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Old 01-26-2013, 02:05 AM
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Default Eighth Gym Tourney Discussion

Hey guys.

As you've probably seen, the Eighth Gym Tourney has come to a close (about two weeks over-draft, but when was the last time a tournament ever finished on time anyway). This thread is to get your opinions on what went down in this tournament - what you liked, what you didn't, and etc. Please don't say things like "oh I got matched up against Ash, unfair battle" because that can't be helped. We all draw the short stick sometimes. Below is the method that I use to determine type-neutral rounds, just in case anyone want to examine me for bias:

First step, mark down the type of every gym leader attending, noting multiple type entrants like so:

Water x3
Fire x2

Second step, order them using random dice rolls.

Fire x2
Water x3

Third step, pick the type with the most recurring leaders closest to the top and match them with the first type they are neutral with. So, in this situation, Water is selected and the first type it is neutral with is also Water. The list now looks like:

Fire x2

Water v Water

The next type picked would be Fire and Electric would be selected to vs it. This repeats until there are no more types. It's not perfect but it's pretty good, and I only have to juggle a couple battles this entire tourney. Once the matchups are determined, I roll who actually fights who. This was witnessed by a few people for the first and second rounds, I don't remember who though.

Anyway, the other big concern I've had a few people come to me about is the inclusion of the Orange Island gyms. Most of these gyms do not have monotype teams, which gives them an arguable advantage. There was a huge shitstorm about this last year, so this year I decided to do the tourney first and then ask what people thought. Here are a couple of reasons against OI gyms that I've heard:

- OI gyms have a noticeably increased win-rate in the Gym Tourneys.

- All the OI gym leaders have normal Gyms to battle with anyway.

- It's categorically unfair to have multitype teams running around in what is 95% a monotype tourney.

Here are my opinions on the matter:

- Personally, I believe the increased win-rate is because the OI Leaders are all really good battlers. Even if we locked out OI gyms, I'd still expect to see TED and WTP and FD do really well.

- These Gym Leaders hold the Gyms and battle with them, so it's unfair to exclude them just by the way their gym mechanics work.

- Multitype teams might have a slight edge, but I believe no more so than the Flying or Water or Dragon gyms that are packed full of really powerful stuff.

- Having multitype teams in the tourney roster makes it a lot easier for me to organise type-neutral rounds as they act like wildcards. For example, without multitype teams the first round is always guaranteed to have a Steel v Steel match.

Here are some possible solutions to this potential problem that have been suggested to me:

1) Suck it up, guys.

2) Force OI Leaders to battle with their regular gyms if they have them.

3) Ban OI Gyms outright.

4) Limit the OI lineup to 12 Pokemon like everyone else.

Personally, I prefer number 4, because while I don't believe OI lineups are a huge problem (hell, I nearly took down TED) I don't think they should have a larger pool of Pokemon than anyone else.

Now, after that massive wall of text, what do all of you guys think?

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