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Old 09-12-2011, 07:55 PM
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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [RP]

Wynter Kanon and Darius Chestnut
Envoys of Taste and Sight
Nimbasa City
Affected RPers: Sylver, possibly Enkaku_Kumori

It would be a lie if Rocky said she was expecting the reaction given. The tougher looking girl had actually lowered herself, speaking in a gentle voice. Her Pokémon also appeared to be friendly, with the Espeon giving her teammates introductions.

"[...and the Marowak is Mars.]" The psychic type concluded, to which Mars only added a grumble and shrug. This, Rocky didn’t know how to interpret, but decided to look it over, for now at least.

The Minccino cutely twitched her ear, preparing herself to reply and in turn, introduce herself. However, before she could even utter a word, was interrupted.

“I’m sorry Rocky bothered you,” Wynter apologised, cutting into the conversation. Her tone was soft and submissive, a little more so then usual. “She’s a social Butterfree,” the girl added, speaking slightly slower as she gazed down at her Pokémon.

Darius, although he’d noticed the mischievous Chinchilla dash off, didn’t concern himself with it. He, instead, awaited his answer. Not that it really mattered whether or not he received one; it would be very rude to just walk off now. Honestly, he really didn’t care, but knew that a bad reputation could be a killer later on. The twins continued to talk with the girl, what they were saying exactly, Darius wasn’t paying it much attention….

00C: Sorry for lateness!

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Old 09-17-2011, 08:16 PM
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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [RP]

Shel Black
Enhanced Sound and Smell Alternate
Nimbasa City
ARPers: Moonlight

“I’m sorry Rocky bothered you,” What must have been the Minccino's trainer apologised, cutting into the conversation Aura was having. Her tone was soft and submissive, something that intrigued me. “She’s a social Butterfree,” the girl added, speaking slightly slower as she gazed down at her Pokémon.

"It's no problem, really. If your Minccino went to attack, we'd have a problem. But I am interested in how you raised it. You see, I had to deal with a few troublesome cases with y pokemon as well." I spoke, carefully draping my arm with the clawed gauntlet over her shoulders and leaning in, speaking in a lower volume. "Take Aph, for example. I had to deal with her high-and-mighty attitude several times before she finally grew some respect for me. Since then, we've been a good team."

"[Shel always thinks fast on her feet. So, your name is Rocky? Interesting name. So, what were you doing here, anyway?]" Aura asked the Minccino in their tongue, taking advantage of my distraction.

Joseph Rams (Rufus's PoV)
Veil of Mind
Castelia City
ARPers: Sarai

My own rest was interrupted by this Swoobat flitting about near me, talking almost as fast as its wings flapped. Naturally, I was adept at picking out the useful parts and condensing them into a solid message. They needed to move my trainer due to some guard patrolling the floors, apparently. Glancing at the bat and its trainer on a Galvantula suspiciously, I slowly stood and moved over, allowing the bat access to my trainer's sleeping form, but not enough room to attack if foul play was involved. Glancing down, I saw he was in peaceful sleep, chest rising and falling in a slow, steady rhythm as he breathed.

"[You may go about your business, but be aware that I will not tolerate any foul tricks here.]" I spoke with all the authority I could muster, waiting to see what would happen.

Phillip Rivers, a.k.a. Zen
Veil of Vision
Castelia City
ARPers: Enkaku and Winter

It was a little hard for me to process all this on my tiring mind. Apparently, Aki was angry for some reason, her Gallade Musei seemed to be a part of it. Haru and Keitaro introduced themselves cheerfully and simply, which brought my smile back and then Keitaro asked said something about "the blind leading the blind" with irony intended.

"Well, I thought we were following that girl on the Hydreigon and the guy on the Unfezant, right?" I asked firmly, despite my fatigue, to all of them.

Enhanced Zoroark
Castelia City North Gate

Walking in, I cursed myself lightly at accepting the offer from Hal Richter for a ride. While it did help and I managed to snag one of his encrypted phones, I swore lightly to myself during my travel through that blasted sandstorm. Now it would take me days to clean my pelt! Days of being covered in filthy sand! Not even my trenchcoat did much to stop it!

Grumbling to myself, I walked by a rather suspicious couple, too angry to care how close they were or the aura's they gave off, revealing their nature as Alternates, along with some of the crowd in the gate. All I could care for right now would be finding a place to sleep for the night.

Then again... Finding Rizu could help as well... Good thing I also gathered information on her as well as those two subjects. All of their routines and traveling tendencies

Hal Richter
Enhanced Touch and Vision Alternate
Nimbasa City

I sighed happily at the memories of this city when I was younger. Before it turned into this swirling vortex of greed that one day will rival Black City. But hey, greed meant people cared less for others, and our job was easier. Climbing off my motorcycle, I pushed open the back door to an old, run-down building, broken and boarded windows, splintering wood doors, and filthy, ruined red velvet carpets inside.

This place felt like home every time I visited. I would come here and sit in the same seat and relive my memories of this place, the memories of before this great ballet studio had been run down due to a simple pokemon mimicking its trainer, the event that started the so-called Pokemon Musicals. Chuckling lightly, I kept walking by in the abandoned and rotting building and walked down the aisles of seats, up to the front, where one seat had been kept tidy. I sat down and sighed, the memories of the performances here something to behold.

"It feels good to be home." I muttured, sitting down as my fingers twirled lightly in the air. I don't care what happens, so long as I find the target as usual. I would just sit here until I felt it was time to go find the target, just like Rolland said. Of course, my methods were questionable to all the others, but I get the job done all the same.

(OOC: Very sorry for the delay!)
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Old 09-17-2011, 11:16 PM
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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [RP]

Aki Shibayama and Haru Aozora
Veil of Touch and Non-Alt
Castelia City
Affected RPers: Chibi, and Sylver

"Well it's not really the blind leading the blind since I'm the one leading, but we're following those two from earlier." Haru piped up brightly.

"I'm not exactly a people person, if you haven't noticed, and I'm a pretty good actor, not to mention I have my ways of getting around. I don't need help too often, and even when I need it I don't really want it." Aki replied to Keitaro, closing her eyes and concentrating on the way the world shaped itself in her head from her "echo-location" for a moment. The city shaped itself in a almost glowing 3D-esque model.

/You're not going to tell them--?/ Musei asked, only to get cut off by Aki's response.

/If she hasn't thought of it, I'm not going to suggest it. I'm not sure he'd be able to learn anyway, I was young when you taught me, and even then, it was a pain to master, remember? I think the fact I'm a touch alt finally perfected it./ She thought back.

/Or influenced what kind of alt you became./ Musei replied smugly.

/Whatever. I'm not going to mention it./

Michelle Toya
Veil of Vision
Affected RPers: Chibi and Moonlight(Well, kinda)

Michelle smiled at the twins, somewhat amused at their laughter and how it blended together so well. She listened to them, grimacing as they talked about Nimbasa being great. /Not so great when you're a sponge telepath like me. too many people, too loud in my head./ She admitted before shrugging and looking to the others who had been waiting. "Maybe you should talk to them before we go, you guys pick, I don't really care where we go as long as it doesn't have too many people." She suggested, returning Hook to his pokeball. Cam moved back to draping herself over Michelle's shoulders calmly, it seemed the danger had passed.

Enhanced Veil of Vision and Sound
Genesis Base(Formerly known as P2)
Affected RPers: Chibi and Sabi

"It seems that we'll be going, then." Shi murmured before following Nina, noticing the look on his partner's face. "You okay, Nina?" He whispered the question to her as they approached Rolland's Alakazam, nodding to it.

OOC: Gah this sucks but it feels like it's been forever since I posted. Sabi, you can put Shi and Nina down wherever you want.

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