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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Ace Nighthare
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City
Affected RPers: Dr. Robotnik, Saraibre Ryu, Sight of the Stars (Monsoon and Zira)

The Shadow Swarm rockets would have been a major blow against the Egg Carrier if it weren't so high in the sky. Many of the rockets didn't make their mark without targeting, and the others that showed possible sign of hitting the massive airship were stopped by Badniks sacrificing themselves to stop the rocket.

Only a few seconds later, the Egg Carrier opened fire on the G.U.N. Combat Dragon, specifically aiming for the Shadow Swarm Salvo launcher itself. Before Captain Lash had the chance to close the launch doors, the laser fire from the Carrier destroyed the launcher itself before it had the chance to fire off a second salvo. Problem was, the battleship had just lost its only real anti-aircraft weapon. Its remaining Helix cannons were all that was left, and those were mostly for attacking sea targets and ground targets. Captain Lash could potentially target the E-101 Beta if he could only position the ship to give his gunners visual on it.

Meanwhile, the E-101 Beta, despite getting shot at by AA gunfire, rockets, and various Pokémon attacks, showed no sign of slowing down. It was definitely going to take heavy, armor-piercing rounds to take it down, and the only thing I could think of was for the Helix cannons to attack E-101 Beta instead of trying to mess around with the smaller robots. Man, I sure would have liked to know what pray tell it was using for armor, because I've never seen any single target survive that much punishment. Despite the dust blanketing the city, it was able to detect heat signatures through the clouds, and strike the targets.

"Captain, we need to reposition the ship!" I shouted to him on the radio. "The Helix cannons would be better off shooting at that damn E-101 Beta! Get those gunners on that thing, the Helix cannons may be the only thing that can stop it!"

"Hey, Ace, who died and made you commander!?" Captain Lash exclaimed. "Although that is a valid point. I think we'd better do that."

Now wasn't a great time to have a dispute about ranks...

The X77 Typhoon fighter jets were having a rough time trying to keep control of swarms of robots in the air while the G.U.N. Silver Avenger had its AA guns working overtime to try and tackle the hordes. Only a few of the robots landed on the ground to attack G.U.N. on the ground, but they were still turning the streets of Central City into a warzone.

With the G.U.N. Platinum Star withdrawing from the battle and heading to Unova for repairs, our naval AA support wasn't as strong as we would have liked, as AA and underwater warfare was the Battlecruiser's specialty. Not to mention the G.U.N. Combat Dragon was incapable of hitting the Egg Carrier given the airship's position in the skies.

"For crying out loud, are we actually hurting them or just entertaining them?" Switch asked, burning through another clip of his assault rifle. "Both that blasted Carrier gunship and that horrendous E-101 Beta take bullets like they're nothing but paper confetti!"

His rifle bullets, however, weren't even hurting the minor Badnik's that much. The only infantry weapons that seemed to lay on the punishment for Robotnik's robots were the rocket launchers. Everything else might as well have been shooting blanks.

Meanwhile, some of the still operational DZ's were turned on, along with the TW towers. It would take care of some of the smaller robots trying to break their way into the city, but it was doubtful they could stop the Carrier itself, or the annoying E-101 Beta.

"Ace, this is Astrailyx," She told me on the radio as I tried to keep robots from attacking the G.U.N. Combat Dragon. "I need a solid mark on as many of the cannons as you can possibly do without getting shot. You’re the only one with the capabilities to hit the primary cannon from your position. It’s going to cut down the time I’m going to need for this idea to work. This idea involves taking out that giant thing so please, keep alive out there as long as possible!"

"I'm on it," I told her on the radio. "Although I'm going to need some fire support here."

I looked up and spotted the turrets. Six smaller laser turrets that shot small but still painful yellow lasers, and the larger one that was capable of firing screaming blue lasers that rip buildings like a hot knife through butter. The larger turret was massive though. Disabling it was going to be difficult and would still take time. I couldn't do it with arrows alone, it was simply far too big. Meanwhile, without a signal, the infantry rocket launchers and other lock-on armaments couldn't hit it, and shots like that without targeting would be one in a million. But if there was a tracking beacon, all they would have to do is aim at the blip and just keep firing until it was dead.

I loaded on a tracer arrow, one with a beacon that could be used for homing launchers to target it. After loading it on the bow, I took aim, focused on the giant, blue laser turret, calculated distance and wind speed, made sure nothing would get in the way of the shot, and released. The arrow sped toward its mark, and its head managed to sink into the cannon's exterior.

"Primary gunship armament flagged," I reported to Astrailyx using the radio. "Get everyone to focus all fire on it. That should disable the cannon and stop it from making a second shot."

"Yep, yep, you got it!" Switch exclaimed, using his optical scanner after giving up with the rifle. "I see the blip! Tracking beacon confirmed! Give it hell, boys!"

As the volley of rockets was unleashed from the ground units toward the main armament of the Egg Carrier, I knew we just needed to take out the auxiliary cannons once that thing was torn apart. Trying to flag all six auxiliary cannons was going to take too long, and right now, having seven beacons would be too much and would distract the rockets and other beacon-tracking targeting systems from what really needed to be taken out. We could deal with the auxiliary laser cannons for a little longer. Another shot from that massive primary cannon posed way too much risk of decimating major parts of the city.

While all this was happening, the G.U.N. Combat Dragon moved to its new position, and soon enough, the E-101 Beta attack robot had come into view. It didn't take long until the Helix cannons turned around and acquired their target.

"Fire mission confirmed!" Captain Lash exclaimed. "Switch to KX Skyfire Rounds and focus all fire on that E-101! We may be the only thing that can stop it!"

Only seconds later, the ship rocked with the loud pounding of heavy Helix cannons unleashing the full fury of their furious, armor-shredding KX Skyfire Rounds, all heading toward the E-101. My ears were ringing, of course, but I've heard worse. I swore, next time, I was going to use a headset instead of a hand radio to at least muffle some of these horrible noises. Sounds like this would be ringing in my head for weeks.

Zira and Monsoon were looking tired, but then again, so was everyone. I needed Monsoon to cover the battleship while it made its assault on the E-101. And I thought of a good idea.

"Monsoon, hit the flying robots with a Blizzard attack!" I shouted to the Kingdra. "Keep them from attacking the battleship!"

"Dra!" She shouted in acknowledgment.

"Zira, use Fire Blast on those smaller laser cannons!" I shouted to the fire moth Pokémon. "See if you can melt them down and stop them from firing!"

She unleashed a fierce war cry as she immediately flew up and unleashed her fiery attack on the first of the smaller laser cannons. Meanwhile, Monsoon's Blizzard hit the robots and froze many of them over, covering them with heavy ice that weighed them down far too much for them to continue flying. Others had their propellers and rocket boosters frozen in place, shutting down the only things that were keeping them in the air. Many of them plummeted into the water, which I figured would kill their motors and electronic circuits.

I loaded on an explosive arrow, and aimed for another one of the Egg Carrier's auxiliary laser cannons as rockets and missiles were using the tracking beacon to target the main laser armament. Focusing on the target, holding my breath, and factoring movement and wind speed, I let loose the arrow, watching it speed toward its target.

Defeat was simply unacceptable.

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

E-101 MK. III "β"
Cloud cover, target identified
Orders issued, attack to begin in 3...2...1...

Beta didn't bother to keep a kill count. It knew that every soldier it killed would likely be replaced by another one shortly after. It would simply continue killing until it was ordered to retreat. It had been programmed with a neat trick; its energy barrier was electromagnetic, and by reversing the pulse the machine could effectively block small bullets before the struck. It consumed energy, but E-101 had plenty of that. A powerful hit brought the shield down momentarily, the moving machine making a difficult target even if it hadn't yet confirmed its assailant. A quick swivel of its head told the robot that the battleship nearest Central City had turned its sights on the flying robot as opposed to the airship. E-101's boosters surged and carried him quickly backwards, over troopers and panicked civilians heads in to the dust cloud it had made. It ducked in to a side street just ahead of a second volley, the buildings that were still standing giving it a barrier between the more dangerous guns and itself. A wash of electricity in the air sent small volts of lightning crackling across its energy shield, feedback from some EMP station set up to slow down the other flying machines that were beginning to invade the city. Beta's infrared sensors begun scanning the area for where the emitter may be, continuing to fire its lasers in to the crowds below.

In the meantime, the Egg Carrier had not taken significant damage as of yet. Meteors raining from above provided the deck guns targets to hit, but that only turned them in to a shower of smaller rocks pounding on the deck. One large meteor smashed the protective glass over the exposed engine, the machinery turning the glass and rocks alike in to shards that were spit out for quite a ways, raining down on to the ships below and slicing through some of the nearby robots, smoke beginning to rise from a damaged portion of the mechanism. Its primary turrets continued pounding the battleship beneath it, to the point that now the bolts of energy were beginning to smash through the upper decks and reach below to the main areas. Several bolts had pierced the hull beneath, if the ship's slight tilt was anything to go by. Another launched missiles that were either not of sufficient range or shot down by the smaller turrets lining the wings. The forward guns blasted the missile launcher in to scrap metal, almost ripping the unit from the side of the ship. And then suddenly the massive carrier pulled up, in the moment the tracking arrow planted itself in to the closing nose of the ship. The turrets ceased firing and the jets at the rear flared, sending the ship forward quickly towards the city. The massive underbelly of the ship opened in hundreds of places, launching small drone fighters and a larger hole dropping a large leviathan robot in to the water that sank below the water immediately, mock tail shredding the air above the water as it dove. The drones turned their attention immediately towards the cannons aboard the battleships below, flying close and peppering the machinery with small bolts of energy, in some cases ramming themselves in to the guns with explosive results.

The multitude of rockets and shots fired at the nose of the ship mostly met with only the nose; only the first few slipped through the closing front, black smoke leaking from the crack as it sealed shut. The rest pounded on the nose to no avail, and others were destroyed by robots on the deck and around the sky. The ship had a new target now; Central City. Its turret guns faced ahead as the underbelly released more drone fighters, bolts of yellow energy already beginning to pour from the front cannons in to the buildings that hadn't already been destroyed. E-101 had moved well out of the way by this point.

Behind in the water, the battleship that had taken the worst beating from the Egg Carrier suddenly gave a loud metallic screech as the leviathan tore through its hull completely, shooting up through the top deck like a twisted snake, multiple photoreceptors and sensory devices housed behind a glass almost-face giving it an almost demonic appearance, though the rest of the bulky body was more snakelike, the majority of the bulk being centered in a 'chest' area bristling with thick blades like what was on the front of the machine. In the instant it rose above the water it had already dove back in, diving deep enough to become almost invisible to the eye. Preparing another attack run, no doubt.

E-117 "ς"
En route, Route 226
Distress signal received. Beginning assault run.

Sigma was relentless in its assault. The bullets pinging its metal form barely made a dent, though that much was to be expected of a robot whose main form of transportation was digging. A stray shot smashed the lens protecting one of its photoreceptors, sparks shooting out from the damaged appendage and a small bit of the world blinking out on its display. It wasn't a major hindrance, not yet, but it would need to be repaired nonetheless. The target had fled while Sigma was drilling, but that didn't save the man quite as much as he'd hoped. The spidery legs bent and thrust downward, the jet engines on its back screaming loudly as it impacted on the ground closer to where the man had run, careful to keep its smaller arms tucked at its side to avoid damage.

And then there was an explosion powerful enough to knock the machine off its front legs as some of the other forces in Stark Mountain arrived. The lesser robots took a lot of casualties, but only a large black spot on Sigma's front and a small sparking hole in the armor were to show. Sigma was ready for the next grenade, its thick hands planted firmly in the ground and sending the blast around it as opposed to in to its face, flames charring the metal at the edges. More attacks from the back distracted the behemoth, causing it to whirl. A multitude of animals were launching attacks at it, prompting the machine to raise its shield again to deflect what it could. Sigma swiped its huge hands in a wide arc, firing wildly at the group too widely spread to decently attack them all. The flying creatures were poised to attack its joints, but the vicious robot spun its half-drill hands rapidly as it swung them, catching one and likely causing some damage. Several vines from another creature attempted to wrap themselves around the machine's hands, and quicksand had formed at its feet. Sigma fused its hands in to a drill once more, spinning it quickly three times, in a different direction each time to shred the vines in the drill's blade.

Its next action saw it drill directly through and under the quicksand, the earth shaking violently from the sudden disturbance. It didn't bother continuing the fight where it was; the robot made a beeline directly for where the enemy's base had been at; the Fight Area, while to the north more machines flowed out of Stark Mountain to make up for Sigma's sudden and rapid disappearance. Not more of the egg pawns, but more akin to Sigma. They were smaller than the behemoth drilling machine, and had only two legs and arms... but both of these arms were cannons or missile launchers, in a few cases one of each. Having fun yet?

((Might want to radio back and warn them about Sigma))
<Image made by Neo>

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: narphoenix (Socrates), Velocity (Schrodinger), Latio-Nytro (indirectly)

When it rained, it poured.

"My head is off-limits." Honestly, that had said it all. With all the psychic characters and Pokémon running around the place, Cadence realised how stupid it was that she hadn’t any real defense against a mental probe. Well, there were ways of fixing that. But not right now.

In fact, there wasn’t even any time to deal with the mess that was leftover from an apparent mind sweep. Or check. Or something of the sort.

"There's an E-Series robot wrecking sh** almost exactly where I predicted Eggy would attack. Four of my friends are engaging it right now." Socrates informed, somehow maintaining the juvenile chirp his voice usually carried. This coupled with the words he uttered made for a bizarre auditory experience. Either way, it was good to know he could offer some sort of counter so quickly.

"That's where Chakram's unit is... Hm, that's odd." Schrodinger started, obviously still recovering from the kicked he taken. Cadence, at this point, was more focused on what he had to say. "... Apparently one of the soldiers, a Miss Card, has a telepathic Pokemon. This Pokemon tells me that Eggman's forces are there for a purpose, and that's finding a Pokemon called 'Heatran'. I don't know anything about a 'Heatran', but apparently it spits fire and would be bad news for us. Given these conditions, I assume no one will object to my sending reinforcements to the area."

“I have none whatsoever,” she replied without hesitation. This wasn’t good, not in the slightest.

Zek was freakishly capable, but could he handle that kind of assault?

And, of course, there was the whole Heatran thing. It made sense though, for Robotnik to seek the legendary. In reality, that Pokémon could make quick work of everything in the blink of an eye. In other words, it would be a total game over for them, or in the very least, the loss of the brand new facilities. Replacing everything... that risked to be an impossible affair.

“Sh*t” the rookie exclaimed suddenly and loudly as his fingers raced feverishly from dial to dial. Without needing a prompt, he explained the cause of his outburst. “W-we’ve been cut off.”

“Try the highest frequency on dial eight. If that doesn’t work, go low on dial nine” Cadence suggested, finding herself juggling both situations at once. It wasn’t much of a hassle, although she would have preferred only focusing in on one at a time.

“Yes,” he stated, turning to do just that. The leader nodded in acknowledgement, before facing her higher-ups once again.

“We can discuss the… incident at a later time, once this is dealt with. I expect that shouldn’t be an issue,” it was more of an order than anything else. In reality, Cadence actually did plan on bringing it up again later, but currently wasn’t the best of times.

If Robotnik was attacking the Route, there was little to no reason to expect the base wouldn’t soon become a target. They had planned for this, but making sure everything was finalised was priority uno.

“Those didn’t work,” the radio operator said with hints of worry, eyeing Cadence carefully, as if expecting another command. Something that would magically fix the problem.
She, on the other hand, knew this wasn’t that simple.

“We’re being jammed then,” the woman stated flatly. This was a bad omen. No information could leave or enter the base with that disturbance. It had to be lifted. ASAP.

The issue was how. Of course, without a doubt Eggman was to blame for this, and his technology was quite difficult to bypass, if not impossible at times. She could probably manage, but that would take time. Quite a bit of it actually, and at the moment, they weren’t bleeding excess amounts of it.

“Can any of you get a status report on Chakram’s unit and anything about the enemy robot,” she asked, turning to face the P.I and the business cat.

The rain had no intention of letting up any time soon…

(00C: Pardon my lack of colours DX
And, Latio has no way of radioing us, unless the jamming frequency is down. Or, unless you meant somebody else. Or... I'll shut up now)

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Ace Nighthare
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City
Affected RPers: Dr. Robotnik

We managed to get in a few hits on the E-101 Beta before it quickly took cover behind several apartment condominiums and office buildings. Meanwhile, everyone on deck was trying to dodge massive laser blasts from the Egg Carrier that were burrowing through the deck of the G.U.N. Combat Dragon.

But as soon as the tracking arrow had made its mark, the Carrier moved into the city, well out of range of anything we had. It became a situation where it could only attack us, and we couldn't make any kind of reprisal assault to stop it. I clenched my fist, trying to come up with a solution, only nothing came to mind. Meanwhile, it was dumping even more drones and some massive snake-like machine into the water.

Way more than Monsoon would be able to handle.

"This looks bad..." Switch muttered. "The beacon's still there but no one has any weaponry left to hit the thing."

"Tell me something I don't know," I replied, knowing even my arrows couldn't do anything to the Carrier at this point. "We'd better get the hell out of here. I'm going to radio Captain Lash, hopefully he can pull the ship out of here before-"

And yet another horrendous sound lashed out at my ears as the Leviathan machine that the Carrier had dropped off earlier had ripped in and out of the battleship completely, tearing a massive gaping hole in the hull that was rapidly filling up with water and flooding the rest of the ship. The ship was already folding in half down the middle as the shrieks of twisted metal were constantly being strained for the weight.

"Everyone, get the hell off the ship!" Captain Lash shouted.

It didn't take long for Switch and I to jump off the side and plunge into the water. Meanwhile, seeing as there was no way to fight it, the G.U.N. Silver Avenger quickly fled the area, knowing it had no means to retaliate against the Leviathan. Sitting there would simply make it another target. While underwater, I got a feel for how bad the situation was, watching the battleship rapidly sink into the sea as the Leviathan mercilessly tore another hole through it... as if that was really even necessary.

After surfacing, I couldn't find Switch anywhere. The rest of the surviving members of the ship's crew were trying to make it to land. At this rate, however, Robotnik was only going to inherit a smoking crater. Meanwhile, another building collapsed as the E-101 Beta had even less retaliation against it. The DZ's and the TW towers showed no sign of slowing it down either.

After arriving on land, I saw there really wasn't much left to defend. My only real tactics were to head through the rubble and see if I could catch up to the E-101 Beta. However, with it being nearly sixty blocks away, it was going to take a while.

I could have hated myself for thinking of the word evacuate at that moment, but I really didn't have any other plans. Still, with the E-101 Beta, I had a feeling that if Helix cannon rounds couldn't do anything to it, my explosive arrows wouldn't do anything either. Still, looking up, there was very little trying to attack the Carrier at this point. Even if we did manage to kill the E-101 Beta by some miracle, having the Carrier decide to quit its bombardment depended on it running out of fuel or ammunition. Obviously not a real strategy.

There weren't too many of the smaller robots around now, as pretty much everyone around this area was dead and the buildings were utterly destroyed. Most of the area around the front defense line had been completely decimated, so they were heading further in. Still, I kept moving through the rubble and the dead bodies.

I wasn't sure where Zira and Monsoon were, if they were even still alive. After turning back, I saw nothing remained of the G.U.N. Combat Dragon except a bubbling patch where it used to be. Smaller robots were still trying to attack the Aircraft carrier, but they managed to keep them off of it. Meanwhile, the G.U.N. Silver Avenger had its AA guns mowing down the others. It seemed like there was a good chance they'd made it out, but the rest of us were pretty much screwed.

Central City looked like a post-apocalyptic wasteland right now. Whatever buildings weren't damaged and smoking had collapsed and filled the streets with rubble. The whole thing was totally useless to Robotnik now. Every now and then I'd see other survivors trying to flee, trying to run their way through the ruined streets. Still, Central City being surrounded by water didn't help their situation. If you didn't have your own damn boat or plane to head the hell out of here, you were stuck here for the entire ungodly performance. Not that Commander Shadow was a fond admirer of deserters either. Unless you were half bleeding to death, the order was to keep on fighting as long as you could until the order for retreat was given.

The air was still filled with screams, explosions, and laser fire. Not much in terms of Titan AA gunfire, however. Seemed that for the most part, those were gone now. Meanwhile, laser blasts from the Egg Carrier were leveling whatever buildings were still standing.

Heck, for all we knew, Commander Shadow could be dead. Still, even if they killed him...

...they were going to have a hell of a time with me.

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ, Defense Operations
ARPers: Neo, the Doctor

The city was now the main target of attack. Astrailyx sat hooked up to the targeting systems, calculating numbers as fast as she could. As of now she had gotten all the information she needed. The tracking mark Ace provided was going to be useful and give her that last bit she needed to do this right. The dragon concentrated, feeling the energy of the generator course through her body. Much of the outer half of the city was now being used as target practice but the inner half that was behind the Dead Zone’s and under the primary shields was faring much better off. The DZ’s were doing their job of redirecting the laser fire and transmitting that energy into the reserves for the cannons that were left. Some of the TW towers had been damaged and were going, but they were slowing down the small mobs that would cause them swarming issues. He primary shields were taking some heavy fire though, blocking whatever the Dead Zone’s weren’t able to siphon.

As Astrailyx stared and examined every targeting screen she had left, checked every number, every rate, every variable, she could see lines of fire in her mind, following them and making accurate solutions as to where the guns were beyond the smoke. Comparing them to the areas where the carrier was visible, Astrailyx was making those estimates turn into correct answers. Now it was time to give them something to worry about.

“I want all remaining Titan AA turrets and their backups to fire at anything that isn’t being taken in by the DZ’s. All DZ’s are to be on and siphoning all laser fire now.” Astrailyx instructed. “I want those energy reserve’s we’ve siphoned from the energy blasts redirected to the heavier Titan cannons and fire upon that carrier.”


The operators went to work, redirecting the siphoned energy to the heavier cannons. The heavier cannons that could take some hits had the power of the carrier’s cannons thanks to the lasers being sapped, and put into a long underground conduit and redirected into the cannon’s, well cannon to be fired back. The closer the Egg Carrier was to the city, the easier it was to fire upon as that thing had less reaction time to move out of the way. The heavier turrets between the shields and the Dead Zones were firing pulse upon pulse of what was being fired on the city. The smaller turrets that were left, between the TW towers and the area of the Dead Zone’s weren’t going to last too much longer, but were shooting any missile or robot that was keen on making bullet holes or craters. Any explosions, the guns were doing their best to keep them in the sky. Thanks to the TW towers slowing them down, it was giving them precious seconds they needed.

“I’ve set up the targeting paths to follow precisely with the cannons. Firing on them will cause the turrets severe damage. Follow those coordinates and you’ll be able to hit him even beyond the smoke.” Astrailyx instructed the defense team. “What is the report on the city as of now?”

“Most of the outer city has taken damage, the TW towers are still functioning but we had a sighting of Beta running around, and if he is, that isn’t going to last long. Dead zones are still operating, visible sights on the Egg Carrier confirms your targeting coordinates are working. He’s making a straight line in to get as far in as possible it looks like.”

Astrailyx knew triangulation was a useful thing, she could do it with things she couldn’t see, and with the influx of information she was able to handle within the targeting control generator, plus being able to see it, it was going to do them some good. Her team seemed to have the coordinates down and understood the adjustment calculations. There was going to be less cannon fire to deal with now, especially when the cannons on the Egg Carrier were dealing with its own power on top of what the remaining Titan cannons had to offer.

“The primary shield is protecting the inner part of the city. Compared to the outer part of the city, it’s untouched. Damage terms, so far it’s been as minimal damage as possible, but rising in the outer parts.”

Astrailyx knew they were going to be out to change that. She hadn’t removed herself from targeting just yet, she was making sure this thing was going to be hit and hit hard. To her, it seemed to be the only quiet place within HQ but that wasn’t going to last long. Astrailyx knew the battleships were going and may soon to be gone, however there was still a chance they could cause some damage. While they were focusing on the front, whatever power they had could work on the back.

“I want extra range and tracking given to what battle ships we have left so they can fire at the back of the Carrier.” Astrailyx confirmed. “Anything they have left before they’re gone, then I want anyone who is still on those ships to get off of them. Find Ace and get him some support.”

Now there was the problem with Beta. He was the top notch robot and could mess with the defenses rather well, and cause the city a major problem. Astrailyx knew there was already someone out there, and if she knew him well enough, Beta was going to have his own problem. If she had to she would get out there herself, but knowing she would be of more use here, she remained. If the Echo field was going to be used, she was the only one who could operate it at its full potential.

“A small stealth squad has been sent to retrieve Ace and extra firing range coordinates and information has been sent to the remaining battle ships.” One of the communications operators told her. “The Egg Carrier has moved closer within the city.”

“Keep firing on it, either they’re going to turn around when those primary cannons are gone, or going to have to come further into that unfriendly fire we have to use another set of cannons.”

The longer they were fired at, and the closer the ship got, was only going to make their own cannons that more precise and effective.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zira & Monsoon • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
as we walk among these shadows in these streets these fields of battle

They were helpless. Worthless. Unable to do anything to stop the destruction of what they were currently supposed to be protecting with their lives. As the ship sunk, Monsoon became his own rescue team, moving those who had jumped off of the dying vessel away from the sucking mass of water that would have brought them down with the ship.

Monsoon no longer cared about Ace.

That was the plain and simple fact. Bitterness filled his mind and pulsed through every fiber of his being for the idiotic, Lopunny-like individual that K'sariya had sent them to defend. Spite filled his eyes as he finished getting those that he could away from the ship, his gaze searching out the G.U.N. naval commander on the distant land with deadly accuracy. He charged with a snarl, water flying around him as he shot toward the foreign creature, his domed head and burning eyes and now seemingly-menacing horns the only things above the water. White spray followed his path as he made a beeline for Central City. He threw his body out of the water, bouncing on his tail once as he charged the rabbit, oblivious to the menacing destruction around him.

As he lunged for Ace, boiling-hot water swirling in the depths of his body in preparation for a devastating Scald. I will rip you apart limb by limb for ever existing, for ever coming to our world and bringing your stupid villain with you because you dumbasses were too incompetent to kill him yourselves! And just as he came within a few feet of Ace, just when he became so close to at least having an attempt at getting his revenge, Zira slammed into him.

The massive bug screeched at her comrade, biting betrayal prominent in both of their eyes as their gazes trained upon each other. Zira hovered to and fro in front of Ace in a protective manner, lids dropped halfway over her eyes as she grudgingly glared at her companion. She pushed her wings forward more fiercely, snarling at him. He stared at her for a moment, and then dove back into the water, and that was where Zira hoped that would not be the last time she ever saw him. She turned back to Ace, crestfallen at her decision, but her loyalty to K'sariya stood strong.

take it up we wear the medal raise your hands with burning candles
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Miles "Tails" Prower
Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: Dr. Robotnik, Latio-Nytro(Zek Chakram), and by consequence, everyone in Revolution Uprising

Tails was walking past what he called the "War Room", wandering around for someone to ask where some metal scraps would be, when he heard the conversation. He didn't mean to eavesdrop, but he guess it was good that he did. “We're.....jammed, then..." is what he heard, and he thought it best to go in, at the very least to hear what was happening. They gave him a keycard when he joined their "team", and he guessed my the slot on the door that he could use it here.

He had been working as a mechanic at the base ever since he encountered a fight between some members of this team, and some Eggman Robots. They were pretty badly equipped for the fight, and had no vehicles. He'd battled so many of the Badniks that he dismantled some quite quickly, leaving more than a few members of the squad speechless. They had invited him back to the base to make some weapons and vehicles, and he'd been here ever since. Which hadn't been long, mind you. His weapons had never made it to troops yet, and he was quite low on scrap metal.

He walked into the war room almost casually after having to stand on his tip-toes to reach the card slot, then walked around the table, nobody noticing him. He quickly found Cadence's dark blue denim pants and long, brown hair, and tugged on her pantleg with one hand. He then looked up, asking "Do you need any help?" shyly.

"I hope that isn't what I think it is..." Tails said to himself, sinking in his seat a bit, watching a bright light not too far from the Tornado 2, a plane he built as a upgrade to the original Tornado, a bi-plane. Seeing as he had no Chaos Emeralds to power the plane, he had the plane running on normal power.

This, however, slowed the plane significantly. Tails had, during this flight, transformed it into it's quicker form, but even that wouldn't get him away from the blast."Sonic better not have...." the light expanded quickly, almost blinding Tails. "And he did. I bet that telling Sonic not to break everything of Eggman's is like telling gravity not to bring you to earth."

He sighed a bit, looking back at the blast. He instinctively dived then blasted upwards, gaining a bit of speed. The white was still gaining on him. He dived as fast and as close to the ground as he could, but the blast was starting to almost touch his rudder as he fumbled for his ejection seat button. 'Wasn't it right here? No, it's under here...' he frantically searched by touch, the light had become too blinding a few moments ago and he was forced to close his eyes. He could just get away if...


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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zek Chakram
Revolution Uprising
Route 226
Affected RPers: Narph (Socrates and his Four Pokes); Velo (Alice and Schrodinger); Eternal (Candace); Dr. Robotnik (Sigma, indirectly); Max (Tails)

How much damage did all that offensive do? Barely any. There was a small hole in its chest after taking one grenade, meaning explosives could destroy it, but outside of that lucky direct hit (and one of its robotic 'eyes' being shot out), there wasn't much damage at all. It ripped straight through Alice's attempts at restraint and attack, and it dug into the ground again, not even bothering to reappear, leaving a small trail of cracks suggesting it was heading directly towards the Survival Zone. C**p.

"S-s-s-sir! What do we do?! It's heading to the Survival Zone!!" Said one soldier, carrying his stretcher, all too prone to point out the obvious. These three soldiers-as Chakram realized, not actually reinforcements-were those that were too far away from Sigma to kill them, but the one that wasn't carrying his stretcher was holding his arm as if broken, and he could tell that the other two weren't scatheless either. The only thing currently fighting back was the Shedinja-now revealed as something harmful, the robots were firing at its small frame to no avail, it's movements were too quick and it's body too small...Though, the new units pouring out of the Volcano-akin to Sigma, but more like your average Eggbot (Egg Pawn, technically, but Eggbot just sounded better) in size, definitely had the explosives the Shedinja wouldn't survive. Sure enough, a Pulse Cannon obliterated the poor bug, leaving no remains of it. It was frail, Zek thought. It was not fun to lose his Pokémon, either.

Chakram threw out another PokeBall-Carracosta, a 4-foot wall that had the near-universal purpose of being able to take shots appeared, and it immediately scared the Penguin aside him with the several inches of size it had. It was a small piece of cover, and it wasn't invincible, but it definitely was viable cover and it could smash Badniks as a bonus. He was about to pull out another PokeBall, but then he saw it-Two Pokémon, in the air. A Volcarona and a Togekiss, descending rapidly, the Fire-Type of the two immediately using Heat Wave on the swarm below before settling itself behind some rocks. The Togekiss landed right alongside him, making him a little nervous-but then it used a move that didn't correlate with attack. A White Aura appeared around the Togekiss briefly, turned into an orb of light, and shot to Chakram. He was healed-mostly. His Leg still hurt, but he could get up and stand on it without trouble-or rather, kneel on it. He was right behind some rocks, and they were not as high as for these Eggbots to take shots at his head.

He then realized it, when the Volcarona started to Quiver Dance behind cover-these were Socrate's Pokémon. On the ground nearby, almost unheard thanks to the ruckus of shots, were two other Pokémon, a Starmie (Solomon) and a Jolteon (Zek's memory said it was Amp, though it wasn't as familiar).

Psychics, ugh, he wasn't terribly fond of them. The Piplup nearby it was immediately entranced by the gem Solomon had as it's center (Maybe it thought it was a Chaos Emerald?) but Zek disregarded it. "Starmie, I'm guessing your here because of Sigma, correct? Get word over to base RIGHT NOW, Sigma's heading there. Obviously, we're being overrun here, and a few reinforcements are critical to survival, but divert everything other than one whole unit, defense of our base is priority over offense of theirs for now. Make sure they've got explosives, it's the only thing that'll work. And tell them to aim for the f***ing joints, they don't appear to be heavily armored as much as the main body, it'll probably be much less harmful without its weapons." Zek said, still calm despite the chaos, hoping that the noise didn't do anything to mask his orders.

"Is that a Ch-Chaos Emerald?" The Piplup asked. "In that star-like th-thing?"

"No, it is not, we are absolutely sure of it." Said a soldier, ending that conversation quickly.

"Darnit, that would have been really hel-he-help-helpful...Yhea, really helpful." Said the Piplup. "And my name's-"

"We'll figure that out after all the Badniks are scrapped." Chakram said as a Pulse missile rammed into the rock he was behind. It wouldn't take another hit like that.

The Togekiss spoke something to the Jolteon, and both of them got behind a more solid group of rocks, closer to the Badniks, while the Volcarona was doing a second Quiver Dance, and the Starmie was moving behind the row of rocks it already was, no doubt sending the message (Unless it was insulted by being called 'Starmie,' and Chakram doubted that low intolerance level for not being called by name)

The real issue? What the heck were they going to do?

The First offensive was made by the Togekiss and Jolteon-the Togekiss quickly used a Thunder Wave while changing cover, paralyzing and disabling the front row of shield-bearing Badniks, letting Chakram pull out his pistol and line up some clean shots. Then the Jolteon darted out of cover briefly, and narrowly avoided a few shots as it used Discharge. The Togekiss backed up a few feet but was still close to the Discharge, but not as much as the Badniks-anything too close was blown to shrapnel. The number of Mini-Sigmas were unchanged-they were too far back for that.

Scratch that-one of the Mini-Sigmas drilled into the ground, and it took little time for it to reappear in front of where Chakram was. Chakram fired the rest of his Pistol rounds into it-no dice. Zek nodded to his Carracosta, and it used Aqua Jet, ramming into the Mini-Sigma, briefly being fired at (taking the three shots that hit it well) and pushed it into Cover. This one was a Double-Missile Launcher one, meaning that using those weapons weren't really an option unless it felt suicidal. It decided on the faster of two options, a melee with one of the missile Launchers at the Carracosta, doing barely any harm, as the Carracosta threw up a Stone Edge, any pieces of rock the Badnik's having blown off earlier now having their revenge as they drove themselves into the Mini-Sigma and destroyed it. Man, was that mother****** tough. However, the Stone Edge did saw off one of its arms...And it was fully loaded, the Missile Launcher it did dismember. Meaning there were two missiles there.

Chakram immediately moved his a** over to the particular piece of cover the Carracosta was at-not out of the allure of the Pulse Missile Launcher, but rather because the Soldier and the Cover immediately next to him got blown to bits by a Pluse Cannon. He nevertheless took the opportunity to wield that crowd-clearing menace, and gladly helped himself. The thing was heavy, requiring him to put down his Pistol, however briefly. Another Mini-Sigma appeared behind him, and Carracosta proceeded to use another Stone Edge on it-and the Piplup, coming out of the back-row cover and getting to where Chakram was, froze it's arms to prevent any untimely firings of the Pulse Cannons. That thing was also destroyed quickly...Though it didn't pass well with Chakram that such a strong attack from such a tough (if slow) Pokémon was really the only thing that injured it, with nothing short of a full-blown Stone Edge coming from a Carracosta seemingly a bare-bones guarantee-and this was the Pokémon with a Pokedex description of being able to slap holes into a tanker's bottom.

However, now was not the time to concede to hopelessness. That was equivalent to Suicide, letting hope wither and die. Letting the Volcarona go first and shoot off a Heat Wave at the Incoming Badniks, destroying a few more (Only Egg Pawns, not Mini-Sigmas), He came out of cover to fire one of the two Missiles the Pulse Missile Launcher had into the group.

Results immediately followed. A Majority of the legion of Badniks, albeit being quickly replaced by MORE reinforcements (Eggman wasn't limitless, no matter how many robots he had, but those limits were still absurdly high), was now toast, exposing the majority of the Mini-Sigmas, some digging into the ground, probably to find cover. He fired the only other missile at the Mini-Sigmas, and their numbers also took a drop, though there were only six destroyed out of about eighteen, and more were incoming. Wonderful day today. He threw away the Pulse Missile Launcher, just in time.

A Freaking Mini-Sigma drew up right in his face, making the ground shake and making Zek stumble. This one was right in his face. Carracosta was directly behind Zek, and the distance between Zek and the Mini-Sigma meant that Zek could get killed when it tried to destroy the laser, something the latter wouldn't like.

The Starmie finally got over sending that message, and shot an Ice Beam at one of the Mini-Sigma's arms-the right one, having a Pulse Missile Launcher, while the left one, wielding a Pulse Cannon, was frozen by the Piplup. Nevertheless, the thing still hit Chakram with the left arm, freeing it from the ice and knocking Zek down, his weapons away, sans a Knife that wouldn't do scratch damage against it. The Mini-Sigma charged up the Pulse Cannon, ready to kill-

The Togekiss shot a Thunder Wave at it, just in time. It overloaded the Cannon, causing it to explode, but that wasn't enough to outright paralyze the Mini-Sigma, and it turned around. It was greeted, head-on, by a Thunderbolt from the Starmie, having gotten to cover. It was now truly starting to be damaged, and the oversized Piplup pushed Zek away enough that Carracosta could shred it to pieces with a Stone Edge.

Zek was really starting to hate his luck. The Volcano's seemingly limitless reserves of Eggbots and Mini-Sigmas now was reducing its pouring out of said forces to a small, steady trickle-maybe they were holding back, baiting them into the Volcano, to their demise? There were still a c**pload of robots, some were ignoring them entirely and bee-lining to the Survival Zone as well, and they couldn't proceed forward like this, almost glued to these rocks for their cover. Where were the ACTUAL reinforcements?!
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

(Bunnying permission granted by Sight~)

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
Affected RPers: Neo (indirectly), Sight, Dr R, Sabi (indirectly)
<Let's Get This Party Started>

Honestly, he didn't know what happened. One moment he was reading a command note from the woman - K'Sariya - and being asked by her pink elephant if he was a black Shaymin (why did he always get this question? It was getting annoying), and the next instant he had the large green dragon tackling him. Long story short, he was going to feel that in the morning. Before he had a chance to be angry, however, it became apparent from the lack of light that where he had been standing had collapsed...And while it probably wouldn't have been fatal to someone of his caliber, it would have hurt nonetheless. Said dragon began to tear at the rocks shortly after, and with how quickly it was making progress, would break through within a matter of moments. When he did, the light was choked with ash and the immediate sound of gunfire drifted into the tunnel, echoing off the walls. It made the hedgehog wish that it would collapse again, to return to the silence of darkness.

His radio sparked to life. “Shadow you’ve got to get out of where you are now. We need you up here as soon as possible.” The light, lilting voice on the other end clearly told him that was Astrailyx, although quite frankly she didn't need to tell him to get out. She was being polite, but that was effectively her way of saying "Get your ass out of there now!" He didn't need to be told twice - the radio chattering away about the G.U.N. Combat Dragon being sunk by a large water machine nicknamed the Leviathan. Well, wasn't that dandy. Now even their remaining ships were worthless, although he knew they were too beat up at this point to do much else anyway other than be a distraction; but it wasn't worth losing them. Anything they had, they needed to keep. Ships were expensive to make...And with what was going on, they probably wouldn't be able to build any new ones. Long story short, don't lose them.

K'Sariya made a move to go forward, but she notably hesitated, glancing back at the other collapsed part of the tunnel. With all the subtlety of a rhino in a china shop, she lunged forward, tearing at the rubble. "Astyn! Altair!" The rock dragon that had knocked him out of the way made slow steps forward, before assisting his trainer with the rocks. His claws tore them apart with ease, but the damage was substantial - who knew how long it would take for them to break through? "Sir... Sir... I'm sorry... Have... to get them out..." He could see her gloves being stained slightly by red; it concerned him to see such desperation. It was an emotion that was not new to him, but in this case she had a chance to save the ones she loved.

He never did.

Walking forward, the hedgehog reached down and grabbed her by the wrist, stalling her frantic efforts due to the surprise. "You don't need to apologize for wanting to save those you care about." He stated, shaking his head. "But panicking while doing so...Often does more harm than good. Calm down, and get control over your emotions. Tearing your hands apart will not get anything accomplished, other than painting the concrete red." Allowing his words to sink in, he released his grip. "Now return your Pokemon...Otherwise, it will require more energy to make the jump."

"Jump?" She asked, although she was on fumbling with the devices to return her Pokemon. Eventually, however, each creature was absorbed by a red light into the capture spheres.

He nodded, before lightly grabbing her wrist once more. "Hmm...I suppose 'teleportation' would be appropriate as well. In my world, it is called Chaos Control." Their destination was on the other side of the debris. He just hoped it had just collapsed right there, and not further along...Or else it could fail and they would more than likely end up in a non-existent dimension where they would perish instantly. Or so the theory goes, as quite obviously no one could verify it. Shadow took no time before he tapped into his energy reserves, feeling the powerful chaotic energy within before firmly focusing on where they needed to go. In a heartbeat, it washed over both of them, and the briefest sensation of cold flashed over their skin before they found themselves on the other side. Lighting was provided by yellow strands of webbing which hummed ever so softly with the electricity which flowed within them, and he was rather glad his ability usually warped him to the safest point. Last time he checked, he wasn't scheduled for shock therapy.

"Good luck, K'Sariya, and be careful." Preparing to jump directly outside, he hesitated. "I'm sure they are fine." With that final word, he warped outside.

Grabbing the radio, he immediately called in. "Shadow, here. K'Sariya is going into the tunnels to find her two Pokemon. I'm initiating pursuit of Beta. If I can, after that I will attempt to destroy the Leviathan." Breaking into a run, it took only moments after reaching top speed with his natural pace before his shoes activated, spewing forth yellow energy which levitated him and propelled him faster. He did not, however, go fast enough to break the sound barrier, which would have given his position away.

"What is the location of Beta?" He asked, quickly.

"We're not sure, Sir." Came the curt response.

"Figure it out. Check the energy radii of the TW's. Look for anything that entered recently, with the last time it was seen, and any abnormal machines that aren't being affected by it. It has to be in one of those areas." The hedgehog growled slightly. He skated up the side of a building to get to the rooftop, halting as he ducked a machine that was falling from the sky. "Hurry up!"

The radio crackled silently. "Location..." They knew he wasn't a machine, so they had to be generic. "TW 3, southern end moving northward. Beta is taking cover in some alleyways."

"Good." He turned the radio onto silent, working quickly. He hopped from building to building, occasionally shooting some drones from the sky with the armor piercing rounds of his pistols. If he could avoid them, he did - saving ammo was important for him, and the turrets were handling the situation rather well. His target was closer; he could hear laser shots amidst the dust cloud that was slowly dwindling ahead of him. He slowed considerably, deactivating his shoes so they would not create any noise as he slunk towards his prey. He readied his weapon as he peered over the lip of the roof.

The bullets that were shot at the black, hovering machine halted as they got close, the shimmer of a shield faintly being seen before they launched back at the attackers. It fired back with its own weapons, dispatching those who weren't quick enough to get out of the way. Shadow had put his pistol away at this point, for it was obvious bullets wouldn't work. That shield...It does not block bullets, necessarily - they slow and then reverse. Most likely projectiles will not work either. An idea crossed his mind, and he felt the heat of the darker side of Chaos Energy flow down his arm, focusing on his hand. It formed over it, turning his fingers into red claws, all fueled by Negative Chaos Energy...The more destructive variant.

Picking up a piece of rubble and throwing it to the buildings below, he watched as Beta turned and fired on where it had landed. While the machine was distracted, he jumped from the roof - luckily due to taking cover Beta was beneath the rooftops - and swiftly fell down upon him, lashing out with his Chaos Claw at the back joint of its right arm. He had noticed some damage on the back of the machine earlier, and it was this area that seemed to have taken the most severe hits...Logically, this meant the metal was weaker here as well.

He felt the energy impact the shield, but even if it stripped it away, he still had could curl his outstretched fingers into a mighty punch aiming right for damaged steel. Considering, with some struggling, he could flip objects of one thousand pounds with one arm, Beta would not be escaping without more damage.

He was certain of it.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Ace Nighthare
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City
Affected RPers: Saraibre Ryu, Sight of the Stars

Still no order to retreat. Civilians were fleeing the city, but the rest of us were sworn to fight. I wasn't so sure about the situation. Looking up, the Egg Carrier was flattening most of what was in this district. Sure, there were still the inner zones, but I could have sworn most of our defenses had been concentrated on the outer perimeter.

I kept checking the bodies, looking for any wounded. Anyone still alive. Problem was, Badniks were pretty effective at making sure their enemies were dead and stayed dead. I swore, Robotnik was going to pay with his vital organs for this. Among the bodies scattered around, humans and anthros alike, none of them had a pulse. The whole place was really beginning to smell as I climbed over mounds of shattered concrete, broken brick walls, and fragmented sidewalk plates. Meanwhile, burning husks of cars, city busses, newspaper stands, and snack carts littered the cratered streets. For us, this was hell on earth. For Robotnik, just another day.

"... remai... ... bac... ... ing..." My radio crackled, barely sputtering out blubs amongst the static.

I figured the water must have ruined the internal components. After tossing it away, I figured someone here had to have one that was still working. Amongst the civilian bodies, I did find a few G.U.N. soldiers with rocket launchers. The first of the bunch, a human officer, had been mangled pretty badly, crushed under the weight of falling concrete from the apartment building collapsing. Then there was Corporal Zames, a mouse anthro that looked like he had been shot by lasers until his heart stopped and his brain went cold. His rocket launcher was still intact, but it seemed like had run out of ammo. Either that, or his spare rockets were buried under the same mess that killed the human. Then there was Warrant Officer Napoc, a panda anthro who was missing the lower half of his body, along with his left arm. The rest of his body was a bloody mess of red splattered on his black and white fur. His headset, however, still seemed to be intact, along with the communicator device. Dusty from the building rubble, but it still seemed to be working.

"Rest in peace, Napoc," I spoke to him, putting my paw on his forehead for a moment before removing the headset. "These won't go to waste."

I then tried to adjust the frequency. Napoc had been part of the ground defense battalion regiment 72. He would get some of the global communications, but not the ones I specifically needed. Those were on a whole other channel entirely. After putting the headset on, it felt much more comfortable, but I had to set the volume very low, or else I'd make myself deaf in no time.

Around here, everything was still quiet. The robots had stopped looking for survivors in this area for a while now, heading in the inner cities instead of hanging around here. I could still hear the conflict, however, and the Egg Carrier was easy to spot in the sky, still heartlessly blasting everything in sight. Beta E-101, however, could be anywhere for all I knew. I no longer had visual on it. Meanwhile, the NDI was probably thinking I was dead. Better make sure they didn't make that mistake.

"This is Nighthare Unit leader, reporting in," I spoke into the radio headset. "Do you copy?"

First, silence. It was possible Napoc's headset was busted in a way I didn't know. I sure wasn't good with electronics, so if it was, it was beyond me. However, moments later, there was a response.

"Ace, that you?" The NDI operator replied. "Sir, Captain Lash is dead. We've only been able to locate nine other members of the Combat Dragon's crew. Everyone else is either K.I.A. or missing."

Nine was still better than nothing. It was up to Astrailyx now. Beta E-101 would come after her next, as well as the inner city stronghold.

"Is there any way of stopping Beta?" I asked the operator. "We shot like hell at that thing and nothing happened."

"We're... still trying to analyze it," He replied, hesitant. "Outright attacking it doesn't seem to be working. We... may need to try something else."

Try something else. Obviously. Still, trying to shut down that damn thing's power core, short-circuiting the whole damn thing, or something like that was going to be a headache. It was suicide for anyone to even get close to it. That was the whole freaking reason we attacked it from a distance in the first place.

"Where the hell is it right now?" I asked him, wondering if he at least had a location.

"47th and 8th moving north," He told me. "It's... going to be quite a walk from where you are."

No kidding. But until they figured out a way to handle it, getting closer to Beta E-101 was suicidal. I had no idea how many civilians and soldiers it killed already, but I had no intention of ending up as one more notch on that damn thing. As far as trying to figure out a plan myself, I barely knew how these stupid things worked. But I figured I would at least make some headway.

But I hadn't even walked ten feet until I heard something plow its way through the water. I figured it had to be a stray Badnik, so I quickly grabbed my bow and strung an arrow. But it wasn't one of those daft robots at all.

It was Monsoon the Kingdra, rushing toward me with a wave of boiling water, totally berserk and deranged. So much for loyal Pokémon. I knew I could never trust these stupid creatures. They couldn't even freaking tell who the real enemy was.

I allowed for the water dragon Pokémon to get close. So close Monsoon wouldn't even have the chance to pull out of his charge to dodge the explosive arrow I was going to shoot into his head. I waited... and waited... and waited until he got just within a few feet, but just before I prepared to jump out of the way and make the shot from above, Zira quickly jumped in front of him and stopped the attack short... trying to protect me. They fought amongst themselves until Monsoon backed off with a snarl, heading back into the water. I swore, I could never tolerate these creatures.

"Head back to your trainer, K'sariya," I told Zira, hoping she'd take that maniac Monsoon with her. "I can handle myself, and I can't have this kind of garbage happening behind my back while all this is going on. I have enough to worry about from those stupid robots. I don't need this on top of it."

I made it crystal clear to Zira I did not want to be followed. Not by her or Monsoon. There was no telling when and where Zira would turncoat on me as well, possibly after being convinced by her companion to join him in his reign of madness. And if they continued stalking me, I was really going to let K'sariya have it. Switch was right, wherever he was right now. What the hell was I thinking, believing an anthro like me could command Pokémon? It was clear, they only really obeyed humans. And they were only sent to me because a human sent them, not to actually defend me on their own behalf. For that very reason, I couldn't trust them.

Heading through the streets, I took an obscure route, just to keep those two away from me in case they didn't get the message. I managed to move ahead several city blocks until I was suddenly approached by a G.U.N. APC. They stopped a few moments later before one of them stepped out and approached me.

"Ace, we've been sent here to retrieve you," the solider told me. "We know what happened to the Combat Dragon."

"What's the plan for taking out those things?" I asked him, wondering what exactly they had in mind to stop it.

"We're working on it," He told me. "But when the time comes, we're going to need those enemy assets flagged. You're one of the only few that can do that quickly and effectively. Heat-seeker missiles and rockets are being disrupted by the presence of too many individual robots."

Made sense. If there was anything these big, stupid robots were good at doing, it was crapping out tons more of little robots by the minute. Heat seeking rockets couldn't lock on to the more important targets with all of the damn fodder everywhere. Therefore, target beacons were really the only thing that would work. Either that, or paint the target with a laser and hold it for as long as possible. But no one enjoyed trying to do that. Not unless you had a death wish.

"Alright, let's move," I told him, getting into the APC.

Once I strapped myself inside, the driver hurried toward where the Beta E-101 was, driving through ruined streets, dodging the flaming car wrecks, and over piles of debris. It would be a bit of a ride before we arrived to where the Beta E-101 was unleashing havoc. Hopefully the driver was smart enough not to get too close. Judging by what I had seen earlier, I had my doubts the armor on this thing could even withstand just one laser shot from that mechanical bastard.

Someway, we needed to turn the tables around on this mess. And I was running out of ideas...

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

E-101 MK. III "β"
Central City
Unit under attack, initiating combat protocol

Beta's assault was slowed for exactly a moment as it confirmed the sinking of one ship and the retreat of others. This instant alerted its combat sensors to a sound directly behind it, the machine whipping about and blasting whatever unfortunate thing was there in to bits. In the next instant its combat sensors went haywire as a small bodied creature latched on to its rear and a sudden surge of energy overloaded its generators. E-101 backed rapidly, slamming Shadow in to the wall behind it as it did so, sparks flying from the overloaded shield generator. The hazy blue barrier around it flickered, and the lightning from the EMP device faded briefly before the blue disappeared entirely. Its electromagnetic pulse field was still active, but its shield was gone. The robot sped backwards in to the street the instant it had smashed Shadow in to the alley wall, sensors alerting it to the perfect distraction; a vehicle had just arrived.

Beta's thrusters screamed in protest to the sudden turn, but that didn't matter much; it was more concerned with keeping the gaping hole hidden. It sped backwards away from the vehicle, arms almost touching as a double-strength laser rocketed straight at and through the vehicle. Its visual receptors noticed in the instant of firing that the rabbit 'general' was in it at the moment of firing. That didn't matter either. Beta's flight speed increased as it whipped around, ducking around a corner on to another street, diverting power from its cannons to the pulse generator to start it back up, the lightning resonance surging back over it as the barrier keeping bullets from ripping it apart flared back up.

Overhead, the Egg Carrier was taking quite a few hits now. Its forward hull was now broken in several places with smoke pouring fourth, and three of the primary turrets had been damaged to the point of being inactive. But most of the hull was still in tact, and even the holes made weren't in locations that would make the flying vessel any easier to destroy or bring down. And yet, despite not being significantly damaged, the airship started to lift higher in to the air and begin a wide, slow turn that would take it almost over the center of the city. The massive ship's jet engines even slowed it down as it turned, almost as if the vehicle was taunting the weapons firing pounding its belly. Under water, the Leviathan slunk quietly, waiting for the orders to attack another ship.

E-117 "ς"
Fight Area
Transmitting coordinates

The concrete of the Fight Area buckled and shattered upwards as E-117's drill sliced through it with the sound of metal on gravel. Several unfortunate technicians and fighters found themselves torn to shreds by the drill, several more falling victim to its machine gun. It wasted no time in relaying the coordinates of this base back to its own, splitting its massive drill in to claws once more and shredding through one of the small buildings nearest it, though it didn't seem important. The multitude of explosions from within implied it to be a weapons storehouse. How convenient.

The huge machine whirled about rapidly, taking in the base with its multiple photoreceptors flashing, sending more information back to base for whatever other machines may come. Not that it would need the backup. E-117 spun again, this time to face what appeared to be the communications building. At the least, it had a multitude of dishes set up on top of it. Sigma fired its pulse launcher at the roof of the building, sending the spidery metal structures flying apart in a mass of twisted metal and smoke. The machine lurched forward as the debris fell to the ground, photoreceptors hunting for more targets to slaughter.

((Having fun yet RU?))
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

it's so easy to say it to a crowd

Zira blinked as he ordered for her to leave. If she had ears, they would have tipped back at his words and harsh tone. Her eyes darkened as her conscience recognized the feeling of being crestfallen. As he turned, she grasped desperately for something she could do. Her mind brushed over the move Psychic, and she used that to amplify her voice into his mind.

"Wait, no! You don't understand! He's... he's just angry! I'm not like-- I'm not him!" She paused, unsure of what to say now that she could talk to him, even if it was sparingly. Then, her countenance and tone hardened slightly as she gave up, seeing that she couldn't get the concept through his head even if she was able to get the words delivering it through. "Good luck." She turned, and headed toward the subway.

...She realized she wasn't sure where the subway was from here. She stood there for quite a while, hovering and wondering what to do.

It was then that the sound of gunfire caught her attention, and she whirled toward the sound. She glided through the streets, searching for the source of the rain of bullets. She waited a moment, though, body quaking with another Quiver Dance, and then moved to intersect the sound. The workings of machinery reached her ears as she neared a corner, and she took a drastic dive as she came out into the open. The moment she even came around the corner, though, she was already spewing a Fire Blast onto the oncoming enemy. As an extra precaution, she threw up a Protect around herself, unsure of what she was facing, but knowing it wasn't good.

((^ Beta. c: ))


K'sariya Damuna • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
born in this world as it all falls apart

A chill shuddered up her spine at the chilled feeling as they warped to the other side of the debris. What a strange feeling. She looked around, blinking, and then down at the electrowebs at her feet. Luckily, they had not landed on one. That would have been... well, bad.

She listened to his words, and then nodded. She sincerely hoped that they were. She wouldn't know what to do if they weren't. With her grandparents slaughtered and her mother and father, wherever they were, being on the path to that exact fate (or had already met it), her Pokemon were the only family she had left. K'sariya wasn't planning on losing them anytime soon, either. As Shadow disappeared, she nodded, and shouted out her Pokemon's names down the tunnel as she began to follow the path of electrowebs.

She became dangerously aware of the ground above her quivering on occasion, and became wary of another cave-in as she proceeded. Her worries were quickly forgotten, though, as a growl came from further down. She was lucky that the edges of the subway tracks were concrete instead of gravel, or else her feet would be in terrible shape. Their calloused surface was able to easily withstand the harsh concrete her feet were pounding down upon.

She quickly came upon the problem. Astyn brooded over the Galvantula, whose back right leg seemed to have been partially crushed. K'sariya quickly ran over, examining the wound. There must have been another collapse further down that they had freed themselves from... She cradled the electric arachnid in her arms, cooing gently. Reaching into one of her pouches, she withdrew a berry and slipped it into Altair's mouth. It would at least numb the pain a little and speed up the healing process. She stayed like that for several minutes until her beloved Pokemon had fallen asleep. She returned him to his Pokeball, and released Kozanar to move the electrowebs. He flung them away, and then the tunnel was lit with a multitude of crimson glares as the rest of her companions were released.

"Alright, guys, let's get out of here..." she murmured.

we will fight or we will fall til the angels save us all
603 words • tagged; metal {Beta}
comments; joy.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Shaveh Teink
Park Lords
Near Cherrygrove City
Affected RPers: 2gamers

Shaveh was snapped out of his thoughts by a loud repetitive tapping, the sound of something hard hitting the ground over and over again. He looked up to and saw one of of the strangest things he'd ever seen in his life - a young girl was riding an over-sized Ponyta right towards the remaining bee, supporting a Dewott on her shoulders. The Dewott detached the shell from its blue leg and held it skywards. The shell sliced straight through the bug's undercarriage, creating a huge gaping cut in the bee's abdomen. This must have been where the robot's fuel source was because the engines on its back started sputtering violently. That wasn't what Shaveh was thinking about, though - the woman had just made a potentially fatal mistake. Typical for a person to get in danger without thinking of the consequences.

Vishi saw the newcomers and let out a loud screech as he corkscrewed up into the air. Once he was directly over the failing robot, he dove straight down and extended his razor-sharp talons. They pierced the robot and held it in place, and the Braviary rammed the robot into the ground with a satisfying crunch. That wasn't good enough for Vishi, though - he started tearing at the fake bee with his claws and beak. Shaveh got to his feet, hoping that there'd be time to avoid the upcoming problem if he could move fast enough.

He couldn't. The girl dismounted the Ponyta and threw herself towards him, catching him in a vice-like hug. Shaveh squeaked slightly as the air was squeezed out of his lungs. His eyes were rolling in panic, but the girl didn't see. She didn't realise that they had maybe five seconds before Vishi went absolutely feral. Shaveh started trying to break free, but the girl was squealing something about gods and robots. For all Shaveh knew, she'd been driven crazy by whatever had happened to the world.

And then, Shaveh heard it. An ear-rending screech. Vishi had finally finished with the robot, and now he saw Shaveh being attacked by a puny human with flamboyant red hair. Shaveh knew that the girl's Pokemon must have been powerful to keep her safe for all this time, but few Pokemon could match the speed and ferocity of an enraged Braviary. Using all of his strength, Shaveh spun the girl heavily onto the grass and then stood up in front of her, stretching his arms wide in the universal gesture for "STOP".

"It's okay, Vishi, she's a friend!" Shaveh yelled.

Vishi didn't sound convinced, but he respected his Trainer enough to listen. He banked at the last second and landed on a tree branch. He cawed warningly at the young girl, shifting his weight from one claw onto the other and back. Shaveh could tell by the look in his eyes that he was practically begging for her to try something funny.

"Saki, keep an eye on Vishi," the young man murmured out of the side of his mouth. "Hit him with a Sleep Powder if need be."

The Meganium chirped in agreement, and Shaveh turned back to the young girl. "I'm dreadfully sorry about that," he said, extending a hand towards her, offering silently to help her up. "Vishi there can be a little over-protective, at times. My name is Shaveh Teink, and I'm one of Professor Elm's assistants. What's your name? And more importantly, do you know what those bee things were? I've never seen them before in my life."
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: narphoenix (Socrates), Velocity (Schrodinger), Max (Tails), Latio-Nytro (indirectly) (Possibly sigma, although I didn't get into details this post)

Before any sort of reply could manifest, Cadence felt a light tugging originating from the lower region of her pant leg. Intrigued, as it certainly wasn’t Grace (the Snivy was usually more vocal when she wanted herself heard), the woman looked downward.

Tails. The Anthropomorphic fox was a distinctive yellowish orange, although his calling card psychical feature was no doubt his twin tails.

"Do you need any help?" he asked timidly. Good timing, Cadence was about to reply when…

The room went aglow with a blood red hue, which was immediately followed by a piercing horn. The alarm meant only one thing… the bases primary defenses had been breached. This was confirmed by the muffled sound of detonating munitions echoed throughout the building. The explosives storehouse had fallen victim to the intruding robot. Nothing else could have busted through so quickly.

Sadly, said storehouse was, in a nutshell, within throwing distance of the building they all currently occupied. This meant if the guard units didn’t get their butts in gear; things would get very ugly for them. Said notion was confirmed by the distinct sound of screech of metal on metal. It was far too close for comfort. If that wasn’t bleak enough, their communications were more likely than not compromised.

“See if there’s any sort of transmission that can get through,” she ordered, facing the rookie. He nodded and got to work without hesitation. Now, she turned to her higher ups.

“I’m going to investigate why our guards are failing to get this under control. Schrodinger, see if you can get news any news from Chakram. If his situation is anything like ours, reassure him help reinforcements are on the way,” she stated. It was risky getting anything out there, but leaving Zek venerable wasn’t advantageous. Hopefully…

“Nothing, I can’t get anything out,” the young operator blurted, absolutely terrified.

“Okay, then get to the computer and send an urgency contact to our other bases,” she stated, without hesitation.


“It works on its on signal box, which is in here. We can’t get radio communications or anything beyond the reach of this island,” she informed, avoiding the possibility of getting questioned.“Tell them we request back up, priority Alpha. Base XSA, specifically, inform them to send their reserves to aide Chakram’s unit, they’re closer than we are.” The rookie’s hands were swift, the message carefully being drafted.

Cadence had opted to be safe and have something lined up in case Zek did need help. It would spare their base the loss of desperately needed defenders.

“Sent, awaiting confirmation notice,” he stated, slightly calmer than before.

“Good,” she replied with a light nod.

Outside, the sounds of weapons firing could be heard, indicating one of two things. The first was that the guard had finally got their act together and was raining he** on the enemy. Of course, the exact opposite was possible, that the assailant was causing more damage.

The fact that they were all still alive indicated the former, or at least, a mix of the two. Either way, standing here and playing guessing games was futile.

“Message cleared, I’m awaiting feedback,” the rookie confirmed, allowing his hands to rest.

Somebody needed to get a visual on the situation, but staying here to receive the reply was also important. Hopefully, the commanders of the other bases weren’t going to give them a rough time. She didn’t expect them to, but there was no being 100% sure.

“Schrodinger, I would appreciate it if you could stay here and await both Chakram’s reply and the messages from the other bases. I trust there shouldn’t be an issue, but if there is, make sure we get those reinforcements at all costs,”being a business cat that was well within his competence zone.

“Socrates, you and I will investigate this attack,” she continued, avoiding eye contact.

“And finally, Tails. Stay here; make sure the computer stays operational. We can’t afford to lose it now,” Cadence concluded, and started for the door. That usually meant her word was final and unless there was a huge problem, it was best not to protest.

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Ace Nighthare
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
Affected RPers: N/A

We drew closer and closer to the Beta E-117. The explosions were getting louder, and I knew it couldn't be far off from now. I looked through the slits of the APC, and the situation didn't look much better. Everything was a wreck outside, and there were still so many bodes. Damn, I knew after this, Central City would never be the same. Sure, new generations could be born and buildings could be rebuilt, but there would always be that scar in history that would never truly disappear.

From above, I could hear the Egg Carrier raining more mayhem down on the city below. That thing... was relentless. Some damage had been done to it, but definitely not as much as we needed to swing this situation around. Meanwhile, the amount of drones and Badniks razing the streets and the city blocks was getting ridiculous. Even as the APC's gunner was shooting as many of them as he could, it seriously looked like we hadn't destroyed any of them yet.

"We have confirmation Shadow has already engaged Beta," Sergeant Eight, a battle-scarred mongoose anthro, told me as the APC plowed its way through the ruined city street.

It was hard to scream over the noises and the gunfire. Still, I couldn't believe it. Shadow himself was fighting Beta? Wasn't he aware of what kind of damage that would do to G.U.N. if something happened to him? But I figured... he must not have been worried very much. That, and I really didn't know of any case where Shadow ever got seriously hurt.

"How much longer to contact!?" I shouted back to Eight.

"Not much longer now!" He shouted back, trying to speak over the APC turret fire. "Get ready, this is going to be harsh! We found out that it's a shield that keeps deflecting the projectiles! That's why the Combat Dragon and everything else we fired at it didn't do a damn thing!"

Made sense. Cheeky bastard robot. I took out my bow, although I still wasn't sure about the whole plan of attack. It required having to get close, get so close that we would still be inside its own shield when it turned it on. I was never a fan of point blank ranges like this. They were dangerous as hell.

The thrashing became louder as the APC turned the corner. I had just seen Shadow, on Beta's back, get slammed into a wall. However, the sparks were flying from its overloaded shield generator. The shield itself was flicking, no longer stable or reliable. Now was our chance. Then, it sped backwards, right toward us as it abandoned Shadow and tried to make distance, likely to acquire him as a target.

And then, it focused on us. It targeted the APC itself, speeding backwards away from us, arms locked and ready to fire.

"BAIL!" Sergeant Eight shouted. "GET THE HELL OUT!"

I made a quick dash for the back door, and quickly undid the latch. But it was already too late. The double-strength laser struck the front of the vehicle head-on, and continued burning and burrowing its way through. The front of the APC exploded in a fireball, smothering the driver and Sergeant Eight with fire. Within less than a second, the fire struck me as well, and the overwhelming force ripped the back door open, sending my body flying out. Had I not undone the latch, I would have blown up with everything else in there.

Shrapnel, flames, and twisted metal were thrown in all direction as my world tumbled, throwing me thirty feet into the piles of concrete. The APC exploded completely, leaving it as nothing more than a burning shell. When I stopped tumbling out of control, I could only lay on my back, pain and aching shooting through my whole body. My vision was cloudy, and I could only see the sky, and the pillars of smoke from burning buildings and flaming wreckage. I couldn't feel my legs, and there was... just pain. Just endless, stinging pains everywhere. So many parts of my body were covered with sticky black and red blood. I brought up my hand to see it was smeared with red blood all over it. But then I just let it go, letting my hand lay limply at my side as I was too weak to continue holding it up.

"ACE!" I heard someone scream.

I couldn't... tell who it was. Someone, but everything was blurry, and was going dark. I found it harder to breathe, and I could tell... I didn't have much time left...

"Don't... for... get..." I told them, barely able to speak as I was not even sure if it was a her or him, or if there was anyone else with them. "Tell... Sha... dow... ... Fin... ish... ... the job... Don't... stop... until... un... til it's done... We... need peace... for all..."

I just had to close my eyes. I was feeling so damn tired all of a sudden. So much fighting, pain, suffering... fire. I had seen nothing but hell today, watching the Combat Dragon get ripped to shreds, seeing screaming civilians trying to run for their lives as merciless machines made a massacre of them. And skyscrapers that took years to build just ripped in half as these damn machines paid no mind to what we had lost. It made me wonder in those last moments... how could anything so cruel ever be constructed by the living.

And I realized that it wasn't until the darkness crept in and everything went peacefully black did I suddenly release the kind of sweet release and alleviating detachment one feels after experiencing death.

I did what I could, G.U.N. The rest is in your hands. Don't do it for me. Do it for all.

(OOC: Yep, he's gone.)

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