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Default [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Over the past few months, Pokemon trainers in every region have been noticing more strange news reports with similar stories. A Pokemon trainer attacked by machines of some kind in a forest and having their Pokemon kidnapped, only to find them badly injured nearby. The police and individual trainers eventually began exploring these areas to learn just what was going on, the police suspecting their region's respective team of villains. Encountering a combination of robotic Pokemon and more complex machines, the groups found a swirling vortex of energy near where the stolen Pokemon appeared in each of the areas.

Across the multiverse, the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik's latest plan to conquer the world had led him to create a device powered by the ultimate power sources of his world, the Chaos Emeralds. The device created a wormhole through which he could send his many mechanical servants to capture the native Pokemon and create mechanical copies bent to his will. But like all of Robotnik's plans, he was ill prepared for his nemesis, Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, and the evil genius quickly found his machine overloading and the Chaos Emeralds scattered across the globe. Unlike his previous machines that snapped the world back to the way it had been regardless of what havoc he had unleashed, the overloading of the wormhole generator caused the two worlds to be smashed together; bits of the Pokemon world's cities and parts of the world of Sonic the Hedgehog were forced to combine-- including the home lab of the illustrious Professor Oak.

Never one to give up easily, Robotnik and his machines overpowered the trainers of Pallet Town and stole the data Professor Oak had gathered over the years of nearly every Pokemon in existence-- Including such super powerful deities as Palkia, Dialga, and the other Legendary Pokemon. With one Chaos Emerald in hand and a limitless supply of robotic minions, Robotnik set his sights on capturing and subjugating the most powerful Pokemon in the world and constructing his worldwide robotic empire. His first stop was the seat of Kanto's government, sweeping through and either killing of roboticizing the leaders of the area and converting the Kanto Government building in to a heavily defended fortress. This fortress was used to cripple the special government agency GUN and systematically managed to wipe out most of the world's governments this way after the incident, all the while seeking to capture and manipulate the legendary Pokemon but being unsuccessful in their location. Relying on the fact that the new governments were distracted by preventing a panic, Robotnik's sneak attacks and overwhelmingly more advanced equipment broke them quickly.

Those with the resources attempted to ban together, either to stop or aid Robotnik in his conquering of the world; those who supported him wanted immortality and to become stronger through his roboticizer machines, and many stood to attempt to oppose his mechanical armies. Others sought to take the Chaos Emeralds or Legendary Pokemon and use them for their own gain. Others still seek to reverse-engineer Robotnik's technology to return their worlds to the way they were before-- Somehow. It all hinges on one important figure; Dr. Ivo Robotnik, the most brilliant scientific genius in the world and the maker of all manner of impossible technology. Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who was pursuing the Legendary Pokemon for the purpose of controlling their amazing powers. Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who was swarming the planet with countless robotic armies. With his flying fortress the Death Egg firmly planted on the dead volcano of Sootopolis City in the Hoenn region spewing out hundreds of robotic soldiers, he stands poised to take over the entire planet if an opposition doesn't form quickly.

It's been three weeks since then. With the mixed remains of the two worlds forced together and in disarray, can either side gather the forces to combat Robotnik's mechanical army and prevent the evil scientist from conquering both worlds, or will the mad doctor's schemes finally pay off? Can anything be done to restore the world to its previous state? Can anyone stop the evil doctor?

1) Technology level is the level of equipment and technology seen in the Pokemon games. From the Sonic world, modern-day weapons and technology are available. You can retrieve weapons from human-sized or smaller Badniks to use. You can only carry a maximum of two Badnik weapons in addition to whatever else you may have. Get bogged down with too much junk and you'll be swiss cheese; that's your only warning.
2)All canon Pokemon (sans Anime characters) and Sonic the Hedgehog characters are available, but they must have a good reason and you must be active with them. If you take a canon and don't use them for anything, your team WILL have points docked.
3)You do not >have< to be on a team to participate... but you have no chance of earning points if you are not on one.
4)Avoid godmodding. You're fighting an army of robots and a psycho who makes them. You're not going to be able to carry around much more than a few weapons if that. Just keep it fairly realistic... or as realistic as three foot hedgehogs and mice that shoot electricity can be. Don't control other people's characters, don't give yourself auto-hits, don't kill a character without permission from that RPer, so on. Applies to me too, but being the bad guy I get a bit of leeway with all of you breathing down my neck :I
5)There's no real post length, but post one-liners and you're not getting any points. I'm not even a judge and I know that.
6)Be active. If you have to disappear for a while because of school or whatnot, let us know before the fact. Points may be docked if you randomly vanish and you were, say, doing something plot-important and now you're gone.
7)Just because you can do something doesn't mean it'll work. As there are no 'making things' dockets in this RP, you won't be making any one-hit-kill-the-bad-guy weapons of mass destruction. Start doing it and have fun dealing with that army of robots. And don't think anything reverse-engineered is going to outperform the originals; you've neither the resources nor the know-how to make these technological terrors.
8)Judging will be done periodically by the judges. 30 points will be distributed throughout the RP, and 10 points will be awarded to the team that manages to defeat Robotnik (Or in the case of the team helping him, manages to help Robotnik win)
9)The password is Nubnub.
10) Above all, the purpose of this RP is to have a great time. Sure you'll get points to help your team, but that's not why you went through the effort of signing up. Win or lose, it's all for fun.
11) As further warning, your character will be roboticized if they are inactive without notice for a period of more than two weeks; whether you come through to make them redeem themselves is up to you when you return.
12) Traveling is possible through vehicles such as airplanes, trains, and land vehicles. Trains are limited in their range however, and planes are most likely grounded until flying is safe, unless you're all right with being pummeled by flying battleships.
13) People on Robotnik's side are either Badniks (Robotnik's grunt robots) or roboticized humans and anthropomorphic animals. If you're going to play a non-robot, you'd better have an amazing reason for why Robotnik would allow that. All of Robotnik's robots run the risk of being scrapped if they don't perform well or try to betray him, and he can easily dispose of them at the first sign of defiance. Tread carefully if you choose to side with him, and remember that as far as he is concerned your current body and development are completely disposable; he has backups of your programming... but he's not keeping those memories in stock. If you die as a Badnik, you can be rebuilt by Robotnik shortly after in one of his factories.
14) You're allowed to create things from the scrap you get out of those Badniks you'll be killing. Anything the size of the Tornado (A two-person biplane that can turn in to a two-person mini jet, that can turn in to a small combat mech) and smaller is up for creation. Try making any weapons of mass destruction and have fun watching them detonate in your base and right in front of you. Only warning.
15) Your Pokemon trainer can be from any region, mentioned or otherwise. If it's not on the world map, just assume it got removed in the world meld.
16) When you post in the RP, put the following information at the top of your post in bold: Character name, location, team. Format it however you like.
17) In case it was not clear in the SU: You CAN NOT play a Sonic character who uses Pokemon. Likewise, a Pokemon trainer CAN NOT have special powers (Pokemon trainers with light telepathy/telekiness being the exception). It's one or the other.
<Image made by Neo>

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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <Sentry goin' up>

<Thanks for the map Neo!>

Robotnik-controlled regions:
-the Death Egg

Free regions:
-the Sevi Isles
-Central City
-Angel Island

Added locations:

-Central City: North of the Kanto-Johto area, it is a large city much like modern day New York. Being from Sonic the Hedgehog's world, some anthropomorphic creatures live here. The city has modern conveniences, but nothing of particular use to Pokemon trainers. Monorails connect the various areas of the city, which is actually quite large. Station Square is a part of this city. Some buildings have taken structural damage from the merge.

-Angel Island: A floating island located in the Sevi Island region that tends to float around a bit. There are no beings in particular that live here, but one of Robotnik's old bases lies here, as do some interesting ruins. There is a shrine to the Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds, but naturally none of them are present. Though it isn't flying any more due to the loss of the Master Emerald, it does drift about in the ocean to some extent.

-The Death Egg: A flying fortress and spaceship built by Robotnik, lined with weaponry and filled with multiple factories. It is constantly releasing a stream of fresh robots to either defend it or join the growing robotic army. The stronghold is nigh impregnable from any direction due to the overwhelming numbers of defenses and the large army stationed there. The Death Egg is seated firmly atop Sootopolis' dead volcano, preventing anyone from leaving from the air while the number of robots make leaving underwater nigh impossible. No word has left Sootopolis City since the large metal sphere landed. The only reason it hasn't lifted off and been used to its full weaponized potential is merely because its impact with the Sootopolis volcano caused heavy damage to the propulsion systems, damage that is nearing total repair...

Chaos Emerald holders
Master Emerald- Dr. Robotnik
Green Emerald- Undiscovered
Blue Emerald- Undiscovered
Cyan Emerald- Undiscovered
Grey Emerald- Undiscovered
Red Emerald- Undiscovered
Yellow Emerald- Undiscovered
Purple Emerald- Dr. Robotnik

Approved Characters:
Ace Nighthare - Neo_Emolga
K'sariya Damuna - Sight of the Stars
Astrailyx - Saraibre Ryu
Shadow the Hedgehog - Grassy_Aggron
Revolution Uprising:
Socrates - Narphoenix
Schrodinger Salvo - Velocity
Alice Card - Velocity (Same as above)
Zek Chakram - Latio-Nytro
Cadence - Eternal Moonlight
Tails - Max0596
Not-So-Super Friends:
Park Lords:
Shaveh Teink -ChainReaction01
Ziporah Lane- 2gamers
Kraden Iodem - Braniac
The Eggman Empire:
Michelle Toya - Winter
<Note: Just because a team is listed doesn't mean that team needs a participant. The bracket is there in the event they want to join.>

SU form
Character name: Character's name, or whatever they're called.
Age: Give an age.
Gender: Male or female?
Species: What species? (Human, what kind of anthropomorphic animal if you are one, etc.)
Team: What team are you on?
Occupation: What your character does (Team Rocket grunt, professional Pokemon trainer, hero, etc.)
Appearance: Two paragraphs about what they look like. Ten sentences minimum. GOOD sentences.
Personality: How the character acts. Same requirement as above.
History: Two paragraphs about your character's background. As with the above, can be more if you like. Explain why they sided what they did and what's happened since the world merge.
Pokemon team: For Pokemon trainers. Team of ten Pokemon maximum.
Weapons: What weapons you have, if applicable.
Special powers: For Sonic characters. What special things can the character do?
Equipment: Anything special your character carries on them. Pokedexes, bulletproof vests, etc.
Other: Anything I may have forgotten.
<Image made by Neo>

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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <Sentry goin' up>

Nub nub.

Character name: Shadow
Age: 50+
Gender: Male
Species: Hedgehog/Black Arms/Dragon
Team: Guardian Units of Nations
Occupation: GUN Agent, currently Commander
Appearance (Urg I Hate This Part): I wonder why he's so mad here? At a solid one-hundred centimeters (3 ft 3 in) and around seventy seven pounds, Shadow isn't the tallest person around - and he isn't human, either. His main fur color is black, while his muzzle and inside his ears are peach. He has six quills on his head, with the middle ones pointing downward while the rest go upwards, as well as two quills on his back. He has red stripes on his quills (minus the back) and his arms and legs, the stripes go down to his index and middle finger as well as his feet (I consider him to have three toes on each paw, and thus it would be on the one considered the "middle toe", I guess). White fluff - very soft, ha ha - lies on his chest, and his eyes are ruby (AKA red).

His shoes are white rimmed by that color, with a bit of black on the end. They contain jet boosters. His gloves are white; around both his ankles and wrists he has Inhibitor Rings, which limit his power - without them he'd use all his strength in combat. Powerful, but not a very good idea usually.

He has an ammo belt where he carries his two rifles on and clips, as well as a radio to keep in contact with GUN.

Biodragon - Slightly bigger than the Biolizard (so he is around 60 ft, and about 90 tons), with the same black and red coloration. Eyes set on the top of his round head to look forward; head is on a long yet sturdy neck. Maintains the iconic "chest fluff" on his chest. Red horns, similar to a bull in the fact they go up and out before curving in while remaining parallel to the head, start from behind his eyes and end just short of his snout. In any case, he would much prefer to bite something than to ram it, and he has a full set of teeth to provide that.

Has a powerful pair of wings on his back; the leather is a dark grey, and the iconic red stripe is from the thumb claw to before the elbow. That same stripe is present on his his three fingered claws, starting from the middle and ending before the elbow or knee. His tail splits into two at the base, ending in vertical spikes - or "arrows" if you will (it's a classic staple of dragons); the tails are held stiffly enough to not drag on the ground. The "arrows", as well as the spikes - rather triangular - running down from his head (starting just before the horns, so one could sit rather comfortably between the horns because of this fact) to the base of his tails are also red.

Oh yes, and his Inhibitor Rings have enlarged to be on his wrists and ankles, serving the same purpose as they did before. Brilliant engineering.

Personality: Shadow is a very cold individual, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care. Rather, it means one has to work extra hard to earn the right to get an emotion other than indifference. Having lost those he loved fifty years ago, and having it fester, it has left him hollow and often bitter. It is also filled with regret and anger; regretting his existence and the fact he couldn't save Maria, and angry at those that took her away from him, ruining his life. Being very stubborn, Shadow doesn't give up, and pursues his targets with a disturbing amount of persistence, occasionally bordering on obsession. He will do whatever it takes to get his goal accomplished, whether it means playing by the rules or not.

Often lost in thought but never fully unfocused, Shadow is a quiet individual but has absolutely no problem with being blunt or saying what is on his mind. If he makes a threat, he has every intention of carrying out - he never bluffs. He has a sense of superiority, but he no longer allows it to cloud his judgement; he also no longer seeks revenge, although cross him and one will undoubtedly regret it. He is a very serious character, and takes everything in stride.

But that does not mean he doesn't care. Shadow is extremely smart, but very loyal, even having a code of honor in that if he pledges allegiance he will not break it (but bending is not out of the question). Should one earn his trust, he will be always be there to help. He often spends his time alone, but with those he has befriended he does enjoy their company - to an extent. Once they start getting annoying it is another story. Shadow can be overprotective as well, and will stop at nothing to help protect those he cares about (although he'll be danged if he ever admits it). His respect must be earned, but it is guaranteed to last unless the person does something to completely blow it. In addition, he enjoys a good challenge...And giving him one is the best way to earn said respect.

And for his friends, he can display traits of kindness...And even become a father figure to individuals. This kindness however, is rare. He is seen to be more polite towards women and children, especially women that are blonde with blue eyes as they bear a resemblance to Maria. Shadow has been shown to be deeply disturbed by the idea of being a weapon of mass destruction, even decreeing that if that were the case he would destroy himself for the safety of the world. It more or less reveals he secretly wants peace and to be able to rest.

Oh, and please don't tick Shadow off. It's very very very very bad if someone does.

History: Fifty or so years ago, the Space Colony ARK was created, and Gerald Robotnik - Ivo Robotnik's grandfather - decided to become a scientist on board the ARK, the government having been pestering him, when he discovered his granddaughter Maria Robotnik had the incurable NIDS (Neuro-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome). He searched for a cure while also helping to discover the secret of immortality, the project being dubbed "Project Shadow" due to it being deemed out of reach. ...He liked the name.

He started with lizards due to their regenerative abilities. The first creation grew and mutated, eventually needing a life support system. This prototype, dubbed the "Biolizard", was sealed away in the core of the ARK. However, there was another lizard that was more successful, although due to the Biolizard Gerald began to think about changing to a different species. At this point, the Black Comet (a comet home to an alien race that appears every fifty years) had approached, and Gerald made a deal with the Black Arms leader, Black Doom...As he was ageless and immortal, it allowed him to bypass creating immortality. He infused it into the lizard, which became far more akin to a dragon, earning the name of "Biodragon". However, it was too difficult to control, so it was put into stasis as Gerald decided on what to do. Gerald also started construction of the Eclipse Cannon, which could destroy a planet with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, as he did not trust Black Doom.

At the same time, an ancient machine (called a Gizoid) destroyed a good chunk of the ARK after it copied the super weapons on board. As the government was growing iffy on the research, it was handed over to buy time. Having been studying an ancient mural of a hedgehog defeating his grandson in the future, he decided to turn the Biodragon into a hedgehog; effectively, he created a new set of genes and sealed the Biodragon within them. "Project Shadow" was complete, and Shadow the Hedgehog was "born".

Shadow and Maria spent a month together, and became very close; they developed a brother-sister friendship, while Gerald himself was like a father. However, the government did not know, and wanted Gerald to shut down his research. Refusing, they sent GUN to raid the ARK, and discovered that Shadow had been completed. Shadow and Maria tried to flee, but Maria was shot. She sealed Shadow in a stasis tube and sent him to Earth, along with the promise for him to protect humanity before dying.

Her death drove Gerald insane, and he reprogrammed the Biolizard, the ARK, and Shadow himself to get revenge on humanity, before he was executed. Shadow was sealed away on Prison Island for fifty years, before Dr. Robotnik (AKA Eggman) broke him out. Together they grabbed all the Chaos Emeralds and activated the Eclipse Cannon on the now forgotten ARK, obliterating half the moon. However, thanks to Sonic's friend Amy, she made him remember the promise he made.

Shadow took on his prototype and defeated it while Sonic and Knuckles used the Master Emerald to stop the Chaos Emeralds. But the Biolizard had survived and fused itself to the ARK, sending it on a crash course towards the planet. Sonic and Shadow teamed up and defeated it, teleporting the ARK back into stable orbit, but it seemed Shadow fell to his death.

...Only to be rescued by Eggman's machines, and put into stasis. He developed amnesia, and began to work towards discovering his identity. Discovering machines in his likeness, it made him wonder if he was truly Shadow, or just another copy. After helping to defeat Metal Sonic, he was left to his own devices; eventually the Black Comet rolled around again, and the Black Arms invaded the planet. Black Doom told Shadow his purpose was to bring all the Chaos Emeralds to him, and if he did he would regain his memories.

...Well, Shadow was desperate at the time, so he did it. However, Black Doom ultimately betrays Shadow, transporting the Black Doom to the surface of the planet where it dug in its roots; he was going to use the humans and anthros as food. The others paralyzed by a gas, Shadow used the Chaos Emeralds to fight Black Doom, eventually killing him. He then teleported the Black Comet into space, where he used the Eclipse Cannon for its intended purpose - the Black Arms were no more, other than Shadow himself.

Shortly after, the GUN Commander - whom had been a child on the ARK and saw Shadow being created, blaming him for Maria's death - offered Shadow a job as a GUN Agent. Shadow, having finally decided to put his past behind him, agreed. He became high rank pretty much immediately. He helped where he could, keeping his promise to Maria and protecting humans and anthros. It did not take long for an energy disturbance to be picked up, and GUN investigated before taking her back. It didn't take long for Astrailyx, the cause, to meet Shadow, and much to his dismay she was knocked out immediately when they tried to shake hands. She recovered quickly, thankfully, although it didn't take a long time for a snow leopard - Reaver - to break into GUN.

Turns out he was just worried about her, and the whole situation was explained. He even deigned to tell them all he knew about her. Much to Shadow's immense shock, he discovered that the research that had made him possible had saved her life. This had two effects on him, however. He was, admittedly, happy that his research had done something good, but horrified that it was known and it, along with the dragon, had tried to be used for evil purposes. She still wanted to get her body back, and he was completely inclined to help her.

When the world's collided, it knocked her out while his own abilities were hampered - namely, he can no longer sense the Chaos Emeralds as he used to be able - and now he has to undue the mess that Sonic helped create, with the Blue Blur nowhere in sight. But now, he has to lead GUN as the Commander has gone missing, and the fate of two worlds rest in his hands...

Pistols - Two of them, semi-automatic. He likes to duel wield them, because he's awesome like that. He keeps them strapped to his sides, along with ammo clips.

Can also make weapons out of Chaos Energy, but they consume a lot of energy to maintain and would be considered more "special" than "physical" if we went with Pokemon terms. ...Like, a physical move that does special damage. ...Yeah, let's go with that.

Special powers:

Ageless - Shadow does not age. Short description is short.

Immortality - Being the result of a project to discover immortality, he has it. But it IS flawed. For example, his wounds, while they heal a little faster than others, do not heal instantly. Bleeding to death, vaporization, beheading - given he doesn't get to his stasis pod quickly enough - those types of death will still be a huge issue. He doesn't need to eat, sleep, or drink, although using up a lot of energy doing those activities will help speed up recovery. (Please note, I've already talked to Metal about this and...Well, don't worry. It's not going to be a problem. Just trust me on this one - you'll see why shortly.)

Chaos Abilities - Able to tap into latent Chaos Energy within his body, he can form a variety of attacks. However, his abilities increase tenfold once he gets his hands on a Chaos Emerald. Black Doom was skilled in using Chaos Energy - it was in his blood. Thus, Shadow, created from his blood, is also effective in using it. Without a Chaos Emerald, however, it drains his stamina severely and some are even hampered by it.

Please note - Negative Chaos Energy is red and more destructive. Positive Chaos Energy is blue and more defensive or healing.
  • Chaos Control - Can teleport to areas and warp time. Without a Chaos Emerald, severely limited to short jumps that would be better off with him skating, and the time warp only works for a minute. Did I mention it is severely draining? All in all, it's near worthless without a Chaos Emerald. Simply too draining to be used effectively in combat or travel.
  • Chaos Claw - Forms Negative Chaos Energy around his hands, into claws. Deals good damage up close, and forms a protective barrier on his hands. However, useless at long range. Perhaps one of his favorite techniques to use.
  • Chaos Spear - Summons spears of Negative Chaos Energy to deal damage to the opponent. Multiple ones can be launched - obviously he can use more with a Chaos Emerald, so he sticks to one or two without it. Can pierce armor.
  • Chaos Weapon/Shield - Forms a weapon of his choice composed of Negative Chaos Energy (or, for a shield, Positive Chaos Energy). Again, this is draining, and the shield even moreso depending on how big he makes it and how powerful the attack is. Weapon has the same problem; also, throwing said weapon it will likely disappear as the energy evaporates. No guns because they'd evaporate XD Usable only in normal form.
  • Chaos Blast - Gathering a huge amount of Negative Chaos Energy, Shadow unleashes a blast originating from himself. It's in a circular radius, and highly, highly destructive. Easier to do when angry, and drains a huge amount of energy even with a Chaos Emerald. Without it, will probably drain most of his energy.
  • Chaos Regeneration - Using Positive Chaos Energy, Shadow heals a wound. Small wounds are easy, but deeper wounds consume more energy. To restore lost limbs would require a Chaos Emerald and a few minutes to perform...And it must not have healed already. Meaning, tough luck because you've already probably bled to death XD
  • Chaos Mist - Exhales a breathe that is a mixture of Positive and Negative Chaos Energy. Going by Pokemon terms, the nature of the energy could Paralyze you. Positive Energy - the "cooler" energy could Freeze. Negative Energy - Often more "angry", could Burn. And inhaling this stuff just can't be good for you, so Poison. More effective at closer range, otherwise it spreads out and does less damage. Chaos Emerald just makes it stronger and last longer. Usable only in Biodragon Form.

Mach 2 Speed - Using the jet thrusts on his shoes, he can skate and accelerate to Mach 2 Speed. However, his turning isn't that great and he has slow acceleration; additionally punching or using any abilities at these speeds result in him getting knocked back, so he has to slow down. If he loses his shoes, his speed is severely hampered - beneath Mach 1.

Superior Strength (NOT SUPER STRENGTH. There is indeed a difference) - Can flip giant slaps of concrete with one arm (with some struggling), so probably around 1000 pounds. He CANNOT carry 1000 pounds, however. His limit of carrying is probably around 700 pounds or so with both arms, but he can't move very fast or jump very high; depends on how much he is carrying.

Super Transformation - With all Seven Chaos Emeralds he can transform into his super form. His fur turns gold, he can fly, and his abilities become much stronger. Can only sustain it for a short time, though. Takes a lot to damage him - nearly impossible.

Power Up - If Shadow takes his Inhibitor Rings up, he gains a massive boost in strength and natural speed. However, he burns energy up at a terrible pace, being unable to fight after two of my posts. Yes, that's right. UNABLE TO FIGHT. He knocks himself out, he burns that much energy. Don't even think about taking them off in his Biodragon Form. ...Seriously. I don't even know what'll happen.

Biodragon Form - Turning into this form grants Shadow a boost in power and makes his defense stronger, but at the cost of making him a larger target and slower as well as expending more energy. However, its power pales in comparison to Shadow without his Inhibitor Rings, as well as Shadow's speed giving him an advantage. In this case, he just has more power. His wings give him flight, and he gains an additional ability - Chaos Mist - because, well, he IS a dragon and it wouldn't be fair if he didn't breathe something :P He's just a lot stronger.

However, he can only stay in this form for FIVE of my posts. After that, he gets stuck in it. Not a bad thing, right? WRONG. He's a big, slow target that uses energy like no tomorrow. In a war. ...Yeah. Did I mention he can't speak in this form, so communication will be very difficult? "Blink once if you agree, twice if you don't." Shadow also risks giving in to the instincts, which sealed the form in the first place. He has more control now due to experience, but...


Hover Shoes - Allow him to travel at Mach 2 speed by skating or, in extreme cases, simply "flying". Over the ground. Awesome. In any case, they are over fifty years of age as well, and it shows with the paint starting to wear off. Gerald knew how to design things, however, so they still work well. They also allow him to hover over water...But again, he can't really fly with them or hover a few feet in the air. Slow a descent? Yes. But fly? Nope.

Ammo Belt - ...He carries ammo on it. Seriously. Also has a radio for head quarters on it. So, yeah. Simple. Also, guns - see above under weapons.

Motorcycle - 500 rounds for each gun (white things). Gift from GUN for joining; slower than him obviously. He loves it; I can't blame him because it is sexy XD

Other: He's pretty good in hand-to-hand combat, but he's not a martial artist or something. He just likes to punch, punch, kick and that stuff. He's decent at dodging too ^^

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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <Sentry goin' up>

Character name: Streak the Hybrid to friends and allies, Streak the Freak to his enemies
Age: Physically late teens, was created roughly 10 years ago, but has only aged about five years due to spending time in a stasis tube by choice
Gender: Male
Species: Hedgehog/Two-Tailed Fox/Echidna/Cyberclaw Hybrid
Team: Guardian Units of Nations
Occupation: Small time hero in Central City
Appearance: and
Reference pics. First one is by TotodileHop24 AKA Rachel and the other one is a commission by Carlos. Goes by Gokulio online. Was a while ago so I'm not sure I spelled it right. Anyway, my concept, their art.

If one were to compare the heads of Streak and Sonic, they would find them very alike, with the exception of the hues of crimson and amber that are featured on Streak's fur. This hedgehog is quite a mix of most of the characters many are familiar with: he bears Tail's yellow coloration in quills that are very similar to Sonic's, and in his bangs vary little from Knuckles, as well as Sonic's general body shape. A pointed nose with a Shadow-esque shape is a defining feature of his countenance. Red coats his stomach, accented by the yellow on his back. The azure, lower half of his body are hidden by the sturdy pair of blue jeans that he wears. Another garment he wears are the gloves on his hands, torn at the top from the two, deadly-sharp, roughly 3-inch claws that can extend and retract at his will with a snikt! The sneakers on his feet sport an interesting shade of ruby and a murky hue of emerald on a base of alabaster.

Two sun-colored tails that allow him to take flight poke through the back of his jeans, capped with white fluff on the ends that billow in the wind.
Personality: Although he is physically an adult, Streak is very naive still and doesn't immediately recognize a threat. He is a kid inside and shows it at every available opportunity. Very socially awkward and afraid of talking to strangers. He tends to be honest to a fault, sometimes hurting people's feelings. This allows him to be able to convince others to believe in themselves by reminding them of truths about them. Sometimes being honest is a good thing. The eternal optimist, Streak is almost always positive. Well, that is, when things are going smoothly. Once things start going downhill, though, he has very pessimistic tendencies. Once he's your friend, he's loyal for life. He will stand by his friends and colleagues.
History: Roughly ten years ago off the outskirts of Central City Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow had one of their epic bouts of good versus evil with Dr. Ivo Robotnik. It was so bad that he actually hurt each of them enough to spill some of their blood, which coincidentally landed in one spot. Sure it was all over too, but one spot in particular had some of each of the heroes blood spilled in it. A couple hours later Eggy flew away and the good guys had to get medical attention so they didn't pursue. Soon after the Cyberclaw scout ship crashed in the same area and blew up in a fiery explosion of death. Blood and body parts of it's mangled occupants ended up all over. After the crash from the explosion, the ship's interstellar drive melted down and bathed a 100 mile radius in it's radiation. The blood of the different beings mutated and created a being that had most of their abilities and looks, although not as strong as the originals.

The mutant wandered around for a couple months not knowing who it was or even how to talk. Spotted by local authorities the being was able to evade them by going into the sewers. There he found a way even further down to what seemed to be an abandoned laboratory of some sort. A stasis tube was on the wall. Severely hurt by shots from his pursuers, he inferred that the tube was his only means of survival.

A good while later E-123 Omega went with Blaze the Cat on a mission to find “Eggman technology” and happened upon this abandoned lab with it's sole occupant. Omega was about to destroy the stasis chamber and the machines powering it, but Blaze stopped him saying that this wasn't something Eggman would make. They released the creature from stasis, discovering that it couldn't talk and had very limited understanding of even the most basic vocabulary. The two spent a couple of months teaching the creature, who they decided to name Streak because he looked a lot like streaks of colors from friends, how to speak, read, write, and count. Just the basics. He didn't seem to be nearly as smart as Tails, but with the basics firmly in hand Streak expanded his horizons and began to pursue knowledge on his own. Blaze decided to pursue other things, while Omega stayed behind to do periodic maintenance on the lab where Streak lived and slept nights in stasis. By day Streak performed random small acts of heroism, and by night he artificially slowed down his aging by resting and recuperating in his tube.

Years passed and on a routine mission Streak came upon a girl who was observing him saving a cat up a tree. She asked if she could be his friend and if he had a home. A strange request from a stranger, so he had to be cautious. Fearing for his little piece of home being discovered he told her he was homeless and lived in an alley. Eventually he told her the truth of course, that he didn't know where he came from and lived in an underground chamber below the sewers. He moved his stasis tube to her parents house and Omega came along. Renee started her job and Streak worked with Omega doing good things for the city.

When the world merge happened and GUN fortified its base at Central City, Renee signed up to lend her unique brand of help to the cause. Renee's parents flew their entire house to a remote location, promising to return when things settled down and the worlds started to de-merge. Streak on the other hand didn't want to join at first and was forcibly captured and interrogated as a possible threat even with trying to explain he was there to do good. They eventually released him under watch after extremely long questioning. It was either join or live in a cage for the rest of his life. He reluctantly agreed and set up his stasis chamber in the GUN base while Renee worked for them as well.
Weapons: Green Destiny. It's a sword made of a Steelanium, a mix or Steel and Titanium. It would be very hard to destroy. It is from Chu Nan in Sonic Earth. It's a place like Japan, basically.
Special powers:
From Sonic: Top speed capped at Mach 1.5, agility/acrobatics, Homing Attack (High speed, focused accuracy attack where he charges at the target), Spin Dash (Used while moving, then curling into a fetal position while rolling along the ground. When used while running at a very high speed and rate of torque, the user is able to damage/destroy barriers and enemies. This move is also used in mid-air as a jump).
From Knuckles: Strength enough to pick up and throw 700 pounds, Claw digging ability.
From Tails: Although only half as smart as Tails or Robotnik, he still has a genius level IQ of 150. Slow flight by spinning the tails, which is just enough to get around and not much else.
Bone Claws: These are a pair on the back of each hand and can extend/retract. They are three inches long and make a snikt! sound when extended. When retracted they meld back into the bone of the hand. Allows for scaling walls (Can support his weight) and digging. The claws are not easily broken, but eventually grow back after a while if it does happen. Also a good melee attack, but that's a given.
Equipment: Backpack. Small computer that can fit in a pocket, custom designed and built by Renee. Wrist communicator used to talk to GUN HQ, Renee, or just about anybody. The communicator is basically a phone and also functions as a watch. Big bottle of disinfectant soap.
Other: Yes, NUBNUB.

Streak has a theme song! I particularly like the first minute.


Character name: Renee
Age: 10 physically, but her hologram form looks like late teens
Gender: Female
Species: Human, maybe. No, she's really a Cyberclaw using a hologram imaging belt to look human
Team: Guardian Units of Nations
Occupation: Streak's partner in all endeavors and a technology enthusiast. Works in a computer repair shop to earn money.
Appearance: This is a very old image from years ago. I am not the author, I only claim ownership of the concept. The original author made this from my specifications. I forget who the author is, but I keep it on my Photobucket and DO NOT claim to be the author, which is all that matters.

As a modification, remove the Pokeball and Nike mark from the sneakers in this pic.

She has really long hair that hangs lower than her behind by roughly a whole foot. The hair is brown. She wears a pink low cut tank top, and a short blue jacket over it. The jacket has a zipper which allows it to be closed when cold, but if it's particularly cold then she needs to wear a different jacket. To round the outfit, she wears short jean shorts and women's basketball sneakers (Just to make sure, I mean the high kind that go higher than the ankle) with a black/white color scheme. Because they come from her race, Renee has the same claws as Streak. The hologram imaging belt can't hide them when she extends them.

The hologram imaging belt can't work in extreme heat or cold. When the device is turned off or gets disrupted, her true form becomes visible. She looks about the same though. Without the hologram imaging belt, she has green skin and long pointed ears like a fantasy Elf or Spock from Star Trek but a bit longer than that.
Personality: Renee is a very secretive person. She doesn't like telling people about herself, but is otherwise very friendly and is usually always in a good mood. She likes computers more than people and is usually either staring at a screen reading a Wiki entry or reading a printed book. She is usually in a good mood. On the other hand, when she's not engrossed in sucking up information she is social to others. She enjoys learning things and meeting new people. To enemies she looks at them with a frown while analyzing everything they do, sizing them up. She then informs others of her findings. Renee dislikes fighting and prefers to avoid it if possible. She generally relies on others to do the fighting for her while helping them in other ways.
History: Cyberclaw come from the planet Amalthea in a nearby galaxy, far away from the one that contains the solar system where Sonic's Earth is. The planet is almost completely covered in all things metal and is highly industrialized. There is zero pollution because it uses completely clean forms of power. Whatever pollution there was has long been cleaned up. Because all life forms on the planet require oxygen like on Poke-Earth trees are carefully monitored so they can still survive on the planet and provide enough oxygen to sustain life. There are reservations for the animal life forms of the planet, too. From space the planet looks like its completely covered in metal except the oceans, although it really isn't.

The dominant form of life were green skinned humanoids with long, sideways ears and a pair of claws made from bone on the back of their hands that can extend and retract, although they need to be cleaned sometimes. Cyberclaw can live for a very long time, reach puberty very early around 8 years old, and are not considered an adult until 200 years old. The oldest known members of the species have been alive for ten thousand years, but the average lifespan is about two thousand years old.

Long ago there was a period of time where the people couldn't keep up with new technology developments and kept having to reteach their children new input methods and programming techniques too soon. To the point of where it was obsolete every six months. The people just couldn't keep up and something had to be done. One brilliant scientist came up with a way to modify the genetic material of the population by using a unique form of mostly harmless radiation tuned to only Cyberclaw. The ray modified the genetic structure of the people to be able to wirelessly interface and communicate with any machine that wasn't purely mechanical. Remote controls and typing became a thing of the past. All people had to do was think and their thoughts were translated into binary to be interpreted by the computer they wished to interact with. Those younger than 200 years of age developed a weaker form of this technique which required physical contact, but the basic premise was the same.

Ten years ago a scout ship observing the planet was cloaked out of sight and masking it's energy in orbit when it was fired upon by a defensive satellite that did detect it's energy signature. Since cloaking disabled it's shields and systems were at minimal to power the cloak, the missiles struck hard and brought the ship crashing into the planet below. It fell with a huge explosion, the radiation from it's interstellar drive exploding bathed a radius of 100 miles. There were only two survivors: A single male and a single female who had been taking samples, both of crew rank. They were stranded, and sending a signal back home would take a couple hundred years even with boosting the output of the planet's primitive technology with their abilities. Although their shuttle had advanced technology left, the power source on it didn't last long and all of it was rendered useless except whatever could run on the native power. They decided to make a life together and settle in a big city while they waited for rescue. They also towed the shuttle to their garage and stripped a lot of it's technology to make an underground mini base. They had a girl together and named her Renee.

Renee grew up thinking she was human and mingled with the locals. When she was six she noticed her body was aging differently from the kids around her and she finished the material for school with some help from her parents, who enrolled her in high school. She completed that soon after, also ahead of schedule. One day after work she came home to find the house empty but her parents said they were home. Going down to the basement she discovered well, not a human basement. Her parents had also turned off their imaging belts. After explaining everything and pressing a button on her belt which they told her never to touch, it all became clear.

As if that wasn't enough, one day she met a young creature who displayed similar hands as her true form but also looked like the four heroes she saw on television. He had saved a cat up a tree and had performed other good acts in the neighborhood. Unfortunately he was homeless and apparently lived in a nearby alley, scrounging for food. The family invited Streak to live with them out of the goodness of their hearts. While Renee started her dream job of working at a computer repair shop, Streak continued to perform random acts of heroism in the city.

When the world merge happened and GUN fortified its base at Central City, Renee signed up to lend her unique brand of help to the cause. Renee's parents flew their entire house to a remote location, promising to return when things settled down and the worlds started to de-merge. Streak on the other hand didn't want to join at first and was forcibly captured and interrogated as a possible threat even with trying to explain he was there to do good. They eventually released him under watch after extremely long questioning. It was either join or live in a cage for the rest of his life.
Weapons: Dual M9 handguns.
Special powers:
Youngling Tecnhopathy: By touch, allows for talking to any technology and interfacing with it. Allows for rewriting it's code, breaking through firewalls, and basically making the machine do whatever Renee wants. Requires physical contact and some time to execute. A post to start and post to finish, and can be interrupted in the meantime. Does not work on purely mechanical things, like clocks or guns. Can be used to optimize and boost the specs of existing technology beyond it's normal parameters. To hack into a supercomputer with extremely high processing power requires extra time and she prefers to not do it unless she already has clearance for it. To hack into something with extremely high processing power she has to put it's CPU through her own brain and become one with it for a bit, basically.
Bone Claws: These are a pair on the back of each hand and can extend/retract. They are three inches long and make a snikt! sound when extended. When retracted they meld back into the bone of the hand. Allows for scaling walls (Can support her weight) and digging. The claws are not easily broken, but eventually grow back after a while if it does happen. Also a good melee attack, but that's a given.
Wingless Flight: Top speed of Mach 1. Renee is very good at flying and can even carry Streak on her back.
Equipment: Custom designed collapsible mini laptop with wireless network capability that has been extremely optimized from it's original capabilities. The laptop can “break apart” into a 10 inch touchscreen tablet and keyboard dock. The tablet/laptop has a hologram imaging device that can project a 3D image in front of it of whatever is on the screen at the time. Although she isn't a Trainer, the tablet has also been programmed to act as a Pokedex in this world, providing information on the native life. Wrist communicator used to talk to GUN HQ, Streak, or just about anybody. The communicator is basically a phone and also functions as a watch. Big bottle of disinfectant soap. Backpack with scrap parts, an ample supply of ammo, and various other things she might need. The backpack is like a utility belt and it's contents can't really be realistically described.
Other: Nubnub. NUBNUB!
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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Character name: Astrailyx
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon [Energy Being]
Team: G.U.N.
Occupation: Intelligence Scout and Support Tactician

*The above image is mine, steal and you die*
Astrailyx is a 3'5, with her ears, thin and light dragon with a tail that doubles her body length and a four foot wingspan. Her lavender and pink tinted body and soft violet wings give her a peaceful pastel look that reflects her personality. Her cyan eyes are luminous and reflect the energy she is made out of, along with her bright blue markings along her body. Silver ring anklets with teal cloth are really the only clothing she wears, giving some strength to her weak legs. Astrailyx has next to know walking ability, and can only stand for short amounts of time and walk very short distances, relying on flight as her main mode of transportation. Despite this, Astrailyx has fair upper arm strength, and her talons have a firm grip to them, and her tail has prehensile properties to it, giving her the ability to carry someone of similar size to her in flight without much hinderance. Her ears can pick up sounds, and thanks to her level of intelligence, she can triangulate and pin point sound sources. Her underbelly is a pale blue colour, reflecting the sky's hue.

Personality: Astrailyx can be summed up as the definition of compasion and understanding. Even though this may come from her ability to gain knowledge from people and persons that she touches, it takes another mind to understand what to do with said knowledge and for them to decide what to learn from it. One to think, Astrailyx can understand even the most isolated of people, in some cases, even understand those who are out to get her. The level of compasion she has goes beyond having a near inability to hate anyone, even those that seek to destroy her as their only purpose in life. In such cases with Robotnik, Astrailyx shows an incredible amount of dislike, as Robotnik is the only person that she can't fully understand. The dragon takes time to get to know people and makes sure that everyone can get along to a degree and cooperate, especially in this time of war. She tries to remain a person of optimism and hope, however with her intelligence, sometimes can think realistically. Astrailyx does not show anger at all, to see her so much as snap or raise her voice to someone is so rare, it startles anyone within earshot who knows her even in the slightest. Even for Astrailyx to act with adamancy is unusual, and if she is ever adamant about something, it is when she is confident in such an absolute way, one couldn't help but let her do what she wishes to do.

At heart, Astrailyx is a pacifist and doesn't like fighting of any kind, often acting as a peace keeper or as support for defending others. However, this doesn't mean she has no fighting skill. Astrailyx can be very skilled with using her abilities and with her level of intelligence, it makes up for her lack of physical strength. Defending others is her number one priority though, and will put herself in harms way to protect another. As far as her abilities go, Astrailyx borderline hates her knowledge sapping ability, mostly because of the fact it violates the privacy of others and that she does not learn like normal beings. She only uses this ability of necessary, and tries her best to not use it on other people, having little control over it. Either way, she does her best to keep the peace within GUN, helping everyone she can.

History: Astrailyx was originally a deity of judgement in another plane of existence, and went by another name; Ayura. Her plane fell to a terrible event, where an entity known as ‘the SCAR’ tore the existence of it apart, leaving everything in a void. However, one other being from her world managed to somehow escape it with remnants of crystals with her soul attached to it. This being, a jackal by the name of Ankha-Ra, managed to escape the rifts, however, not without losing his right arm in the process. He had help from a mysterious being, only known as SC. He gave his assistance in what he knew to help bring back the deity and give her a second chance at life. There was only one issue; she needed to have her body recreated in order to be stable in this new universe.

After much trial and error, Ankha-Ra managed to find energy of which was capable of sustaining the soul, being called Iylix energy. However, the jackal had no knowledge of creating a body with energy. SC soon provided Ankha-Ra with scientific research he needed from another experimentation of something known as the Ultimate Lifeform. Ankha-Ra did not question it and went to work. SC soon then returned with another being from a nearby world; a young snow leopard by the name of ‘Reaver’. SC explained that this was for interactive purposes so that the experiment would be a success. Again, there were no questions.

As many years passed, though it seemed like only months due to the ship carrying them distorting time by moving near the speed of light, the ADC project had begun, and the Alpha Draconis, known to Reaver and Ankha-Ra as Astrailyx. Reaver was tasked with being Astrailyx’s ‘guardian’ and eventually took on the role very seriously. Astrailyx quickly grew and learned things extremely quickly, obtaining odd abilities during the time. SC noticed these abilities had to do with energy manipulation, and wanted to try an experiment. One that would horribly fail.

Astrailyx was put through tests involving various amounts of Chaos Energy, and because of her unique energy, the two weren’t compatible. Instead a horrible reaction occurred where other anti-energies and anti-matters were created as she was forced to endure the exposure. By the end of it, Astrailyx lost her physical body and was forced into a containment chamber until she became stable again. The other energies were trapped, and by SC’s order, used to create other beings similar to Astrailyx. Astrailyx resumed energy stability, and when she did, SC ordered a purge of her memories and identity, and to start over again. Much to the dismay of Reaver and Ankha-Ra, it was done, however not without the jackal saving something of Astrailyx’s soul.

Astrailyx, having forgotten everything, resumed learning things she had before, and gaining a personality again. However, she was doing so more rapidly, and obtaining who she was before. SC noticed this and ordered another purge, however the other two weren’t going to let it happen again. SC attempted to stop them, knowing they had figured his plans for turning Astrailyx into a living knowledge gathering entity, however, did not stop them as much as he could have. Making an escape, Reaver took Astrailyx out to a jettison bay. Astrailyx was then thrown out into the depths of space, along with Reaver who flash froze himself with his own powers to prevent himself from dying amidst the harshness of space. Astrailyx took on a crystalline cocoon and drifted. Ankha-Ra had aimed for them to go back to the world Reaver had come from, and eventually both of them did. However, separated, and not remembering much of anything, Astrailyx still remained very much trapped within her crystal shield.
When she had hit planet side, Astrailyx was found by GUN, due to investigations of an odd energy disturbance. Being taken in by GUN, she soon met Shadow, though the meeting was very much a shock to everyone when she nearly shut down by mere contact with him due to his ability to manipulate and control Chaos Energy. Despite this, Astrailyx stuck around GUN to find more about what happened to herself, not remembering things properly, and assisted GUN with their own work and investigations. It wasn’t long though before Reaver had found her again after pushing and breaking his way through GUN Headquarters just to make it to her, adamant about her safety. After finding out the scenario, Reaver calmed down and explained everything he remembered from the incidents on the odd spacecraft. The snow leopard also informed them of what he knew of Astrailyx, being an energy being that was brought back to life thanks to a key component in the research of the Ultimate Lifeform, oddly enough being Shadow himself. Astrailyx felt that she needed to further work with GUN after that, knowing her abilities would be useful to them, and to hopefully find a way to return her original body back to her.

Not long after Astrailyx’s arrival did Blaze the cat show up, looking into the odd energy interferences that were occurring with the Sol Emeralds. Astrailyx believed this was her fault, being composed of an energy completely
unique to her, as well as originally born from another universe entirely. Though Blaze wasn’t sure what to think of her at first, she agreed to allow her to help repair the energy instability. As time went on, Astrailyx and Blaze managed to do this, but as Robotnik was up to no good again, the cat offered to stay a bit longer to assist with stopping the mad doctor, in return for Astrailyx helping her bring peace with the Sol Emeralds back in her dimension.

As soon as the universes collided, the mass of chaos energy was so great that it affected Astrailyx immediately, forcing her to be replaced in a containment chamber until she was stable enough again to resume having a physical mass. After coming out of a critical state, Astrailyx became aware of the situation. Even though still weak, Astrailyx was absolutely adamant she assist in stopping Robotnik, refusing to let another universe fall into obliteration after remembering small parts of what had happened in her past life.

Weapons: N/A
Special powers:
Living Conduit: Astrailyx is a being of energy with no organic material at all thanks to a chaos energy experiment gone wrong. She is composed of an extremely efficient, self generating and incredibly stable energy known as Iylix energy. Astrailyx can manipulate this unique energy she is composed of, and other external energy sources to her will by rearranging her own energy signature to match the one she is controlling. [Note she cannot manipulate Pokemon attacks that come directly from the Pokemon, such as a Charizard's Flamethrower coming directly from the Charizard.] This also grants her an immunity to roboticization, and because of her unique energy signature, causes a feedback loop in the machine that will cause it to short circuit. *This detail has been discussed and was even created by the GM himself.*

Posessive Enhancement: Astrailyx can contribute to another person by possessing their body, allowing them to use her energy and giving them a power boost. Depending on the person's special abilities depends on how long she can remain within their body for before she has to remove herself.

Fade: By decompressing her form into a much thinner energy, Astrailyx can pass through solid matter, or seemingly teleport short distances.
Barrier: Astrailyx can create energy shields from her own energy, reinforcing it's stability in order to protect herself and others from a variety of things.
Pulse: Though not often used, Astrailyx can project an energy pulse from herself to use as an offensive measure. This ability takes on Chaos Energy properties if used in a Fusion form.
Energy Fusion: Astrailyx can combine energy frequencies within herself for a short time, mostly only if said energy would harm her. She only does this if exposed to intolerable amounts of Chaos Energy to prevent her life from being jeopardized. Afterwards, she is almost always going to become unconcious for a varying amount of time, based on how long she was fused to the Chaos Energy for.
**Alpha Draconis: A horrible result of the original exposure to Chaos Energy. This is a form used when Astrailyx is exposed to an extreme amount of negative Chaos Energy, reverse engineering her energy into a chaotic, unstable mess that causes spontaneous reactions, mostly meaning exlposions. Astrailyx has no control over this form, as her entire mind and body is encased in a hard crystal core within the monster that is Alpha Draconis.

Knowledge Sap: Because of how she was recreated, Astrailyx has the ability to gain knowledge of a person or object she touches at a nearly instantaneous rate, with more masses of information causing her to become worn out or even unconcious depending on the amount. This includes absorbing knowledge from computers, as well as sometimes viewing other living person's memories. She has a small bit of control over this ability, and even though she can retain this information at all times, she can only access bits of it at a time, having to sift through all her knowledge like pages in a foot thick encyclopedia, unless said information is memorized.

Equipment: N/A
Other: Anything I may have forgotten.

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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Guess I'm the first human. Reserve.

Character name: Socrates (he refuses to give any name other than this; it's probably not his real name)

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Team: Revolution Uprising

Occupation: Private Investigator


Socrates sports a thin, slightly muscular, frame, reaching an impressive 6'1". He has pitch black hair basically shaved off, with stubble covering his square face. His skin is a deep black, as are his irises. He almost always presents himself with a small, teasing smile. His eyes are always flitting back and forth, seeing things that others do not. His gaze almost always seems out of focus; to quote him,"I'm too busy thinking to join this illusion you call reality."

As to clothes, Socrates sports a trench coat, though it is almost always buttoned up so that it does not hang. This coat has many pockets and hidey holes to store items and Pokeballs and other fun, very lethal, goodies. He covers his head with a fedora. Under no circumstances should anyone touch this fedora. Socrates will exchange his ever present grin with a carefully neutral expression that indicates he's currently beating that anyone within an inch of his/her life. He wears a pair of blue jeans with a pocket sewn into the bottom of left ankle for a knife.

As though this were not enough, Socrates always carries a backpack, strapped to his back. While he is smarter than to store valuables in this backpack, he keeps enough non-perishable food for a week (for one person) in there, along with medical supplies for he and his 10 mons. He keeps backup writing utensils and notebooks in his pack (non-backups are too valuable and are to be kept in his coat only.)


Socrates is genuinely cheerful and happy most of the time. He never hesitates to smile, to be charismatic, to be truly charming. This, for some reason, leads to the misconception that he is clueless, naďve, and a target. However, Socrates is PI, and a good one. As this job generally entails digging up secrets someone does not want found, this means he is in perpetual danger. No one can remain in perpetual danger for six years without some measure of competence, and Socrates is no exception. He has resolved a large number of his issues using his .44 revolver, which he had been learning to shoot since the age of 15 ("My mother, the coolest mom in the world, would take me to the shooting range all the time"), and, when that didn't work, with his Pokémon, whom he collectively calls "my small army". He has them trained extremely well, the last member on his team being fully evolved by 12 years before the present, and not stopping their traning until they became both extremely combat capable and intelligent enough to help him out on their own.

One of Socrates' biggest assets is the fact that he knows people. His cheerful demeanor masks a mind that can see through façades, lies, half-truths, the whole hog (not to offend any pig Sonic characters). His ability to manipulate and blend in socially have solved him the majority of his cases, and he keeps his contacts from previous cases filed neatly away in his brain. He is quite willing to call favors from the people he helped. His competence and willingness to refer to previous clients have basically added up to a (formerly) vast network of information and catspaws. As such, Socrates can solve most of his cases (and eliminate a large amount of his enemies) with phone calls, and the occasional messenger (generally his Starmie).

But Socrates is not all competence and happiness. Socrates firmly believes that morality should not get in the way of doing what is right, and can thus go to extremes when it comes to maintaining order. He does not form close friendships with any human beings (or anthros, for that matter), and his only friends (his Pokémon) he would destroy instantly if it meant saving lives. He is quite willing to make sacrifices for the greater good, and will heartlessly kill anyone standing in the way of that goal. His loyalty lies only to those he believes can accomplish these goals (which is the reason he is loyal to the RU).


Like every other 10 year old in his native Hoenn, Socrates started his journey at the age of 10 (with a Togepi, in his case). Unlike every other 10 year old in his native Hoenn, Socrates had no intention of challenging the Pokemon league, finding both the theory and practice to be "idiotic". However, he did enjoy traveling, and ergo, traveled. By the time he was 13, Socrates had Pokemon from all over the world, and had them all trained to the point of which Cynthia would have a tough time not dying outright to him. He returned home, bored, wondering what to do with his life.

He wasn't going to be bored for long.

When Socrates returned home, he came home to the lovely news that his father was slightly shot dead. When the police investigated, they found that one of their own had acted in "self-defense". Nubnub. Socrates, needless to say, was slightly annoyed. He decided to make it a personal quest to bring down the police officer that shot his father dead. Socrates began to investigate: and started down a path that would take him for a wild ride. For starters, that death wasn't random: the cop was a positive sociopath. Unfortunately, the cop was a cunning sociopath, placing his cronies (such as the judge who ruled self-defense) in places where they could be extremely useful. Socrates spent two years gathering evidence of not only the cop's corruption, but also protection racketeering (the reason his dad was dead in the first place). He eventually brought the evidence to court, where it was all thrown out because the evidence was obtained illegally. However, in a completely unrelated incident not two days later, the cop was found dead because the "carrots" in his salad tragically turned out to be hemlock.

Socrates did not miss the discrepancy. He began to investigate the benefactor who had oh-so-sweetly disposed of his biggest enemy. He managed to get reports of similar discreet happenings all over both Hoenn and Johto, all having to do with some sort of terrorists. Socrates eventually began to manipulate his way into getting all sorts of sources of information. The large amount of information that he gathered over the span of two years, all seemingly innocuous individually, led him to several conclusions:

1) There was a secret government office between Johto and Hoenn that dealt with terrorists
2) They technically did not exist
3) They knew quite a bit about him

Socrates was trying to untangle himself once he got too deep, but at that point, the office had already found him. Instead of killing him, they were impressed, and invited him to join them. He set himself up as a (genuine) PI, and became the information collector for the organization. When the organization was disbanded (directly after the merge) he moved and kept in contact with the various members of the organization. When the organization's members decided to recreate the organization as the RU, he was the first to jump on board. He did the organization's recon, as he always did. And then he came home one day, and his mother did not show up at her usual time. Socrates could not find until he went the area of Robotnik's latest raid on Unova, and found her cold and dead...

Weapons: A revolver. An ankle knife.

Pokemon: (he refuses to reveal their names or genders immediately, but they'll be revealed over he course of the RP)



Kevlar. Lots and lots and lots of Kevlar. That sweet looking fedora? Lined with Kevlar. That awesome looking trench coat? Same.

Pocket Knife: Of the Swiss army variety.

Other: His trench coat has lots of pockets.
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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Character name: Schrodinger Salvo.

Age: 33.

Gender: Tom.

Species: Anthropomorphic cat.

Team: Revolution Uprising.

Occupation: Classy businesscat - formerly an arms dealer.

Appearance: Schrodinger is a lithe, slim tomcat, who stands at just over three feet tall. He almost always wears a little smile, not especially cold but not warm, either. His eyes are a very rich golden color, which contrasts sharply with his black fur. His entire body is black, save for a patch of long, fluffy white fur at his throat. If you manage to catch him without his trademark suit and tie, or any torso garment at all, you'll see that he always wears a tie - the white patch resembles a tie exactly. However, most of the time he wears a three-piece suit that pretty much looks like this. The only real differences - pertaining to the suit itself, not that awesome bowler hat - lie in the coloration of the handkerchief and tie: the tie is cherry-red, and the kerchief is gray. He wears black Oxford shoes for footwear. His fur is very short and sleek; he prides himself on keeping it well-groomed.

Personality: Schrodinger is kind of a dangerous dude. His mental state is a volatile mix of borderline sociopathy, an 'it's just business' mentality, a proud arrogance that edges on narcissism, and a near-schizophrenic paranoia. He is someone that you want to keep on your good side - partly because his friends get weapons with less hassle, partly because he will ruthlessly - and often personally - eliminate threats. He is careful not to make enemies most of the time, however - in the cutthroat world of arms dealing, you have to try to minimize danger as much as you can, especially when you deal to both sides. Schrodinger does just that - he'll sell to anyone who can pay his fees, scruples be blown. He likes to keep a fat pocketbook, and is not afraid to lie or cheat or steal if the gains outweigh the risks. But he doesn't take blind risks - he uses his frightening intelligence to calculate the odds and acts accordingly. He would never dream of rushing in headfirst. He's a true chessmaster at heart, and would never make a move without analyzing all the factors.

However, Schrodinger does have a lighter side. Whenever his ruthless remorselessness isn't showing, he's really quite the dapper cat. He is not opposed to hosting media events or giving to charities, especially if it attracts publicity. He is extremely well-mannered, and he tends to speak softly unless he's extra PO'd, which is nearly never, as his levelheaded calm rivals that of a Treecko's. He loves fine wine and suits and reading, as well as cards and, yes, chess. Deep inside, Schrodinger's precise, well-disciplined mind teeters on the edge of a yawning abyss of self-doubt and the frustrations of a class-A perfectionist. These struggles almost never surface, but his perfectionism often rears its head, causing Schrodinger to act impatient and testy.

History: Schrodinger was born the eldest of five children to his industrious family in Central City. His mother was a psychologist, his father part of a long line of Salvo-family arms dealers. Being the firstborn, he was the heir apparent to the Salvo empire and was raised as such, taught a knowledge of weapons and the politics of business since he was very small. He turned out to have quite a talent for both, as well as knowing how to handle people in general. His father died when he was a mere 17, leaving him to take over the family business. Not only did he prove proficient, he took the business to new heights. He also began to play a dangerous game: before, his father had only sold weapons to the 'good guys'. Schrodinger began to sell to anyone who could pay for his weapons, which were high-quality enough for even Eggman to take an interest in. He was soon the top seller of weapons just about everywhere, and stayed at the top until the crap hit the fan and the worlds merged.

A strange group that spanned both worlds, calling itself Revolution Uprising, almost immediately tried to kill Schrodinger, a known source of the bad guys' gear. However, after a few false starts and some bullet holes, Schrodinger managed to make it clear that he was horrified with how far Dr. Robotnik had managed to get and how close he was to actually - God forbid - succeeding in one of his ventures, which Schrodinger had always assumed that he would never do. Now Schrodinger functions as the main weapon supplier for the RU. He also works in the field, trying to fend off Eggman - not necessarily out of the goodness of his heart. He kind of has a vested interest in the freedom of the world, after all, and if one person's in charge that's bad for business.

Weapons: A silenced semi-automatic pistol he conceals in his suit. He also keeps a small knife concealed in his left sleeve, which he releases with a flick of his wrist.

Special powers: He's a psychic. He has minor telekinetic abilities, which he is always striving to improve - he has enough dexterity to write without touching a pen, but can't lift anything much over five pounds. However, his telepathic and empathetic abilities are immensely keen. He can hear thoughts, as well as project his own. Sometimes he only makes his thoughts heard using this power. However, he is capable of controlling most people to a limited extent. He might not be able to make somebody shoot their best friend, but he can certainly weaken just about anyone's will, opening them up to verbal suggestions. He has legitimately driven others to madness, though this takes a lot of time and effort on his part.

Equipment: He always has a pen and a pad of paper on him, in case he needs to remember something. He gets extremely anxious otherwise.

Other: Any resemblances to Mordecai Heller from the webcomic Lackadaisy are purely unintentional. Also he's a lefty.


Character name: Alice Card.

Age: 16.

Gender: Lady.

Species: She be a human.

Team: Revolution Uprising.

Occupation: Pokemon Trainer.

Appearance: Alice Card is a very tall girl, standing at 5' 9". She has a wide, rangy frame, with long limbs that have been leaned and tanned by years of constant outdoor ambling. She has large hazel eyes and round cheeks dappled with freckles, which make her look deceptively innocent and childish. Long, dark brown hair flows down from her head and ending just before armpit length. Most of the time you see her, she'll be wearing the kind of warm, lively, wild smile that is just as likely to invite you to a lovely Christmas party as to start sticking forks in wall sockets. There's just a hint of fracture behind her happiness, but she does her best not to let it show in full.

Most of the time, Alice wears brightly colored, weather-beaten T-shirts and ragged shorts or jeans. She dresses for utility and comfort, not style. Providing support for both her and her pants is her belt, which carries her Pokeballs in their small forms, for convenient access. She wears flip flops or sandals whenever she even bothers to wear shoes; she usually just runs around barefoot. She always carries a denim Trainer's satchel on a sash around her torso. One thing you will never see her without, other than her Pokemon, is the locket around her neck. It's a simple thing, with a silver chain and a golden, spherical pendant that opens up to reveal... Something. Alice has never let a single soul look into the locket.

Personality: If you want to sum Alice Card up in a word, the word you're going to want is probably loud. Alice is a rather wild individual. She likes to laugh and joke and make noise, and she isn't afraid to do so. She really isn't afraid of much at all, in fact. She's a bold, self-assured, almost arrogant person, who says what she wants when she wants to say it. She is very stubborn, not looking for fights - just adventure - but never backing down from them. Despite her good intentions, however, her blunt speech, sailor's cursing, and sharp, sarcastic wit often attract anger. But haters, she says, are gonna hate, and she refuses to care.

Behind her loud, rough, and foulmouthed exterior, however, Alice has a heart of gold. She is genuinely kind, loving, and self-sacrificing. She would do anything for a friend, even if it meant harm to herself and/or anyone else. She loves almost all people and Pokemon, and does her best to make the world a better place. She is able to trust and love with all her heart, and because of this she has a deep inner fear of loss and betrayal. This leads to her 'live it like your last' mentality. She does her best to never take anything for granted, and tries to be as adventurous and as giving as she can in the time that she has. But she also has darkness in her heart: she suffers from nagging inner doubt, and she struggles with anger and bitterness. She frequently takes on too much responsibility, which weighs heavily on her and causes her to be tired and overextended.

She loves banana milkshakes.

History: Alice was the youngest of three siblings - the two others being rough-and-rowdy boys. Even when she was tiny, Alice knew how to face up to them. She grew up as 'one of the boys', not one to fuss or complain or hold catty grudges. Rather, she was always fighting. Anyone who would fight her, she fought, and she became the scourge of Nuvema Academy. Her favorite victims, though, were the playground bullies. One day she found them all taking vicious digs at a small, shy boy. She would have absolutely none of it. She rushed right to the boy's aid and beat the bullies off with a stick and a flurry of choice curse words. After this, she and the boy - whose name was Thom Otone - became inseparable friends. Eventually, when they got older, they went off on a Pokemon journey and began to realize along the way that they loved each other. But it wasn't meant to be. Alice had recently obtained a Natu in a trade. While Thom and Alice were in Opelucid, two Team Plasma grunts saw the rare Pokemon and wanted it for their own. They made off with the little bird, but Alice and Thom gave chase. They managed to corner the grunts. What happened next is unclear, as Alice has never elaborated beyond the fact that there was a Volcarona. But what was definitely certain was the burnt boy who lay in the charred grasses, the boy who died the next day.

After that, something about Alice changed. She became more than a Pokemon Trainer. She became a vigilante, thwarting Team Plasma wherever she could. She pounded their names into dust, fought their grunts, and returned kidnapped Pokemon to their heartbroken Trainers. Her name became a thing of hate and fear to the pseudo-knightly organization. She was a legend, invincible - until she wasn't.

One assassination attempt later, Alice Card had a bullet in her leg and a lot of dead Pokemon. Her heart was almost broken, and she felt powerless before such a vast organization as Team Plasma. Not too long later, she received an invitation from a mysterious group called the 'Nuit Noir' - an anti-terrorist organization spanning Hoenn and Jotoh - that had noted her skills and courage in taking on Team Plasma. They invited Alice to join them, and Alice, seeking any opportunity to feel worthwhile again, happily accepted. She worked with them for several months, until the merge hit and the Noir split. Alice almost immediately began to help with the regrouping effort, saying that Eggman was 'just another terrorist' and should be fought as such. She helped to rebuild the team into the 'Revolution Uprising' group that it is today, and she now fights to bring about Eggman's downfall and save her world.

Pokemon team: - Darius, the male Serperior. His ability is Overgrow. His nature is Adamant. OT: Alice.
- Garda, the female Krookodile. Her ability is Moxy. Her nature is Jolly. OT: Alice.
- Jack, the male Simipour. His ability is Gluttony. His nature is Naive. OT: Alice.
- Liberty, the male Braviary. His ability is Big Pecks. His nature is Impish. OT: Thom.
- Bessie, the female Scolipede. Her ability is Poison Point. Her nature is Gentle. OT: Alice.
- Alto, the female Audino. Her ability is Healer. Her nature is Sassy. OT: Thom.
- Oracle, the male Xatu. His ability is Magic Bounce. His nature is Quirky. OT: Unknown.
- Gretchen, the female Hydreigon. Her ability is Levitate. Her nature is Calm. OT: Alice.

Weapons: A pocket-knife that she carries in her... pocket.

Equipment: Pokedex, the satchel, and her belt o' Pokeballs.

Other: Applejacks. c':


Reservations please? ALSO NUBNUB.
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Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D

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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Added a rule. Pokemon trainers can't have special powers, Sonic characters can't have Pokemon. One or the other. Reason: Pokemon are special to the Pokemon world and is the Trainers' unique thing, vice verse with Sonic characters and their powers. Don't debate me on the issue because I'm not budging with it.

Edit: Trainers can have limited telepathy and telekinesis (Lifting Pokeballs off their hands for instance) but beyond that no special abilities.
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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

AGE: 23 years
SPECIES: Anthropomorphic Rabbit
TEAM: Guardian Units of Nations
OCCUPATION: Scout Sniper Commando


First time I've ever drawn a Sonic-esque character, but I think this came out pretty well. :P

Standing 3'6", Ace is an anthropomorphic rabbit that has an athletic frame. From head to toe, he's covered with dark gray fur, except for the area around his mouth, which is white. Meanwhile, he has blue colored eyes. Meanwhile, his long rabbit ears reach about halfway down his back. In addition, he has extremely keen eyesight and very strong natural hearing ability. As he is armed with exceptional tracking skills, he knows what to find and how to find it.

For clothing, Ace wears a lightweight cotton shirt in a brown color shade, while his pants are a dark forest green. He also wears steel kneepads to absorb some of the shock that might be experienced after jumping down from great distances. Besides that, he wears a dark red bandana, as well as a black quiver on his back that carries his arrows. For the most part, Ace is an urban sniper. His natural gray fur allows him to blend in with the rest of the stone and concrete buildings. However, he is also effective at sniping in the forest, where he'll usually wear a light ghillie suit to hide himself. Naturally, he is good at hiding, as well as finding those that are trying to be hidden.

Unlike others, he isn't trained for speed as much as he is trained for acrobatics, gymnastics, and other aerial feats, to the point of being able to scale walls, fly through trees via branches, and other incredible maneuvers. He also sticks to being lightweight, which allows him to jump at least thirty feet into the air and then let his acrobatics take him the rest of the way up, almost being able to defy gravity as long as he has something to grab onto and jump off of. While he may not be able to run as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog, his specialty is being able to head upward and downward vertically with incredible speed and agility. Meanwhile, he is also difficult to hit with his evasive techniques.

While perceptive and agile, Ace isn't very charismatic, which suits him just fine being a sniper and more of a lone wolf. Being lightweight means he also lacks in terms of physical brawn, and his ability to endure pain isn't as high as he'd like. However, due to his need to stay lightweight, he doesn't wear much armor besides his kneepads, which aren't even meant to deflect gunshots. A lot of it relies on him making sure he doesn't get hurt in the first place.

PERSONALITY: Ace isn't particularly cheerful. He's prone to pessimism, usually as a result of feeling he just can't rely too much on others to do things the way he'd like them to be done. As a result, he makes an outright crappy leader, and most other members of the Guardian Units of Nations wouldn't trust Ace to train recruits with a ten foot pole. If there's anything Ace hates, it's training and teaching rookies. There's too many things he can do that rookies never could, and he just can't see things from their point of view and work around their inability to do such. He's the kind that would scale up a building in just a few seconds and expect others to be able to do the same. He also dislikes how long it takes to train someone new in the realm of warfare and survival. And he hates stupid questions with a passion. Rookies, unfortunately, are prone to asking many.

Impatient and hasty, Ace has only one real plan. Set a goal, and improvise along the way to get to it. He hates intricate diversions that rely on too many variables being consistent. He focuses way more on the "what to do" objectives and leaves the "how to do them" operations to be spur of the moment. He also has a bit of a problem with authority and following orders, and has no regard for red tape regulations whatsoever. Having to get "permission" or "security clearance" to do or use something that would help him with his mission is one of his biggest pet peeves. That kind of bureaucracy could make him angry enough to punch a baby bunny, and very often he doesn't care and goes ahead anyway if he can.

But even under that cold and hard exterior, he's not heartless. He'll rescue an ally fallen in combat, especially if it's clear they gave it their all and it was mere bad luck that incapacitated them. Though forceful about the way he wants to do things, he would never intentionally hurt the innocent, even though his philosophy believes every civilian man, woman, and child should be forced to have to undergo at least some kind of combat training, the same way they're educated to learn history, math, and so on in school. He, however, definitely wouldn't be the one to train them. He does wish, however, that civilians would at least take up arms and stand their ground with whatever minimum combat training they were given rather than flee in panic and hysteria.

As another weakness, Ace isn't good with computers. He isn't fond of anything that has a lot of programming (he's okay with vehicles and machines with a very minimal amount of programming, but that's pretty much his limit), and he detests a lot of science and astrophysicist lingo being thrown about between members of what he usually calls the "nerd herd" and their "geek speak." He's also not out to steal technology either, he'd rather just destroy it.

In terms of Robotnik, he pretty much hates him with every fiber of his soul. Unlike other members of GUN, he feels roboticized allies and innocent people turned into machines are a lost cause, and cannot be saved. He knows rumors of a method to undo the process exist, but he doesn't put much stock into them. And if it ever happened to him (though he'd far rather die fighting that be taken prisoner and potentially roboticized), he'd rather prefer it if they just put him out of his misery. He essentially sees these robots as Robotnik's mechanical horde of zombies, just armed with better armor and weaponry than the usual shambling undead.

Ace doesn't trust Pokémon very much, and often sizes them up just in case a fight could potentially break out. He respects their powers, but that also means he knows they can be dangerous if they were to ever turn. He does, however, plan on helping with the mission to undo the merge that happened between the two worlds. He isn't so keen about living among Pokémon, and especially their legendaries.

HISTORY: Ace comes from a clan of rabbits known as the Nightkin, born to live in dark places and be active during night. Before the world merge, Ace and the rest of the Nightkin kept their distance, letting Sonic and the rest of the Freedom Fighters simply do their missions and stay out of the way. While there were several Nightkin that wanted to join them, it was ill-advised by the leader, Kanus, as he felt Robotnik would seek his vengeance against them. Truth was, it wouldn't have made a difference. Robotnik would have torn the Nightkin settlement to shreds either way, if he knew where they were located.

Ace was born to two Nightkin, his mother Kary and his father Rend. Upon his birth, one of the most notable traits their son displayed was his flexibility and his fondness for simply jumping, back-flipping, and climbing. As he grew older, his skills increased, and while he would have been an ideal candidate for Sonic's Freedom Fighters, he questioned their leadership and regarded Sonic himself as disgustingly arrogant, and honestly wished something would humble the blue hedgehog every once in a while and bring him back to reality. He still did not, however, want Robotnik to come out on top for obvious reasons. A simple humiliation to Sonic would have sufficed perfectly.

But in the meantime, Ace grew fond of using a bow. His first one was made of simple wood, but it worked well nonetheless. He also learned how to make his own arrows. There were a few times when Robotnik's Badniks attacked the colony, but often Ace, even at a young age, was able to attack the machines by shooting them in the eyes, which in turn disabled their CPU. In time, he grew better and better at shooting moving targets, even while he was back-flipping and spiraling through the air.

In time, he lived on his own, vastly increasing his hunting and gathering skills. He excelled in tracking and finding food, as well as other survival skills. He also grew accustomed to being attacked by Robotnik's machines and technology, and it in turn helped him increase his abilities. He, however, still avoided the Freedom Fighters. The idea of falling under Sonic's command and being ordered around just to support the ego-boosting of his boss didn't sit well with him in the slightest, even if they were still against Robotnik.

The world merge changed everything. Ending up in the world of Pokémon put Ace in a very foreign situation among creatures of vast power. Ace didn't trust Pokémon back then, and he doesn't trust them now, even as they're under the control of his allies and haven't done anything to harm him. Regardless, in the midst of the foreign situation, Ace grew determined to reverse the damage that had been done to both worlds. It wasn't long until Ace felt compelled to join the Guardian Units of Nations, even though he wasn't keen on working alongside Pokémon or working under authority. However, the situation told him that it was suicide not to find allegiance with a powerful group of allies. Humans were also hard to recognize as allies especially considering Robotnik, the only human he really knew about prior to the merge, had done so much damage beforehand. Ace has been slowly getting used to it, but still, he watches them very carefully. Still, his distrust of Pokémon and other humans isn't as strong as his hatred against Robotnik.

Most GUN commanding officers that have worked with Ace know he is skilled, but will not hesitate to go off and do his own thing if he feels his strategy and ideas are better. They have also tried to convince him to train other members of GUN, which hasn't worked out either.

Now, Ace has his sights set on undoing the damage Robotnik has done, and to finally put him down for good.

Bladed-Avenger Tek Bow - Ace's main weapon of choice is the bow, made of a nightsteel and karanium alloy that would require something on the level of nuclear holocaust to destroy. He's extremely skilled with it, and his accuracy and ability to stuff an arrow in the weak spot of an enemy is rivaled by no one. Ace also uses several different kinds of arrows, including explosive ones, tranquilizer arrows in case he needs a biological target alive (rare case), arrows that contain tracking beacons, grappling hooks, and many other "utility" arrows. Most of them he makes himself, although he does have to rely on GUN to access the facilities and materials needed to make the more "weaponized" and utility arrows.

In its second form, the bow can also be quickly disassembled to become two long-bladed knives made of a steel alloy that are able to shred through most other metals. They are especially effective in close combat situations, and can also be helpful in the event Ace runs out of arrows. Ace does carry arrows by the hundreds, but in the event of a large scale invasion, definitely not out of Robotnik's reach, it may be possible.

SPECIAL POWERS: Incredible sight and listening ability, which in turn vastly increases his accuracy, which is barely even affected in the dark. He also possesses incredible acrobatic and gymnastic skill which helps him with evasive techniques and combat maneuvers.
EQUIPMENT: Besides his quiver of arrows, Ace keeps a communications radio on him, although he prefers making the call, not receiving it when often he's not ready for it. Since he is often a scout, he keeps it to report to base regarding his findings. He also carries a few explosive devices on him as well, but only if the mission calls for it. Otherwise, he'd rather not have the extra weight keeping him down. As a personal policy, Ace only carries what he really needs. He isn't the kind that would pick up tons of the enemy's weapons as trophies or to go Rambo later on.
OTHER: Ace mainly prefers his bow, but he can be decent with a rifle or semi-automatic firearm if his bow is out of arrows or using it wouldn't help as much as a gun would in the moment (almost never the case). He, however, isn't a fan of automatic firearms, as the recoil is what sets him off. He can be better than most with these types of weapons, but the shaking and loud noise (keep in mind his hearing is more sensitive) doesn't put him in his happy place. He can and will also use suppressors whenever possible.

And yes, if "Avengers" and "Hawkeye" came to mind while reading this, you're right, it was inspired by that dude. Great movie. :P

And yeah, Nubnub. Totally forgot about that.

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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Reserve please!

Character name: ... haven't thought of one yet
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Team: G.U.N.
Occupation: Scout/General Muscle
History: Two paragraphs about your character's background. As with the above, can be more if you like. Explain why they sided what they did and what's happened since the world merge.
Pokemon team: For Pokemon trainers. Team of ten Pokemon maximum.
Special powers:
Other: nubnub?
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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Character name: Scar

Age: 15

Gender: Male



Occupation:Pokemon trainer, G.U.N. Agent

Appearance: I am small for my age, standing 5 feet. I am slender and have long, light brown hair that really has no style to it. I have light blue eyes, the color of the sky. I am pale with a large mouth and long nose. I am always in jeans and a green T-shirt that has no design on it. I have a large scar across my eye. I am always wearing running shoes and have a backpack filled with supplys. I wear a bandage on my left hand that I refuse to take off or tell anyone what happened. I am always wearing a grin on my face, though no one bothers to ask why, because I ignore them. I have shiny teeth, so shiny, they could hurt the naked eye if it's stared at for to long.

I have smooth features. I don't have moles or pimples or acne or anything. I am not muscular, I am rather weak. I have dark brown eyebrows and they are easy to see from a distance away. I have bags under my eyes constantly, since I never sleep. I am almost never clean, always covered in dirt. I have short finger nails, to short to hurt anyone with them. I do not bother making my apearence apealing and never even bother to clean myself of even a little, unless it's out of control. I have a longish neck and a head that is normally sized.

Personality: I am very courious and will not close an eye until I have the awnser to a question. I am always spying on people thanks to my small size. I am also very mysterious, since I never tell anyone why or how I do something. I am very short tempered and don't take insults lightly. I am very serious when it comes to Pokemon battles, but am light hearted otherwise. I am always looking for an oppurtunity to make other people smile. I want everyone to be safe and am very selfless. I always trust before mistrusting and hate the Robotnik machines. I dislike supernatural abilities because it is not suposed to be. I believe everyone should be free of the evil Dr. Robotnik.

I believe that people shouldn't be defending cities, since he'll easily take them. I believe that everyone should be searching for the Chaos Emeralds and Legendary Pokemon so Robotnik can't get his hands on them. I am great at math and science and use them to try and find the places of the emeralds when they were launched across the world. I am a tireless searcher with the emeralds and legendaries as well as questions. I will not rest, even at risk of being robotosized, to stop Robotnik

History: I was born in hoen, but was scared to Sinoh when the Death Egg landed. My father was the champion of Hoen, but was robotisized shortly after I left to Central City. Once this happened, I hated Robotnic and met an agent of G.U.N., who recruited me into the anti-Robotnic group. In those three weeks, I trained until my Pokemon and I were more powerful than ever. Since the merge of the two worlds, I have trained with my Pokemon and, two weeks after all this happened, I left the G.U.N. HQ and started exploring Central City, trying to find the way to defeat Robotnik.

I have never found a way to destroy any of his plans, but have found out what he is after. I found out he was after Chaos Emerelds, and I started to search for them. All things I have done was because my father was robotisized. I have tried to find out how to unrobotisize people, but I have found nothing. I have seen Pokemon trainers robbed of their Pokemon, but to my trouble could not help. I have worked scrupiously to try and bring down Robotnik.

Pokemon team:

Equipment: Pokedex

The Ninja Academy will live on. Add this to your signature if you were once active there.
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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Hehehehehe...Finally, I get to square off against Neo. I think.

Name: Zek(rom) Chakram. Or, at least, that's what he calls himself. No birth Certificate, no adopted name, no nothing. It's not even a Code Name. That is his sole substitute for a name.
Age: Apparently, there are only three people in the world-alive or dead-that know this. Poor Zek is NOT one of them. He thinks he's in his mid-twenties, but he's not entirely sure. No birthday is known, either, nor birth-month, nor birth-year. So, in short, he’s got no clue.
Gender: Did I already say he was a he several times? Yes, yes I did. He's Male.
Species: Considering the lack of fur, scales, or other such protrusions that hide his skin, as well as a total lack of tails, wings, or other additional limbs, he's human.
Team: I'm on Revolution Uprising. He is too...But he's prone to breaking alliances. He doesn't even trust an immovable and non-moving boulder to stay put.
Occupation: Apparently, a Black Market Racketeer, and a very successful one at that. From his last bout of amnesia, that's all he remembers.

Appearance: He's slightly above the average height, and weighs much lower than the average weight. He has black eyes, and even when he is emotional, they look like emotionless, soulless voids. He's got black hair to complement it, and a split black moustache too (he had a goatee to go with it, but he shaved it off). His lips are thin, his chin is long, his skin is pale, and he usually looks sick. He rarely is sick, actually. He has worked out, and although nobody that's been body-building a long time would have any problem out-muscling him, it's definitely enough to kick the s**t out of anyone-or anything-unprepared. The real kicker is Parkour-he doesn’t know martial arts, oh no, but he does know how to kill you with movements he can do in Parkour instead, making it a deadly weapon in its own right. He's had a few cases where he's made foes-Badniks, Pokémon, and humans alike-shoot each other because they didn't expect him to move in the ways he did, as another note-and as a third, he’s also gotten Badniks to shoot themselves. That being said, if he is forced to be immobile for any reason, his ability to fight just goes down the drain.

He generally wears a zippered hoodie and very thin black pants (he has trouble getting them on), underneath the hoodie sporting a Kevlar vest and his Pokémon belt. Usually, a Pokémon belt has room for six Pokémon, but as a Racketeer, he used more Pokémon than the legal limit at many a times (that being said, he did not find it fit to carry all of his Pokémon on one belt, so he restricted himself at all times to have at most, ten, a limit he hasn’t even reached). His Hoodie sports a lot of pockets, usually ones fitted for guns of all sizes (so long as he can hold them in one hand). They're all black-even his PokéBalls, which are painted Black, and don't make the usual light show or make the noises usually associated with (and in fact, are usually standard-issue things that cannot be modified legally without permission. Who’s a Black Market Racketeer to ask for permission?). He really loves that Color, and has been nicknamed "Zek," short for "Zekrom," because of it, to the point where he puts it down as a first name (out of sheer annoyance).

Personality: He is a man of few words and little kindness. Sure, he's part of the RU, does well enough with people to pass for a form of social skills, and prefers to have the least amount of casualties-on his side, anyway. but d***it, he's willing to take quite a few lives to stop Eggman. He has his human limits-not going to slaughter the whole of a species or the whole of a country, IE-but you'd think he doesn't care for you at all, even after you've gotten on his good side. A 'friend' is more or less an 'unknown ally,' but not a companion or anyone close to him-he has a tendency to kill whoever he thinks is trying to make him slip up and spill a few secrets, and will justify it as "keeping secrets absolutely secret."

That being said, he isn't into secrets. That's Socrate's job. Zek's job in the RU is much more...Active, to say the least. His duty to the Revolution Uprising suits his personality: 'Hunting,' which is the job of actually hunting down the Chaos Emeralds. How that suits his personality is evident: He's ruthless, brutal, and not above violence, yet at the same time, he's hard to find, usually hidden, quiet, not well seen, and patiant. He's known for seeing through such factors as beauty, cuteness, toughness, how they talk, ect. He judges people based on how they think and act. His links to the Black Market, in particular, make any criminal involved in the Market think twice about lying to him. He's not above using his links to the Market to extort people into forking over facts or stealing their stuff (or hiring assassins to kill them, but he usually can do that on his own), among less violent things. He's used the criminal systems of travel to transport supplies for the RU in ways Eggman-or really, most of the RU-wouldn't have known or guessed.

However, the real issue is trust. He barely has any trust at all, and won't give a c**p whether or not you're on his side if you’ve displayed questionable actions against him (or the RU, but mostly him). He's going to leave you to the Houndoom the instant you've proven you're not trustworthy. He'll vote against any attempt to integrate new members from other Teams on the basis that they’re likely to be spies, or else steal important stuff and jump straight back-and will usually be willing to shoot them, before either has happened, in fact. In short, make a dumb move, and he may continue following orders, but he'll keep a very sharp eye on you-and make sure he doesn't get a hold of your pills, if you take any. Don’t mistake this for a lack of patience, though: He’s patient, and if it will take him a month at least to have the best chance of success for any operation. He’s also understanding of everyone’s limits, and usually gives tasks that put people under that limit: You’re either a lazy a**hole or a backstabber to botch something he knows you can do…And he’ll usually think the latter, unless you’re known for being a lazy a**hole.

History: Zek's been slapped with the amnesia stick quite a few times. He's had a weakness to that. However, he's been smart enough since his last few bouts to keep a record of details of...Well, what he needs to know. He usually has foggy recollections of any area he's been to before, as well.

Zek's history? Apparently, before his first bout of amnesia, he was an orphan. No Orphanage for him, either, he was all alone. He was born fleeing from Mankind and Monkind alike, using whatever means he had to escape both threatening forces. He'd kill and cook Pokémon, and eat them without hesitation or recollection. It does explain his muscles. And his great escape style. Eventually, when he was six, he was kidnapped, and hit on the head a few times, his first amnesiac bout.

When he awoke, he was nothing more than a hostage to criminals. With no explicit memory of his prior experiences in the wild, all he had left was an instinct-a kind of wild parkour meant for more than just movement. He used it to kill most of the men in the room, but the remaining one shot a bullet to his knee, and transported him to the region's head of the Black Market. Said Region? Unova.

He doesn't remember the Don himself-the Don used voice masks and never showed a fleck of skin, and wore all black, and never gave a name other than, sarcastically, Don. However, the Don was amused by this young boy. What use was an amnesiac boy who could kill armed men? C***loads. He taught him about the criminal underworld, how to make money, how to live, how to not die, how to use weapons, how to blend in, basic s**t 6-year olds should know, the like. In exchange, the amnesiac boy swore to give the Don a cut of the profits while he's alive, and able to give profits. Neither The Don nor the boy, the former naming the latter Chakram, trusted the other, one of the things the Don taught Chakram: Trust was a burden, but don't expect everyone to jump out at you with a knife, full intent to kill you. Just most of the people.

Eventually, Chakram and the Don separated-not by death, amnesia, or force either-but Chakram was ready to do some Racketeering. He and the Don never met face-to-face or heard each other's voices again, both sending their messages and money silently. Several times, he got hit with the amnesia stick again (Usually from hits to the head), but he got people to help him remember quickly or got over it himself, and later on used a journal to keep track of events in case of such events. Outside of those events, which took him out of commission for a while, he had been an excellent Racketeer, confounding even the International Police, evading the downfall of most Racketeers, and getting paid a good amount on a usual basis. Life was good. He even learned of his ‘first life’ through some research.

Then the world started to self-destruct. The instant the rifts started appearing, he wrote down the basic information he needed to know-he could almost sense the amnesia setting in again. Then the boom came. He never knew where he was exactly for the rifts to go into overdrive-but the last thing he remembered, ironically, was a large Cyan-colored crystal slam into his noggin. He woke up in the forest, surrounded by RU guns, and just like the last time people surrounded him with guns after an amnesiac bout (which was also the first time it had happened), he killed all but one who shot a bullet in his knee, who dragged him off to see an RU leader. He isn't as trusting of the RU leader (and the RU in general) as the Don he learned from (Zek lost contact with the Don), but they understand each other-Zek (nicknamed thus at this point) lives, the RU gets a violently good hunter for the Chaos Emeralds they need so badly. Zek also wants revenge on Eggman-his life wouldn't be in such a dangerous, even more unstable position if Eggman never came, and will not rest until he's dead. Not to mention he really hates Sonic and his fellow antromorphs. Zek, ultimately, wants to live.

That's all he knows how to do. And he’s attracted unwanted attention from more than just enemies.

Pokémon team: For someone that takes no chances when it comes to survival, Zek's got less than his belt can hold. That may just be because he doesn't know when the next Pokémon will have to share places with his 'official' team. This is only his team at the start of the RP: he has WAY more Pokémon than this, but rarely has the limit of 10.

Dragonite: Zek Chakram doesn't nickname. He just doesn't. Regardless, this Dragonite, while being kinder and more considerate than Zek, is just as strong and brutal as he is, and will rarely disobey orders out of morality. Dragonite is used for when stealth isn't applicable, and has been known to get Zek out of quite a few jams. He got Dragonite as a Dragonair, stolen out of worse hands than his own, hence his loyalty (that, and Zek’s lack of acknowledgement of the Dragonite’s level of trust).

Medicham: Zek has a Medicham for a reason: Lucario is a Pokémon that would be almost out of the question for him to own, being as unfriendly as he is, leaving a Medicham as the next best contender for a Pokémon that sees the Aura. There are reasons why the Police haven't caught him yet, and this is one of them. Like most of his Pokémon, this one was stolen.

Jit: Zek Chakram doesn't nickname. However, whoever had this Galvantula before he did, well did nickname. Jit refuses to go by any other name, so to Zek’s annoyance (he doesn’t like nicknames), he calls him Jit. Jit’s uses ranges from disabling single Badniks fast and painlessly (surge-protected or not), to trapping foes, to wiping out hordes of any Badnik unfortunate enough to not be surge-protected. Stolen, as well.

Ninetales: One of the few Pokemon Zek hasn't stolen, this Ninetales is one of the few Pokemon that's followed Zek around for quite some time. It's curses come quite in handy (Instant-death touch, anyone?), and this Ninetales has the ability to change the weather to unnaturally clear and bright. It's also one of the few Pokemon on Chakram's team that is intelligant enough to be considered superior to humans-something Zek rarely likes when picking party members.

Carracosta: Zek's had a hard time finding something that hurts it (severely) that isn't an explosive. Carracosta is almost immune to bullets (if bullets are weak individually, they won't work at all), and the Badnik's lasers aren't faring well either, so Carracosta is basically mobile cover that can swim and kill you with a variety of energy projectiles. It also is shiny-fitting, considering the darker coloration Carracosta's shiny form is.

Sceptile: Zek stole it himself as a Treeko. It's very useful, considering Zek's job does require some stealth, and definately mobility. This thing destroys hrodes of Badniks and other foes in jungles, forests, the like, so there's reason number 2.

Ditto: This Ditto is no ordinary Ditto. It is a Ditto that can take the forms of humans as well, and has very good memory, hardly forgets anything. It can only transform into biological things it's seen, but it never messes up if it's been seen within a week, and rarely screws up even a tiny detail even then. However, it's very scared of Zek, and will do what he says as if his life depended on it's completion. Considering who it is...

Shedinja: Rarely used, considering it's frail nature, but it is dead as it stands already. This gives it an alarming amount of uses, mainly slipping by any of Eggmans bots-it is basically a rock to the Badniks, emitting no heat, having no internal organs, and anything else of that nature.

Weapons: One pistol, one small Submachine Gun he can wield in one hand, both silenced, both with enough ammo to make sure he doesn't run out on a mission (which is a ton), both on his person at all times, both having full clips at all times. Also comes with a combat knife and a few very small explosives.
Special powers: N/A. Do not declare you’re psychic around him, mind-reading is a big no-no for Zek Chakram-and don’t even get him started on the Antromorphs. Anything as smart as or smarter than him with much better abilities is basically deadlier than Zek, which for Zek, is not a plesant thought.
Equipment: A Kevlar vest and six rings. No, not the Sonic Variety, literally six steel rings (said 'steel' illegally taken from the hides and bodies of several steel-types, then turned into a near-invincible alloy) he puts around his arms to enhance his striking ability with his arms without restraining his arm movement. Also has a headset on at all times, for communication. And what would a Black Market Racketeer be without a good reserve of cash? He's got at least $1000 dollars on his person (in 20 dollar bills).
Other: NUBNUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and Zek knows that the Cyan Chaos Emerald is in Unova...He's just not sure where exactly.
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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Done with my SU.
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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Reserve get!

Character name: Miles "Tails" Prower
Age: 8
Gender: Male
Species: Fox
Team: Revolution Uprising
Occupation: Umm....unemployed? XD
Tails stands a bit shorter than Sonic(80cm), and has yellow-ornage fur, sans the tips of his twin tails, his stomach, and the area surrounding his mouth. Tails has large, blue eyes, and a three-pronged tuft of hair above those eyes and centered in the top of his forehead. He has large fox ears with white "insides" and orange "outsides" on the top of his head. A small black nose sits just above his mouth. He has quite thin limbs like the rest of his friends, and wears white gloves almost identical to Sonic's: plain, and secured by a thin black strap under the fold of the wrist. His feet end in white socks and red and white sneakers, red nearer to the back, and white further to the front. The bottom of his shoes are quite unremarkable, with soles to grip the ground, but not designed for ice.

Personality: Acts a bit shy and reserved to people he doesn't know, but will always step up and do the right thing in any situation. He has a tendency to talk very technically while working on mechanical equipment. For you Sonic fans, I'll be using a hybrid between Sonic Adventure Tails and Sonic Colors Tails. He can't stand seeing a friend hurt or in trouble, or anyone innocent for that matter. Tails hates Eggman with a passion, and will stop at nothing to stop him. After learning (in Sonic adventure) that he doesn't need to always rely on Sonic and his friends, he's become a bit more independent, but still feels the need to find them when they're separated. Doesn't like being bothered when he's working on his machines, and is very strategic in his thinking. Most of the time, however, his naive mind gets the best of him and he fumbles on his words, messing up some of his plans. He's very outspoken and gets easily upset if he's ignored or left out, or when he's belittled. He hates it when friends fight(Prime example: Sonic and Knuckles)and having to fight his friends. Is easily scared, and is outright terrified at lightning and thunder(and other loud noises and bright flashes)

History: Pre-Perfect Fusion
(For Sonic fans: I'm using a combination of both the Western and Japanese versions of Tails's past)
Tails was bullied at a very young age for having two tails, and was constantly depressed. His happiness returned after seeing Sonic run, and instantly wanted to go as fast as him(to be as "cool as him"), so he eventually learned to use his twin tails as a means of going faster. After following Sonic once, he saw the Tornado(Sonic's Plane), in disrepair. He fixed the plane up one day, adding "Sonic" to the sides. Sonic came by at this point, asking what Tails was doing. After a short discussion, the two became friends, and it's been like that ever since. Tails, together with Sonic, has thwarted Eggman many times.

In Perfect Fusion

During the "fusion" of the worlds, Tails' current plane, the Tornado II, in it's "X" Mode, which, due to the lack of Chaos Emeralds, he had functioning on normal power(Which made it quite a bit slower), malfunctioned, and he was forced to eject from the plane. Waking up on the ground in an unfamiliar place, he wandered around for quite a bit in the dense forest he landed in. Coming upon a fierce battle between Revolution Uprising and a legion of Eggman's robots, he immediately decided he needed to help RU. He helped in the battle, knowing most of the robot's weaknesses, and afterwards talked with Revolution Uprising. They didn't have many weapons or vehicles, and Tails happily decided to help out the team.

Weapons: His tails, Misc. Tools(LOLWHU- *Wrench in the back of the head*)
Special powers: Flying with his twin tails,Technical Expertise(Almost on Eggman level).
Equipment: Misc. Tools. Will begin working on weapons when the RP starts.
Other: Nothing? Nubnub, I guess. Tails will spend at least a bit of his time trying to make a Chaos Emerald finder if he finds an Emerald, and will be trying to find the rest of his friends also.


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|||||||||||||||I take requests...if you want stuff, I mean...

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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Reserve please.
Character name:
K (Kris Silph)
Team Rocket Spy
Two paragraphs about what they look like. Ten sentences minimum. GOOD sentences.
How the character acts. Same requirement as above.
Kris was born in Saffron City to the CEO of Silph Company. Team Rocket has had a strong interest in the company and the devices it could design and produce. In order to get the support of the CEO, they kidnapped Kris twice in his young age. Once when he was too young to know what happened, and once when he was 10. This second time is when he made a friend during his capture. The grunt in charge of protecting him allowed him freedom in the headquarters. He became very interested in what everybody was doing and team rocket became interested in him. After he was brought back home, he began to be trained in secret by a head of a Rocket division. He was still confused about the goals of team rocket at the time, however he did extremely well in training. When he turned 16 they offered him a position as a spy. He accepted. However when he discovered the goals of Team Rocket he became a rouge spy, selling information to whoever wanted it. He was paid by Team Rocket to find more about this new threat and how to shut it down.
Pokemon team:

What weapons you have, if applicable.
Anything special your character carries on them. Pokedexes, bulletproof vests, etc.
Anything I may have forgotten.


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