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Old 11-15-2011, 10:53 PM
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Default Design-a-Mascot Contest

Approved by Gem N Ems

This is just what the title says.

See, I have this forum that's...pretty much based off of pixel art, Pokemon, and Pokemon "hybrids" / "fusions;" called, "Project Mutation." No, not the craptastic fusions that everyone makes by editing an existing Pokemon sprite...*yawns* boooring. These mutations have, or at least are as close as possible to having, 50/50 incorporation from both/all Pokemon involved.
I'm planning on having a roleplay system sometime in the future based around just that, which will likely have a semi-similar basis to URPG...only some obvious changes, and the fact that there will actually be a level-up / experience / statistic system.

But sorry, enough of that; I just thought that it would be best if you knew what you were dealing with before entering anything in this contest.

You will probably need to register at the forums assuming that your design does win first place, but I will not make that the main focus since that would pretty much seem like indirect advertising...moreso than this already sounds like. Anyway, we just won't worry about that right now.
Also, posting these designs up on DeviantART and the like is perfectly acceptable, also, and is highly encouraged if you have a DeviantART account!

Basically, what we need you to do is to come up with a good design for the forum's mascot--based on certain critera; doing so will guarantee that your design becomes the official mascot if it wins first place, and the highest three placing entries will get certain rewards.

The criteria is simple--it must meet one of the following standards:[list][*]An "artsy" Eevee evolution Fakemon.[*]An Eevee x Smeargle hybrid that acts as a Fakemon (Eevee becomes taller and whatnot as if it has evolved).[*]An Eevee x Smeargle x Kecleon hybrid that acts as a Fakemon (Eevee becomes taller and whatnot as if it has evolved).[*]An Eevee x Smeargle hybrid.[*]A Smeargle x Kecleon hybrid.[*]A Kecleon x Eevee hybrid.[*]An Eevee x Smeargle x Kecleon hybrid.[*]We're open to suggestions, so feel free to suggest a criteria. We reserve the full right, however, to reject your suggestion as we see fit.

The guidelines? All we request is for you to make sure that the design is colored in and readable, and obviously no profanity / vulgarity and the like is permitted.

We don't care about your artistic abilities; just be creative and have fun with this! Creativity is the only aspect that matters in this contest.

Though by entering this contest you are agreeing to allow Project Mutation to use your mascot where necessary, whether it be for commercial uses and etcetera. Other people are permitted to make derivations and make profit from the design, so long as credit is ALWAYS given where credit is due.

But I'm sure you're wondering, "What's in it for me?" Alongside the fact that the winning mascot will be the official one for the entire board, you also get the following rewards:
1st place will get their mascot design sprited by a user (that is registered on Project Mutation) of his / her choice, a free request from either the same user or another one, a first place trophy, and a free extra rank.
2nd place will receive a free request for pixel art from a registered PM user of his / her choice that is NOT what the 1st place winner requested, along with a second place trophy.
3rd place will receive a third place trophy.

Please note that chosen spriter(s) have the full right to deny having to do a request for you; however, out of common courtesy it is highly recommended that they do conform, so long as they have the free time to do so. We all have lives, unfortunately.

Have fun! Please submit all entries here.

Contest is planning to end on December 13, 2011; sooner or later, it really just depends, mostly on the amount of entries and the like.

The winner shall be determined by poll vote.

(Umm...let me know if you need me to remove the links that link to the mechanics of the forum's "Rank System." Thank you.)[/quote]

Thanks in advance!

Last edited by Gem N Ems; 11-17-2011 at 10:34 PM.
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