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Old 06-09-2012, 05:14 AM
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Default X-Men Evolution

Hello, I have not done this in a long time so bear with me...

Plot: When Jean Gray died by Wolverine's claws there was a darkness that swept through the nation. This darkness took over most of the world. Everywhere there is darkness that seeps through cracks and through the darkness of the world.

Rules: No useing God's name in vien.
This is a PG-13- R rated rpg
Have fun

Follow these guidelins for your character here is mine:

Name- Jake
Appearance- He is about 6 feet and have semi-long black hair.He is muscular tan. He wears cargo pants and wears a jean jacket vest with a black A-frame underneath it. He also wears black gloves that are cut at the knuckle.
Personality: He is hard on the outside, but nice on the inside. He is a guy who you don't want to mess with because you know he could beat your ass.
Power: Fire, telekinesis, control of the Earth
(You can have up to three powers. Like controling the nature like the avatar would be three.)

Story: Jake was walking down the street when he heared a scream down the street. He ran to the source of the scream and saw a girl standing. He saw a man holding his head and his eyes glowing.
People came running to the girl and man. They all looked at eachother and started to take pictures of the man on the ground holding his head. He rolled on his back and a stream a light shot out of his mouth.
"Don't hurt him," The women screamed. He is my younger brother.
Jake ran up to the boy and looked into his eyes. Jake put his hand over his eyes and mouth and then closed his eyes. Right then the light fadded away and everyone looked at me. Jake got up and looked around everyone was looking at me with a terrified look on their face. Jake turned around and ran down the sidewalk and turned down the dark alley. Jake stopped in the shadows and saw the people and police pass me by. There was a crack and Jake looked/
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Old 06-09-2012, 05:31 AM
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Default Re: X-Men Evolution

Hey there! I see you're new to the forums, so welcome to the PE2K RP boards!

Just so you know we've got some things here that might help you out a bit better. This thread should be put in the Sign Ups and Discussion section of the RP boards. I've moved it there for you. We try and keep the Sign Ups seperate from the actual Role Play itself.

I'll give ya a chance to edit your first post if you like. Please read the guide here to help you get on your way. ^^

If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me.
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