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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 12-23-2012, 07:32 PM
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Default Digimon Heroes

Episode One
"Journey to a New World"

It was a typical September afternoon, and three fifteen-year-olds from Tokyo were walking home from school.

The first teenager was Eric Oda, whose mother was Norwegian and his father was Japanese. He had spiky blonde hair, blue eyes, some freckles, and seemed to be wearing a pair of green goggles, a red scarf around his neck, with a purple T-shirt and khaki shorts. His socks were white and long, and his sneakers were black.

The second was Kiki Peterson, an African-American from Boston. She had her raven-colored hair somewhat straightened, a pair of pink glasses, a yellow tank top with black mini-skirt and a pair of tan cowboy boots.

The third was Toshi Park, a boy from South Korea whose parents moved to Japan before he was born. He was wearing a black and green baseball cap, a blue sweater, white sweat pants, and red sandals.

They were about to cross the street when it started figuratively raining cats and dogs.

"Gah! I forgot my umbrella at home. Curse you, inaccurate forecasts!" Eric shouted sarcastically.

"Relax. We're almost there, Eric. You don't need to freak out." Kiki said.

Toshi noticed the rain stopped, but there was a weird hurricane-like portal in the sky, and he noticed the other two were gone, but he soon vanished with them.

"GUYS! WAIT FOR ME!" He cried in a panic.

Then, when they woke up, they weren't in a busy Tokyo suburb anymore!

They were in what one would compare to an open plain, with lots of tall grass, some flowers, and not a lot of trees.

This was the Sign-in Meadow, part of the Digital World. And a Minotarumon, a Digimon resembling a humanoid bull with a mechanical hand, slowly approached them, showing signs of hostility.

The three teens woke up with D-20 Digivices, which were like wrist watches, on their left arms.

"Where are we, Toshi?" Eric asked

"Eric, Kiki, I am glad you guys are OK!" Toshi exclaimed.

"I have absolutely NO CLUE, but there's some kind of 'Man-Cow', approaching us, and he doesn't look friendly."

Meanwhile, underneath a large tree, a trio of smaller Digimon noticed the appearance of three humans in the Digital World.

The first Digimon was Gekimon, a bipedal, green, gecko-like Digimon with blue eyes and red spots on his tail. He stuck his forked tongue out, and picked up the scent of non-digital life forms nearby.

"Corgimon! Muchomon! I smell humans! And Minotarumon's after them!"

The second Digimon was Corgimon, and she was a tailless, bipedial dog-like Digimon with somewhat large, pointy ears, and had white and beige fur, with black paws.

"This is the most excitement we've had in DAYS!" Corgimon shouted.

"Let's help!" the third Digimon, Muchomon, who was a bright orange penguin-like Digimon with yellow feathers on his stomach and chest area, along with a lime green beak, suggested.

The three little Digimon ran to help stop Minotarumon from attacking the humans.

Gekimon jumped in front of Eric, Corgimon in front of Kiki, and Muchomon in front of Toshi.

The smaller Digimon nodded, and the teens knew these guys would protect them.

"Acid Spray!" Gekimon shouted before spitting red-hot acid into Minotarumon's face. The acid disappeared, and Minotarumon was stunned.

"Puppy Pummel!" Corgimon shouted, prior to punching Minotarumon in the chest, knocking him onto his knees, weakened.

"Tropical Beak!" Muchomon shouted before pecking Minotarumon's forehead mercilessly.

Minotarumon fell dead, and his data scattered all over the place.

Meanwhile, the three teens were confused as to where they were, but glad the three Digimon deleted Minotarumon.

"The three of us have waited so long to meet REAL humans! I'm Gekimon, and my friends are Corgimon, and Muchomon!"

Gekimon had an Australian Accent.

"I'm Eric. Thank you, Gekimon." Eric introduced himself.

"You're quite welcome!" Corgimon answered in an Irish accent.

"So where are we, and kind of... creatures.. are you?" Kiki asked.

"This is the Digital World, inhabited by Digimon, who come in many forms, like us, and that cow-looking guy we just fought." Muchomon explained in a Jamaican accent.

"Oh. So we aren't on Earth anymore?"
Toshi asked.

Gekimon shook his head to say no.

The trio of humans looked at their Digivices.

"What do we have on our wrists?" Eric asked.

"Those are your Digivices." Gekimon partially answered.

"They'll help us Digivolve temporarily to help fight and save both of our worlds." Corgimon added.

"Digivolution is kind of hard to explain, but you'll find out soon enough. But you three have been chosen to save both your world and ours!" Muchomon finished.

"Where do we go now?" Kiki asked

"I think Orangumon should have some answers. We'll take you to him. And it any bad guys like Minotarumon show up, we'll STOP 'EM!" Gekimon exclaimed.

They all followed Gekimon, who was pretty sure where he was going, to find Orangumon.

(Chapter 2 coming up!)
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