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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Arrow The Ultimate Story

Here are the stories I've written since the very beginning. I left them as original as can be, except for editing grammar, spacing paragraphs, and minor word changes (like an overuse of slang and 'got'). Other than that, original. The original post dates and location of post are at the end of each capture.

Feel free to comment at any time by using the Story Feedback thread or sending me a Private Message. Only Graders may post here.

*~Note to Graders~*
I don't care for any advice, suggestions, or feedback in regards to the story. I write my way and nothing you say will change that. If you take more than 10 mins to write a grade, you are wasting yours and my time. Grading standard says no 'crap' grades, but that is all I require. Thanks for understanding and hope you enjoy.

Still Adding Commentary. These will give you insight to my thoughts about that chapter.

->ABOUT: This is an Adventure, similar to the anime.
The Beginning
01- Getting Started
02- Increasing My Team
03- Annual Tradition
04- Annual Tradition: Round 2
05- Enter the City: The Park
06- Enter the City: Kakuna Crisis
07- A Fish Out of Water
08- The Cause of the Fish Out of Water
09- Untitled Capture Attempt 1 | 2
10- The Moving Tree 1 | 2
11- Doe, a Deer, a Female Dear 1 | 2
12- Caution! Sleeping Pokemon Ahead 1 | 2
13- One Spooky Night in Saffron City 1 | 2
14- Small Vacation Time 1 | 2
Tan Gang Incident
15- Teleporting Fun
16- Tiny Dragon Apprentice 1 | 2
17- The Tan Gang Heist 1 | 2 | 3
18- Battle at Dragon's Pin 1 | 2 | 3
19- Three Years Ago With Uriel 1 | 2 | 3
20- The Tan Tank 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
21- Farewell, City of Dragons 1 | 2
Detective vs Trainer
(You can start here and not have to read anything before.)
22- Two is Better Than One 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
23- New Dawn 1 | 2 | 3
24- The First Domino 1 | 2 | 3

Latest story: Character conflict make great stories. Much of the Lodge isn't in much detail. That comes later.

Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default 01- Getting Started

The sunlight shines through the window on the two story house and into a room where a young adult prepares some things together. He is of moderate height and weight with light brown/golden hair and sea-blue eyes. A Vulpix lies on some sheets on the floor and watches. He walks down the steps with his pack full of stuff, followed by Vulpix and greets his family. They all give him hugs and say how much they will miss him.

"Son, make us proud. We all wish you good luck."

He nods and smiles. "I will." He opens the screen door and steps out with Vulpix playfully leading the way. Only going a few feet, the door opens again.

"Jack, don't forget your hat. You never go anywhere without it."

Jack feels his head and turns with a smile on his face. He runs up and grabs his blue hat. "Thanks Mom." He quickly turns back and walks away to start his mission.

His goal is to battle and get as many badges as he can and also make some new friends along the way. And maybe even become the champion. He has been preparing ever since he was ten, learning about everything he can learn about that dealt with Pokemon. Now at age eighteen, he would put his skills and knowledge to the test. The ultimate challenge!


His home is located on Route 11, the pathway between Vermillion City and Lavender Town. He heads west, toward Vermillion City. After a while of walking, at a quiet remote little area, Jack and Vulpix take a break. Vulpix lies down to take a little nap.

Jack turns his attention to the little fox Pokemon. "You seem tired. Here, come take a rest in your Pokeball." Vulpix nods and is recalled in the Pokeball. He takes out a mini-pocket organizer to look at his gym opportunities and where they are located. "Hmmm.... I think I’ll start over in the Johto League. That way, by the time I get there, I should have enough well trained Pokemon to battle with." He stands up and continues west to Vermillion, then from there, north, to Saffron City, to take the train to the Johto League.

~Original Post: October 2001 @ Omega Club


Wow, brings back memories. This was just a quick introduction to my character setting out. I borrowed the Kanto setting from an RP that I had joined, as well as Vulpix being my pet Pokemon. I may have been one of the few people that didn't start with Professor Oak giving me a Pokemon, heh. (Only R/B and G/S generations were released at this time.) I was still a novice writer with much to learn.

You'll see with a lot of my early stories, that I will base situations off what happened in the group or what I had accomplished. For example: the Johto League had more Gym positions filled, so I decided my character would start there.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default 02- Increasing My Team

After about such and such miles, Jack feels like giving up looking for Pokemon.

"You would think in a Pokemon world, they would be easier to find."

Right at that moment, the slightest noise of flapping of wings could be heard. Jack stops in his tracks and listens. It was coming from his right. Slowly, he makes his way over tree roots, through bushes and around large rocks. He peers over a red-berried bush to see a few birds, pecking at the ground for fallen berries. They were Pidgey.

"Pidgey, a great capture for the beggining trainer. That’s me. This is my chance." He was approximately twenty feet from the Pidgey, so he slowly walks out of the bushes, which grabs one of the Pidgey's attention. Jack moves his index finger over his mouth. "Shhhhh....."

The Pidgey squaks and all three Pidgey look up and over at the Trainer. Quickly, they all extend their wings and take flight. In this instint, Jack grabs his Pokeball and lets it fly. Vulpix happily comes out, all rested up.

"Vulpix, stop them from getting away with Flamethrower."

Vulpix catches sight of the Pidgey and fires a shot. The three birds seperate and dodge the fire. One of the Pidgey looks back and gives out a loud chirp noise. Another Pidgey, confused by the chirping, frantically looks around. *Rustle* *Rustle* *THUD* This Pidgey accidentally flew into the head of a tree. The other two Pidgey disappear.

Jack and Vulpix run over to the tree that Pidgey flew into. Pidgey surprizingly jumped down onto the ground a little beat-up. It knew it would have to battle it’s way out of being caught.

"Ok, another Flamethrower.”

Vulpix opens up and fires again, missing Pidgey by a couple inches. Pidgey flies up and flaps its wings causing dust and sand to fly everywhere. Jack takes his pack off and covers Vulpix from the sand. The dust clears. Now Jack was covered in sand and Vulpix was not so dirty. He gets up and looks about. To his surprize, Pidgey was over on a branch in another tree.

"Pidgey pidgey pidgey...." it says in a laughing way, mocking.

Vulpix jumps forward and growls back. Jack takes command. "Ok, use Confuse Ray to keep it from covering us in more dirt." Vulpix's eyes glow as a purplish ray hits Pidgey. Pidgey slips in confusion and falls off the branch and onto the ground. "Ok, now for Quick Attack." Vulpix rushes and smacks Pidgey. Vulpix returns to her Trainer’s side, knowing that Pidgey is to weak to battle anymore.

"Here we go. The first step to making my goal a reality." Jack releases the Pokeball from his hand and watches as Pidgey is sucked into it. He watches in awe as it wiggles around...

~Original Post: October 2001 @ Omega Club
(-o-) Pidgey Not Captured!


This chapter was based on a Pokedex entry from a beginning episode of the Anime. Pidgey is a common Pokemon for new Trainers to go after, so why not myself. However, the grader decided my story wasn't long enough, saying Pidgey flew away afterward. I wasn't disappointed with my first failure, because it showed me what I needed to do to catch something. After this, I worked on increasing plot development and more interesting battles.

We also get to see my sense of comical timing in writing. Similar to my character in the RP, Jack will tend to have a sense of humor in a serious moment. When I wanted to write stories, I wanted to have a little more fun. And I'll do this throughout the story, keeping light-hearted moments in an otherwise normal situation. I was influenced a lot by the Anime.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default 03- Annual Tradition

The Pokeball fires back at Jack as Pidgey manages to get out of its hold. No longer confused, Pidgey flaps and flaps as dust and dirt and sand goes everywhere. Pidgey flies away into the forest, not taking any more chances.

The dust clears and Jack notices that Pidgey is gone. Vulpix and Jack look at each other with a hint of disappointment.

"Good try Vulpix. You did your best and that's all I ask for." Vulpix gives out a shout. "Now let's find that Pidgey before it gets away and becomes healthier." The two follow it in a southern direction.

An hour passes by and the Pidgey was nowhere to be seen. Jack did see some Rattata but because they were a family, Jack didn't have the heart to separate them by trying to catch one. He takes a sip of water from a bottle and then gives some to Vulpix. Jack looks around, blocking the sun with his hand.

Vulpix’s ears perk up. "Vulpix vull..."

Jack looks down at her and into the direction she was looking in. "You hear something over there?" Vulpix nods and runs off to the sound. Jack quickly puts his bottle in his pack and follows the quick running fox. "Slow down Vulpix, wait for me!" He jumps over a small log then abruptly stops.

Ahead of him, at the clearing was a kid, not much younger that Jack, and a Charmander with him. The Charmander was firing fire into the air. Jack moves closer to see what it was shooting at. It was a Farfetch'd. The Charmander fires Flamethrower into the air. Farfetch'd dodges and zooms down to the ground with a furious thrust of its leek called Fury Attack. Charmander is poked in the eye and falls down. Farfetch'd backs off and flies away to safety.

The kid begins to cry but notices a Vulpix sitting ever so cute near Charmander. "Wow! A Vulpix. I know just what to do." The kid reaches into his pocket....

Jack runs out and leaps in front of Vulpix. "Oh no. This one is mine."

The kid pulls out some food. "I merely wanted to feed it. I'm not here for a Vulpix anyway." Vulpix nibbles at the soft pokefood happily. The kid recalls his Charmander. "My name's Gregory."
"I'm Jack. That was a fine battle you had there. That Farfetch'd sure was rough."

Gregory begins to walk away. "Now I have to wait another day."

Curiously, Jack walks with him. "Why?"

"Every year, Farfetch'd fly by my house. A big company pays us lots of money to catch one each year. They say they are doing this for some sort of study. Charmander is the only Pokemon my family has and now that its eye is hurt, we have to wait till tomorrow. In a few days, the guy will be here to collect the Farfetch’d that we caught. They pay us a lot of money and my family depends on me to do this."

They approach a large cottage, well decorated with an expensive look to it. Gregory walks up the steps and opens the door.

Jack stays at the bottom of the steps with Vulpix. "May I help you catch one?"

Gregory looks at him. "Sure. Come on in."

Jack smiles and follows him into his nice house, recalling Vulpix for a rest. He spends the day with Gregory's family while Charmander heals its eye. They talk and talk and sooner than they realize, night time comes. Now everyone goes to sleep, ready for the Farfetch'd fun the next day.

Jack thinks while laying on the extra bed in the guest bedroom. o O (If I help him catch a Farfetch'd then he can show me where more are so I can catch one for myself. A good deed gets good results.) O o

The next day has come. The dew has been evaporated from the grass by the rays from the sun. The forest gleams with life after a good nights rest.

Gregory steps through the house door. He sees Jack, sitting on the steps, staring into the trees. Vulpix is curled up by his side, taking the strokes of his pets. Gregory joins him, and sits down. "Ready?"

Jack blinks as his silence is disrupted. He stops petting Vulpix and slowly turns to look at Gregory. "Yeah, I'm good to go." Jack stands and follows Gregory. They march off, to find a Farfetch'd. While they march and search around, Jack remembers last night's discussion.

Last night....
Jack sits down on the sofa after eating one of the best meals since leaving home. Gregory sits on a recliner opposite him.

"Hey Gregory," Jack starts, "Now I said I would help and here's how it's gonna to happen. Since Farfetch'd can fly, you must disable it somehow. Because as long as a bird can fly, it can get away and escape. So here is what I prepose that you do." Jack explains his idea on what Charmander should do. Gregory listens then comments back. Finally, after an hour, the plan is set.
"Thanks Jack for your help. I'm sure that tomorrow I will come back with a Farfetch'd." Jack nods.


Gregory, Charmander, Jack and Vulpix take their time in the forest. No need to walk fast and miss an area. They check everywhere within their sights.

At a little path, Jack searches one side and Gregory searches the other. Charmander looks down the dirt path and is stunned.

"Char char mander char..."

Gregory looks down to Charmander then down the path where it is pointing. Jack does the same. And to everyone's amazement, two, count them, two Farfetch'd were walking down the path, tossing their leeks to each other. The pair of birds notice the trainers and Pokemon and stop. Nobody moves . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Achoo!" Jack sneezes. He had to sneeze.

The Farfetch'd split up, one going to one side of the path, the other to the other side. Gregory follows the one that went on his side while Jack follows the one that went his way.

"What a great time to sneeze, huh Vulpix. Now we have to chase it." Jack pushes through bushes, occasionally getting scratched by a branch. He could make out Farfetch'd's motion, just barely. But what Jack didn't notice is the uprooted root just ahead. His foot catches he goes down to the grassy ground. Luckily, the Farfetch'd was only a few feet infront of him, resting from the flight on a tree stump. It catches sight of the fallen trainer.

Jack looks up as Vulpix lands next to him, ready to battle. "Ok Vulpix, Flamethrower." Vulpix opens up and *BAM* the flamethrower hits the stump. Farfetch'd jumps a split second before the fire came out. It runs off, saving its energy for a long flight.

Jack picks himself off the ground, feeling his leg a little soar. "Come on, let's move in front of it."

Vulpix was way ahead of him. Running and running at the side, in the bushes out of Farfetch'ds sight. Vulpix jumps out of the bushes and right in front of Farfetch'd. Vulpix growls. Farfetch'd stops and raises its leek.

Jack had caught up just in time, behind Farfetch’d with Vulpix on the far opposite side. "Vulpix, watch for the leek."
Farfetch'd smacks Vulpix in the head with its leek. Vulpix shakes around. She growls again, waiting for the word.

"Go on, Tackle it."

Vulpix understands and rushes forward with a Quick Attack. Farfetch'd rubs off the pain and quickly retaliates. The leek hits Vulpix many times and wears her down quite a bit.

"Disable the flying, remember the plan."

Farfetch'd had its leek in a defense position. Vulpix's eyes faintly glow as a ray of light-purple heads for the bird and absorbs into it. Farfetch'd looks around, dazed, with little question marks over its head.

"Alright, confusing it worked. Now for step two." Before step two could happen, Farfetch'd began to take off.

Jack panics. "Forget step two, Fire Spin."

Vulpix steps forward and unleashes a line of fire that turns into a tornado Fire Spin attack. Farfetch'd becomes engulfed into the fire. It dies down and Farfetch'd lands on the ground, all burnt up. It tries to kick up some dust but the ground was grassy and even if there was dirt, Farfetch'd was too weak to try. Still confused, it keeps scratching the grass.
"Quick attack."

Vulpix rushes in and knocks Farfetch'd for a final attack. Farfetch'd was down.

He takes out one of his many Pokeballs. "Great effort Vulpix. But now it's my turn once again." He throws out the Pokeball and watches the upsidedown, confused, burnt Farfetch'd go into the ball at contact. Vulpix runs to Jack's side as they both await the outcome of this attempt...

~Original Post: November 2001 @ Omega Club
(-o-) Farfetch’d Not Captured!


If I wrote this now, it would probably be twice as long. heh. Anyway, I don't continue going after Pidgey because I wasn't sure if I could (since the Grader said it flew away). But I wanted a flying Pokemon, so I decided to try for Farfetch'd.

This is the first time I thought about a plot and turn it into a capture. I felt simply finding another Pokemon would be too boring, and too similar to my first failed attempt. I failed here because I didn't give Farfetch'd enough of a chance during the fight.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default 04- Annual Tradition: Round 2

Jack blinks many times, in shock that the Farfetch'd manages to escape the Pokeball. This was a shock, he thought Farfetch'd was his, most definitely. But he failed another capture. Jack stares at the bird in front of him, just barely standing.

"How could this be? Could Farfetch'd still have some strength left?"

"Fetch far far."

Jack points out to the Farfetch'd and looks down at Vulpix. Vulpix, sitting next to him, looks up. "Ok Vulpix, we must never give up. I have faith in you." Vulpix gives a happy shout in which Jack can only smile. Vulpix jumps out in front, ready to go again. "We may fail but nothing can keep us from trying again and again. You will see, persistence will pay off." He had a little fire in his eye. If he was going to get all the badges, he first needs to master the skill of catching Pokemon.

Farfetch'd stood on the ground, next to the failed Pokeball. It looks at the Trainer and his Pokemon. At the moment, Farfetch'd is too weak to fly away.

"Get ready..."

"Hey Jack! I found you." He looks back to see Gregory running over to him. He was holding a Pokeball in his hand. Gregory stops. ""

"Slow down. Catch your breath first."

Gregory takes a deep breath. "That’s better." He raises his arm to show a Pokeball. "Look, I caught a Farfetch'd. It was very easy when I used that plan of yours." Gregory looks at Vulpix, who was still in a battle ready leap. "Oh, did I interrupt something?"

Jack nods. "Yep. I'm in a battle with this wild Farfetch'd."

Gregory looks over at the Farfetch'd. "Ok, but I hope you don't do what I think you are going to do."

Jack turns away from him, not hearing what he said, but still asking, “Huh?” While they were talking, Farfetch'd was stretching, gaining some strength every stretch. Now that Farfetch'd is a little bit stronger, it could flap its wings and take off into the air.

Jack folds his arms, looking back at the battle. "You can run Farfetch'd, but you can't hide. So you may as well save your energy, 'cause you'll need it. Vulpix go!"

Vulpix leaps forward and rushes at Farfetch'd. She jumps up for a hit but misses.

"Physical attacks won't work while it's in the air. So fire it is. Flamethrower."

Vulpix fires into the air but Farfetch'd dodges it. Farfetch'd then speeds up even faster than before, becoming twice as fast. The first Flamethrower came no where near Farfetch'd; but the next one does, which singes the left wing. Now it couldn't fly fast to evade the Flamethrower. Farfetch'd turns around in mid-air and smacks Vulpix with a Slash attack. Vulpix falls but quickly regains position. Farfetch'd stops in mid flight and kicks up some nearby dirt. It covers over Vulpix and some slip into her eyes, which blinds Vulpix temporarily. Farfetch'd lands next to Vulpix and Pecks her side.

Jack thinks.........."Ah-ha! Vulpix, spin-around and fire away."

Vulpix's eyes slowly open but not enough to see clearly; the sand is still there. Farfetch'd steps back as Vulpix spins around, firing Flamethrower in all directions. Farfetch'd prepares to jump but the fire hits ‘em first. The duck-bird lands next to a tree. Vulpix blinks as the sand in her eyes begins to disappear.

"I knew it would work," Jack states.

Gregory watches, not liking this at all.

Farfetch'd shakes its body and tries to stand. It quickly counter-rushes the fox Pokemon. *SmackSmackSmack* Vulpix weakens from the hits but has enough energy to jump to the side, avoiding the next hit from its leek. She opens her mouth and releases a large Flamethrower that blasts Farfetch'd over to a small patch of hard dirt. Vulpix runs over to it, staying some feet away, and growls. Jack and Gregory follow.

Farfetch'd lay on the ground, worn out, reaching for its leek that lay inches away. Jack pulls out a Pokeball. "One more time." He winds up but Gregory holds his arm.

"No, you can't."

Jack shoves him to get his arm free. "You did, so why can't I?" Jack uses his free arm and throws the Pokeball at Farfetch'd. Farfetch'd grabs its leek just before being sucked into the Pokeball. Vulpix stops growling and all three keep their eyes on the moving Pokeball...

Original Post: November 2001 @ Omega Club
(-o-) Farfetch’d Caught!


So, I was told to add more battle, and I did. I really like how it came out too, and Farfetch'd's leek added some good attack combos. Needless to say, I was thrilled to have my first Pokemon.

Originally, I was going to have Team Rocket appear after this capture, as the business that buys the Farfetch'd, but I scrapped that idea because it felt so unoriginal. And I didn't really want to have TR in my story.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default 05- Enter the City: The Park

The wait didn't take long. The Pokeball stops. Farfetch'd was his. Jack runs over to the Pokeball and picks it up off the ground. He takes a moment to look at it.

"My first capture. Indeed a great one." He looks over a Vulpix. "A great battle deserves a rest." Vulpix is recalled into the Pokeball for a nap. He walks back toward Gregory.

Gregory lowers his head. "You can't capture Farfetch'd. The researchers said only my family can catch them. You have to give me that Farfetch'd right now."

Jack is shocked. "No way! I caught it fair and square. Besides, they don't know that I caught one, right?"

Greogory shoots back. "But I have to report everything that happens, including captures by other Trainers. You won’t understand." The argument lasted about five minutes. Jack keeps Farfetch'd but Gregory is going to tattle on him.

That night, Jack slept quickly at Gregory’s house.

The next morning came and Jack left as fast as he could, that was, after the energizing breakfast Gregory’s family had prepared. He felt full and happy. After a couple hours, he could barely see the top of a building over some trees.

"Vermillion City, I made it."

With the extra energy, Jack ran to the city. In no time at all, he reached the sidewalk of Vermillion City, the great port city in Kanto. He walked down the cement path until he ended up at a street corner.

"It's been a while since I've been here. Sure looks different." He then noticed a park, with trees and a lake and children playing and having fun. He tries to remember. "I don't remember any park."

Crossing the street, he heads over to the park to check it out. It looked about half mile on each side. It was very nice and clean. He strolled down a small path, letting bicyclists go by and other Trainer’s walking their Pokemon. There was a lot of activity for such a small park. But what grabbed his attention the most was the fact that there were plenty of Pokemon, everywhere. "Pidgey, Rattata, um, oh, a Caterpie..." He walks by the lake. "Magikarp, Goldeen....” He then spots a 'No Fishing' sign. "Oh well." Then he saw something else that caught his attention. "Is that a Kakuna?" Yep, a Kakuna was up in the tree above him. It was sleeping while grabbing hold of the thick branch. Jack takes out a Pokeball.

"Hold it." An officer steps next to him. "Catching Pokemon in this park is prohibited between the hours of six in the morning and nine at night. You’ll have to wait young man.”
Jack sighs. Kakuna would make a great Pokemon for his team. A Beedrill would help him. And they are cool. But the park rule was in the way. Only thing he could do was wait until nine at night.

He points at Kakuna. "I promise to be back tonight." Jack walks away as Kakuna opens one of its eyes.

After lunch at a small fast food joint across from the park, Jack searches his handheld organizer for the Pokemart. He found the directions and walked into the rather large old-fashioned building. He was window shopping inside the store.

"Look at all this selection. Even Pokemon for sale. Where’s the challenge of buying Pokemon. Nope. I have to catch my Pokemon. It’s the traditional way of the Trainer."

The person at the cash register looked upon the customer. "You wouldn't happen to be a new Trainer, would you?" Jack turns around and nods. The person puts a Pokedex on the counter. "If you want it, here you go."

“For free?”

“Yes. We had a shipment come in yesterday direct from the Pokemon League. We were told to hand them out to any new Trainers that wanted one.”

Jack walks to the counter and takes the Pokedex and smiles. "Thanks." Even though he may never use it, he knows to never turn down free stuff that might come in handy.

After exploring the Pokemart, Jack wanders around the city and eventually ends up at the Pokecenter. Now he must wait until night.


Night time has come. The moon shines brightly in the night sky. There were hardly any clouds so the stars were seen throughout the sky. The buildings turn on their lights, so business can go on. Many citizens head home to rest from whatever they did when the sun was out. But some people stay out and try their luck at the park to catch whatever may be available that night. And it’s not only the park, but the whole city too.

Jack steps into the park. A few light poles light up the park pathways. The bright moonlight above lights everything the poles can't reach. Darkness was a wonderous thing at night, and sometimes lovely.

"I need to find some Pokemon to catch." He remembers watching the television at the Pokecenter. A commercial advertised for a Tournament to be here in Vermillion City. "I have two Pokemon, I need six. So I need four more Pokemon to catch." He was determined to be in the tournament, knowing he wouldn’t win, but he can’t miss this opportunity. He was ready to catch almost anything at this point.

Walking, walking, walking. During the day their were many Pokemon. But now, their were none to be found. After a while, Jack steps off of the path and onto the dew covered grass. No Pokemon were wandering around. "Maybe they are in these trees."

*CRASH* A person accidentally runs into him. "Ow..." The person apologizes and continues on. Jack steps forward but notices something on the ground. With closer inpection, it's a flashlight. The person must have dropped it. He picks it up. "I could use this. Thanks mysterious person whom I'll never see again." He shines the light into the nearest tree. Nothing. He switches to another tree. Nada.

Suddenly, a sticky string is shot and lands on the back of Jack's head and hat. Jack feels the coldness with his hand. "It's String Shot." He turns around and shines his flashlight in the tree he had previously searched. There, a Spinarak hangs from a branch. It spits out another sticky string and hits the Trainer’s shoes.

Jack becomes angry. "That is plain rude. Never shoot anyone in the back without them knowing, that's the cowards way." He wipes off the String Shot and steps out of range. He then selects a Pokeball and throws it out. Vulpix comes out yawning, with wide eyes adjusting to the darker day. "Use Flamethrower on that string." Vulpix opens up and fires at the string. Due to Spinarak's slowness, the string with which it was hanging from burns up. Spinarak falls to the ground. Vulpix quickly leaps forward and hits Spinarak right after it lands on the ground. It sails in the air and lands at the base of a tree with its legs. Spinarak climbs up the tree to escape from Vulpix.

"Hmmm, fire is no good, I don't want to put the tree on fire. How about Confuse Ray. Do it."

Vulpix nods as her eyes glow purple. The purple ray moves out and hits Spinarak as it almost makes it to the leafy part of the tree. Spinarak's eyes were squiggly. @.@

"Now, Quick Attack the tree."

Vulpix rushes forward and smacks the tree with her side. The confused Spinarak lets go of the bark and falls to the ground. Upon hitting the ground, Spinarak became confused no more. It fought back with Psychic. The waves hit Vulpix with much pain. Vulpix weakens as Spinarak jumps on her and grabs tightly. It glows as the energy is sucked from Vulpix to itself. (Leech Life and Constrict at same time).

Jack didn't know what to do; he almost wanted to go out and kick the spider off her. "Shake it off." Vulpix used as much strength and shook and shook until Spinarak finally let go. "Fire Spin." Vulpix turns around and lets the fire tornado loose. Spinarak is caught off-guard and stuck in the middle. As the fire closed in, Spinarak quickly shot a line up and luckily it hit a branch. Spinarak follows the string up and barely makes it out of the fire.

"Wow! That's Amazing." Jack looks to Vulpix. "Take it down."

She fires, not at the line, but straight at Spinarak. It was a weak Flamethrower but did the job as Spinarak fell to the grass once again. Spinarak, all burnt up, sucks it then fires out a circular spider web. It lands over Vulpix and traps her to the ground. Jack starts to run over to Vulpix to free her, but Spinarak fires a String Shot purposely missing as a warning. It inches closer to Vulpix who is too weak to even do a fire attack.

"Good try Vulpix. Return." Spinarak jumps on the web as Vulpix is returned. "Next." His second Pokemon, Farfetch'd comes out.


Spinarak quickly notices its new 'friend'. It steps forward as Farfetch'd runs at it. Poison Sting is fired but Farfetch'd holds up its wing to block it from hitting his face.

"Farfetch'd, you need to wait until I give you a command. It's too tired to battle you, so use Agility with Slash and you should be fine."

Farfetch'd looks into its Trainers’ eyes. He nods in agreement. Farfetch'd dashes from one side to another as Poison Sting misses continuously. Farfetch'd moves up close to Spinarak and...*Smack* ...pecks Spinarak on the back extra hard. Spinarak falls down, collapsing from the heat of the battle.

"I don't think that was a Slash but oh well." Jack takes out an open Pokeball but remembers one of Farfetch’d’s attacks. "Oh yeah. Use False Swipe." Farfetch'd walks up to the exhausted Spinarak. He raises his leak and slashes downward, releasing a light blue power on Spinarak. (Imagine False Swipe kinda like Bladebeam from FF7. :D) Spinarak attempts to rise up but falls back down as Farfetch'd Leers into its spider eyes.

"Now I can go." Jack threw the Pokeball forward and watched as Spinarak was sucked in. Farfetch'd stood next to the ball as it rocked back and forth....

Original Post: November 2001 @ Ultimate Club
(-o-) Spinarak Captured!


The scene at the Pokemart is quite true, and I still hold that opinion hardily. A Trainers job is to catch Pokemon: buying a Pokemon and using it for battle would be shameful. This is why all my Pokemon in the URPG are obtained through stories. Also, back then when new players were accepted, they were handed a Pokedex, this was my way of gaining it.

The part where I mention the tournament will come into play again. At the same time in the URPG, a tournament was being started. I really didn't have enough Pokemon to enter at the time. Nor had I had a single battle yet (and I won't until my forth capture).

Again, I enjoy my subtle play at humor here, especially with the flashlight. Like Pidgey, I gave Spinarak a playful attitude where he'd attack someone for fun. This is also when I realized how easy a battle would be with a type advantage, which is why I limited fire usage. I think from here on out, I never use a type advantage in battle.

Why Spinarak? I don't really know. I think it's cause I wanted something with String Shot to be used in future written battles. I'm still at the point where I'm writing for easy to catch Pokemon. Maybe since G/S introduced the night/day timing, my only choices were Hoothoot or Spinarak... and I already had a flying Pokemon.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default 06- Enter the City: Kakuna Crisis

Farfetch'd pecked at the Pokeball as it came to a halt. Farfetch'd grabs it with his beak and hops over to Jack and drops it on the ground just before him.

Jack looks down at Farfetch'd who was pecking the motionless Pokeball. "Thanks Farfetch'd," he said with a smile. Jack bends down and picks up the Pokeball with one hand and pets Farfetch'd on the head with the other. Upon standing up, Jack decides to keep Farfetch'd out for a while to get to know him better. Together the two walk around the park and eventually find a bench. Jack puts his pack down and sits.

"Farfetch'd," he pulls a name brand Popcorn bag from his pack, "do you like unpopped Popcorn?"

"Far!" Farfetch'd exclaims happily and interested at the same time.

Jack smiles. "Would you like some?" Farfetch'd nods. Jack reaches into his pack and pulls out a handy-dandy bowl that happens to be in there. He opens a bag and pours some kernels into the bowl. Jack places the bowl on the ground and Farfetch'd hops over to it. He pecks at the food.

He opens the Pokeball containing Spinark. Spinarak comes out and lands on the ground. Jack looks up at the bright moon. "Farfetch'd, Spinarak, I didn't mean to battle you so hard out in the forest. I'm sure you know why I did it. I'm sure all Pokemon know about Trainers and what they do."

Farfetch'd looks up at his new trainer for a couple of seconds then continues eating the kernals. Spinarak stares at the moon also.

"I'm sure we will make a great team. And no matter what, I'll be there to protect you guys and I hope you guys will protect me." He looks down at his Pokemon. "Just thought I'd let you know that."

Farfetch'd finishes the kernals and hops onto the bench and stands right next to Jack feeling a lot of trust for this Trainer. Spinarak looks at Jack's face, sucks in air, then fires out an extra gooey Spider Web.

"Spinarak," it says in a very laughing way.

Jack looks at the web in his face. "You think this is funny?" He now understands this humorous spider and can’t help by laugh. "A jokester, huh? Like spraying people with your web? That's fine, but no more on me or any of my Pokemon. But I must say, your Spider web was perfectly round and hit me right down the middle. Good aim." Jack, Farfetch'd and Spinarak have a good laugh.

A good ten minutes pass by. It's about 10:30. Spinarak was now in Jack's lap and Farfetch'd was lying next to him. Both were sound asleep. He has gained the trust of his new Pokemon.


Jack perks up after being in a dazed state of mind. About one-hundred yards to his right there were a group of people of various age and gender. Jack, who is very curious about what happens around him, returns the two sleeping Pokemon and runs over to the group where the noise must have come from. He looks through the group of about twelve. There is a guy with a cut on his arm, crying on the ground.

"That stupid Kakuna. *SNIFF* Now I'll be in the hospital all week." A few unpolite words are shouted.

"Here," another guy gives him a bottle. "It's Antidote."

“But.... that’s for Pokemon.” The injured guy pours it on his cut. "Ahhhh!! It burns!" He continues cursing.

Jack asks the question. "What happened?"

A lady answers without turning around and points at the tree that was infront of them. "See that Kakuna? We tried to get it down but it wouldn't. So Klyde climbed up to grab it. He pulled and it finally let go. That's when it used Poison Sting on him. Poor Klyde..."

"Kakuna?" Jack looks at the tree and the spot on the tree where Kakuna was hanging on to. It was the exact tree and exact Kakuna that he saw during the day. He squeezes through the people and nears the Kakuna. It had a large gash on one side. Jack gasps. "How did it get that gash?”

“After it attack Klyde, we were made and Joseph slashed it with his Bowie Knife.”

“What? That’s cruel. This Pokemon needs to get to the Pokecenter, and fast."

A guy holding a big knife, probably Joseph, comments, "After my little girl catches it, then we will take it to the Pokecenter." The little girl’s Pokemon, Eevee, snorts, preparing to battle Kakuna.

Jack couldn't believe what he had just heard. "Are you insane? This Kakuna can't battle in this condition. If you use any attack on it, you would hurt it tremedously."

The father figure steps forward behind his little daughter, probably six years old. "When a Pokemon attacks a human, almost hitting my daughter, this is what they get. Don't tell me how to run my life. My daughter is going to catch her first Pokemon. Step aside young man."

Jack grabs a Pokeball and out comes Spinarak. "Play your sticky tricks on them." Spinarak cheers up, very excited that Jack is allowing it. Spinarak fires his web all over the people. Jack quickly snatches Kakuna in his arms. After seeing the group covered in web, Jack recalls Spinarak and runs off.

"Let's see....if I came from this way, the Pokecenter should be that way." Jack thought of a something corny. “Run, run, as fast as I can, you can't stop me I'm the Pokemon saving man.”

He enters the Pokecenter, and sums it up to Nurse Joy. She immediately takes Kakuna to the emergency room. Knowing this would take a while, He finds a room and doses off to sleep.

Next morning, Jack wanders around the Pokecenter. Nurse Joy shows him to the Kakuna. It was resting on a stretcher with some tubes hooked to it.

"Kakuna's shell was mildly hurt but it is just enough to be serious. Thanks to you bringing it here so fast, and with our treatment, the gash should be back to normal in about two days." Nurse Joy saddens. "But there's a problem. Kakuna needs strength and energy to use Harden so it can help repair the shell on it’s own. The tests show it has lots of energy but it won't use any, like it has given up. If Kakuna doesn't fix its shell on his own.....oh, I don't even want to think about it."

Jack watches Kakuna, lying still, not even trying to get better. "I didn’t go through all that for Kakuna to give up. Let me try." Joy nods. He enters the room and finds a chair next to the stetcher. Kakuna still doesn't move.

"Hi Kakuna. Feeling better I see. Aren't you glad I brought you here?" A minute of awkward silence. "Ok....Nurse Joy told me that you won't Harden to fix up your cocoon. You know if you don't heal that shell of yours, you may not be here too long. And I want to see you get better." He pauses for any reactions. None. "Now, I can't force you to get better, I'm here to suggest you save yourself. If not for me, then for yourself. You have much to live for. You never even experienced evolving into a Beedrill. Don’t you want to fly?" Kakuna still does nothing. Jack thinks and thinks. *Light Bulb* "Is it because of those people in the forest?" Kakuna moves its eyes and looks at Jack. "I understand. If I were in your spot and about to be caught by those people, I wouldn't want to go back either. But you hafta understand, not all trainers or the parents of those trainers are like that. Me for instance, I care about Pokemon. That father didn't care that you were hurt, he just wanted to see his daughter catch her first Pokemon. That’s why I know if I saw him again, I could beat his Pokemon in a battle. I...."

Nurse Joy steps in and motions for Jack. He nods and reaches for his Pokeballs and releases Vulpix, Farfetch'd and Spinarak. "Guys, help convince this Kakuna to heal its wound. I'll be back." He exits the room.

Joy hands Jack a paper. "I did some research while you were in there and found that most Kakuna that sustain an injury like that don't last very long. Two days on average. So in two days, either it will be fully healed or... or... dead."

He stops reading and looks into the room as he notices Kakuna shimmer slightly.

"That...." Joy catches it too and smiles. “Kakuna used Harden. I don’t know what you did in there but thanks to you, I think everything will be fine.”

Jack runs back into the room and hugs all his Pokemon. "Thanks everyone. And thanks Kakuna. I knew you could do it." He wipes his eyes before they tear, recalls his Pokemon. Kakuna uses another Harden.

The next day moves by rather fast. Jack has decided to stay and see what happens to Kakuna. During the wait, Jack mostly slept or played with his Pokemon at the center. Now it approached night once again. After dinner, his Pokemon fell asleep in the room they were set up in. He walks back over to Kakuna for a short check up. Watching from the window, the hole looked much smaller than it was that very afternoon. Harden was working.

"By morning it should be gone." Nurse Joy said as she passed by. Jack smiles and walks back to his room where he surfed the Internet, then dozed off to sleep after that.

The second morning at Vermillion City arrives. Jack is up bright and early. His Pokemon are still asleep on the bed across from him. He quietly tip-toes back to the emergency room. Looking through the glass window at Kakuna, he notices the hole is gone.

"Whatever you and your Pokemon did over this past couple days, it worked." Joy says, sneaking up from behind. "Kakuna had a full recovery as of 3:00 in the morning. It’s shell is still a little soft but I need the room for my other severely injured Pokemon. So I would appreciate it very much if you let it go back in the wild.”

But Jack has another idea. He sits down on the chair next to Kakuna's stretcher. He spoke softly since he had just woken up. "Glad to see you've had a full recovery. Now is the time for your choice." He places an empty Pokeball on the stretcher. “You can come with me if you want or you can go back to the wild to be caught by some other person. Or maybe that same person. It is your choice and I will not force you to chose one or the other. I'll give you some time to think about it." He smiles and exits, heading back to his own room. He recalls his sleeping Pokemon, packs his things, and heads out to the waiting room.

Nurse Joy enters from around the corner, seeing Jack. "That was quick. Have you moved Kakuna?"
Jack leans back in the sofa and kicks his feet on the table. "I’m letting it have some thinking time.”

Twenty minutes pass by. Jack walks over to the window to see what Kakuna chose. Jack looks into the room and sees.....

Original Post: December 2001 @ Ultimate Club
(-o-) Kakuna Captured!


I believe this is the first story to not have a battle for the Pokemon. I took a big risk in writing this sympathetic story, but felt for a weak Kakuna that it would be enough. The speech to Kakuna still gets me pretty emotional. Imagine all the terrible treatment of Pokemon in the world. Even on something so weak. True to my character, I myself am disgusted with poor treatment of Pokemon. They deserve an honest Trainer, which is what I tried to show here.

I go for Kakuna instead of Weedle because I wanted it to evolve faster. And five loses would be better than ten. As you'll see in the next story, I finally have my first battle. Yay!
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default 07- A Fish Out of Water

Jack looks into the room and sees the Kakuna was not on the stretcher anymore. His eyes widened as he hopes what he is thinking has happened. Jack walks into the room, and searches around, to see if Kakuna was hiding, or if the window was open. After not finding him, Jack looks at the Pokeball then picks it up with his right hand. "Come on out Kakuna." The Pokeball opens and right before Jack's eyes was Kakuna. Yep, Jack has a new friend for his journey, and a good one too. Kakuna would help be a great addition.

After about ten minutes, Jack grabs his bag, some snacks, and heads out the door. He takes a flyer from his pocket out and looks at it. It’s about the tournament coming soon. He has four Pokemon now, and he needs two more just to enter. Jack knows he won't win the contest or even win one of the high prizes, he just wants to gain the whole experience of Pokemon battling. He may even do better than he thinks he would.

A girl stops Jack on the sidewalk outside the Pokecenter. "Wanna battle?" Jack was excited. His first battle. He accepts.

“Do we battle here?”

“No, silly. At the field next to the Pokecenter. I’ll show you.”

*cue 3v3 battle with Gurl53092*

Jack returns to the Pokecenter and slams the door behind him. He had lost the battle royally. Not one of her Pokemon were defeated. Nurse Joy nods and takes Jack's Pokemon for a quick healing and check up.

Jack uses this time to think about the battle. o O (How could I have won? Her Pokemon were much stronger than mine and she had all the advantages. Well, I shouldn't blame myself. I am new at this after all. Besides, my Pokemon did their best and that's all I can ask for.) O o

The Pokemon are returned later. Nurse Joy heads back to continue her busy work of helping sick and injured Pokemon. Jack gets up off the chair he had been sitting in and heads back out of the Pokecenter. "No more battles until I get my minimal requirements for that tourney." Jack marches down the street, not letting anything distract him from his train of thought.

On the west, outside of Vermillion City, there are trees and trees and, look, some more trees. Some trees have small bushes around them, while other trees have large bushes. A single river flows through the west land which runs into the Vermillion City bay area. Very peaceful indeed.

"I'm sure there are Pokemon I can catch over here." He searches high and low, around the trees, under rocks, over hills, in the bushes.

"Karp karp magikarp."

Jack raises his head to the direction of the cries. He jumps over a bush and lands on the lowered dirt. "A Magikarp? On land?" Magikarp was jumping up and down, flopping every which way. Faintly, Jack could hear rushing water not to far from him. "So, you've fallen out of the water huh?" Jack thought for a second about helping this poor Magikarp back into the water but had a different idea. This could be his fifth Pokemon, one step closer to entering in the tourney. Jack grabs his Pokeball containing Farfetch'd and throws it out.


"I need this Magikarp," he mutters to himself. "Farfetch'd, Fury Attack."

Farfetch'd runs forward with his webbed feet. Magikarp jumps up into the air. Farfetch'd stops underneath Magikarp, who falls down with a Tackle slap, and hits Farfetch'd.

“Slash it back!”

Farfetch'd slashes down with its leek and strikes Magikarp hard. "Karppp!" Magikarp does a tricky spin and smacks Farfetch'd with its tail. Farfetch'd growls angrily and furiously smacks Magikarp with its leek (Fury Attack). Magikarp splashes around no more. ".......kaarrrrp......" Farfetch'd begins to kick up sand onto Magikarp.

Jack grabs an empty Pokeball. He motions to Farfetch'd to stop. Farfetch'd uses his blade beam False Swipe then backs away from Magikarp. "Pokeball..." The Pokeball sails through the air and sucks up the Magikarp with ease. It hits the ground and rolls around while the red light flickered on and off....

Original Post: December 2001 @ Ultimate Club
(-o-) Magikarp Caught!


So this is when I start putting in my battles. Every battle I had, I would list it in the story to take the place. And I did lose pretty bad. I chose to do this rather than write actual battles, because I didn't think it would add anything to the story. Eventually I stop listing them because my computer deleted the file and I lost my list.

I can't help but laugh at my description of the forest. Look, some trees! A lot of my early descriptions are pretty basic, or simply making fun of cliches.

The tournament is mentioned again, giving me plot reasons to go out and catch Pokemon. In my mind, I thought it would be funny to see a Magikarp splashing around on land. It's something bizarre that nobody would think about, heh. Of course, then you wonder why is it on the land. Which leads to the next story.

Now, you may have wondered about False Swipe. I use it again. At the same time I was in the URPG, I was in another Pokemon RP at Yahoo. The battles there were all about lowering HP and getting the Pokemon as close to fainting to make it easier to capture. So whenever I used Farfetch'd, I'd use that attack to make it clear to the grader that the Pokemon had hardly any health left. Not sure how well it influenced them, though. I was also playing FF7 at the time.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default 08- The Cause of the Fish Out of Water

The Pokeball stops shaking around. The land Magikarp is his. Jack quickly runs over to the Pokeball and grabs it from the ground. “Yes, one more to go.” He looks down at Farfetch’d. “Great job Farfetch’d. But next time let me call the attacks instead of you deciding to use them on your own. We will be a much better team if we work together.” Farfetch’d nods as he is recalled into the Pokeball.

The water can be heard more clearly now. The river flows at medium speed, with a couple boulders in the middle of the river, slowly withering away by the water’s erosion.

Jack has searched most of the land areas, why not search around the river. Maybe he would find a water type Pokemon, something he didn’t really have at the moment. Jack thought about all the water Pokemon he would like, which was a lot. But beggars can’t be choosers in a situation like this one. He needs one more, no matter what it is.

A large tree grows sideways and Jack jumps over it. The bank could be seen now. The grass slowly turns to dirt and small baseball sized rocks. Jack looks upstream then downstream. He looks back upstream. Magikarps all over the place, but not in the water like they should be. The Magikarps were flopping up and down on the land just like the one Jack had just caught moments ago.

“Darn! My land Magikarp isn’t so unique anymore.” Random people were running about, picking up the Magikarp and throwing them back into the water. Curious, Jack walks over to a kid younger than him. “What’s going on with these Magikarp?”

The kid doesn’t even look at Jack. “No time to talk. Ask Big Bob in the straw hat.” The kid runs away to help a Magikarp return to the water.

He looks around for a guy with a straw hat. “Aha!” Big Bob has been sited. He runs over to the big guy shouting out orders.

“Over there, a Magikarp just jumped out. Hey, no foolin’ round! This is serious work.” Big Bob turns to see a new face. “Ah, you must be them extra trainers I called up, yep.” He looks behind and all around Jack. “But I expected more than just one of ya’s.” He takes off his straw hat and scratches his comb-over hair. “I can’ts complain. One of ya’s is better than nun.”

So Big Bob needs trainers, but for what reason? Jack decides to play along. “What did you need me for? I forgot on my way here.”

Big Bob puts his hat back on. “I’ll tells ya a story. Two days ago, them Magikarp starts to jump out of ‘ere water. I live ‘round yonder trees and one jumps on into my house. So I comes over ‘ere and discover theres more jumpin’ out. I push them all back into the water. Next mornin’, them Magikarps are still outta the water. The reason why is ‘cause some Grimer got into this river and their slime pollutes the water. Yesterda’ I helps them Magikarp back into the water and scare alls them Grimer away. This mornin’ I check again, and them Magikarps are outta the water agains. Now I calls for trainers ta catch them Grimer so these Magikarp can live in the water.” Big Bob takes a sip of mountain spring water. “Now go, my Trainer. Every Grimer caught equalls big rewards.”

It’s like a contest. Who can catch the most Grimer wins the grand prize. Yeah! But Jack only needs one. He was about to speak but Big Bob shoos him away.

Jack walks down the river bank. “Gee, Big Bob must have ditched English class.” A couple Trainers could be seen. One with a Pinsir, another with a Wartortle. All the Grimer were out and about, sliming all around this area. This was Jack’s moment to help and test his skills and also catch another Pokemon. The reward didn’t matter to him, he just wanted the Pokemon prize.

On the other side of a large boulder, a Trainer was fighting a Grimer with a Graveler. Grimer jumps off of a tree, leaving a rotten mark, and lands on Graveler. Graveler rolls forward, causing Grimer to jump off before it got flattened. Graveler picks up a rock and throws it. Grimer splats with the hit. The trainer throws a Pokeball at the weakened Grimer. In it goes and it stays there.

“Yeah!” cries the Trainer. “That ten minute battle may have been long, but it was worth it.” The Trainer walks away to search for more.

Jack had watched all of it. The battle had really mesmerized him. He shakes his head. “Must focus on the task at hand.” Jack walks back to the river and stops. He looks left then right, scanning the river for any Grimer.

A purple blob surfaces its head in the water. Jack grabs a Pokeball but was beaten by a Trainer on the other side of the river. His Pidgeotto swoops down and picks up Grimer, taking it out of the water and into the forest to battle. Jack sighs and continues scanning the river.

After about five minutes, Jack’s eyes become tired. But.... ”Hey, that rock looks different, a kinda purplish color. And I don’t think it was there a second ago. Or, I could be seeing things.” He picks up a small rock and throws it at the unusually shaped rock in the water. It hits. The rock moves; it’s a sleeping Grimer.

Jack looks up and down the coast, no trainers, this one was his. A Pokeball lands on the soft dirt and Vulpix happily comes out, greeting her trainer with a cheerful sound. “Vulpix, Flamethro......”

The Grimer sights the little fire fox and dives under water. “Scratch that.” Another Pokeball is thrown, this time in the water. Magikarp comes out. “Magikarp, get that Grimer out of the water.” Magikarp swims over to the bank and flops out of the river. Jack falls down with a sweatdrop. “Right, polluted water. My bad.” Magikarp is returned. “That Grimer has to surface sometime. So...” His third Pokeball comes out and Farfetch’d flies up into the air. He remembers the Pidgeotto grabbing that other Grimer. “When the Grimer surfaces, grab it and bring it on land.”

Grimer suddenly shoots out of the water and lands on a flat boulder in the middle of the flowing stream. “Now!” Farfetch’d swoops down. Grimer flattens its body and avoids the grab. Vulpix steps forward, ready to fire with her fire. “No Vulpix, you might hit Farfetch’d.” Jack snaps his fingers as Farfetch’d swoops down again for another miss. The forth Pokeball exits Jack’s right hand and Spinarak comes out. “Farfetch’d, let Spinarak ride on your back.” Farfetch’d flies left, avoiding the attacking Grimer as it tries a jumping Tackle attack. Farfetch’d lands next to the spider and gladly accepts riding company. Farfetch’d takes off, with Spinarak on his back. Meanwhile, Grimer sits on the flat boulder, using Harden and Acid Armor to protect against this Trainer.

Jack stands in battle position. “Ok Spinarak, use Spider Web to trap that Grimer from escaping back into the water. And Farfetch’d, use Agility to speed it up.”

Farfetch’d flies around Grimer’s rock in circles while Spinarak spits out lines of web. Grimer stares blankly into the sky, still using Harden, as sticky webs fall on it. Farfetch’d flies down, leek forward like a jousting match, and jabs Grimer with four different rushes. Grimer snaps out of a dazed state and angers up. Grimer takes some sludge from its body and throws it at the flying menace. Farfetch’d and Spinarak take the hit full on. (Big anime sludge explosion.) With sludge blocking it’s wings, Farfetch’d spiral dives *SPLASH* into the river. Spinarak jumps off seconds before and lands nicely on the flat rock that Grimer is on.

“Farfetch’d, you did your best. But a wet bird can’t fly well. Come on back.” Farfetch’d is returned. Jack turns his attention to Spinarak. “Go for it. Try Psychic ability.”

Grimer slimes over to Spinarak very slowly, due to the webbing still on it. Spinarak chirps as the face on his back glows. Grimer looks around from side to side, then down. It was in the air.

Jack laughs. “I didn’t know Grimers could fly.” Indeed, Grimer was up in the air. “Lift it up as high as you can.” Up, up, up. Grimer went up above the trees just barely. Spinarak began to shake uncontrollably. The Psychic wouldn’t last too much longer. “Ok, let it go.” Spinarak’s back stops glowing, exhausted. Grimer falls down............................ *poof* (Wile E. Coyote cliff scene.) Grimer lands back on the flat rock in the middle of the river. “It would have helped had you dropped Grimer away from the river.”

Grimer barely manages to rise. Thankfully, it was free from the web. Spinarak weakly jumps on Grimer and squeezes as tight as he could. Grimer wiggles a slimy arm free and Pounds Spinarak in the side. Spinarak jumps off of Grimer. *SLASH* *SLASH* *SLASH* Spinarak triple Fury Swipes Grimer causing Grimer to collapse on the ground.

Jack pulls out a Pokeball. “Suck out all its energy with Leech Life and gain some health while your at it.” Grimer attempts to Pound Spinarak but misses due to a slow reaction time. Spinarak jumps on the fallen Grimers’ back and begins to suck out the life.

Spinarak jumps off of Grimer after a short while. Spinarak didn’t want to take too much health or it would die. “Great timing.” Grimer’s body slowly moves up and down as a sign it was still breathing, but rather slowly. “I hope I can reach Grimer from here.” Jack throws the Pokeball over to the flat boulder in the middle of the river. However, it was overthrown. Luckily, Spinarak catches it with a String Shot and reals it in. Spinarak then pushes the Pokeball against Grimer’s slimy body. Grimer goes in.

“Let’s hope this is one less polluter in this river. These Magikarp need their water in order to live.” He watches the Pokeball from where he was on land as it rocked back and forth every so often....

Original Post: January 2002 @ Ultimate Club
(-o-) Grimer Caught!


Big Bob is such a cliche southern hick, heh. I always wondered what would happen if a group of Grimer invaded a lake or stream. Someone would report the disturbance, and the local Pokemon Center would make a posting, asking for Trainers to help. Something like that. I can imagine a lot of calls about Grimer, since they're very good at making a stink wherever they are.

In this story, we get to see Jack isn't as perfect as he thought. Sending Vulpix and Magikarp were just bad choices, but it made for a funny scene. Also missing the Pokeball throw at the end. The battle was tricky to write up, since it was in a river with no level ground, and I tried to make use of air tactics. Grimer really wasn't very popular at the time, so this was an easy catch.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default 09- Untitled Capture Attempt

The Pokeball stops rocking on the boulder in the middle of the river. Jack now had his sixth Pokemon, just enough for the Tournament that was going to happen in the next couple days.

He grasps his hand in a fist and cheers. “Yes, I now have enough.” Spinarak’s face on his back was happy. “Spinarak, can you get that Pokeball over here.” There was no way for Jack to cross through the water, it was too deep and the current was just fast enough to sweep a Trainer off his or her feet. Spinarak shoots out an icky string on the ball. He then proceeds to spin in a clockwise motion. Due to the force, the Pokeball also spins with it. After about five rotations, Spinarak lets go of the string and the Pokeball flies over the water, Jack opens his hands for the catch........

“Mine.” In mid-air, a young looking rich kid jumps in front of Jack and grabs the Pokeball. He turns around as he lands and looks at the extremely angry Jack. “With this Grimer, I will have the most caught and win the prize that Big Bob will give out.”

This was something that was unexpected. “Hey, I caught it fair and square. I need that Grimer to enter the Tournament. So give it back.” Vulpix growls at the probably a spoiled rich snob.

“How can I give it back if you never had it in the first place. And nobody talks to Marty Inckleberry the second like that. Jensen!”

In no less than two seconds, a man with a well mannered hair cut walks from the left. Must be his butler. “Yes, master Marty.”

Before Marty could speak, Jack points to Marty. “He stole my Grimer that I caught.”

Jensen looks at Marty with a hard stare. “What?! You’re the one trying to steal it from me. He is taking advantage of the me just because I’m rich. Besides, I’m a great Pokemon Trainer and don’t need to steal from people like you.” Marty gave Jack a raspberry. How immature for a rich kid.

Marty moves the Pokeball closer to his pocket, when out of nowhere, Spinarak jumps on his back. Marty waves his arms in the air and lets go of the Pokeball. Jack reacts as fast as lightning and jumps into the air to grab it. The Pokeball felt good in his hand. After coming back to earth, Jack and Vulpix back away from the rich party. Spinarak jumps off of Marty’s back and lands next to Jack.

“Thanks Spinarak! You’ve done more than I could ask for.”

Spinarak shouts happily for his trainer.

Marty began to anger up. “Jensen, do something.” Jensen steps forward and approaches Jack. *SLOW MOTION* Jensen extends his hand to grab at Jack as Spinarak jumps up and lands on his chest. Jensen backs off and hits Spinarak off. Spinarak gives out a chirp before covering Jensen in Spider Web threads from head to toe. Marty’s eyes widen then he rushes forward at Jack . Spinarak again shoots out icky Spider Web threads, slowing Marty’s rush down. Marty falls to the ground, trapped in the lines of web. *RESUME NORMAL MOTION*

This action surprised Jack. Spinarak truly cares for his trainer. “Spinarak, thanks oh so much.” Spinarak smiles before being returned. Vulpix nudges Jack’s leg looking for attention. “Don’t worry, you’ll get some action later, I just know it.” They each smile as Vulpix is also returned. Jack waves to the web victims and runs back to Vermillion City to enter the tourney before it’s too late.

In a short opening of grass surrounded by trees, Jack takes a break on a log. He takes a couple sips of water and eats a sandwich. It was fairly close to mid-afternoon so this break is considered lunch to him.

The bushes rustled a bit then out jumped a person, rather a trainer. “You will do battle with me now!”

*Cue 3v3 battle with princeash58*

Jack exits the area he was taking a break in. The battle was relatively short and another loss on his battle list. But it didn’t bother him, losing helps him find the mistakes he may have made.

Day turns to dusk. The nocturnal Pokemon began to come out as the sun slowly set in the west. Jack turns on his Pokegear and looks at his map. He was still out in the woods, lost.
“I wish this pocket computer had On Star, then I would know exactly where to go. And it will be dark very soon. Boy, I hope that Tourney sign up is still going on.”

Someone yells, “Hey you! I bet my Pokemon can beat your Pokemon.”

Jack stops abruptly. “Can’t. I need to get to ......” He thought about it. “If I battle you, will you tell me the direction of Vermillion City?” The person nods.

*Cue 3v3 Conference battle with figgy20000*

Jack sits down on the ground to rest. He had slightly twisted his leg while running in the direction the person said Vermillion was in. He lost the battle again but that was to be expected. His Pokemon have been battling all day with no check-ups or healing or medicine of any sort. His Pokemon were wiped out for the day and everyone needed a rest. Plus he was using Kakuna and Magikarp to battle. One day they would both evolve and all the losing will be worth it.

Jack throws out his sleeping bag, curls up, and slowly falls asleep. It may be seven at night but Jack was tired. Even if he arrived at Vermillion, they aren’t open this late for applications. So he goes to bit. A little bit after he falls asleep, Hoothoot begin their incisive hooting.

Upon waking up, just after dawn, Jack’s eyes look around the area where he had slept for the night. All his Pokemon were lying around him. They had each come out of their Pokeballs and slept through the night to protect their trainer. Except Magikarp for obvious reasons. As Jack got up, each one of his Pokemon woke up. Vulpix, then Kakuna, Farfetch’d, Spinarak and lastly Grimer. Grimer!?!! What is Grimer doing outside of her Pokeball? Does Grimer already trust Jack as a Trainer?

Breakfast was made quickly. Jack eats an energy bar as he serves each Pokemon some Pokefood with some unique flavoring to each one. But what would he give to Grimer?

Jack puts out a medium sized plate like the others and puts one of each type of Pokemon food he has. He signals to Grimer that this is her plate. Grimer slimes over, sniffs the food on the plate and begins to eat them, one by one. Grimer seems to like them all. After the food feasting frenzy, Jack packs everything up and returns all Pokemon. His leg healed up during the night, so he was good to go.

Vermillion City hadn’t change in the day that he wasn’t there. It was relatively the same but less cars and less people walking around; probably due to it being a work day. He walks over to the sign up area for the Tournament, just where the flyer said it would be.

The lady at the counter inside the small building smiles. “Hi! How may I help you?”

Jack rests his arms on the counter. “I would like to sign up for the tournament please.”

“I’m sorry, the Tournament positions have been filled already. Maybe next time.”

The Trainer nods silently and leaves the small building. He jaywalks across the street into an ice cream parlor. Bubble Gum ice cream on a sugar cone, yum-yum! Looking across the street, a limo pulls up next to the registration building. And wouldn’t ya know, that rich kid Marty came out when Jensen opened the door for him.

Marty walks up to the counter. “My name is Marty Inckleberry the second. Sign me up for the tournament.”

The lady at the desk could tell he was rich. “I’m sorry. You’re too late to sign up. You’ll have to try again next time.”

Marty snaps his fingers and Jensen fishes in his pocket and throws a wad of cash on the counter. $2000 bribe.

The lady looks at the money, glances back at the butler, then back at the money. “I’m sorry, my... my statement stands. Money won’t help you here.”

Marty stammers out of the building, not too happy. Jack smiles as he watches Jensen grabs the money wad. “Aw, too bad for you.” He sticks his tongue out.

Later on, Jack spends some time in the Pokecenter, surfing the Internet and learning more about Pokemon while he waited for his Pokemon to heal. After that, Jack left Vermillion City. There was no reason to be here anymore. It was time to go to Saffron City.

The scenery was the same on the route to Saffron; trees, grass, plants, rocks, some clouds in the sky. But there were more open grassy fields than the previous route.

Not that long after leaving Vermillion, Jack heard a scream. He ignored it but then there was another scream. From what he could tell, it was a kid screaming. Being the curious person he is, Jack follows his ears to find out what’s going on.

He could see a black log. No, it was a black limo. That could me only one thing. Marty. Closer, he could now see the whole picture. Marty was on the ground, back against the limo door, trying to get away from a Pokemon.... a Magnemite.

“Mag ne mite,” it says electronically.

Marty screams out, “Oh, please kind stranger, help me.” Marty then gets a good look at the stranger. “Oh. It’s you from the river.”

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Default 09- Untitled Capture Attempt

This was a nice dilemma for Jack: does he help the kid that tried to steal his Grimer? “I may as well help, there may be a reward.” He grabs a Pokeball from his pocket and out comes Grimer. “Grimer, Disable that Magnemite.” Grimer puts her grimy hands in a fist, closing her eyes, trying to Disable Magnemite. But it fails. Magnemite could feel the power coming from Grimer and carefully floats towards her. “Grimer, it’s not working. Quick, Minimize!” Magnemite dives by Grimer but misses as Grimer flattens to the ground. “Wow, now that would win a Limbo Contest.” Magnemite makes another dive attempt but misses once again at the Minimized Grimer. “Ok, Sludge attack.” Grimer jumps up into the air and lands on the floating Pokemon, trying to infect it with poison. With the weight of Grimer, Magnemite lowers to the ground. Jack snaps his fingers. “Wait, that won’t work. Magnemite is part steel type.”

The air around Magnemite brightens and a burst of energy is shot out in a spherical motion. Grimer is shot back and lands on the ground. Five seconds later, a loud sound, like a sonic boom, graces the air.

Grimer gets back up. Jack holds out her Pokeball. “This is a mismatch. Grimer, return.” Grimer goes back to the comfy Pokeball. Out comes another. It’s Spinarak’s turn.

Meanwhile, Marty scrambles to his feet and manages to run around the car to the driver’s side door where he opens it up. He jumps in and sits down, still scared from the Magnemite, and not moving.

“Spinarak, String Shot.” Spinarak fires out a line of web but Magnemite are fast and it easily avoids the many strings being thrust forward. Magnemite’s magnets on each side spark bolts as a wave of electricity is let loose upon Spinarak. Spinarak stands strong from the attack. On the other hand, Jack falls to the ground, getting blasted by the Thundershock also.

He hits the grass with his hands to push himself up from the ground. “That jolt really charged me up. Phew!”

Spinarak changes it’s back face to a mad face while changing his real face to look very mean (Mean Look). Magnemite floats forward and zaps Spinarak again. This time Jack wasn’t hit. Mean Look didn’t scare Magnemite at all.

Jack gasps. “Ah... Spinarak, you ok?” Spinarak jumps back up, a little beat up, ready to keep fighting. “That’s the way! Try your Agility out.”

Spinarak dashes back and forth, fading in and out of view quickly. Those eight legs can really move fast. Magnemite spins around, trying to follow Spinarak, unsuccessfully though. Magnemite stops and loads up a targeting system. Spinarak is being locked-on. *ZAP**ZAP**ZAP* Magnemite fires thrice(3 times) and each Thundershock attack hits successfully. Spinarak is weakened considerable and close to paralysis. His legs wobble as he stands up. His eyes glow purplish as Magnemite is surrounded by that same shade of purple and Magnemite is turned gray blue. Spinarak held the Psychic attack for a while but Spinarak was too weak from the previous attacks to keep it going long enough. The colors fade as Spinarak collapses on the grass.

Jack was proud. Spinarak really fought well for his sake. “Great job Spinarak. Come for a long rest.” Vulpix comes out of her Pokeball. “I told ya’ you would get some action.” She replies peacefully. “Vulpix, use Quick Attack.”

Vulpix blasts off from her spot and nails Magnemite head on. Magnemite quickly fights back with Thundershock but misses Vulpix who runs behind a tree.

“Way to use the surroundings to your advantage. Now, climb up the......”

*ZAAAAPP!!!!* Magnemite jolts out electricity on Jack and paralyzes him. Jack falls to the ground.

“Mag!” it says, successfully taking out the brains of the battle.

Vulpix leaps up into the tree she was behind. She is outraged to see her Trainer hit by that cheap attack. Hidden by the leaves and branches, Vulpix eyes the Magnemite that inches closer to the limo.

“eeeee....” A Caterpie wiggles its way in front of Vulpix. Shocked, she takes a few steps back on the branch she was on. Caterpie was blocking her view of Magnemite. She coughs out some fire to try to threaten it. Caterpie shoots out some string back at Vulpix, but purposely misses; it then yawns lazily. Vulpix grew mad that it wouldn’t get out of the way and Flamethrower’s point blank at Caterpie only a foot away. Fried, Caterpie loses its grip of the branch and falls down below, into a bush.

Marty unfreezes as Magnemite appears in front of the windshield. Marty screams and hits the horn on the limo, twice. He puts down the black window that separates the front seats from the back seats and climbs through the opening. He then closes the black window and panics.

After the Caterpie affair, Vulpix jumps down from the tree, stops and stares at Magnemite. Magnemite turns and looks at Vulpix. They glare at each other. Magnemite’s magnets spark again and.... and.... and.... and...... nothing happens, nothing at all. Magnemite used up all it’s electricity in the previous matches. Vulpix opens her mouth, seeing the advantage, and fires a blast of pure hot orange-red Flamethrower fire at Magnemite. Burn baby, burn!

Jensen rustles through some bushes, holding a fishing pole and tackle box. Apparently, he heard the horn from the limo being sounded. Before seeing Marty, Jensen saw a Trainer lying on the ground. Immediately he could tell he conscience, just paralyzed. Jensen was Trained to understand any abnormal status about Pokemon and about people. While walking over to Jack, Jensen unbuttons his expensive jacket and reaches into his inside pocket where he grabs two multi-colored pills.

“Young man, you are in need of assistance. Take these pills. They will rid your paralysis withing moments of swallowing them. They are the best money can buy. And I would know, I do the shopping.” Jensen puts the pills in Jack’s mouth and watches him carefully swallow them without water. And just like he said, moments later, Jack was un-paralyzed. He quickly opens his bag and chugs a full bottle of water.

Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Vulpix and Magnemite have been Tackling and Quick Attacking back and forth. Once in a while one of them would get hit by the others attack. At least they were away from the limo now, attacking each other some fifteen yards away.

Jack gets up and stretches his arms, legs and back. “Thanks, um, Jensen was it?” Jensen nodded but Jack didn’t see it because the battle distracted him “Wow Vulpix. Way to keep going.”

Magnemite tries a different’s called RUN AWAY!

Jack, still stretching his stiff muscles, calls to Vulpix. “Quick, confuse it.”

Vulpix’s eyes turn purple as the purplish ray fires out and covers all over Magnemite. It began spinning in the air in a horizontal-clockwise motion. Then, Magnemite stops and speeds off straight into a tree. *WAM* Magnemite floats backwards, leaving a magnet-shapped indent into the tree. Obviously Magnemite was quite shaken up a bit.

Jack shook his head as he felt sorry for the tree and Magnemite. “Quick, it still looks confused. Flamethrower.....ah, but don’t hit any trees.” Vulpix runs underneath Magnemite whom was still dazed from spinning around and hitting the tree. The fire escapes Vulpix’s mouth and goes up and up, straight up at Magnemite. The fire cools down and now Magnemite was fairly toasty and its metal looked scratched and burnt. But it still stays floating in the air, too high for Vulpix to hit. Instinctively, Vulpix runs to the Magnemite-indent tree and jumps at the trunk as high as she can. Vulpix then jumps off the tree and into the direction of Magnemite. Jack had taught this move to Vulpix before he began as a trainer. He calls it the Quick Attack Tree Jump.

And that was it, Magnemite was on the ground from the Quick Attack that Vulpix had used on it. Magnemite wasn’t moving so Vulpix didn’t need to attack it anymore.

Jack claps his hands. “That jump was perfect.” Vulpix trots over to Jack’s side but is blind-sided by a Metapod. Apparently, Caterpie wanting to get back at Vulpix for disturbing it’s rest, evolved.

“Where did that come from?” Jack questions. “If it wants a fight, alright. Vulpix, Quick Attack.”

Vulpix leaps forward and dives at Metapod. *SHING* Metapod glows as Harden takes affect and the Quick Attack does not do as much damage. Vulpix hears the next attack and prepares. FLAMETHROWER! A wave of fire hit Metapod hard on. Vulpix pants from using so much energy. Metapod sizzles and tips over.

Like an instinct, Jack had a Pokeball in hand. “Enough. It’s my turn now.” The Pokeball was send out and sucked in the Metapod...

Marty was out of the limo, on the other side of it, watching the battle. “Get... get... get rid of that Magnemite. Throw it back in the forest. Please!!!” He said this almost like he was crying.

What? Oh, yes, the Magnemite. But why was Marty acting afraid of Magnemite? That was something Jack would have to ask.

“What, you want me to take it out into the forest, put it there all weak and such and out of electricity and have it get attacked by another Pokemon?”

The rich kid nodded furiously. “Yes, anything, just get that thing out of my sight!”

Jack shook his head. “That would be the most irresponsible thing a Trainer could do.” He fishes around for another Pokeball from his pack. Magnemite hadn’t moved, making this easier. Once Jack finds a Pokeball, he side-arm throws it out and watches as Magnemite is also sucked in upon contact. Jack, Jensen and Marty watch patiently as the Pokeball still contains that red light, waiting for it to disappear to signify the capture...

Original Post: January 2002 @ Ultimate Club
(-o-) Magnemite Caught!
(-o-) Metapod Caught!


Marty is a snobbing, immature, little rich kid that gets anything he wants, and does anything to get it. As we will learn later, he is not a traditional Trainer that goes and catches his own Pokemon. I really wanted to make him a character that you will despise. But I also wanted to make him terribly weak and fragile, as we see with his attitude being attacked by Magnemite. And I have him attacked by a Pokemon as punishment for what he did to Jack earlier. Now, I came up with the name 'Jensen' because I wanted a butler name similar to Jeeves, and also starting with a J... but I wanted it to be unique.

We also see the rare side of Jack: his greed. Only helping because their might be a reward... so selfish. I like the moment at night when all his Pokemon come out to protect him. In these early stories, I try to keep a sense of family and friendship with his Pokemon. Most stories were about finding Pokemon and fighting hard, but I wanted to show companionship at the same time. To me, it was never about catching Pokemon to use in the URPG, but creating a journey for my character.

Part way through this battle, I realized Magnemite became part Steel type when G/S was released, so I had to change some parts around. Grimer, Magikarp, Farfetch'd, and Kakuna weren't going to be strong in battle, so I had to use Spinirak and Vulpix. To make it fair, I limited Vulpix's fire usage again because of the forest, and had Magnemite run out of juice. This made it more of a physical battle, and gave me some good ideas for cool moves to display.

Bubble Gum Ice Cream with a sugar cone! As a kid, there was this ice cream shoppe we use to go to all the time, and I would always order that. It was the only time my parents would allow me to have gum. It was pretty tasty too.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default 10- The Moving Tree

The cool air sweeps through the trees, blowing off brown and tan leaves from them. The sun hides behind the clouds, making the area a little bit darker than it was a little bit ago. And in a grassy meadow, ahead on the route, a Stantler chews on some grass to fulfill his hunger.

The black limo slowly starts out of the grass from where it was parked and rolls onto the pavement a short distance away, leaving small tire tracks behind in the dirt. Jensen, the driver, takes orders from Marty to take the long way to Saffron City. Jensen replies with a nod. And wouldn’t ya know, Jack is along for the ride. His Pokeballs are placed in a Mini-Healer machine which was designed to heal any Pokemon. It was just like the ones at the Pokecenters except it was smaller and usually took twice as fast to heal the Pokemon. Marty told Jack that it was very expensive to purchase but it has been worth every penny.

Wait a minute. Why is Jack getting a ride with them? Oh right, for saving Marty from that Magnemite, of course. Marty is a very close relative of the owner of Silph Co., hence, why he is rich, or rather why his parents are rich. Marty is only ten years old. Their high pricey mansion is in Saffron City. Marty told him that he loves to enter contests and competitions that deal with Pokemon battling. That is the reason they were in Vermillion in the first place. Oh, and about the Grimer catching contest by Big Bob, Marty was upset. When Jack’s Spinarak webbed Marty and Jensen up, a Grimer took all the Pokeballs Marty had and released all the captured Grimer. It turns out that Marty never caught a single one of them, he stole them from other hard working trainers. Marty apologized to Jack for trying to steal his Grimer that he caught and Jack accepted. Anyway, Marty was kicked out by Big Bob. He walked away empty handed with no Grimer in his possession. So, Marty makes it up by giving Jack a ride.

The normal way to Saffron would take one hour, the long way about two hours. But the trip wasn’t going to be that fast either. About twenty minutes pass by while driving, Marty asks Jensen to pull the limo over. Marty takes his only Pokemon, Wartortle, and challenges one of the three Trainers that happen to be walking on the side of the road. Each Trainer gladly accepts and quickly beat his Pokemon each time. After each battle, they used the Mini-Healer for a quick heal. Now Jack steps up to challenge the three Trainers.

(Cue 3v3 battle with princeash58)
(Cue 3v3 battle with the_slayed_dragon)
(Cue 3v3 battle with the_slayed_dragon)

The three battles Jack had, he lost but his Pokemon are becoming stronger, he can feel it. For one thing, Kakuna evolved into Beadrill. His hard work pays off. And Jack is becoming stronger as a Trainer also. While continuing down the road, the Pokeballs from Jack and Marty are placed in the Mini-Healer for treatment.

A good twenty-five minutes go by and the limo stops again and another battle begins.

(Cue 1v1 battle with flareon008)

He won this battle. His first win! Jack is so proud that he is improving Training his Pokemon. Ten minutes later, another battle happens.

(Cue 2v2 battle with triforcemaster)

Another win- Jack couldn’t believe his luck. Plus, Magikarp, his little fishy, grows really big and evolves into Gyarados. “Awesome!” is all Jack can say.

This sure is Jack’s day. He caught Magnemite and Metapod. Evolutions to Beadrill and Gyarados. Not to mention, two wins in a row. Could his day be any better? Probably.

Lunch passes by, so Jensen decides to pull over and serve some food. Lucky as they are, a picnic table happens to be twenty feet away, with benches and all. Jack and Marty stand by and watch as Jensen puts a table cloth on the table and sets up some fancy silverware and plates. Jensen begins to chop away on the table- what is he making? Ah, it is clear now. Sandwiches with all the works. One with rye bread, ham, lettuce and Grey Poupon; this one is for Marty. Jensen asks what Jack wants. He makes an odd request: white bread with tuna and cinnamon sprinkled on. (Yes, it does taste good!) Jensen then makes a double decker sandwich for himself. The three eat in peace and quiet, only the wind and their chewing be heard.

After Jack finishes his sandwich, he lets out all of his Pokemon. Because he had over six now, Jack had six on his belt and the rest go in his bag. Each Pokemon of his received a bowl with food in it; his own food, not the rich food. Vulpix, Spinarak, Beedrill, Gyarados, Metapod, Grimer and Farfetch’d all ate their designated food. Though, Gyarados needs a lot more food but unfortunately, Jack can’t bring so much with him. Magnemite, however, was not the type of Pokemon to eat, so it sneaks into the limo and sucks some electrical power from the Mini-Healer. Marty keeps an eye on that Magnemite, hoping it doesn’t come near him.

Now everyone had eaten something, except for Marty’s Wartortle. While with Marty only for a short time, Jack realizes that Marty doesn’t take good care for his Pokemon and does not train him well. Marty did lose all those battles against the Trainers on the road. Maybe Marty knows he isn’t strong and that is why he steals Pokemon from other Trainers because Wartortle isn’t trained well enough. Then again, he is only ten years old.

While Jensen packs up the picnic, Marty walks around. The area was rather flat, and barren, only trees and bushes further away from the street. They were in a clearing of grass and weeds. *RUSTLE* Marty tilts his head in the direction of the noise. Leaping out of the bush, a Stantler approaches the strange people.

“Pokemon on the field,” Marty calls out.

Stantler nears the picnic table, smelling everything along the way.

Jensen, is near the limo, Jack is five feet from the table, and Marty, is in the clearing. Everyone freezes. “Don’t move!” Jack suggests. “Any sudden movements might scare it away. And don’t worry about being attacked, Stantler are very calm Pokemon and rarely attack people. Show it we’re nice people and nothing will go wrong.”

Stantler moves around the table , walking farther from Jack. It sniffs the loaf of rye bread that wasn’t packed yet. *GRAB* Stantler snaps at the loaf with its mouth, leaps over the table and runs to the forested area. Stantler has stolen their loaf of rye bread.

Jack unfreezes. “I’d chase after it but I don’t like rye.” Instead, Marty sprints from his spot and dashes, like a cheetah, into the forested area. “Wow, he must really like rye bread.” He grabs the last of the things on the table and brings them to the limo.

Jensen meets him halfway, “Please get that rye bread back. It cost us lots of money and I’d get in a huge amount of trouble if Madam ever found out it was stolen by a Pokemon. Marty can’t do it alone, he is not strong enough to be a trainer. But you are. So please, get it back.”

o O (Should I do it? His Wartortle is not trained well enough.) O o “Ok, I’ll go.” o O (And maybe I can catch it.) O o

So, Jack goes out into the forested area. The forest is peaceful, much like every forest with trees, bushes, rocks and the rest of the forest things (I don’t want to describe it, you all know what a normal forest looks like, I hope). The wind is still in the air, making it slightly windy out, about 15mph, the same as a bicyclist going by.

Jack presses up against a ‘tree’ and looks around it. Nothing. Marty could not be seen. He could call out his name, but Jack didn’t want to. If he didn’t find him after ten minutes, then he will scream names.


o O (What was that?) O o Jack looks around the area, only seeing trees, trees and more trees. Still leaning up against the ‘tree’, he scratches his head. “What an odd shaped tree this is, and an odd brown color too.”
o O (Again with that noise. Where did it...) O o Jack glances up at the tree he was leaning against. Behind some tree branches, a smile from a Sudowoodo can be seen. Jack takes one second to react. He jumps backwards about 5 feet and stares at the Sudowoodo.

“Yuk, I caressed a Sudowoodo.” It drops its tree branches to reveal itself. It charges at Jack, arms(or are they branches?) forward. Sudowoodo wraps its arms around the human, hugging him. “You know what, thanks for the hug but,” he tickles Sudowoodo and it lets go of him, “I have to get going to find a Stantler with some rye bread.” He backs away.

“Sudowoodo!!” it says cheerfully, rushing towards him again.

With a quick decision, he runs for it. “Phew!” Jack had made it away from Sudowoodo, or so he thought.

“Woodo sudowoo...”

*SIGH* He was not able to get away from it. o O (Sudowoodo are said to be rare in the wild like this. Hmmm....) O o “If you don’t quit following me, I’m gonna have to catch you so I can get back to what I was doing.” Sudowoodo simply stares at Jack, then charges again for another hug. Quickly, He grabs a Pokeball and sends it out. “Go Gyarados!” The massive Pokemon comes out and Sudowoodo runs into it. Gyarados screams loud enough for people to hear for miles and miles. Sudowoodo looks up and slowly backs away.

“Sudo woodo woodo woodo sudo!”

Jack commands an attack. “Use Water Gun to scare it away.” Gyarados sprays out a stream of water which Sudowoodo dodges by running quickly away from sight. “Gone. Now I can go back to finding Marty. Great job Gyarados.” Gyarados screams again as he is returned to his Pokeball.

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Default 10- The Moving Tree

One minute later.


Now it was annoying. “You have to be kidding.” This is the straw that broke the camels’ back. o O (If I try any water attacks, it will just run away and eventually come back.) O o “Come on out Vulpix.” Vulpix pops out, in a playful mood. “Ready to play, huh? Go after that Sudowoodo with Flamethrower.”

Sudowoodo is blasted by the onslaught of fiery heat of Flamethrower. But it still stands, still trying to give Jack a hug. Sudowoodo charges at Vulpix with a Slam attack, crushing Vulpix with its larger body.

Jack gasps at its strength. “It’s strong, so use Confuse Ray.”

Vulpix’s eyes turn purple as the purple-ish ray soars over and covers Sudowoodo. Nonetheless, Sudowoodo’s eyes also turn purple and a purple-ish ray comes from it and hits Vulpix. “Aw man, I forgot about its Mimic attack. Snap out of it.” Vulpix shakes her head around, trying to shake away the confusion. Sudowoodo charges again, this time at Vulpix. It slides on the ground and runs into Vulpix hard (Rock Slide pun). Vulpix yelps as her confusion is knocked away. But why hasn’t Sudo been effected by Vulpix’s Confuse Ray? Vulpix runs around Sudowoodo trying to find a weak point. Sudowoodo begins to dance.

“Sudo.........woodo....sudo.........woodo.... ”

“I need to use a water attack but it will run away the second Gyarados comes out. Hmmm........” Jack thinks and thinks and thinks and finally snaps his fingers. “But if I prevent Sudowoodo from leaving....” Jack pulls out Vulpix’s Pokeball. “That’s enough Vulpix, you did great. Come rest.” Vulpix is recalled into her ball. Jack quickly selects another Pokeball and throws it out. Spinarak pops onto the ground.

But Sudowoodo surprises Jack. It is hugging him. “Arg... Spinarak, a little help here.”

Spinarak wiggles towards the tree Pokemon and jumps on it, wrapping his legs around its bark waist. Spinarak begins Leech Life. Sudowoodo shouts out and lets go of the Trainer. It runs around trying to remove Spinarak from its back, but with no luck. Sudowoodo then runs backwards toward a tree.

“Spinarak, jump off now.” The spider lets go just as Sudowoodo hits the tree. Spinarak looks at Sudowoodo and sends out a purple ray from its eyes called Night Shade. Sudowoodo tries to block it with its arms but it still hits. “Now you need to use Spider Web to trap it.” Spinarak stops Night Shade and prepares the web in his mouth. Sudowoodo’s legs shake rapidly. Spinarak lets the Spider Web out and watches the perfect web cover over Sudowoodo and keep it there.

“Great. Just what I want.” Jack pulls out Gyarados’s Pokeball. “Spinarak, come over here. And come on out Gyarados.” Spinarak joins Jack’s side as the massive Gyarados comes out once more.

Gyarados looks around from his new height and spies Jack with a determined look. “I hope it remembers me!” Gyarados shouts out in the happiest way a Gyarados can. Gyarados loved the attention it got as a Magikarp. Most people think of Magikarps as weak but not Jack. If you work with a Pokemon long enough, it will become stronger.

He smiles, “Ok Gyarados, that Sudowoodo is back. Hit it with Water Gun.” Gyarados sprays out a steam of water that covers all over Sudowoodo and weakens it by a lot. Sudowoodo panics wildly. So wild that it beaks the Spider Web it was entrapped in.

“Ah! Cancel the Water Gun, Spinarak, web its feet together.” Spinarak rushes from Jack’s side closer to Sudowoodo who is running around in circles, panicking insanely. Spinarak shoots out threads of String Shot, occasionally hitting it. In time, Sudowoodo slows down remarkably with many sticky treads on it. It stops and points its right arm at Spinarak and shoots out its own String Shot. Spinarak is surprised by the attack and is covered quickly.

Jack pulls out Spinarak’s Pokeball. “Spinarak, return.” The spider goes back.

Sudowoodo calms down and slowly moves at Gyarados. It then Low Kicks the big fish. Gyarados screams out and about to use Water Gun...

“No Gyarados, water will make it panic or run away.” Gyarados stops to see that Sudowoodo had already started to slowly run away. It couldn’t run too fast because of String Shot still covering part of it. “I know, how about Hyper Beam.”

Gyarados opens its mouth a little wider and a ball of energy forms in the opening. Sudowoodo slowly turns around and sees the oncoming attack and widens its eyes. Gyarados fires the beam of pure energy and hits the stalled Sudowoodo directly. The blasting explosion of the ground around it causes dirt to fly everywhere. Jack covers his face so no dirt gets in his eyes. The dust clears and Sudowoodo is lying on the ground, still covered in String Shot. Gyarados could be seen breathing heavily, recharging from that Hyper Beam. Now that attack can really take a lot out of a Pokemon.

Jack looks back up and notices Sudowoodo isn’t moving. Maybe he had weakened it too much. Is it even alive?


Yep, it’s alive. Jack sighs in relief and takes out an empty Pokeball from his pocket. “I could leave you here but you might follow me some time in the future. So the only thing to do is to catch you.” Jack throws the Pokeball at the lying down Sudowoodo and watches it become sucked into the Pokeball. Jack impatiently waits for it to either catch it or fail. He needed to hurry and find Marty and Stantler to save the worthless piece of rye bread. Gyarados lies down on the ground also waiting. The Pokeball, with Sudowoodo in it, wiggles and wiggles and ...

Original Post: January 2002 @ Ultimate Club
(-o-) Sudowoodo Caught!


Looking back, I think Jack became friends with Marty too quickly and for not a great reason. Oh well. Just one of those plot-holes I don't bother explaining! So, now we learn a bit more about who Marty is and create an excuse to evolve some of his Pokemon. I stole the Mini-healer machine from the Pokemon Center in the games, where it heals your Pokemon in 10 seconds. We don't learn anything about Jensen 'cause butlers are cool when mysterious.

Tuna fish sandwhich + cinnamon is tasty. Now, Sudowoodo was initially a comedy side quest, but became too annoying that the only way I could be rid of it would be to catch it (either before or after Stantler). Don't ask why it liked given hugs, I don't know- I just thought it was a funny concept.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default 11- Doe, a Deer, a Female Deer

The wind picks up a little bit more, slightly breezier and colder than before. Jack felt a chill through his body as he continues his search for Marty and the Stantler that stole the expensive rye bread.

“At least I won’t have any more wild tree Pokemon following me around.” He is referring to the Sudowoodo that was being as annoying as a sly car salesman. In an unexpected way, he caught that Sudowoodo. Jack never thought he would catch something as rare as Sudowoodo this early in his journey. But things are always unpredictable when any Trainer goes on a Pokemon journey.

A couple minutes later, Jack starts calling out Marty’s name. But no one answers. Marty didn’t go deeper into the forest, did he? What if he ends up lost and falls down a well. Nah, that can’t happen. Why would there be a well in a dense forest like this one?

A couple more long minutes later, Jack sees an opening and there is Marty, sitting on the ground, looking frustrated. His Wartortle was out fighting the Stantler. Marty had found Stantler! Stantler leans down and bucks forward, sending Wartortle flying away. He was down, so Marty recalls him. Jack walks over... the Stantler sees him. The rye bread is on the ground to the side of Stantler. It eyes Jack carefully, not sure what is going on. Jack stands next to Marty, his right arm behind his back, holding a Pokeball containing one of his Pokemon. With his left hand, he uses it to block his voice from going to Stantler and whispers to Marty.

“I’ll distract the Stantler while you go around and grab the rye bread. Then we run for it.” That’s the plan. It’s classic so it must be good. :D

Jack removes his left hand and swings his right one forward, releasing his Pokemon..... Beedrill. Beedrill buzzes out from his Pokeball and hovers in front of Jack. “Ok Beedrill, let’s get that rye bread back. Pin Missile attack!”

Beedrill clasps its needles together and they glow light green. Large green triangle missiles fire out and hit Stantler right on target. Stantler screams and charges at Beedrill extra fast, probably Take Down. Beedrill zips up into the air and watches it miss. Beedrill’s eyes glow, his needles still close together, and fires a Pin Missile again, still hitting Stantler dead on. Stantler, having the offensive disadvantage against a flying Pokemon, releases a pink smell into the air which surrounds Beedrill. Beedrill begins to see numerous amounts of Moltres in the air.

“Oh no, that must be Stantler’s Hypnosis attack. Beedrill, snap out of it.”

Beedrill shrieks and zips out of sight, to get away from all the fiery Moltres. Jack hopes he didn’t go to far. He turns around, looking through the trees then turns back to Stantler and nearly leaps out of his shoes. Stantler had started charging at him. With no time to react, Jack freezes in his spot.

Marty points behind Jack and shouts out a cliche. “It’s a Pidgey, no it’s a Fearow, no, it’s super Beedrill!”

Yep, Beedrill races through the trees, passes Jack and collides with Stantler, Tackle vs Take Down. Beedrill shakes around, having been badly poked by one of its horns. Stantler, still standing, moves its back leg through the dirt, signifying another charge. Stantler digs in the dirt and gets a good leap in the air and greatly hits Beedrill on his two wings. Beedrill comes crashing to the ground and Stantler lands gracefully.

Jack gasps, “Beedrill’s wings look shot. That’s bad. Beedrill, you need rest.” Beedrill is sucked back into his Pokeball. Jack looks at Stantler, then at Marty, then back at Stantler, then quickly back at Marty, then at the rye bread. Marty is holding the rye bread. Everyone stays still, motionless, like statues. Jack smiles, points with his hand to go left. Marty nods. “RUN!!!” Jack lags behind Marty who had a good running jump. Jack is being closely followed by Stantler, who seems very mad at them for taking the food that it rightfully stole from them.

“Ahhhhhh!!!” The screams could be heard in front of Jack, it was Marty. Jack jumps through some high bushes, still running but suddenly, he skids to a stop. Before him, is a large quadratic hole, about ten feet deep with sides of probably twenty-five and twenty feet. It looks like the base for a house to be built. Jack barely stops before falling into the hole. There, below him, by his shoes, the rye bread lies. And Marty was in the hole, barely hanging on the side.

Stantler charges at him through the high bush. It jumps but as he bends down to pick up the rye bread, Stantler flies over him, straight into the hole. It crashes down on the dirt floor, dirt flying everywhere. Jack stands up and sighs loudly.

“Hey Jack, get me out of here!” Marty is holding on to the side of the hole, hanging on so he doesn’t fall down into it. Jack kneels down and lifts him up and out of the hole. His nice clothes were now all dirty. “Thanks. I appreciate it. Let’s get out of here before Stantler finds a way out of the hole.” Marty begins to run in the direction of the limo then stops as Jack stays there, staring at Stantler. “Come on now.”

Jack watches as Stantler tries to jump out of the hole, failing. And failing once more. “I can’t leave it there. What if it never gets out?” He sits down, crossing his legs.

“Hey, you kids, get ‘way from my dirt hole.” An old man, very old man, in overalls, and wearing a farmer’s straw hat, slowly walks over to the youngsters. “I said git from my area.”

Maybe this old man has some answers. Jack turns around, still sitting. “But there’s a Stantler in the hole. I don’t think it will be able to get out.”

The old, very old man looks into the hole. “My, my. Where’s that granddaughter of mine? I told her five minutes ago to put a fence ‘round this hole. She’s gonna git such a wooping...” He takes out an old, ancient looking pocket watch, looks at it, then puts it back. “And don’t you worry youngsters, that Stantler is always falling in that hole. It always is able to git out. You best be heading out of here.”

Stantler tries jumping out of the hole, failing again.

Jack stands up and addresses the old, very old man. “But I weakened it a bit by battling. What if it doesn’t have enough strength to jump out?” He sees Marty open his mouth. “And no, I won’t leave it stuck down there.”

Someone comes rustling through the tall bushes that Jack ran through. She was about fifteen, red hair, wearing overalls with regular clothes under it. She is holding a long board over her head, maybe 15 feet long. Good balance. She places the board skinny side down to rest.

The very old man walks up to her and grabs her arm. “There ya’ are. Where’s the fence building materials?”

She cringes from her arm being grabbed. “Don’t yell at me, there are no materials in the truck to build a fence except for this board which we use to get in and out of the hole. You musta forgot to put them into the truck again. So nyuh!!” She stuck her tongue out at her grandfather, while he turned back around, letting go of her arm.

“Ok then, ya git over there and git that Stantler out of our hole. This other youngster is right, it won’t be able to jump out in its weakened condition.”

Marty runs over to the granddaughter. “I’ll help.” He smiles happily and she accepts.

Jack watches as the board is lowered into the hole, it fits. There were little grooves in the board, like steps, so it would be easier to get in and out of the hole. Stantler moves toward the board, then charges, antlers first. The strong antlers hit the weakened bend in the center, snapping the board in half. The board falls down, into the hole and lies still. Stantler tries to jump again, failing once more.

The old, very old man takes out a handkerchief, wipes his head, then puts it back in his overall pocket. “Gall darn it all. Look what ya’ done, Angelina. Ya’ know how long it took me ta get that piece of wood and make those notches in them?” He inches closer to her, she backs away into a tree- no where to run. “It cost me money, something we don’t have much of.”

Marty jumps in front of the old, very old man. “I do believe it’s my fault, sir. Ya see, that Stantler wants this rye bread that I ha........”

“So, yer the cause of this, eh?” He strokes his old, wrinkly chin, thinking for a second. “Then ya’ owe me a new board..... or maybe a latter. Yeah, give me a latter.”

Marty nods his head kindly and shows the old man some money. “Fifty bucks. That’s enough for you to get a ladder plus something extra for the trouble we have caused.”

The very old mans eyes lit up quickly, he snatches the money and pockets it fast. “Wise beyond your youth, youngster.” He leaves and heads in the direction of Jack. “Git that thing out of my hole. I’ll give ya’ something if ya’ can do it in ten minutes.”

Jack looks over at Stantler. It looks at Jack with a sympathetic look in its eyes. Then its eyes change and it rams into the side dirt wall, knocking some dirt out and making a hole.
“Well..... I do want to get to the Johto League and start getting badges as soon as possible. But as long as I’m here, I’ll do it.” The question was how to get Stantler out. He had to think fast, cause the ten minutes has already started. The very old man had his ancient pocket watch out, the clock started.

One minute passes. Marty, Angelina and the very old man await Jack’s decision.

“Ok, I’m going to catch it. It’s probably weak enough now...” He takes out a Pokeball and throws it at Stantler. Stantler moves its feet and kicks back the Pokeball. “Nope. Going to have to do this the hard way I guess.” Jack moves through his pack and finds the appropriate Pokemon for the job. “Alright, Go Spinarak!”

Spinarak lands on the ground down in the hole. Stantler, on the opposite side of the hole, eyes Spinarak with an evil stare. “Use Agility, then use Fury Swipes.” Spinarak rushes at Stantler, dashes to the side, back and forth, forth and back. Stantler kicks up some sand to try to blind Spinarak but it misses due to his super Agility speed. *SMACK**SLASH**BLAMO**CLANK* Stantler is wacked furiously by Fury Swipes, Spinarak moves all over its body, swiping anywhere. Spinarak moves toward the back of Stantler, near its back feet.

“No Spinarak, away from its hind legs.”

Too late. Spinarak falls victim to a buck kick and lands into the shorter length dirt wall. Spinarak regains balance just as he is hit by a charging Stantler with Tackle. Stantler charges backwards and rushes forward again. Spinarak uses Agility and dodges to the side extremely quick like, ending up behind it after it hits the wall. Stantler looks around, spies Spinarak, and angers even more. It quickly rushes Spinarak and he goes flying out of the hole.

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Default 11- Doe, a Deer, a Female Deer

“Ahh, you alright Spinarak?” Spinarak answers weakly. “Guess not. Rest now.” The spider is called back to his Pokeball. “Alright, go Farfetch’d.” Farfetch’d flies out of the Pokeball, hovering in the air, holding his leek with his beak.

Stantler looks up, out of the hole. Just like with Beedrill, an attacking disadvantage to a flying type. Tackles and Stomps would be hard to do.

“Farfetch’d, go forth with Steel Wing.”

Farfetch’d moves out of hover mode and flies down to Stantler. His wings begin to glow and become hard, kinda like steel but not exactly like it. His fast flying action causes Stantler to stare and take the hit directly across its head. Stantler runs to the opposite side of the hole, trying to have a long, running jump out. Stantler fails again, this time not even jumping halfway up. It is becoming weaker. Jack can guess that it was trying to get out to make a run for it. But there is something more to this Stantler that Jack doesn’t know yet.

Jack smiles, “Again Farfetch’d!”

Farfetch’d’s wings glow and become steel-like as he soars at Stantler again. A cry of pain shoots out of Stantler’s mouth as it is stuck on the back this time. Jack calls for the same attack since it seems to be working. Farfetch’d moves down again, ready to strike. Stantler, turns around with as much of its strength, twists backward, and buck kicks Farfetch’d as he approaches. *CRUNCH* That has to hurt. Farfetch’d falls down, into the hole; its left wing curled in as a sign of extreme pain.

“Dang it man. The wing must be to hurt. He can’t fly...” True, flying won’t help Farfetch’d any longer. He grips the leek in his right wing, ready to strike with an attack. “No, I must return him now. Farfetch’d, return....” The red beam goes out, but Stantler blocks it from reaching his Pokemon. Jack growls.

Stantler looks at Farfetch’d after turning away from looking at the trainer trying to catch it. Its eyes go wide-eyed as Farfetch’d rushes it. Once, twice, three times a beating of Fury Attack. Farfetch’d normally uses his left wing, so his leek hits aren’t as strong as they can be. Stantler’s back legs collapse in, causing it to sit down, sort of.

Jack has moved to a different area around the hole and easily recalls Farfetch’d. With that done, he looks at Stantler. Maybe it is weak enough, he thought. With that in mind, Jack tosses down a Pokeball. It sucks in the sitting Stantler with ease. One wiggle, two wiggle, three wiggle, four..... The Pokeball fires back at Jack, Stantler escapes it and appeares back in the hole again. Frustrated, he goes through his list of Pokemon, thinking about who to use next.

“RRRRRRrrrrrrrroooooooaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!” Gyarados comes out of his Pokeball and lands on the ground with a light ‘thud’.

“See that Stantler down there?” Gyarados nods. “That’s our objective.”

Of course Gyarados understands, of course. Why wouldn’t he listen to his wise Trainer that cared for him as a little Magikarp. Gyarados, outside of the hole, looks down from his elevated perspective. Stantler simply stands there, looking weak, tired, wanting to get out of it. Gyarados moves over to the short length side of the hole, Stantler watches him closely.

Jack shouts out to his enormous Gyarados. “I’m tired of playing around now. Let’s end this in one shot.”

Stantler, the old, very old man, Marty, and Angelina all gasp. They knew what it was Jack was calling for. Stantler runs to the opposite side of the hole, the furthest from Gyarados. Pink waves begin to fill the air. It was obvious that Stantler was trying Hypnosis. But it won’t work fast enough; Gyarados is too tall and Stantler is too far away. Everyone watches and backs away a little. An energy ball forms in his mouth. It becomes bigger and bigger and bigger, then, when it’s at its largest energy ball, the beam of white blasting energy is fired. Stantler blinks, that’s all it can do. Imagine a huge dusty explosion. Dust and dirt and bits of grass fly everywhere.

Jack walks up to the hole. It is nearly destroyed. The short side, next to Jack and opposite Gyarados, has crumbled down and caves in. Stantler is there, covered in dirt, lying on its side. He can tell it is still ok because one of its ears kept moving slightly.

“That’s it,” Jack exclaims. He takes an empty Pokeball from his pocket of infinite Pokeballs. “This one is for you. One present, coming your way.” The second Pokeball goes flying down and sucks up the dirt covered Stantler. It really gave up a good battle between Marty and Jack. Would it be enough to capture it?
The Pokeball rolls back and forth in the dirt, back and forth...

Original Post: March 2002 @ Ultimate Club
(-o-) Stantler Caught!


I like when Jack looks at everyone and finally decides to run, heh. Basically this is just an extension and mostly a long battle. We meet the very old man and Angelina, whom were going to be reaccuring characters. We will probably see them later, not sure when. And I don't know what they were doing digging a hole in the middle of the forest, maybe we find that out later. The battle was pretty unfair for Stantler, trapped like that and not being able to defend properly. History lesson: Hyper Beam was the most powerful attack (besides Double Edge) and if you were hit, you were basically dead/fainted. So while the battle wasn't too long, surviving a Hyper Beam was almost impossible in a story.

I chose Stantler because I wanted something with Hypnosis to put any Pokemon to sleep. Everyone had Gengar and I didn't want to follow the popular path. So now I had everything I wanted for battling in stories to catch Pokemon: flying type, false swipe, electric type for paralyzing, something to trap Pokemon from leaving (Spinarak), and hypnosis for sleeping. However, as my knowledge with URPG stories increased then, I didn't end up using these tactics much.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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