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Old 10-10-2011, 04:52 AM
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Default Pokemorphs

"3 years ago...we began a project...PGC it was called. We began mixing Pokemon DNA, with that of a human.
It was supposed to be a way of finding out if humans could handle Pokemon DNA in their system, and vice-versa. It looked to be going of our assistants...he made an error.
The Pokemon he gave the DNA to...their bodies rejected the DNA.
They refused to fuse, and simply turned them into half human, half Pokemon...human with minor Pokemon appearances...and with the same attacks they had in Pokemon form.
Some of these Pokemorphs were driven insane by the fusion. Others found a new life...a dark life...and took advantage of the insane Pokemorphs.
We call these fusions 'Pokemorphs'...and unless we can get rid of those threatening to destroy our lives... we could see a whole new world order.

Pokemorphs: You were a human, tested on by the scientists. Everything is going fine (or as fine as it can) until the day the facilities were broken out of by some rogue Pokemorphs. That day, you found yourself in a cluster of Pokemorphs, rushing for their freedom. However this joyous day goes horribly wrong. After celebrating your freedom, you lose consciousness. The next time you wake, you are lying in a bedroom. You don't know whose bedroom it is, but it looks and feels much safer than where you were. It is here that you realise your transformation.

Pokemon: You were out doing...whatever it is you were doing, when you find somebody unconscious on the ground. However upon closer inspection, you find they are not 100% Pokemon, and have human characteristics. Despite your confusion, you are considerate enough to look after this 'Pokemon' at least until they wake. Once they wake, perhaps curiosity will get the better of you, and you will bombard the poor 'Pokemon' with questions?

Both: You know find yourselves in a tough situation. The pokemorphs must get used to living Pokemon lifestyles, while hiding their human characteristics. Pokemon must hide the fact they found a person in the middle of the street. Most importantly, what do you do now? Pokemorphs are being hunted down, as are the Pokemon who have interacted with them. Do you try to blend in with your surroundings? Do you try to find the other pokemorphs who fled the facility? Do you flee, hoping you will never be found? Or do you stand up against the scientists that caused this situation, in the hopes of being able to live life in peace?

-Follow all roleplaying rules. They are there for a reason.
-Keep on topic. Anything not involved in the post (IE. questions to another RPer) should be put into OOC (that's 'Out of Character' for those of you that aren't sure) marks. In this case, put (( and )) on either side of what you type, to show it is OOC.
-To go with the above rule, do not flame somebody for what they post. Each RPer is individual. However if something goes against these rules, or is simply stupendous, then let me know, and I will speak to the RPer in question.
-Those who have been accepted are open to PM me, to question why people are accepted/rejected, and to advise me if they think somebody should/not be accepted. However they must have a reason for this.
-Keep god-modding and limelighting to an absolute minimum, excepting in special circumstances, and in your starter post.
-The whole story will be based in the Hoenn Region. Make sure to put Hoenn in green in your form somewhere to show you've read this.
-Romance is allowed, and very much encouraged, since it adds a bit of a backbone to the story, and makes decisions more interesting.
-NO LEGENDARIES! If you are a pokemorph you CANNOT be a legendary.
-Have fun =]

Form - Pokemorphs
Age:(The age you look)
Gender:(Even if you were once genderless, you have a gender now.)
Personality:(2 lines at least)
Description:(Again 2 lines please. You have to have at least 2 parts of your body that are pokemon-esque still. Your body MUST be fully attached though. No floating arms for example.)
Species:(What pokemon were you?)
History:(A short summary of how you ended up in the facility?)
Form - Pokemon
Age:(Between 12 and 20)
Personality:(At least 2 lines)
Description:(2 Lines please =] )
Pokemorph:(Whose character did you find unconcious? What was their name?)
History:(What was your life like before all of this?)
Name: Leah

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Personality: Leah hasn't changed at all in her transformation. She's still as stubborn, independent and protective as ever. Having caused many issues in the facilities, and even having a part in the escape plan, surprisingly she was not doing it for herself, but for another pokemon in the facility who had fallen ill. Leah is the kind of person you can rely on if things get tough, since she remains a cool customer almost permanently. No matter how calm and cold her stance may be, there is always warmth in her eyes, and her smile.

There is however, an exception. Should you attempt to harm anyone she cares for, or try to double cross her, her eyes turn from warm, to a blazing hot, explosive temper, which is usually what gets her into the most trouble. One thing she must learn while in her new body, is how to control her temper. Afterall, she can get into severe trouble now she is 'Pokemon'.

Despite not being Pokemon, she has always liked to hear some kind of music playing around her, as a calming source.

Description: Leah is a tall young 'woman' standing at somewhere over 6". Due to the extreme tests and training she was put under, Leah is also fairly muscular, if only average looking in build. She has jet black hair, which barely reaches the base of her neck, and deep blue eyes which appear to shine to those she trusts. Her skin is surprisingly pale.

((Imagine that as a girl.))
Leah does have some very obvious Axew traits though, namely her tail. Her tail is the same. The final trait is rather an odd one. On her head is what appears to be a fin.

Species: Axew

History: Leah was originally taken to the facility as an Egg. There she met countless other pokemon (after she hatched), all of which were in the same situation. Stuck in the back, chained tight to the floor.

Due to being small, she was forced into cruel training, usually by the night staff, and thus was forced into early evolution. When she evolved, she started to become rebellious, but this merely got her into more trouble in the long run.

Name: Samantha Sertson (prefers to be called Sam)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Whilst being familiar with sarcasm Sam is not one to use it too often. She isn't so much a jerk but knows how to act like one, and isn't one to give too many compliments to someone she doesn't consider close. Sam hasn't taken an interest in journeying or adventure, therefore she has no status as a trainer at all. Strange, since she prefers Pokemon as opposed to being a people person.
Description: Sam is 6"0 and is a little skinny but, still a healthy weight. Her hair is blonde and cute short her skin is tan from spending time outdoors and her eyes are dark and very grey. If you don't look hard enough you won't see that her eyes are actually a grey-ish green. Sam prefers to wear T-shirts and jackets, jeans (that she sometimes rolls up) and hiking boots.
Pokemorph: Leah (me)
History: Sam grew up with her family in Verdanturf Town, where she learned how to take care of Pokemon from her mother, the Nurse Joy of their hometown. Sam was often uncomfortable in her family as she and her mother were the only two females in their house of 8, but she grew up and learned to deal with it. Even though she likes Pokemon she never really wanted to leave for a journey as a trainer or own a Pokemon, prefering to assist her mother when she needed help and keep the house in order when her parents couldn't. Sam started to travel from Verdanturf to Fallarbor every now and then to visit her grandparents, and are the only trips she willingly takes across Hoenn.

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Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Um...just one question: Why give a complete plot synopsis? It err...kinda ruins the whole RP.

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Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

I'm actually gonna change it. I put the wrong plot here.
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