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Role Play Sign Ups & Discussion Sign up for and discuss Role Plays here. Have anything to ask about a Role Play you're in, or need to put up extra info for people to refer to? What if you need help with an idea that's missing that extra kick? Do it all here!

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Old 12-01-2011, 01:33 PM
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Default The Earth We Never Knew (SU/DS)

The Earth We Never Knew

The people of Earth. Technologically capable. Highly intelligent. Adaptable to change. Almost as indestructable as the common cockroach. Having harnessed the energy of the earth's resources, they drove themselves to higher and higher thoughts. Their wise men prophesied that their actions would spiral out of control. But it had already been way too late. Oil and coal were mined out to their full extent. Technology, for all its wonders, could not save the humans any more. The growth rate of the human population was unstoppable. And so, it was elected to send a portion of the population up into orbit in 2173. An enormous space citadel was constructed, using only what humanity could spare. The Homestead, a multi-million Euro project was wrought together, a fleet of ships designed to hold up a perfectly sustainable human population of exactly 2,000 people. The fleet of 4 ships was launched into space, was promised regular contact with Earth, and return every seven years in order to keep the fleet maintained. When the resource issue had been solved, the Homestead fleet could return back to Earth.

That was the plan.

Centuries in space, only one ship from the Homestead fleet remains. The Živa, has been under the rule of the Consul of the Exiled, the elected government for the last 70 years. While the ship is still capable of maintaining the current position, the ship has been held together only by the sheer willpower of the people, plenty of duct tape, and even more solder. Having heard no response from Earth in a long time, the Consul has elected to do two different things. One, return to Earth and attempt to re-establish contact with the governments of all the nations. Second, demand an explanation from the terrestrial population as to why almost two generations have had to live in orbit without explanations. The entire 500 person population has agreed to this decision.

Its time to return to the Earth we never knew.

Scenario Overview

Well, it's obviously the future. Humanity has driven their own extinction on Earth. Due to the absence of human life for several hundred years, Earth has pretty much reset everything that we know about it. The environment is different. The creatures are different. The plants are different. The humans aboard the Živa are due for a huge surprise when they finally land. The technology going to be at a level which allows for advanced weapons (Gauss rifles and pistols, smart grenades), simple robots (C3-PO-ish), and simple hovercraft. Weapons and robots will be available from the start of the RP, and other technology may be unlocked later.

That's all you're getting.

Quite honestly, I want this to be as much as a surprise as possible. I have a pretty solid plot direction in mind already, and I want genuine reactions from the RP'ers. If I reveal plot now, it won't be a surprise. That being said, I plan to PM you all with information that will help you get through the RP with as many hitches as possible.

Sign-Up Sheet Format

Personality: - A simple paragraph or two.  Explain what your family did on the Old Earth, and what skills you can contribute for the future
Appearance: - This should be a no-brainer.  Just the basics.
Any Appliable Skills: - Anything you feel that can help in a settlement-type situation
Other: - Anything you feel that I might have missed

  • My decisions are final. Sorry if we have different views, but this is MY story idea.
  • No Flaming, G-Modding, etc. (PE2K Forum Rules, basically)
  • Keep it PG. If you guys REALLY want to step beyond those lines, please consult me first.
  • Remember to have fun! :D

Character Sheet

Hope to fill this soon. :)
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