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Default Soul Chronicles (Chapter 4 is out)

Hello, and welcome to attempt number two at posting a fan fiction here from me. ^^;

Although I lost interest in my first story thread, I don't plan to lose interest in this one. I call it 'Soul Chronicles' and it is the remake/revamp of my very first fan fiction.

Oh right, I'm FadeThePikachu of DeviantArt if there are any readers from DA on here. Look me up! Also, Soul Chronicles can be found there as well.

I should at least show something right? Here it is.

The country of Solaris, a country known for its heavy beliefs in the gods; that Pokémon known as ‘Legendary’ are far greater than that, that they are these gods. This belief has sparked much unrest within this world, but as most beliefs are, it was accepted with time and sadly by force for some.

Solaris is one of the only countries left in the world where Pokémon still refuse to follow this belief: they continue to live as they were before, as Wild Pokémon, free of the technology that has taken hold of much of their world. The Wild Pokémon oppose the belief of gods, claiming the ‘Legendary Pokémon’ are the same as the rest of them, nothing more, nothing less. Yet those known as ‘City Pokémon’ the ones who have built cities, temples and the abundance of technology that they now wield and are continuing to develop, believe that the ‘Legendary Pokémon’ are gods and sadly, a good number of the beings have become foolish enough to believe it themselves.

The ‘great being’ Arceus, the Pokémon that is believed to have created the Pokémon world, has fallen into this belief, yet was it unexpected? No, such a Pokémon with such a history would believe they were god even without the heavy support of the many or the few. Arceus and many other ‘Legendary Pokémon’ had fallen victim to the smugness of ‘godliness’ and eventually the Wild Pokémon chose to protest further…causing a war within Solaris.

The war became one of the most well known events in the world, as it was something worth fighting for: one’s beliefs, convictions, ideals…

The war continued on until one ‘foolish child’ made a move. Using the power of the three deities, Dialga, Giratina and Palkia, he ventured into the realm of Arceus and challenged the ‘god’ to battle; the prize: The proof that Arceus was nothing more than a Pokémon that could easily lose to any other Pokémon.

This battle was a great one, with the victor being undetermined; eventually, Arceus, in a weakened state from the battle, forced the wounded fighter away with its powers. The ‘foolish child’ vowed that one day, either him or his child, his child’s child or even farther down the line, would face and defeat it, proving once and for all, that Arceus was nothing but a normal Pokémon. Arceus was bothered by this; it did not wish to face such an opponent who seemed to follow their convictions, beliefs and ideas so strongly, it caused the so-called god great worry…

To alleviate this worry and fear, Arceus called forth an ultimatum to stop the warring country. Everything would be resolved, by the simple answer of six Pokémon. This way of revelation obviously did not abide well with both sides, but Arceus deemed it a worthy plan and continued on with it.

With a massive amount of its power, Arceus granted a powerful ability to six unborn Pokémon: this ability allowing them access to the realm of the ‘gods’ their many worlds would be open to them. Their mission was simple, it was merely to observe the world, or rather the country of Solaris, and take their own viewpoints concerning who was right, the Wild Pokémon or the City Pokémon. It was rather simple, a mission to observe, this mission would be carried out in time, but only when the six were old enough. Arceus believed this plan would alleviate the ‘foolish one’s’ future children, yet it didn’t, he still vowed to prove Arceus a fraud and to do it through battle, training his family for this task until he passed on…

Years have passed since that day and the six ‘Chosen’ have come of age…the simple task of figuring whether Arceus and the other ‘Legendary Pokémon’ are ‘gods’ or not, has begun.

Hope this interests someone and I do have the first chapter finished for once. Yay!

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Default Re: Soul Chronicles (Introduction)

Ahh, color me interested. This does sound like a promising (and realistic!) concept, and one rife with the possibility for conflict both between the 'chosen' and the normal Pokémon, and between the chosen themselves. My only complaint is the first paragraph; I didn't quite understand what it was trying to say until I read on to the rest of the piece. Rewording that would probably be a good idea. Otherwise, I have no complaints; I could tell from the get-go that you have a lot of skill with words, so this is definitely a promising story. <3

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

(vpp da)
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Default Re: Soul Chronicles (Introduction)

Originally Posted by Giratina View Post
Ahh, color me interested. This does sound like a promising (and realistic!) concept, and one rife with the possibility for conflict both between the 'chosen' and the normal Pokémon, and between the chosen themselves. My only complaint is the first paragraph; I didn't quite understand what it was trying to say until I read on to the rest of the piece. Rewording that would probably be a good idea. Otherwise, I have no complaints; I could tell from the get-go that you have a lot of skill with words, so this is definitely a promising story. <3
Oh, your comment made me think of something I might've missed as a plot element. Thank you for commenting. X3

And thanks, I'll look into that.
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Default Re: Soul Chronicles (Book1, Chapter 1)

A ‘Chosen’ is a title given to six Pokémon at birth. Their goal is apparently simple: decide for themselves whether there are gods or not and propose it to Arceus. Then, Arceus would follow their decision and change, as well as the other ‘gods’. It’s sad…the fate of an entire world’s beliefs all lie with a bunch of teens, and I happen to be one of them…well, there’s not much I can do about it I guess…today I’ll take my leave, and figure who I should side with: my kin…the Wild Pokémon or those we hate, the City Pokémon. For now, I’m neutral…

Book 1: Celebi’s Meadow

Hidden within a forest lies one of two villages; this one surrounded by a vast river that wrapped around it, forming a natural barrier from attackers. A vast waterfall not far away, provided a strong current around it, as well as a beautiful mist that occasionally formed a rainbow when the sun was over the village. This particular village, like many in the country, held Pokémon of only a single type; this type was obvious, water Pokémon lived here only. The village had a few ways to enter: by swimming across the somewhat powerful river currents or simply crossing the bridge that was build. Its inhabitants were known to be very calm, yet very distrusting of Pokémon from the city as their intervention commonly meant harm to them in some way, or so they believed. This is one of the villages where a ‘Chosen’ exists…

In one of the homes within the village, the home of the ‘Chosen’, a small argument had started. “Neutral…neutral, are you serious, Aqua?!” A Floatzel protested the statement of her daughter.

A Buizel was working on creating a small pack made out of vines and other growth from the area; her mother’s protest making her slam the pack on a small wooden, poorly carved, table. “I’m very serious, mother…” The Buizel, Aqua, said with distaste.

“You were brought up knowing that the ‘City Pokémon’ are horrid…” Her mother growled. “…How can you simply choose to take a biased view, when they try to force their views on us?” She howled, stomping around their small home, Aqua watching her as she sat there.

“Because it’s better to take that kind of view…” Aqua sighed calmly. “I would gladly just say ‘gods don’t exist’ but I don’t think that’ll work well.” She stated. “It’s too risky…” She explained.

“Risky? How is it?!” Her mother questioned.

“It…just is.” Aqua replied in a childish tone.

“You don’t have a real reason…Aqua…” The Floatzel growled.

Aqua stood up and took the pack she’d made, and walked off. “I have my reasons for being neutral,” She looked back. “I’d rather study this world, than look down on what I don’t know.” The Buizel walked out, leaving her angered mother staring her down.

Aqua walked through her village, many water typed Pokémon walked and talked, their daily routines continued on. Many gave notice to her as she walked by, each time waving to her or greeting her in some way. Aqua replied with a smile and a wave or a nod but her attention was lost, her argument made her mood dark. “At least I finished this…” She grumbled fiddling with the pack she’d been making. She kept her attention on the pack, messing with a few finishing touches when she suddenly bumped into someone; she backed off and looked up uttering multiple apologies until she took notice to who it was. “O-oh…s-sorry…” She stammered out.

“It’s cool, Aqua…heheh…” A Floatzel chuckled scratching his head as he looked down to her. She looked to the Floatzel only to stare at the pack once more, nervously mumbling something about it. “Something wrong?” The Floatzel asked.

“No, nothing…” Aqua stammered and made her way past him. “I’m sorry for bumping into you…” She called with a nervous tone still. Now that she was away, her face was blush, she sighed nervously as she glanced back only to find the Floatzel still watching her go.

“Hold it, Aqua!” His voice made her jump; she did her best to hide her blushing and looked back out of the corner of her eye as the Floatzel ran over to her. “I have a question,” He said as he walked up to her.

“What is it…?” Aqua asked with another stumbling tone; she turned to face him.

“I wanted to know, you’re leaving soon, right?” The Floatzel asked.

“Y-yes, that’s right…what’s wrong?” The Floaztel looked towards the waterfall as if wondering something.

“Then, let’s have a talk, at the waterfall’s cave, later. How’s that sound?” Aqua once again started to blush, but she looked away before the Floatzel could notice.

“That’d be…nice, I guess.” She said with a bit more clarity. “After I get some supplies…” She said quickly running off.

“Alright then, Aqua, see you there!” The Floatzel waved as she left.


The outer rim of the village was equally as calm; thanks to the abundance of water, the plant life flourished. There were always things to collect in the area and Aqua was using its abundance to prepare for her travels, yet her mind was elsewhere. “Wade…” She blushed at the mere uttering of the Floatzel’s name. “I don’t get why he suddenly asked me to talk with him…” She nervously laughed. “That’s a…a first…” She blushed once more.

“Oh, crushes, they’re so great at that age.” This time Aqua was on guard, she quickly spun around, scanning the area until her eyes laid on a Whiscash in the river.

She sighed with what appeared to be relief. “Oh, Elder…don’t do that, please…” Aqua gave the old-looking Pokémon a smile.

“Ahha, I’m sorry young Buizel, it’s so easy to surprise love-sick kids though.” The Elder laughed.

“So…why are you here?” Aqua questioned as she continued to stuff an assortment of berries into the makeshift pack.

“I wanted to know more about your decision…I heard from your mother,” Aqua slowed her pace, a dark expression replacing the cheerful one she had. “That you’re going to take a neutral stand for your ‘Chosen’ quest-if…you wish to call it that, but your father would have…”

“My father would choose to be against the City Pokémon, so would everyone in the village,” Aqua cut him off. “But here’s what I want to do: I want to learn more about the City Pokémon, because we know nothing of them…all we know is what we’re told to know, what you Elders teach us. Well, that is not the path I want to take. I want to at least get an understanding of what I’m going to judge before I judge them!” She didn’t even look to the Whiscash and stuffed the pack full of berries and made her way back to the village.

“Aqua…” The Elder called after her.

“I’m not my father, I’m not my mother…and I’m not this village.” She said with distaste as she walked away.

After an angered walk back to her small home, Aqua burst in, her mother sitting on the ground with her arms crossed, staring her down. “You told the Elder about my choice?” Aqua growled.

“I thought he could talk some sense into you…” Her Floatzel mother explained simply. “I thought he’d be able to help you understand…”

“I want to do what I want!” Aqua yelled out, cutting her mother off. “I’m tired of everyone saying what I should do…” She turned to leave.

“Aqua, you know this is foolish…you’re a Wild Pokémon, your choice should be easy…” Her mother said calmly. “Your father thought about being neutral once…and he almost died trying to befriend someone from the city…think, Aqua…”

“I’m through thinking…” Aqua took the pack and put it over her shoulder. “My father did too much of that and look where he is now?” She glanced back at her before leaving. “I won’t make such a stupid move…I’ll never be like him.” She stormed out.


The mist surrounding the village began to form a faint rainbow as noon arrived. On the other side of the village, Aqua stood before the bridge leading into a cave near it. “Please let me at least have one good talk…” She sighed before walking down the bridge, holding her pack in one paw. “I should find a way to make this easier to carry…” She mumbled.

She eventually entered the cave that was close to the waterfall; travelling up a single path, lit by strange stones imbedded in the rock, she reached another opening. The waterfall was directly in-front of it, water streaming down quickly, the mist it gave off making this section wet, drops of water falling off the rocks above occasionally. Sitting close to the cave opening was Wade, the Floatzel she spoke with earlier.

Aqua sighed lightly and blushed openly, not trying to hide it at all. “W-Wade…?” She mumbled, getting his attention.

“Yo, Aqua,” He looked back at her and smiled. “Come and sit next to me.” He said patting the ground next to her. Aqua smiled blissfully and quickly came to his side, sitting next to him. “Nice, ain’t it?” Wade asked staring off into the cascading water.

“Yeah,” Aqua sighed longingly. “It’s very relaxing to watch the water from this end…especially at night…” She said lightly, her tone bringing her away from the constant bickering of her mother and the Elder’s attempt at changing her point of view.

“I know you’ve been upset after what happened with your dad,” Wade looked to her, noticing the change in her expression. “But we all know how risky it is to side with the City Pokémon…all they want to do is force their views on us, Aqua…” Wade was cut off by the Buizel’s head shaking.

“Everyone’s been bothering me about making my decision quickly…” She shook her head again. “I don’t want to be told what I should do…I’ve been told that for weeks.” Aqua glared at the waterfall. “My father befriended a City Pokémon and they quickly betrayed him…he lashed out at them and was arrested…at least that’s what everyone says…” She looked to Wade, her blush gone and the dark expression returning. “The Elder and my mother are trying to convince me that I’m making the wrong choice by being neutral until I find a way to figure my answer to Arceus.” She stood up. “I want to understand…” She picked up her pack. “Why my father was arrested...” Aqua glanced at the waterfall. “Why the City Pokémon want to force change on us…” And she turned towards the path leading out. “And there are a couple ways to do that.” She finished.

“You’re going to use that power again?” Aqua paused. “I heard from some of the villagers…your mom didn’t hesitate to tell others what you did seven years ago.” She looked back at him. “You can rip open barriers into other worlds or something like that, right?” Wade asked.

Aqua didn’t reply, she looked away and sighed, her eyes closed. There was silence between the two for a while before Wade spoke again.

“Am I right?” He questioned.

“I’m going to figure out the standings of some of the Pokémon they call ‘gods’ while I’m traveling.” Aqua explained.

“So you are going to use that power.” Wade chuckled.

“I will.” Aqua answered simply.

“Well, that’s cool and all…” He stood up. “But why don’t we make this interesting?” Aqua turned back, whatever feelings she had towards him were faintly returning.

“W-what do you mean?” She questioned. “How do you plan on making this interesting?” She wondered.

“Well it’s fairly simple,” Wade said in a mater-of-fact tone. “Let’s just have a quick sparring match.” He shrugged.

“Why would I spar with you?” Aqua questioned. “I’m about to leave…and you’re one of the stronger villagers here.” She backed off.

“To see if your mother and the Elder are right.” She glared at him.

“You want to change my view too?” Aqua gritted her teeth, a low growl escaping her maw, although the sounds of the crashing falls masked it. “Like I told my mother…like I told the Elder…I want to do what I want...I’m not this village or its inhabitants…so stop trying to make me into your image!” Aqua protested.

“Then prove it to me,” Wade said smugly. “Fight me and prove that your view is the correct one.” He held an arm out as if inviting her to attack.

“Fine then,” Aqua sat her pack down on a dry spot within the cave and glared at Wade. “You’re one of the stronger ones, but I’ll gladly take that challenge…I have to get stronger anyway…” Balls of water formed in Aqua’s paws and tossed them Wade’s way.

“You’re willing to put your view on the line…you know the stakes, right?” He blocked them with the fins on his arms.

“If I lose I’d have to follow your viewpoint, but if I win, I’m free to do as I please…” Aqua stated forming more water balls and combining them into a larger one.

Gusts of wind began to surround Wade’s fins. “Good, I guess you’re aware of that…” He smirked. “This is a battle of ideals, just like the war of the past!”

“And that’s what I want to prevent!” She threw the larger orb of water towards Wade, but he blocked it with a swift swing of his arms, two blades of air cutting through the water with ease forcing Aqua to avoid them as well.

“You’ll have to be stronger than that.” Wade calmly exclaimed.

Aqua focused, forming a small swirling vortex of water in her paw. “I know.” She focused, making it grow larger and threw it at Wade. The vortex began to grow even larger as it rushed towards him.

“That’s a sad way to use Whirlpool…” The Floatzel avoided it, but was caught off guard when Aqua rushed in with another vortex of water forming in her paws.

“There are a lot of ways to use it…!” She swung the vortex around, striking Wade and sending him flying towards the waterfall, eventually striking it. “We all know we have to be creative…” She said as if talking for more than herself; Wade had vanished from her sight, possibly knocked into the waterfall.

Aqua was about to walk off when she heard a call from the waterfall. “Nice one!” Aqua turned back to the opening near the waterfall to see Wade climbing up, panting heavily. “It wasn’t easy getting back up here, but it was worth it!” He laughed. “Nice Whirlpool attack by the way, Aqua.” He complemented. “Now, come on!” He rushed at Aqua with a cold mist surrounding his fists. “Show me why you want this neutrality!” He threw punches at Aqua, who avoided each shot.

Aqua avoided each punch easily, her smaller size and higher speed made Wade’s attacks fail to land until she was backed into a wall; Aqua avoided the next blow which dug into the wall. “…Tch…” Aqua was about to counter with her own attack, but was struck by Wade’s Ice-Punch attack and knocked into the wall.

“Got ya…” Wade held her there and pulled his other fist back, wind surrounding his fin.

“Wild Pokémon and City Pokémon fight differently…” Wade was caught off guard by Aqua’s sudden statement. “City Pokémon fight with dirty tactics and weapons, but Wild Pokémon fight with their instincts and latent skills…” She struck him with another Whirlpool attack; the two were surrounded by a massive vortex of water. The vortex was launched into the air and was smashed into the ceiling, exploding into a rain of water.

The two landed hard on the ground, Wade getting up quickly. “What was the point in saying that…?” The Floatzel growled.

“Because this fight is boring and slow…” Aqua sighed. “You’re not taking it seriously, just trying to overpower me.” She stated simply.

“Humph…” Wade grumbled. “Whatever…!” His fins were surrounded by gusts of wind once again.

“That’s why you’re the stronger villager here.” Aqua sighed rolling her eyes and turning away. “I’m not going to waste any more time here.” She said heading to get her pack.

“Now you’re going to ignore me…?” Wade growled and swung his arms, waves of harsh air shot towards her. Aqua simply avoided the attacks, only to be met by a tackle from Wade, knocking her to the ground. “You’re a Wild Pokémon!” He yelled spitting in her face. “…Why are you choosing to be neutral!?” Aqua didn’t reply and seemed to focus. “Answer me!” Wade yelled.

“Because I chose to be neutral…” The air distorted around the two. “It’s my right to choose, isn’t it?” Wade gasped, but kept his position over Aqua. “Just because I’m a Wild Pokémon doesn’t mean I have to follow the beliefs of the Wild Pokémon…!” Aqua yelled out, the distortion becoming stronger, making Wade gasp for breath and collapsed, rolling off of her. “You…and everyone else…” She stood up, that distortion didn’t fade. “Can’t control me…!”

“A-Aqua…” Wade gasped; his breath’s labored and weak.

“I…” Aqua realized what she was doing and the distortion faded, Wade’s breathing returning to normal slowly. She said nothing more and took her pack, walking out of the cave. “I’m leaving…you can tell everyone I said goodbye…”

“Aqua…” Wade breathed heavily as he called, but the Buizel didn’t reply. “What the hell was…that…?” He questioned.

A ‘Chosen’ has great power…the power to warp dimensions and enter locations when possible…known as the ‘god’s realms’. It’s a unique distortion where if you’re not capable, like us ‘Chosen’, you’ll die from suffocation. These worlds belong to those ‘gods’ and ‘normal Pokémon’ can’t travel there…which is another reason the City Pokémon consider them ‘gods’. Anyway, we ‘Chosen’ have the ability to trigger distortions wherever we choose and depending on where we use it, we can enter those realms. Oddly, if we use it around Pokémon that aren’t ‘Chosen’ they suffocate, even if they’re not able to breathe to begin with. I’ll never understand this power, but I’m going to use it to understand the views of the Pokémon they call ‘gods’.

Chapter 1 End

Hmm, this seemed slow to me, maybe it's just me I haven't written a story with a serious tone in a while. XP
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Default Re: Soul Chronicles (Introduction)

I actually like your pace. It's quite relaxed and leisurely, but that's what I like in a story. And I like the idea, it is quite unique and orginal.

Good job, hope to see more soon!

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Default Re: Soul Chronicles (Introduction)

Originally Posted by Max0596 View Post
I actually like your pace. It's quite relaxed and leisurely, but that's what I like in a story. And I like the idea, it is quite unique and orginal.

Good job, hope to see more soon!
Oh, thank you. I haven't written at this pace in a while, so it's good to know that it wasn't slow.

That's great and heh, I'm not really sure how to reply to this for some reason. X3 Thanks again! :D
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Post Re: Soul Chronicles (Chapter 2)

Aqua stood before the bridge leading out of her village; she glanced back at her home, the mist from the waterfall and the sun falling into position forming a faint rainbow. The Buizel examined the pack that would be important for her travels, making sure everything was in place before turning to leave.

“Aqua…” The old Wishcash known as the village’s Elder rose from the water. “You shouldn’t travel alone, it’s not safe.” Aqua didn’t pay him any mind and continued walking. “Aqua…”

“It would’ve been better to warn me of this a few days ago; I’m not waiting for someone to decide to travel with me.” She continued on, not letting the Wishcash stop her.

As a member of my village, Cascade, it is always safer to travel with someone…never alone. The same goes for another village nearby, and as a Chosen, that rule is strongly enforced…sometimes. There aren’t many villages left, but each has this kind of rule I believe-unless the village harps on power which ours does not.

Aqua continued on, her path etched out before her by a well worn trail into the forest. Everything was calm as she entered. Many small bird-Pokémon were within the trees; a few watching Aqua walk. Many of the birds gave her an unending stare, as if judging her from afar; Aqua paused, sniffing the air, catching something that was out of the norm for the forest area. “Blood…?” Aqua stopped her pace, moving behind a tree for cover, glancing out into the thick forest path ahead. “It’s still far off…” She whispered to herself as she stared down the emptiness.

It was quiet; nothing was happening, save for the rustling of the trees and bushes from the wind. Aqua stayed where she was, waiting for the scent to fade but it still lingered, the wind possibly dragging it towards her. When the realization that the wind may have been the culprit hit, Aqua cautiously continued on, ready for whatever was out there. Cautiously, the Buizel continued down the path, the scent growing stronger after each step. She eventually reached the path’s end, the opening to a clearing starting to come into view; Aqua hid behind another tree, moving about to get a better look, spotting a scene that she didn’t expect.

“You bastard!” A Mightyena pair had entered a battle with a blue-furred Pokémon; one of the spikes on its wrists had a set of claws being produced from it. One of the Mightyena had been severely wounded by the attack, a large-deep gash visible in the noon sunlight; the other wolf-like Pokémon standing protectively over its ally, fur standing on end, snarling at their attacker.

“Well, I apologize, but you attacked me for no reason whatsoever…” The strange Pokémon spoke, the claws retracting, seemingly merging back into the spike on his wrist.

“You entered our territory…” The wounded Mightyena growled nastily, rising with fangs bared, ready to rip and tear the flesh of his enemy.

“Your territory?” The strange Pokémon spoke with wonder. “I thought this area belonged to the Cascade Village Pokémon-the Wild water-typed Pokémon…” The Mightyena merely snarled at the assumption.

Aqua listened on intently. “That Pokémon…I’ve never seen it before…and why is it attacking the Mightyena?” She questioned.

“Well…?” The strange Pokémon questioned the two. “Why did you imply this area was your territory?” He asked.

The wounded Mightyena decided to answer. “We share this territory with them…”

“What you are doing?” The other countered. “That is none of this…creatures business!” The Mightyena howled, obviously unsure of what their attacker was.

“But…Mightyena are predators…” The strange Pokémon glanced at the small amount of blood that had pooled where the wounded Mightyena stood. “…Why would such a Pokémon coincide with those who could become prey?” He wondered.

“That is not of your concern…” The Mightyena growled heavily, both taking a pouncing stance.

“I see…” The strange Pokémon sighed sadly. “I only wished to speak with the Chosen of Cascade Village,” That statement, although unfinished, made Aqua cringe; why would a Pokémon that she did not recognize want her? “I wished to talk to them about their views and if they agreed with mines…and if they wished to join forces, but I can see that is not going to happen…I’m sorry for intruding…” He bowed and turned away; the Mightyena merely growling at him until he left, as if fearful of his strength.

“Let’s go…” The Mightyena eventually left as well, taking a different path deeper into the forest, Aqua waiting until they were completely out of sight and scent before emerging from her hiding place.

The Mightyena pack guard Cascade from outsiders, but obviously at a cost. We of the village have to provide them with a large supply of fish every month or they’d turn on us…we have very little trust for each other and it shows whenever any of us meet…

“I’ve…never seen a Pokémon like that…” Aqua mumbled to herself. “Maybe someone from Din will know…” She sighed taking the path she wanted to take before the scene took place.


After quite a long walk, the sun beginning to slowly set, Aqua had traveled deep into the forest; the area thick with a strong static energy, making her uncomfortable. “At least I know I’m going the right way…” She spoke nervously. The area was thick with static energy, a sign of an abundance of electricity, and as if to emphasize on this a bolt of lightning shot out into the sky catching Aqua’s attention.

“Great power, but you have bad aim…” A few voices caught Aqua’s attention. “I still think you should wait before leaving the village, just a bit longer…”

“No, I keep getting this feeling that I should leave soon,” A Pikachu stated crossing his arms defiantly. “I bet it has something to do with my ‘power’…” He said almost taunting the Ampharos.

“I get it, you’re ‘Chosen’ please don’t harp on the subject…” The Ampharos sighed.

“The Pikachu is a ‘Chosen’…” Aqua muttered coming out into the open, getting their attention. “Sorry to interrupt…” Before Aqua could go any further, the Ampharos stood protectively in-front of the Pikachu, sparks flying form the orbs on his tail and head. “Okay, listen…” Aqua backed off, dropping her pack, readying herself for anything. “I am Aqua of Cascade Village; I was traveling and after hearing your conversation, I…”

“So you were spying on us?” The Pikachu questioned, walking around the Ampharos.

“N-no, that’s not it…” Aqua replied nervously.

“It seems that is the case…” The Ampharos crossed his arms.

“Looks like it…” The Pikachu copied his pose.

Aqua groaned and explained. “Listen, as I said, I’m Aqua of Cascade Village; I’m the ‘Chosen’ of my village and I was looking for Din…”

“And you assumed we’re from there…” The Ampharos cut her off. “So, you are a ‘Chosen’ like Sparky here?” He said lightly hitting the Pikachu with the orb tip of his tail.

“And how do we know if she’s telling the truth…?” The Pikachu named Sparky grumbled rubbing his head.

Aqua sighed at the question. “Obviously he believes me…” She said placing her attention on the Ampharos.

“Well, unlike him, I need proof…” Sparky exclaimed.

“Fine then…” Aqua took a deep breath and began to focus, thinking back to the battle she had with Wade not that long ago; the air around her became strangely heavy, getting the electric Pokémon’s attention easily.

“That’s familiar…” The Ampharos backed away.

Aqua exhaled strongly, a small circular area around her began to distort, Sparky standing firm looking unimpressed. “That’s not a very large area…” He mumbled.

“That doesn’t matter,” Aqua’s statement made her lose concentration, the distortion fading away quickly. “I’m not very skilled with that.” She sighed returning to the original subject. “Now will you two point me in the direction of Din Village?” She questioned; a heavy annoyance in her voice.

“Well, we are from there and heading back, so you can follow us.” The Ampharos stated. “I am Marko of Din Village, by the way.” He added.

“Well…” Sparky didn’t appear too happy with the sudden acceptance of Aqua, but neither did the Buizel about having to prove herself a ‘Chosen’. “Whatever, let’s just get back…” He grumbled turning away. “If we stay out any longer we might run into a predator out here…” The Pikachu walked off, Marko annoyed.

“Well, follow us.” The Ampharos took after Sparky, Aqua collecting her pack and following them.

“Oh…that reminds me…” Marko looked back to her, Sparky not paying Aqua any mind. “I wanted to know if you’ve seen a Pokémon that…” Aqua went on to describe the strange Pokémon she’d seen as well as the event from earlier; pointing out a few details she’d noticed.

“Hmm, a blue-furred Pokémon with strange antenna-like appendages on the back of its head…four altogether…spikes on its wrists and chest…that’d be a Pokémon that’s common in the cities, a Lucario.” Marko explained.

“And what is that…?” Aqua questioned.

“Man, you Pokémon from Cascade need to venture out more…” Sparky groaned. “Lucario are a mix of steel and fighting Pokémon; they’re common in the cities and avid supporters of the beliefs of the City Pokémon obviously.” He stated.

“So he was a threat…” Aqua sighed, a nasty growl escaping her maw.

“Either a threat or an ally…” Marko spoke seriously. “Although, you’re not very good at hiding yourself, either of them could’ve known you were nearby.” He sighed.

“Heh, she’s no good at survival…” Sparky chuckled. “How did you get here without dying?” He questioned with obvious mocking intent.

“Whatever…” Aqua crossed her arms. “We of Cascade learn how to defend ourselves on our own…”

“But you have the same rule we do: to have a traveling companion.” Marko spoke sternly. “You should have waited for that Pokémon to assist you.” He stated.

“There was no mentioning of that,” Aqua grumbled. “The focus was mainly around convincing me to choose to support Wild Pokémon instead of being neutral, like I am…” Sparky looked back at her.

“Neutral?” He repeated.

“Yes…is something wrong?” Aqua wondered.

“No, nothing; it was just a bit surprising to hear that coming from you. If I remember right, Cascade Village isn’t very kind to City Pokémon or their supporters.” Sparky stated.

Aqua took on a similar dark expression. “Well, I’m not like everyone else in my village…” She stated.

“I get that, I kind of side with a small group in my village.” Sparky smiled. “I’m on the side of the City Pokémon actually…” Aqua stared at him as they walked, Marko glancing back and forth at the pair cautiously. “The amazing things they make-my oldest sister brought some of them to the village one time…” Sparky’s voice filled with wonder. “I want to see more of those things.” He added.

Aqua lightly smiled to him which left a surprised look on Marko’s face. “Just be careful not to let anyone convince you to change that view…” She said kindly.

“So, you’re OK with his view?” Marko questioned the Buizel.

“Yes, I’m fine with Sparky’s view; I’d rather not act like the Elder or my mother and tell him his view is wrong.” Aqua explained.

“Heh, I see…” Sparky slightly laughed. “Well,” He turned his attention to the path ahead, the trees giving way to a village setting. “We’re here!”
Ahead of the three was the village of Din; unlike Cascade Village, it held a mixture of nature and technology, an influence of the City Pokémon. The village had metal poles surrounding it, whatever purpose they held was unknown at first glance. The huts that acted as homes for the assortment of electric Pokémon had metal padding, as if to block out heavy damage of some sort. There was a large object built into the village’s center, shooting out strands of electricity like water; each shot weaving into the other seamlessly. Many of the village’s inhabitants were crowding around the poles as if preparing for something.

“We should hurry,” Marko spoke. “Our village has a bit of a defense strategy, using those poles to create a barrier of electricity,” The Ampharos explained starting to walk. “So, we’ll be locked out of the village in a few minutes…so, hurry…” Marko’s walk quickly breaking out into a run; Sparky following while Aqua trailed behind looking confused.

“Yeah, that’s how we defend ourselves from the snakes around here!” Sparky added to Marko’s explanation.

Aqua ran down after them, seeing a few larger birds in the trees, watching them closely. “But what about them…?” The Buizel questioned.

“Look at that thing in the center!” Sparky yelled as they reached the village’s entrance; he had pointed out the large object in the village’s center. “I call it an ‘electro-fountain’, my dad made it after seeing something like that in the city.” The three stopped just inside of the village as a Flaaffy took the lead, calling the electric Pokémon to order.

“Now, charge the rods!” All of the electric Pokémon participating fired off a massive stream of electricity into the rods; each one becoming charged, electricity shoot out of them in a similar fashion to water. “Now, trigger the fountain!” An Elekid quickly pressed a large indentation in the fountain, making it activate, turning itself into a large rod, harnessing the others’ energies. Soon a wave of electricity from each rod shot to the center, small electric bands forming between them, the light they gave off brightening the village and the area around it.

“Wow…!” Aqua exclaimed seeing a large net of raw electricity now overhead.

“Hey, I want you to meet my dad, Aqua.” Sparky suddenly spoke.

Aqua’s attention was slightly on Sparky and on the electric net. “Your…father…?” She questioned looking to the Pikachu.

“Yes, Sparky’s father is the current Elder of the village.” Marko’s statement knocked Aqua’s awe away from the net above.

“He is? That means your father’s…” Sparky shook his head stopping the question short.

“He’s the youngest Elder at the moment.” Sparky stated. “Your village’s Elder never comes to the meetings so you guys wouldn’t know that.” He said in a smart tone.

“Our Elder’s a fish…” Aqua countered.

“Well…that explains it…” Sparky laughed.

“Good work everyone!” The Flaaffy yelled out suddenly, dismissing everyone who participated in the shocking of the rods.

“So, when does this come down?” Aqua wondered looking to the net.

“Dawn.” Marko answered. “The amount of electricity fed into the rods is enough to hold the barrier until dawn, usually.” He explained. “Anyway,” Marko looked around, seeing a few of the Pokémon heading to their homes. “I have to go.” He briskly rushed off.

“Why the sudden rush?” Aqua questioned, now eying the village quickly; it was similar to her own, save for the strong static feeling running through her body and the metal on the huts.

“He used to teach survival lessons to the younger villagers here,” Sparky answered. “Now he’s my personal guardian for when I leave.” He explained. “I bet he’s going off to say goodbye to them before I leave tomorrow.” The Pikachu added.

“Oh…” Aqua replied simply, still looking around strangely.

“Being surrounded by so much electricity’s uncomfortable, isn’t it?” Sparky chuckled.

“Yes, it is…” Aqua grumbled. “A-anyway…let’s just go and see your father.” She said calmly smiling.

“Alright then, follow me!” Sparky yelled happily, taking hold of Aqua’s pack and dragging her along through a small crowd of electric Pokémon.

The Village of Din…it’s a very different place than Cascade. This ‘mist’ of electricity has my body tingling like mad...but that’s another story I guess. Din Village is a very open-minded village, almost the complete opposite of my own. I don’t know enough about this village to understand their views perfectly, but I will learn what I can while I’m here.

Chapter End…

WOW this took a while...anyway, Aqua's like the 'narrator' for this part of the story. :3
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Default Re: Soul Chronicles (Chapter 3)

Oh's been so long since I've written this. Sorry, I got sidetracked by another story I've been writing TxT


“Good…it’s still here.” The Pokémon that’s been identified as a Lucario was searching through the brush deep within the forest; he’d pulled out a small satchel and looked through its contents. “Ah…that’s good…” He sighed with relief upon pulling out a strange bracelet; it held a pink, blue and gold crystalline appearance.

‘Son, this is what your father used to venture into Arceus’ realm and confront it. When you deem the time is right…you know where to go, but son…be careful and don’t do this alone, like your father did.’

“Yes…” He mumbled. “But I doubt the Chosen will be of help to my cause…” He fitted the bracelet onto a makeshift string and wore it as a necklace and began to scan the forest area. “Now…where is that shrine…”


“Oh, your home is pretty…simple for your father being an Elder.” Aqua mumbled staring at the hut that was home to Sparky and his family. The pair was standing before a normal-sized hut, adorned with metals on the sides of the home and roof. The only defining symbol that it was the home of the village’s Elder was a lightning-bolt shaped metal emblem somehow bolted above the entrance.

Sparky looked to the Buizel with a questioning stare. “You’re surrounded by an electrical barrier and huts covered in metal and you’re unimpressed by my father’s home…?” The Pikachu asked crossing his arms.

“I’m sorry; it just doesn’t feel like the home of an Elder…” Aqua mumbled.

“What’s so special about the home of your Elder?” Sparky questioned, Aqua appearing to think for a short while before answering.

“Our Elder has an underwater home…it’s a cave with a series of pillars that have statues on them, I believe…” Aqua began explaining. “And there are small statues in the shape of the Elders before him…each one sitting upon those pillars.” The Pikachu continued to give her a skeptical look. “What is it?” Aqua asked looking at the electric Pokémon uncomfortably.

“That doesn’t sound so fancy.” Sparky scoffed. “It’s unimpressive, in my mind at least…” His statement seemed to annoy Aqua, but she shrugged it off.

“Well, let’s just agree to disagree on this subject; may I at least meet your dad now?” Aqua questioned, her tone holding obvious annoyance despite her demeanor.

“Of course…” Sparky chuckled as he walked inside, Aqua following. The inside of the hut wasn’t as simple as it appeared from the outside; assortments of strange boxes, each adorned with what appeared to be levers were placed simply on a well-carved wooden table, a few metal rods hung from the ceiling, a single ball attached to their tips, letting out a bright light. The rest of the hut appeared reminiscent of Aqua’s home, though there was what appeared to be the skin of a snake handing on the wall in an opposite room.

“So, you have more than one room in these huts…?” Aqua mumbled looking around curiously, spotting another strange box on the ground; she picked it up, placing her pack next to her, and examined it.

“Of course,” Sparky yelled proudly. “Most of the families in this village can get pretty large…so we build our homes large enough to compensate that size.” He explained.

“Huh…that’s interesting…my family all lived together in one room, our hut was pretty small but there was enough space for all three of us to sleep.” Aqua explained toying with a hole on the box, Sparky taking notice and scanning the ground in search of the missing lever. “What is this thing…?” Aqua mumbled looking all over the box, curious.

“I’m not sure…” Sparky mumbled. “Each of those boxes does different things, like two of the boxes on that table there play music…” He explained pointing to the other boxes on the table, Aqua glancing back at them quickly.

“Music…?” The Buizel mumbled. “What do you mean by…music?” She asked staring at him.

Sparky started digging through piles of hay, where they obtained such a thing in the forest crossing Aqua’s mind; he continued searching for the lever to the box. “Well, it makes a nice sound…like when your mother hums you to sleep and stuff…found it!” Sparky’s head popped out of the hay, the lever held tightly in his paw. “Let me see…another example would be like the howls of Mightyena and the leaf-songs of some grass Pokémon…” Sparky explained.

“Well…I understand the howling…though it’s not very…nice…” Aqua mumbled, Sparky walking over to her and taking the box, sticking the lever into the box’s hole. “I’ve never heard the songs of grass Pokémon either…” Aqua mumbled.

“Well, maybe I’ll play one of the boxes for you later…” Sparky mumbled starting to turn the lever, a faint clicking noise getting Aqua’s attention. “These boxes my sister brought to us…oh, my sister’s name is Mia, if you wanted to know…” Sparky smiled continuing to turn the lever.

“So…this is a creation of the City Pokémon…?” Aqua mumbled eying the box with great curiosity, her gaze falling dead on it. “It…looks so simple…just wood and…and metal…” She mumbled getting closer to it. Sparky continued to wind up the box, the clicking slowing down, Aqua’s attention locked on the object until it suddenly burst open scaring the Buizel and making her fall on her bottom.

A multitude of lights simply came from the box, illuminating the ceiling of the hut; each illumination a different color, mixing together and forming alternate lights above. The Buizel was left stunned, staring at the lights above, unsure of what to make of them. “W-what…how is something like that…?” Sparky’s laughter finally caught her attention, ripping her gaze away from the lights above. “W-what’s so funny!?” She yelled.

“Your reaction,” The Pikachu laughed, sitting the box on the ground, letting the lights continue to shine. “It’s obvious you don’t know anything about the City Pokémon or the things they make!” He yelled.

“Of course not…!” Aqua countered. “My village is isolated from everything…I wouldn’t know what they make…and that they make something so…” Aqua looked up to the lights again, each of them forming different colors; red, green, blue, yellow…were just some of their basic colors, then the lights appeared to merge and form new colors entirely. “Amazing…” She mumbled.

“Yeah, it is…” Sparky sat in-front of the box, looking to the lights as well. “It’s just too bad that they haven’t figured out how to mix the music and lights together…”

“That’s why you’re supposed to open them together…” The pair’s attention was brought to the table of boxes, a Raichu standing there toying with one of the boxes. “It plays this soft, peaceful sound, like the grass Pokémon songs of the forest…or the songs of the birds...” The Raichu said with wonder as the box opened, a faint whistle-like sound played from it. The sound released a strong, soothing atmosphere around the room, almost merging with the constant changing of the lights. Aqua looking to the ights and listening to the sound coming from the box, it was strangely soothing though it still felt odd to her. “This particular song was sung by the grass Pokémon, though I’m not sure how they’re able to get their sound into these boxes so perfectly…” The Raichu stopped the sound by simply closing the box and placing it on the table with the others. “Anyway, my name is Tenkin, the elder of the Village of Din.” He looked to Aqua, who’d up until now, been distracted by the sound from the box.

“Oh…you’re the Elder,” The Buizel said standing up and bowing to him, returning to her proper demeanor. “I am Aqua of Cascade, a Chosen as well.” She explained simply.

Tenkin appeared impressed. “Oh, so if you’re the Chosen, then where is your guardian?” He asked curiously. “It doesn’t matter what your title is, you do indeed need someone to protect you.” He explained, but Aqua didn’t have an answer.

“She came here alone,” Sparky answered for her. “I think she had some trouble with her Elder and all.” He shrugged.

“Oh and why is that?” Tenkin questioned her.

Sparky was about to explain. “Well…”

“Because, I am neutral...” Aqua answered.

“Neutral you say?” The Raichu flicked his tail in what appeared to be interest. “Why have you chosen that?” He questioned.

“Because I want to know more about the City Pokémon before I make my decision.” Aqua answered firmly. “I also want to learn and understand the views of the ‘legendary’ Pokémon and why they want to be called ‘gods’.” Tenkin chuckled at Aqua’s statement. “Something…wrong…?” She asked.

“Nothing, nothing; I haven’t heard of a ‘neutral’ standing from a Pokémon of Cascade before.” Tenkin stated. “It just doesn’t fit based on the information I’ve heard…” Aqua didn’t appear as amused as the Elder. “I…I’m sorry, if I’ve offended you, Aqua.” He mumbled nervously.

“It’s alright,” Aqua sighed. “Cascade is very closed to the views of other villages…I’m not even sure how that started.” The Buizel shrugged.

“It probably had something to do with the events that led to our existence.” Sparky finally spoke. “I mean, Cascade’s also one of the more beautiful villages out there, right?” He asked.

“I’d assume so.” Aqua replied. “I’ve never seen much outside of this forest.” She explained.

“Hmm…yes, anyway, mind if I ask why you’ve come here, Aqua?” Tenkin questioned, attempting to keep the subject on track.

“Oh, well, I was simply passing through. I was heading for the Forest Guardian’s meadow.” Aqua explained. “And Din was a good place to stop and rest before traveling there.” Tenkin stared at the Buizel for a while, Aqua returning the gaze awkwardly.

“Why are you traveling alone?” He asked. “I understand it has something to do with your goals, but why are you all alone, Aqua?” The Buizel sighed.

“No one even suggested a guardian for me, during my travels.” Aqua sighed. “The Elder was all caught up in trying to convince me that my ‘neutral’ view was wrong…same for my mother and…some villagers.” A detested glare appeared in her eyes.

“Wow…even your mom…” Sparky mumbled.

“Oh, well…you should travel with Sparky and his guardian, Marko.” Tinken nodded at his own decision.

“Wait, what?!” Sparky interrupted Aqua’s response. “She’s going out of the way…you know my ‘goal’ is to see the cities of the City Pokémon and try to understand their world compared to ours before making my choice…” The Pikachu protested.

“Well, sorry…” Aqua scoffed looking at Sparky with distaste.

“Calm down, boy…” Tenkin sighed. “It’s just safer for Aqua to travel with a guardian.” He explained.

“Can’t you ask someone else to do it?” Sparky whined. “I really want to see the city…!”

“I…am going to the city as well, Sparky…” Aqua cut in, crossing her arms. “Even if I am going ‘out of the way’ I was still going to head there.” She explained.

“Oh, so you know your way there, Aqua?” Tenkin questioned.

“Well…no, but…” The Buizel stammered.

“Then it’s settled!” Tenkin yelled walking towards the two. “Sparky, Aqua…you two will travel together!” He yelled placing a paw on their shoulders. “It’s safer!” He stated looking to the skin of a snake Pokémon. “Much safer might I add…” The box of lights had faded away after the Raichu spoke.

“So…” Aqua mumbled following the Raichu’s gaze. “Your village deals with snakes?” She asked.

“They’re common predators in this part of the forest.” Sparky explained. “Sometimes aggressive and always hungry…” The Pikachu shuddered.

“Yes, they are…” Tenkin walked past them and to the room of the snake’s skin, Aqua and Sparky following. “Marko and a few other villagers teach the children about how to avoid them and when they’re older, how to fight and kill them.” The room they were in turned out to be Tenkin’s, a large pile of hay directly under the skin of an Arbok with more spread out just a few steps from there. “They’re the main reason we have the electrical barrier too…” He explained.

“So, is there some sort of leader of these Pokémon…?” Aqua asked.

“Well, there shouldn’t be,” Tenkin ran a paw across the skin. “This was the leader.”


“Scarlett, I told you that I don’t want you involved in those hunts!” Voices began echoing through the hut, cutting Aqua’s statement short.

“That’s what I want to do!” Another, younger voice called. “You let Sparky travel away from the village!”

“That’s because he’s a Chosen, it was bound to happen…!” Both voices were female, and obviously upset.

“Well, why was Mia allowed to travel?” The younger voice questioned.

“That was because she is of age and isn’t trying to risk her life killing our natural enemies!” Sparky and Tenkin sighed at the yelling.

“That would be Scarlett and my mate, Lia…” Tenkin sighed. “They’re…not on very good terms.” He explained.

“Scarlett wants to join the group who hunts down and kills the predators of the forest that make an effort to attack us.” Sparky explained.

“So what’s the problem?” Aqua looked confused. “Does your village have something against females doing such work?”

“Oh, no-no, nothing of the sort,” Tenkin yelled almost in a panic, the two still arguing in the background. “Lia’s a strong supporter of the City Pokémon…she’s the reason Mia’s gone off to the city.” The Raichu explained. “But Scarlett is a strong hater of the City Pokémon…so it’s obvious the two don’t get along…” He explained awkwardly.

“Yeah…and she’s attacked me from time to time for supporting the City Pokémon too…” Sparky mumbled scratching his head. “I…hate being around her…”

“It must be hard having so many children…” Aqua said with minimal sympathy. “Though…I’ve been an only child my whole life, siblings fighting seems…normal from what I see in my village…” Aqua explained.

“Well…one time Scarlett almost got me killed by an Ekans…you call that a fight?” Sparky growled.

“Scarlett…can be cruel sometimes…” Tenkin sighed. “She…might be a good match for the hunting group, but Lia will never allow it.” He sighed crossing his arms.

“That’s…too bad…” Aqua mumbled.

“Go on! It’s not like you can get into any trouble while the barrier’s up!” A Raichu stormed into the room, carrying an egg in her arms. “Well, I never-oh, hello there…!” She smiled at Aqua upon seeing her. “And may I ask who your friend is?” Lia questioned Sparky specifically.

“This is Aqua, she’s…”

“…A Chosen, like Sparky.” Tenkin cut him off. “Since Aqua decided to travel alone, she’ll be traveling with Marko and Sparky.” He explained.

“Oh, that’s good to know.” Lia smiled, nodding happily. “It’s much safer to go with others, than alone.” She stated placing the egg in a pile of hay. “Oh and I saw some sort of pack in there, was that yours?” The Raichu asked, looking to the Buizel.

“Oh, yes, that’s mine and-oh…” Aqua paused something catching her thoughts.

“Something wrong…?” Tenkin asked curiously.

“Yeah…why stop like that?” Sparky asked.

Aqua turned to the Elder of the village. “I wanted to ask you something, Elder Tenkin…”


A Floatzel had burst into Aqua’s mother’s home, slightly frantic. “Aska, Aska!” She called looking around the small hut, but not finding the Pokémon.

A light tap on the Floatzel’s shoulder made her jump. “What is it?” The Floatzel, Aska, questioned.

“Have you seen Wade?” Aska looked at the other Floatzel confused.

“Of course not,” She replied. “He’s your son…” The mother of Wade sighed.

“I…haven’t seen him since he went to talk with Aqua this morning…” This got Aska’s attention. “He wanted to try and convince her…”

“So even your son tried?” Aska questioned. “You should go talk to the Elder…if he does not know of his whereabouts; the two of us will go searching for him in the morning.” She explained. “I doubt he’d get into too much trouble.” She crossed her arms in frustration.

The Floatzel the pair of mothers was looking for had been standing at the edge of the village. He sighed heavily at the thoughts going through his mind, but started to walk forward. “I got to find her,” He mumbled. “Chosen or not, she needs a guardian…”


“…So that Lucario’s name is ‘Senrai’…” Aqua mumbled, lying on a small pile of hay, Sparky not far from her, the two sharing his old room.

“Yep, and from what dad said, he was looking to get me on his side or whatever.” Sparky replied. “It’s not important, you know.” He quickly added in an uncaring way. “Let’s just ignore him for now and get some sleep.”

Aqua sighed at that comment but agreed to it. “Yeah, I guess so.” She mumbled, letting out a small yawn.

Chapter End…

Hopefully it won't take as long to get the next chapter out... .3.
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Default Re: Soul Chronicles (Chapter 4 out)

It was late in the night, the forest was calm, and many of the Pokémon were deep in their slumber though one grouping of Pokémon was busy talking about their plans. “So how will we handle this plan…?” A large amount of hissing echoed through the forest area, a significant number of snake Pokémon were grouped together, talking about something important…to them at least.

“We wait until morning…that’s the best move to make…” As many of the Pokémon were of similar appearance, save for one serpent, which bore large fangs and a bladed tail-tip; its eyes deeply blood-red and a few gold markings helped to identify this one from the others.

“I don’t understand this forest…” Senrai groaned wandering around the forest, well off the standard pathway. He searched around every and any notable path he could think of using his aura-based abilities, being a Lucario, though the only signatures he picked up on were those of a large group of serpent-like beings. “Then I won’t…” He mumbled stepping on what he assumed was a strange vine, though a loud cry from a youthful voice gained a grimace.

The group talking had fell silent, Senrai backing away calmly, though his retreat was too late as a larger serpent Pokémon burst out of the brush, a large ‘hood’ being a definitive feature. The Lucario simply jumped out of the way, failing in his attempt to flee to the trees, the branches being far too small to support his weight. The hooded snake crashed into the ground, it glaring nastily at Senrai, who quickly closed his own eyes.

“A protector of Din Village, you are?” The hooded snake questioned, its voice feminine, but its way of speech confused Senrai. “What be your reason for coming here?”

Senai continued to focus on using his aura abilities, only homing in on the serpent’s energies, a vile energy radiating off of the being. “Look, I’m not here to bother you…I’m just a traveler and,” A new, threatening presence rushed behind Senrai, prompting him to quickly dart to the side thus avoiding a second threat in the form of large fangs chomping down on the air of the Lucario’s former location. “…Was looking for a particular shrine…” He finished his statement with a sigh, realizing how futile it was the instant he spoke.

“Leave this area, you should.” The strange speaking snake claimed, but that exclamation was put to rest the serpent bearing a bladed tail, took over the situation.

“What are you doing here?” The snake questioned, a wave of his bladed tail seemed to signal the departure of the hooded serpent nearby.

“As I tried to explain,” Senrai sighed, his eyes still closed barred his identification of the Pokémon before him, save for the outline of its energy before his unique type of vision. “I am a traveler who was passing through the area. I am searching for a shrine here in the forest…my name is…” Before he could introduce himself to the creature, a feeling of something sharp etched towards his neck.

“I could care less about your name…” The snake hissed, slithering around him, slowly identifying the Lucario in the dead of night. “…I was waiting to fill myself with the villagers of Din…but I believe your corpse won’t spoil my appetite…” The chuckling of the snake hovered in Senrai’s ears, the appendages attached to his head beginning to float slightly, much to the ignorance of the bladed-serpent.

Senrai’s eyes shot open, a startling blue glow causing the snake to narrowly jump back in alarm, a swift thrust of the Lucario’s palm knocking the bladed-serpent away from him. “I am not here to defend all of Din,” The Lucario kept his vision away from the serpent, once again closing his eyes as a fire-like energy surrounded his body. “Though your actions now allow me to defend myself, I can defend them indirectly.”

The snake recovered quickly, his bladed-tail whipping in-front of him as if formulating a defense. “Those of Din took our leader from us…this is vengeance!” He lunged forward, the tail of the Pokémon releasing globs of purple ooze, which it swung at Senrai-the Lucario raising an arm and blocking the blade.

Senrai silently sighed, the purple ooze slipping off his skin, denying his fur any sigh of being wet from it. “Oh…I’d assume you’ve never faced a species such as my own…” Senrai shoved the Pokémon’s tail away; despite his eyes being closed, he could tell there was a hint of surprise from the snake through his unique senses. “My skin is as hard as steel and as such, your poison does nothing to me…” He gently ran a paw across the arm that defended the blow. “Though I still feel the damage…” He appeared to chuckle.

“H-how are you aware of my poison…how can you be immune to it?!” The snake exclaimed.

Senrai simply took a fighting stance, facing the Pokémon. “I’ve trained myself greatly with my ‘sixth sense’…it is easy to identify another being by merely viewing the energy they emit.” He appeared to sigh heavily. “Though I am nowhere near perfect…I am aware that you are some sort of poison Pokémon…a serpentine one at the most…”

The statement didn’t appear to intimidate the snake, only add to his obvious rage. “Then we’ll test this…sixth sense!” With an almost roar-like hiss, two more snakes joined the fray, taking either side of Senrai. “Ally of Din or not…I can’t let you leave here and warn them!”

“Fine…” Senrai appeared to brace himself for a battle he didn’t want. “I’ll face you, though I can’t vouch for your wellbeing…” He said viciously.


“This is the location we agreed upon,” The Floatzel pair from the village of Cascade was examining a dried patch of blood in a small clearing, both finding no sign of the Floatzel known as Wade. “He’s obviously long gone.” Aqua’s mother exclaimed.

“Aska…” The other Floatzel sighed heavily. “We have to keep searching for my son…”

“This is the boundary of our village, going any further would be a risk to us,” Aqua’s mother explained. “And both of our children are capable of fighting on their own, so please stop worrying.” Aska stated heading back towards the village, much to the Floatzel’s dismay.

“I…guess you are right,” The Floatzel sighed glancing at the dried stain on the grass. “But, why did Aqua choose to travel alone?” Aska didn’t respond, continuing to leave the other water type behind. “Aska…”

“I thought we were worrying about your son?” Aska countered the Floatzel. “Why worry about my daughter? She can handle herself just fine.”

“And so can my son,” The Floatzel appeared to come to terms with her child’s decision. “But you and your daughter never saw eye-to-eye…”

“I’d rather not have her end up like my mate…” Aska answered, not glancing back. “Now, can we please go?”


Morning had come in Din Village, the barrier of electricity had long since vanished and many of the Pokémon within were actively moving about. “And she’s gone again…” The mother of Sparky, Scarlett and Mia, Lia, groaned heavily upon the realization of her missing daughter.

Aqua looked confused by restrained frustration. “Should we search for her?” The question received a smile from Lia.

“No, she does this all the time; don’t worry too much about it. You have your travels to worry about.” Aqua wordlessly agreed with her, and focused on what she had begun her travels for.

“Alright, I understand.” Aqua turned her attention to the village’s exit, her fur still slightly standing-on-end thanks to the electrified air of the village. “I guess I should find Sparky and Marko, then.”

“Aqua!” The two turned to the call; spotting one of the Pokémon Aqua was searching for, Sparky. “Hey, there’s someone looking for you at the village’s entrance…!” He exclaimed upon stopping before them, the Pikachu looked surprised. “It looks like he’s been in a fight though…”

Sparky led Aqua back to the entrance of the village, Lia staying behind with her egg, though passing her concerns onto whomever it was. As they reached the location, a small grouping of electric Pokémon began to form, one of them attempting to treat the Pokémon’s wounds. “Who is it…?” Aqua questioned as the two passed through the crowd of Pokémon.

“I’m…alright…I’m just searching for Aqua…” The Buizel, upon catching the voice, lost her curiosity and quickly replaced it with a foul growl.

Aqua shoved her way past the last few electric Pokémon, much to Sparky’s surprise and stormed towards the wounded Pokémon, a Floatzel. “What are you doing here!?” She cried angrily kicking the Floatzel to the ground and stomping on an obvious bite wound.

The Floatzel cried out in pain, the wound beginning to bleed after it was obviously attempting to heal. “A-Aqua…stop…!” The Floatzel was obviously too tired and injured to push her away, the crowd surprised by her actions, simply watched.

“I-is this how villagers of Cascade great one another…?” Sparky mumbled curiously.

She did back off however, blood staining her foot, but she didn’t care. “What are you doing here, Wade?!” She growled nastily.

Wade slowly got up, holding his newly opened wound painfully. “The rules of our village state that we can’t travel alone…you know that…!” The Floatzel protested. “Like it or not…” He shot up quickly, grabbing Aqua by the arms, inadvertently getting blood on her fur. “…I’m coming with you…!” This left Aqua and the watchers surprised.

After breaking the strange moment, Aqua and Sparky brought Wade back to the Elder’s home, Lia taking care of his wounds with various plants of the forest. The wound was treated with what appeared to be a large herb combined with some sort of sticky silk. “What were you thinking?” Aqua questioned with obvious distaste. “Everyone of Cascade knows not to travel through the forest at night…especially within our village’s boundaries…!”

Aqua’s scolding nature only produced a chuckle from the Floatzel. “It looks like your crush on me is long gone…” Aqua yelled out in protest of his comment, but she was interrupted by Sparky’s guardian, Marko.

“We should leave while it’s still early.” The three looked to him, Lia taking her leave. “Taking the detour to the shrine will take us a bit out of our day.” He explained.

“Oh, yes, we should go.” Aqua sighed, turning away from Wade and joining the Ampharos.

Wade got up slowly, pained by his injuries. “I’m…coming too.” He mumbled, Aqua countered but Marko beat her to it.

“You’re injured,” He explained. “It’s safer for you to stay here until you recover…” He glanced at a covered wound on his leg.

Wade shook his head quickly, walking towards the two. “I can’t, sorry.” He stated simply. “Like I told her,” He directed his attention to Aqua. “I am coming with her no matter what!” He exclaimed.

“There’s no way you’re going to change his mind.” Lia exclaimed from the other room. “Aqua needs a guardian and the both of you will be going in similar directions, ‘the more the merrier’ you could say…” She laughed to herself, much to the annoyance of both Aqua and Marko.

“I think it’s better if he comes, too.” Sparky shrugged the situation off, giving the Buizel the pack she’d made to carry her personal rations. “This way, if we do split up at some point, Aqua will have someone traveling with her.” He explained taking his own self-made pack, though his appeared to be made from cloth compared to Aqua’s plant-based one.

The Buizel only sighed at this statement, storming out. “Whatever…let’s just go…” She grumbled, Wade appearing to laugh along with Sparky, Marko only sighing heavily at the situation.

“Why must I be stuck with a group of children…?” He Ampharos groaned under his breath. “May the gods watch over us…” He mumbled.

“The Elder is not going to see off his son…?” Aqua questioned as the three males ventured out of the Elder’s home.

“A strange event happened not far from here, apparently there was a battle between the snakes and something…their new leader was killed-that’s what I’ve heard from some of the scavengers who leave the village at dawn.” Marko explained quickly, though ignored Aqua’s question of why scavengers were needed. “The village’s focus has been distracted by that event, so we don’t have to worry about a big event for our departure, which is good in my opinion…saves time.” Aqua appeared to agree with that.

“Aww man…” Sparky appeared to be in a huff, Wade simply staying silent.

“Let’s get to the Guardian’s Shrine and…thank you for agreeing to travel with me by the way.” She said with a soft smile to Sparky and Marko, both of which simply accepted the words of thanks, Wade attempting to chime in, but Aqua countered with a glare.

“Well…let’s get moving…” Wade chuckled nervously eyeing the Buizel.


Continued in next post
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Default Re: Soul Chronicles (Chapter 4 is out)

Elsewhere within the forest, the daughter of the Elder Tenkin and Lia, Scarlett had begun searching for something, a sheep-like Pokémon known as a Mareep following her. “I don’t think we should be out here…” The Mareep complained worriedly.

“If you’re so scared, then go home…” The Pikachu spat, her tone strongly angered with the Mareep’s complaint. The two continued on stalking through the brush, voices trailing in the distance, the leaves effectively muffling the tones. “Come on…” Scarlett beckoned the Mareep with her tail, edging closer to a slightly worn forest path surrounded by thick brush.

“W-what kind of Pokémon is that…?” The Mareep’s voice held a level of nervousness that greatly annoyed the Pikachu, a faint growl escaping her maw.

“Nervousness can get you killed…” She mumbled staring at the Pokémon on the path, a dinosaur-like creature bearing a dominantly grey color, save for a few blue stripes on certain parts of its body. Spikes were obvious on certain parts of the beings body and its head bore a strange shape, as if it used that part of its body for attacking. “What is it…?” Scarlett mumbled trying her best to identify it, but another Pokémon walked into their view, this one bearing a dog-like resemblance.

“Whoa…t-that one’s…” Before the Mareep could exclaim the obvious, Scarlett placed a paw on the Pokémon’s maw, silencing it. She glanced back at the Pokémon with a silencing glare, placing a paw over her mouth, strengthening her stare.

“I can’t believe you!” The dog-like being crept close to a howl; his fur a deep dark black, what appeared to be bones on certain parts of his body along with bone-like horns protruding from his head, the Pokémon could be identified as a ‘hell hound’ to many and its mood was ‘hellish’ in nature. “We’re supposed to travel to the mountains, how could you be this horrible with maps?!” A fiery aura surrounded the angered dog.

The dinosaur-like Pokémon seemingly ignored the hound, looking up from the apparent map it was searching through. “Hmm…we could search for another target while we’re here…” The Pokémon answered slowly, glancing back at something out of Scarlett and the Mareep’s sight. “…And you should be keeping an eye on our…charge…” He explained staring back at the parchment in his claws.

The dog-like Pokémon huffed, smoke escaping his snout as he turned to whatever the other was directing to him. “Oi, use your special power!” The dog stormed out of their sight, another voice, though hard to hear, exclaimed something. “Oh please, don’t give me that…use it!” There was silence in the area for quite some time, what sounded like a bark from the hellhound gained the other’s attention.

The dinosaur-like Pokémon slowly glanced back in the direction that was out of the watchers’ view, appearing to wordlessly take an order. The ground seemed to tremble slightly around the rock-like being, which appeared to let out a slow strained sigh.

The Mareep pulled away from Scarlett, choosing to stay silent no longer. “We should run…” Scarlett didn’t appear to protest the idea, nodding silently and turning to flee, though her path was barred by multiple boulders. The Mareep didn’t wait for Scarlett any longer, fleeing out of fear, crying aloud.

“It was just some sheep!” Scarlett stayed silent, slowly attempting to creep past the boulders in her path without catching their attention. “Was that the target?!” The hound’s question was answered by the faint voice, Scarlett in her attempt to flee, caught a glimpse at what the hound was barking at.

A strange box-shaped wagon was on the path, it being supported by a set of wheels for the obvious transportation of its contents. It was basic in appearance past that, with what appeared to be ropes to pull it along, its relatively small size obviously made that easy for the two large Pokémon. There was a small opening in front, the hound yelling primarily at that spot. “What the heck are they carrying in that thing…?” Scarlett mumbled, spotting the paw of another Pokémon poking out of the opening, waving lazily towards her location, the voice still hard for her ears to pick up due to the box and her distance.

“Another one…?” The hound didn’t wait for the dinosaur’s response, spewing a ball of dense dark energy from his maw, striking the brush causing a burst of dark energy to escape. “Did I get it?!” A rash of electricity burst from the brush, taking the hound by surprise, a yellow blur darting from the spot and appearing on top of the box.

“…A Pikachu…that’s a Chosen…?” The hound scoffed at his ally’s question, spewing smoke from his maw.

“I doubt it!” He growled at Scarlett, who returned the favor, her fur standing up from the electricity darting through her body. “Just some wild…” He spat a flame in her direction, but one of little threat.

“That’s the one…” A voice escaped from the box. “It’s the one I’m sensing…regardless of how faint it is…that Pikachu is a Chosen…” It was still hard to hear, almost strained and tired, much to Scarlett’s surprise.

“I’m no Chosen!” Scarlett exclaimed, more sparks spewing from her body. “You’re looking for…”

“That is the one…!” The voice from the box cut her off much to the Pikachu’s frustration.

“I said I’m not…!?” Flames narrowly scorched her small form, forcing her to hug the metallic box, the fur on her back almost setting ablaze by the shot.

“Catch her!” Scarlett cursed under her breath, leaping off the box as the hound lunged at her.

“…I’ll watch our charge…” The dinosaur-like being said, slowly stepping towards the box, watching as Scarlett fled and the hound giving chase.

“Some Rampardos you are!” The hound howled, chasing after the Pikachu.

“I told you, I’m not a Chosen, leave me alone!” Scarlett exclaimed, once again launching bolts of electricity towards the hound, which leapt away but gave chase still.

The hound ignored her exclamation, spitting flames through the forest, scorching plant-life as his attack swept past Scarlett. “That Chosen doesn’t lie!” Scarlett came to a halt as a wall of fire blocked her path, the brush catching fire alarmingly quickly.

“Chosen…you’re telling me that Pokémon in the box was a Chosen?” Scarlett exclaimed.

“Yeah, can’t you sense each other?” The hound questioned with a casual shrug, the fire surrounding the two not even bothering him, in Scarlett’s case she was starting to sweat from the heat.

“What are you talking about? Chosen can’t sense each other…and I’m not one!” Scarlett’s exclamation only made the fire-hound laugh.

“There’s no point in lying to yourself kid…just give up!” The hound charged at her, Scarlett leaping to the side, the dog tripping her up with his long, thin tail. Scarlett retaliated quickly, launching another bolt of electricity, shocking the dog who swore in response, spewing a ball of dense darkness at the Pikachu, knocking her through the surrounding flames. Scarlett cried out in panic, believing she was set ablaze by the surrounding flames, though it barely scorched her fur.

The flames suddenly swept away, the brush taking on the scent of burning, but the flames were gone; all of it sweeping to the hound, leaving a stunned expression on Scarlett’s face. “W-what the…w-what are you…?” The Pikachu exclaimed fearfully.

The hound gave a toothy grin as the flames danced around his body. “I guess you’ve never seen a Houndoom before…have you, kid?” He questioned, creeping closer to her.

“It was around here…!” The Mareep had located some of the scavengers of the village, leading them back to the location of the small fire.

“How could you leave Scarlett alone in the first place…?” A dog-like electric Pokémon questioned, its spiked fur being blue and yellow in appearance, the most notable appearance was its mane appearing to stand up on its head. The other electric Pokémon trailing behind them appeared to be of the same species, equally questioning the Mareep.

“Imagine if Elder Tenkin gets wind of this…” The other shuddered. “He’s…vicious…” This one was mumbling nervously to herself.

“Well, let’s hurry then!” The Mareep rushed ahead, the two following quickly only to find the burnt ground before them and nothing else. “Uh…this isn’t the spot but…”

“A battle between a fire Pokémon took place here…” One of the electric hounds exclaimed, attempting to sniff the air, barely picking up on something and rushing off without a word.

“What are you…?” Neither could get their questions in, the electric Pokémon long gone.

“Scarlett!” The Pokémon, who rushed ahead, burst through the scorched brush onto the path, though the area was barren, save for the scent being stronger. “No scent of blood…but…it continues down this path…” The Mareep and fellow electric Pokémon joined him.

“Um…Manectric…?” The Mareep called to the seemingly stunned electric Pokémon, the other of the same species and possibly name, took notice to the traveling scent.

“I’ll track it…someone’s either taken her…or a predator of some sort dragged her off to their nest…” Electricity flowed through the Pokémon, a snarl escaping his maw. “There are two of them…” He rushed off as quickly as he could. “Tell the Elder of this, now!” He called back, the other Manectric taking the Mareep gently in her maw and rushing back through the brush.


Back within Din Village, the news of the event had already reached the Elder’s ears, the Manectric returning with the information. A dumbfounded look was left on Tenkin’s face, which quickly burst into anger, electricity exploding from his body. “She’s…missing?!” He exclaimed as more bolts shot through his body, accidentally shocking a few of the watching Pokémon. “I let that girl get away with too much…!” He growled nastily, his mate standing by speechless, an unidentifiable expression on her face. “And on the day Sparky leaves too…are you sure the scents weren’t from other friendly wilds…?” He tried to stay calm, but the nervous exclamation of the Manectric dashed that feeling.

“It…it was…from about…three unidentifiable scents…it was hard trying to figure if they were from the friendly Pokémon of the forest…that area has a strong smell of flowers…I’m not very experienced in smelling through that…and…I…” The Manectric stumbled with her explanation, obviously new to things to an extent and lacking confidence around the Elder in his current state.

“They weren’t friendly!” The Mareep spoke up, for some reason staying silent until now. “They…they weren’t Pokémon I’ve ever seen before…and I only saw two…but they did appear to be talking to another one…” That statement prompted the Elder to quickly run through the village, dragging the Manectric along with him.

“Lead me back there!” He yelled, only passing a glance at his mate, the two appearing to send a mental message to each other. “We will find her…!” He exclaimed. “She can’t be…” He failed to finish the statement, the Manectric taking the lead before he could go any farther.


Deep within the forest was a shrine within a meadow, this shrine was decorated with various metals, its wooden structure long since forgotten. Plant life around it appeared to suffer, stained by the rust of the metals, the once lush green flora now dingy and brown. No flower or vine would grow where metal now lay, the brown stains of rust eating away at their beauty, a single plant attempted to flourish but was unable to.

“This is…?” With a cloth covering a formerly bloody wound, a Lucario stood before the once lively meadow. “The shrine of the Forest Guardian…Celebi…” He pressed forward, the ring-like item hanging around his neck beginning to glow brightly. “Time we talked then…” He said as the ring sent out a burst of light that surrounded him, only being quelled when the Pokémon vanished.

-Chapter end-

It's been too long, I feel bad. ^^;
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