crossbows with explosive charges, Mini-guns, everything, as well as the equipment to hold them with and extra ammunition. Issac and I happily helped ourselves to the massive arsenal, with me taking two holsters to carry around the pistol I already had, and the pistol I just took, both labeled "Encrypt 143," taking an LR with the tile of "Ninjuitsu," putting said LR on with its sling, and even helping myself to a Shotgun that had the word "Bellartix" on it, using its own sling to carry itself. I didn't even really look at the weapon's themselves until later.

The Ninjuitsu Light Rifle was basically a small sniper rifle, and albeit it was more compact than a true-blood sniper rifle, It still wasn't anything to be mocked at, as it sported an impressive distance, great power, came with a pre-attached scope that could sight up to 50 miles away from my position with a view as if I was standing right in front of it, and a shuriken-like bayonet near the front.

Meanwhile, the Bellartix shotgun sported a nasty surprise: Sticky grenades. As a secondary firing system in case one ran out of shells, the nasty things could go up to fifty yards away. The pump-action beast that was the Bellartix, I was doubtful only someone very strong could even attempt wielding something with such a massive kick from it's primary firing mode, but the reward for being able to control such a gun is sweet: The power behind it is so absurd, hitting anywhere is fatal. Thankfully, metal control helped greatly.

Lastly, the Encrypt 143 pistols are in truth revolvers-simply too much kickback, but otherwise great. Metal control removes the kick. That made the Encrypt 143's a massive asset to me when the Ninjuitsu and Bellartix failed.

I'll not go into too much detail after that, I still don't really know much about the autonomy of a gun, I just knew how they worked.

The Rockets had apparently not cared for closing doors, for the door to the next room was open as well. However, the loud talking had kept our immediate entrance out of the question.

"Yhea, so what? We got our drugs, our Pokemon, our weapons, and we gonna sit around and spend our f***ing time waitin' for 'em to be 'ought up by 'dem suckers at 'de black market? No, we keepin' the Pokemon, we keepin' the weapons, and we sell 'dem drugs on 'da streets, and we make 'da cash quick and easy!" Said one idiot.

"On the other hand, the Black Market's safer, and selling it all will help remove our traces! Rookie, you really don't think well, do you? We're not exactly known, but we're not exactly unknown either, and if we leave a big fat trail for others to follow, we're dead meat! We're not doing a public show like last time, that's what got us busted." Said another idiot. Me and Issac walked in, quietly. This last room was chock-full of everything from Crack to Cocaine, every last drug I knew of back home, and a few I didn't.

"...Bah! I still want 'dat Metang, 'dat Metang d**m awesome, it be somethin' Giovanni would want, is it?" The first a**hole said. "I'm keepin' it, either way!"

"Yhea it's something he'd want, and we are giving it to Giovanni, and I'll tell him that you said that, 'cause that's what'll get you on the Boss’s bad-did you hear something?"

They also found themselves without their lives intact after a quick neck-to-sharp object negotiation.

Then we went outside the first cart, and the train's speed at last became evident, judging simply from the speed the wind hit our faces.

I heard it, but the wind was doing it's best to cover it up: "Oy, it's time for a shift change!"

The door opened, and five Rocket members walked towards us, and closed the door. That's what it looked like. However, after I took the liberty of using a telekinetic trick to force some overly-powerful thoughts of going to sleep on the spot over them, then throwing them out, that was all they saw.

This cart wasn't segmented, like the last one, for it was three times as long. It was crawling with Rocket Grunts, but one man stood out as failing to be a part of the organization. Lime green hair, red monocle on the right eye, yellow and purple robes that reminded me of a moth, the man looked quite scared, eyes darting everywhere in search of anything that could save his rear. He was bobbed, tied and gagged, sitting in a chair, two pistols pointed at the back of his neck.

I could wait no longer to dish out justice-who said it had to be one at a time? I telepathed Issac this time. <"Get ready to kill as many of them as you can! I'm going to de-cloak!">

Issac readied his Sniper while I got out the Bellartix. All were armed, but nobody would ever expect this nasty surprise.

Suddenly, two figures appeared to the Rockets and the restrained man, all present save that who appeared to them shocked by their appearance.

We then opened fire. The Bellartix shot seven shells, each piercing the heart of the seven Rockets on the left with no effort. Meanwhile, Issac's sole shot with his rifle netted four kills going through the bodies of several Rockets, then managing a rebound to land in somebody's skull.

That left two rockets, the rockets who were pointing their guns at the man. We had our guns pointed at them.

Nobody even twitched. The rockets started sweating; It wasn't a bluff, but their two opponents didn't even care. They cared for their lives too much to get shot. The lowered the guns.

We shot anyway, Issac nailing a shot to the head while I shot in the heart, and with their two bodies no longer blocking the way, we could now see another door-there was more. Joy, more Rockets to kill.

But first, we cut loose our captive. The man seemed to loosen himself greatly after this.

"Thank you. Death makes anyone panic, but you two seem to be competent gunslingers." Said the man. I knew at once that he was a conman, but his voice did make him seem actually smart. "My name is Ghetsis." He added, with a hint of grand importance about him.

I felt it. The tiniest vibration that was not caused by going over a bump. I pressed my ear to the wall, and I heard yells, a lot of yells, panicked yells. And they were quickly silenced, failing to be in unison, sometimes just one, sometimes a whole group of screams. One thing was for sure-We were in deep.

"Someone's in the next cart...Whoever's in there is killing everyone else...I'd get back. Way back." I said, pushing Issac and Ghetsis behind some crates.

"What the f-" Issac spat out, before the door flew straight off it's hinges.

Iris?! How'd she get here? She seemed...Cocky. Like she had a very big advantage and was about to remove a very disgusting being from the world.

Then, someone gently pushed Iris into the cart, and pushed her to the side. That particular someone happened to be a particular Gear Pesse, looking ready to kill.

Ready to kill me, that is.

"You. You thrust an Arbit-Burning Blade into Storm's back. He barely survived that. You like this, don't you? You want this, don't you? You wanted him dead, and you want me dead, don't you?" Gear said, refraining from just taking my life right now.

"Here's what I like: Good things. Good things for me. If Storm can't win against me, then that's his problem, not mine." I said. "Besides, the worse you fight, the better off I am. I'm not heartless, but you wouldn't understand what you'd lead the world down." I said, smiling in a manner to further aggrivate Gear.

"I'll save the world, that's what I'm leading it down." Gear said, now with some danger in his tone.

"That's what you think. You don't know. You have no idea. You have absolutely no idea what you'll bring upon yourself. Let's face it-I hate Arbiters, and If I see an Arbiter, It'll die."

Ghetsis was thinking of asking me later about the Arbiters of which he had no clue of, while Issac was debating to take a shot at Gear right now. Gear kept his moderate armor from last time, having repaired every bullet thrust at him in my attempt to kill him prior.

"If it's an Arbiter posing as Onlisk, it'll die. If it's an Arbiter clearly on the other side, it'll die. The Arbiters will die. That much you want, right?" I asked.

Gear clearly wanted me dead more at the moment than he wanted the Arbiters dead.

Gear ripped open every last crate in a furious burst of Kinetic energy that knocked Issac and Ghetsis unconscious. I barely hanged on, and took a half-Latries form just to gain some height, and even then, Gear was still taller than me. And more threatening. And had trained more.

Now, I could have never described a flurry of Volteerist moves between two Legendary-Rank Volteers, for it was pure, lethal, totally impossible chaos that the Nexus may have been destroyed over. Never in history has a confrontation like that happened-Legendary Volteers had a habit of assuming that the opponent was equally capable of killing him, so they never really fought directly. However, I can say with dignity that I and my greatest foe were in a fully-fledged Volteerist duel, and I can say with equal dignity that I was taking every opportunity I could to use whatever I knew to slip Gear up in any manner, using metal morphing to block Gear's attacks in his face if he didn't just rip through it, using my power over metal to use every gun I had access to at once while Gear blocked the shots with either his armor or a kinetic reversal, trying to slip into mental signals so weak that it was Gear's only defensive against Psychic foes, and even sent Scyez out, for knowing that she had once slipped up Gear before, and tried making her use whatever attack she could muster to harm Gear in as many ways as possible.

All of it was nearly useless. Gear seemed invincible, blocking any attack he could and letting his armor absorb it, and when it couldn't do that, it seemed that he ignored the effect entirely out of pure rage and adreneline. Paradox Lightning, Arbit-Burning, Starblazer/Illicit Blessing fusion (Gear raised an eyebrow there), nothing worked.

Then Gear used a kinetic blast to sent me and my two unconscious allies back into the drug room. I tried throwing a box labeled "Marijuana" At Gear, but the Demon Weed only made his attitude, which had already gone to s**t, get even more hell-bent. "CANNABIS?! REALLY?!?!"

He threw me into the gun room, just for that.

An insane idea came to me. There were quite a lot of guns here. That was a lot of opportunities to stop Gear's seemingly invincible rampage right now. Who could withstand all of that?!

I pulled out anything and everything that looked even slightly like a firearm, and as I did, I quickly drained the energy from the cattle prods Issac and the grunts had, recovering the ton of energy I wasted during the fight, if only somewat.

Gear was in my sights. Then Gear was in the gun's sights.


I fired them all, simultaneously. Grenades, Rockets and Crossbows all exploded with a vengeance, while every other gun wasted their whole clip, hanging without any body to hold them except my own metal control.

The smoke cleared...Gear was alive?! His armor proved to be more than capable of soaking up whatever bullet you could name, right then and there. However, the explosives took a toll on him at last, for he had the wind knocked out of him and was starting to pant.

"Heh...Heh...You really think that...Heh...Will stop me...Heh...I'll kill you...I'll destroy you...Nobody even tries eradicating my comrades like that...Not even you..." Gear said, trying to recover from the blow, sucking the life out of the plants (most of the drugs were plants, in fact, not even dead yet) all around him. I tried too, but Gear was far more proficient at wielding Life Energy than I was, and obviously got the lion's share. In fact, the only thing I was more proficient at than Gear was the things Gear didn’t have access to at all. And Gear had defenses against that. Think about that-Someone who was 90% capable of stopping your assault because he was better at controlling your Volteer-based powers, and 10% capable of doing likewise because what he can’t control, he has an equally rock-solid defense for. I was panicking.

I looked backward. The last room. Pokemon who I had a duty to free were in there, eager to take my orders, and save me from Gear. Scyez, who refused to do anything but clamp on my head ("No no no no no! I'm not letting you get Avvie's beret!"), Was quite useless right now, save for keeping my headgear in check.

I ran inside, finding myself able to teleport Ghetsis and Issac inside too, and slamming the door shut, using every last ounce of power I could to make sure Gear didn't break it easily.

Meanwhile, I started using the keys to free the Pokemon, one after another, more allies that would assist in stopping Gear, more foes for my foe to deal with...I stopped using the keys and started using my superhuman strength to rip open the cages, freeing everything from Tyranitar to Yanmega, from Espeon to Marill, and even the Metang, who was only restraining himself from killing me because I had done him a great favor. I sent out Vyraz and Lesha too.

"F***ing Jack***! What'd ya do that for?!" Lesha said, deciding that being crammed in a PokeBall was nowhere near her style. Knew it, she was a bada**. However, she got quite the look from the rest of the Pokemon around her, being freed from captivity. By me. Vyraz and Scyez were also giving her the evil eye. She exchanged her insulted look for embarrassment.

"The people that holed you up in those cages is NOT the person trying to burst through that door, but I freed you, so please tell me you'll be willing to return the favor, or something?" I said, trying to plead with every last Pokemon here. "Look, he'll kill me if he does get through, and I'm powerless against him alone! Please, help!" I said, throwing my whole soul into it. I was powerless. I was alone. I was all alone, I felt, in a fight against impossible odds and unstoppable foes.

I would die without help. I would die without it. I would die.


And worse.

And, seeing that my fear was true and my plead that of an innocent child terrified of the consequences of something he never did, they reached out, and prepared to strike back against the foe that would kill me.

I relinquished all control over the door, and it was thrown open with a fury that was beyond-

S**t, s**t, s**t, s**t, s**t, s**t.

The beret came off my head.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Every last Pokemon there had unleashed an almighty combined assault at my attacker without needing a command, but I was still forced to do nothing but cover my ears as a last act before I had to experience nothing but the loudest noise possible. It was too much, it was impossible, my whole body would explode from the pain, surely...

Meanwhile, Scyez got furious. Really furious.

"RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! YOU MEAN MAN!! YOU'RE GONNA KILL AVVIE! YOU'RE GONNA KILL AVVIE!!!" Scyez yelled in a furious outbreak of rage, glowing white, and quickly evolving, taking a crack at Gear directly in the process.

Gear was given a severe blow with the combined force of every Pokemon in the room, but it wasn't enough to even drop him to his knees-it took the wind out of him again, but that was it. Scyez, now in a new body and in total rage, had now taken that opportunity to a whole new level. Her hands were coated in fire while a black and blue sphere formed in her hands, cold energy flaring at her hips, all of these elements spawning all at once.

Gear, just realizing this, now realized something else.


The Dark Pulse/Aura Sphere orb had landed perfectly, knocking Gear into Iris, who had hanged behind the whole fight, providing Gear moral support. Then Scyez jabbed Gear twice, throwing him into the drug room with a fiery blast she wasn’t expecting, and then the frost around her hip forcefully released itself in a pulse, flinging poor Iris to the next cart while Gear was forced to the space between them, Gear with legs frozen and Iris with her stomach encrusted with ice.

However, Scyez's rage had her forget why I was suffering at all. The sound, the sound would surely kill me...Not even the Arbiters would go this far if they could...The sound would surely destroy more than my life...My soul, Latries'es soul, this was so bad that they had to be suffering the same way my physical body was-at every possible angle beyond every possible level of pain, all of my body ceasing to function outside of acting like a massive ear, furthering the pain...

The beret was back on my head, shoved there a little forcibly, and I recovered at once, still very shaky. Looking above myself to spot my savior, the outraged Metang from before seemed to get much less mad at the world, but was still mad at Gear for his attempt at my life.

Breathing heavily, I made my way to Gear, shakily, the Metang having to support my every move. Each step felt like an earthquake rattled my whole body...After an eternity, It started to wear off...And I saw him.

Iris, being forced to take Gear's whole weight twice in a row, was already given the green light for an emergency evac. Gear, however, was still conscious and alive, his kelvar and metals ripped and torn in multiple places, and at some points having been removed in Scyez's forceful and extreme offensive moves altogether, to be scattered on previously stumbled-over parts of my body.


"Nobody will give their life up without a good cause, Gear. Nobody. I will die to protect the people you protect from the same forces you fight...But...You'd never believe who is and who is not an Arbiter." I said, finding myself able to breath much easier than Gear was. "As per what happens now...You tried killing me and failed because you tried. Those Pokemon protected me because they saw somebody cornered and helpless...Now, I'm not going to let you kill me, of course. But I'm not going to kill you, I've no intention of killing somebody I like. So...what will you do now?" I said, knowing full well what he would do. Good Lawyers nor I ask any question without knowing the answer already.

"Guillotine...Pull me out..." Gear muttered, as loudly as he could. A second later, an orange flash was to be seen. I fended off Gear, the Invincible Titan, an unstoppable force and immovable object when enraged (And I did get him enraged). For now. I let him live to defend the scraps of innocence I had left, meaning he'd ignore my goodwill and come back again, and this time, the minimal holding back he may have done will have all but evaporated.

That was also the outcome of the world's first real fight between two Legendary Volteers-Until that moment, Legendary Volteers of the past knew that they were equals right off the bat in direct combat. However, by chipping away at their mental sanity with 'a series of unfortunate events,' no reference to a specific book series and movie sporting the same name intended. This combination of severe unluckiness and simple direct mental pressure from the other side would eventually force one end to crack, and either let the other side win or commit suicide. However, this was because that both sides believed that the Volteers were of equal training, and that they didn’t know that even for Legendary-rank, they were different. Gear knew that I was still very green-skinned when it came to Volteerisim, even if close-combat with a mix of my abilities would have downed any foe, even Gear. But he knew my pure Volteer-technique combat skill was subpar, and because of a huge difference in experience (Gear had eight years to use that), Gear nearly won, and if it wasn't for a very lucky factor of having that many Pokemon willing to fight for me at a moment's notice, including one who managed to notice my plight for a need of soundproof headgear when I found myself quite lacking.

"Avvie, you're OK! I forgot to put the beret back on...Sorry!" Scyez said, having somehow taken in her new form and size with grace and ease. "Hug to make it up?" She added, extending her arms outward in an invitation to hug. Scyez was a regular Lucario in every sense that correlated to appearance, right down to the spike on her chest that was capable of piercing my body with efficiency I happen to call momentum.

"No thanks...You know there's a metal spike on your chest, right?" I asked, expecting that she may have grown more sane with her Evolution.

"Yes, but it's not like it'll really hurt anyone if I don't want it to, right?" Scyez said, still eager to give and get a hug.

I was totally wrong on that sense. Ah, well, now it was all a matter of finding out where this train was heading, and Ghetsis, the Rocket's unwilling captive, was a likely candidate for such knowledge. From there, I could find a place unattractive and wild for the LZ Mario needed.

THAT WAS MY PLAN, FROM THE START. I had no clue what I'd be doing in between, my visions and odd mental re-corrections generally not caring for broad information updates on upcoming events, but focused upon short-term, lifesaving tidbits.

Of course, there’s always a complication.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 16-Lesha

The Pokemon around me were giving me cheery smiles and doing kind things, like help me balance, as I was still stumbling, and saying compliments, calling me their savior from a loss too great to ever be repaired. I didn't need much to know that the Rockets were not fun people to be around other than this session of all hell breaking loose on a train.

But that was just one thing. I was starting to feel...Connected. To clarify, I felt connected to everything that was living. It really isn't describable, but I could feel what they were feeling...I closed my eyes, and my whole vision changed-most everything was black, with blue outlines covering the objects. Ghetsis and Issac radiated a dark green and a yellow-green kind of Aura, and many Pokemon were following this trend, different colors abound. Scyez, right behind me, had a particularly radiant Aura, seen only because her violet energy- emitting paw was on my right shoulder, as was another on the left shoulder, turning my head.

"Scyez, no hugging." I said sternly, and Scyez, about to administer an unwittingly fatal embrace (or at least an incapacitating one) let go of my shoulders. I looked at my own hand and saw a very dark indigo aura. As opening my eyes allowed me to see regularly, I didn't really know what was going on.

Scyez, somehow able to use telepathy in her evolved form, seemed to have a guess.

<"Ooh, I think you got that weird Aura-power...Thingy.>" said a still-puzzled Scyez, said complication coming from not knowing what to call it.

<"Aura manipulation?"> I telepathed.

<"Yhea, that's it. I don't think it really requires training, it's just looking at stuff with your eyes closed and making giant sphere's out of your own Aura...I think. Don't know for sure!"> Scyez responded, probably having known how to use the energy simply out of instinct rather than any training.

Another power to add to the list of ever-expanding ones. Sure, it was cool to control the universal energy signature, but at this point, I was getting more powers than I swear I'd ever need. I had learned of sphere-like moves, Gear using Aura to demonstrate-as in, an Aura Sphere attack. Certainly that could work for an use of Aura, but outside of an Aura Sphere, I had no other known use for this ability.

Putting it out of my mind, I roused Issac and Ghetsis, the duo muttering a small amount of such phrases like "huh?" and "what?" before remembering the events that transpired.

"Is the man in bronze gone? I knew we were in trouble if you got Iris mad at you, but whoever he was, he had to have had a good Pokemon, or something like that..." Ghetsis said. I was thankful he hid behind the crate the whole time, otherwise I'd have to find out how to make Ghetsis remember something else. I may have wanted to ask where he knew Iris from, but I declined. I didn't want to know how he knew it was bad to get Iris pissed off.

We walked, myself now returning to a normal pace without assistance. The train went on for several cars more, carnage apparent everywhere. Blood and guts were spewed out on the floor, a far more crude and cruel tactic to my stealthy kills. Gear wanted no terrorists alive, that was for sure.

And there again was I reminded of the single biggest backlash I'd be taking. I was a terrorist. I knew what my actions were, I had no defense, I was guilty on all accounts. But was I to stop and let a deceived man continue a helpless campaign that would never succeed no matter what tactical genius he managed to make? No. I must fight. Or else.

The party of three people and thirty to forty Pokemon made it to the train after six or seven cart's traversing, the whole party absorbing in the damage. It was clear that there were a lot of a**holes trying to protect this train from boarding, and one infiltrator killed almost all of them, the remaining Rocket kills belonging to either me or Issac. Even here, in the driver's seat, it was clear that Gear did significant damage as far as bodily parts were concerned. Thankfully, the controls were completely intact. Obviously, Gear didn't want a runaway train on his hands.

Ghetsis, shoving the near-destroyed corpse of the original driver out of his seat, seemed to know how to control the train.

"You know where we're headed?" I asked.

"They said it would take them to the Black Market in Driftveil. The Gym Leader's trying to step up security, but there's still a massive trade for the illegal going on." said Ghetsis, pulling out a cell phone. "I'll contact to pick me up there. By the way...Do you need cash?" Ghetsis asked.

"Ehh...No." I said. I knew that the cash was most likely a foreign currency to Zav, and I was just getting associated with Zav as it is.

"So who are you?" Ghetsis asked, probably picking up on a weakness.

"Just keep things in control here, OK? I'm doubtful that we'll ever meet again, and if we do, I'll tell you this: Gear's cheery face has a habit of showing up when you least expect it. And he's destructive. Very. And he hates me. A lot." I said, making sure to emphasize the importance of everything bad about Gear's appearances.

Ghetsis gave up then. Gear knocked him out with little effort, even if Ghetsis didn't realize what hit him. I could easily see Ghetsis getting pummeled to death in seconds by Gear. Even sooner, if Gear actually used Pokemon to assist him, and if you're military-trained, you've got killer Pokemon to go with it-and that's in both the figurative and literal sense of the word 'Killer.'

As if the world's worst person to have against you is bad enough...Yes, I know it's ironic.

Meanwhile, I got warm gestures and nice faces from every Pokemon, moving a cart backward...Looking at them was enough to trigger instant-long clips about everything that Pokemon ever did, through it's eyes. The Togepi missing two head spikes, blood soaking where they were, happened to have the odd name of Film, and she happened to be a total angel. Why her parents named her Film I'll never know. The healing beam I produced before came back again, allowing Film to recover her head-spikes, growing back as if by magic. She was too young to speak coherently, but her eyes sparkled with delight.

The Metang? He could only pronounce "Meta" to human ears, so that's what he was called. Meta had been brutally hunted down by the Rockets almost since birth, and knowing nothing but their brutality, he quickly evolved into a Metang and killed all but one, who cleverly slid Meta into a cage, and had been on the rails for a month.

I wouldn't even bother with the other Pokemon, as the simple pleasure of being crowded by them drowned out the actual focus behind them. I felt at peace, in a rare moment.

<"Avalon, are you even there?!"> yelled a voice belonging to Mario. I almost forgot that he had no idea where I was right now.

<"Another attack from the Onlisk Republic narrowly warded off aside, I'm fine. I'm in a train probably inbound to Driftveil, probably somewhere associated with it's Black Market. I'm expecting local terrorist groups to intervene after finding a train me and Gear both wind up boarding having all of their members dead."> I telepathed, annoyed by the serenity broken by Mario's worry.

<"Thank you! I was panicking that you weren't alive. Wait, Gear boarded? You're ALIVE?! Twice now, you cheat death, and you cheat it good!"> Mario telepathically screamed, pleased by the fact that he made the right choice in bringing a twelve-year old along for the ride.

<"It get's better. We found and freed a hostage. His name's Ghetsis, and I don't agree with his wardrobe, but I do agree that he's alive, and doesn't have a clue about what a Volteer is, like I introduced the concept to him. That aside, Issac's alive, we've got a whole cache of weapons in the train, and I managed to get thirty or so Pokemon to really like me. I was getting mellow with them when you came around."> I said, still a little bummed I didn't get into my good mood with my cute animal friends. Even the Tyranitar had a nice smile and was being quite calm and serene.

<"Will you ever cease to amaze everyone? Even Gear has to admit you're special beyond even him. And that's a lot of praise, right there, Gear's the d**m legendary Cogix, for crying out loud!"> Mario said. <"I'll pick you up in Driftveil, I've been there before, I know a perfect spot!"> Mario added.

Even if that was the same term I used when describing his personality on paper all those months ago, I didn't care about it. In fact, I started avoiding the topic of my home in my mind...Actually, I didn't even consider missing home at this point. A bunch of Pokemon managed to generate the feeling of being home only home does, on a train in an alternate dimension.

<"Hi, Avalon. I heard you've got a fellow named Ghetsis in your company, correct?"> Karazin telepathed. I didn't know-or really care-that Karazin was telepathic. Telepathy was a very basic skill. Very, very basic. Just a little Psychic energy and you could use your brain like a phone. Without paying for minutes. That's fantastic.

<"Yhea. Pretty sure he's a con artist, and he runs quite the business of lying."> I telepathed. Unlike Mario, Karazin had a knack of letting mellow moments keep on going.

<"I don't have the best news about that. Good news: he's not a con artist. He's the leader of a fledging, Unova-local criminal organization called Team Plasma. They're really based of the Knights Templar, but fortunately, they don't have to speak with a middle-aged dictionary being their source of words, and their face goal is to save Pokemon. Bad news: they're thieves of Pokemon just as much as Team Rocket is. I advise keeping eyes as sharp as blades on Ghetsis’s position at all times. Also, Ghetsis is almost impossibly good at bending people to his will to accomplish anything. So watch your back.">

Karazin managed to deliver it in such a way that even if I was now considerably more worried about Ghetsis than I was prior, I was still comfortably-and almost insanely-chilled out.

I spied her, out of the corner of my eye, afraid to approach the group. She called me some very vulgar names, and was paying for it with a seeming exclusion from the group. I made a gesture, and noticing it, she moved in casually, taking steps that said flat-out that not only did she feel the gazes of the other Pokemon quite hateful, but also cared for them only because she thought her new master thought likewise.

"Well, you've got yourself a nice little group of fans, eh?" Lesha said with a tone resembling some mocking. "They saved your life, you know?" she added. There was something simply nagging about Lesha's voice that said that the Pokemon ought to be the nicely-treated ones, for some reason.

"Issues with humanity?" I asked, equally nagging at a feeling I knew she had.

She got enough of a look to get everyone to back up, even if just a little, as Lesha seemed to reinforce her bada** image simply with the fury in her eyes.

"You know full-well how downright dumb they get! They're idiots, they can let anything go unpunished with a bribe, they'll start a war over anything, they can make themselves go extinct, Team Rocket itself is a reason, need I go on further?!" Said a highly furious Lesha. "They're ba****ds, point in case!"

At this point, some Pokemon gave Lesha odd looks. Looking into their minds allowed me to see that somehow they knew that Lesha was speaking in english.

"Yhea. And like evaporating humans from the planet would solve anything. In fact, I'd guarantee that'd only make everybody else more prone to fighting without something that stupid, and I just see humanity as misguided most of the time. At times, they are downright idiots, but mostly, they're misguided." I responded, trying to sound well-educated. "And, prior to discovering that I somehow wound up with two souls in my body instead of one, I was one hundred percent human."

Lesha had probably never met somebody like me. She knew from my half-Latries form that I wasn't human, and with Issac and Ghetsis gone, she somehow thought it safe to rant about the race. She also had the slightest reflex that corresponded to finding a seemingly impassible obstacle suddenly pop out of nowhere.

"And being racist is dumb." I added, if only to further irritate Lesha. Lesha further got that almost invisible twitch to tell her annoyance of being blockaded with thin air she couldn't pass. She also looked stupid for bringing it up. She just decided to mumble a few words I don't exactly remember ("ahh, you big...Dumb***..." or something like that), before tiring herself out and falling asleep cutely on my stomach.

Having a Pikachu around one's person, doing the cutest things one could imagine, despite almost anything that gets in the way of that image, is a Pokemaniac's dream come true. Pokemon are adorable, and Pikachu are adorable Pokemon. That's adorable enough to make Pikachu the cutest thing I ever saw alive. Lesha was even cuter than your average ubercute Pikachu, to the point that she is, in my opinion, the single most cutest thing you'd ever see in your life; If Lesha puts on a cute face accompanied by a cute voice, nobody but me or a few other lucky folk have ever given in. In stark contrast, Lesha herself is known for being too stubborn to allow for anything to get in the way of her task, and if she is cut off from all sides to her goal that's right behind her obstructions, she'd just plow right through it.

I remained in my mellow state for a few hours longer, and they felt heavenly...Dreamlike, almost. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was sleeping.


The train suddenly lurched, after several hours of simply being lazy with my friends...I remembered the important reason why I had stayed on the train at all: Get to Driftveil and get to the Calypso, Pokemon in tow, before the Onlisk find the Calypso.

Oh, yhea. I should say now that the Calypso was hiding in the Entralink, the only point in all of Povinal where any kind of device meant to alert enemies fails-whether it's tracking from within it's confines or outside it's boundaries, trying to find something within. The Calypso was under the island, which apparently is tethered to nothing. The Entralink's spatial distortion is the only known thing to hold the island in place, and as the lake was deep enough to fit the Calypso it was too good of a hiding spot to pass up. Mario told me that interesting tidbit later.

"We're at Driftveil. We've arrived during the night, so the guard's out. Don't be seen until we reach my company." Ghetsis said, waking up the remaining Pokemon that were half-asleep that weren't waken by the train. I got up, Lesha having already departed from my belly, and located an exit from the train.

Outside, the night was crisp and black, clouds covering the stars and rain falling ever so lightly. Containers were stacked everywhere I could see, as if that was very far considering the black state of affairs. Aura sight helped, as the containers were outlined in blue.

Also, radiating their own auras...Guards. Armed with flashlights, pistols and sometimes shotguns, along with a Chatot perched on their shoulders, these guards were obviously prepared to take down any foe. Except a Volteer who happens to control metal-like the many metal crates stacked around.

One person, with an Aura colored like dirt, had me intrigued. Wearing clothes that screamed 'Western' and himself looking highly stubborn, this man had a Pokemon resembling a mole nearby him, and armed with a Shotgun and also accompanied by a Chatot, I sensed a immediate feeling that I didn't want to be caught by him.

But wouldn't you know it? I never did have to traverse that crate-laden obstacle course.

"Psst! Over here!" Said somebody. I turned my head, opening my eyes, and found out how right Karazin was.

Albeit he wasn't covered in armor, good grief, the fabric clearly said the word "Templar" all over it, with a light blue and black pattern, the only thing defying that being a small emblem on the torso of the uniform. The man in front of me happened to have orange hair, and he was holding a flashlight. Next to him, a Watchog stood guard, and just like the Pokemon toy I owned, it's eyes were creepy.

"Well, don't just stand there! I've got a ride that'll take us to the castle!" He said. That alone was enough to make me shoot a skeptical look.

"I'll explain. Our base is located at a underground citadel at the northernmost bound of Unova. I should explain further. I, Ghetsis-"

As if on cue, Lesha sneezed powerfully, and turning around, closing eyes to use the Aura sight, I saw that every guard somehow got alerted to our presence simply by that sneeze.

"Excuse me." Lesha whispered. That did nothing to help out now.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

"I'm an advocate for Pokemon, and all, but please tell your Pikachu to try and hold those back!" The Team Plasma member quietly said, slipping through the shadows.

I couldn't really argue. The guards had moved position, and although they didn't have a true grasp as to our position, they were heading in our general direction. As an added bonus, our only way out was either restarting the train-which would take too long-or to dive into the possible safety of a cold storage facility.

Issac, in the front, chose the latter. Diving into the place, and signaling an "All clear" with a thumbs up, we dashed inside, and braced ourselves for chilling cold.

And as the night was dark, the facility was chilly. Frozen on some parts of the floor, the place was bright and shiny thanks to these reflective surfaces and light to bound from it, and thankfully the few guards in this building failed to see us. For now. Eventually some more guards were going to come in. However, they seemed to have no means of communication outside of those Chatot, thank goodness.

"Is there a second exit to this place?" I asked, hushing myself up.

"I came in using a hatch door...But, seriously? You've got quite a lot of Pokemon with you. They better stay there, until it's all safe."

Couldn't argue there either.

"Issac, stay here. Anything funky happens...Try to keep them alive." I said, running off already. Issac couldn't ask why, I was already doing it before he could say anything. Lesha and Scyez, who tagged along, had their own takes on the situation.

"This is bull****!" Lesha said, almost too loudly.

"This is kinda fun!" Scyez said, more cautious about being quiet.

"This is going to kill me, that's what it is!" I muttered, silencing the both of them.

I came upon a single guard on patrol, his chatot perched on his shoulder gazing in the opposite direction of where we were, and he himself in another direction. A icy sheet was the only obstacle, and the trio that was me, Lesha and Scyez crossed it silently, Lesha being taken up on my shoulder before she could even touch the ice ("F***ing Ba****d!").

Then, I decided to try something new. The picture of me barely avoiding certain death from Gear flashed through my mind, incentive enough to try to evade the fate twice, simply by trying whatever came into mind, a wild attempt at training. I probably shouldn’t have taken the incentive right on the spot.

<"...Ehh...Go to sleep!"> I said, expecting either the guard and his Chatot to snooze, or nothing.

The former happened, to my surprise and pleasure. Suddenly feeling the need to faint, the man started his face-first decent towards the ground, caught only by me before an audible 'thud' came to the ears of others.

Then nine audible 'thuds' came from everywhere else. I looked around, and found myself looking at people, small Pokemon, and Chatot, all having decided to suddenly take a nap. Wow, that was too easy. I was only more invigorated to try stuff I never knew I could do…Even if I didn’t know what it would do or how I’d do it. But later. On the Calypso.

I quickly made the minimal trek back to Issac and Ghetsis, with an 'all clear' thumbs up noted before Issac decided opening fire was a necessity. They quickly came, impressed and confused as to how I managed to make every one sleep that quickly.

"What do you own, anyway? Darkrai?!"
Ghetsis asked, looking at one of the Chatot. "It's easy to see how one could make a guard fall unconscious, but they're all unscathed, and I've...never seen a Chatot stay asleep for long…I’d hurry..."

The grunt was now in the lead, and it was now that he pointed to a large door. It was wide open, and the darkness from outside was pitch-black in comparison to the bright facility. I was certain that there would be an ambush, but Aura-sight proved that there wasn't a living being anywhere aside from our massive party, the high alert being tuned down to a low alert.

A vision suddenly came through my mind-I’ll say this now, a lot of visions do. This time, I was exactly where I was before, only a mole-like Pokemon suddenly shot out of the ground, like a drill.

Then it flashed to the exact same thing, only Issac and I had guns pointed at it, and we shot, me first, then Issac. The mole-like Pokemon-and the being clinging onto it’s legs-fell down, both alive, the former barely.

I was now done with the vision, and now I used the Aura-sight on the ground. One person-just one-had the nerve to use the mole-like Pokemon from the visions to catch us off-guard. None of the other guards were nearby. The real issue? He was coming fast. I pulled out the Bellartix, aiming where I thought he'd pop up, and beckoning my associates to back up, Issac aiming where I was.

My fire was followed seconds later by Issac's, as the mole Pokemon flung itself straight out of the ground, corkscrewing and roaring in pain-it had been hit, and both bullets pierced it’s skin. It was lucky to survive the intense blow it had been dealt. The man using it's feet for a grip-the dirt-Aura man-had let go, looking shocked by our knowledge of where he'd pop up. And the fact that we disabled his only real source of protection, aside from his shotgun. His Chatot began screeching, calling the guards to it’s location, and they were there in a snap, not expecting the surprise we had in store. There weren't enough guards to contend with the Fourty Pokemon we had.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw one person that looked awfully familiar. Sure, the dirt-aura man was wearing brown, and he was one big dude, but he wasn't Gear Pesse. However, this girl was trying to hide. A blue bead on her massive hairdo, however, gave her away better than she realized.

"Hi, Iris, girl who tried to kill me!" I said, proudly announcing that she was there, gun pointing at her position.

"What the-Clay, how'd he know I was there?!" Iris yelled, moving out, hands up.

"Girl, I told you not to come, but I didn't give ya away." Clay said, still facing me and the barrel of my gun.

As if to add to the fact that Clay and Iris were totally outmatched, more Team Plasma members, armed and ready, suddenly appeared out of every nook and cranny I saw, various Pokemon that I had never seen in my life before ready to unleash a violent fury of attacks with them.

Iris and clay were both incredibly pissed off at our successful attempt to corner them, and incredibly shocked at our almost psychic perception-and keep in mind, I wasn’t really seeing the mass of Plasma members converging around the guards in advance either.

"As you can see, you're obviously outmatched. As if the many Pokemon that face you from the front in a single file aren't enough to prove it, the strategically placed members of Team Plasma and their Pokemon, facing you at every angle, are certainly so. You've only got so many men and so far, and we've yet to shed a drop of blood that wasn't belonging to a member of Team Rocket, who’s train back there it belongs to." Ghetsis said. "I'm not sure if it's you who managed to kill the majority of them, for whoever it was is somewhere else, still alive, but either way, simply looking at the uniforms should tell you that the only thing we've done is good." He added.

Clay's mind was obviously making a hard decision, even if it was the only one he had.

"Yall' won this without a fight. Go on, git!" He said, making a gesture for some people to stand aside. Iris looked dumbfounded by the turn of events. She had lost, ultimately. Clay still was totally pissed off, but Iris wasn’t prepared for the shock that Clay was.

We proceeded past them in silence, the Pokemon still following us obediently. I could see Iris being shocked at how I somehow managed to make a posse of Pokemon that large obey me willingly, another blow to her morale. Hopefully, it at least depressed her enough to not pursue us.

We turned around a bunch of crates, and-

Boom! A shockwave emitted from nowhere, thankfully not making the crates move the slightest bit, but knocked out everybody but me, Issac, and the lone Plasma Grunt who had been with us since we left the train.

Then Iris jumped down in front of us, specifically me. There wasn't any room between me and Iris that I could utilize-the unconscious pile of Pokemon were enough to deter movement backwards, and Issac and the grunt were behind us. Iris blocked the only way forward, miserably for us.

Poor Iris. She had set up a trap so good, that it seemed flawless. Poor, pitiful Iris, who had never thought I could overcome her in her own strong suite.

Almost instantaneous with her appearance, she lit her hands and feet on fire with the Arbit-Burn, attempting to strike me before most anything could realize it. That didn't stop my own hand from grabbing Iris herself, stopping her strike just inches from my chest, even letting the black energy touch my skin in a harmless manner. Iris had either forgotten how good my Arbit-based energies were, or she simply didn't think that I was Arbit-proofed. She looked around-no space, just a lot of hard places. I grinned. I had the advantage.

I didn't need anything other than my arm. I wildly threw Iris all around like a six-year old that had gotten a hold of a ragdoll in a temper-tantrum. She was obviously unprepared for me, and this was from the youngest user of Knight's Assent, not to mention one of the better users, one that had more practice that I ever had. The small thought of her having more time to train was thought more to train further. To confirm the fact that Iris is younger than me (and henceforth the youngest user of Knight's Assent), Iris was born in November, and I was born in July.

As soon as I felt her hand leave mine via the orange flash that signified that she had enough life-threatening c**p beaten into her body to call it a day. I laughed-comparing that to Gear and Storm, and even Tornaldus and Thundurus, that was incredibly easy. Iris may have not been told about my judo skill prior to this encounter, a simple reason behind all of this.

Then I remembered how everybody but me, the grunt and Issac were the only ones conscious after that attack. Me and Issac were Volteers...And Iris was completely aware about there being a unknown person in her midst, seemingly nothing more than your average Plasma Grunt, yet she started an Arbit-Burn on her hands, and even in pitch-black darkness, the purple and black energy seemed quite unaffected by the property of light, or the lack of it.

I gave the fellow a look. It wasn't something bad, just curious.

"Hey, I can't be flaunting Volteerisim in broad daylight, right?" Said the grunt.

Well, it wasn't an issue. And this grunt had a knack of making statements I couldn't argue. "Come on, let's wake our guys up and explain how this happened..." I said, winking.


Trying the same tactic that put the ten guards to sleep in the cold storage managed to wake up Ghetsis, the unconsious Plasma grunts, and the group of Pokemon I had with me (only this time with "Wake up!" over "Go to sleep!"). We hastened our retreat once everybody remembered what they were doing there, for no doubt once Clay and his subordinates woke would they believe that we were the cause of it, not an absent Iris. They probably would question why they were unconsious too, but I already had an excuse.

The Volteer grunt at last pointed out the small company of cars and a truck, all without a pattern to them, a easy way to disguise ourselves.

<"Mario, I think I'm doing some more traveling, and I know we don't have forever, but I don't know where I'm going next. I know it's underground, and I know it's far north, but where exactly I don't know."> I telepathed to Mario, remembering that we were heading to Plasma's headquarters. I had to let him know.

<"OK...I don't have forever, alright! Don't take detours unless it's nessicary, beline it if you can, I'll be waiting at Anville town, and I'll take you to the Calypso from there, but I can't wait much longer!"> Mario said. <"Find me first, and find me before tomorrow night, the Calypso won't be around in Anville town, and if you're not fast, it won't be in Povinal!"> he added, thinking a little ahead. <"We've already got the auto-pilot ready for our next destination!">

<"Good to know."> I said.

I didn't know where Anville town is, nor did I know if I could make it in time. I just had to make it in time, and if I could, I'd take the Plasma grunt who had Volteerisim with me.

"If I may, I'd like to put the Pokemon in the truck's back." Ghetsis said. "It's merely a matter that we don't have PokeBalls with us to transport them by other means, and that's the only accommodation I have for so many." he added.

"I understand...But I ride with them." I said, seriously.


"Nothing wrong with it. If that truck can hold thirty or so Pokemon, why can't it hold one person in it too? I know you're motives, and even then, I'm not letting the means do me any disservices. I don't own these Pokemon, and until today I've never met them, but I'd rather they go into the hands of people I trust. And even if we're on the same side for now, I still don't trust you enough." I said.

Ghetsis looked like he got caught between a rock and a hard place, and ultimately he had to push the rock.

"So be it, but I'd find the accommodations of a luxury car of the newest model to be far better than a truck." Ghetsis commented, a little bit of danger within his tone. I ignored it-if it all went to hell, then I'd simply take Ghetsis with me-preferably unconscious. With their leader in such a state and under hostage, I'd be able to do whatever.

I got in the truck, Lesha complaining in an undertone. "Avalon you a**hole, you had to go and be that bold. He'd like something more reserved, but no, you had to go and do that! You get on people's good sides, not their bad sides!"

"I don't care. I know his intent enough to know that I could have cussed and have been justified. In fact, I know a lot of people where I could do worse and be justified because of their intent. Too many, in fact." I said, thinking of every Arbiter that retained free will and was still willing to go about, destroying the Nexus.

The truck wasn't booby trapped, just gray and dull. There was an ample amount of food and water, in containers that would allow for the truck to continue moving without it spilling over. The Pokemon other than Lesha looked at me, giving me nice looks and smiles, and once more did I manage to catch Scyez attempting another hug that would have gone straight through my chest, and stop said hug before she did.

As there wasn't any form of cover, I decided that me and my buddies were safe. I changed my mind the instant the door closed.

There wasn't anything interesting on the door, but hidden behind it was a teenager, barely a year older than me. He was seemingly sleeping, leaning on the door, but the instant it closed, he started talking.

"Hello, Poke-huh?" He said, actually opening his eyes to notice me.

"Sup!" I said, letting my grammar slide a little.

There was an awkward silence, seemingly far more odd for the teenager who hid behind a door than I, who came in with the Pokemon. It lasted for a few minutes.

I studied the dude in the meantime. He had light green hair, much like Ghetsis, along with multiple facial features subtly matching Team Plasma's leader, but there were key differences. For being thirteen, he was almost as tall as Ghetsis, even if he was far younger. He was also somewhat lanky. There was a hat he wore, black and white, as well as some dark green short jeans and a white shirt. A rubix-cube like box hanged from a small chain near his beltline. His skin was quite light.

"...So, who are you?" He asked.

"Depends. Who are you, and what were you doing behind the door...Oh, and are you going to try something dumb?" I asked, making sure the last one a little drawn out.

"My name is N, I was simply passing time...And, if simply trying to purify the world is something dumb, then yes." N said. "Do you think it's dumb?" He asked.

"Depends on what your definition of purifying means." I said, calmly.

"I simply wish to separate humans and Pokemon." N said. "I've seen and heard of-"

I decided that now was an appropriate time to let N know that I was in control.

"Humans doing terrible, unforgivable things to Pokemon because nine times out of ten they can't understand the Pokemon, or are afraid of them." I said, finishing N's sentence and adding on my own knowledgeable tidbit. "But...The true crime is ignorance. To let a Pokemon in need die because you couldn't give up a small piece of food one has on him for other Pokemon...What am I saying?"


"It's BS. The true crime IS ignorance, and you, my good friend, ignore everything else: Pokemon can be equally cruel to one another, humans have done more crimes against themselves than Pokemon, and hell, Pokemon have done the same things to humans at unmentioned and awkward times, all for the same reasons humans can torment a Pokemon: They don't understand. That can apply to anything. I know what you want, but is the way you're doing it the way that will work? You'll find out if you do your separation of humans and Pokemon, and I have a feeling that you'll thank the person that stopped you if you almost succeed, but get stopped on the brink of your false victory." I added.

"Coming from the guy who's trying to change the world in the same method he's doing...Come on, what if Avonu really is a double-agent or something?" Latries said.

I thought of the double-agent theory while I said that speech to N.

"...No, that's impossible." said Latries, now changing his mind with our realization that if Avonu was a double-agent, there was no way the Onlisk would lose as badly as it was then.

The rest of the trip was in silence. Aside from the occasional Pokemon leaving the main group to grab a bite, nobody made too much movement. N and I were sitting together, in a similar formation of Pokemon that I used on the train, Lesha still on my lap.

"Who are you?"

That sole question was after hours of being asleep, and it woke me up. It was the same question N asked me first and foremost.

"Me? I've either gone insane or I'm still sane. If I'm insane, then there's no point in knowing...And if I'm sane, knowing who I am could cost you more than your life." I said.

At that point, we had arrived at the castle, Ghetsis opening the doors.

Ghetsis looked surprised at something. "Getting along well?"

"We're not killing each other. Does that count?"

Ghetsis decided not to respond. He did look a little frustrated at something.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 17: Duplix

Of course, it was a massive cavern. Aside from the thin strip of smooth stone that the trucks and cars used to get this far, the roof of the cave, covered in stalactites or stalagmites (I still don't know or get the difference, but who does?) was all that was above, and a bottomless abyss was all that was below, save for more stalagmites...Or stalactites.

Regardless of a small lettering change to make it so that one was pointing from down from the ceiling and one was pointing up from the floor, The real attraction was a massive structure, still being built and only halfway done, but only if one looked carefully. Otherwise, from the angle we viewed it at, the whole thing was completed. It didn't give me the feeling of those castles nestled around England (One of the continents on Earth), but it did have a lot of size to it. It was designed more like a series of walls, the roofs going diagonally upwards and downwards, points where these patterns peaked sporting drills-why would they need those?

The crowd of Pokemon following me vigilantly, I did a head-count. Nobody missing, exactly thirty-seven Pokemon, none alien to my group.

Looking down, I noticed something...Well, it wasn't really odd. Film, the Togepi without two head spikes, had evolved into a Togetic, and as if to defy the people that had taken it's dominant feature away in it's pre-evolution, it now had far more head spikes than I thought Togetic naturally got. Regardless of that, it hopped over to my shoulder, grabbing my neck like Scyez did when she was a Riolu...Pokemon evolved quickly around me.

I returned Scyez and Vyraz, Lesha still being too adamant to even consider it. Lesha seemed to dislike Film, even if Film's only response was smiling politely or just giving puzzled looks. I took a second look back at the Pokemon-

"Ghetsis." I started.


"If I catch you or anyone else on Team Plasma trying to take so much as one Pokemon, then you will find out, to your displeasure, why Gear-"

"Do you mean-"

"No, I don't mean Clay, Gear is somebody else, and I can tell you that the difference in power is enough to make enraging Gear a death wish. I got him mad at me, and I knew what I was doing. Gear doesn't exactly have a short fuse, so if you or anyone else from Team Plasma dare try to take one Pokemon of this lot, you'll find out WHY Gear's so intent on killing me." I said.

And with that, Ghetsis dropped the unknown PokeBall he was planning to use to snatch the Tyranitar. It rolled over to me, letting me see the one thing that made Master Balls look cheap and common.

Dark Balls should stand out in the memory of whoever had possessed one. Borderline uncontrollable power that somehow was still within control was put into the Pokemon that was caught within, it was a guaranteed capture, weaknesses the Pokemon had were instantly removed, loyalty was assured, and probably the only thing to offset the whole of these powerful features, their personality was turned to simple anger or simply wiped out entirely.

I knew better than to test it out, I had enough Pokemon knowledge to know that Dark Balls were not to be tampered with in any way, shape or form by anybody, save by a hand that was far too precise for missing. I pocketed it, hoping that Karazin had expertise in the matter. Seconds later, I reassured myself that Karazin had expertise in almost every matter you could name.

Once we were inside the castle, well, one could wonder where the hell Team Plasma got all that stuff from. The architecture was grand, magnificent, and stunning enough that one could stare at it for ours on first contact with the sight. I took two seconds.

"You know, I'm being generous to let this slide. I don't like bloodbaths, simply put. Try it one more time, though, and see what happens. I dare you." I said.

The Plasma Grunt dropped the unknown Ball like it was hot, revealing it to be a regular PokeBall. I pocketed that too.

Ghetsis was muttering something to somebody, just two seconds later and one word was said a little too loudly.

"Seriously?" I said. "You really want to die that badly?"

I heard no further muttering nor saw any attempts to catch the flock of Pokemon I had with me. My head count remained consistent, counting Scyez and Vyraz being in their PokeBalls.

We got to the dining hall, which was a room, mighty and majestic, the main table sporting room for eight and the other one sporting room for twenty one.

The meals were delivered quickly, and they were made for gourmets, famous people, wealthy families, powerful politicians...And they were all for vegetarians. I cared less for the absence of meat, I tore through the dishes like any Volteer would tear through any dish. I knew there weren't any animals there, so I knew why they refrained from using meats. Besides, they were wonderful regardless of the ingredients. They got passed through the hands of a master chef, that was for sure.

Quite a few others made similar scenes. As there wasn't anything really filling aside from bread, even Ghetsis was to be seen eating fast. It wasn't as if we weren't being uncivilized, no, we all used intricate knives and forks to eat, but we ate quickly, and quite a lot. I started to pity the time it took for the cooks to do the next course, considering the speed.

I made note of almost everybody there. The people at the table made for eight included N, six people dressed in mono-color robes of varying colors, variously aged, and Ghetsis. N was at the head of the table, seated on a throne, like a prince of sorts, though no crown was on his head. Aside him stood multiple Pokemon, quite like my own flock, and although they shot glances at me, Issac and the group I brought with me, they at least knew better than to tamper with me. N's group of Pokemon and my group were separate, eating away at their own food, prepared equally well.

I had taken note of the redhead Grunt. The only redhead of the lot, he made glances at me, signs and warnings in the form of eyes darting to Ghetsis, N, the exits, me, my mass of Pokemon, and Issac. I was ready to at a moment's notice pull out both Encrypts and 'somehow manage' to be both trigger happy and insanely accurate.

Last, came the wines. I got water, simply for being twelve, and N was reserved from the privilege due to age as well, but everyone else got some exotic touches of some of the single most exotic samples of alcohol I have ever known. As a tribute to how good they were, I managed to find a few bottles of their excellent wine when I went through the wreckage of their castle, twenty years later at that point. It was just hours after Povinal's time became synced with the regular time of the Nexus, when I was digging through some of the ruins, looking for something worthwhile, and I found quite a few bottles of wine lying around, unscathed, as well as a list of their ingredients. They were simply the rarest wines experts I consulted ever saw, and I'm keeping them for when I'm twenty one. Alongside another few Dark Balls and a small ruby-and-bronze statue of Moltres, those wines stand as some of the rarest things I ever found there.

When it was all said and done, me and Issac found ourselves ignoring Ghetsis's plans of action, only listening in when we were asked to sleep with Ghetsis tonight. We agreed, and Ghetsis said without hesitating that our Pokemon would also be staying in his room.

The halls were intricate, blah, blah, blah...You know, regardless of the compelling beauty the place had, I felt like it was missing something...I couldn't put my finger on it right then. It wasn't until the castle was totally ruined that I knew what it was-It wasn't that it was missing something, it was perfect. It was too perfect. The ideal N once had, the plot Ghetsis had made...Both crumbled as easily as the castle...

Creepy philosophy aside, I was in Ghetsis's room before we knew it.

You know why I was trying to loot Team Plasma's broken-down castle? This room was why. A small library of expensive-looking books were positioned on one wall, a collection of obviously rare and expensive-looking artifacts just aside from it. A rack of wines I already knew to be some of the best I would ever know was nearby a hand-carved desk, on which were several important documents and books. A table near a beautiful fireplace housed the previously mentioned small gold-and-ruby statue of Moltres, A bed with some of the finest sheets and covers I ever knew was tucked in a dark corner of the room, and a beautiful part of the cave, waterfalls pouring into shallow pools who's bottoms were beautifully coated in crystals, were all to be seen from here...The paintings of artists I couldn't name were covered here and there, I think we all get the idea. The room was extraordinarily expensive and luxurious. And laid out in the room were two sleeping bags, positioned in it's exact center, far away from any object.

None of us made any attempts at conversation, we just looked around, and Ghetsis turned out the lights shortly after our entrance, gesturing to the sleeping bags...

Nothing exciting about sleeping except it was sleeping, right?

Issac and I both had our eyes open, our weapons still at the ready, our eyes occasionally darting to Ghetsis's spot on the bed. We both knew that Ghetsis wasn't asleep yet, and we both knew that Ghetsis knew that we were awake as well.

It took hours. Then, at last, Ghetsis started to snore.

Silently as possible, we got out of the sleeping bags.


That meant go.

Without warning, we bolted for the door, three figures appearing out of nowhere be damned. They seemed similar to Curze, save that they wore true-blue ninja outfits over Curze's hybrid, but they obviously weren't expecting us to keep going. Even with katanas out, we charged straight into one on our way to the door, and we rammed into two more, who obviously thought that they were physically stronger. They barely gasped as we practically went straight through the door, letting the wood fly around us.

Well, they expected us to rudely leave, considering the Grunts. Our sole man in the midst had done his job, considering their unconscious status.

Oh, yhea...You don't get it, do you? Let's rewind a bit, back to when we were eating...

As the fourth course was being served, a voice pierced my mind.

<"Guys, Ghetsis'll kill you for not getting in the car with him! It was his intention to let N alone with the Pokemon, and you've gone and ruined that attempt!"> telepathed the Plasma Grunt.

<"He hasn't a chance against me."> I reassured him. <"I could escape under all their noses.">

<"He'll make you sleep with him in his room, and then he'll send the Shadow Triad, his personal assassins on you while you're asleep to kill you then!"> he warned.

<"...Interesting...Do you know the way out?"> I asked.

<"Yhea. He'll probably send everyone in here just to stop you if the Shadow Triad doesn't get you first, too, so I guess I'll just knock them all out..."> he started.

<"And get us out of here."> I finished.


"<"...So what's your name?"> I asked.


<"Gotcha."> I confirmed.

Resuming our proper course of events...Well, Duplix did his job good. He still wore those Plasma Garments, but had packed with some more proper clothing. Timing it with my immediate next footstep, the Shadow Triad appeared right in front of us, unconscious fellows regardless, and Duplix used the same pulse move Iris and Gear did to knock them out, on the spot. However they were able to teleport like that is beyond me, but I didn't care. It was probably magic, the dumb thing it was. Most Volteers had a hard time using it if they could do it at all, and even if they were good, most Volteers keep away from it, partly because half the population is resistant or outright immune to every breed of magic one could name.

"Freedom ho!"

I should also note now how come Duplix is being so nice. It was a simple extension to our mental conversation at the dinner table.

<"Say...Why help us at all?"> I asked.

<"If Ghetsis ever does anything for you, he'll half-expect it, half-demand it. He's not one for employee cruelty, but leaving is committing suicide, and hell, I'd take a chance to escape right f***ing now!"> He exclaimed.

<"Even if you find yourself in a terrorist group?">

<"I'm an outlaw as it is, I don't care!">

The best response one could give.

Everybody else in the castle was fast asleep, unaware of the trio of terrorists and their pack of forty-so Pokemon escaping, thank god. For once, I swore things would go off without an unexpected hitch in the plan.

Then Lesha found herself in a sneezing fit. I canned her nasals after the first shot, but it had enough noise to echo around the place.

Then came that music, like when we first wound up on Povinal...fainter than a drop of water on a pure white surface. It wasn't the same as before...I didn't even feel slightly sleepy, but what sleep did dare to crawl up in my eyes immediately fled them.

<"Ah, s**t. Somebody doesn't want us leaving..."> I telepathed, realizing what was going down.

I didn't even know how they knew of intruders that easily, but Team Plasma grunts came pouring out, armed and ready. Suddenly, time seemed to slow down straight in their faces, leaving only us at a regular pace. Issac and Duplix grinned...But their distortion seemed to be changing pace, and even with my help, it seemed inadvertent that they were speeding up...

We moved like lightning, shooting through the long hallways, letting time go to it's regular pace, even with our interference, and then suddenly start speeding up for everyone else but us...As if to further tease us straight in our faces at the ridiculous exercise in futility we were doing, the chambers started to stretch out in our faces, and the small exit seemed many miles away, and it continued to stretch...The only reason we weren't caught sooner because we had that big of a head start.

"WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON HERE?!?!" I yelled.

A vision popped into my head, as if to answer. As we started passing through another hall, which was even longer than the one we were in, I had my head turned to a pedestal that had three crystals on it-one a seamless orb with a light pink tint, the second a shining union of triangular shapes in a orb-like shape and with a light blue tint, and the third a large yellow crystal in a crystal-like shape. Two were glowing profoundly, the first two. I shot a flame at them, blue and red without purple, nailing the crystals easily. It ended before I could see the result of my work, but that was all I needed.

As we left the hallway we were in, I pulled out the Ninjuitsu and the Bellartix, holding both single-handedly. I was the only reason a massive spray of bullets, far too fast for it to be simply a gun they were using, was bouncing off our party harmlessly. I unloaded both clips at absurd speed, firing off almost all the bullets at a split-second frame of time, and considering the massive speed those grunts gained, it was enough to allow the bullets to travel through their hearts to other victims, cleaning out the pack considerably. I almost started facing forward, when I saw the pedestal, crystals exactly as they were, two shining oddly.

I didn't even know what I was doing, but once again, I did it regardless. My right hand flaming without making the gun catch on fire, oddly enough, a stream of flame shot at the crystals, connecting easily.

Two roars were to be heard, from separate entities who's pain was equal from a massive blow. Whether they were the crystals themselves or something else entirely, I didn't know, but did it matter? Our temporal abilities were resuming their dominance, slowing down time to the point where we must have been flying down the hall to the Poor grunts, who were so slow, a random bystander who was spared their fate could have taken a bullet, eerily hanging in midair without any just reason for doing so, and pocketed it, no problem. Meanwhile, Ecuadorian space righted itself, quickly resuming it's regular length, and our goal seemed far closer than I would have guessed.

All of us ran down the hall like bullets, faster than bullets, even, for the bullets Team Plasma fired were beyond inadequate for speed comparisons at this point. We believed we were going to make it, still without a hitch, aside from time and space collaborating to kill us.

Then the Shadow Triad, alongside three bipedal black foxes with spiky ponytails, suddenly appeared right in front of the exit, seemingly immune to the temporal slowdown we created.

That was not a hitch, that was a slight obstacle. The Shadow Triad suddenly found themselves unable to contend without sleeping on the spot. They took to dreamland as we passed over them.

Then, out of the very corner of my eye, they got straight up.

Out of the other corner of my eye, I saw the source of all that d**m music, that somehow made these grunts insomniacs.

I took one of Issac's combat knives without permission ("Oy!") and threw it at the same girl from earlier this dumb*** day. Almost failing to catch the one window of opportunity to dodge the projectile, she opened her eyes enough to see it coming, and ducked low, forgetting about her music, however briefly.

<"Nighty-night!"> I said in cynical and sadistic celebration, as every last person here hell-bent to kill me fell asleep on the spot, Melodey included. The truck, thank god, was still present.

"I'll drive! You get in the back!" said Duplix.

"Gotcha! Head to Undella Town!" Issac said, pushing me off to the back of the truck.

It would be a long drive there...One I barely remember. The Pokemon and I got in our usual formation, and it took little time to go to sleep.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 18-The Incentive of Victory

My dreams started off in nightmares of endless killing, as usual. Same environment, with light shining in the direction of where all these enemies were coming from, and total darkness emitting everywhere else. The same ability to kill endlessly and the same bloody victory streak were also elements of these terrible dreams. Actually, these were my dreams for a while now.

Then the absurd killing frenzy I was going into was abruptly cut short. Everything went black, and two words shot out of nowhere: "WAKE UP!!!"

And I promptly did.

I was still in the truck I was heading in, having barely escaped Team Plasma, still encroached by Forty-so Pokemon, all having seemingly and abruptly been awoken from nightmares of their own.

Oh, there were also two totally uninvited guests.

One was NOT human. A pitch-black upper body with no legs after it's torso split into a kind of umbrella, with the only color coming from a red 'collar' around it's head, a single blue eye, and a mass of smoke-like hair.


While whatever voice propelled that part of my mind was concerned on Darkrai, I was concerned about his opponent.

This dude was a big fellow, but he couldn't have been older than sixteen. He was bulky, all right, muscles ripping from every part of his body, and he had a large waistline as well. He had a black bo-staff, with three daggers on each end in a triangular fashion similar to the design of Lesha's mace. His hairstyle had three mohicks-what I call mohawks that require you to style your hair over shave off most of it. He wore the clothes most Volteers do, which was some cross between medieval and modern, all of it black, his skintone matching his clothes. The real thing that got me moving was that there was a mark that subtly revealed itself on his clothing: the Arbitarian eye.

The instant I saw the Arbiter's symbol, I took out the sword, the Bellartix, and with the assistance of the many Pokemon intent on paying me back, and with their combined cries awakening Issac, I promptly started a brutal attack. On both of them.

A gesture to Darkrai told most of my crew to initiate the attack on Darkrai, Issac's assistance included. Scyez, Lesha, Film, Meta, and Vyraz, disobeying me, helped me take the fight directly to the brick that was attacking Darkrai up until that point. How either got in there was none of my business, how they were going to get out was.

The teen had a large jaw, a cleft in the chin, and blood-red eyes...Blizzard's brother, Quake. I really started hating myself for giving Gear all those enemies. Pandora was a surprise, but Pandora was an easy defeat (or she wasn't expecting me to be that strong). Even though fights between Gear and Quake always resulted in the former winning, Quake gave Gear some trouble. I suddenly remembered how Gear nearly killed me, seemingly ignoring all my attacks and only winning due to a lucky coincidence and a timely Evolution. Even if Quake couldn't win against Gear, that he could put up an actual fight was enough to say that I was already going neck-deep in s**t.

I could already tell Darkrai was experiencing difficulties: his yelling of such phrases like "ARRRGH!" and "GAHHHH!" was enough for that. One particularly loud "AIEEEEGH!" made Quake jump a little, giving me enough opportunity to slip past his defenses and land a small blow. The Arbitarian blood activated the Arbit Burn, regardless of how small the laceration I actually made, but my single cut was enough to allow Lesha to bonk Quake on his head with the former's mace, and for Scyez to then punch Quake in the gut. For somebody I made to be an attack sponge, he stumbled backward upon the attacks. He had fought with Darkrai for a few minutes now, and his clothes were accordingly dotted with lacreations and energy burns, but he seemed to have been winning his battle until now.

Quake wasn't phased, nor was he dumb enough to stop and say something. Quake wasn't this smart in the story I made for Gear...Then again, everything was much more realistic about the story I made for Gear when I heard of his actual legacy, and I didn't need his actual legacy to know that Quake's IQ level wasn't going to be the one I imagined. However, I wasn't expecting Quake to actually be as smart as Blizzard.

He rushed forward, Arbit-Burning pole in hand, and took two quick stabs at me. They did almost nothing, in terms of Arbitarian energy, I barely took damage from the energy. Iris's own Arbit-Burns weren't for eradicating existence, and even if Quake's were, the real damage came from the stab. The burn was put out as soon as the staff left my body.

But, even if it was one of the most minor burns in the world, It still hurt like hell. Arbiters cared more for how much pain they inflicted with each stab over how much damage they did with each stab. Painful over fast-that was what Arbiters did. And the amount of energy successfully burning me was the equivalent of a scratch.

Quake raised an eyebrow as he stabbed me again, still not going for the heart, as I moved back, moving myself out of the staff's own blades. That was more painful than it sounded. Regardless, I ignored it. Knight's Assent requires those partaking to go through pain-proofing, and I'm not saying how that works. D**m Gov't.

Quake lunged at me, and I parried his blow, kicking his jaw. I realized how hard this was going to be. It felt a little like kicking a rock. I had six times the strength of most olympic athletes at the age of twelve.

Scyez got in on the action, Ice-Punching Quake...Where it hurt. He stumbled over, still hating Scyez for strength to outmatch me (I checked it), and Lesha used a move I swore Pikachu couldn't use: Energy Ball. I didn't really care how Lesha learned it, it hit Quake regardless. And it also landed where it hurt.

Quake retaliated at once, launching a few orbs of Arbitarian energy at my feet, and started spinning his Bo-Staff around and around and around in front of him, in an attack I knew as the frontal plow spin, and it became apparent that he cared little for the truck itself. He tore straight through the metal with both attacks, leaving large streaks in the ground, Arbit-Burning it in the process. And he was moving at me, fast. And somehow, he defied gravity.

I back-flipped away, my five-Pokemon group moving away from me. Meanwhile, It seemed that the rest of the Pokemon had finished their jobs, Issac included. Apparently, the went for the kill, even if I did want to ask Darkrai what the hell was going on.

<"Stay back!"> I telepathed. They had no argument: I had tried to make a sheet of metal come up in front of him, only to have it be decimated by his frontal plow spin. Scyez attempted an Aura Sphere, but the plow spin deflected it, narrowly missing Issac.

Then I had an idea.

I suddenly removed the floor from under him, and Quake canceled his plow spin on the spot, using his bo-staff to keep him inside the truck. He jumped back up with a kinetic burst, staff ready in an overhead strike, and I slipped under him, letting it slam into the ground. A large burst of Arbiter energy came out of it, but thankfully everybody was out of the way.

I stabbed him in the back with my blade, now fused with the Starblazer, and he wasn't pleased at what I did. He jumped up with enough force to launch me and my blade straight out of him, howling.

"Gah!" Quake said. His voice was gravelly and coarse, to the point where I wondered if rocks were grinding in his voicebox. He turned to face me, letting his backside go vulnerable to Issac, who was reloading as fast as he could.

I attempted several Volteer tricks, but it was at last that Quake took some advice from the element where he got his namesake. Sand suddenly came into the place, making a sandstorm easily. Wounds I had suffered prior were taking a further prick with the sand going into it, and it was also creating new wounds…And I couldn’t see him.

Suddenly, The sandstorm stopped. I looked around, and remembered why Issac was chosen to be the sniper to kill Luvant: He never missed with precision weapons, quite like me. Only he needed far less Volteer-based assistance than I did.

Issac shot him with his Sniper Rifle, straight in back of the head. Quake turned to look at him, angry. Stuck in his skull was the shot he had taken. The Arbit-Burn had vanished, too. Somehow, even with a bullet lodged into his skull, he survived. Gear's outraged image after taking all those firearms to his body came right back.

I shot the Bellartix at Issac's round, and it seemed to do some real damage at last: Quake reeled, grabbing the back of his head, where the Bellartix and Issac's round were embedded in, and fell over, still alive by the barest trace. The dark vortex formed under him, but I couldn't help but finish the job.

Sadistic glee at being able to do this apparent all over, as well as some other Pokemon who were disgusted at Quake’s alliance, I continued to shoot Quake where the bullet went into his steel-hard skull, further causing him pain and suffering, shocking him with the Paradox Lightning when Issac's sniper round fell out of his forehead. He was dead after the first extra bullet went into his head, but I wasted the whole clip regardless, and he was long gone via the Paradox Lightning before the vortex took away nothing and vanished. Meta even joined in halfway through, to punch him in the back with bone-crushing power, but he stopped when I started unleashing some kilowatts of energy on Quake's body.

Once it was done, the truck started to stop. When it halted entirely, one could easily see the damages. Torn metal was ripped up from the floor of the truck all over, and I was lucky we didn’t step into any holes during the Sandstorm. Bloodstains were all around, some Pokemon were injured from fighting Darkrai, so on and so forth. The hole I created when I tried to stop Quake in his tracks was the largest of all, enough to fit the Tyranitar.

The back opened, and Duplix's figure was to be seen. Outside, the light was blinding: We had arrived at Undella Town.

"What the hell happened back here?!" Duplix asked.

"Somehow, Darkrai decided to troll us all with some nasty dreams, and somehow, A loyalist decided to stroll in here as well. We killed them both, and no casualties...Somehow." Issac commented.

"That's some lucky s**t!" Duplix said. No arguments here.

Outside, this place...It immediately struck me as a place I wanted to live at. Undella Town was the least Volteer-packed community in all of Povinal, even after Cavix fell. The reason why is at spring break, college students gather at the capital of spring breaks everywhere to party it up, and during the summer, all too many people gather here for safety for Volteers, and it happened very unexpectedly.

Yet, it was beautiful. White sands gently sloped into a massive beach that stretched for miles, and it was crawling with friendly wildlife. Some people were swimming early, and even in the distance, I could see Pokemon playfully dance around people in the waters. Green palms jettisoned out of the beach from where we were, early sunbathers were here with umbrellas in their drinks, it was all calming and nice and warm, and it was the change of pace I wanted to have at last. If I couldn’t make it back home, for whatever reason, I’d stay here. It was serene, it seemed like the last place anything bad could happen. Togekiss came flying around, that's how good it was.

Issac and I toured the place: Duplix agreed to stay with the Pokemon and alert us if anything odd happened or if the Calypso came. When it did, it would land on a secluded part of the Undella Bay beach, where the truck was parked. Nobody would see the cloaked minicarrier calmly descend into the waters. We toured Undella Town to it's fullest, seeing the houses, the beaches, the greens, and other things.

Scyez, Lesha, Film, Meta and Vyraz refused to leave my side, after supporting me in the battle, either with their presence or their actual attacks, Lesha and Film on my shoulders, Scyez and Vyraz beside me, and Meta floating above me. I spied the house that I'd be living in later: One of the few two-stories around here, nice and big, complete with it's own swimming pool and large garage. It’s also close to the beach, close to a small cliff that I could climb and see the sunrise, it had a small dock to park a boat in, it was property I’d like. I currently live there, in fact.

I talked with the residents. They were happy people, living out their lives. One gave me a pretty scale he found. Another gave me some kind of disk so that my Pokemon could explore the ruins, because these ruins were deep underwater in the bay. I saw the Riches Condo, even. A structure made of genetically modified white coral and glass, it glittered brilliantly in the light, a sun bathed in the sun.

<"Mates, the Calypso has arrived! Freedom ho!"> Duplix proudly telepathed, midday, after some of the best hours of my life.

We walked back to the small beach...It was a beautiful place, Undella. I'd probably never get tired of it. There's always something happening there, and it's usually not an odd or bad event, and if it is, it's easily solved. It's usually just a competition or someone famous coming to their condos or their summer houses, nothing too disruptive or big...Undella Town was a paradise. It gave me back hope, something I almost forgot existed.

I would never forget my time there, and I made a promise to come back someday. However...

<"Avalon, how in hell did you survive that long? With that many Pokemon in tow, too?"> Mario telepathed as I approached the ship.

<"You have no idea. Come on, let's get off this planet already, I've had enough of it for a good while."> I telepathed back.

...The threat of Ghetsis, or worse, Gear, was enough to make me board the Calypso once more.


Even if his clothes were the same color palette as his Plasma outfit (major changes in actual clothing aside), Duplix immediately had started looking more like a Volteer than a dumb Plasma grunt. He was also induced into Eon Sky nicely, not tolerating the total landslide loss of his brother for the office of President of the Onlisk Republic to an Arbiter.

The least of my worries.

I distributed Pokemon fairly and as I, the Pokemon, and their chosen owners saw fit. Film and Meta refused to leave my side, so I kept them.

And, after that, I rarely strayed from doing four things: eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom when necessary, and training.

Whether I was training Mario or Karazin, my Pokemon or myself, I was training vigilantly, and in my non-sleeping, eating or toiletry time, I trained. I trained my Pokemon in a style that Knight's Assent users could have recognized, in a sense. However, this Pokemon-based style of Knight's Assent is my own creation, totally Gov't-controlling free, even if it shared many things with Knight's Assent. One of the few things that wasn't: Being able to fight without any commands, and out of logical reasoning and strategic attacks. This style, which I myself keep to myself, is the reason why I am currently ranked as the number one Pokemon Battler of all time. I'm not even telling them what to do: I'm telling them about how they should figure out what to do.

Lesha was too belligerent to even try it, but I knew that she didn't need to, and that she was already a combatant to be respected by all sorts. Scyez picked up on it quickly, and she was the first one done. It took a while for Film, Vyraz and Meta to grasp it, but I broke through with Vyraz after a month.

Mario was nearly finished with his Knight's Assent: At this point, I could say that he was capable of attacking Gear and surviving, or at least surviving long before dying. Meanwhile, Karazin was somewhere halfway through. He wasn't struggling, either. Neither matched my pace in the art it was, however.

For all those who have thought out over thousands of theories how I came from barely surviving Gear in my second encounter to how I actually won against him the third recorded time I met my belligerent childhood hero, then my actual training should shed light on it. I tried whatever popped into my mind, even if it was so silly top-notch comedians would be impressed at how insane an attempt it was, and yet more often than not, I won. Even in times when I was simply walking by, I was training the power that allowed me to knock out the guards in the Cold Storage and the mass of Grunts, the Shadow Triad and their bipedal black foxes, and Melodey: Influency. Influency is basically the equivelant of mind control, except one uses Psychic power in ways most Legendary Volteers cannot comprehend to make one think a certain thought of his own accord, despite the idea originating from the Volteer that used it. Yes, that means I can basically make you think what I want you to. The better part of it? I can also make you act upon it, at once. If I made you think of committing suicide, and forced you to act upon that thought, you'd take the nearest way to kill yourself and do it willingly. There's no defense against what an Influential can do to a person except making the Influential...Screw up. I'm not going into deep detail on Influency after that, but I can say truthfully that I made Issac agree with me on an argument, and he never did realize that he wouldn't have agreed to my point of view unless I made him do so. Unless he reads this.

Hell, it was something minor: What was better, Dogs or Cats?

However, Influency wasn't the only thing I did. I focused upon any move that Karazin and Mario made that wasn't a part of my own move-pool, and I myself took it upon myself to master it. I usually did, albeit I stayed away from their weapons after I needed Karazin to unravel me from a whip attack gone terribly wrong. I wanted my move-pool to be vast: If there was some kind of way to do something, I'd do it to the best of my ability.

This included a long-secondary move-pool I had: Volteer-based attacks. Until that point, I was totally fine with primarily using my close-quarters combat genius and the Illicit Blessing/Starblazer combo to take down my foes, along with whatever gun I found along the way. However, Gear learned from last time how not to kill me, and used my less-than-grand Volteer moves against me, showering me with a wave of Volteer attacks that I couldn't withstand. I remember what he did, and I vowed that it would never happen again, not against any foe, in any circumstance. I would never be outmatched, in any way, shape, or form, ever again.

At this point, I started developing my infamous sadistic nature towards foes I disliked. The Arbiters were now the only foes I ever dreamed of, and in my sleep even I didn't hesitate to use whatever I had in my disposal to kill them all, glee too apparent. They were dreams, real dreams, they were, bloodshed aside. I awoke, almost bummed out that it wasn't real. If it was, then by the end of the month the Arbiters would have to have been losing spectacularly. from a loss of personnel. But this transmitted to my training as well, making me grin whenever I imagined myself using a technique to kill an Arbiter somehow, whether using telekinesis to fling weapons at foes, or trying a multitude of punches and kicks guaranteed to turn a human body into a indistinguishable bloody pulp within the time-span of thirty seconds. I had no love of the Arbiters: The men that the Aribters brainwashed and used as footmen were not the same men once they were brainwashed, they were Arbiters, and I felt no mercy. To me, the brainwashed were dead, and I was simply ridding the world of their reanimated husks.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Of course, I wasn’t that. That was a part of my face personality, but it wasn’t me to the fullest. With the majority of my mental problems wiped out and replaced by abhorring the Arbiters and training like my life depended on it, I still had a few issues to deal with. Firstly, I still wanted to get home. At this point, that was more like a bonus than the actual reason why I fought, the ultimate reason now being held by Avonu’s destruction by Eon Sky. But it still was a reason, and it nagged me. Because I don’t want my family to be shunned and discredited for being the folks that raised me, I decided that their names, their locations, or anything about them would be mentioned in this publication. Another thing, and it’s far more gripping: was I insane? It had a stronger presence in my mind, and although I shoved these thoughts aside, insanity was something that I couldn’t exactly shake off. This world was, in all senses of the word, impossible. I was assured of it. The theory was that I had gone insane the instant I started hearing that voice on that d**m Halloween night (I’d never go Trick-or-Treating again, ever), and that I was hallucinating it the whole time. I couldn’t discredit it, but I couldn’t confirm it either. To add to it all, the members of the Onlisk Republic’s armed forces were not Arbiters, and I didn’t like killing them. Corrupt Gov’t, Arbiters, and whoever else was just that downright dirty, and that was it. Those people weren’t simply shells with the faces of others, these people weren’t those that would think only of themselves and nobody else, these people were people. Sentient, humane people. The Dog Tags I collected from the dead Onlisk weren’t pretty, and that was just them. I knew I’d be killing more. Gear didn’t want me alive, and he’d send his best out for my blood.

And you know what? I did NOT care.

I would never care for how many people dubbed me a terrorist swine, I'd save everyone's a**es, whether they liked it or not. Gear wouldn’t stop me, Insanity wouldn’t discourage me, no man who dared to stand in my way would provide a permanent obstacle. And, considering the media pandemonium going on about me within ten months after the files on me were declassified, you obviously didn't like it. Sure, I killed some of the most despicable factions in all of history, but I did it in a manner that made even the most infamous have a tint of goodness in their souls. And now, it was at last time to prove that I would no longer be a side-story player, a thorn in the sides of the Arbiters and the Onlisk, but not really doing much. I’d infiltrate their most-well guarded strongholds, and cripple them so severely that it would hinder even their greatest performances the entire war.

I'd prove to them that they had no idea.

I’d prove to everyone that they had no idea.


"Guys, we've got a problem. We're running out of fuel."

Everyone whipped their heads to Mario at the presentation of this lunchtime announcement: The reservoirs of fuel we had looked plentiful, but to run out of fuel is to risk capture by the Onlisk at their refueling stations...And every refueling station was under direct Onlisk control: The Arbiters had destroyed every planet they came into contact with, after scouring it for survivors, resources, and relics of the Arbitarian religion. Add that to a massive check of multiple planets for the HQ being planet-based, and the result was knowing that their headquarters was mobile. They needed fuel. Of course, Arbitarian raids and Avonu’s position made going to a refueling station pointless.

"I've got some Good news and some bad news, though. Good news: The place we're going to is a dingy place, the Onlisk doesn’t check it too often unless there's something big going down. Bad news is that, even there, there are posters. The exact text of these posters say that "Any suspicious activity, related to the Arbiters or otherwise, is to be told to Onlisk officials for verification and a potential cash reward." The original posters said "Any suspicious activity thought to be related to the Arbiter is to be told to Onlisk officials for verification and a potential cash reward." That means they're getting civilian help, just not directly. The civilians and those lower on the Onlisk food chain will never really know what to look for other than suspicious activity, and that could be anything. Just act like we're going to get some fuel, and we'll be fine...and that’s all we’re doing, I forsee no reason to stay there and kill somebody or steal anything. Don't say a word of our activities, and if anyone asks about the Calypso, just say it's a fix-up of an older model minicarrier. The Calypso does kind of look like an older Balan model, from the Shining Sailors, so go with a Balan model, just don't go into too much detail about it."

"Hey, what happens if they expect us, or there's an official that knows about us?" I said.

"We get the hell out of there." Mario said.

"And what if they hijack the Calypso, or we can't get off the station?" I said.

"God help us all." Mario whispered, looking upward. "Fight for your lives." He said.

"Where is the station, exactly?" Karazin asked, seemingly knowing the answer. "Is it near a DEE sight?" He threw in, before Mario could answer his last question.

"It's a secondary DEE sight for Kaiot." said Mario, obviously in pain about saying that it was a DEE sight to anywhere at all.

"So...Are we going to Kaiot?" Karazin asked. It was a rare circumstance when Karazin didn't know the answer to a question, even one he asked himself, and now was one of those rare moments.

"I...Have decided that, as a group, we would decide...Though personally, I'd rather not go into Kaiot. Fighting and undermining Avonu's undermining of the gov't is one thing, fighting Avonu's own faction is another thing entirely...All right, we'll decide, as a group, right now!" Mario declared. "All in favor of staying within Pesse's boundaries, say 'I!'" Mario said, allowing several members to repeat his phrase. Many remained silent. I knew what that meant.

"All in favor of going to Kaiot, where the Arbiter attacks are most frequent, say 'Nay!'" He said.




"NAY!" Said almost everyone. A theory was spreading around: Even if they managed to get Avonu out of office today and reveal to them who Avonu really was, the Arbiters would have gained too much momentum to be stopped at that point. Mario's visage was tormented with the horrors of dying by an Arbitarian weapon: He's seen the powers of the Illicit Blessing, but it was my blade (or at least, now it was), not the Arbiters: had they owned it, they would have shoved it up his head, Arbit Burning, killing him and then some. Unless they felt cruel. Of course, he tried concealing it.

"We're going to Kaiot!" Mario said. "It's final...Oh, god, help me, or we're gonna die otherwise..."

"Bull****!" I yelled. Mario had failed to whisper quietly enough. "We're finally hitting Avonu where it hurts-Right in the face of those Arbiter bas****s! Or at least we have a chance! Avonu's probably been s**t scared of us for being able to drive off Gear twice now! If we can do that, we can do anything to those f***ing bas****s!" I roared. Get scared of Arbiters in my face, get a boatload of cussing Sailors would cringe at.

"Hell yhea! We could take their largest ship on and win, f***!" Issac added, only pleased that at last, he can do some real damage to the faction we were really interested in fighting.

"The Arbiters have their weapons, but we have our own weapons, most tenfold stronger. I've spotted quite a few experimental weapons: needler weapons are a common sight, there are gravity grenades about, and I've even seen the like of Spartan Lasers and Plasma Launchers in your armory." Karazin said, subtly.

Karazin's subtly must have been so that he said what he needed to but didn't want to be put in the spotlight in the process. He failed to keep the spotlight off him, however, as with Luvant's criminal act, he had once again had known critical information that nobody else did. At least this time, he had managed to shrug everybody away (with a look that said "Weren't you looking in your own armory?"

I myself have used Karazin's knowledgeable quips to catch up on everything I'd ever need to know about the Nexus, everything in it, and a little more, and I knew that all of those weapons were supposed to be the kind of stuff that was downright dangerous. Needler weapons slightly home in upon the skin and flesh of living things, making them explode if enough rounds impact. Gravity grenades were basically extremely tiny black holes with seconds-long lifespans that were created when the grenade itself detonated, sucking people in (killing them outright if they were too close), then exploding violently. Best of all, Spartan Lasers and Plasma Launchers were both weapons famous for their anti-vehicle potential, one a massive energy beam that no Volteer could control, the other a device that launched explosive wads of energy to a target determined by a lock-on feature. Both resulted in fantastic explosions.

Mario grinned: Even if the Arbiters were ruthless, powerful, and came in quite a few numbers, the last of these advantages would be their certain downfall, for quite frankly, if most weapon-wielding vehicles used by the Onlisk could be downed with a Spartan Laser, then nobody would have any doubts as to if it could down a single Arbiter-or more. Hordes of frontline troops being downed by explosive weapons like those weren’t good for the Arbiters. As a bonus, the idea of wielding one was just fantastic. I could see myself wielding a Spartan Laser, blowing through Avonu's highly unwitting face, and grinned.

"We'll be there tomorrow! The refueling will take one hour, tops, and this time, I'm not waiting around for anybody. We're not going to get dragged in for having weapons, but we will be if we flaunt needlers or Spartan Lasers, or stuff like that, so just use the regular stuff and we will not get caught..." Mario said.

His voice got drowned out in my own thoughts. It was a simple task, yet it was now complicated so many times over it was like folding a piece of paper over and over and over and over until it refuses to give way to another fold…So long as the paper wasn’t folded at all. Fortunately, there was a chance of escape if stealth was compromised…For once.

The only thing better? DEE sights was where two dimension’s borders intersected and merged. Come on, folks, it’s common knowledge at this point: the Nexus contains four dimensions, and these dimensions are held together by fused dimensional borders, said borders more commonly called Dimensional Edges. DEE stands for Dimensional Edge Eroder, something many ships Volteers use have installed in order to cross the different dimensions. It’s no use to try going interdimensional if you don’t have a DEE. Otherwise, you’ll just go to the opposite end of the dimension. However, you can’t erode just anywhere-eroding anywhere other than a DEE sight, where the merged Dimensional Edges exist, would either fail miserably (the lucky fate), or else would drive your vessel straight into the voids that exist outside the Dimensional Edges, and nobody’s that stupid. You lose all contact with the Nexus the instant that happens, so nobody knows what happens. Save the people that do it. And I’m pretty sure that they’re dead and then some.

That night, I was determined to train harder than ever. Mario was finished with Knight's Assent, and Karazin was still progressing at a nice pace. My Pokemon were getting stronger every day, and I wouldn't want to face myself if I were anyone else. Except Gear.

I took the incentive to achieve victory over any foe...If it went to hell at the refueling station, it would be a prime time to test my skill. And, as anything else related to leaving the Calypso for any amount of time was, I had a bad feeling that it was indeed going to go to all hell.

(Bleh, not my best work thus far.)
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

(I warn you now: This chapter will get very violent.)

Chapter 19: Trident

My training's intensity increased tenfold, just for the next day, for I had a great suspicion about what could and would go wrong on a simple errand such as this. Arbiters happened to do a raid just when we were getting resupplied at Tuaxin, we could get another face-full of ambush with this visit just to get fuel. A real Onlisk presence, if not a strong one, would help us ward off the invasion with a decision of helping the lesser of two evils, but I doubt that they alone would do the trick, and in the process, we may have to 'admit' to owning weapons the Government kept a very close eye on, were going to wind up in some awkward position if the Calypso was brought up, and were beyond doubt going to get arrested unless we save everyone's rears that good. Or we got away that fast.

Fortunately for me, at least, I had obtained a new trick up my sleeve for this trip. Early on into my new training regime, my Metal-contorting powers increased. Magneto could kiss my butt at this point: Aside from simply feeling any metal for a good radius around me (and said radius extending if there was metal in the initial radius), I also found myself able to control the temperature of the metal. I could heat it up to being white-hot, or cool it to the point where if your foot wound up on it, you'd be stuck. If I was actually comfortable with wielding them, I'd probably be using this to never overheat anything like a Troika, or a Reitaus.

However, I wouldn't be straying too far from the Calypso. Mario knew that above all, Gear had his eyes out for me, and according to Karazin, getting Gear mad was suicidal. Iris’s rage and Storm’s defeat aside, I was high on Gear’s top ten most loathed list (if not the Onlisk’s top ten most wanted list) already, and counting those two incidents, those that had a lot of stock in Gear’s ability to destroy people were already considering me as good as dead. I’d be carrying both Encrypts, and disguising the reason as a precaution to an Arbiter attack. Whether they’d let it slide, or get suspicious about how I was wielding pistols with more power than a Boltok Revolver, was up to circumstance.

I was also training my Pokemon like mad. I knew that Pokemon were invaluable assets to Volteers, providing an attack option that in some cases were beyond the reach of Volteers themselves-and to train the Pokemon in the arts of Knight’s Assent would open up a whole new breed of hell. Scyez could be considered a Volteer herself, the way she took my attacks and could dish her own out. If her bones weren’t metal and her skin wasn’t infused with steel, she’d be more than a match for me. Sadly, that wasn’t the case for her, and I could easily toss her around and around as easily as I did Iris in practice rounds. The rest of my Pokemon were coming along nicely.

Mario, as previously mentioned, was finished with Knight’s Assent. That left the brief time that day to let Karazin be my last worry, and thankfully, compared to the brutal training regime I set for myself and the complications of training five Pokemon at once, the easiest.


"We're arriving in three minutes!"

A brief quip over the ship's intercom was almost unneeded. We could see the station from a mile away. It was meant to have a lot of ships come in, hundreds, of any shape and size. This was actually a small one, from what I knew: The bigger ones could hold tens of thousands. This place shouldn't have gotten as much activity as it was, and it took all of a second’s worth of processing in my head to come up with a significant result: Something’s up.

Oh, I forgot: There was one spot left, it was so packed. If there was a spot aside from that one in the bottom left corner, it was taken by some kind of ship, armed with weapons or obviously civilian. I could easily see a second ship trying to get to our spot, but we were already closer, and we parked with a rumble. The ship hovered around for a while, the driver and passengers obviously discontent with their loss of the last spot, but when another ship started getting out, the last I saw of it was it closing in on the vacant spot-we were too far into our parking zone to tell.

With a barrier popping behind the container-like passageways the ships were supposed to dock into, we got out of the ship. It was a big, roomy place in here, and we were near the back. The whole point was loaded with stuff for maintaining a vessel, including the fuel tank that Issac was heading to.

We decided on not having a system this time around, other than this: If Onlisk presence was too heavy, we'd stick around near the Calypso. Oh, and we were told prior that we were to speak of the Calypso as an old Balan model from the Shining Sailors that we fixed up. And that was it.

Mario decided to walk with me outside, commenting on what all the commotion was about. I had to agree personally: Nobody would travel with Arbiters likely to strike you between destinations unless it was something really important, right?

We walked inside the more human-hospitable point, and both of our mouths were briefly agape. The place was nearly filled to the brim with people of all sorts. It wasn't just humans: I could identify Pokemorphs from their half-Pokemon appearance, Hylians from their pointed ears and tall, slender bodies (the word "Elves" came into mind), and several other races aside from the overly-common homo sapiens were all present, including a bunch of tough-skinned, muscular humanoids colored mostly pale with reddish leather clothing, nearly no metals, obviously meant for some kind of war, looking at two men arguing, and above me, odd floating creatures with a balloon-like structure for a body and tentacles coming out in several places. Several people were talking in languages I couldn’t grasp, but using telepathy revealed what they were saying. If one is telepathic, one will hear every last thought in their own native tongue-why, I don’t know, but thank god it’s that way.

With the exception of the balloon-like aliens and the pale-skinned tough-looking humanoids, who were busy with their own thing, one thing generally surfaced time and again: Some rare treasures recovered from Kaiot and Optu were being taken through this station before being dropped off at Cavix. I wasn't sure if high-ranking Onlisk officials would be present, but I wouldn't doubt that there were Onlisk officials present. I'd rather avoid having precious artifacts being stolen, if I had to take care of them.

We continued to walk on, and I could really start to grasp what Karazin said during all those training sessions I had with him. The social niches of a Volteer were hard to pick up upon at first, and I could never understand what the hell they were talking about whenever they mentioned something pretty basic in the terms of Volteer social knowledge. However, Karazin's tidbits and simple yet awkward interactions with the rest of Eon Sky finally made the whole of what the Volteers were talking about outside of Pokemon make sense, at long last. It wasn't confusing, I just wasn't aware. Obviously, I don't think it's necessary to mention such common social nitpicks, outside of how popular Pokemon were at the time (you could find a million clothes dedicated to the things), and Gear's impact on society simply by him being such a d**m bad***: From where I come from, the equivalent of Gear Pesse was Chuck Norris, and (just so you get the picture) according to those overly-exaggerated rumors that circulate around him, Chuck Norris had roundhouse kicks that matched force with a Big Bang.

The stores were vibrant and sold many things. Among them were clothes and souvenirs from planets that I still don't get the joke about. However, weapon-smiths and gun shops were oddly just as common, and one could see shelters for abused/lost Pokemon every now and then. A lot of it was food-based. If you ever say "food" to a Volteer, here's a likely response: "where?" Yep, we like our food. I've probably already mentioned this, but we will eat a ton, and it's rare to find a food we hate.

After staring at a burger joint, I realized that another weapon-smith’s store popped up right next to it…I had a burning question inside me. One thing Karazin never answered to me…Maybe he assumed?

"Mario, I've been meaning to ask you something...Why does everybody have access to weapons that easily, and yet nobody seems to stand a second's chance against an Arbiter?" I asked. I wanted to know how in hell they were that good when civilian Volteers carried around guns and swords, for crying out loud. "And why hasn't everything gone to all hell, with everyone carrying around weapons all the time? I'm amazed we're not already in a state of anarchy."

"For the first question...I guess it's part of that Relic of theirs. It's not just a revival of Loyalists-It also keeps the Arbiters in general safe from attacks. It's not really efficient: fast or strong attacks generally get through without much fuss. It's not strong enough to take the stronger weapons and Volteer techniques that the Onlisk Republic's armed forces use, and guns always work, it's too fast for the barrier...But most Volteers are in the Minor rank, meaning that they don't have enough strength to pierce the barrier on most cases...The Arbiters just come in too many numbers, too. They don't seem to have any bit of fear, either. They'll die to carry out the tasks they've been given, no matter what. I don't know where they get these kind of guys from..." Mario said, as we walked along further stretches of people.

I didn't tell anybody about the brainwashing thing. None of my Eon Sky acquaintances know that until later. I feared they'd be afraid to find their loved ones, brainwashed by those b***rds, willing to die to kill them.

"As for the other one, well, the Onlisk is smart. They've got one hell of a police force, and they've got some nasty punishments." Mario said. "Insurrection Groups are hard to find, just because. It was so complicated to get into our base at the Iron Goblet just because the Police were good at finding other group's hideouts." he added.

I nervously shot around. There wasn't a kind of guard anywhere...I was getting bad feelings all over. Ambush was written all over this place.

Every now and then, windows were revealed on the walls of the otherwise windowless place, revealing the traffic issues that were making life so difficult for ship parking. I almost swore one ship opened fire on another, but we walked by too fast for that.

Eventually, we reached the source of all the commotion, and upon looking at it, me and Mario exchanged gulps. On display for just hours (according to an electronic billboard above the exhibit), there were rare objects I knew I wasn't the only one to not know about until I saw it. All of it was protected by well-armed guards, signs that said "Don't touch the glass," and of course, the glass that kept it from being stolen that easily. Karazin would whip out a dozen facts relating to these odd objects if he was here. The objects in question ranged from odd mysterious gloves that instantly killed the wearer, to mythical statues of deities made from only the most precious gemstones and metals, to weapons made for local heroes of planets used to slay great evils that were sometimes given absurdly funny names-"Buttster," for instance, was a massive bejeweled war hammer that was used to break the spine of some kind of evil monster tyrant.

I kept my eyes sharp, after the brief yet irresistible distraction of briefly looking at these rare items. I looked at everybody there, looking for Onlisk in disguise, as they obviously were. For some reason, outside of reading simple surface thoughts, my ability to read minds was malfunctioning. Must have been something they had around here. My eyes repetitively fell on a Pokemon that was the same species as the Pokemon the Shadow Triad tried using, said Pokemon staring intently and angrily at me. I didn't really focus on that.

Then, at last, I noticed the signs of a trap me and Mario had stepped into. The sign was in the form of two large Loppuny ears, and their bearer.

OK, I'll give you credit for guessing this time. Loppuny Pokemorphs aren't that uncommon, but I knew only one. It was the same one as before, too, and unlike our first and vastly more friendly meeting, she was staring at me with an equal loath about me as the fox-like Pokemon. And she was armed. And a second later, the gun-an AR with a chainsaw bayonet (As if guns alone weren't enough)-was pointed straight between my eyes. Looking around, several other civilian-clothes Onlisk forces were positioned likewise, albeit with different guns. It was a trap, a true-blue trap that we fell for like lead balloons. If it wasn't for a lucky/unlucky circumstance, we'd be very much dead.

"Mad'm! Our ears show Arbitarian Interceptors ready to pierce the ship in thirty seconds!" Yelled an Onlisk Soldier.

All of the ship went to hell instantly. Panic, shoving, trampling, any motion was necessary to get to the transports and get out of there-the ones that were cut off from the lockdown, somehow quickly short-circuited. These civilians, with no other option, would join Onlisk forces in a massive and desperate attempt to fend off the Arbiters, in what would be one of the very few victories against the Arbiters in a defensive posture by the Onlisk, and proof that the Arbiters did indeed raid refueling stations for their mobile HQ...Sound familiar?

I wasn't just going around putting "Trident" as a chapter title for nothing. It wasn't just for memorial, nor was it just a reference to a potential three-way battle. I visited there, but I'd never put down anything as long as a chapter that doesn't bear much weight...And the events at Trident went down hard. As many of Eon Sky's members would tell you, I like surprises, and expect them when things get confusing. It'll all make sense, eventually. I think.

But, either way, you're all in for a major treat. As the Gov't have unwittingly declared all files relating to me to be Declassified, they've got several files relating to battles in the war left unsaid, personnel that had died and were left to be forgotten, and other things that they thought were best left unsaid...All to be able to be told to by me, of course. They can't do anything to stop me from telling you how the Battle for the Trident Refueling Station went down (among other things).

"What the f-Get everybody off Trident, now! Onlisk soldiers, stay put!" Anne yelled, over the panic. Her eyes shrunk with total fear when the doors to the cargo holds slammed shut of their own accord. An unwitting lockdown glitch, she thought...Probably wasn't. You don't lock down with Arbiters nearby, you run.

The Onlisk were caught in a moral battle, one I swear would be unanimous in our favor: Just let us live and we'll help, dear god! They let their guns down, if not their gazes.

That being said, one specific Fox-like Pokemon could no longer wait. To be denied revenge, sweet, sweet revenge, at the absolute last second?! No, that didn't fly with her. She pounced, regardless of Anne's unspoken order to stand down.

I punched the poor Pokemon in the nose, totally unwitting as to how fast I was. It's forward motion stopped, it fell down flat on the floor. "Seriously? This isn't helping you." I said to Anne.

The Pokemon jumped back up, ready to bite my neck, regardless of Anne's now spoken order to stand down. I kicked it between the legs, giving it too much height, and did a back-flip to kick it again, now landing stomach-up.

"Uhh, can somebody restrain it?" I asked.

"Iris, stop NOW!" Anne yelled.

OK, now I was confused. Unless it was total circumstance, the black fox Pokemon that had once again came straight back up at me for another attack was the same sentient being as the raving mad Iris who I had dealt massive humiliation on Povinal. And I actually decided that it wasn't coincidence, for I knew full-well that Iris had me higher on her to-kill list than Arbiters. For shame, Iris, for shame.

Oh, and Iris seemed totally deaf to Anne's commands, considering that her claws were now Arbit-Burning and were now piercing my skin. The attacks were dealt in a rapid and lethal manner, but thankfully failed in actually killing me, and as I stepped back to prevent further bodily harm. How’d she turn into that, I had no idea.

Mario stepped in at this point. Before I could counter the next incoming barrage of attacks, one of Mario's balls and chains came crashing down upon the head of Iris' fox-like form, destroying the top half of her skull and letting her brains spew out in a fashion I was both disgusted by and pleased at: that should have been a death blow.

Then the half-spilled brains and missing skull pieces suddenly crawled back up Iris like a worm...That was creepier and grosser than you realize. The destroyed brain reassembled itself where the other half was, and where the parts were totally destroyed, new parts grew fast. Meanwhile, the skull had repaired itself, needing more re-grown pieces than her brain, but ultimately still doing the job. That left Iris in a totally healthy state of affairs, like she never got hit at all.

The only person not visibly affected by that was Iris herself.

"What the f***?!" I said, nearly ready to puke at such a disgusting display. Anne and several Onlisk members, as well as civilians who caught sight of it, were puking on the spot. That was wrong, wrong in so many ways.

Iris' sharp-toothed grin and evil snickering wasn't helping. "What, are you scared? Hee hee hee hee..." I realized it was in pure English, as Civilians reacted with more fear. And probably more vomiting.

"Seriously?! You're more intent on killing Avalon than, oh, I don't know, ARBITERS?! For our sakes, think bigger. That, or I'll see whether or not you'll repair yourself after I tear your whole body to shreds after I'm done using the air conditioner to shred you to pieces..." Mario said.

"I probably am going to survive that...Worthless attempt at my life...Go ahead, try it..." said Iris, still acting as evil as she could attempt. The way she held herself wasn't like herself at prior sightings...I didn't like it at all. She was trying everything in her power just to make my hairs stand on end. That, or it was just the Pokemon form.

"You're only convincing me to do worse." I said, now drawing the Illicit Blessing. That little episode was cut short quite quickly, with multiple crashing noises from the higher levels of this place, and the Arbiter's interceptors crashing into the bottom level. The seal, bearing the Arbitarian Eye, quickly opened up after these rude intrusions. One could barely register that there were front-row crossbow-wielders, ready to fire.

After that, the chaos truly unfolded, as several arrows pierced civilians and Onlisk troops alike. The last time, me and Karazin were more focused on getting to cover...But there weren't any interceptors directly nearby, and they had to shoot from inside those cylinder-like spaces. From those first arrows, me and Mario were safe...

I wish we were firing back at them. People were dying, worse than dying. I was visibly impacted. I almost puked, but every last feeling I associated with vomiting instantly vanished when one thought came into my head: Destroy them!
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

And with that, the emotions let loose into every muscle I had. The Arbiters were enough of a distraction for the closest interceptor's load of infantry to be torn to pieces by Iris, as evidenced by flesh flying outside it, blood-stained shreds of dark fabric, and Iris' roars or pent-up fury. Iris is not the person you want mad at you: The only person worse is Gear. Or me.

I went immediately to the next interceptor’s load of Arbiters, which had already started pouring out and killing Civilians, me having to deflect bullets from their panicked and poor aim, and started on the grizzly business. I loved it that, at last, I could administer a real blow to these a**es. I only got to kill a dozen Arbiters (give or take a few) at Tuaxin: I'd probably get far more here.

This was probably the only exception of definite memory concerning Arbiter-killing: My memories of the specific maneuvers at Trident was reduced within hours to just blood from Arbiters flying around, and the intense emotions of sadistic glee, pumping through my system stronger and faster than adrenaline…And the stronger feeling of it being a manufactured way to justify it coming through stronger. If it wasn't for the definite background, I'd be convinced I was dreaming. I could occasionally remember a face of an Arbiter, his body in a pose that was about to become one of stabbing somebody, had it not been for a quickly and lethally placed stab of my own and the brief feeling about my joy of doing this being made by myself briefly vanishing. I occasionally threw the Arbiters into portions of steel walls I made insanely hot, and I got a pang of twisted joy in the two seconds it took for him to catch fire and burn to death, and a load of guilt after that. I got a lot of frightened looks that said "You are totally insane, but thanks for saving my life!" whenever I managed to save civilians, which helped.

And THAT display of nearly inexcusable and utterly brutal death and violence was just half of the first floor, folks. It wasn't a large section either, the distance I covered walking calmly with Mario was rather short when one is dashing at full speed, stopping only to make a massacre of these Arbiters. I think I killed one hundred of them. They came in force, that was for sure…

By the time I went through the Arbiter-free (and in fact, totally ignored) staircase to the second floor, I realized that I had transformed into half-Latries form sometime along the way, I had cuts and bruises all over, some gashes in my skin, some minor bleeding wounds, and I had a lot of blood on nearly everything that wasn't mine. I asked myself a question, whispering it to the wind, hoping for a kind of deity to answer: "What have I become?" Somehow, I managed to let the my phobia of blood go ignored…Only to let a question that pierced my soul in a very painful manner to replace it: Could anything justify this?

"Avalon...I have no idea..." Latries said. Just as a reminder, he was always there, folks. You could never see him-like an imaginary friend-but he was there. And he was probably trying to answer both questions at once, too.

"Don't steal my lines." I said, in a lighthearted manner, trying to use the simple mental excuse of it being Arbiters to get away with it. It refused to leave my mind, however, and annoyingly stuck there, the fact I had killed and loved it.
Then I looked to my left, where the fight was. My heart seemed to stop beating for several, noticeable seconds.

Two people, remarkably similar. One couldn't have been more than six, the other was probably thirty. The thirty year old was an Arbiter. The six year old was at his mercy. They were father and son...They were that twisted, the Arbiters were, beyond cruel...Who'd do that, I wondered…

I didn't kill the Arbiter...I saved his son, though, pulling him way out of the way. He was crying, and I looked into his eyes, letting me see what pained him so much. That kid, he loved his father...He thought he got killed in an Arbitarian raid...He saw him kill his mother, seconds ago...

I forgot instantly that it was an abomination to kill. I shoved him over to Mario, yelling "KEEP HIM SAFE!"

I fell into a similar state of nearly no memory, only this time I felt nothing but rage. I didn't look at anything but an Arbiter, not even wasting my time with anything other than the worst possible attack I could give them, killing as many as possible with as few blows as possible, using everything at my disposal to kill them...It was probably one of the few times Latries supported violent behavior, in fact. Neither of us could tolerate that kind of cruel, twisted sport they loved doing to others...I was probably cussing my heart out all the while.

Again, this was only half one floor of a station, before something else that made me stop my mad killing spree happened.

Iris, somehow managing to keep her fur clean and herself unscathed, made it to the staircase in the center of the floor, almost missed me, but managed to get a glimpse, and she turned towards me, allowing me to get a grasp of what occurred to her since our last meeting-and confirming that yes, the Zororak named Iris that had a knack of trying to be as threatening/scary as possible was the same Iris with a lethal grudge against me I fueled only further at the container yard in Povinal.

"...I should kill you now, you know..." Iris said, once again doing her best impression of Pandora-the only person she knew that was able to cast that much fear and be that young.

"Iris..." I said, with total danger lining every last little bit of my voice.


Before she could do anything other than get three letters out of her throat, I gripped her elongated jaw and crushed it, hands Arbit-Burning. She could have easily put it out, if my hand wasn't there to keep it there. She was shocked at my sudden outburst, and to no avail she tried to claw my hands off, but suddenly found herself unable to do anything aside from inefficient things like wiggling a claw or twitching an ear-I had messed her brain signals up, literally short-circuiting her. Well, minus her panic-stricken eyes. Our gazes met, and mine must have been that of an outraged dragon, or something else quite intimidating that needed little convincing outside of your existence and presence to kill you instantly.

"GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!" I screamed at her, insanely angry, slapping her across the face with enough force to make the blow heard across the station. "Arbiters do sick, twisted things, and I don't have the d**m time to waste dealing with d**m b****ards who think I'm going to take this lightly!! I JUST SAW A KID NEARLY GET STABBED TO DEATH BY HIS DAD!!! KILL THEM OR DIE!" I yelled, peak of my voice having a kind of fury that everybody stared at me for. I let go of Iris, who at this point, had given up at her worthless and fruitless acting.

"Y-y-your eyes..."

"WHAT ABOUT THEM?!" I yelled, kicking her with Paradoxial Lightning violently crackling at my foot, letting her fall down. Her breathing was labored and tense, and she was still looking at me, now the one scared. And she was the one who could regenerate herself from a shred of flesh, people.

Thanks to the slightly reflective surfaces that were on stairwell walls, I did catch a brief glimpse of my own eyes, now a blue as deep as the sky, with a lethal spark brimming and churning within, masking the usual caring hazel. I didn't pay too much attention: I cared for Arbiters dying.

The exit from the stairway this time led to a ‘fortified’ area-a rough and hastily made construct of portions of the station that fell over laid out in a manner to provide cover. This defensive creation was probably made by the pale-skinned humanoids from before and Onlisk forces, both present. If I was in more knowledge of who these pale-skinned humanoids were and what their relations were with humans, I'd be curious how they'd be working together that good, even if I already knew they were only helping to survive.

One of the particularly bigger humanoids-complete with some kind of slim armor and a mobile Gatling gun-just took an arrow to the head and lost the latter. Despite my promise not to use ARs because of how little control I could muster over them simply for the speed of the shots, without any hesitating, I ran over and took the gun.

I opened fire before the Arbiters launched one more arrow, tearing through the massive clip at three times the rate, using my new ability to keep the metal cold enough to keep firing non-stop. The bullets were flying farther than they should have, too, going through the body of one Arbiter into another. I was out of bullets fast, so instead of just reloading the dumb Mulcher, which takes forever, I promptly chucked it at the Arbiters I didn't shoot the c**p out of. At an absurd, unsafe level of Fahrenheit and velocity.

It rammed into several Arbiters, killing those who touched it more directly on the spot. Mulchers were heavy things, and I threw it with metal-contorting ability fully engaged: It was going at thrice the speed it should have, and even without that it would have still gone a distance. Then, instead of throwing it around some more and knocking more Arbiters out with it, I let the metal burst out in a kind of bomb of metal shrapnel, totally propelled strictly by my metal control. The result was fantastic: considering the complexity of making jagged shards out of a larger piece of metal, wasn't expecting it to go off so well, and I exhaled rather loudly to celebrate as the bodies of Arbiters got turned into Swiss cheese by the shrapnel. Behind me, another explosion occurred, and although the damage was done and I had no clue what happened, considering that the blast cleared out the Arbiters on the other side, I was finally breathing a little easier and relaxing. There were still floors coated with Arbiters, but for now, we had some kind of break from intense fighting.

I suddenly found a weakness taking the place of the rage I just removed from my mental system, and I bent over on all fours, feeling exhausted, on the verge of going unconscious. I must have wasted more energy than I should have...I glanced over to a wrecked machine nearby where I was, thankfully still operating to an extent, and I got up, taking slow steps, and put my hand on the machine. I started doing the energy-free process of draining the remaining energy. I was lucky at how Volteers could take energy from sources aside from resting, eating and drinking. I was on my feet when the machine stopped pumping energy.


Iris breathed, and that was all I needed to know that she was there. I turned around, looking at the human form I associated Iris with more, still looking a little ill-tempered at me, but seemed willing to cooperate from the kind of stern face she was giving.

"Fine, what do you want?" She asked.

"Aside from dead Arbiters, your cooperation, and of course the ability to let me and the rest of Eon Sky leave without hassle? Nothing." I said.

"...Ugh! Fine!" She said. "There are two parts to the station, and both are separated by a small section of station on this floor, to the right of here. The Arbiters have taken over that half of the station completely: No surviving Civilians or Onlisk soldiers. The two floors above us are also totally flooded with Arbiters, but the two floors under us are chock-full of civilians. The doors that appear during lockdown are Arbit-Proofed, and are invulnerable to almost all forms of offensive, emphasis on 'almost.' Anything really, really, really severe and it'll give. There's two of these doors separating us from them, so I think we're safe from reinforcements for now... Iris started. She looked in pain at me winning, even if our interests were at the moment combined. "The security offices, which control the lockdown, are situated near the second floor in this half of the station and the forth floor in the other half. You need both security offices offline to disable the lockdown, so if the second floor security office isn't protected, we're screwed." She continued.

"We believe that the Arbiters invaded because of a plausible Arbitarian artifact we had in our possession. The supposed artifact in question is a pair of gloves, purple, black and red in coloration, with gold streaks forming patterns in an ancient language. The legend behind these gloves states that whoever puts them on that isn't worthy will instantly be eradicated, and I can confirm such a power. Despite that, me and the specialists that have knowledge about Arbitarian artifacts at the time of retrieval didn't think it was actually related to the Arbiters...Due to the fact that none of us were so willing to confirm the legend, and henceforth see how one gets eradicated..." Iris said. "These gloves are still at the bottom floor of this section of the station. Moving them may get rid of the Arbiters...If we could to our ships." She said, suddenly grinning.

When I did nothing, Iris continued on, losing the grin. "Anne's gone, got shot in the leg with an arrow. She isn't dead, she got warped." A brief pause. "There aren't any ships on the radar, friendly or hostile. I'm still hearing from the guys at the security center downstairs, so I'd tell you if there was one." A second pause. "The Arbiters haven't got the station's automated turret system up and running, that was shut down when the Arbiters hit, and you need both security offices to get it back on." A third pause, Iris now getting a little more angry."I haven't seen anything like an innie here. Nothing relating to Eon Sky-"

Iris obviously said the password.

BOOM! A massive blow rocked the station, and it caused all of us to fall down. Whatever that was, that was probably not good, emphasis on "probably."

<"Avalon, we've freed the Calypso from the station...About forty civilians hopped on board, though. Do you have anything we need to fire at?"> Mario said.

<"I've been dying to fire these guns at something worth shooting!"> Issac added.

<"Everyone's alright, right?"> I asked.

<"I think a few of Eon Sky's mates just kicked the bucket...But most of us were in the station's parking zone when it got shut down, and the blast was us finding out about the Calypso having Cardinal rounds.">

I did not know what a Cardinal round was, but I knew it probably could destroy quite a bit if it could punch through the lockdown doors.

<"Could the Calypso carry any more civilians?">

<"This ship was meant for at least three hundred people, at least, and that's just the parts we've found. We've got plenty of room."> Mario answered.

"Ah, poor Iris. Your win-win situation has walked out the door. The Calypso has already freed itself from the station...It can load quite a few civilians on it...I'm not sure about how many civilians. We haven't even explored all the ship yet, and we've found enough space to house three hundred people." I started. "The Calypso can leave, right now. We've already let on about forty civilians...I think I can sleep with that." I said.

"But how'd you get past the wall that kept people from the shipyard?! I know a bluff!"

"Good point. I'll ask them." I said. I allowed Iris to hear this: <"Hey, how did you get the civilians into the Calypso from outside? And how'd you get in, anyway?">

<"If Knight's Assent didn't make me any stronger on it's own, having a lot of Kinetic energy and a lot of natural strength made it easy to break through, I guess. Why ask?">

I loved it that he said it like that.

<"Just checking."> I said, grinning at Iris. Now Iris was crammed between a rock and a hard place: Knight's Assent teaching to terrorists aside, she now had to put up a better bargain than just face-words or watch me leave. She couldn't activate the turrets without killing forty civilians, and she couldn't deactivate them without going to the security office on the other side. Iris was red in the face, and several Onlisk were debating whether or not to shoot me.

"Now, Iris, you either actually promise to let us leave here as we please, and we'll see what I can arrange for civilian-saving actions...Or you don't actually make one, or watch me leave." I said. Obviously, I was influencing her decision, but did she really have one this time?

"You really should be killed for this. But you win!" Iris said, angrily.

"Great." I said. <"Mario, break through the bottom row of the parking lot without destroying the ships if you can, and if you can't, just get as many civilians on board the Calypso as possible."> I telepathed.

<"Not sure if we can avoid destroying the ships, but we'll try. What about you?"> Mario asked.

<"Can you send-">

I cut myself short. Two purple and black vortexes formed nearby, and every last gun was pointed at it, and who didn't have guns had Volteer powers at the ready.

<"...I'll tell you if I can make it."> I telepathed.

Out of the first vortex appeared Pandora, looking exactly the same as last time, including her cocky look. "Hee hee-Wait, what?" She said, probably not knowing I was going to be there, showing some confusion. I didn't even react to this: Before she could do anything else, an arrow fired from our side, tip glowing yellow and encased in a cyclone, shot straight at her head and took it off, and the vortex that had took Pandora there took her body back, missing head included. Looking for the guy that fired, I noticed one of the pale, tough and cragged-skinned humanoids with a kind of bow, looking exceptionally pleased with his work. Obviously he was avenging the Mulcher-carrying ten-foot tall humanoid that died the same way from before.

The other figure came out, and totally ready for combat was the last person I wanted to come out of all the Arbiters: Blizzard.
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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Blizzard was probably not happy about how I dealt with Quake after his defeat, considering the serious look on his face, and the way he almost instantly unsheathed his rapier to destroy another arrow shot. His eyes brimmed with a hidden fury, his red eye having more menace, his purple eye having a more sickening effect to it. His clothes were rather regular by Volteer standards, had it not been for the sole image of the Arbitarian eye that was situated over where his heart was.

I was instantly sickened by his very presence, and the happy feeling that came as a result of the though of me killing him was coming from the same place that generated my guilt before. It was as if-no, I knew it full and well, It was my conscious saying it was right to kill the Loyalists or others that follow the Arbiters of their own accord. Those kinds of people didn’t deserve the worst fate I could do to them.

"Ah, Avalon...If I had known, I'd probably have already brought in the Sentinels." He said, remaining calm despite every gun being pointed at his body.

"The whats?"

Blizzard snapped his fingers, and four other vortexes formed behind him, larger than usual. It took little time for four things to pop out of them.

These objects in question were basically steel giants with no limbs at all. They had three orbs in a fashion to resemble a torso, each bearing a small hole with an arrow inside it. Each shoulder orb had similar arrows. The arms had the smoking effect that signified an Arbit-Burn, and the four orbs that were in place of legs were also Arbit-Burning, spinning around at a smooth pace. Their heads included three Arbitarian Eyes, and when they saw us, the hand-orbs suddenly spouted three swords, and the four orbs beneath them suddenly started spinning far faster. Their bodies were slightly duller than the Illicit Blessing.

"Oh. Those." I said, simply. Despite the simple words, I was ready and more to teach another lesson to these Arbiters…Who, speaking of which, now decided a massive horde of them was necessary on the other side of the fort.

I ran straight at the one of the Sentinels, jumping over it’s spinning orbs of death and attempting to slash at it’s head. The attack worked enough to leave a slash mark, but it wouldn’t serve truly well: I had only destroyed one eye with the Arbit-Burning Illicit Blessing/Starblazer combo, and the resulting Arbit-Burn from having came into contact with it was quickly snuffed.

The Sentinel then snagged me with the blades, and instead of stabbing me, the massive contraption of orbs threw me to the companion that directly put Blizzard in between, had he been tall enough to have made any kind of wall. As I started passing over him, I barely avoided a blade on his shoe-wait, were those ice skates?!

I took a second look as the second Sentinel caught me with a painful, iron grip. Sure as hell, they were ice skates, albeit retractable ones. Considering he tried cutting me with them, I knew what he planned with an otherwise hard to explain choice of footwear. Before I tried countering it, I checked to see if it was possible to manipulate these robots. Sadly for me, the ability to manipulate metal excluded these massive contraptions, as they were far too infused with the Arbitarian energy to consider such an option.

"I wonder what you fight for." I said as I was taking another toss to the same Sentinel that had thrown me before.

Blizzard's skate once again came up to try and cut me, and his leg speed, however fast, wasn’t enough to stop my plan. I successfully grabbed his leg and took him with me.

Blizzard tried slashing me, but I let go of him as the whole station shook with a crash-the Calypso freeing a ship from the parking lot, probably. The Sentinel in front stumbled, and whatever wasn't a Sentinel or in midair fell down. Seizing the chance, I kicked off the head of the Sentinel and managed to briefly see Blizzard suddenly get cut by it's hand, on accident of course. Upon such incident, the Sentinel's orbs instantly fell, all Arbit-Burning away. Blizzard fell upon one of the larger orbs on the stomach, knocking some of the wind out of him but far from doing any real damage.

As I touched ground, Blizzard shot a shard of ice at me. It cut my arm, but feebly fell to the ground nearby, leaving only a minor cut that was already healing.

Iris then grabbed me by the midriff and threw the both of us aside, preventing the shard's sudden expansion from catching us in it's frozen grip. I got Iris off of me, giving her a thumbs up. As I did that, I noticed a little light behind me, and turning around to attack whatever it was, Blizzard's rapier, now actually Arbit-Burning, was there to meet the attack, and like any good Volteer, Blizzard used kinetic energy to strengthen his blows.

"Did you forget the question? Why do you fight for the Arbiters?" I said, quickly.

Then we both let loose a stunning fury of sword attacks. We parried, lunged, slashed, crossed blades, tried sword slapping, and even with all of our variety and expertise, neither of us could gain the upper hand. Whenever I tried making direct eye contact with Blizzard, he closed his eyes. The station shook with fury as the Calypso fired another Cardinal round-whatever they were. As we both tumbled down, I could tell that the Arbiters had accidentally stabbed themselves with their own weapons, falling on top of each other considering their numbers. Meanwhile, an explosion nearby us caught my attention, and turning around, I could catch a Sentinel's head dropping to the floor, Arbit-Burning. Blizzard was looking at this too, but quickly got up off of me.

I jumped upward in response, and shot a bold of Paradoxial Lightning at Blizzard from above. Blizzard himself dropped through a spatial hole, and very quickly froze the area to where it led, as well as around himself in a half-sphere. The red thunder hit him, but it was weakened by having to go through the ice, and considering how much energy the red thunder uses, it was useless to continue the attempt.

An idea popped up. I used my flying ability, to shoot straight through the spatial hole, spinning rapidly, with the Illicit Blessing in front of me, still merged with the Starblazer. The attack tore through the ice with the Arbit Burn, and thanks to another attack on the station's lockdown doors, Blizzard was tripped up from the shock. I stabbed him straight through the heart with my spinning blade, and I ceased motion at that.

Blizzard was alive, and unfortunately, the heart was absent from where it should have been. Blizzard's blood, a pitch-black color, was to be seen pouring out of it, but Blizzard was alive. The Arbit-Burn I had going on my blade seemed to have been suppressed. I wasn't exactly high on energy to try much more without a brief rest, so I let Blizzard off my blade, touching ground.

"Lucky you. You don't have a heart where you should have..." I said, allowing Blizzard to freeze a small part of his body to fit the wound, making the correct placement of veins and arteries apparent by the blood clearly seen from it. It was rather disgusting, truth be told.

We both were draining static from the air, and I allowed Blizzard to get up. "But, again, why do you fight? Is it just for this Paradise you keep talking about...Or is there more to it than just that?" I asked again.

"I stand mute." Said Blizzard, in a dangerously cold voice, eyes still closed. At least it was a response...

Suddenly, a violent blast occurred, right in the nearby, inaccessible parking zone. The floor crumbled beneath us, and we fell into the second floor, right in the middle of the civilians.

Once the dust cleared, people panicked by Blizzard's appearance there, and started to run in whatever direction that would get them as far as possible from the Loyalist. I took the opportunity to attack Blizzard again, jumping up and kicking him down on his head next to a wall of rubble.

Blizzard's next move was a surprise: He managed to start walking up the wall, using my head to keep his balance on the wall, using impossible motions by human standards. He then released himself from under my foot, and jumped over me, and it was only for my quick turn-around and block that he failed in getting a cheap shot at me. An array of icy needles shot at me once Blizzard touched ground, and I shot them backwards at the wall I was facing with telekinesis, allowing them to expand quickly and freeze there.

Iris, now back in her Pokemon form, had dropped down right then and there, just in time for what was apparently Blizzard's next move. Suddenly, Gravity shifted, sending us hurtling towards the frozen wall and the rubble hurtling towards us. Blizzard was the only one truly prepared for such a thing, and he was out of the way before he had to even worry. Me and Iris made a mad scramble to get to the safety of a non-frozen wall before it landed, and we both made it, albeit we went opposite directions.

The rubble then was Arbit-Burned, and it quickly vanished altogether, and Blizzard was to be seen...Ice Skating.

I raised an eyebrow at this scene. Blizzard let out a Pokemon from somewhere hidden in his jacket, and the Pokemon that came out was a Weavile, which looked exactly like Blizzard, minus the lack of him being a Pokemon, or having an amber jewel on his forehead. Or the claws. The Weavile began skating alongside his master without a word.

They were making a simple figure-eight along the ice...The strategic value of this was quite confusing.

"Avalon, whatever you do, don't-"

Iris' mouth kept moving, but I couldn't hear her speak. She seemed to have realized this as well-all sound went mute. The cries of the people, Iris' yelling, and the shots coming from above were all suddenly silenced. I knew it was some kind of spatial distortion. I tried contacting Iris via telepathy, and despite a pressure from something trying to stop me other than Blizzard, I prevailed.

<"What's with the silence?!"> I telepathed.

"He's using Spatial distortion to muzzle out the sound. Leave it be, I was getting an earache...Just avoid-"

Iris was cut off by the distinct sound of ice suddenly forming beneath our feet, as thin as glass.

Then, suddenly the floor and ceiling were also frozen in similar manners, and two walls of pure ice shot into existence behind our backs. I tried breaking it with my fist, but the ice was kinetically reinforced. I was trapped.

I kept looking at Blizzard, all the time...He had his rapier drawn, and he had his eyes closed...At last, it made sense.

Blizzard's strategy was to keep a constant barrage of attacks coming at you in as many ways as possible, as fast as possible, until he can slip past all of your defenses and finish the job...He wasn't using any kind of psychic attack or Arbitarian attack, not counting removing the wreckage and all of the sound...And he didn't relent. Ever.

This was a setup for our deaths. I had to stop it now.

Knowing that he'd put up a fight, but not knowing how strong he'd be, I charged up Arbitarian energy, and shot it into the ice under where Blizzard was skating. Before it could touch either party, they had jumped up and landed on where the floor was, still skating, even if gravity currently dictated they should have been on the wall...And snuffed it quite quickly, leaving the ice intact.

I sent out Lesha, an idea brewing. Once she got her bearings, Lesha was simply staring at Blizzard and his Weavile, mace ready.

Blizzard then skated straight at the wall that I was nearly pressed to, and made his figure-eight wider. I took a quick step backwards to avoid being cut by Blizzard sticking his ice skate out, and a second step was required almost immediately afterward because he attempted a slash with his rapier. The Weavile unnecessarily clawed the air that I wasn't occupying, making the gesture useless.

Blizzard then made a spectacular jump, doing midair flips and turns no professional figure-skater would ever scoff at, landing with precision and grace I found myself admiring, then scolding myself for admiring it. His figure eight-pattern was resuming, and his chosen landing spot would allow him to come close enough to Iris to attack.

Iris's situation started similar-a similar leg sticking out to try and slash her, then a rapier making her take a step backwards. The Weavile started it's claw motion, but Iris, assuming that it would just swipe air like before, didn't dodge.

Big mistake: The Weavile jumped high enough to cut Iris' chest with chilled claws, freezing her left side and breaking off from Blizzard, now landing on the wall me and Iris were still on. Lesha was still watching the Weavile and Blizzard, and was starting to shake. The room of ice was cold, so that was explainable.

I jumped over to the wall opposite Blizzard when the Weavile started to close in, but Lesha remained still, shaking further. I couldn't sound off a warning, and I wouldn't waste energy trying to telepath a message that wouldn't get there in time.


Lesha's scream singlehandedly managed to destroy the distortion, returning with it's absence every last sound from the outside, and Blizzard’s rage was shown only in a twitch on his mouth. Lesha's figure became enveloped in a soft green light for a brief instant, and when it vanished, so did she. Though Blizzard barely took note, his Weavile lost all calm and frantically searched the room for the Pikachu, me and Iris joining in simply to locate where my partner went.

"Where'd-Oh, hi...Leshas?"

Leshas? I looked where Scyez was, and remembered that Lesha was not your average Pikachu...Or Pikachus, in this case.

FIVE Pikachu, all exactly like the other and Lesha, down to the pure expression of rage on their faces and the way they held their maces, appeared around Blizzard's Weavile simotaniously, and just happened to be jumping on the poor Pokemon in the process. The defenseless Weavile was totally unable to prevent a five-pronged attack in different directions like that.

One made contact, and swept the Weavile off his feet, letting it slide to a corner of the room, where Blizzard was nearby. He was breaking from his pattern and coming to help, but the other four Leshas were there before then, and I could visibly see blood coming from all directions, and one Lesha jumped on board Blizzard himself and started smacking him in the face, forcing Blizzard to stumble. I quickly ran to the platform I recognized as the floor before the ice broke by the attack of someone else outside-Mario. Yes, I had a vision of this. They were as common as the sight of my hand.

With only me looking any bit serious, this had to be quite the scene for Mario. The quintet of Pikachu were making Blizzard's poor Weavile bleed all over, the Lesha clones managing to cuss more than Issac did when angry, while Blizzard fell over from taking a mace to his face and struggling to remove it’s owner as it indiscriminately slammed the mace down again and again, while Iris fell over from the loss of omnipresent gravity pressing against the walls. Blizzard, not overwhelmed by simply one Pikachu after she got off his face, reached for his PokeBall and quickly withdrew his Weavile before it got any worse, and threw off the sole attacker. I ran at him before he got up, along with the group of Leshas who now targeted Blizzard for removing their victim from their grasp.

Then four of the five Lesha's suddenly turned into small green orbs, quickly reuniting to the fifth one, the sole remaining attacker that was rushing at Blizzard. He turned to face the more intimidating threat, me, and at last, our eyes made true contact.

"So, you fight for your father, someone who you know can kill you..."

Blizzard stopped, just enough to let Lesha bang Blizzard on his icy bandage and to let me stab him where his lungs were.

"Real smarts." I said, sarcastically, as Blizzard vanished within a quickly-formed vortex.

"You fell into the Dice, Blizzard's best deathtrap, and live."

I turned around, and saw Mario's friendly face as I started to get really tired again. Adrenaline can confuse the best Volteers into thinking you've got more energy than you do. I saw a small bar being thrown at me in some blue wrapper, and as tired as I was, I didn't hesitate to tear open the wrapper and take a bite out of the chocolate inside.

Instantly, I felt much better. It was probably containing more energy than your usual energy bar, and it was chocolate with caramel and peanut butter. I ate the other two bites and felt fully recovered, minus the few cuts here and there.

"You're never alone. You get yourself attracted to so much trouble that I keep an eye on you via telepathy...For someone who's mind has an impenetrable mental fog, you're surface thoughts are really open." Mario said. "I broke open the doors to the civilian ships only, just to guarantee that the Onlisk won't be coming out to hunt us." he added. "The kid's alright, don't fret about him."

"So, the Civilians are all safe, and all that?" I asked.

"Yhea, we were using some different ammunition to blow open the doors inside so we weren't hurting the ships...Those Hailfire missiles are stronger than the Cardinals..."

"Hailfire missiles?! Those are completely confidential!" Iris roared.

"...And thank the missiles for that shake-up, I knew Blizz was prepping the Dice trap during your interval." Continued Mario, ignoring Iris' shouting.

"Let's chat on the way there..." I said, noticing the group of pale-skinned humanoids coming down the nearby staircase, talking to each other in a foreign tongue. Mario agreed with a shake of the head as I withdrew Lesha.

As we walked down, Mario continued chatting. "I found the gloves Iris identified. Karazin said they were Arbitarian in origin. The golden lines on it are really patterns, and Karazin said it was in the Arbiters' very first language, but it's dead. The Arbiters don't even know how they lost it. They use English now." he said.

"I see." I said.

I looked around, and could catch Iris' blue hair bead on the stairwell behind us. I gestured to Mario, and we stopped talking.

We walked on past the chatting humanoids, who seemed a little puzzled by their inability to get past the Lockdown door. We walked on, to the point where a hole was ripped open. On the ground was the wreckage of the station, the Arbiter's corpses and limbs, and when I looked down, a small PokeBall.

The PokeBall in question had a golden upper half, a silver lower half, and the letters "GS" on the point where the button was. The golden half had a golden heart made up of two wings embedded, the lower one showing a fierce looking silver spirit instead. I pocketed this odd and decorated PokeBall, thinking of Karazin.

<"You fought very well, from what I can tell...I must admit, we wouldn't have been able to combat a string of attacks so...fierce as that."> A voice said; specifically, a slightly cold one that was almost mistakable for the wind. I turned and saw the ten remaining members of the group of pale-skinned humanoids.

<"Don't get too pleased with yourself, though."> The voice added.

"That's a hell of a compliment, coming from them." Mario whispered.
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