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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 02-07-2013, 08:02 AM
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Default Kanto Journey

Chapter 1: Start of the Journey

Four of us stood in front of the tall, grey haired, mysterious professor. His whit lab coat draped over his body down to his knees, covering over brown dress pants, a white shirt and black tie. As he rattled on, I noticed the four pokedex’s and four pokeballs on the lab table. Looking to my left, I noticed a beautiful girl with blonde hair, wearing a pink skirt and white long sleeve shirt. Her name is Ashley and I have had a crush on her for a while. Next to her is another girl wearing tight blue jeans, green short sleeve shirt and with brown hair. This girl and I have an off and on friendship, due to dating and breaking up many times over the years, but Melanie will always put a smile on my face. To my right is one of my best friends, with short black hair, black jeans with a chain going down his leg and a white shirt, Nick has always been close to me and my family. We even decided to take this journey around Kanto together. As I stare forward, I notice the professor has his eyes locked on me.
“Well Nick I am glad you finally decided to pay attention,” he says to me.
“Professor I am paying attention,” Nick responds quickly. I laugh.
Now all eyes are on me. My looks, to say so myself, I am in good shape, athletic you may call it, wearing khaki shorts, a tight dark blue shirt, and white shoes. I have my red hair waved in the front and a blue backpack strapped over my back.
“Professor Oak I promise I was paying attention. You know me just very observant,” I answer with a smile.
“Well than Mr. Observant, what was just said?” He quizzes me. Ashley, Melanie and Nick start with a small snicker as the wait my response. They should know I am quick on my feet.
“Well that this is the start of an amazing opportunity for all of us, that this journey will make us stronger and better as adults. Being each of us eighteen and it’s an abnormal age to start, we will most likely be better off than most kids who start at fifteen,” I say slightly, Professor Oak just stares, so I continue. “There are also four of us and four Pokeballs. We each get a pick of which Pokemon we would like. I see a red tinted Pokeball and awesome that’s a fire Pokemon, a blue tinted being water Pokemon, a green tinted…”
“Alright, alright I get it. We all know you didn’t really listen, but you hit every point correctly,” he states. Nick and I sneak a high five behind our backs, “What you didn’t hear is the Pokeballs do not have a tint, just a light underneath. In addition, you are correct on the types. I have a Corphish, a Bulbasaur, a Cyndaquil and Shinx, which is an electric type Pokemon. As for you Mr. Observant you can choose first and along with choosing pick up a Pokedex with the pack sitting underneath it.”
It was decision time and I was nervous on my choice. However, out of the four choices I knew which one suited the Kanto gym league the best and whom I would like the most. So first thing I did was grab my Pokedex that had my name inscribed on the front and the pack sitting directly underneath it. After reaching down to grab both items, I look forward at the second Pokeball with the blue light underneath. I reach my right hand out and grab the item, which holds my first Pokemon in Corphish. Clipping the red and white ball to my belt loop, I stepped back, sliding the pack with my right foot. Each person went next, Ashley grabbed Cyndaquil, Melanie with Shinx and Nick being last had Bulbasaur. As they looked through their pack, I grabbed my Pokeball and let Corphish out.
The small red crab like Pokemon stood in front of me, the bottom of its claws and belly was a white color, it also had three antenna-like things on top of the head and six red feet. Corphish looked at me, turned its head slightly and jumped up. I grabbed my Pokedex.
“Corphish was originally a foreign Pokemon that were imported as pets. They eventually turned up into the wild. This Pokemon is very hardy and has greatly increased its population. Once its grips prey with its large pincers, it never lets go, no matter what. This Corphish is male.” My Pokedex chimed. I close it and put the small computer book back in my back pocket.
I bend over and open the pack to see what was in it. There was a small amount of food, five empty Pokeballs that I instantly clip to my belt loops around my waist, a couple potion bottles for either paralyzed, poisoned or put to sleep for my Pokemon and some Pokemon food also. I place all the other items in my backpack and instantly noticed Corphish is at my shin, rubbing his head. I smile.
“Well hello buddy. It looks like you like me and I want you to know I like you as well,” I say to my Pokemon. He instantly jumps up, but this time lands in my arms, blowing a soft amount of bubbles at me. I laugh.
“Hmm well Nick, I’ve never seen such a fast bond between a new trainer and a Pokemon. Your Corphish must sense that you really wanted him as a partner and that was why I choose him as one of four Pokemon to be given away,” Professor Oak said to me.
By this point everyone else had met their Pokemon, returned them to their Pokeball, besides Nick and placed items in their bags as well. Oak gave us another small speech, essentially the same thing and wished us the best on our journeys. The four of us walk out of the lab and the doors slam behind us. Mysterious man, I swear. Ashley quickly hugged me and left for route 1. Melanie stood there for a second and stared at me.
“Well hmm…well Melanie, what are your plans for…uh,” I start to say.
“Way to make this weird,” Nick responds to me. I laugh, Melanie snickers.
“You know Nick, if we are going to travel together, I should go by a nick name. I’m thinking man of steel, oh maybe Dark Knight,” I say with a huge smile.
“Red!” Melanie yells at me, I haven’t heard this name since middle school.
“There you go bud, Red,” Nick responds, I glare at him, “at least it isn’t Rusty or something like that.”
“Alright, I’ll go by Red. So Melanie.” I say. She looks at me with an angry face and walks away.
“Like always Red, screw you,” she states.
Nick and I look at another with a smile, shrugging our shoulders. I then notice that Bulbasaur is next to him. It’s a small four legged Pokemon, with an all green body and a big bulb on his back. At this moment I believe Nick had realized his Pokemon was walking next to him, he quickly returned Bulbasaur to his Pokeball. I nod toward Route one and Nick nods at my unmentioned statement, time to get this show on the road.

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