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Default Re: Etymology's Pokemon White 2 Nuzlocke Adventure! (Daily updates!)

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
The wit in this Nuzlocke is leaking.

No! It's overflowing!

LoL, enjoyed the update, though it's sad that you lost another partner D: Patrat's don't usually last long though, do they? :/

STILL AGATE WILL CONTINUE TO IMPRESS US WITH A LINE OF DEATH-INSPIRED CLOTHING. Kind of creepy that he wanted to make Beryl into a coat, though xD
Apparently not, no. :( It was so unexpected as well, my heart leapt when her hit points hit zero. D:

...Maybe I could sprite that. Agate is starting to become so BOLD it's creepy. :D

Update in the next post... and it's a doozy!
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Old 01-07-2013, 12:41 AM
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Default Re: Etymology's Pokemon White 2 Nuzlocke Adventure! (Daily updates!)

Part 04: Virbank City - Castelia City:

Team as of last update:

The fallen:

As I exit the gym, a talent scout greets me, telling me that he was impressed with my battling ability and thought I'd make a great movie star. Flattered, I followed him to his place of work - the PokeStar Studio. And, oh boy, it's the weirdest place ever.

The scout brings me inside the company's premises. There, he introduces me to his boss. His name? Stu Deeoh.

Stu Deooh.



Oh Game Freak, you've done it again.

He brings us inside the main theatre and we sit down to watch a film produced by Roxie's father.



"Duuuuude. Totally not rad."

On the whole, the party was relatively unsatisfied with the experience. STICK TO THE BOAT SAILING, OLD MAN.

The filming company instruct us to go shoot a movie of our own. Whilst in the changing rooms for the big shoot, I hear a strange voice whispering outside.

"Heh heh heh.This is the dressing room for an amazing beauty scouted from the something-or-other region. I wonder what's going on inside..."


After we make a quick getaway from the pervert, we shoot our first movie. It's almost exactly the same as the one we just watched but better - we successfully defend the park from the evil Brycen-Man with my trusty rented Riolu. The film is a huge success. It's interesting to note that filming technology appears to be lagging behind other kinds of technology.

Also laughing at the guy who described horror movies as "for weenies", but another child apparently saw him screaming throughout one. WEENIES HUH.

Well, with that sidequest over we head on over to Pop Roxie's ship to head to Castelia City. BUT WAIT. A DIVERSION.



"WE'RE GOING TO STEAL ALL YOUR POKEMON AND TAKE ALL YOUR MONEY, AAAAARH!" Okay they didn't really say that, but it was close.

The Team Aqua ripoffs ambush me, Roxie and Corey (who miraculously showed up moments prior). We face off one each - the one in front of me sends out a Patrat.

Patrat. Beryl.

I send out Agate. She flies from the ball and gnaws on the Patrat's head furiously with Bug Bite as I sob over my recently fallen companion.




Suddenly, Team Losema bolt in the direction of Route 20! I was just at that route, must we backtrack after them?

Apparently, yes. We chase after them, the cool spring air exhilarating me as I dash up and down the many stairs that allow us to manoeuvre the small path. I manage to corner one of the Plasma losers between some trees and a ledge, but somehow she manages to get away whilst uttering a "can't you guys let it go? Geeeeeeeez."

So. I came to this route for nothing.


I wrap things up with Roxie and then me and Corey set sail for Castelia. FREAKIN' FINALLY!

We hit land in the large metropolis and instantly I check out everything - I talk to everyone I see, defeat everyone that dared oppose me and picked up a bunch of items along the way. In a nutshell, Castelia took up a large chunk of my time. Some of the people here are very weird. Some dude even gave me TM Flash.

Appropriate song is appropriate.

My next call of action is to head to the gym. I've no idea what level the Pokemon on the inside are, so hopefully I'm not too underleveled. However, the gym guide informs me that Burgh has vanished.


Agate, that is sew not funny.

Suddenly another familiar face comes running along - it's Iris! She blabbers some inaudible nonsense and runs away. HOLD ON, AUUUUGH. When I eventually catch up with her, she instructs me to go down into the big, stinky sewers.


Regardless, Corey appears once again and drags me into the ruins. I was not sure if a wild Pokemon would crop up here or not, but I soon hear my answer as an old theme tune begins to play.


A wild Zubat appeared!
The hero Castelia needs. The hero Castelia deserves.

"The name's 'spar. Feldspar. With my Serious nature I am a sworn protector of these sewers. However, I fear not about my birthplace any more, for I believe a hero such as you, Lexico, can vanquish all evil. With me at your side, of course."

That's just greeeeeeeeeaaaat.


Anyhow, Corey and I make our way around the sewers, defeating trainers. Feldspar levels up as I do so. We finally catch up with Burgh, who declare that no one else is in the sewers. As Corey walks away satisfied, a strange man who congratulates our assault on Team Plasma walks past. Burgh and I are left stunned, but he goes on to insist that we challenge him in his gym soon.

Castelia's leader leaves and I am left with two areas that have wild Pokemon living in them - the Relic Passage and a strange stairway that leads to a small part in Castelia City that possesses wild Pokemon.

Firstly, the Relic Passage encounter:


A wild Woobat appeared!
Castelia City is absolutely batty.

The Woobat's capture was rather simple - one Quick Ball was all it took.

"Hi there. My name is Zircon. I have a calm nature and am named after a gemstone that is commonly used as a substitute for diamond. My hobbies include Zebstrika-back riding and ultimate frisbee. Pleased to have made your acquaintance."

Next, the Castelia City encounter:


A wild Rattata appeared!
Two bats and a rat. Not the finest selection on earth.

The second regional rodent appeared! But, its story resonates strongly with the meaning of the first.

Zircon was at the front of my party for training. Closing his eyes, he began to squeeze at Rattata's body with his mind, allowing the Confusion attack to hurt the small Pokemon. That's when the rat attacked. Charging forward, teeth bared, it sunk its fangs into the Woobat.

He was down, but not out. I had to act quickly. I pulled his Quick Ball from my belt, only to be stopped. The beam did not emit. Zircon was already dead. Blood smothered the Rattata's body - the Pursuit was super effective. Zircon's wings did not stir.

I saw red. The Rattata must pay.

I flung a Timer Ball at it, enslaving it to captivity forever.

"T-the name's Zeolite. B-bashful nature. Look, I'm sorry about Zircon, o-okay? P-please don't judge me. My gemstone helps make kitty litter, y-y'see!"

The rat better stay out of my sight.

I decided that having a full team would be beneficial against Burgh. As far as I was aware, the next available capture was in Route 4, so I began to head there. Just before the route, Bianca shows up to hand us an Dowsing Machine - neat!

Anyhow, we make it onto the sandy desert of Route 4. Had the Pokemon here changed much in two years? Scraggy? Sandile? Darumaka? Who would it be?


A wild Mincinno appeared!
Well well, this is a pleasant surprise.

Like Zircon before it, the chichilla-like Pokemon succumbed to a swift Quick Ball.

"Lazuli's the name! Y'know, like Lapis Lazuli? Anyhow, I'm female and have a Naive nature. Burgh's gym is going to be a cinch!"


The team and I do some grinding and several evolutions occur. My team before the gym stands at:

Burgh, here we come.

I proceed up to Burgh's quarters in the gym. Paint has completely drenched the floor - Burgh, you've ruined my shoes! He greets me by telling me his entire team in advance. Dwebble, Leavanny. Geez. Way to ruin the element of surprise.

Judging from his team of three, it is clear that his team has not changed one bit since Pokemon Black and White. A Swadloon drops down from the ceiling above, slowly descending to the floor on its String Shot. Once Burgh had finished bragging about how amaaaaazing his Pokemon were, I sent out the traitor, Zeolite, to combat this foe.

"Hopefully you can fell this thing as easily as you did Zircon," I tell it.

"B-but I didn't mean to!"


Zeolite begins by focusing on the target intensely in an attempt to raise the critical hit ratio of her moves - she'd need all the power she could get to take down the tank. Teeth bared, the Raticate pounces onto the Swadloon and latches her sharp incisors into its head - the Swadloon seems almost unfazed by the Hyper Fang, retaliating by slicing into Zeolite's body with a Razor Leaf. The damage was critical. Zeolite's body slunk to the floor.

But she stood back up. Furious, the bashful Pokemon latches onto the Swadloon once more, crushing the Pokemon's thick body in its jaws. A critical hit. Pure karma. One down, two to go.

"Maybe you're not such a rat afterall."

"T-thanks! I think..."

I recall Zeolite and await Burgh's next answer to my assault. He snaps his fingers and a small rock crashes into the floor from above. The Dwebble emerged from its home angry - its kin definitely wanted to be avenged.

Today was not Burgh's lucky day. I had the perfect Pokemon. Diopside.

"My battle senses are tingling..."

The stage one Pokemon sprung forth from its ball without any command from myself. Acting of its own accord, Diopside flung his scalchop straight at the Rock-type - the attack was super effective, slicing through the shell like a chisel through ice. However, the Dwebble was still left standing - Sturdy had allowed it one last chance. It wasted this by polishing what remained of its home in an attempt to reduce speed. Angrily, it fired a Smack Down attack from its move, colliding with Diopside. Finally wishing to put the Dwebble of its misery, Diopside bounced above the crustacean and smashed it to pieces with its fist in a fatal Rock Smash attack. Just one more to go.

"If Dwebble were cake, that was a piece of Dwebble."

Satisfied with Diopside's victory, I recalled him to his Poke Ball. Burgh looked somewhat disturbed. He must have been fully aware that I had smashed through his team with little difficult.

"Leavanny. It's your turn."

From behind him, green scythes slashed through the back wall of the room, ripping the painting that Burgh had mastered. Paint trickled from the Leavanny's limbs. If not for a certain someone I'd have been feeling a little nervous - the Leavanny was a full two levels above my entire squad.

That certain someone was Feldspar.

The Golbat fluttered out of its Heal Ball with grace and elegance. In a daring move, she hurtled herself towards the Leavanny. Wings pointed like daggers, Feldspar drove herself into the mantis-like Pokemon's body, causing her life to seep from her chest. In one final act of desperation, the paint-covered Pokemon tried to slash at Feldspar's body with a Cut attack. It was too weak. Tired, the Leavanny knelt onto the floor. She knew it was over. She just knew it.

"If you can't do the time..."

Feldspar raised one wing above the Leavanny.

"...don't do the crime."


Three down.

Burgh looked down at the battlefield. His artistic liberty had been poisoned by the bodies of his companions. He did not utter a single word. The gym badge was tossed towards me. A single tear rolled from his eye, staining the paint-ridden floor.

"Just make sure you don't let us down," he said. I didn't know what he meant.

The next gym badge was awaiting. As were many more foes.





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Default Re: Etymology's Pokemon White 2 Nuzlocke Adventure! (PART 04 UP!)

This is awsome!
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