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Old 08-30-2012, 04:02 AM
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Default Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [Character Directory]

(c) AngelAquino

So here is where the official character sheets will be posted. It is mandatory that they be updated as the roleplay goes on. This is because during the course of the game new items will be acquired and new skills, languages, and spells learned. Perhaps a character gets a new companion. All of this is information that must be on a character sheet. They are to be posted here for easier access to them, instead of finding and editing them on the SU/DS thread. Character sheets can only be posted here once the Dungeon Master has accepted them. Character personality and history are not required to be present on the character sheet.
Surge the Houndoom Warrior Assassin played by CM
Daniel Thresh the variable Mage played by narphoenix
Azrael "Archeon Pendragon" the "fallen" demon lord Warrior played by Kaioo
Aeiria the Ninetales Trader Treasure Hunter played by Dino
Othniel Moto-Moyo the lion-man Shaman Warrior played be Velocity
Lumi "Frost" the human Rouge played be Eternal Moonlight
Vahn D. Brande the half-dragon Dragon Slayer played be Trainer17
Arima the human Beast Soothesayer played be Saraibre Ryu
Crystal Momoyia

Lv100 @ 7896

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Old 08-30-2012, 04:02 AM
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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [Character Directory]

Player: Crystal

Age: 25
Species: Pokémon - Houndoom
Ability: Flash Fire - Protects against Fire moves. Once blocked, the Pokémon's own Fire moves inflict more damage until the end of the encounter
Class: Warrior/Assassin

Howl - The user howls loudly to raise its spirit, boosting its strength
Crunch - The user crunches up the target with sharp fangs. It may also lower the target's defenses
Flamethrower - The target is scorched with an intense blast of fire. It may also leave the target with a burn
Thunder Fang - The user bites with electrified fangs. It may also make the target flinch or leave it with paralysis

Signature Techniques:
Ice-Flamethrower - The target is hit with an intense blast of blue fire. It may also leave the target with a burn or frozen


Strength 14
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10




Alertness - +2 bonus on all Listen and Spot checks
Mental Resistance - The mind is armored against mental intrusion
Self-Sufficient - +2 bonus on all Heal and Survival checks
Stealthy - +2 bonus on all Hide and Move Silently checks
Track - To find tracks or to follow for 1 mile (requires a successful Survival check. Must make another Survival check every time the tracks become difficult to follow)


leather belt x1
leather belt bag x2
small coin purse x1
iron rations x4 days
water-skin x1

0 gold
3 silver
5 copper


red iron helm x1
red iron chest plate x1
red iron gauntlet x2


Totally stole this character sheet set-up from Sam X3
Crystal Momoyia

Lv100 @ 7896

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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [Character Directory]

Name: narphoenix (Call me Nar)

Character: Daniel Thresh

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Variable (Born Human)

Class: Magus- talents lie in biomancy (healing and shapehifting)

Appearance: Daniel in human form stands at 2 meters exactly. His skin is black, although it is usually covered by a robe of various shades of navy. His black hair is cut extremely short, and his lips and chin are covered in stubble of the same shade. His black eyes are harsh and unforgiving, yet give the appearance of him being not all there, as though he is focusing on something not of this world. He is always moving around, whether by shaking his leg, twiddling his thumbs, or pacing about. He places deep value on his thoughts, and will deliver the the Death Glare to end all death glares if he's working on a problem and he's interrupted. He has a thin frame, although it has quite a bit of muscle on it as well. He has a mass of about 80 kg.

*Strength: 12
*Dexterity: 12
*Constitution: 12
*Intelligence: 18
*Wisdom: 14
*Charisma: 8


Robes (x2)
Athame (x2)
Assorted knives (x7)
Provisions (Three days' worth)-
Various herbs and healing supplies
Wood Canteen

Currency: Two Gold Coins worth, broken up as I find convenient in the RP


[Samael] Jellicent (M)
Ability: Cursed Body
Moves: Scald, Recover, Toxic, Ice Beam
Sig Move: Life Drain- A ghostly move that slowly drains the opponent of life while healing Samael (like Leech seed)

Wizard Senses
Perfect Control
Shapeshifting (Blaziken)
Assorted other magics


Natural Spell
Iron Will
Cold Reading

Avatar by Velocity!

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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [Character Directory]

Name: Kaioo

Character: Archeon Pendragon (True Name: Azrael)

Age: Appears to be around 27 human years in age, but is actually 783 years old

Gender: Male

Species: Demon- "Fallen" Demon Lord(He's a Demon Lord, but has been outcasted from the Demon Realm for his actions)
Class: Warrior


Archeon stands at the height of six foot eight inches, and his eyes are a crimson colour. His hair is jet black in colour, and is of medium length, spiked up, almost like a flame. His skin is golden brown in colour. He has a rather muscular build, though he is not excessively muscular. He has a scar running across the bottom of his right eye going down over the bridge of his nose, and to the left edge of his lips.

Strength 17
Dexterity 8
Constitution 16
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 8
Charisma 17

Languages: Abyssal,Common,Draconic,Celestial and Infernal

Heavy Armour Proficiency
Weapon Focus- Sword
Rapid Metabolism

Spells: N/A

1xDaedric(Demon) Helm- though has the appearance of a Steel helm.
1xDaedric Chestplate
1xBarbaric Daedric Legplates(fur adorning the groin area)
1xTorn Red Cape
1x coin pouch
1x water pouch
1x satchel
Money: 5 gold.
Companion: N/A
Other: He has a Split Personality. When angered, he becomes almost sadistic, though still retains his loyalty to his friends.
[paired with DarkAmethyst a.k.a angel-chan] URPG stats Ranger Log

Credit to Neo Pikachu for the avatar.

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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [Character Directory]


Aeiria / Air

368 Years


Pokemon: Ninetales

Trader | Treasure Hunter


Strength | 9
Dexterity | 15
Constitution | 10
Intelligence | 16
Wisdom | 11
Charisma | 15

Flash Fire

Energy Ball, Extrasensory, Flamethrower, Safeguard

Signature Technique:
The Pokedex states “Some legends claim that each of its nine tails has its own unique type of special mystical power.” Aeiria has discovered a way to unlock the special powers in her tails. The nine people that were ‘reincarnated’ to become a ninetales are quite obsolete and almost have no effect on the pokemon itself, but the remnants are still hidden within the magical tails. Aeiria discovered that by practicing and focusing to try and find these remnants can unlock the powers given by the people. It seems as though the person’s job in life, or their skills and abilities determine what kind of power they give. These powers Aeiria uses when shooting her arrows (explained later). The special powers are listed below. The arrows can still miss, and sometimes the powers will not work due to Aeiria being too weak, or by a stronger ghost, psychic, or dark pokemon, wizard, etc. presence. In times of hurry, which tail is which is also sometimes forgotten and a random one is used.
- Alchemist – the arrow tip becomes poisonous
- Wizard – the arrow follows opponent and does not miss (can still be blocked)
- Doctor – the arrow stuns opponent
- Warrior – the arrow becomes heavier (therefore stronger) (range is limited)
- Black Smith – the arrow tip becomes extremely hot metal
- Prince – the arrow splits into three during its flight
- Inventor – the arrow explodes on contact
- Intellectual – the arrow has no added effect (tail that is most often used to shoot arrows)

Common (Understands it only)

Weapon Finesse
Point Blank Shot


Bow x1
Quiver and Arrows x3
Bag x1
A small black book used for business
Another small book with dry herbs pressed in between pages
Several small bottles containing berry juice
A map of the world and trade routes
Bracelets x4 & Necklace/Collar x1

1 Gold, 30 Silver, 20 Copper


Ley the Natu
Magic Bounce
Night Shade, Signal Beam, Teleport, Me First

Other: Aeiria cannot speak common language, even though she understands it. Ley learned from mimicking its sounds. Aeiria relays what she wants to say through Ley using psychic abilities.


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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [Character Directory]

Name: Velocity.

Character: Othniel Moto-Moyo (OATH-nee-yell; means Lion of God. Moto-Moyo translates to Fire-Heart).

Age: 38.

Gender: Male.

Species: Lion-man.

Class: Warrior, with a bit of shaman talent.

Appearance: From the first moment you see him, Othniel shrieks 'lion'. He is a giant, from his six-foot-ten height to his broad, muscular shoulders. His hair is long and golden like the mane of a lion. His skin is dark, with golden, swirling tattoos on his shoulders, arms, and chest, similar to the ones on his face. His face is strange to look at; his nose is broad and flat like a feline's, his eyes are almost human - with their amber irises and feline pupils - and his broad jaw is filled with cat's fangs. His fingers are tipped with great ivory claws, as are his toes. Multiple scars line his body; the most noticeable ones are four slashes down the right side of his face and a thick, ropy gash down the left side of his chest. He usually wears hide clothing or light armor, not so much because it's too heavy for him as it restricts his mobility. His clothes and armor are often decorated with the fur, bones, or teeth of the animals he's hunted. He tends not to wear shoes. He doesn't have a tail because that would be dumb.

Personality: Othniel is rather friendly and has no problem making conversation with others. He doesn't have a silver tongue or anything, but he he can get along with people relatively easily. He is easygoing and relaxed most of the time, but he is often animated by an almost childlike energy and excitement. He loves to run, fight, and hunt, and enjoys showing off his immense strength. He is rather proud and headstrong. However, despite his pride, he will admit if or when he feels that he is wrong - which isn't often, but it does happen. Othniel has a strong sense of honor and loyalty, which sometimes leads him to make decisions that are not altogether practical. Book learning is not Othniel's strong suit; however, he knows his stuff when it comes to medicine and tactics. He is not overly nice, and has a somewhat abrasive attitude, but he will often display kindness whenever he feels someone merits his sympathy. Thanks to his lionlike nature, Othniel has a deep-seated fury within himself that he cannot always control. It isn't particularly easy to make him angry, and making him violently so is even harder, but once he is angry it is extremely difficult to calm him down and he will often vent his rage on allies if they do anything to trigger his attention.

History: Othniel was born into a small nomadic tribe that wandered the wild grasslands south of Goldstone. He was raised as an apprentice to the tribe shaman, but as he grew older he decided that the life of a healer and seer wasn't for him. He learned how to fight and hunt with the dagger and the spear, and decided that he much preferred the life of a tribe warrior. As he hunted the animals of the grasses he found himself studying the lion, noting its strength and ferocity in the hunt, and he wished to possess these qualities for himself. He went back to the shaman who had raised him and asked how he could take on the strength of a lion. The shaman consulted the spirits in the air and the spirits in the earth, and he told Othniel that he had to kill a lion without the use of offensive spells or any kind of shield or weapon. No other could aid him in the fight, and it must be a strong lion - if it was weak or sick, Othniel's soul would inherit this sickness and it would wither and die.

Othniel laughed at the shaman, saying that no man could kill a lion alone - let alone without weapons! The shaman then spoke several spells, giving Othniel much greater courage and strength, and sent him out to kill a lion. So Othniel went out and found a lion, and he fought with it for two days and nights. He was mauled in a few places - including on his chest and across his face - but finally he managed to kill the great beast. He brought the body back to the shaman, who marked Othniel's brow with the blood of the lion and spoke several more spells. Othniel's body changed, and he became much taller and much stronger. He had gained the strength of the lion, as well as the form he now has.

After his transformation, Othniel's tribe became wary of him, thinking he had been possessed by a demon. Eventually the tension grew to the point where three frightened tribesmen attempted to kill Othniel in his sleep. However, he awoke before they could lay a hand on him and, in a fit of instinctive rage, killed all three. Horrified, he went to the shaman, who told him that he had gotten the ferocity of the lion in addition to his strength. The shaman told Othniel to flee, giving his former student his staff. Othniel now wanders Aloria, going where he wills, often renting himself out as a caravan guard or mercenary.

- Strength: 18
- Dexterity: 12
- Intelligence: 11
- Constitution: 13
- Wisdom: 10
- Charisma: 12

- Common
- Beast
- Somewhat broken Pokemon

- Power Attack
- Armor Skin
- Track
- Alertness
- Persuasive


- Summon Rain
Summons rain. Can be anything from a gentle drizzle to a gusting storm. The larger the rainfall, the more energy it requires.
- Summon Lightning
Can only be cast in the rain. Calls down a bolt of lightning from the sky and into Othniel's staff, where it can then be redirected from the staff and into an opponent, or split in order to strike multiple opponents.
- Summon Thunderstorm*
Conjures up a storm with high winds and bolts of lightning that blast targets randomly. This can also hurt allies.
- Basic Healing
With the assistance of herbs and chants, Othniel can heal light or simple wounds such as bruises and cuts.
- Enhanced Healing*
With the assistance of herbs and chants, Othniel can heal moderate wounds such as large gashes and fractured or cracked bones. He cannot knit broken bones together, however.
- Dream Walking
Othniel can walk in the dreams of others, allowing him to see their thoughts. He can manipulate their dreams to a certain extent, although the more he does this the more likely it is that they will notice something is wrong. In dreams, he cannot harm the dreamer physically. Within the dream, he is all-powerful. He can also manipulate his own dreams this way, since he can dream-walk whether he is awake or asleep.
- Limited Seeing
Othniel can, with the aid of several chants, look into water and have brief visions of the past, present, or future. However, these visions are often muddled and do not last for very long.
- Seeing*
Othniel can, with the aid of several chants, look into water and have visions of the past, present, or future. The visions are clearer and last longer than before.


- Ivory Hilt Dagger x1
A steel dagger with a hilt made from the tusk of an elephant. The hilt is ornately carved with patterns that resemble animals and a twisting river.
- Shaman's Staff x1
A long wooden pole cut from an oak branch. The wood is carved with intricate spirals and designs that its previous owner claims aid in the channeling of magic through the staff. A spherical chunk of quartz caps the staff, held there by four wood clasps carved in the shapes of eagles' claws. Around the staff an emerald medallion is wrapped, adorned with animal teeth, is wrapped.

Horned Helm x1
A helm made of hard leather. Two elephant tusks protrude from the back, giving the wearer the appearance of having horns.
Leather Body x1
Simple armor for the torso, made from animal hides. Around the shoulders are sewn several animal fangs to make it look more ferocious.
Leather Gloves x2
Simple gloves made of leather.

Fang Amulet x1
An amulet lined with fangs. The pendant is a simple disk made of yellow quartz.
Provisions x3
Some dried meat, several berries and fruits and a bit of bread. About a day's worth of meals as long as you aren't doing much of anything more strenuous than walking.
Shaman's Pouch x1
A small leather bag made to hold various herbs and other potion ingredients. It contains:
- Small Healing Potion 2x
- Small Strength Potion 2x
- Aloe Leaf 3x
- Acacia Bark 1x
- All coins that Othniel is carrying

A large skin pouch made for holding water during long trips through the dry grassland.

Money: 33 coppers and one shiny gold coin.


Jasiri the Braviary ♂
Ability: Sheer Force
Techniques: Hone Claws, Crush Claw, Aerial Ace, Brave Bird
Signature Technique: Claws of Fire
- Jasiri rushes his opponent, slashing them with his claws ablaze, as if he is using the Heat Wave his brethren can master. He contains all of this fire in his claws, so that he burns the opponent as well as ripping them open.

Other: I like waffles!
I laughed, I cried, I testified;
And in the end found this world altogether lacking.

Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D

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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [Character Directory]

Name: Jaye although any variation of my username is fine too

Character: Lumi, although she usually introduces herself as Frost instead.

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Appearance: Giving Frost a good glancing reveals abnormal features. Her short, slate hair is parted to the right, obscuring a blind eye. This one, unlike its cerulean counterpart, is an eerie light silver. During the rare times it is seen, one would note it appears unnatural, and even soulless.

Without her gloves, an observer would have no issues distinguishing all the scars along her arms. They are no noticeable patterns, each cut varying in length and width from the other. However, it would appear her left side has taken a bit more damage than the right. For a person that spends so much time outdoors, Lumi is rather pale. This doesn’t mean her skin is a sickly, pasty white, but has it not tanned in the slightest.

This outfit is similar to the one Frost sports. The key differences are mostly colour based, unsurprisingly, the young woman prefers cool shades and this is apparent in her clothes. The maroon scarf and half cloak are faded cobalt, matching closely with her navy top. In the place of the brown-ish material resting above the knee is Frost’s leg armour, dubbed Windchill. These are adorned with a simple winter-theme décor and, if removed, simply reveal more of the black pants. Boots, on the other hand, are a steel-blue, and appear well worn.

One of the more major changes would be the arms. In Frost’s case, she wears charcoal fingerless gloves that barely reach beyond her elbows. These too show signs of use; a few random tears are present in the fabric. Two rounded shoulder pads complete the ensemble, very well matching Winchill.

Class: Rogue (However, unlike the typical Rogue, Frost is unable to wield an array of weapons. Almost in exchange, she can use the small shield FrozenWasteland).

Strength : 13
Dexterity: 11
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 9

Scandinavian (a blend of Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish) (or whatever dialect you'd prefer them to speak in the northern regions of the land)
Has a very (very) narrow understanding of Pokémon, having spent so much time with Kaze. She has no ability to speak it whatsoever.

Rapid Metabolism
Weapon Focus- Scythe

Spells: N/A

Currency: 1 gold, 40 silver


BlackIce:* Frost’s main weapon, this scythe is infused with the power of ice. It emits a strong chill, which ensures others who try to wield it will freeze their hands. Likewise, if it doesn’t land a kill shot, BlackIce can also render its victims frozen in the strike area.
*Disregard the axe-like weapon and the chain linking to it

FrozenWasteland:: A winter themed shield. It is cold to the touch and resists both magic based attacks and blows from most weapons.

Frostbite: Despite not being one of her "ice" themed weapons, out of shear habit, Frostbite earned a wintery name anyway. It operates typically.

Windchill: Apart from the nature of its existence and ice motif, this armour functions generically.

SnowBound: Apart from the nature of its existence and ice motif, this armour functions generically.

Satchel: Slung over her right shoulder, this leather bag is more spacious then it might appear.
Steel bottle: Contains enough water to comfortably last a single person one day.
Provisions: Some dried food, enough to last a few meals worth on an average day.
First Aid kit: A rather simple kit, useful for minor wounds.
Coin Case: A simple pouch used to store money.

Companion: N/A

{Activity will likely be off} {Paired with Sam }

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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [Character Directory]

Vahn D. Brande

Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Half-Dragon
Class: Dragon Slayer


Ryū No Ikāri (Dragon's Fury) x1

One of the 5 Supreme Grade Swords in the world, Vahn rightfully obtained its right by defeating the most able fighter in the Westwood Stronghold. Many claimed that Vahn is a great successor to the sword, as its elemental magic happens to be Fire. Vahn hardly uses it for any of his fights as he prefers to use his own Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. But if things get really serious, then he'd fuse his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic together with the sword, to bring out the its fullest potential.

Brandere’s Scarf x 1

A keepsake of Brandere’s, this scarf absorbs any kind of mediocre Fire magic or related spells from the opponent and makes the power Vahn’s. Side effects include slight nausea after the battle.

Murky Cloak x 1

A gift Vahn received from the City of Westwood before his departure, this cloak grants its user invisibility for a small period of time. Vahn has no idea of how to put this to use, yet.

Magic Shoes x1

An artifact keepsake from Dracul-lahr. These shoes grant the user increased speed and agility. Though, Vahn uses these in particular to magnify the power of his kicks. Another catch of this artifact is that, the size always changes accordingly to its wearers' feet.

Dagger Pouch x 1

A small pouch holding money and necessary items for his adventure. Vahn rarely uses the dagger that came with the pouch.

Items inside:

Health Potion x 2
Mana Potion x 2
Stamina Potion x 1
Smoke Bomb x 3
Old Pickaxe x 1

Money: 2 gold coins



Wings of Flame - Vahn has no particular armor since he spent most of his days growing up in Westwood City and being exposed to its environment only. Thus, his magic served as his armour during fights. Fire Dragon Slayer Magic engulfs his entire body like an aura, giving him distinctive protection amongst almost anything. However, things might change sooner or later.


Strength 16
Dexterity 12
Constitution 13
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 15



Reckless Offense
Skill Focus
Unholy Strike
Battle Cry
Power Attack



Fire Dragon Slayer Magic : Vahn is adept with his Dragon Slayer Magic and makes use of it in many different ways in combat. He can consume his respective element, with the exception of that which he has created, to replenish his energy reserves. The heat of his fire can increase in temperature, which is proportional to Vahn's emotional state. This is also called the Flame of Emotion. Vahn also incorporates the flames he ignites into his fighting style, greatly increasing the damage of his blows. As such, Vahn's Magic revolves around the usage of fire that can spout from any part of his body. His ability to eat flames gives him immunity to most types of flames and allows him to spew fire from his lungs. This fire is exceptionally strong - equivalent to a dragon's fire - being able to burn even through metal. Vahn can even use his flames to create a propulsive effect. The type of fire he uses can be changed. For example, it can be solidified to cling to surfaces.

Fire Dragon's Roar
Vahn breathes a long line of fire that becomes a large fireball, which burns his opponent.

Fire Dragon's Claw
Vahn ignites his feet with a very large flame to increase the power of his kicks. He can also use the strong ensuing flames to jet-propel him in any direction he wishes.

Fire Dragon's Iron Fist
Vahn engulfs his fist in large flames and punches his opponent which makes his opponent fly away.

Fire Dragon's Wing Attack
Vahn takes hold of his opponent and ignites his arms and hands on fire, in the form of dragon wings as support, to throw them far away while burning them.

Fire Dragon's Sword Horn
Vahn ignites his entire body on fire in order to ram into his opponent at full speed, then launch them high into the air with his large horn of fire.

Fire Dragon's Flame Elbow
After Vahn ignites the tip of his elbow, he uses that flame to strengthen his fist, and rocket the opponent high in the air.

Fire Dragon's Crushing Fang
With his hand ignited with a large flame, Vahn gouges his hand into his enemy and quickly swipes his enemy away from his sight.

Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame
Vahn creates fire on both hands, and brings them together, creating a giant explosion that destroys everything around him.



Lost Language - An ancient form of Language, that is able to liaise with any kind or race of this world. Only taught in Dracul'lahr.





Son Goku (True Form) ♂

Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Highbreed; Parent Races - Dark Demon and Elf
Class: Fighter Mage

Ability: Moxie II (For every hostile attack that lands on Sanzo, his strength and attack gets a boost by one stage)



Strength 14
Dexterity 11
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 13



Dark Demon - Allows communication with any level of Demon



True Form later known as Fighter Mode
Ever since Goku's golden diadem broke, his appearance took a complete overhaul. When he is in his true form, his hair becomes noticeably longer (about waist length), his ears become pointed, his eyes become slitted, his nails turn into claws, and his teeth become fangs. His agility and strength increase exponentially, causing most of his attacks to be fatal to the enemies. Goku can battle to his fullest potential while in this form, though he can only maintain his sanity for no longer than 5 minutes.

Form Modes

Thanks to the revelation of his True Form, there is a possibility that Goku might have more form modes in him, but aren't available as of right now. This could be because of his shattered memory of his past that he is unable to call upon the power of the Modes. However, if Goku learns about his past or gets a significant amount of information pertaining to his past, he might be able to unlock them, one by one. How many are there? There is no answer to this, yet.

Fighter Mode
Recently unlocked, this is the only current battle mode Goku has. Attack, agility and strength increase exponentially. Loses sanity after 5 minutes.

Human Mode
His old form. Goku reverts back to it when he senses that his sanity time limit is about to run out. Uses this mode for almost every other occasion except for battling. It is also used when Goku is around humans; not to scare them off or draw any unwanted attention.

??? Mode -

Palm Magic
A Magic born when his True Form was revealed. His Magic and Physical Strength Prowess combined gave birth to this sorcery. Goku's Palm Magic is a very simple and rather orthodox one, which focuses Magic Power on the palm of his hands. What makes his use of it fearsome is his' mastery of Fist Fighting martial art which allows him to make the most out of palm strikes, thus taking full advantage of the focused Magic Power. By employing his unarmed prowess alongside such Magic during very recent battles after unlocking his true form, Goku was shown capable of striking with great force mighty opponents with mere touches of his hands, even sending them flying away from him without effort. Can only be used in Fighter Mode.



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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [Character Directory]

Character: Arima
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Class: Beast Soothesayer
Appearance: Lame picture by me. She looked cooler in my head but for some reason it didn't want to look as good coming out.

Personality: Arima is an incredibly enigmatic individual. She mostly keeps to herself and speaks little to people. When she does it is often in a well mannered, almost wise sensing fashion. She isn't one to get angry at small things and is a quick wit as well as a quick reflex. At times she will stare off, seemingly at nothing where people question if she is in a daze or not. This is half true since her mind often goes into a meditative peace in order to figure out a question or a problem, however that does not have her oblivious to the world. Arima rarely shows her face, for she does not like how the human race reacts to it, often in awe of her features. She thinks humans are an odd species, even with herself being one. Arima has a firm belief in the mystical sense of the world, often reffering to nature and it's energies. Having such a strong tie with it, she better understands what humans do not. When someone shows a very strong ignorance to something though, and acts stupid about it, she will not be afraid to knock sense into them and stand up for the other side. One thing she does not stand for is the senseless killing of other beasts without valid reason. She gravitates towards beasts more than others, so if a humanoid happens to make her mad, there will be next to no communication or acknowledgement aside from civil, single word answers to questions. Arima is also, incredibly analytical of behaviours, linking thoughts of the mind to small twitches and quirks seen on the outside. Her perception is so keen that she can sometimes tell when a person is lying or when a beast isn't just terrorizing the townsfolk for no reason. This also allows her to feel the vibes from various people through her connection with nature, feeling if people are giving off a bad one, or a good one, negative or positive. Once Arima has figured something out, often about why a person is acting a certain way to a particular thing, she will bring it up privately if it is becoming an issue.

History: Arima is from a clan of nature gypsies that travel in a caravan, their only existence held by a rumor gossiped about through Gaia. Most of her days Arima spent by herself, meditating in nature in order to communicate with it, and thus, being able to learn to speak all forms of beast tongue imaginable. Her first soothed beast at a young age was a Druddigon, of who she calls Fall because of the season she first met her. As the darkness began to creep in, her clan could tell there was a disturbance coming, and so, those of age dispatched themselves across Gaia in order to calm the beasts and hopefully keep away the darkness, believeing it may of had somehing to do with human's continual disconnection with it. Arima traveled with Fall, coming to her first town that was being attacked by an angry, and very intelligent Rhyperior. He shot down their windmills and tore up mills, causing havoc and the like to the townsfolk. Arima stepped in and did her best to calm the beast, when she discovered that the Rhyperior was doing so for a just reason. The buildings and such were disturbing the flow of the wind through that valley, and thus wasn't allowing for the seeds that blew with it, to reach the part of the forest they needed to reach. Arima tried to explain this to the one in charge of the small village, however most of them would not listen. They believed it was an untame beast causing them trouble without cause. That's when Arima struck them a deal, asking that if she proved the Rhyperior was not a crude minded tyrant, that the towns folk would rebuild their mills elsewhere. The people thought it was a joke as Arima was small and frail looking, and more likely to die, so agreed, figuring they had nothing to lose. When Arima explained the deal to the Rhyperior, he reluctantly agreed, and the next day showed up in town, disgruntled but not breaking anything. Arima had him wander around, sit within the town square, even with small children climbing on him out of curiosity, without him lashing out. Out of bewilderment, people stared for hours, and once the sun was beginning to set, they had no choice but to rebuild their mills. Arima left, however not without the Rhyperior following her, and giving her alliegance. Arima named him Obelisk for his stamina and stalwart through the last episode. As time went on, Arima found herself saving towns from Pokemon and beast problems alike. People offered her rewards when they insisted more than she refused, even having her appearance remembered and described to other people, hoping that their letter carrying birds may reach her for help. Rumors about her sothesaying abilities of anything non-human spread and she gained a reputation for herself. They only know her by her abilities however, as her face is always conceled by her cowl and scarf.

Strength: 8
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 15
Pestel and Mortar x1
Daggers x2
Waterskin x1
Coin Purse x1
Quiver x1
Ironwood staff x1
Arrows x40
Long bow x1
Satchel x2
Small containers x4

Aggron armor shoulder plates x2
Scaled armor tunic x1
Scaleskin gauntlets x2
Aggron armor back plate x1
Scaleskin boots with armor x2

Sacred Sash - Allows for healing if worn over a wound. Looks like any other scarf. It cannot be destroyed.

|Animal Affinity|
|Deadly Precision|
|Mounted Combat|
Ambient Energy: Arima goes into a half meditative state to give off a calming vibe to angry beasts, trying to calm them down and avoiding a conflict. This doesn't always work, as if the Pokemon or beast is in a total rage, the clouded mind of anger will prevent this from working.
Ambient Drain: Arima came from a tribe of mystic gypsies, and thus, knew dancing was her forte immediately. Arima focuses a powerful natural energy of hers and avoids enemy attacks, never landing an attack of her own. For each attack that misses her, her opponent loses energy and moves a bit more slowly. The more the opponent misses, the slower and more tired they become.
Nature's Sense: Arima can tap into the natural energy around her when meditating. She can ask nature questions, and possibly sense of living beasts or unnatural things are near by. Answers vary, or she may get none at all.
Nature's Nuture: Arima uses her sacred sash and ties it or places it over a wound of another, meditating and chanting something of a gypsy's song. It accelerates the natural healing process significantly, and other healing processes, such as th affects of potions.
Call of Nature's Aid: Arima chants a mystic gypsy prayer, asking nature for the assistance of nearby beasts to aid her in battle. Some beasts nerby may feel the ned for assistance and come to her aid in one tasks she needs, and then go back to resume their lives.

Currency: 40 Silver

Obelisk the Rhyperior
Ability: Solid Rock
Techniques: Rock Wrecker, Drill Run, Megahorn, Rock Polish
Signature Technique: Shale Shot
Obelisk learned the ways of long range warfare after he leared the usefulness of Rock Blast and Rock Wrecker. However Rhyperior are slow and Obelisk was a Pokemon that was one hell of a sharpshooter, and wanted some edge on his flying, much more speedier foes. By putting in a sharp piece of shale in his hands, and keeping thm for the right moment, Obelisk uses his sharpshooting skills to fire that sharp piece of shale into the opponent at incredible speeds that may stagger his opponent. The shot is so fast that it outspeeds the average speed of avians and those faster than him, and often quite precise.
Type: Rock
Base Power: 80
Accuracy: 100%
Classification: Physical
Impact: Single Target
Priority: +1
Effects: 25% chance of causing flinching

Fall the Druddigon
Ability: Mold Breaker
Techniques: Dragon Claw, Glare, Fire Fang, Sucker Punch
Signature Technique:

Other: Arima has two companions because she is basically a beastmaster. Fall follows her everywhere she needs her to while Obelisk tends to stay out of populated areas, more outside towns and cities. While not really a spell, Arima can speak in all forms of Pokemon and Beast tongue with ease.
VPP STATS Paired with: Sandstorm Lavastone <3 Neon the Jolteon Level100: 6576
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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [Character Directory]

Name: Kamikaze
Character: Aldur An'rayi
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Class: Rogue
Appearance: Aldur has emerald green eyes, brown shoulder-long hair that is usually tied in a ponytail, and stands just above 6'0" tall. He is in good physical condition, and though of a slender build, he is by no means weak. Most often seen in a black leather outfit, which is his work attire. On his back is a bow and a quiver, and on his right hip a sheathed, slightly curved blade(A katana more or less). Tucked away is also a number of knives and other assorted tools of his trade. While not at a job, he usually wears rather fine clothes that is either a dark forest green, or a deep blue color. Obviously not armed to the teeth while socializing with others, he only wears his blade and a few of the knives. Regardless of the outfit, he is always wearing a silver pendant, shaped like the face of a wolf, with deep blue sapphires as eyes.
Personality: Aldur is fairly intelligent, extremely organized, and very professional. he prefers the forest, and nature in general, over cities and society, not because he feels out of place, or lack the social skills to interact with others, but because nature is much more pure, and he finds the serene aura that lingers in a forest untouched by man to be very calming.
Though an assassin, he is not one who enjoys the taking of lives. He is not a common blade for hire, but rather strives for peace. If the death of a few people will prevent a larger conflict, then that is the price that must be paid for the greater good. Such philosophy would be considered immoral by most, but just as he doesn't kill just anyone, neither is he out to convert others to his ways.
Aldur comes from a family of assassins. Both his parents were very skilled at what they did, and taught him much before they passed away from a disease when Aldur was at the age of 20. He learned his swordsmanship from his father, and his mother passed on her skills as a marksman. When they died, he inherited his father's katana along with his mother's bow, as well as the silver pendant that he now carries with him at all times.
When his parents still lived, Aldur had operated mainly around Easthaven, as that was the closest city to their secluded home. After they passed however, he decided that it was time to see the world, and so he did. Wherever he went he made himself known, both in the secretive underground as a master assassin, as well as becoming quite infamous at times among the city guards for his exploits. He has never been caught though, usually not even seen by his targets unless that is his wish. This uncanny ability to stay hidden combined with his ability to get into just about any place and the skill within his field of work has given him the status of a ghost. While a great many in the underground respects him, more than a few do so out of fear alone.
This fearful reputation aside, not many knows him on sight, which has allowed him to move freely in just about any environment in any city.
Strength: 11
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 13
Charisma: 13
Languages: Common
Alertness: +2 bonus on all Listen and Spot checks.
Deft Hands: +2 bonus on all Sleight of Hand and Use Rope checks.
Investigator: +2 bonus on all Gather Information and Search checks.
Nimble Fingers: +2 bonus on all Disable Device and Open Lock checks.
Persuasive: +2 bonus on all Bluff and Intimidate checks.
Spells: N/A
1 x Katana (Curved 3 feet long blade, 4 feet long including the handle. Adding this just in case weapon reach becomes relevant.)
1 x Longbow
1 x Quiver
13 x Arrow
6 x Dagger, four worn(left arm, left hip, left/right boot), two in the bag. See below for details.
4 x Throwing knives, two worn, two in the bag. See below for details.

Matching set of Leather Armor(No headgear, but other than that, boots, gloves, and everything between.), specific details regarding placement of knives below. (Not all of the below slots are filled at all times, this is merely to illustrate where he could have them should he decide to go all out when arming himself.)
- Left lower arm, dagger.
- Right lower arm, dagger. [Currently not used.]
- Boots, outer side, daggers. I.e. Left side on the left boot, right side on the right boot.
- Left hip, dagger.
- Back, diagonally placed upside down. (From left shoulder towards right hip.) Handle below right armpit. [Currently not used.]
- Lower back, diagonally sheathed at the belt. Throwing knives, not intended for melee combat. (Sharp pointed ends, dull edges to avoid unintentional loss of fingers while throwing. =P)
1 x Satchel, worn on the left side.
1 x Rope, 7 meters/~23 feet. (Yes, perfectly plausible, i checked. =P)
1 x Grappling Hook
Food rations for about three days.
1 x Waterskin
1 x Silver Pendant in the shape of a wolf's head with sapphire eyes.
1 x Whetstone, for sharpening his blades.
1 x Quill and ink bottle
3 x Roll of parchment
1 x Flint and Steel
2 x Small glass flask filled with a powder that put someone to sleep if inhaled or ingested. One flask is enough for an average sized human. If the target is larger or more resistant, sleep is replaced with mere drowsiness or no effect at all.
1 x Coin pouch
3 x Small pouch, two currently empty, one for the sleep powder.
Money: 2 Gold, 42 Silver, 21 Copper
Companion: N/A
Other: Before commenting on the assortment of weapons, I'd just like to point out a few things. First of all, while it may seem like a lot if fully equipped, one have to remember that no matter how many blades he carries, he can only use two at once. Either two daggers or dagger/katana combo. (It is theoretically, though not comfortably possible to hold a dagger with the point down in the same hand as you use to draw and nock arrows, thus using a blade while still having the bow in hand and have it usable. This isn't very practical, and the risk of cutting the bowstring is quite high.)
I might have gone a little overkill on describing the gear, but better mention these things now, instead of being accused of making things up to my advantage as we get deeper into the RP.
I also realized something just now, I've got a lot of good feats for getting around and avoiding conflicts, but nothing that really helps once engaged in combat. Let's hope the dice agree with me when the time comes for battle.

Random Sprite Art, all done by me. That includes the animated Shaymin I use as an avatar.
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