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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 12-16-2005, 09:39 AM
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Default PE2K's Winter Festival Fanfiction Entry: Worst Nightmare

Wost Nightmare
By Deathspector

I wasn't ready. And neither will be you, once you know what happened to me...

I stoodthere alone, facing my worst nightmares and my pleasantest dreams, all in one horrific hallucination. Standing on all fours, right opposite me was the one Pokèmon which I had always wished for. I had always wished to caress its soft fur until it whined in ecstasy. To nuzzle your nose into its warm stomach in times of sadness. To sleep on in times of cold. And most of all, to trust in times of need. An Arcanine.

Its beautiful body was arched, in a poise that indicated that it was ready to strike. Its neck hair were bristles, and its teeth bared, shining white in the darkness surrounding me. I could see its golden brown eyes, once loving, but now full with a burning passion to kill. Its claws, yellow and sharp from constant use, and its tail, held straight up I the air. It was plain to see that this Arcanine was not my friend.

I looked around, as if pleading that there was something behind me that this Arcanine wanted to attack. No such luck. I moved to the left, trying to get out of line from those sharp and piercing eyes. But as I moved, so did the Arcanine, keeping his eyes on me all the time, saliva dripping from his mouth. I shivered, and not from the cold.

I had nothing to protect me, even if the Arcanine did attack. All I could do was pray to God that the Arcanine made it quick, and painless. But the malicious look in his eyes, made even the slightest glimmer of hope go out in my body. For the first time in my life, I was truly afraid.

And then, he lunged.

The Arcanine crouched, and the sprang into the air, its fiery coat ablaze with what felt like anger. In the air, it twisted in its sinuous form, and landed on me. I fell back from the impact of the large canine falling on me. I felt all of the wind in me lungs disappear, and I gasped for air. But the Arcanine didn't let me. He rose one clawed paw, and then struckdown, piercing through my clothing, and into my skin. I felt hot blood gush out of four long scars made by the Arcanine.

I thrashed about in pain, realising that if I lost more blood, it could be fatal. The Arcanine got off me, and began to pace in circles around me. I struggled to get up, but a sharp growl from the pacing dog, and I fell back down. Breathing became hard for me. In fact, everything became hard for me. Just moving my hand, and I felt sincere pain. Science says that all movement is connected to one's torso, the very place where the Arcanine had attacked me.

Just when I thounght that the Arcanine had left, he attacked again.

He slammed his paw into my face, and sent me rolling accross the ground. It is then that I felt the need to fight back. As it meared me agan, I ignored all the pain in my body, and struck out with my leg. My shoe came into contact with the Arcanine's jaw, and he wassent reeling, but he came back, even angrier than before. As his face came close to take a bite from me, I struck again, piercing his eyes with my fingers.

The massive flame dog roared in fury, and backed away, growling persistently. He then realised what I was doing. Quietly, he nodded to himself, before coming to me from above my face. Unable to see clearly, I turned to the right, but just as I did, he slashed out with his claws, raking at my face, and creating four new scars. On of them was extremely close to my temple, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, the Arcanine was on me again

His left foreleg was on top of my right arm, as was his right foreleg on top of my left arm. He then stood on top of my legs with his hind legs, making myself virtually paralyzed. He then inched closer to my neck with his teeth bared. A small drop of saliva slithered down his neck, and onto my own face. I felt disgusted, but that was far from the most worrying thing.

Suddenly, an image of a large plate of hot food popped up in my head. Funny how things like that happen in times when you don’t need them. I shook my head, and the fire dog closed in. I soon felt his hot and sticky breath in my face, and my nose wrinkled at the smell of rotted meat. Suddenly, another image popped into my head, and I saw myself inside that mouth. I shivered again.

He then moved to my neck, and slowly, and painfully, sank his fangs in.

Everything suddenly seemed to move in slow motion for me. I saw the Arcanine back away, far to slowly to be real. I felt warm blood trickle down my neck, too slowly that it seems that they defy gravity. I noticed the Arcanine did not eat my, but he stood in a corner of the room, as if guarding me. I wondered why I didn't die yet. After all, the Arcanine did deliver the final blow.

My vision slowly turned red, and everything I saw had a red tinge. But soon, the entire world seemed red, and I realised that I was dieing. I wished for one last breath of life, from which I could say that I was sorry, to whoever did this to me.

Suddenly, I felt a glare of red light in my eyes, which I later figured, was supposed to be white, but my current vision changed it. I wondered what the light was, for no one was there at the time, apart from the Arcanine and myself. But then I realise that I was wrong.

There, standing above me was a man. He wore a neat two piece suit, red in colour, and pin striped. Coupled with that, he wore a white shirt beneath the suit, and an orange tie, which was almost unrecognisable due to the redness of my vision. His hair was evidently a dark colour, although also unrecognisable. His eyes, however, were malevolent, and when he saw the blood all over me, he smiled, and stroked the Arcanine.

And with the last breath with which I were supposed to say sorry I said:

“You bastard!”

// The Poet Of The Fall \\
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