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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 06-30-2012, 03:58 AM
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Default [WAR XI] The Radio (Rated M. I'm serious. This is just awful) [Judged]


I can't really explain why I wrote this, but it is very graphic and violent. Like, possibly the most violent thing I've ever written. Major nightmare fuel. I would recommend that you not read this. My apologies to the lovely Creative Writing judge. This is super super super rated M. Here's the song that goes with it, if you think you can handle it:

Boogeyman by Henry Hall

Good luck.


Jessica laid awake in bed, watching spiders crawl across the ceiling. The house is old, she told herself. Old houses make lots of weird noises. Unfortunately, this thought wasn’t nearly as comforting as she’d hoped it would be. After all, houses didn’t usually sing. They especially didn’t sing in gravelly, static-y voices. At this thought, as if the house could hear her, there was a loud burst of static from somewhere below her. She whimpered softly. Her fiancé had gone down to investigate thirty minutes previously. He hadn’t yet returned. As she started shaking, the static smoothed out into first music, and then an audible voice.

Children have you ever met the Boogeyman before?
No, of course you haven’t for you’re much too good I’m sure,
Don’t you be afraid of him if he should visit you,
He’s a great big coward, so I’ll tell you what to do…

The lyrics faded until there was only the music and a rhythmic thumping noise. She made a soft whining sound in her throat. Her skin was now as pale as snow, making her black hair stand out heavily against her skin. With every thump, her skin crawled. Something was very, very wrong. Finally, the musician’s voice came back along with the music.

Hush, hush, hush, here comes the Boogeyman,
Don’t let him come too close to you, he’ll catch you if he can,
Just pretend that you’re a crocodile,
And you will find that Boogeyman will run away a mile…”

The man’s voice chuckled lightly and then faded, letting the song play instrumentally again. As if from very far away, almost like it came from wherever the radio was broadcast from, she suddenly heard a tinny voice.

“Jessie… Jessie… Oh God, please help me…”

Despite her fear, she sat straight up in bed. “Carl?” she whimpered.

“Please, I-“ The radio cut out for a moment. When it came back on she heard a high-pitched keening… and laughter.

“Carl!” she shrieked and jumped to her feet, though once there, she had little idea what to do. The thumping under her had returned with the music. Afraid that whatever was making it might hear her, she tiptoed over to her fiancé’s side of the bed and opened the drawer. She pulled out the revolver that had been stashed inside, in case of emergencies. Her hand shook so she tried to hold it with both hands, hoping it would steady her. Slowly, carefully, she walked out of the room. The hallways leading to the stairs was dark, but the stairs themselves were illuminated by multi-colored lights. She blinked in confusion.

Say shoo shoo and stick him with a pin
Boogeyman will very nearly jump out of his skin,
Say buzz buzz just like the wasps that sting,
Boogeyman will think you are an elephant with wings…

As Jessica crept closer to the stairs, she heard a buzzing sound. She looked around her with bewilderment and her heart leaped into her throat. Finally she could see the source. Huge, mustard yellow hornets with wingspans of nearly a foot were buzzing aimlessly towards her. Their eyes were big enough to meet hers and in them she could see only malice. Her mouth fell open and she began backing away, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Her heart skipped a beat as her foot plunged down the first stair and for a moment she hesitated. The buzzing grew louder, but just as the hornets were about to reach her, she turned around and raced downstairs.

Something was very, very wrong.

The downstairs hallway was lit with an eerie red glow and now the music and intermittent bursts of static were much louder.

“Help! Please help!” The cries barely sounded human. They were high pitched and keening, like an animal with its leg caught in a trap.

The sound was coming from the room at the end of the hallway. She approached it nervously. The radio flared up again.

Hush, hush, hush here comes the Boogeyman,
Tell him you’ve got soldiers in your bed,
For he will never guess that they are only made of lead

Jessica only made it a few more steps before there was a blinding pain in her thigh and the sound of gunfire. She screamed. Her leg was now spurting blood wildly. The sound of gunfire continued and she jolted to the left, narrowly missing another bullet. They appeared to be materializing from the wall. She limped as fast as she could to the end of the hallway, but before she could get there, another bullet grazed her hip. She nearly fell over. Her left leg was now almost useless.

“Jesus,” her fiance’s voice whimpered, sounding farther away than ever, “I can’t see… I can’t-“ His voice suddenly cut out.

Jessica was suddenly filled with adrenaline. She practically tore the door open, only to be knocked down as a wave of blood cascaded out of the open door. Her mouth opened in a scream, which was drowned out as her mouth filled with the taste of iron and death. Her hair was plastered to her face and she could barely see through the sticky red liquid. Finally, the bloody tide subsided. Jessica pulled herself to her feet and leaned against the door frame, now barely able to stand.

“Carl,” she muttered, “I’m coming.”

She pulled her crippled leg behind her and entered the room at the end of the hall. The first thing she noticed was that it smelled like something had died here and rotted away. She barely held back the bile that threatened to erupt from her throat. Still nauseous, she turned away, only to freeze in place. The air filled with the sound of wild cackling. On the floor in front of her was the body of her fiancé. His jaw was distended and his mouth hung open in an impossible scream. Below his head was only chaos. His entire torso was split, his ribcage opened wide and his skin hanging from the bones like shreds of wrapping paper left on a Christmas present. Sitting directly in his chest cavity, covered from head to toe in blood was what appeared to be a small child.

Jessica couldn’t make a noise. Instead she stood in silent horror as the child looked up at her, its blood streaked blonde hair hanging in its dark, soulless eyes. It smiled, revealing razor sharp teeth. Pieces of flesh and muscle tissue were caught between them. Its tongue was forked like a snake’s and it unfurled from its mouth, stretching down, down into the destroyed body to lap at its blood.

“Jessica,” it hissed. “Jessica.”

It took one step out of what was once her fiancé and she could see that its toes ended in yellowed claws. It grinned wider.

“Join me, Jessica. You could be… Just. Like. Me.”

She shook her head numbly and backed away slowly. That was when her back hit the wall. The first tear rolled down her cheek and she looked down at the gun in her hand. She knew very well that there was only one bullet. As the creature approached and unfurled its wings, she slowly lifted the revolver to her forehead.

“Forgive me,” she mouthed.

Say hush, hush, he’ll think that you’re asleep,
If you make a lovely snore, away he’ll softly creep,
Sing this tune, you children one and all,
Boogeyman will run away, he’ll think it’s Henry Hall

In the blood red light, the old radio gleamed. Almost as if with laughter.
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