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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Default Tekkit Is Awesome(An MLP-Yogscast crossover)

Randomly came up with this one day and started writing it. So, here goes.

Chapter 1

"Hey Lewis! Over here!" Simon yelled, waving his diamond axe over his head. He was a dwarf of Stoneholm, sporting a bushy orange beard, a helmet, iron gloves and leggings, and a pair of shoes. He had a big metal "S" strapped onto his otherwise bare chest. Simon was also quick to action and rarely thought things through. Which is the reason he was swinging his axe around like that, and why it slipped from his hand and nearly killed the man next to him.

"Ow!" Duncan yelled, as the axe grazed his cheek. "Watch it Simon!" Duncan looked like an aviator, with goggles, a white shirt, and grey pants; all of which were the type you wear to fly in a biplane. He was usually calm, but certain things got on his bad side. Like Simon being "an absolute idiot", in his words.

Another man came running. He had brown hair, a mustache that linked to a short but thick beard and sideburns, and wore a brown jacket with a grey shirt. On his back was a diamond sword. His pants were brown and his boots black.

"What is it?" Lewis said, screeching to a halt. He was panting heavily, and leaning on his knees.

"Check this out," Simon said. He side-stepped to reveal...

"Ponies?!" Lewis yelled, jumping back. Indeed, ponies. Six in all. One was lavender(unicorn), another white(unicorn), another orange(regular pony), another pink(regular pony), and two pegasi, one bright blue and one yellow.

"I checked the server logs, and they don't show up," Duncan explained. "They might be some sort of NPC... Do we have Mine Little Pony installed?" he inquired, turning to Simon.

"Yeah, but our skins aren't compatible. Theirs must be," Simon answered. "Maybe they're using a hacking client, so we can't see their names?"

Suddenly, one of the ponies began to wake up...


"Unh..." Twilight muttered, lifting a hoof to her head.

"Hey, one of them's awake!" came a British-sounding voice.

"Huh??" Twilight said. "Who's the- AGH!" she yelled, jumping back. Standing in front of her were three humans. No big deal; she'd seen humans in books and stuff like that. But what surprised her was the fact that they were made from blocks.

"Um," said the shorter of the three, "Why are you screaming?"

"Oh, sorry," Twilight muttered sheepishly. "I-I didn't see you at first."

"She looks... familiar..." muttered the aviator. "Wait! Are you Twilight Sparkle?"

Now THAT was odd... his voice was identical to an incompetent magician who'd shown up a while back... "Fumblemore?" Twilight guessed. "But... if that is you... why do you look so different?"

"That was a disguise," the aviator explained. "My real name is Duncan, LividCoffee on the internet. Good to see you again, Twilight."

"And... Xephos and Honeydew, wasn't it?" Twilight asked, now making connections.

"Yup!" the dwarf said cheerfully.

“Our actual names are Lewis and Simon,” explained Lewis. “We just used those other names because we didn't know if we could trust anyone.”

Twilight nodded. That makes sense, she thought. They had no clue who we were or if we could be trusted. Well, we know we can trust each other now, so... “I'm sorry about this,” she apologized. “I honestly don't know what happened. I was just running tests on some stuff you left behind, and...” She stopped talking. There was no need to continue explaining.

It's safe to say that had they been more attentive to their surroundings, some bits of the following events would have never happened. Just for the record, they were in a cave. A skeleton snuck up behind Simon, aimed, and...

HONEYDEW WAS SHOT BY SKELETON flashed through everyone's mind for a couple seconds.
Tools, materials, and some kind of cookies went flying everywhere. There was a dead silence. The skeleton looked from Lewis, to Duncan, to Twilight. Duncan cocked a mining laser, Lewis pulled out a sapphire sword, and Twilight began to ready a magical blast. The skeleton's last words were “Oh crud.”

Approximately five seconds later, all that remained of the skeleton was a scorch mark on the ground, some arrows, and...

“A bow!” Lewis exclaimed. “That's a really rare drop.”

Twilight picked it up using magic, and to her surprise, was able to use it expertly at once. She put an arrow in, aimed, and nailed a four-legged green creature right around the corner.

Lewis whistled. “Must have been enchanted. Even rarer.”

Suddenly, Simon appeared in front of them. “Wow, that could have gone better,” he muttered, slightly irritated. He went over to where he had died and picked everything up that he had dropped on death.

“Uh, what?” Twilight asked, confused. “I saw that thing shoot him, how is he still alive??”

“I respawned, that's why,” Simon answered. “Death is never permanent here for anyone with human intelligence. Testificates are an exception, though,” he added.

“Testificates?” Twilight said.

“They inhabit villages,” Lewis answered. “They look kinda weird. Look, let's get your friends out of this cave before any more monsters show up.”

A round of agreements and a /spawn later...

“Woah,” Twilight said, in shock of the machinery. “This is so advanced...”

“Yup,” Simon said, a little too proudly. “And we're not even done with the factor-”

“That man outside... who is that” Twilight suddenley said, pointing out the window.

“Sjin”, Duncan growled. “I hate that guy.”

“Why?” Twilight quested, tilting her head in a questioning manner.

“You see this?” Duncan asked, waving a hand at all the different pieces of equipment. “This is part of the Tekkit mod, a multiplayer version of the Technic Pack. I've played it before, with Sjin amongst others. Sjin tried to steal all my stuff, and we've been bitter enemies ever since.”

Multiplayer? Twilight thought. “So, is this like a game?” she asked.

Lewis nodded. “Yup. Not sure how you actually got in the game...”

It was about that time that the other ponies started to stir.

“Oh my stars...” the white unicorn moaned, raising a hoof to her head. “I feel absolutely dreadful...” Then she noticed Lewis.

“Rarity?” he asked. Rarity's response was a yelp and a backwards leap. Then she paused.

“...Xephos?” she asked, as recognition dawned. A nod. “How...” she began, then looked around. “Where are we, exactly?”

And on and on, as the other ponies awoke. After the introductions and explanations were done, Fluttershy(the yellow pegasus) raised a hoof.

“Um,” she said in a quiet voice, “What's Sips Co.?” Sips Co. had been mentioned during the explanations.

Duncan scowled. “They dig up and refine dirt for use as a building material. It's boring, but useful. Apparently.”

Rarity rolled her eyes. “Well that sounds foolish. There's dirt all around, and who in the world would want it in the first place?”

Another scowl. “I don't know. Sips is a strange man, and a pretty bad boss if the stories are to be believed.”

“Stories?” Applejack asked. She was one of the normal ponies.

Duncan sat down on a nearby chest,a frown lingering on his face. “Some say that Sips doesn't allow any holidays, others say he hates technology. I don't know why Sips Co. is so successful if they avoid all of THIS.” At that last bit, he waved a hand around the room, indicating all the machinery.

“All true,” Lewis piped in.

“So...” Twilight said. “What exactly are you trying to do that's got Sips Co. against you?”

At this, Simon beamed proudly. “I am the founder and CEO of Honeydew Enterprises, and our goal is to make the greatest jaffa cakes of all time and distribute them for affordable prices to the world!”

“...what's a jaffa cake?” Pinkie asked, clearly interested.

“It's a pastry covered in chocolate on top and has a fruity gel filling,” Simon answered.

“How can I help?” Pinkie said, a smile on her face.

“So why is there any conflict?” Twilight asked, interrupting to keep things sane.

“Well, we bought some land, but Sips. Co claims they did first,” Duncan explained. “Since we lost the paperwork, we can't check the dates, so to all intents and purposes, the land's not ours.”

With that, they went outside, leaving the ponies inside.

“Did ya'll hear that?” Applejack quizzed.

“Rainbow Dash nodded, grinning. “I think we got some demolition to do.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa everypony,” Twilight said. “Let's think this through. I mean, CORPORATE warfare is fine, but do we want this to turn into a full-on battle? Really, guys?”

Rainbow Dash already had a block of TNT in her hooves. “Oh c'mon, Twilight,” she said. “In all likelihood, that land belongs to Honeydew Enterprises.”

“That doesn't make it right!” Twilight protested. “What if someone gets hurt?! Like us! We don't know if we can respawn, and I'd rather not try and find out!”

Rarity had been digging in the chests, and found some diamonds; several stacks to be precise. “Oh my stars!” she yelled. She brought the diamonds out. That's when Twilight got an idea.

“Hey, didn't they make diamond armor when we last saw them in Equestria?” she asked.


Later, the six ponies had covered the dirt shack in TNT and were wearing diamond armor. It had taken a lot of convincing Rarity and trial-and-error, but the armor was very strong.

“Alright, Dashie!” Pinkie yelled. “Pull that lever!”

Rainbow Dash obliged, hitting the switch into position. “Run!” she yelled.

And so they did. 5 seconds later, SJIN BLEW UP flashed through the air, almost drowned out by the chain reaction taking place. When all was done, all that remained was a crater that exposed a now-floating obsidian portal.

If you're confused by certain things, watch the Tekkit series on the Youtube account bluexephos. I own nothing used here.
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