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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

OOC: Jeez, talk about posting overload...

Michelle Toya
Eggman Empire
Hoenn, Liliycove
ARPers: No one, unless I missed somebody

It was quiet in Lilycove for once. So quite that it was almost eery, considering the place was known for being a fairly bustling place, but Michelle didn't mind. She walked calmly down the road into the city, a group of robots surrounding her for the girl's protection, but from what, no one looking at the city would have known. It was deserted, devoid of most surface life, and now they were bringing her in to make sure they had gotten everything. The girl was quiet, just like the city they were approaching, and blank-faced. This was the city where she had been born and raised--the city she had practically fled from some number of years ago. Michelle didn't quite remember how many, nor did she really care, considering the city's lack of change in appearance. It not having changed didn't make the girl hate the place any less, which was why she would enjoy going over the city with a fine-toothed comb, weeding out all the residents who had tormented her as a child that had escaped being found during the first invasion and making sure that they would get what they deserved; she would show them just how wrong they had been to whisper what their thoughts screamed about her, to call her a freak, a fake, an attention-starved little girl, to exclude her from everything else normal, non-telepathic kids could do...she would hand them over to Robotnik to do what he wished with them and bring silence to her head forever.

Michelle Toya allowed herself to smile slightly at the thought of revenge--sweet, sweet revenge...well, if they hadn't all been captured to begin with. Or course, there were always people who were smarter than you gave them credit for—there had been at least one who had been in hiding in each of the towns they had taken her through so far…why should Lilycove be any different? Admittedly, she had not been to very many towns for “total clearout” before this, but she sincerely hoped that she would have the satisfaction of finding at least one person still left in Lilycove. As they neared the town, Michelle’s mind stayed abnormally quiet from what she was used to hearing from the place, though she hadn’t been back to her hometown in a good few years and hadn’t had the misfortune of hearing the city on what she referred to as “full blast” recently nor did she really want to.

Upon entering the city, she felt the familiarity settle over her—it really hadn’t changed much from what she remembered, lack of massive crowds and damages aside. She knew the drill by now, obediently following the group of robots instructions and directions, wandering through already halfway decimated buildings and empty streets, extending her mental reach as far as she could to try and find those hiding, and find she did. While wandering through the aisles of what had once been a popular store, she caught it—the faint buzzing of a human mind as it came into her range. Looking up, she spotted a door a little more than ten feet away a grinned like a child on Christmas morning. “I’ve got something; someone is hiding in the room the door up ahead most likely leads to,” she said, finally speaking. Her voice was soft and childlike, yet flat, devoid of emotion. “Commence retrieval.” As soon as the words left her mouth, the protection detail around her broke off, half heading for the door, the other half sticking with her and stepping forward, putting the human member of their party behind them.

Chaos erupted as the robots broke down the door only to be greeted by someone’s Manectric, which latched onto one of the robots without paying the other much attention and started letting the electricity flow. Michelle sighed, shaking her head as she rummaged around her bag for a pokeball. “Hook, please take out that Manectric before it shocks any more of those robots. I would not like it being said that I am inefficient,” the girl sighed, tossing pokeball that she produced forward to release a rather large and angry-looking Krookodile. “Use crunch, if you don’t mind?” The large dark and ground type pokemon seemed to smile at the suggestion made by his trainer before it rushed forward, jaws wide open as he knocked the electric pokemon from the robot, which now pretty well fried. The pokemon didn’t have a chance--it hadn’t seen Hook coming at it, jaws at the ready before it was caught in those jaws, which snapped down on it with ferocious force and a loud “crunch” sound, as the move’s name suggested it would make. The Manectric gave a loud yelp and a jumble on pain slammed into Michelle from its mind before it went limp in Hook’s mouth and the Krookodile dropped the pokemon to the floor. As she moved forward, the Manectric’s owner’s mind because louder and louder in her head, cursing Hook, cursing Robotnik, cursing everything that could be cursed at the moment as the rest of the robots flooded in.

Michelle did not flinch when they dragged out a familiar face. The boy had made fun of her when she was little, and it seemed he would not stop once he saw her face among the metal ones. “I should have known you’d turn traitor, little freak girl, “ he hissed at her as he passed, though Michelle’s face remained impassive as she stroked Hook’s snout, praising the Krookodile with soft words.

“I only turned against those who turned against me long before this happened, you really dug your own grave there,” Michelle called after him, smirking. Today was just another day for her; another town, another hider pulled out of their safety spot by the gift they had made fun of her for. Michelle continued on, placing Hook back in his pokeball and moving out to search the rest of the city.

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ, Defense Operations
ARPers: The Doctor

Astrailyx watched as the Egg Carrier started to fly over more of the city. The slow amount of progress made by smoke was at least something, and by the looks of it the remaining cannons were firing even more now thanks to those that were piloting them. Where the Egg Carrier was, there were cannons on either side of it, the heavier ones closer to the centre and pounding away at it’s underbelly, while the regular grade were more outside, firing on the side that was turning back towards them. As the dragon watched, she wondered if he did plan on using another cannon. Considering it took this long to make the thing start smoking, she would believe it. Some of the operators thought the Carrier was on a retreat path now, and even if that were true, Astrailyx was running all options through her mind.

One option was if he was telling that behemoth aerial monstrosity to retreat, he wasn’t just going to gather up and shimmy away. He was going to leave something behind. Option two, he was turning around to get a closer shot on something, maybe break through the primary shield with another, bigger cannon. Astrailyx even so much thought of him using the jet engines to wear away at the primary shield. Either way, Astrailyx knew there was one way to retaliate this action, no matter what he was doing. To their advantage, moving closer no longer gave the carrier much of that smoke screen any longer.

“I want the primary focus of those cannons to fire at anything that so much as pops out of that Carrier. Turrets, more robots, anything!” She instructed the defense team. “In the meantime, keep firing on those primary weapons.”

As the dragon watched even more, she noticed the exposed engine side that wasn’t exactly, all exposed. The thick layer of glass protected it, and she knew with how close the Carrier was now, it falling on them wasn’t the greatest of ideas. That didn’t mean wearing it down and slowing down all of it’s operations was a bad thing either. The Carrier was on the inside of the Dead Zone’s as well, and if they were turned on high enough without overloading, that should of drained some of the engine’s energy, since it was positioned on the bottom of the entire ship. It wouldn’t stop it, but it was going to slow it down. However maybe Astrailyx didn’t even need to give that order; the dragon looked at the rate of ascension versus the current speed information they had been given, along with the acceleration speed. If they waited for the Carrier to turn around just a bit more, and fly more over the city where everything was already blown apart, at least they could take it down without causing more damage to themselves. The momentum however was a rough guess, and it was a bit of a risky move.

Astrailyx had to call it as a secondary either way. “Heavy cannons, the engine is more exposed on our side. I only want two of you firing on it when the Carrier is far enough away to not crash on anything left standing if you manage to take it out. I’ll send you the information regarding its speed and acceleration so we can time it properly to avoid collateral damage, or even have it crash in the ocean. Remember, do not fire on it if it’ll cause more damage to us in a possible crash.”

The radio crackled under much interference, but the dragon managed to make out an ‘understood’ from the mess. Astrailyx knew of the drones flying around the city as well, but all of the Dead Zone’s were still intact, and anything that came within range of one of those was going to have their energy cores zapped and sapped like a dead mosquito. The outer ring of turrets were probably having their own time, fighting off drones and trying to still fire at the Egg Carrier. Astrailyx watched the mayhem and did her best to remain calm and focused, that was difficult in a time of war.

“I want the Echo field up immediately after our primary shields hit ten percent effectiveness just in case. Use one power core I had stored in the meantime. If I have to go down there and operate it myself I will, but for now send an extra energy siphon to the primary shields. We aren’t losing this battle.” Astrailyx told her defense team. “I want squads in on the ground to help deal with the drones and just in case that ship spits out more of them.”
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Schrodinger Salvo
Revolution Uprising
RU Headquarters - Sinnoh Fight Area
Affected Roleplayers: Everyone who's in the RU control room.

Schrodinger's tail puffed out as the room flushed red and an alarm began to blare. Immediately he reached out to the psychic he'd felt before, but he found only panic and the image a human engulfed in fire. The cat grabbed a table, the other telepath's panic spreading into him. He heard the sounds of weapons blazing, of explosions and clips of ammo being deployed. We can't handle this, he thought. Cadence, however, was still perfectly calm; she was, in fact, issuing orders.

"See if you can get any news from Chakram's unit."

Well, yes, ma'am, but Schrodinger would be damned if they could offer any help or any help could be offered to them. He tried anyway, however, and this time the Pokemon gave him a clearer, if angrier, response. What do you want?

What's going on? Is your unit under attack? Because right now the home base is definitely being attacked.

Yes. So I guess we can't expect reinforce - no, go away! Yes, I'm telling him. Keep doing your water thing, it's working just fine, a sort of psychic sigh escaped the Pokemon. Apologies. Another psychic was wanting me to pass along a message. Said direct contact was something he'd rather avoid.

All right, fine. So you're being attacked by Eggbots, right? And us by a giant drill.

Yep. But... Alice says she'll send you a few Pokemons' worth of help. We can't spare much, but... the Pokemon trailed off. Schrodinger broke off the contact, although it started again for just a moment as the telepath imparted one more word of wisdom. After a few quick mind-control laced arguments, Schrodinger turned his mind to Cadence's to relay the information.

Chakram's under attack, and we're getting a few Pokemons' worth of immediate help, along with a contingent of air support from Oreburgh. The Pokemon say to aim for the f*cking joints.

Alice Card
Revolution Uprising
Stark Mountain.
Affected Roleplayers: Latio (Zek Chakram) and anyone in his unit.


All of Alice's other Pokemon had escaped the drill's rampage unscathed; however, her Hydregion had been hit by one of the arms and knocked down to earth. Alice ran to the dragon, expecting the worst. However, after an extensive exam, Alice realized that Gretchen was fine, save two mild concussions and a few broken ribs. She bandaged these, trusting her other Pokemon to protect her while she did draconic first-aid. She managed to guide Gretchen into an upright floating position when she saw it.

The bug.

The bug.

The white furry body, the scarlet wings, the soulless blue stare. Was she there again? Were the Team Plasma grunts waiting by, the stolen Natu in their hands, while their horrible, abominable beast burnt her soulmate to cinders?

No, because the Volcarona lifted above her head and fired a carefully controlled blast of flames at an Eggbot that had been creeping up behind Alice. She looked deep into the Volcarona's eyes, not sure whether to thank it or to try and kill it. Then it flew away to join the fray again.

Did you...?


... The base is under attack. Do you want -

The base!? Holy sh*t, why didn't you tell me!? Send Liberty, Alto, and... Gretchen says she's fit to go, so her too. Send them right the h*ll back to base. Whatever happens, we can't lose the Fight Zone.

The Pokemon sent, Alice rose shakily and began to conduct her little orchestra once more. But there were so many little robots... A feeling of dread crept into Alice's heart as she realized the purpose for this attack. She ran to Zek, Oracle covering her from above, and shouted to him, "The Zones are under attack! The little 'bots are just a distraction! We have to help the home base before RU gets crushed under that drill!"
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City; In the Field
Affected Rpers: Neo, Sabi (Indirectly), Dr R (Indirectly), Sight (Indirectly)
<His Name Was Ace>

His hit landed. He was glad for that, for the shield flickered as it abruptly lost power. His hands gripped the metal as the machine reversed course; he heard something rumble nearby but before he could so much as look he felt his body impact something solid. That surface quickly buckled as he heard it shatter, a thousand sharp needles biting into his back with annoying determination. Rotating as he fell, he landed swiftly on his feet, noting Beta speeding backwards and aiming. Oddly, however, it wasn't at him, which would have been the logical choice. Glancing over, he noticed an APC slowing to a stop...And he saw the form of many soldiers, as well as a very familiar rabbit. It's...Going to fire! They couldn't escape. Tapping into his energy he began to work on free-

Beta fired.

The laser cut straight through the APC, striking the front of the vehicle which quickly caught on fire and exploded in a blaze of Hell. Shadow altered his plans, tapping into the Positive Chaos Energy; it flowed into his hands, gathering and spreading outward into a blue shield. Shrapnel and fire both smashed into it, digging into his energy reserves and pushing him straight back into the building to bury the glass further in his back. He made the shield only as big as he could scrunch his body up behind, but he felt the unmistakable pain of steel slice through a part of his forehead, staining his black fur with more red. It was over quickly, but his ears continued to ring from the explosion as he allowed the shield to drop. He was not pleased with the carnage that lay before him, but what had happened had already happened. He couldn't change...

His thoughts came to a halt as he saw a limp grey figure on the ground, and realization struck him. "ACE!" He staggered to his feet, slightly off balance from his ears aching so much. The hedgehog lurched before breaking into a run, already calling on the positive energy once more. As he approached the rabbit, he could see his wounds; below the waist he didn't have anything left, and he was gushing copious amounts of blood. Other wounds covered his body, and his eyes were distant and unfocused. Shadow wasted no time, placing his palms on the sniper's chest and allowing the energy to drift into him. Even as he did so, he could feel his pulse; it was getting weaker...So much weaker. Come on...Work, dammit, work! Why did he care so much? It was unlike him. Ace was healing too slowly...He wouldn't survive at this rate. Even if all the wounds were stitched up, shock was likely to happen. He could still die.

His attention was diverted as he suddenly spoke, voice soft and hoarse. "Don't... for... get..." Why was he speaking? He was using up more energy. "Tell... Sha... dow... ... Fin... ish... ... the job... Don't... stop... until... un... til it's done... We... need peace... for all..." His eyes slid shut as he gasped for breath. Shadow pressed down harder, trying to push more energy into him to speed the healing. And yet, he continued to grow weaker. Even as his heart slid to a stop, he tried, he continued to try and bring him back. The hedgehog resorted to CPR, pushing and often simply smacking the rabbit's chest. He hit him several times, desperate to get his heartbeat back.

As between each punch, a memory came to the surface, unbidden and unwanted.

Gun shots soar through the canopy, singing leaves into ash and dreams into dust. The air smells of gunpowder and burnt flesh, and the screeching of metal as machines collapse under fire. I can smell, quite easily, the stench of smoke as some vegetation catches on fire. If the situation continues to deteriorate, we will have to abandon the front line and retreat. Of course, retreating against Robotnik's machines is a death wish; they have no problem dealing with fire. Some were even busy spewing the substance...And no amount of bullets I put through them seem to stop the swarming masses of glinting steel.

I have only recently joined Guardian Units of Nations, or rather, G.U.N. I never could have thought I would join the very organization that ruined my life, that slaughtered everyone I cared about and imprisoned me for fifty years. But the past is the past, and hanging on to it would only hinder me further. The pain, the grief, the anger...It would always be there. Now, however, it wasn't nearly as bad as it had been before, and I could function much better. That being said, it would be a long time before I could be over it completely...And I doubted I ever would be.

No, what currently irked me was the fact despite being the Ultimate Life Form, and stopping an entire invasion of essentially my siblings...I was rendered the lowest rank upon joining the organization. It was a travesty. After everything I had done, this was the thanks I got? Not to mention, I was put under the command of Scout Sniper Commando Ace Nighthare. His patience level was even worse than Sonic's, something I would never have believed. He looked at me with disdain, ignored most of what I said...I was told he acts this way with most rookies. Problem is, I am not a rookie. Far from it. Which begs the question if he views me differently because of who I am...

"Rookie, snap out of it and stop daydreaming!" Ah, I was waiting for that.

I return his glare with one of my own. "You realize that even in thought, I am alert, yes?" Ace snorts, returning to firing his arrows. Of all the weapons he uses, they are arrows...Although the exploding tips are rather useful. Currently, I am using pistols, which are easy to wield and effective when coupled with armor piercing rounds. We need more firepower, however.

So I decide to...Alleviate...One of my comrades of their rocket launcher. Despite his complaints, I ready the weapon to target a large laser cannon that was disintegrating most of the organic objects around us. "Rookie, don't fire! That cannon is charging!" Don't fire? Letting the cannon fire is a bad idea! Besides, I am already locking on. All it takes is a little squeeze of the trigger... "I said DON'T FIRE!"

Too late.

The gun jolts back as the rocket shoots towards its prey, slamming head on into the gun and rocking the area with a shock wave, sending up a cloud of dust. I can see some of the residual energy that had been building up, but the cannon is quite clearly destroyed. "Sorry, I must not have heard you." I can't help but look at Ace with a bit of smugness. I was not very keen on following orders from someone who was younger and less powerful than myself. "Letting it fire would have been catastrophic. It was not an option."

Ace looks rather angry with me. He is raising his fist, perhaps in the attempt to hit me? It will not work out as he hopes. I see his ears twitch, and suddenly without thought he is pouncing on me. "GET DOWN!" I am already down...He is forcing me into the ground, after all. I then hear it. A low pitched whine, and a red orb flashes where my head had just previously been. The tree behind us is vaporized instantly, the trunk above that avoided the hit falling with the loss of support, and the stump itself is smoking. "Dammit...Shadow, I don't care how powerful you are! You almost got yourself killed!"

As I watch Ace, it strikes me how...Despite his rough exterior, he genuinely cares about the people around him. It is humbling, really. Perhaps we were not as different as I previously thought, or perhaps that was the reason we simply fought so much. The important matter here was that he had saved my life despite disobeying orders, which could have killed him or someone else. I felt more respect for him, certainly.

"Sorry...Sir." And yet, it still kills me to say these words.

Shadow knew it had only been mere seconds, but the flashback had felt more like hours. Every moment had been painful. The enormity of the situation fell on him as he halted in his efforts, dragging himself to his feet to look down on his fallen comrade. It struck him how peaceful he looked in death, but at the same time enraged him that he was gone in the first place. The question came floating back to him again. Why did he care so much about him? They were similar, yes...But Ace had saved his life. He had been foolish and unwilling to admit it, but the sniper had saved him when he had been acting like a child. Orders saved lives. He had ignored that fact. And yet, for one of the most powerful beings from his universe, he had been helpless in the rabbit's hour of need.

Absolutely helpless.

His life didn't deserve to end that way. Had Ace known he was trying to save him? Unlikely, as he had spoken his name. But his message to finish the job and bring peace...How could he? So long as there was free will, a natural right to all beings, there would be war. There could never truly be peace. Ace knew that. But there was a point when...When someone had to be stopped. Robotnik had crossed the line, slaughtering thousands with the machines or beasts he had summoned. Shadow had nearly fallen down that path as well...But perhaps good fortune smiled on him that day. Perhaps he was the one to balance the evil the world faced. He couldn't be sure. But to bring peace to the world...He would try.

"I promise I'll bring peace, Ace. You have my word." It was a promise he had made to Maria...And now to this fleeting soul.

Glancing in the direction of Beta, his sadness quickly turned to anger, and then to rage. At the moment, peace was out of the option, but that didn't mean he couldn't get some revenge on the machine that had taken his life. Beta would pay. It would pay dearly for its transgression on such a young person, who had only been fighting for his desires, for a chance to be free of the tyranny of falling rockets and shrapnel.




Picking up the radio, which was badly damaged, he managed to get it working, although it wouldn't last much longer. "Shadow reporting in. Ace and his unit...Have been killed in combat." He thought for a moment, although his energy was already seeping onto both of his hands. "I'm going to go kill the bastard responsible. Don't let anyone get in my way." Dropping the radio, he crushed it beneath his foot with a loud snap, even as the Negative Chaos Energy crawled up his arms and onto his shoulders, where they formed into jagged spikes of energy. Letting out a yell more akin to a roar than a war cry, he shot forward in the direction Beta had gone, a sonic boom rocking the windows as he broke the sound barrier.

He was unaware Beta was literally under fire...But at this point, he honestly didn't care. He would tear that wretched machine apart with his own hands, and then laugh as it struggled to get away. His snarl turned into a slight smile at the delicious thought, but his eyes continued to burn with anger. His claws thirsted for oil, the energy flickered and danced for steel, and his heart yearned for revenge.

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zippy Lane
Park Lords
Location: Route 29- Off the Beaten Path, Johto
Affected RPers: ChainReaction01

Zippy was caught off-guard as Shaveh threw her upon the ground. She was about to get herself up when she saw the ornery braviary turn his rage upon her and charge. The ranger didn’t think she did anything wrong; Zippy usually made every effort to be friendly and courteous to everyone. Yet the eagle was ready to rip her into shreds before Shaveh stepped in front of the young girl in time to prevent such a tragedy. Zippy’s pokemon all gathered to her side in order to defend against the braviary, who was still giving Zippy the stink-eye. Why the man didn’t simply put the eagle back into his pokeball didn’t cross the girl’s mind. She was still excited to see another human. Using the extended hand to get herself on her feet, Zippy turned to the new arrival to answer his questions.

“Name’s Zippy Lane, ranger- er, junior ranger of Pallet Town,” the girl began, but she soon paused as she realized that Shaveh had absolutely no idea what was going on. “Wait, so you haven’t seen any of these guys? You know, tin heads…robots…badniks? Gee, where have you been, in a cave or something?”

It was becoming clear that perhaps the lab assistant wasn’t as knowledgeable about the foe as she hoped he would be, as indicated by the disappointment in her voice. In fact, Zippy may have been the only expert on robots for miles (at least, the only one that wasn’t already a robot). As such, the girl invited the lab assistant back to the ranger outpost to give him the full rundown of events, at least from her point of view.

The tiny space provided by the outpost was further constrained with the addition of another trainer and his pokemon. Most of Zippy’s crew went back to eating their meals, while the emolga was playing with the radio setting of her human’s pokegear, desperate to find some pop music to liven things up. Amidst the sounds of munching pokemon and radio static, Zippy told her story to Shaveh. Reflecting on such events understandably made her a bit melancholy, but she continued without shedding a tear.

“They just appeared. I was going to Professor Oak’s lab to adopt Ollie when they came. We all thought it was some joke or a movie crew or something. Without warning, they just started shooting. There were no demands or anything, they didn’t say anything. They just shot and headed for the lab. Whoever was left didn’t stay to see what they wanted. And these weren’t the bug bots we fought. They kinda looked like people, but with weapons for hands, almost like they were built for this kind of thing.”

Zippy took a break to take a sip of her water. Her melancholy mood was broken as she continued.

“For weeks, I’ve traveled from Kanto to here in search of the rangers. I mean, surely they know what to do, right? I was almost beginning to believe they weren’t around. And then I found you.” The girl broke a smile. “Surely if you’re around, then there are others sneaking around just like us. And if we can do it, then the rangers must be around, forming some plan to get rid of these dumb tin heads!”

It was quite clear that Zippy idealized the pokemon rangers. After all, they protected pokemon and people alike as well as protected the environment. They would never stand for this without a fight, not if all those heavily dramatized kids shows had anything to say about it.

*BZZZZZZ…RRRRRRREEEEEEE…Come in…Reinforcements needed*

Voices amidst the static quickly caught Zippy’s attention, who grabbed the pokegear away from her emolga to listen in. Gaga folded her arms in a pout in reaction to losing her toy. The girl put her pokegear on the counter to share the signal with Shaveh.

“Can’t believe this thing still works,” Zippy commented as the voices continued to tell their tale.

*BZZZZ…This is GUN Agent Hank…requesting back-up. Survivors in the water, I repeat survivors in the water. GET THESE BASTARDS OFF OUR…BZZZ*

*BZZZ…By Mobius, they targeted the civilians. We need medics down here!*

*RRRRWEEEE…Ace and his unit...Have been killed in combat…BZZZZZZ*

The radio continued like this for several minutes. Zippy was only able to get parts of the conversations amongst the many participating in the war. Surely this wasn’t real. It must have been some sci-fi radio drama about an alien war. If that was the case, then this was most certainly an inappropriate time for such a show.

Zippy attempted to adjust the signal to get a clear signal. Instead, she found another message from a familiar voice.

*BZZZ…This is Pokemon Champion Lance…To the people of Johto, we are facing annihilation…*

Zippy’s pokemon stopped what they were doing to listen in on the famous figure.

*…Our world was exposed to a wormhole, merging us with another world…BZZ…Our enemy is the one known as Eggman…SHHHHH…controls the robot armies…RWEEE…has taken over Kanto and Hoenn as well as Johto…BZZ…Sinnoh is under assault…RWEEE…We’ve made allies with other beings from that world to help defend…RWEEE…Do not engage…SHHHHH…stay away from cities and populated areas…BZZZ…pray…BZZZZZZZ*

With that, the radio went back to playing static. Zippy and her pokemon were silenced into shock. It was real. It was all real. Their battles with badniks no longer mattered: there were wars being fought that held their fate in the balance. Wars they had no idea as to where they were being fought. As they stood at the counter, the choice of overthrow versus infinite servitude was being decided without them.

What could a junior ranger and a lab assistant do to change their fate?
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

E-110 "λ"
Route 29, path

"Factory manager. Easy job, sure, whatever," said the boxy little Lambda said to himself, crossing its two spindly arms. It looked much like a rectangle on top of a wheel, with a single large green photoreceptor near the top. Its two small arms folded out through small triangular flaps set in to its sides, and it was roughly three feet tall. A tiny antenna was wiggling on the back right corner of its head as it attempted to roll through the grass. "No one bothered to mention the 'rolling your wheels through thick grass that gets tangled up in the spokes," it muttered, clamp hands tearing more green strands from between its wheel spokes. The little robot was out looking for a clipboard it had dropped, and as it turned out some flying robot had taken it and deposited it in the middle of a large patch of tall grass. Irritating wasn't even the word.

What was weird though, was the fact that around the time the little robot reached its clip board, it lost the signals from no less than three robots. Two sheets of metal slid over the glowing green photoreceptor and it backed up, falling flat on its back from more stuck spokes. "Ha ha, very funny. You've pulled this transmission trick before, I AM NOT falling for it again. It took three weeks to work that kink outta my joints!" As it expected, there was no response from the missing robots. It had no idea that they'd been destroyed by a pair of Pokemon Rangers, and it didn't particularly care. Now that it had its clipboard it had to uproot itself from where it was and get back to the new facility in Cherrygrove it was in charge of. However long THAT would take...

And then it picked up a garbled transmission that sounded like some kind of space opera. "Huh, I didn't know they still played radio shows like this... Saving this station for sure," Lambda said, making a note of the frequency as it righted itself and set to work on freeing its wheel from the grass once more.

((Another character I'm controlling :U))

E-101 Beta
Central City

Beta's flight was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a flaming moth and a ball of fire. The machine attempted to avoid the attack, but the blast of fire caught it head on, intense flames tearing through its light plating and sending bolts of electricity flying from the damaged internals as it fell from the sky. The machine impacted on the ground with a loud crash, rolling as its thrusters and flight vanes were torn off from the force of the landing. The sparking machine shook violently as it raised its arms, photoreceptors locking on to the quickly approaching form of Shadow the Hedgehog as if to blast him head on. But rather than fire, the machine waited. When the hedgehog was close enough to attack, the machine exploded violently, every bit of the machine obliterated save for the scraps of metal that had been torn from it on impact.

From an alleyway just beyond where Beta had exploded, a man in a red top hat and trench coat stepped out. He looked elderly, with a slightly hooked nose over a graying brown mustache. His outfit was lined with black, and he wore an arm band with the Eggman Empire's symbol upon it. He looked quite formal and gentlemanly, not a hair out of place in his mustache and bushy eyebrows, with gray-blue eyes peering out from behind a pair of circular glasses. He was thin and lanky as well, with most of his substance seeming to come from his coat and a white shirt visible through the collar. A plain cane was in his hand, with a simple gold ball as the top, and he wore a pair of black gloves to match his gloves and trousers. He spoke with a deep voice, and sounded somewhat bored with the affair, as though he were simply talking about the weather.

"How unfortunate. Beta was doing quite well this run. Robotnik will have to be notified of his machine's failure yet again." The man spoke as though there was no one else present, seeming to ignore the presences of Shadow and the Volcarona. After a moment, he turned his gaze upwards from where Beta's smoldering ashes lay and peered inquisitively at Shadow. "I seem to have forgotten my manners. I am the Director; a sympathizer of doctor Robotnik's. He requested I assist in this battle, though I can't say I've done more than observe. A pleasure."

Above, the Egg Carrier's turn had completed, and now all of its side turrets rained down fire on the anti-air cannons firing at it. The AI's marksmanship was spot on, many of the turrets being pounded to bits within seconds... and then they ceased firing. All of the ship's turrets seemed to cut off at that moment, and its massive jets slowed drastically until it seemed to simply be hanging in the air. As it did so, a blue barrier engulfed the outline of the ship, absorbing whatever firepower was still being directed at it easily as it hovered ominously above. Below, none of the robotic soldiers had ceased any action; the GUN soldiers who looked up to see what had happened were gunned down, and the attack continued. After a moment, the southern energy field fell, the building that had been generating it collapsing beneath its weakened infrastructure and continued attacks. It seemed almost as though the airship was taunting its targets with its power.

((For anyone wondering, the Director has Count Dooku/Saruman/Christopher Lee's voice.))

E-117 "ς"
Fight Zone

Sigma's attack was cut short by the swift arrival of more badniks. The behemoth machine reformed its drill and returned underground, the earth's quaking stopping as it seemed to disappear for the time being. In the meanwhile, the many machines were taking up the slack left by Sigma's retreat. They were of similar make to him, but bipedal, and with varying numbers of E-200, some sporting the same number and being of similar make. There was a single human among their ranks, thin and lanky and with only a goatee poking out on his face. His head was covered with a thin white helmet, a similar armor covering his body with lines of black and a white scarf around his neck, a pair of red goggles hiding his eyes from view. He wore a gauntlet-like device on his right hand connected to a series of vacuum tubes on his right shoulder, and in his left hand was a blade.

"Sinnoh chumps, you don't even know who you're messing with! Rotom, Shadow Surge," The man growled, lobbing a black Pokeball pulsing with white lines at the ground. The Pokemon that emerged was a Rotom, but the blue glow of electricity making up its body usually was now a purple-black and pulsing wildly. The tiny Pokemon gave an evil sounding growl and sent a huge pulse of black lightning through the HQ building in an attempt to overload the electric systems and harm anyone inside.

((Guess who this guy's a member of >:3))

Stark Mt.

And further north, a gout of black flame prevented Gretchen from leaving on her master's orders, a feral looking Dragonite with its skin blackened blocking the way and attempting to tackle the other dragon. A Salamence delivered a woman in white and black armor with a similar device as the man in the Fight Area. Her flowing red hair was unobstructed, and she wielded a rapier in her off hand. She raised an arm, and the robots behind her ceased firing, those ahead retreating to stand behind her in an orderly line. "Surrender now. You won't receive another chance. But then, I suppose I already know your answer. Don't drag this out longer than it has to be; your force is heavily outnumbered. If we all decided to sweep in, we'd reduce your outposts to rubble in a matter of hours. Give up, and maybe you'll get to live a few more days."

With that said, she stepped behind her Salamence, the large dragon growling deeply and glaring at the present Revolution Uprising members. "Well?" She called out after a minute, expression impassive and voice monotone "What's your answer? We haven't got all day."

((Don't control any of the characters introduced in this post |D The guy replacing Sigma is named Bergan by the way.))
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Central City, GUN Base, Streak's quarters
Affected Rpers: Grassy, Metal (Somewhat)

The two of us were in my room. It's a pretty standard room. My stasis tube on the wall opposite the entry door, a flat screen television on the left wall with computers connected to it to also act as a monitor, some other special things that we bring in as needed. There was a couch on the wall opposite the television. Currently the “special thing” was the robot operating table that we had been using to upgrade Omega for the past week off and on. He was out like a light, his power core taken out while we were making the upgrades. Various tools were hanging over the table.

We'd just finished the initial string of upgrades to him, and had decided to slightly change his symbol. Directly under each Ω symbol, we added RS, making it Ω RS. Opening the compartment behind his noseplate, I put the blowtorch I'd been using to add the RS moniker away and said. “Reboot him.”

Renee took the power core off the table nearby where we had some parts laid out and inserted it in in the noseplate, closing the compartment. She then pressed some buttons on the touch screen of her Tablet. His eyes glowed to robotic life, signifying everything was working fine. Omega sat up, whirred, and spun the top half of his body around.

“Must destroy Eggman robots.” He spoke in his usual metallic tone. Renee hugged him, and he patted her before getting off the table. “Processing new parameters.” He said with a whir and a hum. We stared at him intently, wondering what he would to. “Upgrades accepted. Commencing tests.” He raised his arms to the side slightly and a blue force field hummed around him. He extended it to include us and pushed away the nearby table with the parts on it. Then it got turned off. “Force field test successful.” With a metal grinding sound he pulled his head, arms, and legs into his body and rearranged it into a ball. The ball then grew spikes and he slowly rolled around the room, careful not to damage anything. “Modular spiked ball transformation successful.” Omega changed back into his usual form and walked up to us, then turned to the television screen which was on but muted. Renee pressed a key on her Pad and unmuted the program. It was showing recorded footage of an attack of the city earlier, now going into day two. It then switched to a live feed of Commander Shadow fighting the lead robot. Robotnik didn't even bother coming over himself.

“Beta. I must destroy inferior Eggman robots. I must help Shadow.” Said Omega, getting ready to use his new powers to help the commander.

“Hold on there. What we gotta do first is outline the other upgrades that are not immediately apparent.” Said Renee. Omega nodded, with the upper half of his body kinda lowering then raising. “The upgrades we made allow you to change your body shape and take on what we call modular forms based on situation. The first of these is the ball form and spiked ball form. Although you can do more than just that, we have not programmed anything else as of now. The upgrades allow your components to shift and change, thus opening up new ways to fight. This makes for easier repairs, too. The force field we added can take some serious punishment, although it's not invincible. We've also upgraded your Jet Pack a little bit to allow hovering and moving a little faster.” Omega nodded. “With the increased threat, I have equipped you with what I call synching. Your personality and combat data will be backed up in real time to my Tablet. In the event that you get damaged beyond repair we would at least be able to keep a backup of what defines your sense of self and eventually rebuild you. We also added like a gazillion firewalls and passwords to your system.” Omega nodded again.

On the screen we saw Beta exploding as Shadow closed in, dust filling up the screen. How there was even a camera transmitting this I had no clue. “I'll be watching television for new developments.” I said as I sat on the couch to watch the action. “I'll come to help if they need me.” I said, turning to the action.

Omega transformed into his ball form and was about to roll out when Renee walked ahead stopped him. “This is for you.” She whispered, putting her hand on the balled up Omega. White sparks and energy surged from her hand, pulsing around him. Glowing white lines spread out from her hand and enveloped him. Then as suddenly as the glow started, it stopped. There was a hum in him as Omega's CPU power was pushed well beyond it's limitations. “Now go help Shadow.” She whispered. Omega didn't need to be told twice, he rolled out of the base compound through the corridors and elevators and to the coordinates we had inferred.

“What was that?” I asked her, looking up from the TV. “Nothing, nothing.” She said sing-song. “I want to see if I can help the others.” Said Renee as she walked out, heading to Defense Operations. It would take a bit to get there because she didn't want to risk being seen flying over the floor.

E-123 Omega "Ω"
Central City, heading to Shadow's location

Meanwhile Omega was speeding along in spike ball form, flattening and skewering minor Badniks on the way. If his sensors detected anything major the shield would be able to absorb the blows enough to get to his friend. Thankfully he took the road less traveled.

“Shadow detected.” He said to himself, riding in from behind Shadow. He jumped up in ball form, transformed back to his usual form in the air, and landed behind Shadow. Omega changed his arms to cannons and said. “Providing backup.” He was ready to shoot at a moment's notice.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Grace, Solomon, Amp, Sol
Revolution Uprising
Near Stark Mt.
ARPers: Revolution Uprising, Robotnik

"Well, what's your answer? We haven't got all day." A creepy monotone rang out, attempting to prompt a response to a request for surrender.

Grace shook with terror. Their auras, their auras, they were so horrible! It hurt her to even look at them, and if she had her way, the abominations of these Dragons would never even exist, let alone attack. They were not malevolent: they were malevolence. They were so horrible to look at, and she was tempted to, simply by looking at them, destroy everything around her until the pain disappeared.

Amp responded by raising her front paws in a manner suggesting a thorough education in one-fingered sign language.

Sol responded much more conscientiously than his teammates did. Eggman would NOT have decided against robotisizing these guys without good reason. SOMETHING made them more valuable organic than mechanical, and Sol decided he needed to find out.

But it was Solomon who easily had the best response.

<Oooh, oooh, oooh! Pick me! I know the answer!> Solomon telepathed to all those around him, organic and robotic alike. <Ya, I think it goes something like THIS!> Solomon completed his response by launching a powerful stream of water so cold it turned to ice on contact with the woman's Salamence. He then faced the Dragonite and enthusiastically stated (with the childlike tone not unlike his human friend's),<Of course, there's no need for YOU to be left out, either!> as he launched another Ice Beam at the Dragonite, carefully avoiding the Hydreigon.

Amp took a second to readjust her shock. In all of her life, she had never been so much in agreement with the star: she was always more aggressive and sarcastic, and he tended to the childlike and innocent. Therefore, once he concluded his excellently developed rhetoric, she threw her head back, laughed, and said (with the Starmie translating),"That's your best argument yet! Mind if I join in?!" The Lightning Pokemon then launched a pair of Shadow Balls at the twin Dragons.

The game, as they say, was afoot.

Revolution Uprising
Fight Area
ARPers: Revolution Uprising, Robotnik

"Sinnoh chumps, you don't even know who you're messing with! Rotom, Shadow Surge." This was the sentence that greeted the two once they walked out of the building. It was only sheer dumb luck that saved them: Socrates had tripped, directly into Cadence, and sent them both tumbling down, the midnight lightning missing them by a mere atom's diameter. Socrates then got up, and surveyed the situation.

He noticed a distinct lack of ordinary E-100s, although he did notice a large number of miniature robots that looked like a different sort of E-series. Of course, it would be extremely difficult to NOT notice them; they positively surrounded the base, and by extension, Socrates and Cadence. Socrates decided that a taunt plus brute force would be the most rational response.

"I believe I speak for all of us when I say f**k you. Hypatia, hissy fit." Now, Socrates, like most people exposed to horrible things over a long period of time, had an extremely morbid sense of humor. Therefore, when he commanded the Haxorus that came out his Great Ball to throw a "hissy fit", both human and Dragon knew that he actually intended for it to throw an Outrage.

Funny story: when a 6 foot tall Dragon roars and proceeds to pummel everything in range, things tend to avoid it. This was the basis for one of Socrates' favorite maneuvers designed to take on armies (although this was the first time he executed it): things focused on avoiding the huge, angry, noisy, Axe Jaw Pokemon would curiously miss being shot at with a carefully aimed revolver. Which was exactly what Socrates took advantage of, shooting at badniks while carefully avoiding the Haxorus, and not missing by sheer virtue of their overwhelming numbers. He only paused in his shooting to reload, and then continued shooting.

As he shot, he realized a plan. It was crazy, risky, and very likely to win the RU the entire Battle Zone. Ergo, he beckoned to Cadence and whispered,"I have a plan." And as he explained the plan in more and more detail, he felt more and more certain that it would work, and he couldn't wait to see the look on her face once he finished explaining it.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
<Judge, Jury, and Executioner>

The world rushed by quickly as he skated, and it didn't take him long to see his target. The black machine's appearance alone made his blood boil further, and he accelerated even more, pushing the limits of his speed. However, it soon came to his attention that another creature had appeared behind it - or rather, in the direction it was going. It resembled a moth with six red wings, large blue eyes gazing with some anger as it spewed a large blast of fire shaped oddly like an asterisk missing the bottom-most line. Beta was caught within it, the fire rending metal apart as yellow joined the red due to sparks. It quite literally suffered a meltdown, falling down and crushing its own flight thrusters. It then turned toward him, raising his arm cannon to fire. As if that would stop the furious hedgehog!

"Prepare to be destroyed, you wretched machine!" He jumped towards it, raising a claw. It was so pitifully easy, he honestly was disappointed. How had this machine killed someone like Ace? It was...Almost embarrassing. He had to remember that not everyone was as versatile as he was, but he still found that such a death was below average. He didn't think the rabbit should have died anyway, but if he had to, he knew he would have wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. At least, he thought he would. Shadow still couldn't claim that he knew Ace enough to make an accurate judgement, based on the limited interaction they had. As for the subject at hand...

Beta's eye flashed.

Shadow knew what that meant, and threw up a shield. Due to his enraged state and his still active Chaos Claws, it prevented the Positive Chaos Energy from being effective. He poured energy into it, yet he had only gotten it to be big enough to protect his chest and face before the machine exploded. And boy, could such a little machine explode! The explosion that emanated from it shredded the metal to pieces, launching outward. His view of the Volcarona was lost as everything went up in flames - literally. The force of the impact smashed into his shield, slashing his energy to near pieces as he was thrown backwards by the impact and once more into a building. More glass mingled with the substance already in his back, infuriating him further. He felt something sharp rip through his ear, but worse off was a large chunk of molten steel from the machine itself which ricocheted off a rock and straight into his right hip. It lodged there, directly in between the joints, and he had not the energy needed to heal the would should he remove it.

As he fell onto his feet by flipping in midair - his athletic nature allowing him such a mercy - it sent shock waves of pain through his leg. He applied some Positive Chaos Energy to, at the very least, cool the metal down enough so it wasn't burning him from the inside...Although that depleted his energy reserves even more, it was not nearly as costly as Chaos Regeneration would have been. However, he was running dangerously low on energy, and he began to decide to withdraw Chaos Claw when a man appeared. His appearance caught Shadow off guard, as he greatly resembled his own creator.

So much so, he couldn't help but blurt out "Professor Gerald?", before promptly growling and chastising himself. Gerald was dead, and had been for...At least fifty years. There was no way he could appear, and he certainly wasn't as thin as this elderly man. And when this man spoke, he had a deep, rich voice full of wisdom, but he didn't really feel as if it was benign.

"How unfortunate. Beta was doing quite well this run. Robotnik will have to be notified of his machine's failure yet again." He wasn't paying them much heed, instead looking at Beta's ashes. Of course, it didn't last long before he turned to look at the wounded hedgehog. "I seem to have forgotten my manners. I am the Director; a sympathizer of Doctor Robotnik's. He requested I assist in this battle, though I can't say I've done more than observe. A pleasure."

"Wait...You...Sympathize with the Doctor?" The ember that was his anger suddenly began to swirl back up into a storm. "Do you realize...What these machines have done, and are continuing to do?" He could feel the energy of his Chaos Claws beginning to grow more unstable, and felt it trickling onto his chest and back. "They are slaughtering innocents with no remorse." He tensed. "You wish to assist him in killing thousands? You are guilty of treason. Your punishment will be the appropriate response for a traitor that supports more bloodshed and loss of free will...Death. I may have made a promise to two of those that are no longer with me to protect peace and humanity...But any sympathizer of Doctor Robotnik is a threat to that ideal, and must be eliminated. I am Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Life Form, and if that means sacrificing the life of a mortal to achieve that elusive goal, then I will do so gladly if they are like you."

However, he checked himself quickly upon sensing the Negative Chaos Energy beginning to grow unstable, withdrawing the energy from one arm but still allowing it to remain in the other. Raising his right arm, he more or less had to reach straight up, pressing the energy into the man's neck as he stared unflinchingly at his adversary. He heard a machine, and a familiar robotic voice - Omega - giving him some backup, although he hadn't even heard him land and was too focused to notice the dust from said landing. His ears were still ringing slightly, so he had to focus all his attention on the tall man in front of him. "Give up...And I might be willing to take you in for questioning. Any other answer, and your neck will be shredded in a mere instant. You cannot win, and frankly I believe enough blood has been spilled for one day...Although I would be quite happy to add one more puddle to that count, in your case!" He was still angry. Very much so; but perhaps there was more to this man, a use...

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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Miles "Tails" Prower
Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: Dr. Robotnik, All Members of Revolution Uprising

Right after Tails asked his question, the room turned red. He took a few steps back from the table, startled by the sirens. He could barely hear anything over the sirens, but he luckily heard the part that mattered to him.

“And finally, Tails. Stay here; make sure the computer stays operational. We can’t afford to lose it now,” Tails was about to say "Got it!", but "Wait!" slipped out of his mouth instead. He reached a quick hand into his left tail and fished out a small pistol. It wasn't anything special, but featured a ring of light wrapped around the barrel, close to the front. Thunder Wave was written on the side of the pistol in white, small letters. "It's an EMP gun, well...prototype, really. I only had enough resources for ten bullets, but made them so they pierce exactly seven and a half inches, approximately the average metal exterior of the Eggman Robots we've fought and then some, enough to reach most of the vital points. The bullets then emit an electromagnetic pulse, short-circuiting the chips and devices that I've observed being in them. Be warned, though; it might be a bit off. I had no time to test fire." Tails, said, stopping to take a breath. He then lifted the pistol up higher than his head with one hand, presenting it to Cadance. "Naturally, it's not the only thing I made recently, but the other things are just a few other...not so working prototypes. Don't get hurt out there, Cadance."


His eyes fluttered open, almost instantly, then closed again. Am I still in the blast? Highly unlikely, but I've never experimented with wormholes before... He blinked a few more times, adjusting to the sun's light again. "Huh?" he said aloud, taking in his surroundings. He sighed loudly as he noticed that he was in a forest, and not the middle of a wormhole. Oh well, he thought, he could just fly out of the forest and find his way home pretty quickly. Besides, crashes happened pretty frequently in recent days to the young fox, and he knew the surrounding area pretty well, once he knew a landmark, he would be back to his workshop in no time flat...

He was very wrong.


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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zek Chakram
Revolution Uprising
Rotue 226 --> Route 227
Affected RPers: Robotnik (Raine and possibly Bergan and Sigma-117), Other RU RPers (Alice Card and Socrates’ four Pokémon in particular)
Notes: Well, I hope I didn't do something terribly wrong.

The trickle of reinforcements that the Volcano decided to let loose at them instead of the flood was, albeit much less worrisome, now much more annoying and irritating. The rate of reinforcement was barely greater than the rate of destruction-a rough estimate in Zek's head made it seem like eight Badniks were being put into the defending force-always including one Mini-Sigma and seven Egg Pawns-each time he destroyed seven Badniks, which were usually all Egg Pawns. Zek realized that this was a way of taunting the RU, letting out just barely more forces than they could take out themselves, eventually overrunning them out of either the sheer 1+ replacement factor they were taking in, not to mention the +1 was always a Mini-Sigma. It was even more mocking when the occasional group of a few Eggbots decided to head towards XSA instead of continuing to fight here, probably because it was so freaking close, but why could reinforcements spewing out of a distant volcano come here faster than reinforcements from the nearby RU base could come to them?! Chakram probably thought it was the Badniks were stalling the RU deployment. Or maybe his message didn't get through. Either way, he just kept shooting, making sure that scrap metal was all that remained. Tails would be as happy as heck: TONS of his beloved scrap metal would be delivered to his workshop, for free...Though at this point, he wasn't sure WHY he wasn't asking the freaking 'fox' to f***ing PAY him for making these Eggbots turn into scrap!

Next time he had to reload, he counted his clips remaining (after the reloading, of course). Two clips left for the SMG, one left for the Pistol. He was low on ammo. He was refraining from the few severed Pulse Cannons and Pulse Launchers, because quite frankly, they were powerful weapons, and Sigma-the real Sigma-would have trouble, in case it decided to come back of its own accord, though it would ultimately come back. Oh, yes, it would come back. He would make it come back, and make it scrap. He knew that there had to be SOMETHING in the Volcano the Badniks designated as too precious of an object for someone to touch. Or destroy outright.

He popped out of Cover, and a Mini-Sigma popped up too close for comfort. Zek shot six silent bullets into its chest, which didn't seem to harm it. It did make an uneven pattern on its chest, outlining a shape. Before the Mini-Sigma brained him, he took a strike at its chest, in the center of the pattern, with his arm (not his fist), where one of the steel rings were. It was hard enough to work-there was now a gaping hole in its chest, the piece of metal lodged between two rather large gears. It shut down at once, despite the minimal damage. It was probably a safe bet that that was a weak point, but Zek was unsure of it.

"The Zones are under attack! The little 'bots are just a distraction! We have to help the home base before RU gets crushed under that drill!" Alice Card yelled.

"I had a guess!! But Sigma can only be in one place at a time, and if there's anything precious to them in that Volcano, anything too costly for Eggman to lose, grabbing it might attract it's attention! And Eggman roboticizing Heatran is NOT something I want to worry about!" Zek Chakram yelled back. Both were dead true: There HAD to be something in there Chakram could make the robots panic over, and if Eggman got Heatran, there went quite a bit of work of establishing the bases here. He and Schrodinger could probably grab more weapons for another base, but Eggman wouldn't stop there with Heatran. It probably knew the EXACT locations of other Legends, and would be quite liberal in revealing it should it be roboticized. Heatran was underestimated as a legend at times, but was dangerous no matter how you slice it.

He was out of bullets again, and he got back into cover to reload. An Eggbot was thrust over cover by an explosion of sorts, but Carracosta took it out with an Aqua Jet, no issues. Meanwhile, Chakram was down to his last clip. He briefly looked behind him-nope, the same fragile cover from before was still fragile, meaning he'd have no hope to take back Stark Mountain if he lost these pieces of cover. He reloaded, and resumed firing, making sure his shots were accurate. A sole controlled shot was all he needed out of each and every clip, and he kept pacing his shots until a much more considerable amount of Badniks were taken out-but, unsurprisingly, the Volcano managed to spurt out 24 reinforcements to his 23 shots (He missed five times). He loaded his last clip, going to make it count, and ducked out of cover.

The Badniks stopped firing, of all things idiotic (Failure to fire was failure to LIVE for these things), to let a Shadow Dragonite try to blast Card's Hydregion with Dark Fire, and let a Shadow Salamance drop off a woman. She had a device on her arm…It was a Snagging Machine, no doubts, he’s seen them before. He had one, too-He left it as a Boxed item with a Pokémon, just in case, as Eggman was definitely ignorant of taking over the PC system. The Snagging Machine woman also possessed flowing red hair and a Rapier in her off hand. Her hand raised towards the Badniks seemed to have stopped the firing. She looked deadly, but not…Excessively so. Not enough, rather, to threaten Zek into feeling like she was a massive threat. She was a major threat, yes, but ultimately a rather large speed bump, and not a roadblock.

"Surrender now. You won't receive another chance. But then, I suppose I already know your answer. Don't drag this out longer than it has to be; your force is heavily outnumbered. If we all decided to sweep in, we'd reduce your outposts to rubble in a matter of hours. Give up, and maybe you'll get to live a few more days." The woman said, sounding like she felt surrender was the more likely option. Did she watch movies? Did she know the most likely response was quite the opposite?

As per Zek himself, he didn't care if the RU survived, not so much as if he himself survived. He was that kind of person-Take out Eggman, somehow. Hinder him, be a thorn in his side, make him remember his name. Zek Chakram wouldn't tolerate this idiot-and she was. Of course, then again, she had no idea she was going up against a Racketeer, who commonly shipped Shadow Pokémon and knew how to set them off in case a really pissed-off Pokémon was what they needed right then and there (or it was an assassination in the guise of a delivery). Then again, Shadows were hard to piss off correctly-that right kind of rage such that they just wreck everything around them in a wild frenzy, owner or no.

She hid behind her Salamance-really smart, dumb***-and waited. Chakram thought a minute: Egg Pawns weren't terrifically meant to aim upwards, especially in the crowds they were in, and their heads were rather fragile things. Jumping over them and running on their heads would expose him to the fire of the Shadow Dragonite and the Shadow Salamance, but then he'd get his own Dragonite out, and be quickly out of firing range. On the other hand, his attempt to kill her would probably result in the Eggbots resuming all firing. Unless it worked perfectly. Nothing can actually dodge a bullet, so much as the bullet missing it's mark. He looked harder, and there it was. The Roboticized Weezing, the sole one remaining, still hovering over the field-he now saw the floating bomb, thankfully. It was terribly close to his piece of cover, but not enough-he'd get caught in the blast, but not to the point where he'd be dead. In fact, he'd probably sustain minor damage, considering the distance…Unless shrapnel made a visit with his neck. He decided the former opportunity to stop this conflict was the better option, using the Weezing as a distraction and cover for him to unleash his Dragonite. Shooting a massive bomb close enough to do some serious damage, Running into the smoke from the blast, Dragonite, and he'd be far, far away.

"Well?" she said, after a minute of waiting. "What's your answer? We haven't got all day." Socrates’ Pokémon put it best, either having rude 'paw' gestures, staring in curiosity or disgust, or just attacking the Snagger’s Pokémon outright. Wait, what?

Yes, they were attacking her Pokémon, Snagging Machine be d**med-The Starmie shot Ice Beams at both Pokémon, and Shadow Balls from the Jolteon were also sent out, No care in the freaking world for the amount of Badniks ready to shoot them. Zek had to hand it to them: They were either Brave AND stupid, or just stupid. Either way, it was the distraction he needed.

"Alice, get word in to base, I'm going in!" He said, simultaneously withdrawing his Carracosta-that thing was precious enough to give him reason to protect it from the Snagger. Also being attempted at the time was taking a shot at the single remaining Roboticized Weezing, causing an explosion. It was close enough to him for his ears to start ringing and shrapnel to cut him in various places, one of which was dangerously close to the heart (that one was stopped short by Kevlar), but he was still behind enough cover for no life-threatening wounds to occur (Or better stated, no wounds that were immediately life-threatening). He then went out of cover, his position hidden by smoke from the Badniks, and pulled out another Pokémon-Dragonite The massive 7-foot-3 dragon appeared in the smoke, and fortunately the blast was large enough (about ten feet) to conceal it in smoke as well. Zek touched his Dragonite as the smoke began to clear, and his Dragonite grabbed him in its arms. Said Dragonite then used Extremespeed, taking off and flying away, closer to Stark Mountain but ultimately higher than farther. It was impressive, to know that someone had bred two Pokémon to get a Dratini with Extremespeed, then mistreated it throughout its life enough to the point where Zek could easily gather its trust and respect. Whatever the case, it was now very, very far away, high in the sky, now an onlooker in the battlefield.

He could now see them, in the distance-Eggbots were assaulting the Survival Zone. He cursed under his breath. He was pretty sure the Fight Zone was even worse off. However, even in these times, the Eggbots could make mistakes-He saw the reassuring signs of several units charging towards Route 226, towards their position. He couldn't see their weapons, but he figured it out-a group of Eggbots attempted an interception, and the RU soldiers shot at the 30-Eggbot Group with Explosives-rockets, judging from the speed. They were shrapnel in no time, and the reinforcements were chugging ahead, including a few armored APCs, With Mini-guns shooting down whatever stood between them and their goals. This was a heavy unit, an anti-armor and anti-personel combination. This wasn't the impressive armored battalions that GUN boasted, but these were still a very impressive (and intimidating) sight. They kept a small distance from one another; they were separate units led by separate people, but ultimately still the forces they'd use to finish this. More Eggbots decided to get in their way, but Chakram could tell that Rockets weren't all they were packing-good old Assault Rifles decked the line, M-16s, from the looks, and they were tearing into the Badniks metal hides. The reinforcements were coming quickly, and would probably be there to defend against the Badniks (or rather, decimate them).

But, before that lovely event when the Reinforcements wrecked the Source of the Badnik Horde and blew it WIDE open (The Badniks were now preventing the unit in some more force than prior), Chakram had to take the matter into his own hands.

"Hurricane." Chakram said, knowing how strong that move was. The Dragonite responded, moving his wings, releasing its energy into the environment, making it twist and turn to its command...It swirled and spun, eventually becoming a storm, a full-blown Tornado (Why the move was called Hurricane instead, Chakram didn't know nor did he contemplate on). And Chakram knew that the only things safe were the maker of the storm, and whoever wasn't dumb enough to think that the funnel was the only dangerous thing in a Hurricane Attack. He could already hear the sounds of Badniks being whipped around in the Hurricane, losing all control, and eventually being sentenced to being ripped apart, hurled far away and then destroyed by the impact, or else just destroyed in some other destructive manner.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ, Defense Operations
ARPers: The Doctor, Neo

Astrailyx ordered a cease fire on the Egg Carrier as soon as the shield went up, changing the target of attack on the remaining Badniks in the area. By the looks of it she could tell it was powerful, and never mind the fact they now had significantly less firepower. The dragon at least found a stalemate better than one sided fight, however there were still things that worried her. At heart, she didn’t like it at all, she wanted to damage the Carrier as much as possible. However if nothing was getting in or out of that shield, they were remotely safe. What she didn’t like was it was able to bide it’s time for whatever it wanted. Then there was the old man who decided to speak out to the entire city. Astrailyx had never met any old men, but for some reason, she didn’t like him.

The dragon left the targeting control generator and returned back into the defense control hub. Hovering in the centre with her wings flapping, she saw the visuals of the Egg Carrier, and she didnt like it just sitting there. It was very much starting to bother her.

“We have feedback signals from sending messages to our ground teams, but there’s no response.” Another operator told her.

Astrailyx questioned this. “I know the south TW towers are gone but I know communications aren’t damaged, are they?”

“No, communications sent a message that nothing seems to be doing anything to the shield, and to not fire at it for any reason unless you command. The only people we haven’t received a response from is Shadow.”

That made Astrailyx frown. No communication with Shadow was bad, and if they needed to tell him something important, there wasn't a fast way of doing it. Astrailyx knew Shadow well enough that if he had gone to deal with Beta on the ground, the radio was probably non-existent. As much as she wanted to worry, she couldn't right now, there was a giant, mile long war ship hovering in front of them that was able to bide it's time with that shield of its.

That's when the dragon had an idea.

"I want that shield analyzed and minimal ground teams to look like they're misfiring on the shield. Relay any data into the computers so I can look at it."

After Astrailyx was done, she looked back at the energy network. Many of the lines were dead thanks to AA Titan cannons no longer being, well there. The very few remaining ones could only be powered up so much. Luckily Astrailyx had a defensive secondary operation installed in the turrets, one she wished she had called much earlier.

“Have the remaining turrets go into secondary barrier mode as soon as it looks like that Carrier is going to fire again.”

“Understood, relaying message.”

It only took a half minute to get an affirmative from all of the remaining operating cannon gunman’s. Astrailyx was patient, if this turned into a waiting game, she could wait it out. As for everyone else, that was a different story. What the Egg Carrier was going to do now, she wasn’t sure, but she was prepared for it to continue firing at everything in sight.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Schrodinger Salvo
Revolution Uprising
RU Headquarters - Sinnoh Fight Area
Affected Roleplayers: Everyone who's in the RU base, mostly.

"Sinnoh chumps, you don't even know who you're messing with! Rotom, Shadow Surge."

Schrodinger narrowed his eyes as he rushed out the door after Cadence and Socrates, staring at the man among the badniks, as well as his bizarre Pokemon - a small creature with a bulbous body and a spike atop its head. It wore a manic grin on its round face, which was not made any less eerie by the energy - what appeared to be black electricity - that sparkled around it. Schrodinger saw that electricity and knew exactly what the human intended. He didn't know what Rotom or Shadow Surge was, but he could tell just by sight that this Pokemon could control electricity. And a burst of electricity in this place...

Schrodinger didn't do more than react. He lunged for the floor, planking with his tail jammed awkwardly beneath his gut - better than sticking right up like it wanted to be, which would have made it a lightningrod for the coming burst of black-and-violet electricity. Several loud mechanical screams and sirens blared from the building, making Schrodinger's ears press against his skull. When he looked up, several badniks were pouring in: several E-200s, miniatures of the Sigma bot. Schrodinger rose to a crouch, tugging his pistol out of his tux and shooting at the robots with armor-piercing bullets, felling each one with the ease of a cat who knew exactly how the robots were built and where their weak points lay.

In a flash of red, a dragon appeared in front of Schrodinger: a tall biped with green scales of armor on its lithe body. Jet-black and blood-red tusks adorned its face, and it leaped from bot to bot with crimson claws flashing, its whole body glowing with a red-and-white aura. The thing absolutely radiated malice, and its mind was strangely closed to Schrodinger's prying. Schrodinger was trying his best not to shoot the dragon in the midst of its erratic movements when he heard Socrates whispering to Cadence, even as he sniped badniks. Schrodinger immediately tapped shallowly into Cadence's mind - he wasn't messing with Socrates anymore - to see what the PI was planning; however, in his own chaos, he couldn't glean anymore than that the plan was pretty much suicidal. Typical. Schrodinger backed toward the doorway and continued to shoot, sending the occasional psychic stab into the enemy human's mind, trying to incapacitate him.

A dark-blue shape, crested with red and white, swooped into view with alarming suddenness. A pink and cream shape rode on the back of the red-white-and-blue bird, which Schrodinger took to be a eagle. The pink being, which appeared to be somewhat humanoid, if softer and floppier and closer to Schrodinger's height than any grown human being, leaped off of the eagle's back and immediately ran into the building, breezing by everyone else as if they were beneath notice. Schrodinger paused his attack on the human's mind to throw a quick mental probe at the pink Pokemon, but its intent was to heal, not hunt. Schrodinger turned to see the creature, a bird, chopping bots with wings and a beak that glowed with power and shimmered like steel.

So these are the reinforcements we were promised? A bird and a monkey with healing powers? Hmph. Those Oreburgh rubes had better get here soon, lest we be overwhelmed completely.

Alice Card
Revolution Uprising
Stark Mountain.
Affected Roleplayers: Latio (Zek Chakram), Socrates's Pokemon (nar), Raine (Robotnik) and everyone else on Stark Mountain.

"I had a guess!" Zek was saying as one of Jack's Ice Beams froze a mini-drill at the legs, causing the thing to fall over. One more Ice Beam rendered it useless, its limbs completely encased in ice.
"But Sigma can only be in one place at a time, and if there's anything precious to them in that Volcano, anything too costly for Eggman to lose, grabbing it might attract it's attention! And Eggman roboticizing Heatran is NOT something I want to worry about!"

Alice swore quietly under her breath. Zek was right: robotizing Heatran - or any Legendary, really - could quickly make Eggman unstoppable, since as a general rule the Legendary Pokemon knew the locations of each others' lairs. But still, if the home base fell... Her ruminating was cut short as another E-200 came at her, forcing her to call on Garda and her mighty jaws for aid. The fray continued for a short few seconds before what appeared to be a black Dragonite lunged at Gretchen, who was just now getting under way toward the base. The Hydregion roared with rage as a blast of black flames engulfed her body, but the attack served only to enrage her. Using a technique Alice had taught her - using Tri-Attack, but keeping the energy tethered to her jaws - Gretchen snapped at Dragonite, attempting to latch on with three sets of glowing fangs. Alice would have given Gretchen follow-up orders, but a strange, commanding voice attracted her attention. She turned to see a woman standing on a spur of rock beside another black dragon; this one looked to be a Salamence that had been sitting in tar. Its eyes radiated a hate so intense, even bold, confident Alice wanted to curl up under a rock.

Beware! Oracle cried. Those two dragons are more than they appear. They are evil; a hate so intense I've never seen. They will kill us without hesitation; gladly, even. I can't attack them mentally, either. Their minds are closed to me.

The woman continued to speak. "Well, what's your answer? We haven't got all day." Her voice was monotonous, as if she didn't care what the answer to whatever question she'd asked was - Oracle informed her that the woman had asked about their surrender. Alice's first response was 'F*ck you', but she wasn't going to tell the lady that with her beastial Salamence standing ready to kill people without hesitation. However, a certain Starmie was more than happy to call out taunts. It was, in fact, quite eager to anger, what with the Ice Beams it sent at both the Salamence and the Dragonite. A Jolteon joined in with Shadow Balls.

Alice frowned. There was something bad about this. She'd heard something once about Pokemon like this - angry and violent with dark coloration... No, it couldn't be.

"Alice, get word in to base, I'm going in!" Well, yes, sir, Mr. Chakram, let's allow you to do all the dangerous work. Alice huffed out a sigh and told Oracle to relay the information to the Cadence. Once that was done, she told him to pick up Jack: the Simipour was light enough for even smallish Oracle to bear, and they needed more air support if they were to be facing two flying dragons, in which case Jack's Ice Beam could prove an extreme advantage, especially when coupled with the Starmie.

Speaking of the Starmie... If Alice's hunch was right, both the Starmie and the Jolteon were in extreme danger. "Cover them, and tell Gretchen to get her a*s in gear. Those Pokemon are bad news, and I think that Salamence is going to eat them. If your fancy flying doesn't distract you too much, put that woman to sleep. That should leave the Pokemon disorganized.

Meanwhile, something was exploding and another dragon appeared: a Dragonite, with scales that were the normal orange rather than the alien, threatening black. More explosions ensued, followed by a whirlwind of storm created by the Dragonite. Alice grinned as she watched her Pokemon fight: Jack, sniping the enemy dragons with Ice Beams, Garda and Bessie - a Krookodile and Scolipede, respectively - tag-teamed badniks, Garda lunging with her massive jaws and holding opponents in place while Bessie speared them with her Megahorns. Beside Alice, her Serperior - Darius - defended her with ferocity, sending whirling torrents of razor-sharp leaves swirling among the mini-drills and slicing them up with his Leaf Blade. Hopefully they could hold out long enough for the reinforcements to come and, with luck, rout their enemies.
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

OOC: Well, previous post is a bit edited and updated. I'm continuing from it now cause it's ok, although short and awkward post will be short and awkward post. Grassy you can narrate Omega while he's with you if you wanna.

Central City, GUN Base, Streak's quarters/Hall
Affected Rpers: Sabi

"Actually I'll join you." I said, flipping through all my usual channels quickly. "There's nothing good on. Just reruns, nothing educational on for me to learn from, and I've read all the technical manuals I could find." I got up and followed Renee as the room door closed behind us with a whoosh.

"I hope Omega is okay." Said Renee with a hint of worry. "We're going to Defense Operations, the hub having to do with protecting this base and city."

"He'll be fine. What we should do now is actually contribute to the cause. We've done nothing else except upgrade Omega this week, and this battle has been raging without us. We really should help." I answered back, following her to the transport elevator which opened in front of us. Probably somebody else had exited or entered on our floor already. Renee pressed the button for the floor we had to go to and the doors closed with a whoosh as the elevator moved up and sideways.

We exited to a hall that looked exactly the same as the previous one. Renee was looking at her Tablet which had a map of the base. She knew where we were going. At least that made one of us. I was led to the room where Defense Operations was. As we entered the room, the door opening in front of us with a whoosh, Renee scanned the room with her Tablet. The blue scanning light danced around everything and everybody in the room. The techs were staring at us. Everybody was staring at us. I grinned sheepishly.

"Uh, hi everybody." Said Renee looking around as she found who she was looking for and addressed the dragon lady. "Subcommander Astrailyx! Uh, hi." Said Renee walking up as I followed her. The entire room was still looking at us. Well, we did just interrupt what they were doing.

"Not very articulate are you?" I asked her, looking around and at the same time trying to avoid their eyes.

"Shut up!" She hissed at me then turned to the dragon lady. "Subcommander, we're here to help out. Is there anything we can do? Do you need help with the computers here? If you could raise my security clearance...."

"Why not ask Commander Shadow?" I asked her.

Renee swiped it a couple times and pressed some onscreen buttons on her Tablet. "My information indicates he's not in the base and all attempts to contact him have been unsuccessful. That's why." She said, turning to the dragon lady again. "So how about it ma'am? I promise you won't be disappointed."
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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Name: Kiju Shadowpelt
Team: Park Lords
Location: Slateport City, Hoenn
Affected RPers: n/a
<I need to find a map…>

There were quite a few of those cursed robots here, filling the air with their sharp, metallic stink and the reek of exhaust fumes. It burned my nose and stung my throat, but I wasn’t going to simply slink away. No, I was here for a reason. Mainly because I needed supplies, namely food and a map; I had no idea where other cities or towns were and it might be days before I found somewhere else, so I would have to make do here.

I scanned the area and wasn’t surprised that most of the robots, or Badniks as they were called, were avoiding the docks and piers. One wrong slip of a wheel or mechanical foot and they’d be reduced to so much useless scrap. Most of them seemed to be congregated around some sort of large gray building, a factory maybe; it was hard to tell what they were using it for, but I’d guess about eighty percent were sticking close to that place.

I was currently crouching on a sandy beach, hidden behind several large boulders as I tried to get a feel for the best way to approach the city without being spotted. There were dozens of robots here and there was no way I could fight them all. I would have to get to the residential area without being noticed; there didn’t seem to be any robots capable of flying or levitating, but that didn’t mean that was the case.

Even if they can, the roofs would be the fastest and safest way to move, I thought. Stay low and move quick; even if they see me, with any luck they won’t be able to reach me.

I silently loped forward, sticking to the shadows that were being cast by trees and other such cover. When I reached what looked like an abandoned plaza, I leapt on a stack of large crates, then jumped onto a roof. Most of the buildings here were close together, which meant I wouldn’t waste a lot of energy with giant leaps.

I pressed myself against the warm roof and cautiously scooted to the right edge, peeking over it. The robots hadn’t noticed me, most of them too busy facing the building and calling out random bits of information to one another. The others were aimlessly wandering about, doing who knows what. I waited until the immediate area was clear, then began making my ways across the rooftops towards the houses in the distance.

This place must have been cleared out a while ago, I thought glumly. They’re not paying any real attention to the area; they’re not looking for survivors. If that was the case I’d probably have been caught by their sensors. They seem to just be…setting up shop, or something. I suppose it’s a small thing to be thankful for.

I made it to the residential area without incident, dropping to the pavement and darting towards the nearest house. The door was missing and the wood around the doorway was warped and charred; the door must have been blown off by some kind of explosion. I carefully entered the building, but there was no fresh scent of robots. Just the lingering scent of fear, blood, and exhaust. I fought back a sneeze and began to search through the ransacked house.

Food was my primary concern. There wasn’t much to be done in the way of hunting here, what with most of the wildlife either dead or turned into robots. What animals I had seen had all been those strange Pokemon, and even then I didn’t really see them as food. They were intelligent, powerful, not something to be seen as lunch.

I made my way to the kitchen, completely avoiding the fridge (from which a horrible smell was coming, mind you) and instead searching through the cupboards and cabinets. There were several jars tomato sauce, oil, spices, and various other cooking ingredients, but not really much in the way of actual food. However, a bit of searching found the dining room, as well as a panty that turned out to be well-stocked. Cans of fish, chicken, and roast beef filled the shelves, as did dozens of cans of soup, beans, and various dried food like mashed potatoes. I didn’t dare risk drawing attention to myself by cooking (I didn’t even know if the stove would work), so I decided to simply take canned food that didn’t need to be heated up.

I scrounged around and found a few cloth shopping bags, then filled them with all the canned food save the beans and other vegetables. I also decided to take the dried food and canned soup; I could take a pot and use it to cook when on the move outside. Both bags were satisfyingly full after my raid, and I returned to the kitchen to grab a small pot I could use to cook with. This was placed in the lighter bag; I then started to hunt for a map, as well as matches that could help start fires instead of me having to blast at firewood to make it catch ablaze.

I found several books of matches in a nightstand in one of the three bedrooms, but had no luck finding a map. I dropped the matches in the same bag as the pot and went to the doorway, peeking outside. There were no robots in this area, so I quickly darted across the street to the next house. Like the one I’d just raided, this one was missing its door. It was also smaller, having just one bedroom, but there was no map here, either.

I was heading back outside when I heard a shrill beep. Startled, I whirled to see a mantis-like robot coming into the house from the back doorway. It buzzed for a moment, clearly having spotted me; it then raised its sickle arms and snapped them down, sending them flying towards me. I crouched, then leapt into the air, though my surprise made my reactions slow. One of the sickles caught the flesh along my inner thigh, slicing a shallow but painful wound into my leg. I growled in pain as I landed, holding my paws before my chest and forming a sphere of shining gold-blue energy. I then lobbed it at the robot, sending it flying a few feet before it crashed into the ground. It struggled to get back up, making a series of beeping noises before it started shrieking, “SURVIVOR, SURVIVOR. KILL OR CAPTURE,” over and over again. I snarled and turned from it, barely dodging the sickle-arms as they arched back through the air towards me.

“With that racket they’ll be converging on this place in just a few minutes,” I said to myself, limping back to the first house and hastily grabbing the bags containing what I’d raided from the pantry. I then exited through the back door and made towards the thickly wooded area in the distance, hoping I’d be able to get out of the city without having to fight any other robots.
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