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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

K'sariya Damuna • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
but you take who we are the innocence in our hearts

She laid upon her stomach, the black-and-auburn-haired girl with the two pigtails, in sunshine yellow shorts and a red T-shirt featuring a shiny Butterfree. Her chin rested upon her folded arms, her cerulean eyes glittering in the bright sunlight. The tall autumn grass around them rippled and billowed in golden waves.
She could not longer hear the comforting, steady beat of Zira's wings as distance was put between them. The details of their figures were fading, but she did not miss the Volcarona's form turning slightly behind her to throw one last look at K'sariya, those beautiful, enchanting eyes glowing with unspoken apologies. For what, K'sariya may never know.
The egg suddenly split, its shell flying in all directions. An alabaster Pokemon with an earth-colored abdomen tumbled from its protection, its light blue eyes peering from its ebony countenance. The girl gave a startled yelp and rolled away from the unfamiliar Pokemon, whimpering slightly. The Larvesta shook out the fluff on its upper body and head. The fiery, sun ray-like protrusions on her bodice quivered as she did so. Her lids lowered and lifted briefly as she gave an innocent, questioning blink. It was then that she lifted her front two legs into the air and gave a little warble, voice caressing the edges of K'sariya's mind.
She listened now to the gentle lapping of the water against the rock as she stared out at the departing Pokemon.

K'sariya cautiously regained her ground, dragging herself toward the small insect. She reached gingerly out with her hand, fingers stretching out. She touched the white fur, and then quickly pulled away, making sure the Pokemon didn't attack, and then extended her digits once more to give the Larvesta a gentle stroke.

"Zari," she mused. "I'll name you Zari." Zari gave her signature purr, and pressed herself into her new companion's hand.
Her lids lowered slowly over her sight, plunging it into darkness. She sought comfort in this sense of nothing, and could almost convince herself that she was back in the grass, the sweet scent of flowers and life drifting around her.
"Come on, Monsoon! Come meet Zari!"

At the call of his master, the spiked seahorse warily moved toward them. He bounced on his curled tail, hopping slowly as he approached. His dark gaze hardened and his eyes narrowed as he laid eyes upon the fire type. He gave a snort of disdain at the small, crawling creature before him.
Had it really been so long? Was it really that long ago that Zari had hatched? Since Monsoon had hated the Larvesta with such passion?
"Oh, come on. Don't be rude." K'sariya pulled them together, but quickly found that this was a mistake. Water blasted from the Seadra's snout with a furious squeal, thoroughly dousing the fire type. Monsoon turned away grumpily, moving away a couple of feet as he did so. The girl gasped at this, and quickly snatched up the Larvesta, cradling the now-crying Pokemon in her arms as it bawled.
Her gaze followed her beloved companions until their smaller silhouettes were dwarfed by the bulk of the naval ship, and then forced herself to tear her eyes away.
The sheep-like Pokemon was normally a very docile, kind-hearted creature, but this was one Pokemon it could not find room to be kind to. Its cotton-covered back seemed to expand as it used Growth, fury glowing in the prankster's eyes. The downright rudeness of this water Pokemon was infuriating to the Whimsicott. The grass of Pinwheel Forest jerked to and fro violently in the gale that it created. The white fluff on its back glowed with a violent green light, and then all of the sudden a similar light shot from Monsoon's body, connecting with the Whimsicott's. The Seadra let out a cry of surprise as he felt the energy being quickly sapped from his body by the Mega Drain. His form crumpled as the edges of his vision darkened dangerously.

Without warning, he was blasted by heat as Zari leaped to his rescue, a Flamethrower flowing from her maw at the Whimsicott. It squealed as the flame licked at its pelt, and quickly fled toward the water, wailing from its burns.

Monsoon blinked, gaze focusing on the Larvesta as she let out a cry to alert K'sariya of this turn of events. The bug Pokemon waddled over to her rival and snuggled against her protectively. The Seadra buried his snout into her silky upper fur in return, all grudges melting in the fire Pokemon's comforting heat...
Tears burned at the corner of her eyes, and her fists balled. She bit back her bubbling emotions with a hard, forced swallow. Taking a deep, quivering breath, she nodded, knowing she had to leave it to them. She had to trust them to make it back to her... alive.

She reached under her gently waving cloak for another Pokeball. Her thumb ran over each unique etching carved onto the spheres until she found the one she wanted, and then clicked the small button in the center of the crease. Another flash of crimson light revealed a very unique dragon. A head replaced clawed hands on each of its arms, and a its head bore a fuchsia crest. Six black wings moved steadily, with each black appendage falling chronologically with every downwards thrust cycle. Astyn let out a bone-chilling snarl, violet, midnight-rimmed eyes narrowing dangerously as it looked at the water around it. Her gaze softened as it fell upon her trainer, and she hovered obediently as K'sariya spoke.

"Come on, we've got to help somehow. If we can't hold the city their efforts will be in vain."

She swung onto her dragon, who let out a growl and took flight. As Astyn did so, K'sariya withdrew Alixra into her Pokeball, and they headed toward the city.


Astrailyx has assigned you to defense, and you will be working solo in this operation.

You and your Pokemon are to find some way to defend the subways by any means, whether it be by guards, tactical traps, or any other method you decide to use. It's a large area, but we trust that you can handle it. Please find some way to do so thoroughly.


She folded the letter carefully, slipping it into her back pocket. She withdrew a berry from another small pocket on her belt and fed it to the Pidove, who was fidgeting nervously, it's yellow eyes trained on Astyn's two subheads, which were snapping dangerously close to the tiny bird. She dismissed the messenger before the Hydreigon could torture the poor thing further, mentally admonishing her Pokemon for such behavior.

They alighted at the entrance of the closed subway. The city was mostly void of citizens, considering most were holed up in their homes, waiting, watching, praying. K'sariya had long ago given up on praying. It was obvious that none of their gods, especially Arceus, would help them. The legendary Pokemon had completely lost any respect she had ever had for them, no matter how they subtly influenced her life or helped it.

As she entered the darkness, she released all of her remaining Pokemon. A spiky ball of metal, hanging from the ceiling from three vines that protruded from his body, tipped with flat, round disks with steel thorns on them, swung ahead into the pitch. Moments later, a Flash lit up the subway tunnels. The woman glanced around at her team, pondering over what to do.

"Altair, Astyn," came her sharp call. She tended to become much more harsh when she was in thought. Her Pokemon were about the only creatures she was verbal with. Anyone else she went to extreme lengths with to avoid conversation. The yellow, six-eyed spider gave a screech of acknowledgement, scuttling to her side. Sparks leaped from the azure appendages on his rear, spreading to his body in his anticipation. His mandibles clicked together impatiently. The dark dragon turned her head attentively, the sound of the jaws of her subheads snapping together fading as they too stilled.

"Astyn, carry Altair and go through the subways. Altair, as you go, spread Electrowebs out under you. As quickly as you can." They began to move, but then she halted them. "Wait! Before you go..." She glanced around, and then broke out into a sprint down the tunnel until she reached a box for the generator. She beckoned Alixra, who drifted over and used Psychic to dislodge the mechanisms of the lock. Opening the cover, her gaze scraped over the various switches and outlets. "Altair, spin me a thick, electric wire and attach it to the largest outlet. Make sure all of your webs touch in some when you're spinning them, and make sure the charges flow this way... Can you so that?"

The Galvantula nodded and began spinning the cord carefully. Thalion, the large, comical-looking, light cobalt-colored creature that was known as a Jellicent, made a point to stay far away from the jumping sparks and electricity, as did Kalahaq. The metallic Metagross wasn't affected much by the electricity, but it was annoying to have thousands of volts pulsing through your highly conductive body and the headache that came with it always irritated all four of his brains. The hunter-green, dinosaur-like figure known as Kozanar the Tyranitar lowered himself to the ground, suffering from an extreme disease that the armor Pokemon knew as boredom. Kozanar found this disease very harmful to his health and saw it as life-threatening. He would soon be attempting to find a cure to this terrible ailment, that was, if K'sariya did not give him one first.

"Yo Koz! You mind doing me a favor?" she called. His attention was immediately captured, and he sauntered over. She stood on the tip of her toes and whispered something in his ear, and he nodded. The massive Pokemon lumbered over to the edge of the edge of the platform and slowly lowered himself to the ground. He rolled onto his side, and pressed his ear attentively to the ground.

Kozanar wasn't the most intelligent creature, but he was still extremely useful. Luckily for K'sariya (and everyone else in the city), Kozanar was easily amused. The rock type listened intently to the ground for any signs of machines. His Trainer gave a warm smile at his actions. Something was quite comical about a Pokemon with such vicious capabilities so easily enticed by something so simple.

By the time her attention was drawn from the pseudo legendary, Astyn and Altair were already prepared to go. The Galvantula clutched tightly to the dragon's stomach, hanging upside down. Her gaze turned to the wire, which had been plugged into the outlet she had instructed. Nodding her approval to them, she gave them a thumbs up, and they began their work.

you make us kneel before the altar as you tear us apart
1,807 words • tagged; n/a
comments; mostly just a preparation post.
the end of it is quite boring.
damn, i'm writing novels, aren't i?
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: narphoenix (Socrates), Velocity (Schrodinger), Latio-Nytro (indirectly)

"He is just as likely to abstain from invading in the next 24 hours as I am to begin to enjoy my gluteal regions as a delicacy of the highest order. But then, you probably already knew that."Cadence turned, recognising the voice instantly. Socrates had surprised her a little, but not enough to draw any particular reaction.

He was talking about the threat; there was no doubt about that. By this point, there were few, especially in the higher ranks, that hadn’t been informed of it. To his statement, she only nodded lightly, her focus on the fumbling rookie. What had possessed Thirteen to leave a newbie alone during such a time?

"Chakram is not stupid, you know. He is probably the single most competent person we could have attacking those...robots. As an subset of his nonstupidity, he is not going to betray a heavily armed faction fighting for his freedom. I think we can both agree that would be idiocy itself. You were right to put him in command."

The PI’s words made sense, for the most part, they always did. Zek wasn’t that naďve, rebelling so close to HQ would only be suicide. Trying to convince a fair amount of the RU’s agents of that was a nightmare, however. Suspicion ended up clouding minds...

"I'm going to check on the scouts I have on the rest of the island. I have them most concentrated on the area just around the survival area, as that would be the most sensible for Eggy to attack, as not only is it the shortest route from here to Kanto, one of Robotnik's strongholds, but also it is extremely probable that it would draw our forces from Stark Mountain and possibly screw us all over from both sides."

“Alright,” Cadence stated, nodding lightly. If he played his cards right, Robotnik could very well snap them like a closing jaw. That couldn’t be allowed to happen…

Turning her head, the leader noticed the young man finally get onto the call. The poor thing was hopeless, and having him in charge of the communications, even for a short while, was more than a little unnerving.

"No 'bots invading where I'm keeping eyes. But I do not know how much longer we can expect the lull,"

“We can’t be certain, but I anticipate something sooner than later,” she replied, her brown eyes catching the motion of an opening door. Somebody, hopefully Thirteen, was coming in…

Nope. It was Schrodinger, one of the few anthropomorphic beings to reach an elevated rank in the RU. He was, for the most part, strictly business, and was damn good at his work.

"Certainly not much longer," he stated, probably having heard Socrates and herself from the hall. In reality, this wasn’t in any way this best room for this kind of discussion.

"It's been nearly twenty-four hours since the last attack. That means we can expect something very big and very bad soon." The cat took a slight break, then continued, "I have ensured that we have the weapons we need, but arms alone will not save us. As we all know, we need Chaos Emeralds. Once Chakram comes back in, I recommend that you let me peer into his mind, Cadence, and try to find in his memory exactly where the Cyan Chaos Emerald lies. With its power, we could gain ground and perhaps a slim advantage - if only via a secret weapon - over Robotnik."

Not yet. The words popped into her head instantly. She couldn’t afford risking Zek’s loss, not to mention the damage he’d cause going rogue. Plus, he wasn’t one the leader wanted to see fall into the clutches of the other fractions. If only they could get to Unova, that could stir a buried memory, sans risk…

"Small group of Eggshells coming our way. Engagement preparing. We've been spotted. Check the airwaves, disrupt signals, NOW."

The rookie had put Chakram (it was his voice after all) on loud speak by mistake when he began calling up some data. Judging from his tone, it was fairly urgent…

No time to call Thirteen…

“Check all available frequencies, listen for anything suspicious,” she ordered, looking at the nervous operator. It was an easier job then jamming signals, which he most certainly didn’t know how to do.

“Socrates, can you double check with your scouts, make sure nothing’s come up suddenly?” The leader asked, eyeing the computer at the back of the room. Its purpose was for situations such as this, which required the machine to be pretty elaborate.

Despite not being a techie by trade, Cadence had been taught to set up interference signals, which she sometimes used to cover herself when getting in and out was more important than subtlety. As such, in a few minutes, her fingers were dancing rapidly on the keyboard, punching codes and accessing the jamming equipment. It was a band aid approach really, Robotnik had enough advanced technology to bypass the interferences, but even for the Eggman Empire, that took time.

“Engaging,” a small pop up flashed, indicating a successful launch. Perfect.

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

(Lack of motivation for this post, lol. His sign up drained me THAT much. Geh. So shooooort.)

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
Affected RPers:
Sight of the Stars

War. It always happened, always occurred...And despite being one of the most powerful beings from his world, he could do nothing to stop it. He was powerless, and it was a feeling he doubted he would ever get used to. He had at times wondered if it would be better for Robotnik to win, but at the same time, it would go against everything his creator - Robotnik's grandfather - would have wanted. Gerald had wanted to help humanity and anthros alike, to stop bloodshed using science. He had been driven insane, eventually, but fundamentally peace was his goal. His grandson would create peace, as well, but in a completely twisted and terrible way...Ridding sentient beings of their willpower, of their very mind. Such a terrible fate, to be forced into acts a person would never do and to be unable to escape it.

And Maria...He had to protect everyone. For her.

The hedgehog scowled, shaking his head to rid himself of the thoughts. The city itself was barren for the most part, people barricading themselves into the buildings in preparation for the coming battle. He couldn't blame them, but on the other hand, he wished that they would help with fortifying the city rather than huddling behind a couch in fear. If they didn't want to die, then the least they could do was help. Bloody cowards, honestly, because he knew that many weren't children or crippled. It wasn't like they were asking them to fight! Although, in hindsight, it would be quite a bit of help if they would at least learn how to fire a gun.

Either way, the city was very gloomy at the moment. The air was tense and prickling with energy, of fear and desperation, eagerness and dread, all wrapped up in a tight blanket of paranoia. The sky ahead was overcast, threatening to bring rain...Yet the lack of humidity didn't really support the theory it would. It was almost as if the world was holding its breath, casting a hue on the land below as it anticipated bloodshed. The rain would be its tears, the thunder its cry of anger, the lightning its strike of fury! The sun...The sun would be its happiness if they survived the attack to see the next day.

It was not a matter of if...

It was a matter of when.

Turning down a street and passing an armored jeep, its machine guns already up and ready for action, he ignored the salutes from the soldiers he passed. Their clothes were tattered and covered in dust from the fusion of the worlds, and he was simply too lost in thought to give much of a response. His radio crackled on occasion, confirming certain parameters had been activated and that so far, no activity had been detected in any of the sectors. That will not last for long. He couldn't help but be grim, for reality had proven to him many times that happiness did not last long before tragedy swiftly buried it in misery. I made a promise to Maria to help humanity have a chance to be happy. But with Robotnik around, they will never have that opportunity. If I am to keep that oath...He must be eliminated.

He knew the city was in good hands with Astrailyx and Ace in keeping an eye out, although the former was still very weak. He didn't enjoy the fact she was that tired and working, but she had refused to sit idly by...So he had granted her permission to work on defense. As for Ace, he was eager for battle but he was reliable...Usually. He didn't always listen to orders. The human whom he couldn't even remember what her name was - it was a strange one indeed - would prove to be interesting if her Pokemon were as strong as others told him they were.

Before he could dwell on that, however, he noticed a light from a subway tunnel. It was odd, however, as he knew power had mostly be diverted from them for the city...So the lights would not be working; the electric rails were also down as they no longer connected to anything either, so they were of no use. Which meant, however, that something was down there. Grabbing at his belt, he felt the cold steel of the pistol, and having his finger on the trigger, stepping into the tunnel.

He could see a green tail tip by the entrance, and beyond that a large metallic body with a large "x" on its face. There was a a floating jellyfish which had a face that looked like it belonged on the can of a chip company than on anything alive; honestly had this been another situation he might have had to stifle a snicker at it. Pokemon, I presume. But what are they doing down here? He didn't know, honestly. Pokemon were powerful creatures, yes, and they could be tamed by Pokemon Trainers, but...It was strange finding these down here.

Staying within the tunnel entrance, he cocked the gun and stepped forward slightly. Seeing a humanoid shape, he pointed the weapon, although he did not press the trigger and his aim never wavered. He didn't forget about the Pokemon, either, his ears primed towards those he couldn't see. "By the order of the G.U.N. Commander - the one whom you are now talking to - who are you and what are you doing down here?"

...He would never get used to being Commander.

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ

Astrailyx had flown back to base, hearing that the trainer, K’sayira was doing her task in the subways. The dragon had flown back into base, giving everyone a last reassuring check before going to her own post. She could feel the energy humming through the entire place, almost as if it were synchronizing with her. Closing her eyes and concentrating, she folded her wings behind her back, standing in the large hallway that opened to the centre of the building, a large, decorative memorial of some kind placed in there. At least it was decorative for GUN. This isn’t where she needed to be though; no she needed to be somewhere else. A flap of her wings and a release of herself, Astrailyx fell into the floor like a ghost, passing wires and metal, concrete and supports, bothering them not in the slightest.

Astrailyx came to the middle of a large room with people watching energy fields and measurements of all kinds. In this room, she felt every pulse and twitch of the energy. She inhaled, focusing her mind on everything, and exhaled, opening her eyes, looking from left to right. This was her area of expertise, and if anything was going wrong, she was going to be the line of defense. She was in charge of defensive tactics and had run though, thought of, planned everything she could think of, still cycling through ideas like a train that never had a stop.

“All levels are stable and holding Astrailyx.” One of the operators told her. “The towers are ready at a moment’s notice and the conductors are functioning properly.”

“We have one of our own down in the tunnels working on the network. How does that look?” Astrailyx asked.

“Well…we can’t really see them and we’re close to them so…” Another cut in, a bit nervous as to what to tell her. “I’m not sure if she’s…doing it or it’s just the tracks…”

“Good, that’s how we want them.” Astrailyx explained, looking at the screens of electrical networks. “Sometimes we don’t want to see our own traps, it makes them better for the enemy.”

The other members of GUN looked at each other with a confused look, however believed the dragon anyway. She hadn’t been here very long, but her extensive knowledge proved more than helpful, and ever since she had known about the universal collision, she was absolutely over defenses, even giving more than she had the energy for, and possibly not telling a specific black hedgehog specifically what she was doing. She was aware he wouldn’t be too happy when he discovered what she did, but it was for the benefit of everyone else. Astrailyx wanted to figure out a way to recreate her energy as a simulant to administer as a special shield for others, to prevent roboticization, but that would mean an extreme amount of strain on herself, and she couldn’t afford that right now.

The dragon hovered over to one of the generators, looking it over and spying the equipment inside. Already her mind was reeling with how the generator worked, and the energy that it produced, where it went and what it controlled. She put her hand on the cold metal, feeling a chill go down her spine as a minimal amount of information came to her mind. She had known this piece of equipment for a while, though Astrailyx was learning to limit herself to smaller doses of information at once, slowly gaining control over her ability.

*start flashback*
Astrailyx was hovering in an odd space…remembering she was looking, or rather, trying to avoid someone. She was curled up, but moving at the same time…everything was a blur, as if she were trapped in a clouded bubble, suspended in nothing. She could hear voices, vaguely familiar, but foreboding and something she knew was bad.

“…she’s lucky she her energy remembers her body mold…”

“As long as she’s still alive…”

“You put her under that…was screaming in pain…agony yelled out…told you it hurt…!”

“…monster came from that…unexpected…result…”

“You…struck her…”

Everything was starting to fade out. Only a pinkish, almost nightmarish image remained within that one colour, and the sound of bubbles. Silence and uncomforting heat surrounded her, and she felt along for a while. Still, in the deafening silence and heavy warmth, there was a kind cool feeling of a familiar. It felt like the cool breeze on a summer day when you were trying to escape the overzealousness of the sun.
*end flashback*


She snapped out of her thoughts, looking back and finding one of the operators, giving her an odd look. She gazed beyond her, finding she had more than one set of eyes on her. No doubt in her daydreaming she had looked a bit tired, and found herself considerably close to the floor. Astrailyx gave a half smile.

“Nothing to worry about, just thinking.” She told them. “Back to your stations people, I know all we’ve been doing is watching but I want everyone prepared on a second’s notice. Not a moment, not a minute, a second alright?”

Everyone seemed to be a bit more energetic, realizing they were border lining an attack at any moment. “Yes si—er…ma’am!”

Astrailyx hovered higher into the air, observing every screen and everyone from her height with the generator at her back. She wasn’t going to let Robotnik win, she was putting everything she had into it and more.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Ace Nighthare
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City
Affected RPers: N/A

Still no sighting.

I wasn't sure what to really think about it. The Dragoneye launch was being prepped in the meantime, as if it was taunting Robotnik to try and attack us to attempt to stop it. Either they were being stupid or they had a hell of a lot of faith in our defenses. And it could have been they felt Robotnik would not attack for a very long time, and having a communications and surveillance satellite up in the air to reveal the locations of his assets and armies would already put us a step ahead.

Meanwhile, there was still no talk regarding any liberation movements in the overtaken areas. The governments were a train wreck, and were now totally non-existent. Even if Robotnik was eliminated, trying to establish a working society there again would be a horrendous job in itself. Still, what mattered now was the defense line. These places... Kanto, Johto, Orre, Hoenn... it was all new unfamiliar territory to me.

Out of nowhere, however, a note... a small scroll of paper had been dropped at my feet. I looked up to see where it came from, only to see some five foot tall, six-winged flying above me, looking at me from above with its strange blue eyes. The only assurance I had was that it was an organic creature, and not a robot.

"What... is... THAT!?" Switch exclaimed, looking up at the fiery insect with his rapidly beating red-orange, black dotted wings.

"Don't get your panties in a bunch," I told him, picking up the paper. "It's probably one of those things they call... Pokémon. If it wasn't one of ours, I'd imagine it would have attacked already."

"Well, how the hell was I supposed to know that?" Switch asked me, still not in his comfort zone. "I swear, there must be hundreds of different kinds of these things."

Obviously. Regardless, I just shrugged, and unrolled the paper to see it was a letter. I had to applaud whoever sent this. With all the nonsense radio chatter going on, I should have thought of sending letters around earlier.

I am not sure if you are familiar with I or my Pokemon, but I am sending these two to the front lines to help defend. I am aware of the dangers of this and so are they. Below is a rundown of their powers and what they can do with them.

I couldn't help but look weirdly at this one. I quickly looked to see that K'sariya Damuna was the one who sent this. Still, I hadn't ever even touched a Pokémon in my life. Heck, three weeks ago, I didn't even know they existed. Now she was expecting me to command them? How would something that was bigger than I was even take orders?

Not to mention I couldn't understand a word it was saying.

The one carrying this note is known as a Volcarona that answers to the calling of Zira. I think she may be useful for creating Hurricanes, if needed. She will be certain to keep them from colliding into the ships, as well. If you command her to, she can clear the skies of any clouds and weather and make it easier to see any opponents above the water, and will improve our visibility below. Being a Fire type, she will avoid the water at all costs unless absolutely necessary. If you need to return any messages to me, do so with her--she will know where to find me, but please do so if only necessary. Returned thanks are not needed nor wanted for their assistance, and either are returned damnations in case you did not want them.

Hurricanes? This bug was capable of making hurricanes? See, this is where I found it hard to trust these things. Still, I looked up, and just tried to remember "Zira the Volcarona."

"She's expecting you to command it!?" Switch asked me after looking over my shoulder, almost laughing hysterically from reading the note. "Ha, ha! Ace, you're no Pokémon Trainer! You can't handle that thing!"

"Put a sock in it," I growled at him, reading the rest of the letter.

I figured Switch was just a moron when it came to these things. These familiars, companions, or whatever they referred to them as, probably couldn't be any harder to command than any other soldier. They might even be easier. But hell if I knew, I had never commanded these things in my life.

The one accompanying her is a Kingdra (check the water for a blue Pokemon with two horns with wavy protrusions on them), and he goes by the name Monsoon. He specializes in anything water, and I believe may be of some help. He can create whirlpools to help slow our opponents down, and with some tactical guidance as to where he needs to put them, I believe that he is mostly independent and will need no further instruction after you give him an order, but if he encounters problems, he will report back to you for further tasks. On a side note, he can also create Blizzards. If he spots robots before you all do, he will alert you to their presence with a Signal Beam.

Sure enough, I looked to the waters and there it was, a large, seahorse Pokémon with the horns K'Sariya described. Still, "independent" was good. I liked that word. Had to be one of my favorites.

"Two of them, no less!" Switch laughed, looking at Monsoon the Kingdra from over the deck of the battleship. "Oh wow, Ace. Seriously. My guess is she must have thought you were a human! Doesn't she know anthros have never even seen Pokémon before, and the same the other way around!? How does she expect you to command both of them at the same time!?"

"Obviously she thinks I can handle it," I shrugged, thinking Switch's words were just garbage anyway. "One's a flying fire bug capable of incinerating crap, and the other handles the waters. Have Zira handle the skies, and let Monsoon handle the crap the rest of us can't see in the water. Switch, it's not rocket science. I've heard they even let their human kids handle these things and most of the time there's no problem."

"But you don't even know if they'll listen to you!" Switch exclaimed, not so sure I could depend on them. "They're not even your Pokémon!"

Sure, he had a point, but given the situation, I felt differently about it. Sure, I didn't like leading anyone besides myself, but right now wasn't really the right situation to moan and gripe about that.

Good luck, sir. Do not fret if you fail--we are holding down the fort at the city, but please do make an effort to return to us in case of the hopefully unlikely event in which you do not succeed.

-K'sariya Damuna

I usually wasn't the kind to "fret" either. If we needed to fall back, we would, but then I knew we would be looking at collateral damage again, and considering we just finished the repairs from the world merge, it would have been nice to enjoy Central City being intact for a little while.

While we were waiting, I figured I'd read over and try to memorize whatever I could of the list K'sariya that sent me. I knew there was no way I could be reading this thing in the middle of a fight while trying to fight on my own. Every now and then, I'd look up to make sure there was nothing coming our way, and then I'd look back to the list. I swore, just one fire bug and water dragon sounded like they'd be capable of unleashing a lot of pain and suffering on those Badniks.

In the meantime, it wasn't like I was being expected to use Pokéballs, which I had no idea how those worked. Commanding Pokémon, yeah, I think I could do that, though they might not exactly enjoy my style of handling things. But trying to figure what fires off a recall beam, what preps a Pokéball for capture, what preps a Pokéball for Pokémon release, and what resets it back into a standby state was confusing as all hell considering the thing only had one button. And don't even get me started on all the different colors and designs. I heard from one other human that different colors and designs resembled different Pokéballs that were capable of different things. Like hell I was going to try and memorize all that.

"You're really serious about this, aren't you?" Switch asked, chuckling. "Hate to break it to you, but rumor has it that inexperienced trainers have trouble commanding Pokémon, especially ones that aren't theirs. Someone mentioned something about certain kinds of 'badges' being necessary for them to acknowledge your experience."

"Well ain't that too bad, I left my ceremony uniform in the barracks," I told him, not worrying about that. "I guess introducing them to my collection of six scout sniper ribbons, three infantry ribbons, two armored battalion ribbons, and those Emerald Star and Diamond Cross medals might have to wait a little while."

"Those aren't... um... well, I think they might listen to you if they see you in action," Switch told me, trying to compose himself.

And if that didn't, something else would.

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zek Chakram
Revolution Uprising
Route 226
Affected RPers: Narphoenix (Socrates), Velocity (Schrodinger and Alice), Eternal Moonlight (Candace)

There were about twenty of them, all given that nice, little antennae close to their heads that meant they had radio of their own. It was not a good sign, for that would basically mean reinforcements were on the way unless they shot them down very, very quickly.

There were eight with guns, the rest had either a spike-adorned shield or a sword/club/mace hybrid of sorts. That being said, the size (over six-foot-six) of the Eggbots and their metallic bodies could cause enough damage of their own accord. It wasn't going to be a cakewalk, but really, there were worse cases of being caught known to Zek (that he thankfully didn't partake in). The image of the time a soldier wound up attracting a Roboticized Rhyperior to his position, and the bloody splatter that served as the remains of the poor man, wasn't a comforting one.

Zek's SMG's quickly silenced two gun-wielding Eggbots with a shot to the head, as his soldiers-outnumbered two to one by the Eggbots, but outgunning them by all having firearms-shot the remaining gun-wielders before a shot of theirs got off. The Melee Eggbots were taking advantage of their lack of priority and managed to get in a quick slam of their clubs on a poor sniper, who fell down on the ground with a bleeding head. That particular sniper was right next to Zek, who took the opportunity to take the Eggbot's body and swirl it around to hit a second Eggbot, and he got off on the impact to take a shot at two more. It was proceeding smoothly.

Suddenly, Chakram was thrust against the wall-he wound up too close to the Badnik he hitched a ride with. This wasn't a terrifically good thing. However, the Badnik quickly fell over from a Shadow Ball (He caught a particle of shadow from the corner of his eye-his own Shedinja’s attack), leaving Zek to recollect his senses a bit. However, he was smart enough to avoid the shield of another Badnik, rolling out of the way and taking shots. The bullets deflected on the shield, and the bullets that hit got the sides of the machine. It advanced towards him, Shield still in a position that would make the Badnik invincible from the front.

Then it froze-in ice, of course. Partially, anyway, as it's legs were stuck in ice, but it's upper body was left to smash its way out. He didn't even check the source-he shot at the head while the Eggbot was distracted by smashing the ice away. That shut it down.

After that, there were too left, both club wielders, who were quickly dispatched by bullets from other soldiers. That left one: the Roboticized Weezing, who seemed to be absent.

"Sir, I think we can breathe a little easier. The Air signals were scrambled when the fight began." Said a soldier. "They couldn't have heard the transmission.

"I wouldn't be terribly sure about that. It's Robotnik we're dealing with here, he's probably got some plan to fix that with. Besides, where's the Weezing?" He asked, pretty sure he'd get no answer.

"Probably going to alert the rest of the Badniks at that Stark Mountain place. Where's that, anyway?" Said the oversized Piplup, who's talking could have allowed for a stealthier takedown. It was a small panic to take care of even small forces of Badniks-it was terribly bad if they got hold of their bases, and considering their stronger logical processing, that would be easier for Eggman to figure out than the average grunt would have taken. They weren't completely aware of their presence as a faction being strong here-yet. If they did, Eggman would send in truckloads of forces.

Zek took a deep breath-this wasn't his first time dealing with clueless idiots, and there were those potentially dumber than this."First off, yes, they are going to Mt. Stark. Second off, why weren't you-"

"They may respond, but chances are that they're more busy with whatever's inside the place." It continued, as if Zek's subtly and slightly angry words weren't even spoken. "Hunting down something powerful, keep...uhh...referring to it as a Legend, relates to Ma-ma-magma and the volcano, not sure what it is exactly." It said, starting to stutter, not out of any noteworthy fear.

A few rookies gulped. The prospect of a Legendary Pokémon being Roboticized this early on into the conflict was nightmarish-though Heatran was almost considered a regular Pokémon, just with extreme rarity."Great to know but-"

"They're sending a ton of Badniks there, but-but...Uhh...But the...Variety of said Badniks...uhh...Isn't confirmed. I'd guess-"

"Are you even aware that you gave away our positions?" Zek said, still keeping his tone and his emotions low.

"Actually, I'm not sure. Their sensors would have to be par-par...uhh...Particularly sensitive, to detect anything under a regular tone." The Thing said.

"Considering that you're not completely incompetent, I'd ask why you didn't notice they were more sensitive?" Zek asked.

"Oh, they were?! Hard to tell with-without knowing f-f-f-firsthand." Said the oversized Piplup.

Some of the soldiers, initially impressed by the bird, now had to do nothing but wonder if this oversized Piplup was actually smart. The rest were already guessing he wasn't very smart at all. Zek ignored the soldiers's faces, expressions of confusion and curiosity aimed at the bird, and instead radioed in properly.

"Command, this is Unit Vital A. Engagement successful, only one soldier lost, thanks for scrambling the signals quick enough. All known Eggshells leading up to the Mountain proper are eliminated, sans one. A Roboticized Weezing, seen prior to engagement with one group of Eggshells, had escaped. We rescued what looks like an oversized Piplup from one camp. We've yet to get onto the Mountain proper and eliminate any eggshells there, break." Zek started. "The oversized Piplup claims the Eggshells are here to capture the Legend in the Volcano, Heatran, though the source doesn't look terribly smart, break." He added. "We'll continue the elimination of the Eggshells, unless you want us to regroup with some more units. Over."

Zek's unit kept an eye out. Reinforcements weren't coming yet. They couldn't find the Roboticized Weezing either. It was quiet. Uncomfortably so. He was still ready to shoot whatever Robotnik could send at him, waiting a little for the response.

...Heatran...The Legend of the Volcano. Hopefully, the bird's information was faulty-or Heatran wasn't found by the Badniks yet.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

E-101 MK. III "β"
Cloud cover, target identified
Orders issued, attack to begin in 3...2...1...

The green tinted clouds keeping the flying robot and the massive airship behind it hidden flashed too often and too close for comfort. The machine had to keep its various control flaps tightly controlled to avoid being hit by a stray bolt of electricity. Its single eye scanned a battleship in the water below, lit up in shades of red and yellow. The cloud cover had almost allowed them to slip over it completely... but they were in range. The orb like robot raised a small antenna from its back, transmitting the order to begin charging weapons and to activate the forward cannon. Slowly, the behemoth red ship dipped out of the clouds, its wide underbelly bristling as automated turrets surged to life, twisting and searching out targets with small red photoreceptors. It was shaped much like a large snake with wings from the bottom, with the bridge and other important locations situated above. The exposed engine was protected with thick glass even Beta's lasers couldn't break, pistons and gears pumping as it kicked in to full gear. As it dove, the front of the airship opened vertically, opening wide as the forward cannon charged energy. The instant it was below cloud cover, the mile-long flying weapon was fully charged. There was a loud screeching noise that the robot recognized as the pulse emitter giving off feedback from the stored energy before a huge blue laser ratcheted from the front of the ship towards central city. It ripped viciously through everything ahead of it, skyscrapers collapsing from the sudden lack of a midsection and likely killing plenty of opponents. But it seemed to E-101 Beta that the beam had been aimed too high and had only hit skyscrapers, nothing on the ground directly. Unfortunate, but it sent a good enough message.

The ship's turrets opened fire on the Platinum Star, a storm of yellow pouring from beneath the ship and in to it. A legion of robots were leaping from it to the other battleship, all of them with similar orb shaped bodies and spidery limbs, heads firmly attached with no neck piece. They were all armed with laser weapons and close range weapons, some sporting four arms with a multitude, others with larger weapons. Some were of its model, flying machines with jets and control struts instead of legs and more powerful arm cannons, others were geared for explosives and close combat. Beta was engineered for all of that and more. The flying machine brought its claw-shaped arms together and pushed the laser emitters built in to its claws next to each other, sending a ream of energy across the deck of the ship not under the Egg Carrier's deadly gaze as it flew past, heading straight for the city. Ahead, other flying and water robots were streaking towards the city from where they had descended moments ago, but Beta quickly overtook them.

In moments his single glaring photoreceptor was painting targets in the streets, even as the ash from the buildings was still falling... but it wasn't to attack just yet. A deep voice boomed from within the machine at a much higher volume than it should have been able to produce. It wasn't the voice of its creator, but it was the voice of Beta. "PEOPLE OF CENTRAL CITY, YOU ARE OFFERED THE CHANCE TO SURRENDER." the voice boomed. The impact of a bullet denting its armor informed the machine of the answer, and it wasted no time in retaliation, firing bursts of lasers from the emitters built in to its claws, flying quickly enough that its few weak points weren't exposed to being harmed. A wave of dust obscured it from view as the collapsing buildings finally finished their fall, showing only a few points of light and swaths of energy bursting from the dust cloud spreading through the city. This would be fun...

((OOC:The Egg Carrier, as I'm not quite sure how to describe the thing.
And Beta too just for the heck of it. He's been upgraded, but he still pretty much looks like that. Have fun with these. And don't NPC Beta or the Egg Carrier; those are mine >:I Or this next guy either.))
((Also, Latio... You're going to regret that killing spree right about now.))

E-117 "ς"
En route, Route 226
Distress signal received. Beginning assault run.

The ground beneath the group of people and Pokemon shook violently moments before a massive drill erupted from the ground beneath, thick blades set in to the spinning device tearing apart almost the entire group of soldiers in a single go. The spindly arms split apart as the drill slowed, either side separating from the other and forming a pair of huge clawed hands. They led up to a stocky, circular body in a dull red color, the numbers 117 emblazoned in white on one side and a bright floodlight situated on a small stalk at the waist. The head was a yellow color, with a black pane of metal housing a multitude of small photoreceptors that were blinking in a form of binary. Its round body led down to a thin rotating torso outfitted with four legs for mobility, each with a small wheel behind the pronged foot for faster transportation. Twin jet engines sat on its back, and beneath the large arms were a pair of smaller ones armed with a pulse missile launcher and a fast-rate pulse gun, a third pair of manupulator arms behind these. Its eyes flashed again as its lower arms swung forward, discharging simultaneously at Chakram and the being he had saved.

The machine spidered backwards with impressive speed over the hole in the ground it had made, the large hands at its side poised defensively as its upper body leaned forward in a sort of mock glare. Its pincers dug in to the ground as it continued crawling backwards, two side photoreceptors slipping around the head to spy the fortifications Revolution Uprising had made. The robot made a mark on its internal map where its next targets were. Sigma's drill arms came together in a kind of steel shield protecting its body for a moment as its pulse launcher fired in to the ground, blowing up smoke and dust high in to the air. The instant it had cover, its arms reformed a drill and it burrowed in to the ground, the earth shaking as it did so.

Moments later, it erupted directly behind where Chakram had been, splitting its great arms and swinging them like blades as the thin feet sunk in to the earth of the hole it had created for stability as it brought itself up, eyes flashing in unspoken statements and threats. It advanced for Chakram, huge bladed arms swinging viciously at him and his 'charge' with the intent of tearing them apart. A small antenna on its back extended slightly, emitting a jamming frequency. It wouldn't do to have a surprise attack ruined by an observer...
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zira & Monsoon
would you leave me if i told you what i've done

Zira's eyes fell upon the creature beside her designated target, eyes narrowing slightly. She listened to the two of them converse, and was becoming more and more irritated with seeds of doubt that he was planting in the other's mind. It frustrated her that she lacked the telepathic bond that she shared with K'sariya that allowed them to speak with one another, and she could not ease any doubts. K'sariya would not have sent them here if they weren't going to listen. In fact, she had made it excruciatingly (and a bit terrifyingly) clear about what would happen if they didn't. It was not like she would do anything overly cruel for punishment, but it was enough to keep both of them thoroughly in line.

She gave a little flutter of her wings as he said her name, and a rumbling purr echoed from her chest. Her wings sent gentle waves of warmth over them both. She tilted her head at Ace as his eyes grazed over the note. Her temper shortened further when the other mentioned K'sariya. Her warm, cobalt eyes narrowed as she glared at him. As he asked if he was serious about this, Zira's temper cracked and splintered.

In her anger, her body glowed with the magnitude of a Sunny Day, and the clouds cleared. She did not notice what lay behind her, in the open skies.

She gave a small screech, and suddenly moved closer to him. She had no plans of harming him, only maybe driving him away a little. She flapped her wings a little faster, causing a slight gust to fly from her form. She did this for a few moments before drifting obediently back to the rabbit and gave a purr, eyes closing slightly, as if she seemed happy with herself. Her lids lifted from over her eyes and she looked upon her assigned leader fondly, listening intently.

Switch was merely lucky that Monsoon had not been up here--Zira was much more good-natured than her water counterpart, and Monsoon may have made an attempt to blast him off of the ship.

Alarm suddenly spread through the ships as the Egg Carrier was sighted. She whirled, eyes narrowing at the sudden threat that the absence of clouds had now exposed. About thirty seconds later, it began. At least they had some sort of warning, but it would probably not be enough for what was to come.

She watched in horror as the cannon came into view, charging energy. She let out a screech of both surprise and warning, but could do nothing but watch as the city skyscrapers fell under attack.

Zira threw an apologetic glance at her commander, and then closed her eyes momentarily, concentrating. Collecting her emotions, the Calm Mind sent ease throughout her body. As her lids lifted, she waited momentarily to wait and see if there was anything specific Ace wanted her to do, but was pretty sure that he had other matters. She began firing Flamethrowers at the robots loading onto the other battleships, trying to at least do some damage to them before they could wreak havoc on the prepared troops below. The warning they had received was enough to not be taken completely by surprise.

Meanwhile, Monsoon gave a battle cry, Ice Beams shooting from his maw as he became a ranged weapon, firing at the aerial robots and those falling with dangerous, practiced accuracy.


K'sariya Damuna • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
i see the children in the rain like the parade before the pain

K'sariya watched as her companions departed down the tunnel, the golden light of the charged webs extending down the tunnel displaying their progress. Her eyes followed them until they turned a corner, and she hoped that they did not encounter anything unfortunate while they were down there.
If it were not for the illuminated crystals floating above the ashen ground, the cave would be pitch black. The steady plop [i]of water droplets falling from the ceiling and splattering on the floor. She prowled carefully over the slippery rock, alert for any Pokemon. Her features had lost their baby roundness and her mid-length hair had been cut, and now drifted loosely about her shoulders without restraint. The gentle blue glow of the glorious gems cast an azure hue upon her tight-lipped countenance. A white and brown bug was perched upon her shoulder, clutching to her tightly.
She reached into her back pocket, taking out her thick rubber gloves, which she knew she should have been wearing earlier, and snapped them on. K'sariya momentarily wondered what would happen if Robotnik's drones really did come from underground and flooded the subway, and ran into the Hydreigon and Galvantula in the depths of the tunnels.
Movement in the black, red-trimmed backpack slung over her shoulder grasped her attention. She blinked, slipping the quivering egg out of her bag, laying it carefully on the ground. It was then that she realized that was not the only egg that was moving. She extracted the other from the bag and laid them side by side. Zira scurried down her arm and to the eggs, sniffing at them, and then nestled between them to give them warmth. Immediately the Pokemon inside began to struggle against their fragile shelter. Zira moved away from them as she heard them nearing escape.
No, Kozanar would hear them. He was a Tyranitar. He was more in tune with the earth than any of her other Pokemon. He would warn them. You couldn't just burrow through stone without there being some sort of disturbance.
They burst from their shells, tumbling into each other as they did so. The small dinosaur, blinded by its bangs, gave a snarl, while the little yellow bug simply jumped on the dragon. It made a move to snap at it, but paused as it felt the Joltik snuggling under its leg, and then gave a fond rumble. He snarled at Zira as she drew near, and at K'sariya.

"Let's see... I'll name you Astyn," she said nodding to the aggressive dragon that was snapping bad-naturedly at her. "And you... I'll name you..." she frowned, and then her expression brightened. "Altair!" The spider hissed at her as she beckoned to him.
She eased her own fears. Worrying about them now would do nothing. Besides, Alixra could just send--

K'sariya! Someone's coming!

She whirled at the sound of Alixra's urgent voice in her mind. Her head ducked as she reached over her shoulder, pulling the bow from over it and quickly taking up an offensive stance, right arm reaching for an arrow from the pod on her back. She nocked the steel projectile, immediately aiming for the subway opening, which Thalion and Kalahaq were backing quickly away from. Ikuja swung quickly to her side, releasing his grip on the ceiling and landing on the ground beside her with a massive, metallic thud. He charged a Thunderbolt into the arrow, causing it to glow with electricity, sparks jumping all around it. She drew her arm backward, her grip steady and unwavering, even as the tension in the bow began to increase.

The approaching threat stepped forth, and it was then that K'sariya realized he was not a threat at all (well, with the exception of the gun pointed at her, that was). She lowered her weapon, gladly loosening the tautness of her bow's string by easing the arrow back to its base. She slid it easily back into the pod, and looped the bow over her bodice once more. She nodded politely to him, keeping her other hand up as she reached into her pocket to show that she was not a threat. She withdrew the folded piece of paper that had assigned her to take control of the subway, and opened it quickly, pushing down the creases.

"Shadow, sir," she said politely, nodding to him. No other words passed her lips, and it was very unlikely that that would change anytime soon. She held the note out to him, her other hand resting on Ikuja, who was fuming at the sight of the gun and spinning in an agitated manner. He immediately stopped spinning as her hand moved toward him, and shifted to ensure that her hand landed between the spikes and not on them. Her Metagross moseyed over, and then tromped back with the note tucked partially under the tiny room under the massive X on his forehead. He offered the note to Shadow, stance docile and eyes quite gentle. Well, as gentle as glowing, dark, blood-colored crimson could get, that was.

What are you? Alixra asked, the question drifting into the hedgehog's mind. Like some kind of black Shaymin or something...? The Musharna had never seen a hedgehog before. She wasn't a very mobile creature, and usually was quite comfortable in her Pokeball at K'sariya's hip than out meeting others.

It was then that a massive screech echoed through the city, followed by a thunderous roar as the laser obliterated the tops of the skyscrapers. Kozanar lunged to his feet, shoving Shadow further away from the subway entrance. Seconds later it began to fall, tons and tons of concrete causing the ground to shake. Worry pulsed through K'sariya. She whirled, hands cupping around her mouth as she yelled down the tunnel.

"ASTYN! ALTAIR!" she screamed. It was then that the section of the tunnel collapsed, unable to handle the weight being put on it below. Her calls were drowned out by the collective roar of the collapsing passage and the debris blocking the subway entrance. Her fists balled as the booming voice dully reached them, grinding her teeth. "Kozanar, get us out of here." The Tyranitar nodded, and began ripping the debris from their escape route.

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Ace Nighthare
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City
Affected RPers: Dr. Robotnik

I had just finished my Maxzap caffeine drink when I suddenly heard and realized the assault wasn't coming from the sea... it was coming from above. Immediately I looked up, and saw it emerging from the cloud cover.

"This is Nighthare Unit, we've got contact, coordinates X34.92, Y902.43, Z43.01," I quickly spoke into the radio. "Looks like-"

And suddenly, without any warning, the turret fired, unleashing a massive, blue-hued laser, slicing through the upper floors of various buildings, and causing some of them to collapse. The massive screaming sound it made pretty much killed any chance of getting any communications through for a good ten seconds, and my ears were ringing from it. I tried not to think about the collateral damage as much as trying to take these damn things down. I gave them the coordinates for the attack, at least that much I got through. It would at least give the defenses enough time to paint the target for fire missions. Zira shrieked in alarm at the mayhem, but I knew, she hadn't seen nothing yet.

The Central City defense didn't waste a second for target attack sequence confirmation. They just outright shot at the damn thing and anything it vomited out. Immediately, the air was filled with the hammering of the Titan AA turrets unleashing their retaliation while GDI troops on the ground unleashed a volley of rockets to take out the robots that were spilling from the massive gunship.

The robots suddenly focused their attention on the G.U.N. Combat Dragon. The ship's AA guns fired upon them furiously, but without assistance, we would be overtaken. Immediately, the G.U.N. Combat Dragon focused its attention on the incoming robots, and tried to blast as many of them out of the sky as it could before they could continue the assault. There were so many that missing was actually hard. Meanwhile, the G.U.N. Platinum Star offered assistance, gunning them down with its own anti-air cannons

"The hell...?" Switch asked between shots of his assault rifle, looking up at the Egg Carrier. "There's no way we can stop that thing!!"

"Then at least kill its weapons after we get rid of these little bastards," I told him, taking out my bow. "Zira, get on those robots and attack them with your Heat Wave attack! Monsoon, assist her and attack them with Dragon Pulse!"

It didn't take much for them to jump into action. With orders or without, everything around them screamed that this wasn't just about saving Central City, this was a battle of self-preservation.

I took aim at one of the spherical robots in particular, pulled back the arrow and the bowstring, and unleashed it. The arrow struck the target perfectly, and then a second later, exploded, destroying the robot and highly damaging a few others besides it. All throughout the mayhem, bits of metal from destroyed robots were raining down on us. Meanwhile, cannon blasts from the G.U.N. Combat Dragon finished off a slew of the others. As for the G.U.N. Platinum Star, it was able to hold off the robot attackers on us, but was still taking a beating from the Egg Carrier's turrets.

While all this was happening, X77 Typhoon attack planes from the G.U.N. Silver Avenger Aircraft Carrier were deployed as the massive ship assisted with its own AA turrets. The robot army may have had the jump on the G.U.N. Platinum Star, but they were starting to lose that edge with how many defenders were coming to its aid.


The defense line continued shooting at it. Everyone was well aware that surrender meant dying anyway, or becoming a robot to be ordered to attack your own allies. It was far better to die in combat or even turn your own weapon on yourself. And it didn't even take our new human allies three weeks to realize this same, simple fact. The Titan AA guns continued firing on it and its robot companions as it fired lasers in return. Dents were being pounded into the machine's heavy armor, although it was doing a brutal job of destroying one Titan AA turret after another, smothering the assault teams with fire.

"Hold your ears," Captain Lash warned us. "Shadow Swarm Salvo commencing on painted target Egg Carrier. As for the rest of you, we need reprisal on that gunship. If you can't take out its engine, then at least destroy its armaments!"

Yes, sir. About freaking time.

With the G.U.N. Platinum Star able to hold its own, retaliation was unleashed upon the Egg Carrier. The Battlecruiser, however, looked pretty beat up from the laser fire that was concentrated on it. They were forced to withdraw from the conflict if they didn't want to risk having the entire ship end up at the bottom of the ocean. It could be repaired as long as it didn't take too much more damage, but like a wounded soldier, we couldn't expect it to continue to fight.

Within seconds, the missile launch bay doors of the G.U.N. Combat Dragon opened, and not a second too soon, a massive, screaming salvo of Shadow Swarm cluster missiles was unleashed from the vessel, ripping their way through whatever robots foolish enough to be sitting in front of the mayhem. Meanwhile, the rocket swarm sped toward the Egg Carrier, ready to punish the hell out of it.

Loading up another arrow, I gave Monsoon and Zira the order to attack the Egg Carrier, and at least destroy its weapons. As for me, I took aim...

...and I knew I wouldn't miss.

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zek Chakram
Revolution Uprising
Route 226 (Now the home of a massive drill called Sigma.)
Affected RPers: Eternal (Candace), Narph (Socrates), Velo (Card and Schrodinger)

"HOLY S**T!!!"

If the insane rumbling of the earth didn't alert Chakram up-front that there were now reinforcements, that even louder piece of cussword did it. He looked upon his foe, noticing both an idiotic reference (117? Was Eggman into those Halo games?) and something that rang a bell: Sigma. The Massive Drill itself was named Sigma, sure, but the character, the name, the symbol itself was what got Zek's memory for a brief jog. Though, his memory wasn't up for laps when the machine guns started firing. He ducked behind the nearest rock for the pulse lasers.

"Ah, come on! Not a Sigma Drill!!" Said the oversized Piplup. Chakram turned his head towards the nearest Rock, and lo behold, the bird was still alive, getting something techno-ish on his hands. Looked like a glove for his fingerless flippers, but he swore-no, knew-it was a weapon of sorts.

A missile was fired, despite all the uselessness that it was clearly Chakram and whoever the hell the oversized bird was (and possibly Alice Card) left alive. After doing a quick mock and backing up, it shot a pulse missile into the ground, raising its steel plates as protection, creating cover visually and physically-some of the plasma from the pulse shot got to Chakram's skull, and he put his hand to his head as he held the fresh wound on it's side. Chakram returned the favor, taking a few shots at the now-non firing Pulse Machine Gun, hoping for a disabling shot. When the dust cleared, the Ground shook simultaneous with the realization that Sigma wasn't sticking around in that spot.

"Aim for the joints of the arms!" The Piplup said.

"Better idea: MOVE!" Zek said, before the robot could do the tactic Zek could almost predict it was going to do: Burrow up behind him for a sneak attack. The oversized Piplup was at least compliant in it's own mobility, and followed him running as fast as those miserably tiny legs could hope to-which was remarkably fast, but then again, it was from the world where Anthromorphic Sandslash could run over the speeds of sound and crazy madmen could rule the world and gain unlimited supplies, support at zero be d**med. Zek got out Eggman's Grenade Launcher-he knew regular weapons wouldn't work against this weapon.

He had barely made it to the fork in the road-going right, remembering what Card told him-and the Drill came back up, flailing it's arms viciously but controllably, making a slashing attempt at where the hiding life forms once were. However, it's censors were apparently not that while it was underground. Zek had a clear shot, and aimed at one of the Drill Arms with the Grenade Launcher, and one of the Pulse Machine Guns with another shot as well. He turned away before even seeing if they actually hit, and pray Arceus they did, because otherwise he'd be in some SERIOUS bull**** if they didn't. And as if that thing ALONE wasn't enough...Now, for MORE reinforcements.

Badniks-including exactly one Roboticized Weezing, as if to say, "I'm back, ba****d"-poured out of the Volcano and every other conceivable source. Lovely day for a massive covering fire of plasma weaponry by grunts, while Zek was sandwiched between them and Sigma. At least it wasn't an army's worth, still a small group, but definitely not going to be taken out in a shot. Energy weapons were being fired at now several angles except back where he came from, where Sigma was rampaging. This wasn't good. A Cyan-colored shot streamed WAY to close to his head for any comfort, and he suddenly got shot in the side-oh, that hurt badly. Now his memory got some foggy image of somewhere-rather inconvenient timing, though. In fact, terrible timing, as he wasn’t completely at cover now. Zek tried to hold it back-

Chakram had barely stayed conscious after getting hit by the Glowing Cyan Rock-really, all the words he had left for its description, massive earthquake being simultaneous be d**med, but it was a Glowing Cyan Rock-head bleeding aside. The warehouse he was looking at barely sported the symbol of Sigma-a shipping company.

Chakram got on his feet after a minute-the ground started rumbling, reversing his progress, and had to get up again, another minute. Pain coursed through his noggin, but he definitely knew the rock was important.

Also, it looked valuable. A glowing rock? Already valuable. The Cyan color looked quite beautiful, so there was several thousands more in his pocket. It then started hovering and spinning around of its own accord-even more valuable. Then he felt
it-a surge of power. Clearly, it was connected to the Jewel. Priceless in and of itself, to have a power all of its own. He was about to take it in his hand, when another hand took the jewel and Chakram's own arm simultaneously.

Nuh-uh-uh. Not your Emerald. said a voice. An Emerald? Colored Cyan?! Who'd say that ridiculous bull****? Chakram looked at the source, right in front of him. All he saw after that were red sparks-

WHAM! Terrific timing, mental image, you left Chakram vulnerable. A Badnik got to him with one of their clubs and sent him flying during his mental realization. His left leg was bloody and unresponsive, and the rest of his body was in a bad way. Worse, he was near another Badnik, a single one capable of killing him. The only luck he had? Zip-That Badnik was Sigma. Here came the death blow, Zek thought, as the claw was raised.

The lucky ba****d that was now the oversized Piplup pulled off a miracle, freezing the path in front of him in a belly slide and pushing both of them out of a claw strike. He could feel the impact behind him.

He heard it-the sweet sound of reinforcements, meant to take on the drill. He heard shots being fired at it-hitting it, the rocks, or its Badnik buddies, he didn't know or care. Aid was sweet to have, especially when crippled.

"So, how are-Umph!" The oversized Piplup that just said his life was cut off by a soldier.

"Uhh, sir, I don't think that'll heal really quickly, and what do we do?!"


"Sir, we're in some serious s**t right now, we need to get back Stark Mountain, what do we do?!"


"Sir, we're going to put you on this, real quickly-"

Zek didn't complain about being put on a stretcher-But not before he did one thing, moving his still-intact arms to pull out the last shot of his grenade launcher. He aimed it a little bit, and fired at the crowd of Badniks. He knew he'd take some numbers out-and the resulting explosion definitely told that story. Sigma, placed far away from that, was another one. A nasty, bloody one.

(OOC: Yhea. Major edits.)
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Revolution Uprising
Fight Area
ARPers: Velo, Latio, Eternal Moonlight (hereafter referred to as Them)

Socrates had to think about Schrodinger's proposal for a second. While it was extremely tempting to obtain the information from Zek, the cost would be too high to justify the action: not only would Zek, one the more paranoid (or intelligent, according to Socrates) not only would carry a psychic Pokemon to deflect such an attack, but could very easily throw a fit, shooting at the RU with guns and Pokemon. While Chakram would eventually be subdued, Socrates was confident he would put such a dent in the former Nuit Noir's numbers that the RU might as well be dissolved, especially since they would lose their only lead on a Chaos Emerald (technically, they should be called Chaos Beryl since they are of different colors, Socrates thought to himself).

Socrates was about to voice his opinion when he heard a distinct <S**t!> in his head. Socrates was alarmed: Solomon was genuinely childlike, and much less "cusshappy" than his human friend. As a matter of fact, this was the first time in 15 years that Socrates ever heard Solomon curse. He was about to ask Solomon about the matter, when he heard in his head,<I'm holding the psychic off. He's in front of you. Can't talk. Find a way to break his focus.>

Socrates had to take a second to calm himself. This, this, this this had dared to breach his mind?! Socrates very quickly decided on a way to break the cat-psychic's focus.

You see, it didn't matter if they were human, anthros, or Pokemon: males all reacted in a very predictable manner when they were hit in a certain area. Socrates didn't even have to raise his foot very high: the location was halfway up on the cat's already short frame. Immediately after Socrates executed his kick, the tension in-his-mind-yet-separate had eased. It was instead replaced with a simple question,<What did you do to him?>

<Something no man should have to endure, and that every man eventually does.> Socrates had always worn a jockstrap for this very reason: getting hit in the area was VERY painful. Socrates then decided to voice his opinion on Schrodinger's psychic attack with a quick,"My head is off-limits.", delivered in his usual childlike tone.

Socrates was going to start laughing at the cat's predicament when he "heard" a <COME ON! I take my mind off of you guys for a second, and suddenly it's the freaking APOCALYPSE?! Socrates! Grace and Sol have seen a weird digger robot thingy that has the number 117 on it! It's killing everything! It's engaging that Zek guy and this weird Prinplup thingy!>That 117 did not sound good; based on what Socrates had learned, it sounded like an E-series robot (really, did everything have to be about ego with Robotnik?), and those were, by all accounts, badass.

<Tell Sol, Amp, and Grace to engage, and join them. Tell everyone else to get the hell out.> The Volcarona, Jolteon, Togekiss, and Starmie should be able to handle the battle and take care of the robot quickly.

ocrates spoke to the two in front of him,"There's an E-Series robot wrecking sh** almost exactly where I predicted Eggy would attack. Four of my friends are engaging it right now." Socrates voice never lost its childlike cadence.

This was going to be fun.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

((You guys post too freaking fast. </3))

Schrodinger Salvo
Revolution Uprising
RU Headquarters - Sinnoh Fight Area
Affected Roleplayers: Eternal Moonlight (Cadence) and narphoenix (Socrates)

Cadence's reaction was a disappointing one: Not yet. She seemed to want to send Chakram to Unova in order to stir up memories, but of course the best time for sending away one of the RU's most valuable commanders was never. Schrodinger opened his mouth to tell her that he could in fact do the whole mind-reading thing without Chakram's untrained human mind noticing anything except possibly a very faint sensation of disorientation. Before he could do that, however, he was assailed by another psychic. It was that stupid starfish! Schrodinger wrestled with it, trying to slip the throttling noose of its consciousness off of his mind. Before he could do that, however, agony erupted in his lower abdominal region, right between his legs. Schrodinger crumpled to his knees, a noise somewhere between a hiss, a mewl, and a wheeze escaping from between his clenched teeth. Seething with rage and pain and wracking nausea, Schrodinger snarled tensely, "He assaulted me. Cadence, please tell me that this gives me the right to blow his brains out."

However, no one seemed to be listening. Suddenly Socrates was going off about some 117 robot near Mount Stark, the predicted place of attack. Schrodinger managed to stagger to his paws and growl aloud, "That's where Chakram's unit is... Hm, that's odd." He paused. Another voice was speaking in his mind. "... Apparently one of the soldiers, a Miss Card, has a telepathic Pokemon. This Pokemon tells me that Eggman's forces are there for a purpose, and that's finding a Pokemon called 'Heatran'. I don't know anything about a 'Heatran', but apparently it spits fire and would be bad news for us. Given these conditions, I assume no one will object to my sending reinforcements to the area."

Alice Card
Revolution Uprising
Stark Mountain.
Affected Roleplayers: Latio (Zek Chakram) and anyone in his unit.

Alice took the binoculars that Chakram offered her and softly let out a stream of curses at the sight of the camp and the sight of the tied-up Piplup. She wasn't one to stand for any sort of Pokemon being maltreated, even in such a tense situation as theirs. She heard Chakram give an order for its rescue. Good, she thought. A Water-type might be useful, so that we can short-circuit these lousy god-d*mned stupid robots.

Several explosions quickly followed; the thought of the painfully-killed Weezing made Alice's gut twist. Please tell me that your lot meant for that explosion to happen, Oracle said, and Alice confirmed this with a terse flash of thought. Seeming to sense Alice's conflict, Oracle sent her a vague sense of comfort before his presence retreated. Meanwhile, Zek was dragging the still-silenced Piplup back into the shelter of the rocks. Much to Alice's annoyance, once the Pokemon's gag was removed it started loudly thanking the RU soldiers. Somebody shut it up pretty quickly, though not quickly enough. Whether they had been summoned by the explosions or the yammering penguin, the badniks were approaching.

Alice tensed, trying to sense what strategy Chakram would use. He was talking now - "Command, this is thirteen! Small group of Eggshells coming our way. Engagement preparing. We've been spotted. Check the airwaves, disrupt signals, NOW." He'd said 'engagement', meaning that Alice was going to want some serious pain-bringers.

"Card, two Pokes out!" Chakram commanded. Alice grabbed two Pokeballs, hoping that she was gauging their position on her belt properly. Surely enough, Jack the Simipour and Liberty the Braviary appeared in flashes of red light. These two would be excellent at taking the badniks apart quickly.

"Jack, use Hydro Pump to knock that clump of 'bots off the mountain! Liberty, use Sky Drop to pick off the ones on the edge!"

The battle went on for a few minutes that felt like forever and no time at all, and Alice loved every robot-smashing second. A good friend of hers had once likened Pokemon Training to the conducting of an orchestra - in this case, a very violent orchestra where the musicians created their symphonies by smashing instruments on the audience's cybernetic heads. But an orchestra was an orchestra! Every move Alice directed was pure joy as Liberty and Jack fought in tandem, two absolutely beautiful partners ripping apart robots like they did it every day.

Finally, the dust settled and the badniks were all dead. Still grinning like a maniac, Alice thought at Oracle: So, how'd that look from way up there?

Beautiful, Oracle replied drily. Listen, Alice, you really ought to know: that Piplup has been hanging around the badniks' camp. It knows the robots' plans.

Alice could vaguely sense what Oracle was talking about, and the thought filled her with dread. When she made no reply, Oracle continued. It's Heatran, Alice. Robotnik is trying to capture Heatran.

Horrid visions of fire danced through Alice Card's mind. He'd disappeared... He'd just been completely consumed by a pillar of fire. How could anyone stand against the might of flames like that? And how much stronger was Heatran than a Volcarona?

The Piplup was just getting done telling that same information to Chakram. The unit commander said something into his radio that Alice didn't bother to listen to. Alice had just risen and begun checking her Pokemon for wounds when a giant drill machine burst up from the bowels of the earth. Alice had some very creative curse words to say about that.


Okay, so it wasn't the most eloquent cursing she'd ever done.

Alice scampered backward, just managing to not get chopped up by waving blade-arms. She managed to take cover behind some rocks, and she peeped over the top, sending out all of her Pokemon to try and just killthatf*ckingbot. Oracle had apparently sensed the danger; he flew down to unleash a Protect and save Alice any splash damage from a missile that had come too close for comfort. Her other Pokemon leaped into battle while she called out frantic orders, aiming for the robot's weak joints. Her fliers swarmed around the drill, while Darius grew tangled thorn-vines and Garda created quicksand beneath it in an attempt to slow it down. But it wasn't enough. Alice screamed, "Run!" and took off herself, her Pokemon covering her exit as she ran up the path, hoping for an out. Man, this raid had gone really bad.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zippy Lane
Park Lords
Location: Route 29- Off the Beaten Path, Johto
Affected RPers: ChainReaction01

Zippy’s gaze upon the factory was interrupted with the sounds of explosions and the deafening cry of a giant eagle. She swung her binoculars back towards the trail. To her surprise, the source of the noise was from a long-awaited sight: a person and his pokemon. They were in the middle of a fire fight with a pair of bee-like robots. They may have resembled beedril, but Zippy knew they were something else entirely. This trainer was treating them like pokemon…until the fallen one spewed out gears and wires. The young man stood there in shock, a very bad thing to do against a robot trying to kill you. If he wasn’t careful, he could become an easy target for the buzz bot.

“Ollie, Gaga, Din! Someone’s being attacked!” Zippy shouted quickly as she rushed down the ladder. The trio of pokemon dropped their food and light bulbs and followed the ranger out the door. Zippy climbed onto her ponyta, with the emolga taking a perch on the girl’s shoulder. The dewott stood behind the seated Zippy, drawing a razor shell as they rushed into the battle.

“Gaga, get up there! Spark!”

The emolga leaped off of Zippy’s shoulder and took to the skies. Just as the buzz bot was taking aim for Shaveh, the sky squirrel burst into an electric charge. She collided head-on with the badnik, causing it to spin and shoot its orbs into the ground. As Gaga flew off, Zippy and the rest of her crew were about to pass under the buzz bot. The ranger gave a nod to her dewott. With that trigger, Ollie put his hands on Zippy’s shoulders and leap-frogged upon them. Standing upon the girl’s shoulders, the dewott was high enough to slash at the enemy. With one razor shell aimed for the cannon, the firing mechanism was shredded, unable to threaten the group with more shots. The final blow was left to the braviary, who seemed quite eager to follow up one kill with another.

After the buzz bot was eliminated, Zippy wasted no time leaping off her ponyta and running towards Shaveh. Rather than stopping and selling hello, she crashed into the new arrival with a giant hug (some might call it a “glomp”).

“Omigoshomigoshomigosh!” Zippy said in rapid succession as she squeezed Shaveh harder with each passing second. “I’m so glad you’re not a robot!”

Shaveh was the first fellow human she had seen since Pallet Town. Needless to say, Zippy was excited at the prospect of finding someone with a different perspective of what was going on. Did he have answers as to why the robots were attacking? Better yet, did he know how to get rid of them? This was better than finding that supply of canned goods. It meant that she had another ally in this alien world, a better chance to make things right.

Little did any of them know that their situation was far grimmer than the skirmishes with bug bots led them to believe. It was very likely that their fate was being decided in a little place called Central City…
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ, Defense Operations
ARPers: Neo, the Doctor, Grassy

It was time, everyone was on the highest alert, reporting everything back and forth, aiming carefully and firing at will. Surrender was no option to them, as for anyone who was with GUN, surrendering was basically saying ‘sure, you can go ahead and kill us while we sit in this barrel for you’. That isn’t how it was going to go down, and if anyone intended on anything going down, it was that massive red behemoth firing energy beams at them. Astrailyx was monitoring every bit of the action outside from within GUN HQ. Already buildings were lost and there was ash covering everything but the laser fire that was coming through it. Part of the tunnel system was cut off as told by the GPS maps on screen, which caused a problem. The dragon however it wasn’t as pressing as the Egg Carrier raining energy missiles on them.

“Astrailyx, should we set up shield Echo?”

“No.” She instructed. “Use the primary shields to protect the centre of the city. Activate DZ’s in all areas that are shrouded by the debris and smoke. We can’t see where he may be firing, but he isn’t going to be able to see where his lasers are going until much later.”

With a nod the operators did as instructed. “Dead Zone’s one, two, six and eight are active and functioning at full capacity.”

Astrailyx observed the small cameras as an energy field started to absorb the smaller laser fire, crackling energy into the siphon points and through the underground conduits. Turning around behind her, she could see the energy reserve levels rising very slowly. Thanks to how low they were planted in the ground, and the debris that Robotnik had now kindly given them, they were going to last them some time yet. Astrailyx watched from every screen, noting every angle of fire from cameras that could see the Egg Carrier, and those that could not.

“What’s the distance of the Egg Carrier?”

“It’s still outside the city, we have it on our radar here.” One of the navigation unites informed her. “We have his speed registered and a good guess of there his flight path will be.”

Astrailyx had an idea, but it was going to take a little bit of time. “I want eyes on those Carrier cannons and all information of angle, the speed of that thing. Turn on all the DZ’s when necessary and forward half of the absorbed power into the canon reserves. They need as much firing power as they can get right now.”

With a confirmation, the team of operators moved the energy bypasses to the cannons, letting them have all the firing power they needed to give them more oomph in both speed and destructive force. Astrailyx could see the cannons operating as best they could, shooting out small swarms of hovering robots, while others were blown away with a rain of laser beams. More smoke billowed but the scanners were still picking up signals. If this was going to work, Astrailyx was going to have to move fast, and require a bit of help. He closest person to the metal monstrosity was Ace’s team, and Ace was just the person she needed for the one job she had in mind. The dragon returned to the tunnel issue however, knowing his radio would still be on, Astrailyx tapped her headset.

“Shadow you’ve got to get out of where you are now. We need you up here as soon as possible.”

Keeping it short and simple, Astrailyx found the connection to Ace’s team. Knowing the rabbit, he was already sharp shooting his happy arrow fingers some dead robots.

“Ace this is Astrailyx. I need a solid mark on as many of the cannons as you can possibly do without getting shot. You’re the only one with the capabilities to hit the primary cannon from your position. It’s going to cut down the time I’m going to need for this idea to work.” She instructed him. “This idea involves taking out that giant thing so please, keep alive out there as long as possible!”

Astrailyx shut off communications with the other teams for now, and returned back to the city scene. The dragon was smart enough to create solid plans with room for remolding some of it. The only concern she had right now was another large canon fire. Hovering around from level reading screen to level reading screen, watching each Dead Zone field level carefully; one overloading and being lost wasn’t a problem, the conduits were networked well to prevent feedback loops and something important from blowing up. The only thing was they weren’t strong enough to completely draw in that large blue laser that gave Central City an inch off the top. Every other laser that wasn’t as powerful, it wasn’t a massive problem. Even if Robotnik fired at them directly, they were formed and implanted far into the ground. He was going to have to blow through more of the city, which Astrailyx knew he didn’t have a problem with, and fire one hell of a blast to cause them to explode. She knew though that a cannon with that much power couldn’t fire as often as Robotnik would have liked, and for it to fire at a decent rate, that was going to take at least one main connection to the power source of that thing.

“Astrailyx, where are we redirecting the other half of the power? So far its being stored in the general reserves.” One of the other GUN members inquired.

She thought for only a second. “I want it put on our targeting systems and our TW towers. Convert whatever isn’t immediately used up into the third reserve. I’m going into the targeting generator systems, I want all information about where we’re being fired at, where the Carrier is, everything.”

Astrailyx darted towards the ceiling, moving through it and finding her way into the machine that powered and transmitted all the information for the cannons. She set herself up to the conduits, focusing her mind on all the angles and ranges of each cannon and the sights that were watching from all angles. Screens popped up in front of her, displaying all kinds of information, all of it coming into her mind at a slow rate. Slow enough at least for her to process without massive strain on her mind or body. Numbers were simple to process, and numbers is what Astrailyx wanted. The only thing missing was Ace’s information and she would be set. She couldn’t help but wonder where Shadow was, or if he was back in the building yet.

Outside the TW towers outside the city had been activated, causing a massive electrical field that stalled any robots that hadn’t been shot down by the naval fleet. It was as if they had hit slow motion, allowing for easy targets and less to worry about over the city. That didn't stop them completely though, just made them very slow. The field spread out a good kilometre from shore and another half kilometre inland. The Dead Zone’s were farther inland, about midway into Central City, far from the TW towers as to not disrupt them, and far enough away from the center shields and break point as to not disrupt it.

And if Astrailyx had to, she was going to blast something herself.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zira & Monsoon
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She heard the change in commands, but hesitated. Her body shook and turned in circles several times for about ten seconds as she piled on the Quiver Dances. Short but powerful waves of heat rolled off of her body. She moved strategically so that it would not burn the ships. She aimed mostly for the robots, but on occasion would send a column of fire up to the robots that were unloading. There were so many...

Monsoon, on the other hand, was enjoying himself. Dragon Pulse after Dragon Pulse ripped from his maw, shock waves of cobalt energy hammering their enemies. If there was one thing that Monsoon loved... no, two things, they were getting revenge and battling. He remained attentive to his surroundings, though, to make sure a robot didn't approach him from behind.

As orders were switched once more, the Kingdra relished in his freedom. Ace had never given specific instructions as to how they could attack the ship. And Monsoon was feeling destructive. He drew upon his memories from the man that K'sariya had taken him to long ago, and tensed, releasing the force of the move.

The sky darkened dangerously, the sun's glare blocked thoroughly by the power-induced midnight the move inflicted. It started small, with multi-colored streaks dappling the sky as they fell, thin trails of dust and ice colored by the atmosphere they were falling through. It was then that the gargantuan, flaming balls of ancient spacial rock began to rain down upon the Egg Carrier. Almost all of the meteors were aimed correctly, and were on a direct path to the large ship with breath-taking speed, accelerating as gravity's pull on them became greater and greater. Those that weren't slammed into the water, sending powerful, two-yard-tall waves into the ships. They jerked suddenly on the waves, sending several robots toppling into the water by the sudden movement.

Zira immediately went to the ships as the first sign of the Draco Meteor appeared in the darkening of the skies. Predicting the rocking of the ships, she watched carefully to make sure that nobody went overboard. It seemed like most of the occupants were managing to hang on, though, and she returned to trying to dispatch the turrets. Several turned their sights upon the flying bug Pokemon, but her previous Quiver Dances had made it much easier to dip and swirl around the bullets. She melted those that came too close with a Fire Blast or a Flamethrower. She flew between two turrets, taking them out as they fired upon themselves. She dipped down, but didn't move fast enough; two bullets went through her left wing, sending her crashing into the far deck of the G.U.N. Platinum Star, several soldiers dodging the injured creature. She gave a growl, a small stream of fire flowing from her maw and onto the wounds, sterilizing the wound. A String Shot followed it, patching it up the rest of the way, and then a light trickle of flame to seal it and harden the sticky substance.

A very thin, almost transparent cover of clouds drifted over them as the Draco Meteor's effects faded, the sky lightening. A light Rain Dance showered down gently upon them as the Kingdra made an attempt to make up for his hindered special attack.


K'sariya Damuna • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
so we march to the drums of the damned as we come

Kozanar ripped through the debris with a roar, expecting golden sunlight to cascade down the stones and into the subway like a waterfall. Instead, he was met by dust and ash raining down upon them, and they received nothing but a dim glow from the opening. K'sariya stepped forth, but then backtracked a step, throwing a longing glance at the tunnel. It was then that she charged, sprinting toward the debris. She began ripping it away furiously.

"Astyn! Altair!" she called again, the corners of her eyes burning furiously with withheld tears. She lugged rubble from the collapse, and knew already that this would be painstakingly slow. Kozanar lumbered over, and began to help, his massive claws tearing away debris. K'sariya's fingernails began to bleed under her gloves as they tore at the concrete. "Sir... Sir... I'm sorry... Have... to get them out..." she panted. This was her top priority. She didn't expect him to understand--what did he know about Pokemon? He was a hedgehog that knew barely anything about them. He wouldn't understand the bond that a Pokemon and its Trainer shared. For a moment, she felt anger, but it quickly faded. She couldn't be mad at anyone for this. It was her own damned fault, for sending them down into a tunnel when something like this could have happened. Dammit, dammit, dammit!

watch it burn in the sun we are numb
776 words • tagged; Grassy Aggron {Shadow} [minor], metal {Egg}
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mi dispiace.
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[12:38:59 AM] GallantlyGlaceon: ...So how do we do this? XD
[12:39:20 AM] Sight of the Stars: it's nothing really big, just usually a note in your sig that's all like 'paired with soandso'
[12:39:44 AM] Sight of the Stars: just be like "SIGHT OF THE STARZ IS MAH BIZNITCH"
[12:39:57 AM] GallantlyGlaceon: XDDD
[12:39:59 AM] Sight of the Stars: and I'll be like "GALLANTLYGLACEON IS MAH HOE."
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