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General Hang out here and talk to people participating the Ultra RPG. Talk about anything related to the Ultra RPG, or just any casual discussion with fellow participants of the Ultra RPG. New to Ultra RPG? Come in and see what's it all about.

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Old 07-17-2012, 09:22 PM
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Default Gym Leader Roll Call 7/17/12 - 7/24/12

You know how this works. If you've already checked in, your name will be crossed out. You have one week.


Elite Four:
Fossil Fusion

Pewter - OPEN
Cerulean - AmericanTreeFrog
Vermillion - Captain Dude
Celadon - The Pokemaster
Fuchsia - Zolar
Saffron - Xali
Cinnabar - Monbrey
Viridian - TheEvilDookie

Violet - Morru Magnum
Azalea - Gun6
Goldenrod - WTP
Ecruteak - OPEN
Cianwood - Gmandiddy
Olivine - Neonsands
Glacier - Central African Republic*
Blackthorn - Fierce Deity

Rustboro - Ayotui
Dewford - DrStubbsberg
Mauville - Frozenchaos
Lavaridge - LS the Door Mat
Petalburg - Feng
Fortree - Ash K.
Mossdeep - Siless
Sootopolis - Bumblebee

Oreburgh - Black Reaper
Eterna - Airik
Veilstone - ChainReaction01
Pastoria - Roulette
Hearthrome - Commba
Canalave - Taither
Snowpoint - Pman
Sunyshore - Webmaster

Striaton - OPEN
Nacrene - Ataro
Castelia - Piggin
Nimbasa - OPEN
Driftveil - Wintervines
Mistralton - OPEN
Icirrus - OPEN
Opelucid - OPEN

Orange Islands:
Mikan - SLC
Navel - Roulette
Trovita - OPEN
Kumquat - TheEvilDookie
Pummelo - WTP
RaptorJesus= [WTP-(Us+pie)]*Velociraptor^Jesus

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Old 07-17-2012, 11:34 PM
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Default Re: Gym Leader Roll Call 7/17/12 - 7/24/12

im here

^ Anastasia-R ^
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Old 07-18-2012, 02:39 AM
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Default Re: Gym Leader Roll Call 7/17/12 - 7/24/12

Hiii guys i'm here dont forget me plz. <3(:
I wish this dream comes true.

We'll make this dream come true.
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