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Old 04-13-2004, 01:30 PM
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Default A Head Gone Wrong

A little story of mine, hope to complete this.



The strong wind blew open the light windows, and the crashing sound of the windows woke Bolt up. Bolt rubbed his eyes, and sat up, stretching his neck.

Bolt was a young, yet daring, trainer. He braved through dark caves without a torch, climbed mountains without appropriate tools and even dived underwater to meet Milotics before!

The breeze of the autumn wind gently blew on Bolt's cheeks, and the beautiful morning sun shone on Bolt's black hair. Bolt stood up on his foot, and slowly walked to the bathroom, still sleepy. He brushed his teeth, washed his face and walked out of the bathroom tiredly. He stumbled down the stairs, stopping at the front of the piano. He looked at the photo frame on it, it was Uncle Bob's photo.

Uncle Bob passed away half a year ago, and he left the house to Bolt, as he had no son and Bolt was his only nephew. Bolt's parents were on vacation to Hoenn, a faraway land.

Unbearable tears of sorrow collected in Bolt's eyes, but as a brave boy, he would not let those tears drop at all costs. Bolt placed the photo frame face down, and walked into his kitchen to prepare breakfast. He poured milk into a glass, and fried some egg omelette. He munched them down hungrily, and proceeded to his training.

He looked through a range of his Pokeballs, trying to pick which Pokemon are suitable for training. It was rather cold today, so Fire Pokemon wouldn't do well. He finally selected six of his Pokemon: Rattata, Arbok, Zubat, Magneton, Glalie, Gyarados. Rattata and Zubat needed serious training, and Magneton wasn't very experienced at battling either. Arbok, Glalie and Gyarados were for back-up, in case they run into some kind of trouble.

Then, as he walked up to the door to open it, somebody, from the outside, knocked the door. Bolt hesistated to open the door, fearing it might be the bandits from around the area, but nevetheless, he opened the door. To his surprise, it was...

[To be continued...]
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Old 04-16-2004, 01:31 PM
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Default Re: A Head Gone Wrong

Here, we continue from where we last left off...


Unbelievable, but it was actually John, Bolt's old friend! Never would Bolt expect John to know the location of his new house.

Bolt: John! It's been years since we last met!

John: Yeah, it's been a really long time. I never expected you to have such a big and grand house...

Bolt: Nah, I inherited this house from an uncle of mine. He passed away some time ago...

John: Oh... Sorry to hear about that. I hope you're feeling better.

Bolt: Um, well, sort of, you see, that uncle of mine was very close to me when he was still around. But anyway, let's get away from this topic. How did you find me here?

John: I asked the villagers at the village nearby. They were really kind to offer me some food, too.

Bolt: Yeah, I'd never survive the journey here without those villagers' help. Some of the wild Pokemon around here can really cause trouble for passers-by.

John: I still remember that journey of ours. We climbed up the mountain to find the source of the poisoned river. (Sighs) Now, Bolt, it's been a long time, it's time to fight it out! Let's battle!

Bolt: Okay! I won't go easy on you again! A Double Battle, how about that? I learnt some tips about Double Battles when I was passing the Silver Conference.

John: Sure! I've been training hard, so get ready to lose!

The two excited boys strolled to a wide field beside the house, it was the size of a football field. They looked at each other with a sneer, and stepped so each of them stood on each side of the field.

John: Time to begin this match of the century!

Bolt: Hah! Watch me beat you with ease! Go Zubat, go Gyarados!

Bolt grabbed two Pokeballs from his pocket, and tossed them on the middle of the field. Two figures appeared in a flash of red light, and the Pokeballs bounced back into Bolt's palms. The light slowly cleared, and there stood a blue dragon covered by shiney scales. It roared in aggressiveness, ready to beat down the enemy. The other figure was a small bat, which didn't seem to have any eyes, but had a big mouth and wide ears. Its legs were like just thin sticks which were bendable. The bat flapped its wings happily, and giving out a loud screech. Bolt sneered, knowing this will be one exciting match.

John: Nice Pokemon you have there! Unfortunately, they won't be able to help you defeat me! Go Charizard, go Blastoise!

John tossed two Pokeballs onto the field, and two huge figures popped out. One was an orange, winged lizard which had a flame at the tip of its tail. The other was a tortoise with a fat shell and two cannons popping out from the top of it.

Bolt: Wow, I see you've been training your Charmeleon and Squirtle hard. They evolved into such strong and powerful creatures!

John: Thanks. Of course, a strong trainer trains strong Pokemon. Let me make my first move! Blastoise, fire a Hydro Pump at those puny Pokemon! Charizard, follow up by giving Gyarados a Seismic Toss!

Bolt: Zubat, quick, before they make their move, launch a Confuse Ray at them! Gyarados, increase your attack power by unleashing your Dragon Dance!

Bolt's Zubat took the first move, as it was small and agile. Zubat fired some kind of ray onto Charizard and Blastoise. At first, Bolt thought it had no effect. But after a while, Charizard and Blastoise's faces turned a little pale, and before they knew it, Blastoise was busy firing Charizard with Hydro Pumps. Charizard, however, was not confused, but it could not attack, as it had to concentrate on dodging the Hydro Pumps.

Gyarados had nothing better to do, as the mad Blastoise was keeping Charizard occupied. It darted around in the air, increasing both its speed and attack power.

John: Argh! Stupid confusion! Blastoise, stop attacking Charizard, and send that annoying Zubat flying with a Hydro Pump! Charizard, Dragon Rage on Gyarados!

Bolt: Hah! Zubat, use Bite to flinch Charizard! Now Gyarados, send Blastoise flying by smashing it with your tail!

Just before the Pokemon could carry out their attacks, nets fell from the sky, and it covered the Pokemon and their trainers.

John: What is going on?

Bolt: No! It can't be! It's them again!

John: Who?

[To be continued...]
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Old 04-22-2004, 11:21 AM
boltAge Offline
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Default Re: A Head Gone Wrong

Here's Part Three...


Bolt was silent, as he did not want to frighten his good buddy with what he was about to say. Bolt struggled, attempting to shake off the net. He did not bring a Fire Pokemon, which could burn a hole in the net to allow the trainers to escape.

Suddenly, two masked men fell from their hot air balloons. They laughed like villains in a fairy tale, and let out their Pokemon: Two Tyranitars...which was somewhat weird. Bolt noticed that the two Tyranitars' eyes were blood red, which means they're angered, which also means that they are at the climax of their powers. Bolt could be lying in the hospital for months if these Tyranitars managed to hit Bolt with a strong Thrash.

John: Who are you people? Let us out!

Masked Man 1: Ask your dearest friend. I believe he had met us before.

John: Bolt? Are you hiding something from me!?

Bolt: They're...they're...the Masked Assasinators. They are way higher in rank than the bandits. They can kill for the fun of it, they also rob people at times...

John: Why didn't you tell me anything about this?

Bolt: I would, but my big mouth would go into details and you'd be paranoid and would nag and nag about how dangerous it is to go out without wearing armors.

Masked Man 2: Are you saying that we are not dangerous?

Bolt: Maybe. Maybe not.

Masked Man 2: Arggh... Edd, no mercy on them please.

Masked Man 1: Indeed, they shall expect no mercy for insulting The Masked Assasinators...

[To be edited...]

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Old 05-04-2004, 10:47 AM
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Default Re: A Head Gone Wrong

sup? Part 4 here, after a long time. Sorry, I just had lots of work to do...


The Tyranitars made a growling sound. They were getting impatient. Very impatient.

John: Bolt! What should we do now?

Bolt: Sorry for bringing you here John, now I've gotten you into trouble...

Bolt scanned through his Pokeballs with his eyes, thinking which Pokemon would help. Gyarados was too big and would end up crushing the two trainers. Arbok's teeth was not very suited to gnaw on the net. No Pokemon else could help...Wait... RATTATA! It was small and it could gnaw a big hole in the net within seconds.

Bolt: Got a perfect idea! Come out, Rattata! Immediately gnaw a hole in this darned net!

Rattata appeared in a red flash from its Pokeball, and followed its trainer's orders immediately. It started gnawing on the net. The Masked Assasinators were surprised as they had not expect this to happen. They looked at their Tyranitars, and pointed at Bolt and John.

Masked Man 2: Destroy that little rat and its trainer immediately!

Masked Man 1: You too!

The two Tyranitars charged towards Bolt's direction without much hesistation. Bolt hurried Rattata, which was already trying its best.


Rattata finally gnawed a hole big enough for Bolt and John to get out of. Bolt, with Rattata in his arms, darted out of the net with John. The Tyranitars, which could not stop in time, charged into the net, and they themselves got entangled in the net.

Masked Man 1: What?


The Tyranitars struggled, but only to crush each other.

Masked Man 1: Ugh...

John: Let's get out of this stupid place!

Bolt: Yeah!

Bolt, with Rattata on his shoulder, held John's hand and rushed towards the village. Bolt never dared to look back, fearing the Tyranitars which were at the climax of their power. Bolt and John arrived at the village's straw gate. They stopped, panting. They looked back. Something was following them. Something definitely not half as big as a Tyranitar. Something definitely not as big as a human. It was a bouncing yellow figure with big, round eyes.

Bolt: Yikes, what's that?

John: Uh... Looks like some kind of stupid duck.

The duck was running like a clumsy cow towards Bolt. It reached Bolt...and hopped on him!

Bolt: Wah---

[To be continued...]
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