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Old 12-29-2011, 11:16 AM
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Default URPG Year Awards 2011

URPG Awards 2011

These past few weeks have been big on traditions. It's time for yet another - the URPG Year Awards 2011! Here you can give props to the people in our community who you feel really deserve them.

Another one of those traditions is HKim being away on holiday, but that's cool, I got this. The Awards will work in exactly the same way as last year - fill out as many of the nomination sections as you want to, no more than two people for each nomination. There is something new this year; you can PM me your nominations instead of posting them to me in the thread if you'd rather keep them private.

Without any further ado, here are the rules and the list of nominations. Have fun and make sure you think about the people who have done the most and been the best.

- You must be part of the URPG.
- You may vote for up to two people in each category.
- You can't vote for yourself.
- This is only about 2011. Think about the whole year and no other years, if you can.
- This is only about URPG. Don't take in mind other boards on the forum.
- Reply in this thread only with your votes. If you want to talk about the voting, you can post in URPG Related Chat. Any off-topic posts will be deleted.
- Voting will end January 10th, 2011 . The results will be up tallied up by either HKim or Ataro.
- Winners are honoured in the Respect Hall for the whole year. They don't get any money though.
- As incentive, anyone who votes gets $3,000. You can only add this to your stats when the results are posted.
- Note: "Best" means the most skilled, where "Favourite" means your personal favourite.

Favorite Author:
Best Author:
Favorite Roleplayer:
Best Roleplayer:
Best Coordinator:
Best Referee:
Favorite Referee:
Best Grader:
(NEW) Favorite Grader:
Best Ranger:
(NEW) Favorite Ranger:
Best Judge:
(NEW) Favorite Judge:
Best Battler:
Best Gym Leader:
Favorite URPG Moderator / Official:
Coolest Member:
Funniest Member:
Nicest Member:
Fastest Growing Member:
Most Helpful Member:
Most Dedicated Member:
Most Intelligent Member:
Wish You Were Here:
Favorite Pokemon:
Fondest Memory:
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