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Old 08-22-2010, 04:37 PM
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Default Powerful Trainer Maker

I know, there's a 'make your own Gym' thread, but this is to just make any one powerful Trainer with any Pokémon. You can also make Gyms, Elite Four guys, criminal masterminds, *coughgiovannicough*, and other people. Even just a suckish little kid with Lv3 Pokémon! Like this:

Trainer's Name
Specialty (if any)

Pokémon 1
Pokémon 2
Pokémon 3
Pokémon 4
Pokémon 5
Pokémon 6

Prize money, items, etc. (if any)



Voltorb Lv27
Pikachu Lv28
Rotom Lv26
Luxio Lv31
Electrike Lv29
Electabuzz Lv33

Prize: $1730

Yes, Legendary Pokémon are OK, too. They can be any level from 1 to 100,and the prizes can be pretty much anything.

Have fun!

P.S. please don't think I'm stealing the create-a-gym idea, because I'm not. I'm just building off it towards specific Trainers instead of whole Gyms. People can make Gyms, though, and can also make Elite Fours, and pretty much ANYTHING! So, just have fun.
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Old 08-22-2010, 04:54 PM
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Default Elite Four

This is what I meant by "it's OK to make Elite Fours on here".

Elite Four Haley

Breloom Lv68
Ludicolo Lv69
Tropius Lv70
Cradily Lv72
Shiftry Lv74

Prize: $10290

Elite Four Gyro

Metang Lv69
Bastiodon Lv71
Registeel Lv73
Metagross Lv72
Bronzong Lv73

Prize: $12030

Elite Four Benjamin

Rampardos Lv72
Aerodactyl Lv71
Kabutops Lv73
Rhyperior Lv75
Armaldo Lv74

Prize: $13500

Who wants to finish this?
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Old 08-22-2010, 05:09 PM
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Default Re: Powerful Trainer Maker

I'll finish...

Elite Four Kyle

Luxray Lvl 75
Raichu Lvl 74
Magnezone Lvl 78
Rotom Lvl 76
Lanturn Lvl 75

Champion Belle
No specific type.

Houndoom Lvl 79
Walrein Lvl 81
Jumpluff Lvl 80
Claydoll Lvl 85
Scizor Lvl 84
Giratina Lvl 90
Hey everyone, EchoCrescent here.

Today I'm advertising on my PE2K account... HOORAAAY!!! xDD

~Echo. (~Micro.)
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Old 08-22-2010, 05:57 PM
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Default Re: Powerful Trainer Maker

The Hidden Elite Four of Sinnoh

Elite Four Birch
Grass and Bug

Kriketune Lv 78
Sceptile Lv 76
Venusaur Lv 79
Torterra Lv 75
Yanmega Lv 78
Vespiquen Lv 77

Starting Speech: "Hahahaha! I will defeat you in the name of Hoenn!"
Ending Speech (Birch win): "Hoenn is victorious yet again! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
Ending Speech (Birch lose): "What?! No! Well, I best not dream too far ahead. Good luck, trainer."
Ending Speech (draw): "Hmm..... we both did our best."

Prize money, items, etc. (if any)

To be finished


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Old 08-22-2010, 07:15 PM
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Default Re: Powerful Trainer Maker

Gym Leader Youngster Joey
Awesome techniques type

Rattata lv1
Rattata lv1
Rattata lv1
Starly lv1
Rattata lv1
Rattata lv1

Starting Speech: "My Rattata is a pretty cool Rattata. It's probably in the top percentage of Rattata!"
Upon defeat: "Better luck to me next time. My Rattata is the best Rattata. You know what I mean?"

Winnings: $50, Focus Sash
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Old 08-22-2010, 07:56 PM
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Default Re: Powerful Trainer Maker

Finishing my elite...

The Hidden Elite Four of Sinnoh

Elite Four Birch
Grass and Bug

Kriketune Lv 78
Sceptile Lv 76
Venusaur Lv 79
Torterra Lv 75
Yanmega Lv 78
Vespiquen Lv 77

Starting Speech: "Hahahaha! I will defeat you in the name of Hoenn!"
Ending Speech (Birch win): "Hoenn is victorious yet again! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
Ending Speech (Birch lose): "What?! No! Well, I best not dream too far ahead. Good luck, trainer."
Ending Speech (draw): "Hmm..... we both did our best."
Ending speech (outside, if you win only): "Well! I believe you can progress to the next level. Be warned though, trainer! Elm is ultimately tougher than me. He is devious. Take care of yourself, and take this. It's a Fire Stone. It will evolve an Eevee into Flareon, and a Growlithe to Arcanine. Take care."

$5,000 and a Fire Stone

Elite Four Elm
Dark and Ghost

Conditions: Challenger must not use Dark, Ghost or Physic-type Pokémon.

Banette Level 78
Gengar Level 80
Spiritomb Level 70
Dusknoir Level 79
Froslass Level 81
Drifblim Level 78

Starting Speech: "Ha! Birch was a weakling compared to me. Prepare to face the might of Johto!"
Ending Speech (you lose): "Johto is too powerful to be defeated by one of the Sinnoh weaklings!"
Ending Speech (you win): "That was a good fight. We need to fight more often!"
Ending Speech (draw): "How could this happen? I never expected this..."
Ending Speech (outside): "Well, prepare to meet the professor that represents your region. He is powerful to be sure, he defeated the Champion! Take this Dusk Stone, I don't know what it does, but it makes a Mismagius, I heard... now go! Take these Full Restores as well and go win, trainer!"

$5,000, a Dusk Stone, 6 Full Restores, a Strategic Badge (which will let you into a hidden bit of the Battle Frontier which enforces strategy) and unlocks the PokéFlute on your radio!

Elite Four Rowan

Infernape Level 85
Charizard Level 87
Blaziken Level 83
Typhlosion Level 89
Magmortar Level 86
Ninetales Level 90

Starting Speech: "Dare you challenge me? Are you sure? Because all my Pokémon have a special move, Bone Crusher, which will level down your Pokémon by TEN LEVELS!" YES/NO
If yes: "Well, don't say I didn't warn you!"
If no: "Go die in a hole." *player is transferred to the Secret Compartment, where they face a Double Battle with Elm and Birch before coming back*
Ending speech (you lose): "I did warn you, after all."
Ending speech (you win): "See how varied movesets can be an advantage yet a downfall?"
Ending speech (draw): "I refuse to let this happen. You must battle me again!"
Ending speech (outside): "Right, take this Leaf Stone and Shiny stone and go. I warn you...."

$5,000, Leaf Stone and Shiny Stone

Elite Four Oak

Froslass Level 95
Mamoswine Level 99
Walrein Level 94
Dewgong Level 97
Lapras Level 98
Jynx Level 96

Starting speech: "Are you feeling the cold already? Not to worry, I shall warm you."
Ending speech (you lose): "I hope you get back here, you have been a pleasure to challenge."
Ending speech (you win): "I see where I went wrong. I will learn from my mistakes. I hope you, too, will learn from your mistakes."
Ending speech (draw): "It was so close. The tables could have turned, but instead we resulted in a draw."
Ending speech (outside): "Take these Full Restores and take a Max Revive. You will be glad you have them soon."

$5,000, 12 Full Restores and a Max Revive

Champions Dawn & Lucas (for this double battle, Rowan will join you)
Mixed Types

Mamoswine Lv 100
Togekiss Lv 100
Piplup Lv 100
Buneary Lv 100
Pachirisu Lv 100
Cyndaquil Lv 100

Magmortar Lv 100
Clefairy Lv 100
Kadabra Lv 100
Alakazam Lv 100
Clefable Lv 100
Infernape Lv 100

Starting Speech: "Let's dance!"
Ending Speech (all): "That was fun!"

Starting Speech: "Alright! I'm going to beat you!"
Ending Speech (all): "You're tough!"

$30,000 and 30 of every berry

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Old 08-23-2010, 05:09 AM
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Default Re: Powerful Trainer Maker

Pokémon King Mewtwo
(Unspecified typing)

Venasaur Lv 100
Blastoise Lv 100
Charizard Lv 100
Pikachu Lv 100
Nidoqueen Lv 100
Gyarados Lv 100

Starting speech: You dare challenge a God? Prepare to be taught a lesson!!
Ending speech: I don't deserve to be king being beaten by trainer scum like you!

Winnings: A battle with Mewtwo himself.

Mewtwo Lv 100 @King's Rock
Shadow Ball
Hyper Beam
Credit to mayfan1000. VPP Browser Post

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Old 08-23-2010, 05:35 AM
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Default Re: Powerful Trainer Maker

PKMN Trainer Margz
All around

Empoleon Lv 100
Fearow Lv 100
Dugtrio Lv 100
Ampharos Lv 100
Victreebel Lv 100
Blaziken Lv 100

Before battle: ......
After battle: I see. You're one of the coolest Trainers yet that I've seen. Take these.

Winnings: $99,999; all TMS at 95 each, and allows you to take her with you on your adventure
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Old 08-24-2010, 07:25 PM
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Default Re: Powerful Trainer Maker

Rental Battle Champion

Rental Champion Saphina


Starting Speech: "Can you beat the power of love?"
Ending speech (you win): "Your love was stronger... it can't be!"
Ending speech (you lose): "Love beats all else!"
Ending speech (draw): "Equally matched love!"
Ending speech (outside): "Well, you can take one of my rentals as your own. Say hello to Garchomp."

$50,000 and Garchomp

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Old 08-25-2010, 10:59 PM
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Default Re: Powerful Trainer Maker

Dark and Ghost
Dusclops Lv 100
Absol Lv 1 (FEAR somehow)
Shupett Lv 90
Gengar Lv 100

Starting speach "My little Absol is too strong. There is no way you can defeat it!"
Upon defeat "Well, I guess using that FEAR thing wasn't worth it. Go on, my sister is waiting."

Winnings; 1000 PoKe, Full incense.


Starting speach "My sister and her ways, she was defeated by a kid like you. No matter, I shall defeat you, and that is final. I can't lose!"
Upon defeat "Stupid kid, I messed up. Now scram before ma ma sees this."

Updating with Niala's next.
I'm alive! -coughnotcough-
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Old 10-15-2010, 08:32 PM
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Default Re: Powerful Trainer Maker

Phoenix Wright
Ace Attorney

Lv. 100 Sudowoodo
Lv. 100 Gardevoir
Lv. 100 Arceus
Lv. 100 Latias
Lv. 100 Cresselia
Lv. 100 Arcanine

Opening Statement: I will show you the power of justice. Now, let the truth be revealed!

Winning Statement: According to the evidence, I just kicked your ass.

Losing Statement: OBJECTION! This can't be, but it seems I underestimated your chances.

Winnings: 9001 Poke and Card Key to Evidence Room (Mewcario event item)

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Old 10-15-2010, 08:55 PM
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Default Re: Powerful Trainer Maker

Ace Trainer Liam.
No Preferred Type.

Gardevoir, lv. 100
Swampert, lv. 100
Salamence, lv. 100
Aggron, lv. 100
Hariyama, lv. 100
Wailord, lv. 100

Opening Statement; “I'll show you the full wrath of the Hoenn region!”
Winning Statement; “Hah!”
Losing Statement; “Eh.”

Winnings; 10, 000 Poké, and a choice of either a Mudkip, Torchic or Treecko.
♪Perfect by nature. Icons of self indulgence.♪

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Old 10-16-2010, 11:38 PM
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Default Re: Powerful Trainer Maker

PKMN Master Avalon:

Type: no specialty

(note: all pokemon, regardless of when you encounter him, or other specified trainers, are all L.V. 100)

Team 1: this is after the 1st gym. your screwed. trading isn't a option untill after this. no consequences for losing. he'll act like you lost, even if you won. he won't say anything, before or after the battle. he departs afterward.

Agirudaa (shiny)

Team 2: this is after the Elite Four-but before the champion. your still about 45 levels below him at this point, but there's a (0.00000001%) chance of winning. again he'll act like you lost, and won't speak at all. he departs again.

Agirudaa (shiny)

Team 3: IF YOU DEFEAT THE BATTLE FRONTIER, THEN HE'LL APEAR AGAIN. this time, there's a fair shot at defeating him. YOU CAN'T PROCEED IN THE STORY IF YOU DON'T DEFEAT HIM. this time, he'll speak-IF YOU WIN.

Agirudaa (shiny)

you win statement: "...finally...i've been defeated..."

Prize: $50000.

after the battle, he'll say this:

"I've never lost. at anything. in my life. it's actually rather boring, to win everything. especially if you know your holding back. and I have been. I was right about you. your powerfull. So am I, but that's rather to my frustration. meet me at the top of Mount Coronet, in Sinnoh. oh, wait, you'd have to beat all the gym leaders there to get access. a crisis happened at Coronet years ago, and only trustwothy people get into the mountain. meh, I can wait that long. you'll need this."

he'll hand you a ticket for the S.S.Sinnoh and depart from you.

woot. get all the badges from Sinnoh and get to the mountain's second floor. then get ready. NO, IT'S NOT JUST AVALON. BUT YOU'LL WISH IT WAS.

mystery trainer: "hi. I'm from Isshu. it's very far away from all the other Regions, and the pokemon there are only found there. I think. oh, yes, my name. it is N."

hoo boy. Team Plasma's naive leader. not evil, just naive.

N: "well, Avalon must think highly of you...wait, YOU defeated HIM?! your bluffing. let's see if that's even CLOSE to possible."

N's party


You win: "huh, so you did beat Avalon."
You lose/draw: "I had a feeling about that..."

N is blocking you from the path. he'll heal your Pokemon afterwards and won't take money, but won't let you pass untill you defeat him. if you lost or drawed at least once, then he'll say this when you meet him again:

"well, well, if it isn't you. I'll say this: your persistant. Avalon and I, we like persistant. let's see your streangth."

either way, if you win, he'll give you $10000 and a few max revives and twice that many full restores, and say this:

" only Avalon has ever defeated me with that party. You see, he's sort of my gaurdian, teaching me his secrets. to what is to remain secret in itself. I am his apprentice and second, and also a great Pokemon Trainer. I belive you can make it to the top-yes, there are other foes ahead of you-and challenge Avalon. your pokemon trust you, they think everybody should be like you. I've rarely heard that from them, and Pokemon never lie. and I was raised by them, so I should know."

N basically tipped you off that there are more trainer's ahead. I won't list them, but they all have 1 legendary. they start off as youngsters and lasses, then change to Ex-Grunts, then go on to Ace Trainers. after at least 12 unavoidable trainer battles, you finally make it to the Spear Pillar.

Avalon shall greet you properly this time.

"you have done well. as you may have known, for a long time, I am Avalon, the Grand Champion. I've never lost at anything before, untill you came along and gave me a whooping. but I'm not done yet. prepare for it. The Victor gets the Spoils, and the Spoils in your case are extrordinary. but this is my absolute best team. so don't get cocky. all champions go down if they're cocky for an instant."


Latios (soul dew)
Darkrai (Life orb)
Mew (Leftovers)
Zekrom (choice band)
Genosekuto (Freeze cartrige)
Arceus (special item called Omega Plate- gives it ??? type, which is resistant to all types, and all types are weak to it.)

You win: ...heh...heh heh...
You lose/draw : ...*sigh*...

afterwards, if you win, he'll say this:

" ...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! yes, yes, I lost, but you are worthy of something. this. you take it. no regrets. no denials. please, I insist."

he'll hand you a Mew. Shiny, Maxed IV's, Knows Judgement, Timid. EV's are Maxed in special attack and speed, with a dinky point in HP.

"Yes, that one needs somebody to remove it's timidness. your the one. now excuse me, I have a life to live."

he, and all the other trainers, will depart. you can battle him again later at the entrance to the battle tower.

The Avatar is from 5TailedDemonLizard!

Houndour@4051: Hatch@4066, Houndoom@4123, Level100@4351.

The Nonexistant White Nuzlocke! BEHOLD IT AND DESPAIR!

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Old 10-17-2010, 12:11 AM
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Default Re: Powerful Trainer Maker

Elite Four Champion: Karate Master Luke
Fighting Pokemon

Shiny Machamp (Level: 89)
Machamp (Level: 95)
Hitmontop (Level: 85)
Hitmonchan (Level: 100)
Hitmonlee (Level: 92)
Shiny Tyrogue (Level: 100)

Starting Words: "I will kick you in the face, if you don't back off."
You Win: "Master, I have lost."
You Lose: "You are a weakling. Want some more?"
Draw: "Lets go again, IF you can take it."

Winnings: TM Close Combat, 10,000 Poke, and Shiny Machop.

Words about Close Combat: "This will grant you a win, but only if you use it right. It has a 75% chance of missing."
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Old 10-28-2010, 09:55 PM
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Default Re: Powerful Trainer Maker

Brother and Sister Tom and Beth

Tom's Pkmn;
Aggron, level 94 [Name, Thor]
Garchomp, level 95
Gallade, level 96 [Name, Blade]

Beth's Pkmn;
Lapras, level 97 [Name, Beau]
Roserae, level 98 [Name, Thorn]
Gardevoir, level 99 [Name, Venus]

[Prize: 10000 pokédollars]

Starting Words (Both); Our Ma taught us how to raise our Pokémon!

Winning speech (Tom); Beth, we won!
Winning Speech (Beth); Wow, good match! Better luck next time!

Draw (Tom); Hmmm... Again!
Draw (Beth); We're as tough as eachother, hee hee.

Loss (Tom); No! Beth, you let us down!
Loss (Beth); Wow, you're really strong!

After battle speech (Tom); Grumble grumble...
After battle speech (Beth); Don't worry about Tom, he's a sore loser, hee hee.

A win leads to a fight against: Ma Richards.

Ma's Pkmn;
Snorlax, level 100 [Name, Achilles]
Gengar, level 100 [Name, Schadenfreude]
Onyx, level 100 [Name, Medusa]
Miltank, level 100 [Name, Gretle]
Alakazam, level 100 [Name, Psi]
Gyarados, level 100 [Name, Leviathan]

[Prize: 50000 pokédollars]

Starting words; You beat my children? This'll be a good fight!

Winning speech; Ho ho! Nobody beats Ma!

Draw; Let's try this fight again sometime, okay sweetie?

Loss speech; Wow, you really are tough!

After battle speech; That was a good fight, you must come back sometime, okay sweetie?
♪Perfect by nature. Icons of self indulgence.♪
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