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Old 12-01-2012, 10:57 PM
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Default Gotham: The Forgotten City

When a city, like a Gotham city, is in such a delicate balance of good and evil, one little mistake, one little blunder can cause this balance to favour one side. For years, Batman protected this corrupt and violent city from dangerous gangs and most importantly, from psychotic villains. With help from other masked avengers, he was able to keep the citizens of Gotham safe. But what if Batman never existed? What if Bruce Wayne got shot with his parents during the mugging that changed his life? Well in this world, that is the exact case.

There is a rumoured city in the very centre of America that is barricaded off from the rest of the world. High concrete walls, boarded with armed guards enclose a city the size of New York. This city is known as Gotham city. For years, the problem of Gotham city was left alone until one day, the government had no other choice but to block it off from the rest of the world, regarding it as a “lost cause” and they wiped it from the map. It some people’s eyes, it would have been more humane to nuke the town, just to destroy everything inside the walls instead of locking up innocent people with these psychotic, super powered beings. But no, the government chose this route instead. Ever better, Gotham is surrounded by a large water mass, which makes escape near impossible. Armed guards are told to shoot anyone that attempts to escape, no questions asked.

For years, citizens of Gotham struggled to live inside these walls. Weekly food and supply drops from the government by helicopter turn into blood baths, where the strong get stronger and the weak get weaker. Close to the walls themselves is where you’ll find many of the citizens of Gotham, hoping that the walls will someday be opened, will someday be torn down so they can be free, but they know that is not the case. Instead, the live in fear, fear of their lives and fear for their children’s. However, armed guards on top of the wall make the citizens feel a bit safer and for some reason, very few crimes occur near them. However, the areas near the walls have become shanty towns. Little shacks built up on each other, very little work, loads of health problems and a very poor drainage system yet people would prefer to live in these horrible suburbs than to be living in the city itself.

Work is hard to come by in the suburbs of Gotham, legal work that is. Many people decide to leave the safe areas by the wall in search of work in the denser areas of Gotham where crime rates are at their highest. Many people enter the streets of Gotham, but few ever return. The city itself is occupied by various gangs, ran by gang leaders. Not much information is known about the gangs, but it is known that there are turf wars on a regular basis. As for the gang leaders, the only known leaders are Penguin and The Joker, although there is rumoured to be 6, or even more gang leaders operating in Gotham.
Supernatural abilities weren’t a common thing in the past but as of recent, they are becoming seen more and more in the age group of people from 10-29, around the same time when people starting living in the shanty town. It is not known why this is happening, or how, and people are in fear of them. Many people get shunned from the shanty town and get thrown into the depths of Gotham as they know that many of the gang leaders have powers themselves and are fearful that the power will corrupt the person who contains it so many people keep their powers hidden.

You live in this world, this world that is run by crime, where there is no police force. A world where fear is constantly present. But, a time of change is about to happen. Where do you fall into in this world? Are you a citizen of the shanty towns of Gotham? Have you got powers? Or do you just want to make Gotham a better place to live in for the next generation. Gotham needs a saviour. Will it be you?

Well guys, this Roleplay is probably one of the broadest roleplays I’ve created and one that needs A LOT of work, and that’s where you come in. I want to hear YOUR suggestions. If I like them, they will be added to the plot to make it richer. This isn’t my roleplay, this is going to be OUR roleplay. I usually see the RP master has complete control over the RP but I don’t want that. I want your opinions, I want your ideas to matter and your ideas to be included. For now, I’ve decided to throw up a rough draft of the roleplay so you guys can see it. Because I’m in University, I find it hard to find a lot of free time to sit down and to craft a really beautiful plot on my own so I want your help. Don’t be shy, any ideas will be taken into consideration.

************************************************** *******

I will allow you to play cannon characters or to play children of some well-known characters that you invent yourself but since they will be so important, I would like if you could PM me first with what character you would like to play and with a RP sample so I can see if you are up to the job or not. I plan on there being big events, like food drops, large gang turf wars or even something like a blizzard or a nucleur explosion. These will occur without warning and will greatly affect the roleplay. Like I said before, if you have any ideas for big events let me know.

This roleplay could be taken down so many paths. Maybe it could be the creation of a kind of Justice League? Maybe it could be more like Infamous for the PS3 if anyone has played that? The villains may come on top, or maybe Gotham is saved? This RP is so broad and has so much potential but it needs your input as well. I’m really looking forward to what you guys has to say and like I said, don’t be shy.

SU form

Gender: (Personality: (What is your character like? How does he/she act? This will let me know what type of person your character will be and will let me know that not all the characters will be the same. 1 - 2 paragraphs)
History: (How did your character obtain their power if they have one? Does your character have an ability like acrobatics? How have they become so gifted with this? What made them who they are today? 2 paragraphs)
Appearence: (Well what do you look like? Picture is preferred accompanied with a paragraph of text.)
Powers/Abilities: (Be as creative as you want with this but nothing too over powered and nothing too abstract either. I'll let ye know if they are too overpowered. You can also have abilities, like archery, acrobatics etc. like Batman, Green Arrow and other heroes who were unpowered.)

No Godmodding.
No bunnying without permission.
If you spam, flame, or harass anyone, you will get a warning, and then be banned.
No over powered abilities.
Due to all the fighting, there may be gory scenes so if you’re a youngin, just be ware!
Romance is of course allowed as it is natural just save the stuff in the bedroom for PM ok? ;)
Feel free to ask me any questions.

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Old 12-01-2012, 10:59 PM
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Default Re: Gotham: The Forgotten City


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