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Old 12-13-2005, 08:36 AM
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Arrow AQUARTIST --> Virtual (addicting) Aquarium

I have had quite a few requests for some of my other games, so I will post one.
It is a project worked on long ago, so It will need some cleaning up.

Download Aqua Artist

Alternate Download

Size: 1.51 MB

Ok, this game may not sound fun, but almost everyone who has tried it has become addicted to it. My brother played it for days, and my sister played it for weeks. ( and they wouldn't get off the computer grrrr. )

This is the beta version, so don't try using the store fish feature. If you use it you will lose your hard-earned fish. Also, the graphics will be improved for the final version, which may be a while in the future.

Sorry, Image is bad quality, had to shrink it down


>Raise fish that have their own "DNA" no two fish are exactly the same.
>Over 40 species of fish (more will be added)
>Rare fish that only appear under the right conditions
>Tank pets to help you raise your fish
>7 tanks! You can raise up to 250 fish at a time!
>Fish and tank sorting system that allows you to name all fish, and tanks
>Tab system for the tanks and the shops
>Decorations to make your tank anyway you want (tons more will be added)
>Ability to choose depth of decorations, and if they go in front or behind the fish
>Ability to resize all decorations.
>Findex that shows you information on all the fish you have seen
>Saving and Loading, so you can start more than one aquarium
>Easy drag system that allows you to move fish/decorations from tank to tank
>Breeding tank for advanced aqaurtists
>Statistics that allow you to see how many fish you have bought, flushed etc...

Future Features
>Trading fish over the internet, or with flopppydisks
>Changable backgrounds
>More advanced "DNA" for the fish
>More music
>any suggestions?

the tabs at the bottomleft with symbols are the different shops. The first shop lets you buy fish ( 3 families ) and tank pets. The Tank shop lets you buy more tanks ( expensive but worthwhile ) and food. The better the food, the faster the fish grow. The Decoration shops let you buy decorations.

The buttons on the right do the following things.
Food Button - switches to feeding mode, allows you to feed by clicking
Arrow Button - switches to selecting mode, allows you to find fish/decoration stats
Hand Button - switches to drag mode, click and drag to move fish/decorations
Toilet Button - drag a fish/decoration here to flush it :(
R.I.P. Button - flushes all the fish in your tank =(
Save Button - saves the file to the name you entered
Store Fish Button - right now makes your fish dissapear, don't use it
Fullscreen Button - switches fullscreen mode

The buttons on the bottom do the following things
Back Button - goes to the main menu
Stat Button - lets you view your stats
Findex Button - enters the findex

The tabs on the bottom are the tanks, drag fish here to move them from tank to tank. You can also do this with decorations.

Sparkly Fish are rare, and valuable
Some Fish are much rarer than others
It is said there is a mystical fish that makes it's owner very wealthy
Some Fish can't breed with others
Carnivores eat small fish for food
Carnivores are usually the ones with large teeth

Have fun!

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Old 02-26-2006, 11:04 PM
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Unhappy Re: AQUARTIST --> Virtual (addicting) Aquarium

how do you breed fish in breeder tank
Old 02-26-2006, 11:06 PM
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Default Re: AQUARTIST --> Virtual (addicting) Aquarium

Please, don't revive such old threads.

*Thread locked.

"gengar is a fart" imsocorn (4:08:55): Is that your way of saying "and not a single **** was given that day" ?

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