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Old 08-18-2012, 08:12 AM
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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

Leah Reed
Viridian City
6,165 characters (6 points) (minus the header and coding of course)

If an eventless walk had been intended, things sure didn’t go as planned. It didn’t take too long for some of the others to engage various Pokémon in battle. Leah observed bits and pieces of each, but didn’t really stick around to see too much of any. It wasn’t by personal choice; however, she would have quite liked to take note of how her peers handled themselves in combat. No, seeing all of this seemed to pump an already energetic Axel and “sitting still and minding himself” was beyond his capabilities at the moment.

This did gnaw at her patience, although slightly. She still wore her stone mask of “meh” and her voice wasn’t much more emotive. A slight hint of disapproval was all the attentive person would detect. The Eevee, at this point, couldn’t be counted as “attentive”, or at least, not to his stiff trainer.

He wanted to experience this, not be stuck sitting like a statue the whole time. Leah had an uncanny ability to turn something exciting into a chore. Or at least, that’s how he saw it.
This was a perfect opportunity for them to engage in their first battle, he could take anything this route could throw at him.

“It’s more important we get to our destination. A battle in this situation would be a deviancy. They’ll be more appropriate times later,” she affirmed, eyeing the brown creature, almost knowing the thought that was running thought his mind.

Axel didn’t bother to cry in protest, it wasn’t his style. Instead, he kept going as before.
Leah’s gaze stayed with him for a good while, knowing him all too well. She knew getting experience was important, as was not falling behind her peers. However, her words had summed up the reluctance to battle, and the reason backing it.

Fate, apparently, saw things differently.

Being mildly distracted, Axel failed to notice the purple rat ahead of him and rammed into it. Of course, having a rather quick pace, the collision was less then feathery. It wasn’t Tackle speeds, but it was enough for the Rattata to see it as an attack.

Narrowing its large, red eyes, the wild Pokémon readied itself for a counterstrike. Eevee wasn’t intimidated, however, and stood his ground. It was take a lot more then this to force him into submission.

“Axel, what are you doing? We’re…”

Ratatta wasn’t stupid, when Axel turned to face Leah, the rat charged full speed, delving a solid blow and pushing him back a fair bit. The Evolution Pokémon let out a low growl, swiftly picking himself up.

Leah’s expression was unchanged, although she realised just walking away was not an option. The wild Pokémon actions coupled with its facial expression told her it wanted to fight this out.

Indeed, if she needed any further confirmation, the purple rodent began another Tackle, kicking up a bit of dust as it ran. This time, the speed was fast and an impact would result in more damage.

“Move,” her voice was louder, but the pitch remained unchanged.

Axel didn’t need to be reminded, leaping out of the way with moments to spare. His landing was a little rough though, but not enough to cause damage.

The Ratatta, on the hand, was completely thrown off by the unexpected move and was moving too fast to simply stop dead. This was a perfect window of opportunity for Axel to deal some damage. He eyed the foe, anticipating the order to attack.

“Tail Whip,”

His eyes darted to the trainer, almost mortified with her choice of attack. Her expression was unchanging, but expecting none the less.

“Before the…” she started again, but was cut off by a purple blur, which collided into Axel, dead centre.

Unfortunately, their dilly dandling lasted long enough for the rat to recover and strike back. The Eevee flew a few centimetres off the ground before reconnecting. He rolled violently against the path for a few moments. Leah knew it would have been worse had the foe been bigger and physically stronger, but Axel couldn’t take too many hits like that none the less.

He looked frazzled, like the wind had been knocked out of him. Still, he climbed back on his paws, gazing at the purple rat wearily. His paws shook for a slight moment, but stopped as he regained himself. Leah noticed the Ratatta pick another trail for her Eevee.


He moved to the right, Ratatta once again overshooting, although not by as much. It was able to gain footing faster, and now faced Axel faced it straight.


Instead of awaiting her to finish, the Eevee simply charged, and the purple rodent did the exact same.


He smirked, jerking to the left enough for their bodies to brush against each other. It seemed like it would be a simply repeat of the previous situation, but Axel used his tail to smack the enemy in the face. The hit wasn’t too strong, but enough to sting.

Self satisfied, he allowed himself to create a little distance and go for an actual Tackle. The rodent tried to dodge, however, Eevee was just swift enough to connect. It wasn’t an ideal hit, however, but did send it flying, almost akin the move dealt to him. The rat whined in pain as it stopped rolling.

Leah stood quiet, watching. She looked apathetic, arms crossed and eyes unblinking. But, the blonde knew her Pokémon was doing a better job on its own then following issued commands. It stung, somewhat…

The wild rodent was using a Tail Whip of its own, Axel following the movements, almost hypnotically.

“Snap out of it” it was the same tone as always.

He didn’t stir, the rat’s movements going faster. His defenses were down…

The purple creature smirked, starting to charge once again. In this state, with the punishment already endured, this would be a faint, or very dangerously close to it if not.

“Move!” her voice was still bare, but loud enough to get Axel’s attention. He jumped clear, seconds before the would-be impact. This time, Ratatta rushed right into a nearby rock. It hissed in pain, shaking its head violently.

Leah stared at it for a moment, as if contemplating her next move. The Eevee took a single step towards the injured Pokémon. However, the move forced the wounded rodent to retreat into the tall grass. After a few moments, it became impossible to trace its movements, the wilderness shielding the hurt creature.

Axel simply sighed, turning back towards his trainer, almost not knowing what to make of the events. He was elated they’d won, but was tired and a potential catch had escaped, harmed no less.

The blonde eyed the last place she’d seen the purple and cream rodent for a second before turning to face her Eevee.

“You did well,” she spoke in her usual tone, or so it seemed. Axel, however, picked some emotion in her words, although he wasn’t sure which it was. Either way, she bent down and gave him a pat on the head.

He didn’t like being treated such as a dog or cat, but the positive attention was nice. Still, Leah noticed slight discontentment in his facial expression.

She reached into her bag, easily remembering where the Potion had been placed. The Eevee probably didn’t need the full dose, a few sprays should do. The bottle had a circular base, but was flat and could easily be trusted on a table or other such surface. It’s top, however, was much narrower, and grey unlike the purple sported on the lower part. The fluid itself was a near transparent colour, odorless; it could be taken for water if stored differently.

Axel winced when the substance reached his few cuts, a sign it was working.

“We should be heading back,” Leah stated, putting the half empty Potion back in its place. Her response was a nod.

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