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Default URPG Times (12/28-1/4) New Years' Edition

URPG Times: New Year's Edition

The Daily Bugle

1. A Word From Your Editor(s)
2. Announcements/News and Events
3. Trading Section
4. Comics
5. Article of the Week
6. Featured Member Interviews
7. Featured Gym Leader Interview
8. Pokemon of the Week
9. Roleplayer of the Week
10. Closing Comment

A Word From Your Editor(s)
Welcome, my friends and family, to the newest edition of the URPG Times. As the new year dawns upon us, the URPG is filled with activity such as the WWC, HP Reroll, and URPG Year Awards. Though all of this hard work will be destroyed come December, when the Mayan death gods take their vengeance upon this sinful land, I'm sure the next year will be filled with fun, trolling, and some kind of gooey off-brand imitation of love. Also, keep an eye out for that damned Spider-man. He keeps tearing down threads.

News and Anouncements
By MaverickKaiser and Turtwig A/Black and Yellow/Dynavolt


Gym Leader Tourney 2011:
It’s that time of the year again folks. The Gym Leader Tourney is back up and running with a old and new leaders. Almost a complete recast from one year ago, including the new Unova league. The first round went by very quickly, quite odd apart other tourneys. The second round is quickly coming to a close as Kai-Mei, Pidge, ChainReaction, and Dr Stubbs all move onto the third round. Go Place your votes in the Gym Tournament 2011 Thread to see if you get close. There are two more battles need to be done: ATF vs Winter and Roulette vs Fossil Fusion. Be sure to route for your favorite player and give them enough encouragement to do their best. Congrats to the winners and good luck to those left especially Winter. She’s going to need it ;).

This is here to give extra recognitions to those who had done amazing things throughout the year and this doesn’t only mean Official and Moderator status. Time to give credit to not just our leaders but to those who make the URPG tick with some latest achievements.

Gmandiddy on becoming a B/W Judge.

Nitro for becoming a Ranger and now having all URPG professions as a Referee/Judge/Grader/Ranger.

BumbleBee, Chainy, WTP for becoming the new League Organizers and making sure things are running smoothly with very little issues.

Ebail and Akinai for becoming the newest Rangers

To those who became Moderators and Officals, congratulations and we hope you serve your positions justice.

Sensei to some, Leader to others. This man has lead the URPG to greatness and deserves recognition even if he wasn’t awarded a position. Give him a thank you or a friendly “Hi” if you see him. This is all possible due to his help. Let him know you care.

Art Forums:
….go draw stuff. HELP KAI OUT HERE!

URPG Awards: Go vote for your favorite URPGer in different categories. You also get a very nice 3,000 for voting but this is after the votes have been tallied up so head on down.


URPG: A Love Story (actually a musical) is coming to a story section near you! Tickets sell out fast, so be sure to catch a glimpse of the story as soon as possible.
(Written/Directed by Alaska and apparently Kai)

Trading Section:
By MaverickKaiser

Eraizza: Walrein, Froslass, Abomasnow
All of these are EM’d a bit and aside from Hidden Powers they are pretty nice. He wants offers so offer away.

Smores: Tropius and Audino
Both have very small EM count but Tropius and Audino are hard to come by. First Audino in the URPG as well. He’s looking for a Scyther and you might want to contact him on PE2K from now on.

Each week, besides the submissions from our employees for the Comics section of the URPG Times, we also welcome submissions from the community! Remember, qw pay $1,500 for each submission usually. The amount paid might be adjusted accordingly based on your comic and permanent employees will be paid slightly higher. You don't have to be a professional as well; the only criteria is for it to be funny! PM comic submissions to Alaskapigeon or Gmandiddy

My Musical by Fierce Deity

Untitled by Pidge (Please note the ugly black marks are from me censoring)

Untitled by Roulette

A Look Back

As we reached the end of 2011, I found myself looking back over my life, as many people do. However, over the last two years, a large part of my life has been the URPG, and it became more and more prevalent in my thoughts as time went on. I remembered when I first joined and was forum only, doing mostly story and grading based things for several months. When I finally downloaded AIM, I met Maverick and Monbrey, two people who I'm still friends with to this day. Time passed. My team grew, I met more people, including Scourge who has become a mentor and close friend to me. The Shipping blast chat was formed, which was like an additional family to many of us. When the [URPG] chat was created by Ataro, I was suspicious of having so many people in a room at once, however, it lead to the unification of the URPG, and was a huge success. While the past two years of my life have had their fill of pain and hardship, I've also experienced more love and compassion than I have in the rest of my life put together. Now that I have proper hindsight, I can pinpoint the mistakes that I've made, but in many ways I'm glad for them, as I can now use those mistakes to better myself and change my life's course. Before I start sounding too much like Harry, I should just spit out what I wrote this to say, which is... Thank you, URPG community, for everything you've given me and will continue to give in the coming years. I never could have made it this far without you.

Featured Member Interview (Double Feature)
By MaverickKaiser

Commander Badass

Favorite Pokemon: Murkrow
Other Notes: Very happy Murkrow got Prankster in BW
So it was after Christmas, things settling down and what not. It was time to do a interview of one of the more newer members of the URPG, Commander Badass and trust me, he is a badass. He was happy to consent to the interview so we got right into it. His favorite Pokemon is Murkrow, which shocked me since I through it was Blaziken or Golurk as he uses those two very much. Either way, we both sat down with lit cigars and had our chat.
Me: So what would be a strategy you use in FFA’s/Gyms/Normal Battles?
One of my favorite things to do is use Blaziken to Batton Pass to things that normally wouldn't sweep, like a Golurk. Also, I absolutely love using things that are a gamble, like relying on a flinch or hoping Dynamic Punch will hit.
Me: So you are the Gambler?

Commander: That I am.

Me: So you know when to hold em and fold em?
Commander: Yep. But a lot of times, if it's a long shot that I should play safe, I'll still go for the gamble. No one likes a long shot more than a gambler.
Me: So that’s where you love of dice come in?
Commander: Correct. Fun fact, I've got a pair of dice on the inside of my right wrist
Me: Surgically?
Commander: Tattoo. Ha, I’m not that badass to put legit dice in me.
If having dice tattooed into your wrist doesn’t scream badass to someone then I don’t what does. Commander crosses me as a mix between a rabid mongoose with a live bar of C4 in its stomach, wild and can blow at any second while being just as awesome in death. Many people recalled his risk during one FFA where Commander was using Blaziken and had Hi Jump Kick’d a opponent. The dice were not on his side as the dice had rolled a 94 and crashed. The worst of it was he was already at 44%. Out in the first turn, and no forfeits were made.
Me: So what do you think about the people in the URPG, better than your normal family? Insane?
Commander: The peeps in the URPG are by far one of the most insane group of individuals I have ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with. And honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. It's like one giant car crash of hellacious fun.
Me: Any mon you’d like to have one day?
Commander: Probably Murkrow. I've always wished they were real so one could just be perched on my shoulder
Me: Like a pirate?
Commander: Yeah.
CommanderBadass and CaptainDude are real life brothers, both very close as well. They often wondered why many people didn’t get how they were related earlier. I didn’t either but the names kind of give it away. Commander enjoys battling his brother, the Vermillion City gym leader, while using complex strategies against him. Some of these brought Captain close to losing(I reffed most of them), once being down to a single Paralyze roll. Although this way ended up with 5 losses, I’m sure one strategy will throw Captain off so much, it’ll result in a win for the Commander.
Me: Any final words to say to the audience?
Commander: "You guys are a bunch of friggin' nutbags. And I love every choatic moment of it."
Words well spoken. Now I was off to find someone else to interview, a veteran mostly as they also came with great wisdom and knowledge. Most vets were kind of meh but many had a more cheerful side that make them easier to talk to and enjoy. Lo and behold I found one.


Favorite Pokemon: Digett
Favorite Gym Pokemon: Gliscor for the funny moments

I took out my cigarette and flicked open my stainless steel lighter. My next interview would be one of the toughest I’ve ever done before. With as much rage as the Siberian Tiger and the smarts of the Pidgeot this would be interesting. My target would be The Evil Dookie. Yes, I said dookie. We sat down and started up the conversation and I easily found he was one of the more respectable members of the URPG. He is currently the Viridian City gym leader and maintains a very respectable record.

Me: So what do you enjoy most about the URPG

TeD: I don't even know anymore.. There's hardly anything ever happening .-.

Me: Well what did you like bout the days before most of us came into the picture

TeD: All of the people getting along and the occasional chat room discussions

Me: Interesting. Do you enjoy the position of your gym? A while ago you wanted it to have multi types like in G/S/C

TeD: Eh, I wasn't really expecting anything out of it. That whole ruckus was just to annoy Stinky.
But I do enjoy it seeing as how I have one of the better records.

I was nodding and listening to what he had to say.
Me: So what really got you interested in URPGing

TeD I had been on PE2K for about a year before I joined URPG. I just kept seeing all these threads from the Ultra Pokemon RPG and so one day I went to check what it was all about. It seemed kinda fun and I knew a few people in there and so I just went with it.

Me: Nice. Now not just involving you gym but through normal battles and reffing, is there a person or persons you think have improved quite well over the time you've been here?

TeD: I don't think I've seen anyone that's really improved so much that they're capable of defeating most of the vets, however there are a few like Roulette, Ebail, Syn, and Neon who have a good chance at beating some of them for sure

Me: So to conclude this interview, from a officials perspective what do you want to see happen to the URPG

TeD: Migration to another forum

Me: Anything to say to the fans?

TeD: Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Featured Gym Leader Interview
By WhiteKnight


“I was born a poor black child in rural Arkansas, but eventually worked my way up to middle class white man. i saved up enough money to buy a computer and found urpg and my life has never been better; my blood pressure is down, my acid reflux went away, i had back problems, but now i feel much better. It’s truly great; I recommend urpg for everyone,”

I was just about to ask him another question when suddenly a woman burst through the door, known only to us as Alaskapigeon. She grabbed another chair and sat down happily as RD held up an “ALL ARE COCKS” sign, a remnant of days when I was not here.

We had some light discussion, including a fascinating discussion on how CommBA was able to buy a computer (I’ll give you a hint; he didn’t)

“So, do you look up to any other Water Gym leaders?” I inquired, not expecting an answer. He answered with haste, instantly agreeing with Alaska as they spoke simultaneously.

“My favorite would have to be a guy, NAY, a MAN named Dancing Dodo. He was truly an inspiration to me. His prowess in pokemon was unmatched by any in urpg during his reign. Also he was an incredibly upstanding young man. A truly respectable character both on and off the battlefield. MISS YOU BRO!”

I stood dumbfounded as they high fived, then scribbled furiously on my notes as I attempted to write down everything I had heard. When I had finished, I turned back to Roulette, avoiding his ridiculous garb.

“Any last words?”

“ I WANNA GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO MY BOYS FD, NITRO, AND JOKESTER JESSE AKA PRETTYBOYSWAGSCROTUM!” he cried, then leaped out of his chair and ran away, leaving Alaska and I sitting alone in the barren room.

“’re not gonna rape me…right?”

Pokemon Of The Bi-Week
Randomly rolled by SLC

In every issue of the URPG Times, I will randomly choose a "Pokémon Of The Week". If you're a member of the URPG, and you happen to have that Pokémon, you will win $1,000! Just reply to this thread to claim your money! It's that simple! This week is the regional bird of Unova, Unfezant!

So, if you're [s]unfortunate[/s] LUCKY enough to have one of these amazing creatures (or any of it's prevo's, for that matter), help yourself to a cool one thousand Pokédollars. Just remember you have exactly 2 weeks from this issue of the URPG times to claim the money before the offer is expired

Pokemon Of The Bi-Week Article
By SLC and DynaVolt

Hello guys, and here's to a new era of the URPG times, run by Alaska. I'm hoping to wite a guide that will provide some tips on bringing that Pokémon to its full potential. This weeks POTBW is Unfezant, and this guide will hopefully give you some form of strategy for using one.

How to Obtain One

If you want to own one of these creatures, the quickest and easiest way to get one is splashing out $5,000 on a Pidove at the Pokémart. Other ways obtaining an Unfazant (obviously) are by trading with someone who owns one, writing a story or heading off to the National Park. Pidove is a simple rank Pokémon, meaning you just need to put in a tiny bit of effort to obtain one for no cost, with only 5000 characters needed! Alternatively, you can go to the Woods in the park, and capture it through the medium of role play. The MCR for Pidove (and other 'common' Pokémon) is 4000, which means when you encounter it you'll need to write slightly less than through stories. Types of Pokémon found in the Woods include Flying-types, Bug-types, Grass-types and Poison-types. If you like any of these types and are in need of them, I'd really suggest checking out this area.

At a Glance

Quickly looking at Unfezant's base stats, it seems to have pretty mediocre stats compared to other similar Pokémon such as Pidgeot, Taillow and Staraptor. However, there is litte which sets this regional bird away from the others. While it may be an alright Pokémon to begin with in Black and White, the same really can't be said for URPG. It's (very slightly) above average attack stat is hindered by it's lack of a movepool, and it doesn't have a good enough Special Attack to fall back on. It's capability to wall others is possibly even worse, meaning you'll have to use a Focus Sash on it so that you can use it in the best possible way - in a support role. We'll come on to that in just a second, later on in the article. It can also be used offensively, but with limited options.

The Shopping List

Basically, these are the basic moves you'll want to obtain for your own Unfezant, complete with costs for you to obtain the best moves possible. These are:

Sunny Day - 5000 (General weather support)
Rain Dance - 5000 (General weather support)
Return - 4500 (Hard-hitting STAB. Can obviously be swapped for Frustration)
Aerial Ace - 4500 (Unfezants only other physical flying-type move is Sky Attack, so this is better in most scenarios)
Psych Up - 4500 (Focus Sash, come in on a stat boosted opponent, sweep)
U-turn - 5000 (With the frail defense, you'll need to use this. Also good coverage)
Substitute - 7000 (Always good to have)
Work-Up - 4000 (Good in conjunction with Hypnosis)
Taunt - 3500 (Yet another support move)
Hypnosis - 5000 [DC] (Gives you time to set up Tailwind and Work Up)
Morning Sun - 5000 [DC] (Only really useful if your opponent is sleeping to buy you time)
Steel Wing - 5000 [DC] (Neccasary type coverage)
Wish - 5000 [DC] (Another good move to have on most things)
That comes up to a huge 63000, which is quite a large amount for such a seemingly useless creature.


Now that you have paid for all these TMs, I'm sure you want to know how to actually use it. Well, don't worry because I'm going to highlight some of the best strategies to use when battling with Unfezant. Here goes nothing.

Support: Unfezant is the anti-bird, one which takes a different role to any of its predecessors. While most (Pidgeot, Swellow, Staraptor) focus on attack, and one (Noctowl) with the main focus on defense, Unfezant was built for support. I would suggest slapping a Focus Sash onto it, and make sure that it gets in a Tailwind or FeatherDance in. If it manages to survive, you could always Hypnosis the foe to buy a turn or two setting up on it. This set goes well with teams which are slow, or need some support in the means of Sunny Day or Rain Dance. Altohugh this is the main set, it still lacks strength and the ability to hit hard, so a Flying Gem boosted Sky Attack could fit in nicely. This does about 55% to a wall like Cloyster, so there's a lot of Pokémon you could take a larger chunk out of.

Offense: Not the most conventional moveset for the bird, it's not only limited to supporting the rest of the team. Moves like Aerial Ace, Return and Steel Wing all hit hard on a multitude of Pokémon, but there are many types that you still need to be wary of. As you'd think, this set is the nicest against special walls for maximum damage. I wouldn't use any of the special moves it learns naturally because of their relative weakness when compared to the physical ones, and it's special attack is mild in comparison to it's physical attack stat.

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Default Re: URPG Times (12/28-1/4) New Years' Edition

Roleplayer of the Week

In all honesty, this was a late article. When I did remember to write the article, I remembered back to a conversation on aim with the WhiteKnight (Mr. White). He had filled me in on his adventures with Nitro and told me how he went to the Great Lakes. None of his Pokemon could use surf. Yet, Mr. White manged to run into quite a variety of interesting Pokemon. What really bought my interest was when he mentioned that Lugia was used as an alternative to surf for his character. The beast was used to help carry Nitro across sea. The roleplayer of the week who had managed to really step outside the box is Nitro.

Nitro is a ranger and roleplayer I highly recommend. When you're in a bad situation where you need to fill 45k characters, he'll help you along the way to meet the requirement. For anyone who is just getting back into the National Park after a long time or is new, make sure you try to get Nitro. He replies in a decent amount of time and can meet at what level of roleplaying you're comfortable with (beginner, novice, etc).

Closing Comment

Happy New Years' URPG!


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